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An Ordinary Miracle

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An Ordinary Miracle is a song feature in The Hunchback of Notre Dame 2.
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This song is sung by Quasimodo (Tom Hulce) after he meets Madellaine for the first time. The song means that Quasimodo wishes that an ordinary miracle can happen to him, and if someone like Madellaine could love him.


Quasimodo : Imagine someone who loves, who loves you
Imagine to look in her eyes and see
Imagine how miraculous it seems to be
But it's not so very rare, you can find it anywhere
It's an ordinary miracle, the kind you find around ev'ry single day
Or maybe it's just seasonal
Like Spring and May, there's so many
The ordinary miracle, a common kind of miracle that runs right by
Or maybe it's too gradual to catch your eye so you miss it
A sudden bolt of distant lighting
Cathedrals rising out of stone
A baby starts to walk and talk one day, then shockingly he's grown
And in love, that volcano emotion not ten thousand gypsy potions
Can undo, yes it's love
Well of course my view is slanted
But people do take love for granted, sad but true
Of all the many miracles
Mysterious and marvelous, when people fall in love it really beats them all.
Oh to see it, to feel it, to know it
Imagine someone who loves, who loves you
Imagine to look in her eyes and see
Imagine how extraordinary it would be
If an ordinary miracle happen to me


  • This is the second song that Quasimodo sings in the sequel.

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An Ordinary Miracle-The Hunchback of notra-dam 202:41

An Ordinary Miracle-The Hunchback of notra-dam 2

An ordinary miracle

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