Alluka Zoldyck (アルカ=ゾルディック) is
the second youngest child of Silva, and Kikyo Zoldyck.


Alluka's first appearance is in a family photo of the Zoldyck siblings and their mother. It was first shown in an earlier Chimera Ant arc chapter illustrating Kalluto's desire to get his older brother back no matter how many years it will take. In the photo Alluka was not posing together with the rest of the family, instead Alluka was standing at a distance behind them and facing away. Alluka's name was not revealed in the manga until chapter 321, and for a long period of time readers of Hunter × Hunter could only guess the name of the facing-away child based on the information about the Zoldyck family provided in the 2004 official data book.

Alluka officially makes a debut appearance in the manga in chapter 321 in which Alluka is seen sitting unemotionally on the floor of a room full of dolls. Silva, when talking to Killua about Alluka , refers to Alluka as an 'it' and says Alluka is darkness.

Through Killua's flashback of his childhood, some background information about Alluka is revealed. As a little kid, Alluka once asked Mitsuba, an attendant of the Zoldyck family, to do three simple things: carrying Alluka, going up a staircase, and raising Alluka up in the air. After Mitsuba did what she was told, Alluka's eyes and mouth suddenly turned pitch-black. Freaked out by this, Mitsuba called for help. Killua came and changed Alluka back to normal by asking Alluka to make himself (Killua) go high-high, which Alluka did. After the accident, Killua had to tell his parents about Alluka's secret because Mitsuba had already reported it to them. It turned out that when Alluka had three requests fulfilled, Alluka's eyes and mouth would turn pitch-black, and they would change back to normal only when Alluka heard and granted a wish.

To test the ability, Alluka's mother Kikyo ordered Mitsuba to decline any request of her, no matter how small it was. Due to that, Mitsuba and her lover Hasama, who was not around Alluka at that time, were mysteriously crushed into minced meat simultaneously. Killua explained that this was the consequence of saying 'No' to Alluka's requests 4 times.

Some time afterwards, Yasuha, another female servant of the Zoldyck family, gave Alluka a piggyback ride at his request, thus activating wish-granting mode. Giving in to her greed at the time, Yasuha wished that Alluka would make her a billionaire. Alluka agreed and suddenly a large amount of banknotes started to rain down from a blimp in the sky. It was later reported that a currency transport vessel had suddenly gone missing and by the time it had been found all the money had disappeared, and the captain and crew kept giving nonsensical answers.

Illumi became interested in Alluka's power and asked for Silva's permission to deal with Kasuga, the next servant, to take care of Alluka, in his own way. He told her to listen to Alluka's requests in exchange for his tolerance of her romantic relationship with an outsider to the Zoldyck family. When Kasuga was with Alluka, suddenly Alluka asked her for her liver, which Kasuga declined. Alluka followed it up with three continuous requests for her duodenum, spine and brain respectively, which were all declined too. As a result of Kasuga's refusal to fulfill those four requests, a total of 67 people, including herself, were killed at the same time by Alluka's strange power. It was learned from this occurrence that Alluka's ability had a cumulative effect; the greater the previous wish was (in terms of fulfillment difficulty), the greater the consequences of refusing Alluka's next set of requests. From this they also learned the requests became much more difficult to fulfill after granting Alluka granted a large wish.


Before Alluka was formally introduced in the manga, Silva refers to his child as a dark and uncontrollable child, that Alluka has no soul because of the circumstances of Alluka's birth, and cannot feel emotions.

However, once reunited with Alluka's closest brother Killua, Alluka acts like a child with loving and lovable personality. Alluka displays a rather simplistic and childlike personality, contrasting with Killua's mature composure. Alluka often acts very happy with Killua, likely because he was the only one to show any compassion towards Alluka, and trusts him deeply. This implies Alluka has a compassionate personality, contrasting with Alluka's potentially horrific ability. According to Killua, Alluka calls him "Big brother", while Nanika calls him only by name.



Alluka is a young child, with long black hair, blue eyes, and pale complexion. Alluka wears the traditional clothes of a Japanese shrine maiden, with boots and a headband adorned with cartoon faces; there are two small straight bunches of hair, each of which is fastened by four hair bands that each are decorated with the same cartoon faces on Alluka's headband, hung down on the sides of the front of Alluka's head. During Alluka's childhood, Alluka had long, straight, unbound hair, and wore boy's clothing.


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  • Japanese : Maaya Uchida (2011 series)
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