A Guy Like You is a song feature in The Hunchback of Notre Dame (film).
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This song is sung by Laverne (the late Mary Wickes), Hugo (Jason Alexander), and Victor (Charles Kimbrough). The song means that the Gargoyles assume that Esmeralda is in love with Quasimodo, the same way that he loves her. Placing a comedic song after a dark, intense scene such as "Hell Fire" is a common technique allowing the audience to release tension in an appropriate time, thus allowing the climax to be appropriately dramatic. 


Hugo : Paris the city of lovers is glowing this evening
Hugo : True that's because It's on fire, but still there's l'amour
Hugo : Somewhere out there in the night, her heart is also a light
Hugo : And I know a guy she might be burning for
Hugo : A guy like you, she's never known kid
Hugo : A guy like you, a girl never meets ev'ry day
Hugo : You got a look that's all your own kid, could there be two?
Laverne and Victor : Like you
All : no way
Hugo: Those other guys she could dangle, all look the same from ev'ry boring point of view.
Hugo : Your a surprise from ev'ry angle mon dieu above, she gotta love a guy like you
Victor : A guy like you gets extra credit, because it's true, you got a certain something more
Hugo : Your aces kid
Laverne : You see that face you don't forget it
Laverne and Victor : Want something new?
Hugo : That's you
All three : For sure
Laverne : We all have gaped at some Adonis
Victor : But then we crave a meal more nourishing to chew
Hugo : And since your shape like a croissant is
All Three : No question of she's gotta love a guy like you
Laverne : Call me a hopeless romantic but Quasi I feel it
Victor : She wants you so any moment she'll walk through that door
All Three : For
Hugo : A guy so swell
Laverne and Victor : A guy like you
Hugo : With all you bring her
Victor and Laverne : I tell you Quasi
Hugo : A fool could tell
Victor and Laverne : There never was another Quasi. Could you tell Quasi? It's all you Quasi.
Laverne and Victor : Another was he
Laverne and Victor: From king to serf to the bourgeoisie
Hugo : It's why she fell
Hugo : For you know who
Laverne and Victor : They're all the second stringer
Hugo : You ring the bell
All Three : Your the Bell ringer
All Three : When she wants oo la la, then she wants you la la
All Three : She will discover guy, you're one heck of a guy
All Three : Who wouldn't love a guy like you?
Hugo : You got a lot the rest have not, so she's gotta love a guy like you


  • This is the first, and only song that the gargoyles sing in the first film.
  • This is the second song that talks about Esmeralda in a good way. The first is Heaven's Light.

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A Guy Like You

A Guy Like You

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