Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog is an American animated television series that air on September 6, 1993 to December 4, 1993.
Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
The series has 65 episodes, with a Christmas special airing in November 1996, three years after the original run. It follows the escapades of the popular animated character, Sonic the Hedgehog, and his comrade Miles "Tails" Prower, as they attempt to stop the evil Dr. Ivo Robotnik and his array of vicious robots from taking over the planet Mobius. It marks as the first animated series of the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. This series is often shortening as AoStH.


The episode begins with Sonic and Tails being captured by Scratch and Grounder. While hanging upside down in a tree, Sonic decides to remind Scratch and Grounder how they all first met.

In a flashback, there is a gathering of Badnik bounty hunters. Dr. Robotnik called this group together to offer them an award of a billion Mobiums for Sonic alive or otherwise. Sonic is in the audience, but it takes everyone a long time to realize it. Robotnik eventually sicks all the robots on him. Sonic runs out and tricks each robot into a path of their own destruction.

Back at his lair, Dr. Robotnik decides to make two new robots for the sole purpose of catching Sonic. He throws many ingredients into a machine including a pair of rotten eggs. As a result, the machine produces Scratch. Thinking Robotnik is his mother, Scratch begins kissing Robotnik and licking his body. Annoyed, but not taking it too seriously, Robotnik clones Scratch with his robot making machine. Scratch pulls one extra lever which was not supposed to be pulled. The machine produces Grounder and right off the bat, the two start bickering about who is Robotnik's favorite. Robotnik dubs the two robots his Super Special Sonic Search and Smash Squad.

Coconuts watches from the bathroom. Coconuts is jealous of these new robots because he had been rejected by Robotnik and put on latrine duty. He vows to catch Sonic himself and win Robotnik's love.

Sonic and Tails are out running when they find a chili dog stand which is run by Coconuts in disguise. The stand becomes a large Robot that chases the heroic duo, but is eventually defeated. Similarly Scratch and Grounder try a number of clever plots to catch Sonic. Eventually they succeed in capturing Tails, thus Sonic gives himself up to ensure Tails' safety.

With Sonic and Tails captured, Scratch and Grounder call Robotnik to come and pick them up. Coconuts sneaks up on them and ties up Scratch and Grounder so as to take credit for capturing Sonic and Tails. Sonic convinces Coconuts to put Scratch and Grounder in the cage with him. Coconuts proceeds, but sure enough when he opens the cage, Sonic escapes and traps all three Badniks in the cage. he frees Tails and creates a dust storm making Dr. Robotnik unable to see when he flies in on his Egg-o-Matic. Sonic tricks Robotnik into landing on the cage and smashing up his own henchmen.

Back in modern day, Sonic ends the story and is still hanging from the tree. Scratch and Grounder don't like the story because they don't catch Sonic in the end. Sonic escapes the tree, then he and Tails run away.

After fuming about how much he hates Sonic, Robotnik's Deluxe-Highly-Callibrated-Hedgehog-ometer picks up Sonic's presence, being in the Marble Zone. He subsequently activates a Spring that launches Scratch and Grounder there. When they arrive, the Badniks chase Sonic and Tails, but they escape down a geyser which leads to a series of tunnels. Nevertheless, Scratch and Grounder decide to follow them.

Sonic and Tails find a cave full of gold and diamonds. They also meet a mole named Spelunk who thinks they want his money. He tries to blast them with a cannonball, but they manage to avoid it. The cannonball ends up trashing Scratch and Grounder. Sonic and Tails come across minecart tracks which they assume will lead them out of the underground tunnels. They run along the tracks, but are stopped by an angry Spelunk coming straight at them in a minecart. Sonic and Tails try to outrun him when they notice a family of turtles crossing the tracks. Sonic dresses as a crossing guard and stops Spelunk, allowing the turtles to cross the track. Once the turtles are safe, Sonic lets Spelunk's minecart pass. He and Tails once again attempt to leave the tunnels.

Running up a flight of steps, Sonic and Tails have almost reached the surface. Spelunk, realizing he had been tricked by Sonic, pulls a lever which smooths out the staircase. This causes Sonic and Tails to slide back down the steps and into a cage. The bars are made from diamondius, the hardest substance on Mobius, so Sonic cannot cut through them.

Scratch and Grounder return with Dr. Robotnik in drilling vehicles which they plan to use to obtain Spelunk's loot and capture Sonic simultaneously. Angry that Robotnik is after his treasure, Spelunk blames Sonic and opens a pit in the cage where Sonic and Tails are being kept. Scratch and Grounder use dynamite to blow a hole in the ground. The cave crumbles and a large diamond breaks the cage open, freeing Sonic and Tails. Robotnik, Scratch and Grounder fall into the pit.

With the cave crumbling, Sonic decides to escape, but Spelunk doesn't want to leave his treasure behind. Sonic saves Spelunk from being crushed by a falling boulder. He is touched that Sonic saved him, so he returns the favor by leading them outside the tunnels to safety.

Robotnik, Scratch and Grounder, who have somehow escaped the pit, begin to steal Spelunk's treasure. Sonic, who is dressed like an IRS auditor, informs Scratch and Grounder of all the paperwork and taxes they have to deal with for acquiring this large amount of treasure. The initials for the taxes spell 'You are so stupid'. Sonic binds the three villains in calculator paper and sends them up a conveyor belt into Robotnik's Egg-o-Matic. Spelunk then pours gunpowder on the conveyor belt and lights it with a match. Sonic quickly removes the treasure from the Egg-o-Matic before the gunpowder explodes and sends Robotnik, Scratch and Grounder blasting off.

Spelunk says he's never met such greedy, miserly jerks before in his life, but Sonic and Tails point out that he is one himself. Spelunk thanks Sonic for showing him the error of his ways and he decides to use his fortune to buy chili dogs for Sonic and Tails.

When Sonic saves a very pretty girl hedgehog named Breezie from Scratch and Grounder, she flirts with him. Then Breezie gives Sonic a kiss and love hearts appear in Sonic's eyes. Sonic is unaware that Breezie is actually one of Robotnik's robots, sent to distract him while he proceeds to destroy the underground wells of Mobius with his new Egg-o-Matic Tunnelizer and Town Terrorizer. Meanwhile Sonic returns as all the snow melts off him. Tails lets Breezie see how tired Sonic is. So Breezie strokes Sonic's head. Then Sonic runs along to heat up Breezie's chili dog.

After Breezie throws Tails in a rushing river, Scratch and Grounder come to team up with Breezie and make plans to eleminate Sonic. Tails makes it back and spies on the three robots as they plot their traps. Tails rushes off to warn Sonic and tell him about Breezie, but Sonic is too twitterpaited to listen. After Sonic writes a romantic poem for Breezie, she starts to develop feelings for him. But it is too late, Sonic runs to the robots' big magnet. Fortunately, Breezie frees Sonic, and they escape.

Breezie tells Sonic that she is a robot and of Robotnik's plans to drain the reservoir. Sonic stops Robotnik by attaching a bungy cord to his Egg-o-Matic Tunnelizer and Town Terrorizer. Robotnik springs into the opposite direction yelling "I hate that Hedgehog!".

Sonic is sad, but Tails brings him a note from Breezie which says she hopes they'll meet again some day.

Dr. Robotnik flies to the Sloth's home planning to use them as bait to lead Sonic into a trap. He damages their house with Scratch and Grounder. Rocket the Sloth sees Robotnik escape and sends a Morse code message to Sonic for help. Back at Robotnik's fortress, the evil Doctor shows Scratch and Grounder his Subatomic Slow Go Beam Weapon which can shoot a slow motion beam that will put Sonic into sloth motion. However, his mind is still accelerated (when Sonic pulls on Scratch's tail feathers, Jaleel's grunts for Sonic were recorded at normal speed). Sadly, it doesn't last long; the effects wear off in one hour.

Sonic and Tails arrive at the Sloth's home and repair the damage caused by Dr. Robotnik. Rocket sits in a tree with a gong, on the look out for danger. Scratch and Grounder come and begin firing slow rays. Sonic figures out what the ray does. Robotnik shows up and Scratch and Grounder accidentally zap him again. Robotnik leaves for an hour. Scratch and Grounder set a trap for Sonic, by having Scratch hide in a tree while Grounder hangs from a branch disguised as a distressed Sloth. Sonic stops to help the sloth, allowing Scratch time to zap him with the slowness ray, slowing down his molecules and his voice. Sonic slowly tells Tails to go warn the sloths. Scratch and Grounder capture Sonic and take him to a cave where they put him in a cage and call Robotnik to tell him their good news.

Back at the Sloth's home, realizing Rocket can't help him, Tails goes to save Sonic himself.

Back in the cave as Scratch and Grounder taunt Sonic, Tails steals the slow ray and threatens to shoot Scratch and Grounder. Grounder knocks it out of his hands, breaking the crystal that it runs on. Tails takes the slow ray and retreats to the Sloth home.

Back at the Sloth's home, Rocket uses the slow ray to make him and his family super fast. Tails and the four speedy sloths rush off to save Sonic. The Sloths roll into balls like Sonic, they bounce around and hit Scratch and Grounder. Tails zaps Sonic with the ray and he is back to his fast self. Sonic quickly takes care of Scratch and Grounder. Robotnik comes and Tails zaps him with the ray making his Egg-O-Matic go super fast. Speeding beyond control, Robotnik crashes into a mountain.

In a town, Smiley is using underhanded techniques to gain all the material assets of a group of Gambler Sheep. Once they have nothing left to lose, Smiley takes them as slaves to work on building Dr. Robotnik a sphinx in the desert.

Smiley has a cheating robot (or High Voltage Flimflammer as Sonic calls him) who plays a game with a pea under one of three nut shells. Sonic comes to help the sheep win. Sonic's eyes are fast enough to keep on the pea and he wins every time. The Flimflammer malfunctions and blows up. Sonic wins back all the sheep's things. In order to get them back, Smiley lures the sheep to Robotnik's Casino Night Zone. The sheep, having not learned their lesson, go to the Casino Night zone and gamble until they lose everything again.

Sonic and Tails go to the Casino Night Zone where Sonic disguises at a maintenance worker and resets the machines to make the sheep win. The Sheep get a lot of money. Sonic leaves Tails in the nursery with a pig lady while he runs off to take care of Scratch and Grounder.

While Tails is playing in the Nursery ball room, the Pig Lady reveals that she works for Robotnik and has Tails fall into a trap. Robotnik puts Tails in a cage. Tails gets mad and calls Robotnik a "Crum-bum," and when Robotnik comes close, Tails ties Robotniks' mustache to the bars of his cage. Robotnik eventually gets free.

Sonic returns to Casino Night Zone and cannot find Tails. Smiley tells him Tails is captured by Robotnik and to ensure his safety Sonic has to lose a race to Grounder.

At a large Stadium, Scratch announces the race and all the sheep bet on Sonic. Sonic sadly walks in the race, disappointing all the sheep. Bragging about his imminent victory, Grounder tells Sonic that Tails is in a cage underneath the stadium. Sonic tunnels underground and saves Tails, tunnels back up and wins the race, but Robotnik has already taken the sheep as his slaves. Sonic runs to the desert and sets Louis and the sheep free. He then re-designs Robotnik's sphinx to look like himself, after which the Sphinx looks at Robotnik and winks. This upsets Robotnik, making him cry.

The sheep then ask Sonic if they could be good freedom fighters to which he considers risky. The high stakes would be "Mobius free of Robotnik".

Sonic and Tails rush to the news stand to pick up the month's new issue of their favorite comic, Crack Ups. Meanwhile Scratch and Grounder have also obtained the new issue. Scratch and Grounder are so distracted by their comic that they are not paying attention to Dr. Robotnik as he introduces his new inescapable prison, "Robotnik's Rot-Your-Life-Away Dungeons". Dr. Robotnik grabs the comic away and is outraged to find the main joke in the comic is an animated strip based on Humpty Dumpty starring Robotnik as the titular character. Outraged of being mocked by his egg-shaped physique, he orders Scratch and Grounder to capture the artist who drew the comic to be his first prisoner.

Scratch and Grounder easily capture the artist, a crazy bird by the name of Sketch Lampoon. Sonic, having just read the comic imitates Robotnik's act while cracking up hard suddenly hears the kidnapping of Lampoon on the radio so they rushed to "Robotnik's Rot-Your-Life-Away Dungeons]]" to rescue Lampoon. As part of his plan, Sonic allows himself to be captured but the plan backfires when Robotnik tells the hedgehog he built a super special prison just for him with lasers, spears and a spike ball that automatically shoot and smash anything that is hedgehog blue. Robotnik leaves Scratch and Grounder on guard while he goes and forces Sketch Lampoon to draw him handsomely with muscles in his new issue of Crack Ups.

Robotnik is furious at Sonic making fun of him, so he sends him to the cell for interfering his plans once again. While imprisoned, Sonic pretends that he is reading next month's issue of Crack Ups that he claims Sketch Lampoon gave him. Wanting to see it, Scratch and Grounder open the cage and grabbed the issue. Sonic tapes a poster of himself on Grounder's back, stating that he may be a little taller but they've got his hedgehog blue color just right. They realize it's this month's issue and Scratch notices the poster on Grounder's back. The spears, lasers and spike ball all attack Scratch and Grounder, then Sonic escapes.

Sonic and Tails then go around and set off all the security alerts, overloading the system. The Prison starts to crumble and fall apart. Sonic frees Sketch Lampoon and grabs Tails, as they race out of the prison (and Scratch and Grounder who also escape) just before it collapses. Dr. Robotnik is left on his back crying and yelling "I've fallen and I can't get up!", exactly imitating his act in this month's issue of Crack Ups.

Inside the fish-infested Warp of Confusion sits the disgruntled scientist, Doctor Warpnik, who is angry at his cousin, Dr. Robotnik, for banishing him to this strange place. He watches Mobius through a telescope, plotting his revenge.

Scratch, Grounder and Coconuts each prepare their own trap to catch Sonic. They set a single Chili Dog on a table in the middle of the three traps. Scratch has a "Sonic-Snatcher"; a machine with a chicken-claw attached to a coil (keeping to his theme of chicken/egg-related inventions). Grounder has four catapults loaded with fish, anvils, a chest of drawers and a large safe. Coconuts has a cannon which makes the target explode when triggered (fitting with Coconuts' fondness of lasers, cannons and such weapons). Sonic and Tails smell the chili dog from far away and they know that it's a trap. To Tails' disappointment, Sonic insists that he gets the chili dog on his own and that Tails should stay put.

Sonic grabs the chili dog and makes all three traps backfire on the Badniks. Some smoke and fish from the traps make Tails think Sonic is in trouble, so he comes to help. The Badniks grab Tails and tie him up. Sonic returns to where Tails was waiting and does not find him. Sonic quickly rescues Tails from the three robotic goons and yells at him for not staying put, but eventually forgives him and states that he is important to him. Dr. Warpnik watches them through his telescope projector object and realizes that he can use Tails to lure in Sonic, which will lure in Robotnik.

The next morning, Sonic wakes up to find that Tails is missing. Sonic goes to Dr. Robotnik's fortress and asks Robotnik where Tails is. Robotnik insists that he did not capture Tails, but he continues to talk to Sonic, distracting him so his badniks can catch him off guard. Robotnik asks Sonic if he and Tails had a misunderstanding between them. Sonic says they did. Robotnik says Sonic probably made him run away. Sonic feels bad, but still does not get caught by the Badniks sneaking up on him. Sonic leaves to find Tails, and Robotnik and his three goons follow him with hopes of catching him off guard.

Sonic follows Tails' tracks into the Warp of Confusion. He is welcomed by Dr. Warpnik who reveals that he captured Tails and now he and Sonic are his prisoners. He also shows Sonic an old movie of Robotnik literally throwing him into the Warp of Confusion. Sonic's boredom makes him angry. Robotnik, Scratch, Grounder and Coconuts show up after finding the entrance through a trash-bin, which Coconuts accidentally uncovered by leaning against a rock which fell over. Robotnik and Warpnik get into a fish fight. Sonic unties Tails and they start looking for a way out. Trying to prevent their escape, Dr. Warpnik fires a cannon that turns fish into monsters. Sonic and Tails run around avoiding the monsters. Dr. Robotnik tries to use the machine, but Dr. Warpnik gets mad at him. The cannon hits Scratch, Grounder and Coconuts, turning them all into monsters. Since they are large and powerful, the three Badniks decide to teach Robotnik a lesson for treating them badly. They try to hit him, but hit the cannon instead. The cannon sets alight and Scratch states that they 'laid an egg' (messed up). Robotnik and Warpnik try to put out the fire with fish. With the cannon broken, Sonic and Tails are able to escape the Warp of Confusion.

Back in the real world, Sonic apologizes for getting mad at Tails. Tails says he would never run away because they are best buddies. The bin explodes and turns to dust, but the Warp stays intact. Sonic says it's good to know that Robotnik and Warpnik would be stuck with each other for a while.

Back in the Warp of Confusion, Scratch, Grounder and Coconuts, who are still monsters, share a bucket of popcorn as they watch Robotnik and Warpnik slap each other with fish.

Scratch and Grounder race down a road, complimenting Dr. Robotnik for creating his latest invention, the "Electro Suction Plate", which has a magnetic pull strong enough to stop Sonic from running. Placing the device on the ground, the two hide and activate the plate's powerful suction beam. However, the beam flies right up into Mobius' atmosphere just as Prince Charnock and his advisor Splorg fly past the planet from their extended vacation, Splorg reminding the touring prince of his coronation in two hours time. Prince Charnock decides to briefly visit Mobius, desiring to explore it. However, their spaceship gets caught in the suction beam and is dragged to the ground where it is wrecked.

Sonic and Tails witness the crash landing and race to help Prince Charnock and Splorg. Splorg panics about their wrecked ship whilst Prince Charnock is more interested in taking photos. Scratch and Grounder approach the aliens, capturing them to remove their ship to retrieve the Electro Suction Plate. Sonic and Tails arrive, Sonic freeing the aliens and tossing the Badniks off a thousand-foot cliff. Sonic returns to the aliens, and greetings are made, Prince Charnock revealing he is to be king of the planet Rhombus. Splorg interrupts and reminds that unless Prince Charnock does not return to Rhombus within the two hours he mentioned to become king, his baby brother legally becomes king and he will more than likely order for Mobius' destruction. Sonic agrees to assist the aliens rebuild their ship, racing around Mobius and collecting the scattered pieces. Splorg uses a device to automatically reconstruct the spaceship. However, he realizes two vital pieces are missing; the cockpit's pressurizing canopy and the navigational nosecone with an embedded miniature steering chip.

Scratch and Grounder clamber back up the cliff, Grounder's nose repeatedly falling off. Sonic, Tails and the aliens walk through a forest of curly trees, Prince Charnock commenting they have "nothing like [the trees] on Rhombis" (which becomes a running gag in the episode). He nearly gets bit by a snake but Sonic saves the oblivious prince. They come across a river where Tails spots the pressurizing canopy on a tree branch and retrieves it. Scratch and Grounder appear, attempting to use the suction plate again, but Prince Charnock is too interested in taking photos of a sunfish. But the Badniks have it backwards and end up magnetizing themselves to it before falling down a waterfall. Sonic and co. continue on, finding a quarry filled with rocks shaped like sports equipment (dominoes, bowling equipment, etc.) Splorg spots the nosecone, Sonic getting it. Scratch and Grounder reappear and fire the suction pad again but instead magnetize a boulder who causes a landslide, burying everyone and saving Tails and Splorg. Sonic and Prince Charnock emerge, and run off with Grounder's nose, whilst the Badniks find the nosecone.

Back at the spaceship, the aliens panic with only twenty-five minutes to go, but Sonic realizes the object they have is Grounder's nose and comes up with a plan to regain the nosecone. The Badniks realize what they have and place the nosecone in the suction plate hoping Sonic will attempt to steal it but get stuck in the process. Grounder decides to telephone Dr. Robotnik to tell him of the events. Dr. Robotnik is busy cleaning his beloved Egg-O-Matic when he receives the call from Grounder and heads out to aid his minions.

Sonic, Tails and the aliens find the Badniks, Sonic revealing the aliens plan to use Grounder's nose as their nosecone and go to leave. Grounder goes hysterical at the thought of never seeing his nose again, and gives chase and Scratch following to try to tell him that it is all a trap, Sonic and co. tossing the nose about until Sonic drops it on the suction plate and snags the real nosecone when Scratch turns off the plate. The enraged Scratch tortures Grounder using the suction plate and then proceeds to crush his nose using the plate. Sonic arrives to finish off the Badniks, dressed as a woman with fruit on his head, like a fruit-hat but decides to leave upon seeing Scratch taking care of Grounder's nose.

Returning to his friends, Sonic finds them at Dr. Robotnik's mercy. Tails has been captured, Dr. Robotnik threatens to atomize Tails into molecules unless Sonic surrenders himself, and also happens to possess the nosecone. Sonic ends up bound and gagged in a cage, and Dr. Robotnik tosses the nosecone to the aliens. While Splorg is more than eager to rush away, Prince Charnock is objective and laments he would not be much of a king he cannot help those who have helped him. Getting an idea, Prince Charnock goes to Dr. Robotnik and compliments the Eggomatic, asking if he can take a picture of it. Dr. Robotnik agrees, but Prince Charnock deliberately bumps into the domino-shaped rocks, causing them to collapse on top of Dr. Robotnik and the Eggomatic. Prince Charnock frees Sonic from his bonds and gag and the group race for the spaceship with few minutes remaining.

The aliens rebuild the ship and leap into it with only five minutes to spare, Splorg realizing they will have to go to hyperspeed to reach Rhombus. Sonic asks Prince Charnock why his baby brother wants to destroy Mobius, but the prince reveals his brother is literally his baby brother, only being two years old. The aliens fly off into space, Prince Charnock referring to Sonic and Tails as "jolly good fellows".

Momma Robotnik storms into Dr. Robotnik's fortress to tell her son that she escaped the Mobius Home for Really Bizarre Mothers and that it is her birthday and as a present she wants him to destroy the Mobius National Park. Dr. Robotnik sends Scratch and Grounder with a group of tree destroying robots to do as his mother wishes.

Sonic and Tails see the robots destroying the trees and Sonic begins to destroy them. Grounder comes up with a plan to catch Sonic, but Sonic buts in disguised as a robot repair man. Sonic convinces them that he is fixing their robots when in actuality he reset the robots to attack Scratch, Grounder and Robotnik. Robotnik and Momma Robotnik arrive in time to be attacked by the robots.

Moving on, Robotnik and Momma Robotnik are at home, watching Scratch and Grounder destroy a Mobian town using giant walking robot legs. Sonic, disguised as a game show host, tricks the Badniks into opening a door to a bunch of water and they get washed down a drain. Momma Robotnik is furious at her son for not being able to do anything right and says as a birthday present to herself, she is going to catch Sonic.

Tails comes across Momma Robotnik crying on the ground saying she lost her son because he has turned evil. She shows Tails a roll of film showing Robotnik as a baby and how he lost his Fuzzy Wuzzy and that turned him bad. She tells Tails that if he had his stuffed bear back, he would be a good boy again. She gives them an address to go get it in Chaos City. Tails leaves a note for Sonic. Momma Robotnik then says Tails is so gullible after he left.

Sonic finds Tails' note and goes after him. He gets lured into a trap by Coconuts disguised as a chef giving away free Chili Dogs. His pot of Chili turns into an angry robot which Sonic quickly defeats and continues on to Chaos City. After avoiding a trap set by Scratch and Grounder, Sonic makes it to the old Robotnik home and finds Tails tied up. Sonic frees him, but they cannot escape because Momma Robotnik turns a pile of trash into a birthday cake and turns the gate into an electric fence using a machine on her watch. She then releases Fuzzy Wuzzy from the birthday cake. Fuzzy Wuzzy is at first a cute little teddy bear, but he snarls loudly and then transforms into a large, muscular, four armed, two headed angry, stitched up bear monster. Tails is terrified of this and cowers in fear, realizing that was the little Fuzzy Wuzzy he was sent for. Sonic says that he would hate to see the big Fuzzy Wuzzy. They run away but Fuzzy Wuzzy grabs Tails with his two left arms.

Sonic ties a rope to Fuzzy Wuzzy and grabs Tails from Fuzzy Wuzzy, tripping him over. He then ties the other end to the electric fence. Robotnik is horrified as his Fuzzy Wuzzy is getting electrocuted and going bonkers, turning into a robotic skeleton, a skewered sausage with Fuzzy Wuzzy's two faces and a bat batting Fuzzy Wuzzy's heads attached to the bat by a string for each head. Robotnik begs Sonic to save him. Sonic says only if Robotnik promises to be good. Robotnik promises. Momma Robotnik hits her son with an umbrella for promising to be good. Sonic saves Fuzzy Wuzzy who then drops a big birthday cake on Robotnik and his mother and then sings "We wish you a happy birthday". Two workers from Momma Robotnik's home show up and drag her into their vehicle and take her back to the Mobius Home for Really Bizarre Mothers. Robotnik is glad to be rid of her. After saying that, the vehicle comes back and Mama Robotnik sticks out her umbrella and whacks Robotnik on the head. The vehicle then speeds off again.

Sonic tells Tails that he is the one who called the home and told them where Momma Robotnik was. The two friends run off to get some chili dogs.

As Coconuts pursues Sonic in Robotonik's Egg-O-matic. Sonic tricks Coconuts into crashing and smashing up the vehicle. When Coconuts goes home and tells Robotnik, the furious doctor fires him and launches him out of his fortress. Robotnik goes to his basement to talk to Big Daddy, a giant gorilla who he has caged up and plans to use to take over Mobius. Big Daddy roars at Robotnik as he is not under Robotnik's control yet.

Coconuts lands in a tree next to a large baby ape named Boom-Boom who thinks Coconuts is his daddy. Coconuts realizes Boom-Boom has super strength and decides to use him to help capture Sonic and get back on Robotnik's good side by pretending to be his daddy.

Coconuts and Boom-Boom set a trap for Sonic. But Sonic and Tails spy on them and decide to get it to backfire on Coconuts. Sonic tells Boom-Boom that Coconuts is not his Daddy. Boom-Boom cries and tells him that a bad man took his daddy away in a cage, and that he never found his daddy.

Robotnik attaches a mind control device to Big Daddy and tests it by making him destroy things using a remote control. Robotnik plans to have Big Daddy climb Mount Mobius, the largest mountain on the planet, and install a giant laser so everyone on the planet will have to do what he says. Robotnik tells Scratch and Grounder that they are no longer necessary, and he leaves with Big Daddy. Scratch and Grounder are pleased that they "get promoted from useless". Coconuts comes and tells Scratch and Grounder a plan to get all three of them back on Robotnik's good side.

The three Badniks dress up in a big gorilla costume and go find Sonic and Boom-Boom. Sonic uses a disguise to reveal them as frauds. They then see a big laser fry a tree and Sonic looks up with Grounder's binoculars to see Robotnik and Big Daddy on top of Mount Mobius. Boom-Boom says' Daddyyyyy!' and laughs excitedly at finding where his daddy is.

Sonic, Tails and Boom-Boom climb up the mountain and Robotnik had Big Daddy fire at them with the laser. Sonic realizes the laser gun must be running on batteries, so he decided to run around until they run out of juice. His plan works perfectly, but Big Daddy Ape grabs Sonic and holds him over the edge of the cliff. Tails tells Boom-Boom to try talking to his father, but the mind control device was too strong. Boom-Boom then picks up Robotnik and smashes him on the ground multiple times which breaks the remote control. Big Daddy snaps out of the mind control and recognizes his son. The two apes reunite and Boom-Boom tells his daddy that he lost his rattle. Big Daddy gives Boom-Boom Robotnik to shake around instead.

A singer named Catty Carlisle is invited to the REBL studios by Mad Dog Max. Catty starts singing a song in a Texas style as she dedicates it to "Mobius' number one hero, Sonic".

Meanwhile, Scratch and Grounder are on a mission to capture Sonic by using a bear trap. As the two get distracted by a radio playing 'Sonic's Song', Sonic comes and makes fools of them and they get trapped instead. Scratch and Grounder go back to Robotnik and he gets upset that Catty is singing a song about Sonic. So Scratch and Grounder head to REBL studios and try to capture Catty but Sonic dresses as an interviewer and distracts the two by saying that they have just become instant stars on radio. As that happens, Robotnik decides on another plan by making only one song in the whole of Mobius that is Robotnik's anthem, so he creates the Music Destroyer (M.D.) to put an end to all other music. After he captures Catty, Sonic and Tails try to save her but end up being captured themselves. Sonic manages to trick Scratch and Grounder into freeing them and plays very loud rock music to destroy the M.D. Sonic returns Catty's guitar and she walks into the sunset with Sonic and Tails, singing Sonic's song.

Just as Robotnik frustratingly questions his ability to get rid of Sonic with such unreliable aid as Scratch and Grounder, an energetic salesman comes to Robotnik's doorstep introducing himself as Wes Weasely, a representative of the Handy Dandy Super Villain Appliance Distributors Limited Company (or H.D.S.V.A.D.L.) Robotnik takes a liking to Weasely's brash, obnoxious, pushy, rude demeanor and odd attire, and immediately hires the salesman. Weasely's first invention is the Darkinator, a vacuum-like device that makes the immediate surrounding area dark when activated. Despite the enormously high price of the device, Robotnik buys the Darkinator. Unfortunately for Scratch and Grounder, the darkness caused by the Darkinator does not completely reach the ground, allowing Sonic to use the robots' stupidity to destroy the machine.

Weasely then introduces the Freeze Banger, a flash freezing device, which Robotnik buys two of. Sonic's exceptional jumping abilities cause Scratch and Grounder to freeze each other with the device, after which Sonic thaws (and melts) the robots with his supersonic speed. After Robotnik repairs his robots, Wes, having become rich because of Robotnik, introduces the HDSVADL's latest weapon: the Gravity Stopper, a device that allows anything it zaps to become weightless. The device appears to be successful this time around, but when Tails carries Sonic off faster than usual (thanks to the absence of gravity), Scratch takes off his Self-Gravity Boots and step into the Gravity Stopper's path in an attempt to catch them, but is unable to without gravity, forcing Grounder to deactivate the machine and allowing Sonic and Tails to escape.

Back at the hilltop fortress, Wes cites Scratch and Grounder as the reason for the failure of the last three contraptions, and gives Robotnik a chance to use his new De-Atomizer, a weapon shaped like a perfume container that causes anything it is used against to disappear. As to make sure the weapon works, Robotnik assigns a reluctant Weasely as the supervisor of Sonic's capture. Near a corn field, Scratch accidentally pushes an untested button on the De-Atomizer, causing an upcoming Sonic to split into five. After disposing of Scratch and Grounder, Sonic forces Weasely to reverse the effects of the cloning. When Weasely attempts to sneak away, he reveals that he is trying to escape from Robotnik as to avoid his wrath. Sonic travels to the hilltop fortress under the disguise of a HDSVADL salesman and uses all of Weasely's past contraptions combined into one against Robotnik. As Sonic reveals himself and leaves, Robotnik, Scratch, and Grounder yell out "We hate that hedgehog!"

The story starts as Tails and Sonic sneak through the fortress of Dr. Robotnik. In there, they find Lucas, who has bee locked up by Robotnik for thirty years. Sonic immediately frees Lucas, but it triggers Dr. Robotnik's robot armies, who were later defeated by Sonic. In anger, Dr Robotnik decides to use his secret weapon, the eggbomb. That too, was countered by Sonic, and together with Tails, Sonic escaped the fortress. When they escaped to the forest, Lucas decided to tell them what this was all about in a flashback. In his story, Lucinda liked Lucas and in return, Robotnik was jealous and imprisoned Lucas. Hearing this Sonic decides to help him find Lucinda.

Meanwhile, back in the fortress, Scratch and Grounder also gets curious about this whole thing and Dr. Robotnik tells them what happened, only it was completely opposite from Lucas's story. Then Dr. Robotnik decides that he'll give any prize to one who captures Lucas, who stole "something" from him other than his power. Scratch and Grounder go out to capture Lucas, only to fail and accidentally blurt out the location of Lucinda. Now knowing the location, Sonic, Tails, and Lucas go out to get Lucinda and Lucas back together. When they arrived, Lucas decided to call Lucinda, despite his nervousness, only to be captured by Scratch and Grounder. Lucas was thrown into a volcano, and Dr. Robotnik goes to see Lucinda, not knowing that Sonic actually made it out of the volcano with Lucas. Sonic decides to dress as Lucinda and fool Dr. Robotnik. The plan works and Lucas and Lucinda got back together again.

Scratch and Grounder are conducting the Robotnik Express, a train filled with explosives that they must deliver to Dr. Robotnik. Upon trying to stop them, Sonic and Tails get captured, allowing Scratch and Grounder to celebrate out loud. Hearing the Badniks celebrate, Da Bears come to help. Before Da Bears arrive, Sonic and Tails escape and wrap up Scratch and Grounder like mummies. Da Bears show up and free Scratch and Grounder thinking they are Sonic and Tails. Scratch and Grounder play along saying that they are indeed Sonic and Tails and need Da Bears' help in capturing Grounder and Scratch. They describe Scratch as being Spiny and Blue and Grounder having two tails.

The brakes on the train get broken at some point and Sonic realizes there's a bridge above the buffalo village that is out. In order to save the village, Sonic places a tree at a very stiff switch, so when the train hits the tree, the tree will pull the switch and the train will switch tracks.

Sonic continually uses his silly costumes and manipulating tactics to humiliate and hurt Scratch, Grounder and Da Bears. Sonic realizes he has gone too far when Da Bears are stuck on the front of the train while it is headed for a cactus patch. Sonic uses the tree he left at the switch to bump Da Bears onto the top of the train and safe from the cacti. Sonic and Tails then convince Da Bears that they had been tricked by Scratch and Grounder. Da Bears ask how they can redeem themselves and Sonic asks them to help save the buffalo village.

Using their cars, Da Bears and Sonic make haste in fixing the bridge above the buffalo village. Realizing they won't get it done on time, they tilt a piece of the bridge upward making a ramp, allowing the train to jump the gap over the village. The Buffaloes all cheer and rejoice that their village is saved.

The Robotnik Express arrives at the bomb factory on time, but since the brakes don't work, they crash into the factory making the whole thing explode. Dr. Robotnik, Scratch and Grounder all fly off holding onto a giant rocket, with Robotnik screaming "I hate that Hedgehog!" Da Bears wave good-bye to Sonic and Tails as they leave.

Robotnik has kidnapped Professor Von Schlemmer and has forced him to tell how to create his Gizmo Gas machine. Scratch and Grounder finish putting together the Gizmo Gas machine, but when tested, it fails. Robotnik, now furious, tortures Von Schlemmer to see what they have to do to get his contraption to work (by tickling his feet with a feather), and Von Schlemmer finally reveals what to do. Robotnik then sends Von Schlemmer to the deepest darkest hole in the Jungle of Doom.

Meanwhile, Sonic and Tails are being chased by Coconuts, but they easily get rid of him. The two heroes then arrive in Wienerville, the weenie capital of Mobius. Mayor Knackwurst greets Sonic and Tails and insists on feeding them a feast. Tails gobbles down a ton of food and leaves to get some dessert. At the same time, Robotnik tests the machine on a piece of belly-button lint, but the machine explodes and casts Gizmo Gas into the air, and it eventually settles on Tails, who breathes it in as it rolls into town. Tails grows to an enormous size and gets very hungry and starts eating and breaking the whole town. He leaves so as not to hurt anyone. The citizens of Wienerville are quick to forgive Tails until Robotnik flies in on his Egg-O-matic and tells them that Tails did it on purpose and Sonic is the mastermind behind the destruction. They don't believe Robotnik until he gives them all a bunch of free gifts. The citizens then turn on Sonic and Tails.

Tails continues to grow and continues to eat whatever he can. Tails' burps cause earthquakes. The citizens go after Tails like he is a monster. Robotnik leaves and puts Scratch and Grounder in charge. Sonic overhears them talk about Von Schlemmer, so he tricks them into telling him where to find the Professor.

Sonic runs to the bottomless pit in the Jungle of Doom and pulls Professor Von Schlemmer out with a crane. Von Schlemmer tells Sonic that the antidote to the Gizmo Gas is the fragrance of the rare Hoot-n-Toot Garlic from the garden of the evil wizard lizard. Sonic runs and gets it.

Meanwhile, the Wienerville citizens have Tails cornered in a canyon. Tails tries to justify his actions, but they do not listen. Sonic and Von Schlemmer arrive with the garlic, but the citizens insist Robotnik uses his Insto-Freeze Cannon to turn Tails into a Popsicle. Von Schlemmer gives Sonic blueprints to build the world's largest wiener launcher which fires a giant Chili Dog (with the garlic on it) into Tails' mouth. Tails shrinks back to normal and Robotnik's freeze ray misses him and bounces back at the villains, hitting them. Professor Von Schlemmer explains everything to the Mayor. The diner's waitress asks how to make things up to Sonic and Tails. Tails asks for 746 Chili Dogs and some dessert.

When Tails is being attacked by Scratch and Grounder. Sonic shows up to help his little buddy. As Sonic makes light work of Scratch and Grounder, Tails ends up falling out of a tree and getting injured. Sonic feels very guilty about Tails getting hurt and declares that he would never let something like this happen again.

Sonic puts a bandaged Tails in a wagon while explaining to him that he is going to find him a real family. Tails insists that he does not need a real family, but Sonic tells him otherwise. The first family is a pair of clumsy Storks who flood their own house and set it on fire. Tails says he would be safer living with Robotnik. The second family is that of Sergeant Doberman, who treats Sonic and Tails like new recruits. Sonic and Tails quickly retreat.

When all hope seems lost, Sonic and Tails find a billboard with a picture of Baby Tails on it which catches Tails' attention. Scratch and Grounder are hiding behind the billboard. Scratch speaks through a microphone, explaining that the child's real parents miss their baby and giving an address. Tails gets very excited to hear that his real parents are looking for him. Sonic is a little bit sad at the idea of losing his friend.

They follow the address, where "Tails' parents" are. They give Tails lots of toys and food and he is very happy. "Tails' father" tells Sonic that Tails belongs with his own kind. So Sonic says goodbye and leaves. Dr. Robotnik watches from a telescope far away. He notices a tear roll down Tails' cheek. Dr. Robotnik then explains to Scratch and Grounder that his plan to capture Tails is working perfectly.

Tails' parents reveal themselves as Badniks and capture Tails.

Sonic sits by a rock and remembers the time that he first met Tails. In a flashback, Baby Tails falls and lands on top of Sonic. He tells Sonic that his name is Miles and that he hates it. Sonic gives him the nickname "Tails". Sonic snaps out of the flashback and realizes that if those were really Tails' parents they would have called him 'Miles', not his nickname.

Back at the house of Tails' fake parents, they tied up Tails and, Dr. Robotnik has set up two traps for Sonic: the Magnetic Sneaker-Gripper Hedgehog-Trapper Rug and the Ceiling-Squasher Sonic-Smasher Cruncher. Sonic arrives disguised as a mailman and tricks Robotnik, Scratch and Grounder into getting crushed by their own traps.

As they walk together, Sonic apologizes to Tails for the whole ordeal; however, Tails explains that he already has a family. He tells him that he is his mother, father and picket fence. Sonic tells him that he loves him and Tails says he is glad to be home.

Sonic and Tails cross paths with an old hero named Captain Rescue, only to come to regret it. He insists on helping the two heroes out in their adventures, but he ultimately just makes things worse. Sonic eventually has enough and makes it perfectly clear that he doesn't want Captain Rescue around. Doctor Robotnik, on the other hand, wants him to stay and easily manipulates the old hero, creating big trouble for Sonic. Now, Sonic's life depends on Tails and a regretful Captain Rescue.

As Scratch and Grounder watching their favorite show "Edgar Eagle". Dr. Robotnik comes into the room to see what is going on and makes the Badniks kiss his feet instead. As usual, Scratch and Grounder argue over who Robotnik likes more, so Grounder challenges Scratch to a race, claiming that whoever caught Sonic first would determine who Robotnik likes more. Grounder jets out of the door, leaving Scratch jealous that Grounder is faster than him. Soon, a commercial airs on the television advertising an authentic, easy-to-build Eagle Chopper. Scratch, convinced it will help him catch Sonic, buys an Eagle Chopper.

Unfortunately for him, construction of the chopper was way more complicated than advertised! The next morning, Scratch has completed the chopper, although it looks nothing like the real chopper. He took off in it, hoping it will catch Sonic. Later, Sonic and Tails were heading towards the farmland to answer a distress call from Farmer Peck, when Scratch arrived in his chopper, shooting flaming egg bombs at Sonic. After being outsmarted by Sonic, Scratch crashlands in the farmlands, where Henrietta finds him. The crash altered Scratch's memory, making him think that he was Edgar Eagle.

Meanwhile, Farmer Peck explains to Sonic that Robotnik wanted to destroy his farm and build the planet's largest robot factory. Sonic tries to stop the robots, but to no avail. Soon, Henrietta appears with the deluded Scratch, saying that he was a big star, leaving Sonic confused. This time, Scratch tries to destroy the factory, but Sonic drags him to safety as the robots shoot at them. Sonic and Tails manage to use Scratch's delusions and his knowledge of Robotnik to their advantage. Once Sonic, Scratch, and Henrietta arrive near Robotnik's fortress, Grounder tries to lure the trio into a trap by setting up a chili dog vending machine that turns into a rocket when activated. Fortunately, Sonic safely brings the two back to the fortress unscathed, while the rocket crashes into Grounder. Once they infiltrate his fortress, they find the remote that controls the robots in Robotnik's lab coat pocket, but Robotnik arrives and orders Grounder to capture Henrietta. He then threatens to kill her if they don't give him the remote.

Scratch then jumps on Robotnik's leg to distract him while Sonic saved Henrietta. Robotnik flings Scratch off of his leg, slamming him against the wall and restoring his full memory. Using the remote control, Sonic sets the robots in reverse, then destroys the remote to prevent overriding the command. As Sonic and Henrietta escape, Robotnik advises to escape the fortress before destruction, but not without "turning Scratch into a toaster oven" first. Later, back at the farm, Farmer Peck thanked Sonic for reversing the robots and returning the farm back to normal, although he is quite upset about Henrietta being heartbroken by Scratch. So, Sonic makes a phone call and the real Edgar Eagle arrives to spend time with Henrietta. Afterwards, Sonic gets the idea that he should have his own TV show one day just like Edgar Eagle.

After destroying some angry Buzz Bombers, Sonic reads about a town called McGuffin has declared tomorrow to be "Sonic Appreciation Day" in the newspaper. Sonic and Tails head for the town. The dog who works the news stand makes a mysterious phone call telling someone that Sonic is on his way and he has his sneakers with him.

At McGuffin, Sonic and Tails meet Harry the Hucker who sells Sonic merchandise. As a courtesy he gives Sonic a free blue Sonic book mark. Scratch and Grounder attack driving the Monster Robot Sonic tracking Device. Sonic uses a "Sonic Day" banner to tie up its legs and send it smashing to the ground. Sonic then hears cries for help on top of a near by building. A Squirrel named Sonnette is on the edge of a building and she falls. Sonic catches her and she is very excited, introducing herself as his biggest fan and consumer of all Harry's cheesy Sonic Merchandise. She also confesses that she jumped off the roof just to meet Sonic. Thinking she's crazy, Sonic drops her on the ground and leaves. Sonnette gets angry and swears she'll get even with him.

While checking into a hotel, Sonic and Tails are approached by a bell boy named Hodgepodge, who is old friends with Sonic. Sonic challenges him to a race just like old times. They race on a track built for Sonic's speed demonstration on Sonic Day. Hodgepodge is very fast, but still can't keep up with Sonic. Hodgepodge tells Tails how he used to be the fastest until Sonic came along and he used to be jealous. He playfully kicks Sonic while Coconuts, in an Italian old man disguise, spies on him. Sonic runs away and Coconuts says Sonic will soon be checking out forever.

Meanwhile, at Dr. Robotnik's fortress, Robotnik loses at cards to a card playing Robot. In anger, Robotnik takes out a laser gun and shoots the robot multiple times until it is dead and he kicks it into a pile of other dead robots. Scratch and Grounder come and tell Robotnik they were defeated and about "Sonic Appreciation Day". Robotnik gives them his new Robo-Roller, a vehicle that can flatten an entire city. He gives the Badniks an order to squish Sonic and his fans into a squishy paste.

While Sonic and Tails are asleep in the hotel, a tube comes through the door and it sprays green gas all over the room. Sonic wakes up to find his Sneakers are gone. Sonic shows Tails that when he runs, his feet burn up when he runs without his hi-tops. Tails assures him that they'll solve the mystery of who took them and get his shoes back. While looking for clues, Tails finds Coconuts sleeping in the closet. They tie him up and threaten to take him apart. Coconuts tells them that he hid in the closet so he could get them in their sleep, but when the hose sprayed its gas in the room, he fell asleep.

Tails assumes Hodgepodge stole the hi-tops. They go outside and Tails jumps on Hodgepodge, shaking him and accusing him of stealing the shoes. Sonic gets Tails off him and says he believes he is innocent. Hodgepodge tells them that he heard Robotnik and his Badniks are going to attack the town.

Sonic sees Sonnete and accuses her of sneaking in his room last night. She confesses that she did sneak in and she stole a chili dog wrapper and a red Sonic bookmark. Sonic has the mystery figured out, but it is too late. Scratch and Grounder attack the town in the Robo-Roller. Sonic tricks them into driving on the speed demonstration ramps. The trick backfires at first when Coconuts tells Scratch and Grounder they're being tricked, but Sonette shuts him up by covering him with bubble gum. Sure enough, Sonic's plan works and the Robo-Roller falls off the ramps and is destroyed. Sonic then places the flattened badniks in a giant envelope and puts it in the mailbox, calling it "junk mail".

Sonic gets a dog policeman to arrest Harry the Hucker. Sonic finds his shoes in Harry's souvenir stand and proceeds in telling Tails how he knew it was him. Sonic says Harry must have dropped the red bookmark and when he went to pick it up, he grabbed Sonic's blue one instead. Harry explains that he wanted to cut up the sneakers and sell the pieces as souvenirs. Fido takes Harry away. Sonic mails a talking t-shirt of himself to Robotnik saying he is now a member of the Sonic fan club, annoying him. Robotnik yells "I hate that hedgehog!"

As Sonic is out running, he sees a strike of lightning open up an interdimensional portal. A small black glob type creature comes through the portal and follows Sonic to a place where Tails is preparing Chili Dogs for lunch. Tails likes the creature and decides to name him Goobster and keeps him as a pet. Goobster eats all their Chili Dogs.

Scratch and Grounder attack in fighter planes and Goobster helps Sonic to defeat them. Goobster gets hungry so Sonic offers him steak and a sandwich, but Goobster only wants Chili Dogs. Goobster becomes large and starts sucking up everything in sight. Sonic gives him his retirement chili dogs and Goobster calms down.

Dr. Robotnik is angry that Scratch and Grounder failed once again. Scratch and Grounder say it was because of Goobster. Robotnik tells them to kidnap Goobster to lure Sonic and Tails into a trap.

Sonic figures out that Goobster is from another dimension, but before he can do anything about it, Goobster is captured by Scratch and Grounder.

In Dr. Robotnik's fortress, Goobster starts to eat everything in sight. Robotnik decides to use Goobster to get rid of Sonic and take over Mobius. When Sonic and Tails arrive, Goobster is hooked up to an electric machine that shocks him and makes him start sucking up everything. He quickly sucks up Sonic and Tails, but then burps them back out. Sonic frees Goobster and the three escape.

It begins to rain and Sonic takes them back to where he first saw the interdimensional portal open. They wait for lightning to strike again, but Robotnik and his Badniks attack. Sonic uses Grounder as a conductor and lightning strikes, opening the portal. Goobster goes through the portal where he is happily reunited with his parents. Tails is sad to see him leave, but Sonic cheers him up by saying he can get a new pet.

Dr. Robotnik has invented Club Robotnik, a luxury escape that captures its guests and makes them into his slaves.

Sonic and Tails find themselves in Scrap Valley where they meet Wallace A. Ditso and Torch who introduce them to their society of mechanically challenged robots. Ditso tells Sonic of a project that Robotnik is working on and Sonic goes to investigate.

Sonic and Tails spot Robotnik's blimp, so Sonic goes in disguised as a pizza delivery boy. He pulls a trap door that makes Scratch and Grounder fall out of the blimp. Robotnik gets Sonic in a trap. After the commercial break, Scratch and Grounder are somehow back on the blimp guarding Sonic as Robotnik reveals his plans to flood Scrap Valley and create Robotnik Lagoon. Robotnik and Scratch leave with Grounder guarding Sonic. Robotnik mentions he will use Sonic as target practice with his new Hedgehog Harpoon. Sonic tricks Grounder into releasing him. Sonic tells Scratch and Robotnik that he's escaped. The three villains chase Sonic up on top of the blimp. Robotnik fires his Hedgehog Harpoon and pops the blimp.

Sonic returns to Scrap Valley where he tells the robots about Robotnik's plan. They are suddenly attacked by a giant Crab Compactor that eats their buildings and excretes them out as little cubes. Outraged, the rejected robots agree to assemble with Sonic and Tails to take down Dr. Robotnik. They all go through the resort and sabotage everything from the pipes to the food.

At the opening of the resort, Robotnik is giving a speech, dedicating the place to himself. The audience drown him out with laughter as Sonic and Ditso project pictures on the large screen of Robotnik as a pig and Robotnik naked in the shower. Even Scratch and Grounder laugh. Scratch unplugs the screens, but Sonic replaces Robotnik's microphone with his own voice insulting him. Robotnik jumps to the cutting of the ribbon, but because of all the sabotage, the ribbon was the only thing holding the resort together. Once it is cut the entire place collapses and Robotnik yells, "I hate that Hedgehog! I hate him, I hate him! How am I supposed to turn Mobians into slaves if he keeps ruining my plans?" Sonic reveals to Robotnik that he was on TV as he said that and all the Mobians in the audience turn on Robotnik and hit him with fruit.

For the sake of revenge, Robotnik pulls the lever to flood Scrap Valley, but because of the sabotage the water comes up from under Robotnik and sends him up in the air.

Ditso declares that they can use what's left of Club Robotnik to rebuild Scrap Valley.

Doctor Robotnik builds Pseudo Sonic, a mechanical lookalike of his real counterpart in order to spoil the famous hedgehog's image and get Sonic in jail. The robot is piloted by a lab rat named Lawrence who is forced to commit crimes to save his parents. Pseudo-Sonic quickly manages to ruin Sonic's good reputation while the real Sonic is standing in the same spot watching TV. When racing against each other, Sonic and Lawrence accidentally fall in a patch of poison flowers in Poison Flower Valley and really get itchy and soon swell up. Tails helps them get out of the patch and takes Sonic and Lawrence to the hospital, and Sonic falls asleep. Tails decides that Sonic being out of commission for 'a day or two' is too late for Lawrence's parents and sets out to save them. Tails uses the robot to bother Robotnik on the way.

Meanwhile, Scratch and Grounder believe that Pseudo-Sonic is the real Sonic, but Robotnik manages to set them straight. Meanwhile Sonic knows that Tails has gone and gets out of bed. Tails sees Sonic and Sonic tells Tails his plan! However, Sonic and Tails get Lawrence's parents out of Robotnik's laboratory, and Pseudo-Sonic is destroyed, with Robotnik thus ending up in the Mobius General Hospital. Grounder tells Robotnik that at least he still has them. Robotnik responds by beating Scratch and Grounder up. The episode ends with Robotnik screaming, "I HATE THAT HEDGEHOG!" One of the "H"s then falls into the hospital.

In his fortress, Dr. Robotnik is downloading a genius program that is supposed to improve his intelligence. Meanwhile, Scratch and Grounder are setting a trap for Sonic the Hedgehog, which fails as usual. Eventually, they head back, where Robotnik is still searching for more brain power, attempting to download other computer programs. However, this results in a computer virus infecting his computer, which Sonic and Tails' friend Hacker created when copying the genius program onto a microchip. Hacker is almost captured but is saved by Sonic.

Later, Grounder's head loses various bits and pieces. During his search for the pieces, he accidentally grabs the Genius Chip, and when he places it in his head, he becomes a genius. Sonic tries to get the chip back, but ends up getting zapped by a ray that Grounder reveals has turned him to stone. Grounder then starts treating Robotnik like a prisoner, and Scratch like a slave.

Eventually, Hacker and Tails manage to reverse the ray that zapped Sonic. They discover that he was not turned to stone, but rather encased in stone and Sonic breaks free. Scratch tries to help Grounder take care of Sonic, but Grounder's head falls off, allowing Robotnik to remove the chip while Sonic switches the chip with another. This in turn makes Robotnik stupid. Robotnik then hands the prize to Grounder and Scratch as the lightning rod zaps them while Sonic, Tails, and Hacker escape from the explosion. Robotnik feels he's better off without the chips and yells "I HATE THAT HEDGEHOG!".

While Doctor Robotnik completing a machine and proclaiming that he should be given an award for supreme excellency. Scratch asks him if he got that award the week before. Robotnik tells Scratch to think of a better one. He introduces the machine as the "Super Supreme Stopper Zapper". Scratch and Grounder say, "It looks super!", then Robotnik yells at them. He tests the machine on Scratch who changes to stone. Grounder has some fun with him, fiddling around with his parts and tickling his nose. Robotnik unfreezes Scratch (who sneezes because of Grounder tickling his nose), jumps around holding his head (because Grounder hit him on the head) and dripping water (because Grounder squirted him with water). He wonders what happened and Grounder tells him that it was a bad dream. Robotnik literally throws them into the machine, telling them to fetch Sonic by suppertime. They fly out the building through the wall, and Scratch calls Grounder dumb.

Outside, Grounder and Scratch set a trap that includes a sign with a Chili dog on it. Sonic the Hedgehog runs by with Tails, who is on his skateboard. They stop at the sign and Sonic inquires that he has to check it out. Grounder prepares to launch the rock, but an Elvis bird lands on it and begins to dance. Grounder lets go of the slingshot and chases it away, whilst the rock is launched with Grounder on it. Tails and Sonic jump to avoid it, while Grounder crashes into a bigger rock and explodes. Upon smashing into the rock, The Super Supreme Stopper-Zapper starts to fire. Tails warns Sonic to watch out, where Sonic turns and dodges just in time. As the Zapper continues to shoot, Sonic grabs Tails and they fly off. They dodge all the beams and leave the scene. Scratch and Grounder emerge, cursing Sonic. Grounder's phone rings, and the two Badniks answer it, where Robotnik appears on the line. They say that they almost had Sonic, and Robotnik explodes with anger. Scratch inquires that they will do another plan his way. Robotnik threatens to melt them down if they don't catch Sonic.

Meanwhile, Sonic and Tails begin to hunger, until Tails spots a sign saying "All you can eat Chili Dogs". Tails is excited, but Sonic says its a trap. Tails gets disappointed, but Sonic tells him that he wants the danger, and they head off to the apparent cookout.

Meanwhile, Grounder (who is wearing an "I love Robotnik" apron) listens to Scratch as he explains his plan to zap Sonic. Grounder doesn't understand, to a point where Scratch yells at him that he's as dumb as a rock. Grounder asks, "Metamorphic, Igneous, or Sedimentary?". Scratch names him a made-up rock, and smacks him with it.

Sonic and Tails approach, where the hedgehog orders Tails to stay put. Tails tells him to be careful, but Sonic retorts, and says that he's too fast for them. They high five, and Sonic rushes off. He disguises himself as a chili dog inspector to check the level of chili in their chili dogs, while Scratch and Grounder fall for it. Sonic tells Grounder that his chili isn't hot enough and he will have to close them up. Grounder protests, so Sonic gives him a tin of "Very Hot Chili" that Grounder pours in. He dips a chili dog in and gives it to Sonic. However, Sonic tells him that he's the cook, so he should taste it first. Grounder eats it, and his cheeks inflate and explode with from spiciness. He begins to blow up, while Sonic grabs two normal chili dogs and runs off. Grounder blasts off like a rocket, flies high into the sky, falls back down, and crashes into the ground, leaving a Grounder-shaped hole. He jumps out and rolls away, chased by Scratch on the Super Supreme Stopper-Zapper. It begins to shoot again, so Grounder yells at him to shut it off, to which Scratch says, "I can't! It's stuck!". It continues to shoot at Grounder.

Sonic returns to Tails and gives him a chili dog. Just as Tails is about to eat it, he gives a shout and points behind Sonic. The Zapper is coming right towards them. Sonic and Tails both fly away without the skateboard. Tails pulls free and goes after it, leading Sonic to run after him. Tails grabs his skateboard, and Sonic pushes him away just as the Zapper shoots him, changing him to stone. Tails runs back and tries to save him, but Sonic simply falls over. Tails starts to cry, where Grounder gloats over him, until Scratch joins him. Tails tries to push Sonic away, but Scratch grabs him and tosses him away. The two Badniks fight over who will get their credit. They then begin to do tug-of-war with him. Tails gets to the Zapper, and grabs their attention. Grounder tries to escape, promptly being blasted and changes to stone, but then (due to a mistake of Tails') changes back. Scratch and Grounder chase Tails, who tries to blast them, though he keeps missing. Tails hops on his skateboard, drives over, and picks up Sonic, to the anger of the Badniks. Grounder's phone rings again, and they answer Robotnik again, rather slowly. However, too scared to speak of their mistake, they pass the phone to each other without saying anything into it, to a point where Robotnik is infuriated.

Tails, while panting, has pushed Sonic the whole way to the top of a hill. He turns and looks down the hill, and sees that the Badniks are still chasing him. He pushes over a pile of logs that roll down the hill and chase the two Badniks. They get squished while Tails escapes with the still-frozen Sonic.

Robotnik appears and floats over Tails. Using a megaphone, he demands Tails to give him Sonic, which Tails ignores. He jumps through a vent, in which Robotnik attempts to follow through. However, due to his obesity, he is unable to do so.

Inside, Tails pushes Sonic on the skateboard around Robotnik's fortress, still being chased by the Badniks. He runs into a dead end down an alley, which the Badniks run right past. Tails spots a door and pulls it open, running through and closing it without the Badniks noticing. Inside, Tails wheels Sonic to an office. He stares sadly at Sonic, and attempts to wake him. It doesn't work, and Tails says that he will do anything to wake him up again. Sonic only falls down, and Tails walks towards the door, peeking outside. He looks out, only to see the Badniks right there; Tails slams the door shut again, leading Scratch and Grounder to crash into the door. They push against the door, but Tails holds fast, refusing to give up. Tails runs over to Sonic, and the Badniks go quiet, returning in a tank attempting to bust the door down. The whole place shakes, and Tails pulls Sonic over to a wardrobe to hide in, until he gets an idea. The Badniks crash down the door and a few machines as well, flying out and hitting the opposite wall. Tails comes over dressed as a police officer.

It fools both, but Scratch sees through it after noticing the apparent officers' two tails. Grounder objects to Scratch picking up an officer, and the two argue, giving Tails time to escape. The fox hides again, giving the two Badniks a plan to trap him. Tails follows Grounder around until he has a plan of his own. Grounder creates a chili-dog trap and hides with Scratch. Tails gets the trap to backfire on them while he steals the chili dog they used as bait and escapes. Seeing as his foot is stuck in the trap, Scratch orders Grounder to chase Tails. Grounder does so, but is trapped as well. They lie there for a few moments, until they try and grab Tails again, who activates the second part of his trap. The two Badniks get dumped on a stationary conveyer belt. They refuse to give up just as Grounder's phone rings. They once again inform Robotnik that they still haven't caught Sonic, but will freeze Tails with the Zapper.

Tails fetches Sonic on the skateboard and gets another idea. He polishes up a mirror laying around, where Scratch and Grounder arrive with the Zapper and shoot at a reflection of Tails. The beam hits Sonic, and he changes back, confused of what had happened. Scratch and Grounder are amazed that Sonic's out of the petrification. The hedgehog speeds about too fast for the Badniks to zap him. Sonic bends the Zapper lens to point at itself, because as soon as the Badniks use it, it changes itself to stone. Grounder hits it, making it explode and sending the two flying. Robotnik comes storming in at that moment, where the Badniks land on him. Tails activates a claw that picks up all three of them. He releases them over a crate of Quick-Drying Cement that gets wet from the fire sprinklers due to the Badniks' short circuiting form the cement's dust. They plunge into the cement, and start to splash all around. Sonic and Tails leave the fortress as Robotnik screams, "I HATE THAT HEDGEHOG!". Then Sonic tells Tails that he's proud of him for his actions and they high-five.

Dr. Robotnik introduces the "Ultra Freeze-O-Matic", announcing his plan to freeze every citizen on Mobius and install "Servitude Chips" into the frozen citizens, causing them to completely and unquestionably obey Robotnik, with a test run on Scratch and Grounder proving successful. Meanwhile, at Mount Splatterhorn Sonic and Tails are getting some rest and relaxation when a blizzard suddenly hits the area. Dr. Robotnik discovers that Sonic is at Mount Splatterhorn and demands Scratch and Grounder to capture him. After a lengthy ski chase, Scratch and Grounder fall a considerable height and suffer a blow to their heads, causing their Servitude Chips to malfunction. Sonic takes this opportunity to fool Scratch and Grounder into believing that he is their master as to learn Robotnik's current plan. Sonic then commands the two robots to take him to the Freeze-O-Matic to make a few "adjustments". Robotnik learns of this, believes that Scratch and Grounder have turned traitor, and decides to bury them all with the Ultra Freeze-O-Matic's "Avalanche Activator".

Sonic is able to use the fire from the friction his speed is creating to convert the falling snow into water, allowing him and the group to continue their mission. Meanwhile, Robotnik whips out his "Servitude Chip Remote Regenerator" and uses it to return the robots to his control. Scratch and Grounder, now under Robotnik's command, trick Sonic into crossing a thin ice bridge and capture Tails after the bridge breaks. Scratch and Grounder return to Robotnik's bunker with Tails, on which Robotnik tests the "Servitude Patch", a Servitude Chip designed to work on living, breathing creatures rather than robots. Tails, now under Scratch and Grounder's control, lures Sonic into the clutches of the two robots, but Sonic easily tricks Scratch and Grounder into commanding Tails to remove his own Servitude Chip, and escapes himself. Robotnik decides to dispose of Sonic himself, using numerous weapons built into the Ultra Freeze-O-Matic. Sonic soon disposes of Robotnik, tossing him into Lake Splatterhorn and using the Freeze-O-Matic's "Frozen Concentrate" feature to freeze the lake. Mount Splatterhorn mysteriously thaws during this time.

While under water, Dr. Robotnik is in his robotic submersible, testing out one of the torpedoes on a rock formation. Robotnik explains that his next target is the underwater city of Labyrinth and he plans to claim its power pearl supply as his own. In the city's castle, King Saline is not at all pleased with his daughter, Princess Bubbles, who has been hanging out with Surff, a young surfer who is intent on joining the fight against Dr. Robotnik. Saline decides to banish Surff from the kingdom, much to the dismay of Bubbles. Bubbles and Surff manage to escape the king's wrath, but are far from safe as the sub smashes the city dome and captures the princess in the process.

Meanwhile, up on the surface, Sonic and Tails are doing the dishes (Sonic manages to dry them all off in one-third of a second). Afterwards, they set out to stop the mad doctor. At first, they have no luck finding any traces of Robotnik, but when they bump into Surff, the young rascal explains that he is looking for a hero to help out. Surff explains about what Dr. Robotnik has done, and Sonic and Tails decide to help.

The three travel to the undersea kingdom in a paddle-sub. However, the trip is far from being a stroll in the park, since Robotnik's menacing machines are in the way. They manage to outmaneuver the robots and reach the city none too soon. Dr. Robotnik has a word with King Saline, telling him that he will harm Bubbles unless he accepts the doctor's wishes. As Saline is about to give in, however, Sonic and Tails bust in, along with Surff. Outraged, Saline has them all thrown in the dungeon, even after Sonic tries to explain their intentions.

In the dungeon, Sonic and Tails begin to question Surff's relationship with Bubbles. Surff tells them about how important Bubbles is to him, at which point Sonic says that they will not only rescue her, but also prove that Surff is a worthy hero. After busting the door down, the three escape the cell and set out to foil Robotnik's plans.

All the while, Dr. Robotnik prepares for the point where he will capture the kingdom's power pearls. From those pearls, Robotnik plans to build an unstoppable army of mechanical soldiers. After waiting for some time, Robotnik decides to launch an attack on Labyrinth. Just before he can start, however, he spots Sonic recharging the paddle-sub and goes after the hedgehog.

Before Sonic and Tails launch the sub, Surff decides to bring along some of the power pearls in case they might need them. Robotnik tells Grounder to fire torpedoes at the sub, but Surff manages to stop the missile by using the exploding pearls. Robotnik then tells Scratch to summon his Robo-Ray (a mechanical manta ray with a bad attitude). The Robo-Ray also proves to be insignificant, as Sonic uses his buzzsaw attack to halve the monster. Having had enough of Robotnik, Sonic formulates one more plan. Surff turns the paddle-sub to face Robotnik, and Tails grabs a few pearls. Seeing them coming back at him, Robotnik decides to ram them head-on. Tails finally launches the exploding pearls, dismantling Robotnik's submersible. Bubbles is then freed by Surff, and she rewards him with a kiss.

Back at the kingdom, King Saline pronounces Surff the commander of the Royal Labyrinth Defensive Force as a reward for courage and resource when fighting Robotnik. Bubbles is so proud of him. Surff asks Sonic and Tails if they would like to stick around, but they decline, as they are aware that Robotnik is likely to start plotting again.

Robotnik, Grounder and Scratch, having survived the exploding sub, have floated to the surface on a raft out in the vast ocean. The episode ends with Robotnik saying, "I hate that hedgehog!".

Sonic tells Tails that it's time to set up camp after adventuring. He runs and gets a variety of items, and starts making Chili Dogs after Tails tells Sonic he's getting hungry. Before Tails can eat, a small car shows up and a clown pops out and asks if Sonic or Tails have been to Wacko City. Sonic informs him that he's never heard of it. The clown says,"It's okay, because I'm not goin' there anyway!" and starts laughing. Then, mysteriously, one of his tires pops. Tails says that he hopes that the clown has a spare. But, the clown takes out an air pipe and starts pumping air into the tire. Sonic is suspicious about why a clown is in the middle of nowhere. Tails, meanwhile, is laughing at the clown's bad jokes. The clown then folds up his car, takes out a unicycle and cycles away after swiping Tails' chili dog, much to his dismay.

Sonic and Tails start chasing after him and follow him into a cave where Coconuts, Dr. Robotnik's janitorial head and former member of the S.S.S.S.S.S., spies on them. As Sonic and Tails arrive in the cave, Sonic spots the clown juggling on his unicycle with various items (including Tails' chili dog) while Professor Von Schlemmer is in a chair listening to the clown while he tells a joke with a hat on his head that is connected to a red machine. The Professor tells Sonic and Tails about his Dream-A-Ma-Jig, a machine that can bring dreams to real life. He shows this by absorbing the clown (named Dream Clown) back into his head.

At Dr. Robotnik's fortress, Coconuts tells Robotnik about the Dream-A-Ma-Jig. Robotnik gets mad at Coconuts for not stealing it and puts him back on sanitation control. Scratch and Grounder have been snooping as usual on the conversation, and Dr. Robotnik sends them out to steal the machine and kidnap Von Schlemmer.

Back at Von Schlemmer's cave, Sonic leaves to get oil for the machine. The Professor and Tails are being entertained once again by the Dream Clown. Scratch and Grounder disguise themselves as clowns and kidnap Professor Von Schlemmer and steal the Machine. Tails is left all alone.

At Robotnik's fortress, Robotnik convinces Professor Von Schlemmer to make him a nightmare machine. Von Schlemmer only agrees because Coconuts has kidnapped Tails and Robotnik only assures Tails' safety if Von Schlemmer cooperates.

Back at the cave Sonic finds bolts from Scratch and Grounder and figures out that they have taken his friends.

Von Schlemmer finished the machine. Robotnik tells Von Schlemmer he never keeps a promise and Von Schlemmer is thrown in the dungeon with Tails. Sonic comes in disguise as a key exchanger and rescues his friends. Meanwhile, Robotnik has been sleeping to let a nightmare escape. He brought his Boogey Man into the real world, which wakes him up. Sonic and his friends escape, but Robotnik commands the Boogey Man with his microphone to destroy Sonic. Sonic picks up a statuette and throws it at the Nightmare Machine, which stuns the Boogey Man for a few moments, but the Boogey Man recovers and begins to rampage through Mobius. Robotnik's microphone is hit by debris and he drops it under a pile of sand and tries to dig through the sand with his bare hands to find it. He finds it but the Boogey Man comes along and pushes downwards on him so he falls back into the sand. He is hit by more debris and is stunned for a second. He gets up and picks up the microphone.

As the Boogey Man scares everyone away and out of their pants, literally, Scratch and Grounder go through their houses and loot all their things. Sonic and Tails go through town to find pants in front of every house and to find people in underwear with no pants running away. Professor Von Schlemmer reveals his latest invention, the Dream-Kadoodle which allows Sonic and Tails to go into Dreamsville. He tells them to find the Dream Meister and have her tell them how to get rid of the Boogey Man. Coconuts follows the duo into the transporter.

In Dreamsville, Coconuts gets tormented by monsters. Sonic and Tails find the Dream Meister and she gives them instructions written in a strange language to get rid of the Boogey Man. Coconuts tries to get rid of Sonic and Tails in a bottomless pit but his plan goes wrong when he hammers the exit sign he needed into a part of the grass which happened to be the top of a dream monster's head, who chases Coconuts. Sonic and Tails return to the real world and give the list to Professor Von Schlemmer who reads off ingredients to junk food, while Coconuts also returns to the real world and eavesdrops on their conversation. They decide to have Tails eat lots of junk food so he'll be able to make a Junk Food Boogey Guy to scare Robotnik's Boogey Man back into his dreams because of the occasional humongous nightmare caused by bringing on junk food.

Coconuts tries to warn Robotnik about Sonic's plan to outsmart him but Robotnik says no one can outsmart him and says "How dare you insult me!" Sonic stalls Robotnik disguised as a doctor with some milk and cookies, a teddy bear and a music box that plays a lullaby and quickly puts him to sleep, Robotnik sucking his thumb. Sonic then sneaks the Porta-Dream-A-Ma-Jig onto Robotnik's head. Tails' Junk Food Boogey Guy is then ready. Tails commands his monster with his microphone who quickly defeats Robotnik's monster with his mustard and ketchup cannons and the Boogey Man is scared back into Robotnik's head via the Porta-Dream-A-Ma-Jig. Sonic then takes the device off Robotnik's head which wakes Robotnik up. Sonic then declares that Mobius' nightmare is finally over and Robotnik's is just beginning. Sonic thanks Tails and jokes about Tails' belly, saying that he "sure packed away a lot of junk food". Tails burps and decides that he needs something to settle his stomach, so he sends his "Boogey Buddy" to get a chili dog. Von Schlemmer tells him to make that two chili dogs and then Sonic tells him to make that 12,270 chili dogs. Von schlemmer asks "Really? 12,270?" and Sonic replies "Hey. A guy can dream can't he?".

In the Laundry room, Scratch and Grounder have captured Sonic and Tails and thrown them in the gyro-sphere which spins them around like a dryer. Sonic and Tails escape but the static has built up onto their body so clothes start to stick to them. Scratch and Grounder begin to use the Automatic-Static-Schmatic Beam, but Sonic gets it to backfire on them. The blue hero then uses a giant Slingshot to fire them out the door.

At Dr. Robotnik's fortress, Dr. Robotnik is very angry that he has not caught Sonic for over so many years and that he will some day be too old to catch him. Scratch and Grounder tell Robotnik that Sonic will get older as well and will be easier for them to catch. The thought of Sonic becoming old gives Robotnik an idea to age Sonic prematurely so as to capture him easily. The evil genius creates a device known to be called The Decrepitizer which fires a ray that will age anybody and anything (either younger or older).

Meanwhile, Sonic and Tails have decided to be food tasters for the Instant Food Factory. While they are busy eating the instant food, Scratch and Grounder appear and use the Decrepitizer to age Sonic and Tails. Grounder fires the Decrepitizer but pushes the wrong button which turns Sonic and Tails into babies. Scratch and Grounder begin to argue about what happened but as they argue Baby Tails plays with the Decrepit-izer and hits it against the table like a hammer. Baby Sonic wants to fix it, but Grounder grabs it from him so Sonic begins to cry. Scratch tells Grounder to give it to Sonic just to make him stop crying. Sonic starts to mangle the machine a bit, but it still works. Robotnik enters the factory and decides to give the Badniks another chance by allowing them to fire on Sonic and Tails while they are napping. Grounder accidentally fires the Decrepit-izer ray at Dr. Robotnik and he becomes a toddler.

Sonic and Tails wake up and see Baby Robotnik crying out of frustration, but they want to be friends with him. Robotnik refuses to be their friendship and begins to threaten them. Sonic and Tails begin to run away from Robotnik after throwing pies at his face and he chases them into the city until they come across an ice cream parlor and see a man scooping ice cream, and Sonic, Tails, and Robotnik began to cry. Fortunately, their tears were heard by Miss Saccharine, who takes them to the Day Care Center.

Scratch and Grounder try various attempts to get Robotnik back from the Day-Care Center to reverse the aging ray, but unfortunately these attempts don't seem to work. In Day-Care, Robotnik plans to terminate Sonic and Tails by setting up traps for them but they instead backfire on him. Robotnik's 'last' trap is to get Sonic's hands stuck in a rope that is tied to a car. Sonic wraps the ropes around Robotnik's wrists just before the car drives off. Robotnik gets dragged through a lot of hazards and eventually pulled out of the Day-Care Center. Once out of the Day-Care Center, Scratch and Grounder use the Decrepit-izer and turn Robotnik back to normal.

Robotnik returns to the Day-care Center to get baby Sonic and Tails. As Robotnik holds them up Scratch and Grounder use the Decrepit-izing Ray to shoot the two heroes in an attempt to make them old men. Miss Saccharine grabs the Decrepit-izer away from the Badniks to keep her Day-care safe. She makes the ray bounce off a mirror and the ray hits Robotnik. Sonic and Tails (now back to normal) are able to escape because of this. Scratch and Grounder look to see Robotnik is now an old man. He says, "I hate that hedgehog..." then falls asleep.

On his Egg-O-Matic, Dr. Robotnik is waiting for Sonic to show up so Scratch and Grounder can catch him. As he signals them to get ready, Grounder is certain he and Scratch will succeed this time as he turns on the Super Sonic Sucking Vacuum Ray. The ray is in the form of a hand which grabs Sonic. Despite this, he is still able to hang on to a boulder. To their horror, Scratch and Grounder find out they nabbed the boulder and Grounder can't turn off the ray. To avoid getting crushed, Scratch stupidly aims up the ray which not only allows Sonic to escape but grabs the Egg-O-Matic with Robotnik in it and the vehicle crashes down on them. Annoyed with Scratch and Grounder's idiocy, Robotnik gripes how impossible it is to build good help.

Back at the fortress, Robotnik closes the drawbridge on Scratch and Grounder despite their apologies. He then wonders why he can't find a helper "as mean, vicious, and underhanded as [himself]". He then gets the idea of building himself a son while allowing the drawbridge to fall on Scratch and Grounder.

Robotnik puts the finishing on his creation he can trust and carry on his evil ways which he names "Robotnik Jr.". Scratch and Grounder then show up still wanting to come back and Robotnik wants them to see Junior while he spray paints his rear with a note saying "Kick me hard! Wide Load". While a bit shocked, Robotnik tells Junior he's just like him when he was his age.

Outside the fortress, Robotnik shows Junior his own Egg-O-Matic to follow in his footsteps but Junior decides to steal the vehicle instead while sabotaging it. Robotnik feels so proud to know Junior is evil, mean, and rotten. Later, Robotnik and Junior fly in their Egg-O-Matics to the forest as Robotnik tells Junior all the land will be his to plunder but he decides they should camp first.

Robotnik sees the meadow as a perfect camp site and calls Scratch and Grounder to cover it with asphalt using a paver so they'll have a spot to park their Egg-O-Matic RV. He then suggests putting up a freeway and an airport to cut down on all the peace and quiet. He then tell Junior to wait while the great outdoors are ready for camping.

Sonic and Tails see black smoke nearby which means "When there's smoke, there's Robotnik" and Sonic takes it upon himself to clean the air. While operating the paver, Scratch and Grounder are both disappointed that Junior is Robotnik's favorite. Suddenly, they spot Sonic posing as a foreman claiming to be from the Asphalt Supply Company. He claims there's a recall on the paver where "it jumps into reverse without warning" as he drives it while running Scratch and Grounder over.

The noise shakes the Egg-O-Matic RV and to his shock, Robotnik sees the paver coming by and flattening his RV. Sonic advises Robotnik to use a tent for camping. To answer his question, Robotnik introduces Sonic to Junior. Junior tries to spray Sonic but sprays Robotnik instead. As Sonic runs off, Robotnik yells "I hate that hedgehog!". He then tells Junior it's time to work so they can catch Sonic.

After returning to the fortress, Robotnik shows Junior the plans to stop Sonic where Scratch and Grounder in the twin Egg-O-Matic motorcycles will lure Sonic to the labyrinth. They will then make Sonic run to the sewer and seal him in and flood it. During this lesson, Junior makes spitwads at Robotnik. Despite this, Robotnik tells Junior he has the same behavior he did at school.

Under Robotnik's signal, Junior slams the door shut. Neither Scratch or Grounder notice till too late that they're about to crash into the doors. Sonic does a spin to burst through the door. However, Junior activates an extra trap door to the sewer which causes Sonic to plummet.

As Sonic falls to his doom, Scratch and Grounder grab a sewer lid to seal the hedgehog in. The lid's heavy weight causes Grounder's arms to come off and lands on Scratch's foot. Both of them are reminded to take care of their parts by Robotnik who laughs over Sonic's end. Junior suggests doing something means to Scratch and Grounder which is putting them on laundry duty.

Sonic, who is still under water, breathes in air bubbles and does a spin causing the water in the sewer to erupt like a geyser and free him. Tails finds Sonic who has been worried sick.

Meanwhile, Scratch and Grounder are not happy with doing laundry and decide to get rid of Junior. Robotnik tells Junior he comes from a long line of Robotniks. He then decides to have Scratch and Grounder take him fishing while Junior vandalizes every Robotnik portrait.

As Junior finds a good fishing spot, Scratch signals Grounder to come closer with the cement truck. Scratch then tricks Junior into looking inside the mixture and Grounder pushes the button kicking Junior inside. Sonic then hears him call for help and gets him out of the machine. He then takes care of Scratch and Grounder by spinning the mixture, covering them with cement.

Even though Junior sees Sonic as the enemy, Tails points out that Scratch and Grounder aren't such good friends. Robotnik shows up and tells Sonic to get away from Junior. He is also told to save Scratch and Grounder in which Junior grabs both of them. Sonic and Tails both feel Junior isn't as bad as Robotnik and they run off.

Robotnik gets annoyed at the fact that Sonic has corrupted his own son and Junior disagrees. Scratch and Grounder wrap up Junior as they also know Junior is sick. As he sees revenge as a cure for a Robotnik, Dr. Robotnik decides to unleash the Extendo Tower Solar Focusing Lens Ray and "bake Sonic like a bug".

Robotnik explain out that the tower will bring forth a beam that will scorch Sonic for good. Both nervous, Scratch and Grounder point out that the lens will not only zap Sonic but also 100 square miles around him meaning a few innocents will be fried with him which Robotnik considers a bonus. Junior breaks free to fly between Sonic and the lens to save him.

As he sets the tower in place, Robotnik laughs in dark glee as he gets ready to fry Sonic. As they climb up a wall, Sonic and Tails see the lens as "big trouble". Before he can fire at Sonic, Robotnik sees Junior and Scratch activates the beam which is ready to fire at him. Sonic runs in a circle, creating a fissure around the tower. The tower crashes on the fortress with Robotnik, Scratch and Grounder in it.

Tails is impressed that Sonic save Junior and vice versa. Robotnik orders Junior to come back and do what he says before he disowns him. No longer willing to obey his father anymore, Junior say he's on Sonic's side. Sonic congratulates him and sports a teasing grin at Robotnik who grumbles and during the iris out, he yells "I hate that hedgehog!".

Scratch and Grounder are pulling Dr. Robotnik and a pile of loot (which they stole) in a cart while Robotnik is on top of the loot, checking some of it out and calling it worthless junk. Sonic, disguised as a hillbilly, calls it nice loot while Robotnik tells the "Pesky Hillbilly" to scram. Sonic walks off, juggling a nugget of gold with one hand. Robotnik hears it jingle and quickly returns to Sonic, willing to give up the whole cart of "wonderful" merchandise for that tiny sack of dirty gold Sonic has. Sonic gives it him and Scratch, Grounder and Robotnik walk off laughing with the gold while Sonic gets the cart of merchandise, Tails jumps out of the bush he was hiding in and says that he didn't think Robotnik would fall for it. Sonic whips off his disguise and says he 'just took advantage of his breed'. Tails Jumps in the cart and Sonic pulls it while they return the stuff to its rightful owners.

Meanwhile, at Robotnik's Fortress, Robotnik laughs at his victory, knowing he has enough gold to build a whole army of robots, a large enough army to trample the whole of Mobius into submission. Scratch compliments Robotnik, saying he's his hero because he is rotten to the core. Robotnik thanks him, and to show his appreciation of Scratch and Grounder, He gives them a tip. The 'tip' is to always buy new shoes in the afternoon, after their feet have expanded, disappointing Scratch and Grounder. Scratch says he will try to remember that and Grounder says he will too, if he ever gets feet. He is about to bet what one nugget alone is worth by sniffing it. He thinks this is strange, as it smells like chili beans. He bites one and realizes it is chili beans, stale chili beans covered with gold paint. Grounder says that was a pretty tricky hillbilly, while Robotnik calls for Coconuts. He says he was bamboozled by Sonic and it was all Coconuts' fault. Coconuts says he wasn't even there. Robotnik, angered, tells him to shut up as he is boss and he blames whoever he likes. He demotes Coconuts to mop-up duty.

They go to a canyon, which bears a little house belonging to two old goats and Robotnik plans to use his Egg-o-Artillery Attack Tank to cause a landslide to fall onto them. He had also set up booby-traps in the only entrance to the canyon to slow Sonic down. Robotnik says that not even Sonic is fast enough to break through them. Grounder asks if they are fast enough, to which Robotnik answers "Of course not. Why do you ask?" Grounder replies that he forgot to fill the gas tank and they are out of fuel. The Egg-o-matic hovercraft falls into the sticky web (part of the booby traps) and falls off it but crashes into the ground. Robotnik says that he wants to catch Sonic so bad so he can dismantle Scratch and Grounder. The Badniks get into the Tank and Robotnik commands them to fire, causing a landslide.

Meanwhile, Sonic is training Tails to be as fast as him, wearing him out. Tails wonders if he will ever be as fast as Sonic, who replies that maybe or maybe not he will, and that even if he isn't the fastest, he should give it a shot and that he's a hero. The old fogies call out for Sonic, who cancels practice and goes to help them, while Tails tells him to wait up. Sonic breaks through the trap and uses it to catch the rocks and fling them away from the little house. They thank him and he says if they were in any real danger then he would have rushed. Robotnik cries out that it's not fair, because Sonic is too fast. Grounder says that he will fire another round, which bounces off the mattress, destroying the tank and dismantling Scratch and Grounder. Grounder congratulates him on the great ammunition. Tails comes running and Sonic tells him that he was too late and everything is OK, saddening him. Sonic reassures him and tells him he's already the fastest two-tailed fox he knows.

Back at Robotnik's Fortress, Robotnik says he will never be able to slow Sonic down, so he will give up trying. Scratch pleads him not to give up trying to catch Sonic. Robotnik says that he didn't say he was giving up catching Sonic, he was giving up trying to slow him down. He says he will make make his S.S.S.S.S. Squad faster, with Speedemint Gum. Robotnik tells them that the raw material needed was mined by a thousand robot workers, taking millions of robot hours, and that it cannot be duplicated. When chewed it emits velocity vibes. He tests it on Grounder, who ends up with his braking chute ripped and cannot stop. He crashes into a tree, only to lose the gum and fall apart.

Meanwhile, Tails is still training himself to be as fast as Sonic. He steps onto the gum, only to have the velocity vibes speed him up and make him faster than Sonic, thinking the training paid off. He goes to tell Sonic, only to have the two collide. Tails wants to race a train, jumping the gun. Sonic says "Tails, wait up!", realizing that's three words he never thought he'd ever say. Tails races it and stops at a point, saying that he's waiting, getting his foot stuck. Sonic saves him by building a bridge over him with train tracks and tells him to use his speed only for good and not to show off. Sonic then says another three unlikely words: "Tails, slow down!".

Robotnik is angered at the loss of the gum, while Tails continues to try to help people, ruining a daredevil competition. Sonic tries to stop him while Scratch and Grounder search for the gum. Tails finally loses it along with his speed.

Scratch and Grounder are bringing MacHopper into Dr. Robotnik's fortress to force him to help Robotnik capture Sonic. Sonic and Tails hear of this, and Sonic says they have to get him out before Robotnik does something awful to him. Back at Robotnik's fortress, Robotnik has put a device on MacHopper's head, to which Grounder inserts two cables into in order to reprogram his brain, while Robotnik hypnotizes him into thinking that his one goal in life is to capture Sonic and Tails and bring them to him. Meanwhile, Sonic and Tails are zooming through the forest. They come across MacHopper, who is acting strange. Sonic notices this, and asks if he is okay and if he remembers him, to which he doesn't. MacHopper also asks "And who is this MacHopper bloke people keep confusing me with?" Sonic concludes this is worse than he thought, and says Robotnik has stolen his mind. The confused MacHopper says he doesn't mind if they don't mind, and leads them to a "gizmo I tossed together in my spare time". MacHopper believes the device will slingshot them to a chili dog restaurant.

The device slingshots them far away, and knowing it wasn't a good idea, Sonic gets Tails to grab a sheet (which MacHopper thought was a handkerchief) to use as a parachute to slow their fall. They crash inside a chili dog restaurant called the Dogoteria. MacHopper, who is hanging from a ceiling fan, switches on the fan and launches himself into a pot of chili sauce. He jumps out, hops around the room and starts acting normal again. Sonic then realizes the chili sauce must have restored his mind, and says he needs more as soon as possible. But before Sonic manages to do so, MacHopper starts acting different again, but this time, he wants to capture Sonic. He then grabs a large bag, fills it with chili fumes, wraps a string of chili dogs around it and launches the chili dogs at Sonic, trapping him.

Before MacHopper can do any more, Scratch and Grounder enter the restaurant, and Scratch accidentally slams the door against MacHopper, who starts acting strange again, and asks who Robotnik, Sonic and the bloke MacHopper is. Tails then blasts chili sauce into MacHopper's face to jog up his memory, which is successful, but feels guilty about what he has done, while Scratch says he made all his dreams come true. Sonic says they are right, and calls for a celebration. Tails dresses as a waiter and serves them. Scratch says they don't eat because they are robots, but Grounder says otherwise. Tails then frees Sonic, who then launches the chili dogs at Scratch and Grounder and ties them together. Tails feeds MacHopper more chili sauce and MacHopper helps them escape. The trapped Scratch and Grounder hop to their vehicle to continue going after Sonic and co. In the meantime, Sonic is building a raft, as instructed by MacHopper, to get past the water. As Sonic pilots the raft, the team notices Scratch and Grounder are after them again. To get rid of them, Sonic creates a tidal wave with his speed to stop the Badniks from tailing them. However, MacHopper notices the team is headed towards a waterfall. Sonic asks what MacHopper has in his pouch. MacHopper pulls out several items until he finds a chandelier, which Sonic uses as a grappling hook, and grabs into something behind the waterfall.

Scratch and Grounder, on the other hand, fall along with their car and end up in a whirlpool. Talking to Robotnik on the phone, Scratch informs that they lost MacHopper, but will have him back in no time because he lost his memory. Robotnik then puts up three Wanted posters in 13 seconds, only to get a heart attack. Back at behind the waterfall, Sonic says he has just enough chili sauce to get back at Robotnik’s lab to reverse what they did to MacHopper, who is turning the raft into a type of aircraft. Scratch and Grounder watch them as they fly away. Grounder, with a press of a button, activates their car’s weapon, which is a crossbow that shoots giant toilet plungers. Grounder’s aim was successful, attaching the plungers on both the team’s aircraft and Tails’ rear. Sonic tries his hardest to escape, but the aircraft loses its propeller and they all fall down into a cage which is attached to Scratch and Grounder’s car by a cable.

Inside the cage, Sonic pulls one of the plungers off Tails’ back side and feeds MacHopper more chili sauce to prevent him from going crazy again. MacHopper has an idea to escape from the cage by leaning right. The cable which attaches the cage to the Badniks’ car gets wrapped around a passing tree, and the car and cage crash into each other and they escape. After the crash, MacHopper sees a picture of Robotnik, which hypnotizes him again, but Sonic and Tails don’t notice. The now evil MacHopper says before they pay their visit to Dr. “Robumnik”, they should deal with Scratch and Grounder first, who have wrecked the vehicle (which actually belongs to Robotnik).

The team arrives dressed as mechanics and turn the wrecked vehicle into a rocket. MacHopper uses the last of the chili sauce as fuel to stop himself from being on Sonic’s side. The rocket flies away and MacHopper leads Sonic and Tails into a shortcut to Robotnik’s Layer. As the team goes through a bath’s plug hole, they find themselves in Robotnik’s bathroom. MacHopper then handcuffs both Sonic and Tails and takes them to Robotnik. Sonic finds out the remaining chili wore off and “Docbotnik’s” evil programming kicked back in. Robotnik is pleased to find MacHopper has captured Sonic and Tails and brought them to his Layer. Robotnik plans to freeze Sonic and send him on an “ocean cruise”. Sonic’s final request from being defeated from Robotnik is “one last chili dog” for he and Tails. Robotnik then leads them into the kitchen and tells MacHopper to keep an eye on them. Sonic makes chili dogs in a flash and feeds them to MacHopper, who then turns back to normal and asks where he is and what is going on.

Sonic then makes a plan. MacHopper goes and tells Robotnik that some of Sonic’s friends are coming to rescue Sonic and Tails. Robotnik asks what MacHopper suggests, who suggests they should install a magnetic force field immediately, or they will break in and rescue Sonic and Tails. Robotnik then tells Tails and Sonic to give them a hand. MacHopper switches on the force field, which pulls several metal objects, including Robotnik’s belt, causing his pants to fall down. The force field also drains out all the evil programming in MacHopper’s brain. Scratch and Grounder, who are flying past, are also pulled down by the magnetism and crash into the fortress. To avoid being in the crash, Sonic, Tails and MacHopper escape from the Layer and Robotnik shouts out his catchphrase before passing out along with the Badniks. Sonic, Tails, and MacHopper, as they overlook the damaged Layer, cheer upon MacHopper, who thanks them, and says maybe someday he’ll remember what it is he has done.

Momma Robotnik escapes from the Mobius Home for Really Bizarre Mothers and hijacks a milk hovertruck to find her son, Dr. Robotnik, failing to defeat Sonic with a transforming, fire-breathing car. Momma takes Robotnik back to his hilltop fortress and "cleans house", starting with Robotnik. She officially disowns Robotnik and adopts Scratch and Grounder as her sons. Coconuts joins her too wanting to get off sewer patrol. She takes Coconuts in and assigns him back to sewer patrol.

Later that day, Sonic and Tails are seen hanging around when a beaver on a penny-farthing delivers a paper to Sonic saying that someone wants to adopt him. At court, Sonic states his disapproval of being adopted, but his objection is overruled when it is learned that Sonic isn't an adult. It turns out that the adopter is Momma Robotnik (in disguise), making Sonic, unable to fight the law, her adoptive son. To convince Sonic further, Scratch and Grounder kidnap Tails behind everyone's back, whom Momma threatens to drop down a bottomless pit if Sonic doesn't obey her orders.

In the Robotnik home, Sonic is forced to do numerous chores (with Scratch and Grounder sent by Momma to cause trouble for Sonic) while Momma harasses all of Mobius with a device that controls all of the machines on Mobius. That night, Coconuts, on sewer patrol, is recruited by Robotnik, who is determined to get his fortress back. The next day, Miss Sniffed, the adoption case worker abruptly arrives at the Robotnik residence to check up on Sonic's progress. Robotnik arrives and reveals to Miss Sniffed that he was disowned by Momma, knowing that no one who disowns their child can adopt another. To confirm that Robotnik is indeed Momma's son, Sonic remove's Robotnik's mustache and places it on Momma, who looks exactly like Robotnik. With the adoption of Sonic the Hedgehog annulled, Momma orders Scratch and Grounder to eliminate everyone around her, but ends up destroying Robotnik's super computer, and is soon sent back to the Home for Really Bizarre Mothers.


  • 65


Theme Songs

  • Sonic Intro (Opening and Closing)

Voice Cast

  • Jaleel White as Sonic the Hedgehog, Masonic & Mummified Hedgehog
  • Christopher Welch as Miles "Tails" Prower
  • the late Long John Baldry as Dr. Robotnik & Mummified Robotnik
  • Phil Hayes as Scratch
  • Garry Chalk as Grounder
  • Ian James Corlett as Coconuts
  • Venus Terzo as Breezie
  • Cathy Weseluck as Penelope
  • Jay Brazeau as Spelunk the Mole


  • In Sonic the Hedgehog #8, while Robotnik summoning robots based on comic book characters, he summons a Wolverine bot (based on the comic book character of the same name), but due to a communications glitch, a Wolvurkel (a combination between the superhero Wolverine and Steve Urkel) was sent and started dancing. Sonic states that he sounds familiar, and a side bar even said, "It's true! Jaleel 'Urkel' White is the voice of Cartoon Sonic!".
  • The majority of voice actors from the show also did voice work for the 1994 Mega Man cartoon. Some of which included:
Ian James Corlett - Mega Man, Mega Man X and Snake Man
Kathleen Barr - Roll
Jim Byrnes - Dr. Light and Crystal Man
Scott McNeil - Dr. Wily, Proto Man and Eddie
Garry Chalk - Guts Man and Dark Man
Terry Klassen - Cut Man
Lee Tockar - Vile
Byrnes & McNeil both also voiced Dr. Light & Dr. Wily in the OVA Mega Man: Upon a Star (The former also voiced Beat).
John Stocker (who provided additional voice work), also voiced the Mario character Toad in both The Super Mario Bros: Super Show and The Adventures of Super Mario Bros 3.
  • In this series, there are references to four Sonic games (Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Sonic 2 (8-bit) and Sonic the Hedgehog Spinball) such as the zones of the games, Badniks, Chaos Emeralds, Rings and the Special Stage. The main characters also appear in Sonic 2 (except Scratch, who was inspired by a variety of Badnik from this game named Clucker).
  • Most of the villains in the first episode of the show later appeared in the game Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine.
  • In the last Chaos Emerald episode, we learn that Tails goes to school (or did) due to his statement that he learned something at school (big bang theory) after Sonic recommended it during "Over the Hill Hero ".
  • Scratch's third sentence was "Are you my mother?", a reference to P. D. Eastman's famous book Are You My Mother?
  • This was the only version of the American cartoons where Robotnik was referred to as "Eggman" in an episode, keeping with the egg-themed insults used by both Sonic and Tails. Many of his inventions were egg themed, and eggs are repeatedly mentioned to be his favorite food.
  • The episode Tails' Tale is the only time where Tails reveals his full name to be "Miles Prower". In Tails' New Home, however, he does state that his given name is Miles and goes on to say that he dislikes it.
  • This was the only animated incarnation until Sonic X to use music from the Sonic video games in any form. The only piece that was constantly reused was the classic title theme from Sonic the Hedgehog.
  • During the show, references were made to the Austrian-American actor (later Governor of California) Arnold Schwarzenegger and his most well known role as the Terminator, in the episodes like Too Tall Tails and Coachnik. In Robolympics, there's a robot version called "Arnold Robonegger".
  • In the episode The Magic Hassle, sound effects from the game Super Mario Bros. can be heard as Robotnik uses a computer. The sound effects are heard again in Attack in Pinball Fortress
  • In Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing, the tips that Sonic is shown giving during the loading screens are entitled Sonic Says, presumably a call back to the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog.
  • This is the only continuity in which Sonic does not show any fear of water.
  • Sonic had two birthdays in this show, once in Tails Prevails and another in Robotnikland.
  • The Sonic Says (Sonic Sez) segments were never shown on original UK airings.
  • DiC Entertainment planned a second season for Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog but the second season didn't come around due to the fact that DiC was busy working on the second season for SatAM.
  • Grounder and Coconuts were based upon the identically-named enemy Badniks in Sonic the Hedgehog 2.
  • One episode was adapted for the Sonic the Hedgehog comic books published by Archie Comics, specifially "Pseudo Sonic" in Sonic the Hedgehog #9.
  • A pilot film for The Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog was made that never aired on television. Some scenes ended up in the series including the attempted crushing of Sonic by Robotnik that was played at the end of every episode during the credits.
  • One of the members of the production team was Dan Povenmire, better known as the creator of the cartoon Phineas and Ferb.
  • DiC Entertainment planned a second season for Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog but the second season didn't come around due to the fact that DiC was busy working on the second season for the Sonic the Hedgehog (TV Series).
  • This series was spun off of the original concept for Sonic the Hedgehog (1993) during pre-production. Bruce Shelly and Reed Shelly were involved with Len Janson in the early development of the ABC series, which originally had a more humorous tone (as seen in concept artwork featured in Fleetway's "Sonic the Comic"). The project diverged into two series early on, with Len Janson ultimately taking the ABC series in a more serious direction.
  • In the Sonic games, there are seven Chaos Emeralds, all of which are multi-coloured. In the four-episode story-arc in this show (comprising "Blackbot the Pirate", "Hedgehog of the Hound Table", "Robotnik's Pyramid Scheme" and "Prehistoric Sonic"), there are four Chaos Emeralds, all of which are green and of various shapes, scattered throughout various points in history, and each give a specific power: invisibility, invincibility, immortality and the power to give life.
  • Most of the bounty hunters in the episode "The Super Special Sonic Search and Smash Squad" was re-used as the cast for Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine (1993).
  • The 65 episodes of this show (not including Sonic Christmas Blast (1996)) ran on weekdays at the same time as the 13 episodes of the first season of Sonic the Hedgehog (1993) were being shown on Saturday mornings.
  • The characters of Grounder and Coconuts were based upon the identically-named enemy robots in Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (1992).
  • One episode was adapted for the Sonic the Hedgehog comic book published by Archie Comics, specifially "Psuedo Sonic" in Sonic the Hedgehog #9.
  • A pilot film for The Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog was made that never aired on television. Some scenes of it ended up the series included the attempted crushing of Sonic by Robotnik that was played at the end of every episode during the credits.
  • In The Mobius 5000, the show Grounder and Scratch watch on TV of Robotnik trying kill Sonic was from the original unaired pilot film. That was the only time in the series that Robotnik's character design remained truly faithful to Milton Knight's model sheet.
  • Jim Cummings was the voice of Robotnik in the original pilot film for this series. He would go on to do a dark interpretation of the character in Sonic the Hedgehog.
  • The Road Runner cartoons is a major influence behind the series.
  • The series was later rebooted as "Sonic the Hedgehog", the series was taken in a darker direction and the characters Scratch, Grounder and Coconuts were dropped. In that series, Sonic and Princess Sally Acorn lead rebels against Dr. Robotnik. Jaleel White and Jim Cummings returned to provide the voices of Sonic and Dr. Robotnik.
  • The Christmas special, Sonic Christmas Blast (1996), used many elements from Sonic the Hedgehog, including SWATbots and the appearance of Princess Sally (although a much different Sally to the one in the other cartoon).
  • Part of the theme is "In the Hall of the Mountain King" by Edvard Grieg.
  • Ben Hurst and Pat Allee were pitching ideas to write an episode of the show however the story editors (Bruce Shelly and Reed Shelly) rejected the ideas and was not able to write an episode.

The Fourth Wall is broken multiple times in the series.

  • During the intro, Sonic and Tails give the viewer a thumbs up.
  • After changing "Sonic Sez" to "Sonic Says", he'll give the viewer a thumbs up.
  • The entire Sonic Sez segment has Sonic breaking the fourth wall, because he gives advice to the watcher (or audience) to do things like not to smoke, to stay in school, not to play with guns, or anything dangerous.
  • In Sonic Gets Thrashed after Sonic preforms a death defying stunt to get on Robotnik's blimp, he says, "Kids, don't try this at home."
  • At the end of Sonic Christmas Blast, Sonic tells the viewer to be on the lookout for more episodes of AOSTH, even though none were released afterwards. He also wishes the audience a very merry Christmas.
  • At the end of Blank-Headed Eagle, Sonic declares that he wants his own television show by the name of "Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog".
  • In the beginning of Robotnik's Rival, while Sonic and Tails were chased by Robotnik, Tails bumps into the large-font title, knocking it over.
  • At the end of Sonically Ever After, Sonic tells the audience to stay tuned for the next episode.
  • At the episode Sno Problem, when Grounder asks Scratch when they'll land, Scratch said "Probably some time at the next episode".

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