Bleach is a Japanese anime series based on Tite Kubo's manga of the same name.
Bleach (Anime)
The series ran for a total of 366 episodes, including 111 episodes not shown from the manga. Bleach was produced by Studio Pierrot' and directed by Noriyuki Abe. Bleach's Japanese and English voice actors include some of the most credited, and well known voice actresses/actors, such as Masakazu Morita and Johnny Yong Bosch. The series aired in Japan on October 5, 2004 to March 27, 2012. The English version aired on September 8, 2006 to November 1, 2014. Bleach follows the adventures of Ichigo Kurosaki. Ichigo is a 15-year-old-boy who has an ability to see ghosts/spirits. Because of his ability, he is able to meet a female death god (AKA Shinigami) named Rukia Kuchiki. To save his family and friends from Hollows, Rukia transfers her Shinigami powers to Ichigo. As Rukia becomes human, together they solve mysteries involving spirits and Hollows until from the spirit world come two other Shinigami, who explain that it is illegal to transfer Shinigami powers to humans and that Rukia exceeded the time limit to stay in the human world. After they sentence her to death for breaking the law, Ichigo snaps and swears to everyone that he will save Rukia by breaking into the spirit world.


As several figures crawl about in a dark world, a young woman dressed in a black kimono stands atop a telephone pole in the Human World. She senses a strong pulse and proceeds to jump forward. As she falls forward, a message appears, stating, "And so the sword of fate had fallen".

Elsewhere, an orange-haired high school student fights with a small gang of skateboarders after they knock down a flower vase placed on the grave of a young girl. After he scares off the skateboarders, he proceeds to pick up the vase and tells the girl's spirit that he'll bring more flowers tomorrow before saying she should hurry up to Heaven.

On his way home, the student calls himself Ichigo Kurosaki, along with admitting that he has had the ability to see spirits for as long as he could remember. Upon entering his home, his father greets him with a kick to his face. His father tells him that he is late, and that dinner is served at seven o'clock every night. Ichigo argues, asking if that is any way to treat his son who just helped a spirit find peace on his way home. While the two argue, one of Ichigo's sisters tells him that he has a new friend, a spirit, to which Ichigo says that no matter how much he exorcises them, they just keep coming back. His other sister becomes jealous of Ichigo and Karin's ability to see spirits, while she only can sense them. Karin tells her that she doesn't believe in ghosts, saying just because she can see them, doesn't make her believe in them. After his fight with his father, Ichigo decides to go to his room rather than having dinner.

While Ichigo is in his room, Yuzu admits that Ichigo tells his problems to his sisters instead of to his father. As Isshin is shock upon hearing this, Karin tells him that he acts like a child even though he is an adult. While Isshin talks to his wife's memorial poster, Karin tells him to get rid of the huge poster.

The following morning, Ichigo notices a news report of an accident that occurred close to where he lives. While delivering flowers to the spirit, he suddenly hears her scream and rushes to find her being chased by a large monster that resembles a giant mantis. Just as the two are about to be devoured by the monster, a woman in a black kimono and wielding a katana appears and vanquishes the monster before quickly disappearing.

Later that night, as Ichigo is reflecting on the events of the day, he finds himself wondering who that woman was. Suddenly, a black butterfly and the woman from before appear in Ichigo's room. Ichigo attempts to speak to her, but she does not seem to notice him, until in frustration, he kicks her in the back of the head. After her initial surprise at his ability to see and even touch her, she proceeds to introduce herself as a Shinigami. Meanwhile, the little girl's spirit is once again being chased by a Hollow. Ichigo, having not believed a word from the Shinigami, tells her that he admits that she is not a Human, but he does not believe in Shinigami because he has never seen one before calling her a little kid. The Shinigami uses a spell to bind Ichigo in order to prove what she said and performs Konso on a Plus, letting him know that he is being sent on to Soul Society.

The Shinigami explains to Ichigo about the Soul Society, Pluses, and Hollows by drawing pictures for him. Upon seeing her drawings, Ichigo comments on how bad they are. This makes Rukia draw a mustache on Ichigo's face, along with throwing the marker in the air. As she explains that there is a Hollow in the area that she hasn't been able to locate, Ichigo asks why she cannot hear it, to which she claims that something has been hampering her senses. Meanwhile, another Hollow goes after the spirit of the dead girl, but stops short of attacking her, saying that he senses an extraordinary soul along with a Shinigami. Moments later, the Shinigami notices its presence and is amazed at how she was unable to sense something with that much Reiatsu.

Having reached Ichigo's home, the Hollow proceeds to attack his sisters and the Shinigami tells him to stay still while she deals with it. Upon seeing his sister Karin in danger, Ichigo breaks free from the binding spell he was put under, much to the Shinigami's shock, and begins to attack Fishbone D but to no avail. After rescuing his younger sister and finding out that the attacks on the spirit girl and his sisters are his fault, Ichigo tells the Hollow that if he wants his soul, he should come and get it.

The Hollow attacks Ichigo, but he is saved by the Shinigami, who manages to injure the Hollow. However, she is injured herself in return. With no way to fight, she tells Ichigo that if he wants to save his family, he must become a Shinigami himself by being impaled by her Zanpakuto. Having accepted this, Ichigo tells the Shinigami to give him the sword. She tells him that her name is not Shinigami, but is Rukia Kuchiki, to which he responds by telling her his name in return, before she impales him with her Zanpakuto.

Having become a Shinigami himself, Ichigo defeats the Hollow, leaving Rukia astonished at how Ichigo took almost all of her power (when she only intended to give him half), how he broke a Kidō on his own, and how he is able to wield such a large Zanpakuto. The episode ends with Ichigo killing the Hollow in half, and as he holds the sword his status is shown as...

Ichigo's stats:
Name: Ichigo Kurosaki
Age: 15 years old
Hair color: Orange
Eye color: Brown
Occupation: High school Student and also Substitute Shinigami

Ichigo is awoken by a sudden attack from his father. After scolding his father, Ichigo asks about his sisters' injuries, to which his father has no idea what he is talking about. While his family discusses how no one got hurt or even woke up after a truck crashed into their house, Ichigo wonders why his family doesn't remember what happened and where Rukia disappeared to.

Once at school, Ichigo bumps into two of his classmates, Orihime Inoue and Tatsuki Arisawa. After Orihime falls on the ground, Tatsuki scolds Ichigo. As Ichigo tries to help her up, Orihime gets frighten by looking at his face and takes off running. In class, Ichigo's friends discuss the truck crashing through the Kurosaki Clinic when Ichigo is greeted by a transfer student, who to his surprise is none other than Rukia. Before Ichigo can explain who Rukia is to his classmates, she shows him a note on her hand in Japanese. Her note says if you reveal my identity I will kill you. The note frightens Ichigo while Rukia smirks at him.

After class, Ichigo confronts Rukia and asks her what she's doing at his school, to which she replies that she can't go home because only Shinigami can go there and she lost her powers when Ichigo took them. She then asks Ichigo to take over her duties while she waits for her powers to return, to which Ichigo refuses and leaves

Therefore Rukia decides to take matters into her own hands and forcefully removes Ichigo's soul from his body and tells him to come with her. They arrive at a playground where a Plus is getting attacked by a Hollow. Ichigo attempts to save the young boy, but Rukia tells him that if he saves this soul then he must commit himself to saving all the souls he can even if it means chasing them around and sacrificing himself. Ichigo attacks the Hollow and Rukia asks him if he’s ready. Ichigo tells her that he saved the soul of the boy because he wanted to and reminds Rukia that when she saved him she wasn't thinking about her duty as a Shinigami. He then gives the Hollow the finishing blow and performs Konso on the boy.

Later that night, as a Plus is watching Orihime through her window, some Hollows appear and drag him away to their world. A large Hollow appears and commands the others to turn the spirit into a Hollow as well. The next day while out in town, Ichigo and Rukia meet with Orihime who has just been the victim of a hit and run. While they ask her if she is alright, Rukia notices a mark on Orihime's leg and asks her whether that mark was there before. Orihime tells her that it just appeared and it must have been from the car. Ichigo then asks Orihime if she wants him to walk her home, but she refuses. Orihime then grabs her stuff and leaves.

On their way back home Rukia asks Ichigo how much he knows about Orihime and he tells her that she is friends with Tatsuki, and that three years ago, her brother died at his family’s clinic. Rukia asks Ichigo how his Spirit perception was back then to which he answers that only recently he really began to be able to see and talk with them. Rukia then tells Ichigo that she is going home. When he asks her where she's going, she asks him if he really wants to know and then takes her leave. That night, Tatsuki brings over some food for Orihime and tells her that if she didn't she would always be eating the odd food she makes for herself.

Meanwhile at Ichigo’s home Yuzu asks him whether he has seen her pajamas and one of her dresses. Ichigo asks her why she always asks him about everything, which causes her to leave. Suddenly, Ichigo starts hearing a strange beeping sound and Rukia jumps out of his closet telling him that they got orders, removing Ichigo's soul from his body once again. A Hollow appears in Ichigo's room and a battle between the two begins. With a small piece of his mask broken the Hollow runs off and Ichigo is left dumbfounded. Ichigo tells Rukia that the face of the Hollow just now was that of Sora Inoue, Orihime's brother. Rukia tells Ichigo to first do quick attacks to keep his injuries from getting deeper. She also tells him that all Hollows were once Human and even though he knew him before, he is just a monster now and they have to bring him down.

Back at Orihime's place, Tatsuki and Orihime talk about her encounter with Ichigo and Rukia, to which Tatsuki says how Ichigo is such a fast operator. Just then they hear a loud bang and a roar.

As Ichigo and Rukia discuss the current situation, Rukia informs Ichigo that they do not have time for that. Therefore Ichigo realizes that Sora is after Orihime. At Orihime's place, Tatsuki and Orihime finish their dinner and find Enraku (a teddy bear) with a large rip in its face and they once again hear a loud roar. While on the way to Orihime's, as Ichigo jumps on rooftops, along with having Rukia on his back. Rukia informs Ichigo that Hollows attack those who were closest to them when they were alive. Along with telling him that the mark on Orihime's leg was the mark of a hollow.

Soon after Orihime and Tatsuki are attacked by an invisible entity that knocks the former unconscious. Orihime, in a corner, sees her friend being attacked by the monster and notices that she is attached to a chain. As she tries to help Tatsuki along with trying to talk to her. The Hollow calls Orihime and she asks about how he knows her name, which makes the Hollow attack her. Ichigo suddenly shows up and drives the Hollow away. When Orihime calls Ichigo's name he wonders about the fact that she can see him. The Hollow appears once again and tells Ichigo the reason she can see him is because she is dead, he then proceeds to grab the chain which attaches Orihime's spirit and body. As Ichigo tries to save Orihime the hollow attacks him. Rukia shows up to find Ichigo being thrown outside a window and onto the ground.

The Hollow grabs Orihime and when she looks into his eyes finds out that he is her brother. As Ichigo regains consciousness, Rukia tells him that he has to defeat Sora no matter what. Meanwhile Orihime says that her brother would never act like that, and he replies the reason is because he was lonely and blames Tatsuki's friendship with Orihime as the reason for her forgetting about him.

After talking with Orihime some more, he tells her that it is her fault that he ended up like this. As Orihime tries to explain herself, but he tells her to shut up, and tries to choke her to death. However Ichigo appears to intervene once again. Upon slicing off one of the Hollows arm Ichigo tells him that the reason big brothers are born first is so that they can protect their younger siblings and, as such, they should never talk about killing them even if it cost them their own lives. However Sora explains to Ichigo his past and that he raised Orihime on his own without his abusive parents. He then tells Orihime to come with him, but Ruika tells her it could be a trap. Upon seeing the glow of the hairpins he once gave her, memories of when Orihime was younger flow into his head; after ramming his head against a wall, he attacks his sister again and once more is stopped by the Shinigami.

While taking their battle outside the apartment the Hollow spits acid on Ichigo's hands, and knocks him to the ground. As he dives for the killing blow, Orihime steps in between the two, only to be caught in the Hollow's jaw. Orihime apologizes for having asked her brother not to leave when he died and tells him that she always knew he was watching. She tells him that the reason why she had begun to act the way she did was so that he could see that she was happy and could move on. This revelation causes the spirit of her brother and the instinct of the Hollow to have an inner struggle and Sora manages to regain control of himself once again. Upon seeing this, Rukia tells Ichigo that the reason for this is because he was turned into a Hollow against his will, and that the reason he was turned was in order to use someone who Ichigo would find difficult to fight against, is something they had succeeded in doing. While Rukia heals an unconscious Orihime she tells them that as long as the Chain of Fate is connected she is alive and that she won't died. While looking at the hairpins, Ichigo tells Sora that Orihime told him that the hairpins she wears were a present from him, and she never takes them off.

After hearing this, Sora uses the last moments of his sane mind and grabs Ichigo's Zanpakuto so he can kill himself. When Ichigo is about to stop him Rukia informs that he is making the right choice, and that slaying a Hollow is not the same as killing it. She also says that the job of a Shinigami is to wash away the sins the Hollow has committed and allowing it to enter Soul Society. With Orihime waking up she reminds her brother of the last time they spoke about her disliking the hairpins and that she never apologized on the day he died. She then tells him something she should have wanted to say the day he died: "Have a nice day," to which he responds by saying, "I'm going now". Seeing the soul of her brother pass on Orihime can't help but break down in tears.

The next day, while having lunch on the school roof, Orihime tells her female friends of what she remembers happened last night. She tells them a wild story about a sumo wrestler blowing a hole into her apartment with a gun, and that Tatsuki was with her when it happen. However some of her friends doesn't believe it Tatsuki defends Orihime by telling the others that it's true. As Ichigo listens to this and asks Rukia if this was what she did to them. Rukia responds that it was a memory modifier and that what the person believes is dependent on their own imagination. He then asks her if she had did the same thing to his family when they had first met, and she tells him yes. Therefore Ichigo tells Rukia that while he's not sure whether he is ready to risk his life for a stranger, he is also not someone who can just stand by and not help, and informs Rukia that he would like to help her with her work as a Shinigami.

Sado and his friends are hanging out at night. One of his friends has a bird and is talking about how everyone who's owned it has died. He offers it to one of his friends, who declines and then his friend tells him to just leave the bird somewhere. He says that would be too cruel and asks Sado if he wants it. The friend who doesn't have the bird tells him to stop because he knows Sado has a weak spot for cute things. A metal beam starts to fall right above them and the bird goes crazy.

In Hueco Mundo, a Hollow talks about consuming souls, saying that Shinigami souls are the most delicious.

Sado stops the beam with his back saving his friend and the beam is bent on his back. His friends stare at him confused and ask him if he's okay. He says yes and then the bird thanks Sado. The bird introduces himself and asks Sado his name. His friends comment on the bird talking like a real person and it asks Sado his name again. He answers with blood dripping from his head wound and the beam still on his back. One of his friends says that Sado is interested in the bird.

Ichigo says that his wound from his fight with Orihime Inoue's brother healed quickly and Rukia brags that she received the best grades at Kido in the class. He asks if there is a school for Shinigami. Rukia says, "You could call it that. Now, how do I drink from this thing?" Ichigo teaches Rukia how to drink from the juice box. However one of Ichigo's friends, Mizuiro Kojima, comes over and makes a remark about how Rukia and Ichigo are together again. Ichigo tells him to shut up and his friend says that people will think they're a couple. Ichigo tells him that if he cared about what people thought he would've dyed his hair black and his friend says that is true. Rukia is still fascinated by the straw and Ichigo's friend asks her how she is. She says hello and then Ichigo tells Rukia to be careful because his friend's a player. His friend says that isn't cool and tells Ichigo that older women are more his style anyway. Ichigo adds on to what he said earlier and Rukia is still preoccupied with opening her juice pack.

Meanwhile Keigo Asano comes over with his lunch and asks how Rukia, the "hot" transfer student is with them. Ichigo's friend says that Ichigo picked her up. Ichigo denies it and Keigo compliments him. Ichigo tells him it's no big deal and then Keigo introduces himself to Rukia. Rukia says hello and Keigo gets excited and says, "Lunch Party! Right here, right now!" Keigo tells her if she needs anything he's there for her and she asks him to open the juice box. Ichigo says hi and asks Sado why he had bandages. Sado explains that a steel beam fell on his head and that a motorcyclist ran into him. Some of the friends comment and Ichigo asks what he's made of. Keigo asks where Sado got the bird and the bird introduces himself. Ichigo and Rukia both notice something suspicious about the bird. Keigo is amazed and talks to the bird. Ichigo asks where he got the bird and Sado says that someone gave it to him. Keigo complains that Sado cut his story short and Sado sits down. Keigo keeps going on and Rukia tells Ichigo that he's right there is something in the bird.

Rukia tells Ichigo that she does not think it is evil, and tells him that they'll have to perform a Konso (soul burial) tonight. Ichigo complains about having another sleepless night and Rukia tells him that it doesn't help to complain. Rukia thinks to herself about how Ichigo is acting like a Shinigami and he opens a juice box for her. She thanks him and asks how he met Sado. He says that because of his hair he'd get into fights and that he was in a fight where the guys beating him up meant business. Sado stops the guy from punching Ichigo and then takes a bunch of hits without even trying to defend himself. Ichigo says how Sado never fights back and Rukia says that he is odd. Rukia then thanks Ichigo for opening the juice box, then she drinks it and says that the juice is good.

As Ichigo gets home Karin pushes him out of her way by telling him to move. Ichigo asks what's going on. While his older little sister, Yuzu, tells him that there was a big car wreck and his father, is in another room talking on the phone. Ichigo greets his dad and asks if he can help. However Isshin says, "No, just assume the fetal position and stay out of the way." Isshin later calls for him to help. Yuzu and Karin are holding up Sado who is wounded. Isshin comments on his size and tells Ichigo to get to work. He notices that it's Sado and remembers the bird. Isshin is analyzing Sado's wound and fixing it up. Ichigo senses something strange. Sado tells his dad that it is fine and thanks him for the help. Isshin tries to tell him that he's lost blood, but in the middle of his explanation Sado falls to the ground. Isshin then tells Yuzu and Karin to get a bed. Meanwhile Ichigo goes to Rukia and asks if she felt it. She tells him she felt it all the way in the other room and says that it reeks of a Hollow. Meanwhile Karin has trouble sleeping while Sado looks at the bird.

The next day, Ichigo comes down and Yuzu says that breakfast is ready. Ichigo asks if Karin is up yet and Yuzu answers that she wasn't feeling well. Soon after Isshin bursts in and announces that Sado is missing. Rukia asks Ichigo if he has any idea where Sado would be. He says no and asks if there is any info on Hollow. Rukia says no and explains through drawings that Hollows can hide in a world between the Human World and the Soul Society (Hueco Mundo). Ichigo asks how he could understand by the kindergartner drawings and Rukia hits him. He says that he understands that the Hollow is searching for Sado to eat his soul. Ichigo asks if they could use Sado's bird and Rukia says that it's impossible. Ichigo starts searching for Sado's bird and Rukia asks him what the sensation she's feeling is.

Sado is with his bird at a construction site and his bird is telling him that everyone who has ever owned him has had bad luck. Sado says that he knows and the bird says that he's sorry for not telling him. Sado says that it's okay and the bird tells him to abandon him because he's in danger. He tells the bird that he can't do that. Meanwhile Karin gets out of bed and says that she has to tell Ichigo something. Rukia explains how impressive it is to hone in on the bird's spirit from so far away and Ichigo grabs a spirit ribbon. Rukia is impressed by Ichigo being able to see spirit ribbons and wonders if he's really developing that quickly.

The bird tells Sado that he is in danger and Sado tells him that he can handle it. The Hollow jumps down and Sado runs away with the bird in his hands. He tells the bird not to worry and he jumps out of the window. Soon after Ichigo and Rukia see Sado and he tries to stop him. However Karin calls to Ichigo and he asks her what she's doing there. Karin falls to her knees and Ichigo goes to Karin. Rukia tells him that he needs to get Karin home so that he'll know she'll be safe and that she will handle the Hollow. Ichigo tells her that she can't do that and she tells him that if he didn't take her home he'd be distracted when fighting the Hollow. Ichigo tells her that she isn't strong enough to fight a Hollow alone and she tells him that a veteran Shinigami never takes unnecessary risks.

As Ichigo is carrying Karin and tells her that she'll be fine. She explains to him that the boy in the cockatiel has been through too much pain and that his mother was murdered. Including that he is the same age as her. She then cries and begs him to save the boy inside the bird.

While chasing Sado, Rukia is running and thinking to herself how bad her Gigai is. She stops and hears a Hollow say that she smells good. The Hollow is holding her leg and he says that she smells delicious. She frees herself and the Hollow says that she's tougher than he thought. He says that her seeing him clearly makes him curious and she knees him in the chin. She swings around on to his back, jumps off into the air, and chants a spell. She says she got her powers back.

Sado's bird tells him that the Hollow is attacking Rukia and that it's going to hurt her. Sado tells the bird to stay because he's going to help her. The bird tells him not to go, but Sado goes anyway.

Rukia is facing the Hollow, who that the spell didn't even hurt. The Hollow knows by the spell that she is a Shinigami and says that hers was so weak that it had no bite to it. Rukia tells herself that her powers haven't returned yet and the Hollow realizes that she's lost her power. He tells Rukia that he's already eaten the souls of two Shinigami who tried to help the boy in the bird pass on and that they were "mighty good eating." She asks him why he pursues the kid and he says, "I might be more inclined to give you an answer if you were to give me a little nibble." Rukia calls him Hollow scum and the Hollow starts laughing. As Karin is shaking in Ichigo's arms, he tells her not to worry.

The Hollow tells Rukia that if she allows him to eat her, he will tell her what she wants to know. However Rukia swiftly delivers a knee in the Hollow’s face, then uses Hadō #33: Shakkahō. This however has little effect on the Hollow therefore Rukia realizes that her powers have yet to return. Soon after Ichigo, as he runs to Rukia's aid, wonders how long it has been since he saw Karin cry. Until their mother’s death, Karin and Yuzu had been crybabies. However Yuzu, who wanted to be strong and capable, tried to fill the gap left by doing the housework that their mother did. While Karin, not as capable as Yuzu, was only able to reduce her family’s worries by not crying, no matter what the circumstance. He promises Karin to fulfill her wish.

The Hollow begins to strangle Rukia, asking her to shed the Human shell. By some stroke of luck, help arrives for Rukia. Yasutora Sado lands a punch to the Hollow’s cheek, sending the Hollow flying. Rukia is shocked that Chad hit the Hollow, even thinking that he can see ghosts. However, she changes her mind when she sees him standing not far away, punching the air. The Hollow is relieved that Chad's punch was merely a lucky one, but is soon punched again by Chad, who is pleased. Rukia wonders how Chad is able to hear the Hollow if he cannot see it, and hence, how he is able to calmly and fearlessly confront an enemy he cannot discern.

The Hollow curses, then jumps into the air, wings spread wide. He ridicules them for their inability to reach him, and Rukia shouts for Chad to run. Chad merely blinks and asks if the “Transfer Student” can see ghosts. Rukia replies that it does not matter, as they cannot hit it when it is flying. Chad asks where the Hollow is, then tears off most of a telephone pole with his brute strength whilst the Hollow continues to scorn at them. With Rukia giving directions, Chad swings the pole down in front of him, smacking the stunned Hollow to the ground. Rukia runs up to the Hollow and tells it to give up, as someone able to get rid of him will arrive soon. While laughing, the Hollow props himself up, by telling Rukia that that is the reason why so many Shinigami are beaten by Hollows: they underestimate them.

Little blue creatures jump over the walls and pin both Chad and Rukia to the ground. The Hollow decides that he shall eat Rukia first before Chad, but Chad, to the shock of both Rukia and the Hollow, flexes his muscles and all the squeaky Stitch-like creatures go flying. As the Hollow asks if he plans on letting his muscles do the talking, Chad does just that by trying to punch him again. He misses, but continues punching the air as the Hollow comments that his intuition is amazing. Rukia instructs Chad to kick over her, and he does, once again sending the Stitch-like creatures flying.

The Hollow rises into the air once again, so Rukia tells Chad that she has an idea. Chad, poised to “shoot” Rukia into the sky, asks if she is sure this plan will work. Rukia replies that it will – a combination of his strength and her abilities. Chad comments that the idea seems rather dumb, but is shut up by Rukia, who tells him to shoot her in “Tiger direction”. Chad, however, does not know what she means, so Rukia has to tell him that it means the left. As the Hollow gloats that being so high, a telephone pole will be unable to hit him, Chad launches her in that direction, and as Rukia flies towards the Hollow, she tells him to give up.

The Hollow says that it will give up, but a few seconds later he withdraws that and a Stitch-like creature appears on his shoulder. The creature spits out purple things in a green liquid at Rukia, who begins to fall to the ground below. Chad runs towards her and manages to catch her, who apologizes for being caught off-guard. Rukia tries desperately to remove the purple things from her body, but fails as they are leeches that do not come off easily. The Hollow tells her that they are also his targets, and rings his tongue, exploding the leeches. The leeches are in fact mini-bombs that resonate with the sound of the Hollow’s tongue and explode.

Chad walks up to the Hollow, ready to challenge him. The Hollow then reveals his captive – Yuichi Shibata the cockatiel, who he had bought time earlier to capture. Yūichi apologizes for getting caught, and the Hollow tells Rukia to run around so that he can have fun hunting her alone. Rukia stands and tells Chad not to move or the birdcage will be exploded. Chad asks her if she will on, but Rukia tells Chad not to worry as she had promised not to slip up. Chad wishes her good luck, she thanks him and takes off in the opposite direction. A large number of Stitch-like creatures chase her, followed by the Hollow himself.

The creatures catch up with her, and shoot leeches at her, but she jumps and tries to evade them. She is, however, covered in the leeches, which are exploded by the Hollow. Rukia begins to bleed, and the Hollow says that he likes the cute blood-stained look, then produces more of the creatures and leeches, all of which Rukia dodges. The Hollow asks her how long she will run, and says that if she likes, she can attack him. She stops suddenly at a fence, and the Hollow interprets that to mean she is giving up. Rukia replies that she is not, but merely has no more reason to run. She will take on the counterattack offer.

Soon after Ichigo arrives and steps on the Hollow’s head. Ichigo asks Rukia why she has slipped up this much despite her promise, but Rukia replies that what Ichigo had said were words from someone who was at least a little worried. To which Ichigo agrees but the Hollow moves slightly and yells at Ichigo, asking how long he plans to stand on his head, then stands up fully when Ichigo jumps off his back. Ichigo introduces himself as a “Substitute Shinigami”, and tells the Hollow that if he were looking for someone to play tag with, he found the wrong person. The Hollow, hearing that Ichigo is a “Substitute Shinigami”, curses, saying that he should have went after him from the beginning. Rukia pulls on her glove and, while the Stitch-like creatures shoot out leeches and the Hollow rings its tongue, pushes Ichigo's soul out of his body in time for him to attack the Hollow. The Hollow comments that Ichigo smells the tastiest, and Ichigo asks him if he had used the bombs to tie down Chad so he could have fun chasing Rukia.

Then Chad arrives with the birdcage in his arms, and the first thing he sees is Rukia watching what seems to be nothing and an unconscious Ichigo at her feet. Worried, he calls out to Ichigo, but Rukia stops him, telling him that right now, Ichigo is fighting. She also instructs him to take Ichigo's empty body and Yuichi to somewhere safe. Meanwhile, Ichigo kills Stitch-like creature after Stitch-like creature, cutting them in half and spilling their insides (which are leeches). The Hollow laughs and compliments him, but reminds him that despite his slaying the creatures, the bombs are still able to be detonated. To prove his point, he sticks out his tongue and rings it, exploding them all at once. His glee is short-lived, for Ichigo jumps out of the smoke, and swings his sword down on him. Catching him on the neck, Ichigo asks him if he was the one who murdered Yuichi's mother.

Meanwhile Yuichi tells Chad and Rukia that all this is his fault, because he wanted to bring his mother back to life. Upon hearing this, Rukia asks if someone had told him he could bring his mother back to life. The Hollow tells his life story to Ichigo, saying that when he was alive, he was a feared and famous serial killer.

Yuichi's mother, who ran around frantically trying to protect Yuichi to the end, was his last victim. However, as he cornered them on the veranda, he ended up dying a stupid death. He says that Yuichi had pulled his shoelaces and tied them together, causing him to fall to his death. Therefore, to punish Yuichi, he shoved his living soul into the cockatiel and told him that if he could run around like that for 3 months, he would bring his mother back to life. The Hollow mocks Yuichi, as he knows full well he cannot bring a dead person back to life. The most fun part of the punishment was that he got to kill every Human who tried to protect Yuichi, who would protest. However, he would brighten the moment Yuichi was reminded of the eventual “reward” – the return of his mother.

Ichigo begins to tremble, allowing the Hollow an opening to push away his Zanpakuto and jump back into the air. He launches two more of his leech-spewing creatures, but Ichigo catches and squishes them with his hand. He runs to the Hollow and smashes the Hollow’s front teeth, such that his hand along with the leeches are in the Hollow’s mouth. He asks the Hollow if he still plans to explode the leeches, and to try ringing his tongue. The Hollow does nothing, so Ichigo pushes the leech back into the mouth, and claims the tongue by yanking it off screen and jumping away.

As the Hollow reels in pain, Ichigo jumps towards him once more, this time his Zanpakuto is ready. He cuts the Hollow’s mask, but the Hollow does not disappear as most Hollows would. A green light shoots out of the wound and a door with two skeletons on it appears. Ichigo is taken aback by what he sees, and Rukia explains to him that it is the The Gate to Hell. Zanpakuto only wash away sins committed after death, but not those before. For those that have committed mortal sins in life, the doors of Hell will open. For this Hollow, the doors do just that, the chains on them breaking one after the other. The doors break open fully, and Hell appears to be a fiery place. A strong wind blows as the Hollow now screams as his mask dissipates. A sword, held by a big blue hand, appears from hell and pierces the Hollow. The doors then slide shut once more and shatter.

Later, Rukia reports that Yuichi's Chain of Fate has been severed and there is no trace of it. Therefore, he will be unable to return to his body. Upon seeing Yuichi's sad face after hearing the news, Rukia tries to comfort him, by saying that the Soul Society is not a bad place. She also tells him that it's a place where you never get hungry, your body is as light as a feather, and it is 80-90% better than the Human World. Ichigo comments that at least if Yuichi goes to the Soul Society, than meeting his mother would be of higher possibility. Since they cannot bring his mother back, the best thing to do would be for him to go to her. Yuichi's crestfallen look is lost immediately, soon after he looks at Chad and thanks him, as he had carried him while running around and thus he did not get hurt. Chad says that it is nothing, and Yuichi leaves the cockatiel's body. Chad requests that should he die and go to the Soul Society too, then he would like to carry him and run around again. After Yuichi agrees while smiling, Ichigo commences the soul burial, successfully fulfilling Karin’s wish. Meanwhile Karin, who at home in bed asleep, thanks Ichigo, as a black swallow-tailed butterfly flutters to the moon.

In the darkness, Rukia sits atop a building in Karakura Town, while holding up and staring at a lighter-like device with four little lights on it. The first three lights are out while the last one flashes repeatedly causing the Shinigami to state that there is not much of something left inside it. Depressed, she then turns her attention to her hand, and after testing her joints several times, she comments that there is not much of her body either, and decides that it's time for her to go shopping.

Meanwhile Ichigo, with a plate of Japanese rice balls in his hand, enters his bedroom and knocks on his closet door. While knocking, he calls out that he has brought breakfast, while assuming Rukia is inside. He requests that she come out before losing his patience, even swearing, before throwing the door open to yell at her. However, his expression soon becomes one of confusion when he notices that her pajamas have been folded neatly and that Rukia is nowhere to be found. Ichigo glares around his room for a moment, wondering where she could have gone before proceeding to eat one of her rice balls as he waits.

In the dining room, both Yuzu and Karin sit at the table eating their breakfast. Yuzu comments on Ichigo's odd behavior recently and how he has been taking more food and sneaking back to his room with it. Karin remains apathetic, as Isshin starts to loudly wonder if Ichigo's actions are due to his sensitive age of fifteen. He also insists that there is only one thing youths at Ichigo's age do and it's that they hide in their room. Upon hearing his father's words, Ichigo arrives and round-kicks his father to the face, while telling him to stop being perverted. Isshin tells him it's his job as a father to wonder about his teenage child. The two get into a tussle, as Yuzu reminds them their food is getting cold. While she still eats her breakfast, Karin states that it's a peaceful morning.

Outside a store, called the Urahara Shop, two youngsters are doing their chores outside the door. The girl, Ururu Tsumugiya, is dutifully taking care of the sweeping while a boy name, Jinta Hanakari, is messing around, pretending to be a baseball star. Ururu reminds Jinta that if they don't do their jobs, Tessai Tsukabishi will be angry with them. Jinta behaves as though he is not afraid of Tessai, something Ururu denies, causing him to punish her by rubbing his broom into her hair angrily. He declares that she is a lower level than he, but she reminds him that she is actually three years older than him. The broom is taken from Jinta's hand and he angrily turns to confront the culprit, who turns out to be Rukia.

Rukia observes that Jinta, who she calls "Shorty" will never change his behavior before asking if his manager was in. Jinta scowls as he welcomes her back before opening the door and letting her into the store. A muscular man, Tessai, carrying a number of boxes scolds him, saying that it is not time to open yet. He then notices Rukia, and tells her to wait a minute while he wakes the manager. An oddly dressed man walks up behind Tessai and says that it is too bad, as he is already awake. He then lets out a big yawn and puts on his sandals. Rubbing his eyes with one hand and the other in his pocket, he greets everybody. He tells Rukia that they just got stock from “there” yesterday. Rukia buys the cheapest (D-rank) spare fuel rod for her spirit communicator, and 60 bottles of Soma Fixers.

The man, Kisuke Urahara, warns her that excessive use of Soma Fixers to align her soul with the faux body will result in hell when she leaves it. Rukia acknowledges this, but mentions that lately, her integration with the faux body has been poor, and sometimes it is hard for her to even move. Urahara happily asks if she would like a check up at a good deal, but Rukia refuses, and asks if the item she had ordered had arrived. Urahara says that it has, and sends Ururu to the storeroom to fetch it, saying that it is in a box which says “new goods”. Looking around the box-filled storeroom, she spots the box she wants and opens it to retrieve the item inside. Rukia unwraps the item and asks Urahara if this was the only kind he could get. Urahara scratches his neck and replies that even getting this was hard as it is the second most popular. He then tells Rukia that she cannot pretend forever.

Afterwards Rukia arrives in class late and greets everyone sweetly, saying that she is late due to family matters. She then asks Ichigo if he has a moment, but Ichigo says that if she has anything to say, to say so then and there. However, he is punched in the stomach and dragged away by Rukia, who exclaims that he needs to see the nurse. Soon after their classmates stare after them, while asking themselves if Rukia had punched Ichigo or not. On the rooftop, Rukia hands Ichigo the item she bought today, the Gikongan - a medicine that forcibly removes the soul from the body, and puts in a fake one. She tells him to use it if he encounters a Hollow when she is not around. But Ichigo asks her why it is labeled “Soul Candy”, and Rukia indignantly replies that the Shinigami Women's Association complained that the name Gikongan wasn't cute, and had it changed. Ichigo then asks why the tube has a duck’s head on it, and Rukia says that she wanted the most popular, “Chappy the Rabbit” too. Ichigo insults her for that, and she steps on his head as punishment.

She then instructs him to try one, and he does so by pressing the duck’s head so that a green pill is ejected into his mouth. Truly enough he sways a bit, then his Shinigami self appears. Ichigo appears surprised, and Rukia tells him that there is now a temporary soul in his body, so that no one will realize that he has left. The body moves and greets them, saying that “Ichigo's” favorite phrase is “Early to bed, early to rise”. As the real Ichigo demands to know how that “Ichigo” is anything like him, Rukia's phone begins to beep. She drags a complaining Ichigo away as the body waves at them, and tells them to leave it all to him.

Meanwhile Urahara wanders into his storeroom, and notices the opened box on the floor. Jinta yells at Ururu, asking her to read what it says on the box. She mistakes what she sees for “Infester Goods”. Jinta tells her that it is “Inferior Goods”, and that she has just sold that to a customer. Ururu sighs and hangs her head, and Jinta starts to pull on her bangs, but is stopped by Urahara. Tessai looks at a piece of paper and says that the Gikongan would bring trouble, and Urahara agrees, saying that they had better take care of it immediately, as they know not what “he” might do.

Indeed, Ichigo's temporary soul stretches his muscles, then experiments with his new body by kicking in a wall. A teacher comes along and recognizes “Ichigo” due to his unique hair, and asks “Ichigo” what he has just done. “Ichigo” walks toward the teacher, then jumps right over his head, landing on a roof a distance away with great ease. The teacher stares after “Ichigo”, who jumps away gleefully. Soon after the lunch bell rings and Orihime cheers happily. However Tatsuki, who does not think lunch is such an important event, is told by Orihime that a healthy young high school girl comes to school specially to eat lunch. She pulls out a large loaf of bread and a can of sweetbean paste and asks Tatsuki what she has brought for lunch. Tatsuki ruffles Orihime's hair and says that she eats a normal lunch.

Another of their friends, Chizuru, asks them if she can eat at their table, and Orihime, who is eating her bread whole and smiling with crumbs on her cheeks, agrees. Chizuru gives Orihime a big hug, exclaiming that Orihime's way of eating is so cute. Suddenly, “Ichigo” jumps up to class from the first story, shocking many of his classmates. The real Ichigo quickly finishes up the Hollow and says that he has a bad feeling.

Truly enough, “Ichigo” is standing on the window sill, with his friends staring and asking how he got there. He tells them that he jumped up, though many of them do not buy his story. He is very pleased that all of them, guys and girls, are looking at him. He stares at the girls and comments that they are all very hot and above average. However he notices Orihime and her assets. He then goes up to her, strokes her hair, and in a very gentlemanly manner, kisses her hand. But Tatsuki immediately pulls him away, even asking him if he knows what he is doing. “Ichigo” looks at her and says that upon looking closer, she actually is pretty cute. This makes Chizuru and two other female classmates be disgusted.

As Rukia asks Ichigo why he is rushing back to class, as the temporary soul is definitely alright. Ichigo has his doubts, and they are confirmed when they hear screams coming from their classroom. Along with a table that flies out the window, and Rukia decides that he is right. He says told u and she thinks that they had better return quickly. Soon after Tatsuki who is flinging tables at “Ichigo”, as he had just kissed her on the cheek. As Tatsuki tells him to shut up and tries to hit "Ichigo", this basically scares Chizuru overall. Afterwards Rukia walks into the classroom and stops the fight. However the panicked “Ichigo” runs to the window. But Rukia shouts for Ichigo, and the real Ichigo jumps up to the window, cornering the temporary soul, even informing him that he has nowhere to run.

Upon glancing back at Ichigo and Rukia, the temporary soul realizes he must fight to get away, and then begins to rain down on Ichigo a great number of kicks. However all their classmates see, to them it appears as if “Ichigo” is kicking the air repeatedly. As “Ichigo” sends Ichigo flying into some tables with a kick, their alarmed classmates only see some sort of force push back all the tables. But Orihime stares curiously as a table is lifted by invisible hands. “Ichigo” smiles at Rukia and jumps out of the window, by free-falling down to the ground floor. Ichigo and Rukia stare after him, who runs away at extremely high speed. Rukia's eyes widen as she tells herself that it cannot be what she is thinking. She changes her mind as she continues to watch. Informing that he is actually a Mod-Soul.

The real Ichigo jumps down out the window, and Rukia runs out of the classroom, with their classmates watching her. A flaming Tatsuki declares that she will not let Ichigo off, but she calms down as she sees Chizuru trying to “comfort” Orihime from afar away distance. As Orihime stares out the window. She tells them both that she is fine, and the guy that they saw earlier was not Ichigo. Meanwhile, Rukia and Ichigo have arrived at a dilapidated house, but have lost sight of “Ichigo”. Rukia comments that he has a moratorium, and Ichigo retorts that it isn't the time for incomprehensible jokes. “Ichigo” has to be caught for using his body and kissing Tatsuki and Orihime. Rukia does not see why he is so agitated, because to her, kisses are merely greetings, and in a book she was reading, much more was happening. Ichigo tells her not to compare the two, as kissing an ordinary classmate is a very serious thing, and asks her what sort of books she reads. He gives a wail of despair, and complains that the image he took years to build up is gone. Therefore Rukia is surprised that he had an “image”.

Ichigo then asks her about the temporary soul being a “modified soul”, and she explains that in the Soul Society, there was a plan called “Spearhead”. In it, souls specialized for Hollow vanquishing were injected into soulless dead bodies. These souls, or Mod-Souls, would endow some part of the body with superhuman powers. However Rukia uses her crude drawings once again, this time as an animation (flip-book style), to explain to Ichigo. Even though Ichigo understands what she means, he comments that with her drawings, the moment’s tension is gone. Therefore this earns him red spirals on his cheeks, and a smack. Soon after Rukia continues, saying that the plan was ditched, and all Mod-Souls were ordered to be destroyed due to the inhumanity of making dead bodies fight. while wiping off the spirals on his cheeks, Ichigo asks if that means Mod-Souls were created and destroyed at the convenience of Soul Society, and asks if she is satisfied with that. She says that is not the question – the scrapping of Mod-Souls was one of Soul Society's laws, which are set up to protect Human souls. They then set off, running around the town trying to find and hence retrieve Ichigo's body.

As he runs, Ichigo wonders how the temporary soul feels: being created and then ordered to be destroyed against his will, then surviving and finding a body and yet having to run away. However, contrary to what Ichigo thinks, this “Ichigo” is having a great deal of fun jumping along fences and jumping over people’s heads and seeking attention. He says that he likes having powers that attract attention, although it is said that there are Mod-Souls with more power.while leaping off a fence, he notices three school children sitting behind a store room playing video games, and decides to go see what they are doing. He lands lightly on the fence behind them, and watches as they, unaware of his presence, complain about P.E. lessons.

One of the boys then exclaims that his character in the video game is not performing up to standard. “Ichigo's” ears prick up as he hears the boy say that he will just delete the character, and does so by adding that he will just make a better one. The boys laugh at this, but "Ichigo" is shock upon seeing this.

Therefore an angry "Ichigo” grips the fencing so hard it starts to break, and the boys turn to look at him. He gets off the fence, and looks very angry as he tries to kick the children. But his kick is stopped mid-air by the real Ichigo, and he jumps away from Ichigo and the two face-off.

At the Urahara Shop, Kisuke puts down a heavy object wrapped in bandages as Ururu timidly walks out from behind some shelves, and apologizes to him for causing trouble. Urahara smiles and reaches out his hand. Ururu, while thinking that he must be about to hit her, winces, but opens her eyes when she feels his hand on her head in a comforting sort of manner. Urahara tells her that it doesn't bother him at all, and asks her why she is so timid. While giving her a hug, he adds that they are a team, and he will fix everything. As Ururu begins to cry, Jinta and Tessai arrive and tell him that preparations are complete. The four of them, with Ururu carrying the bandaged-wrapped object and Jinta armed with a baseball bat, are ready to go collect their merchandise.

The three boys whom the artificial-soul-controlled "Ichigo" saw are staring at him, wondering what he is up to (as they cannot see Ichigo's soul fighting him); he takes a fighting stance, and starts kicking the air. But Rukia arrives and sees the fight between Ichigo and “Ichigo”, in which Ichigo dodges “Ichigo's” attacks with ease. Ichigo explains that once he calms down, his moves are easy to dodge. After a few more unsuccessful attempts at kicking him, Ichigo picks up and throws "Ichigo" aside, but he escapes by jumping over more fences. Rukia's communicator beeps and she tells Ichigo that they have orders: a Hollow is going to appear nearby. They then run off.

The three boys look confuse but their teacher runs to them while asking them why aren't they playing soccer. They tell her that an orange-haired high school student had tried to attack them. She then notices their game consoles on the floor, picks one of them up, and bluntly tells them that they have been playing too many video games. Meanwhile, “Ichigo” runs along rooftops, cursing the three boys and Ichigo for ruining his buzz. He stops short when he senses a Hollow in the direction from which he came, and figures that it will attack the kids, whose words flash through his mind.

The three boys have been made to stay back and clean up, apparently because their teacher did not believe them. A caterpillar-like Hollow appears behind the unknowing children, and laughs. As Ichigo and Rukia are obviously running in the wrong direction. The phone beeps, but Rukia says that her phone has been acting weirdly, and wonders if it is out of battery. Noticing the new Chappy charm on her phone, he says that if she had time to order it, she should have gotten an extra battery as well. Ignoring him, she says that she cannot sense the Hollow’s location.

The Hollow is suddenly kicked in the face by “Ichigo”, and the force of the Hollow landing on the ground behind them sends the three children flying back. They recognize him as the high school student from earlier, but instead of attacking them, “Ichigo” gives a war cry and runs at the Hollow, evading the first two extendable legs but getting cut on the shoulder by the next. As he lands back on the ground, the three children run away, not only frightened by “Ichigo” as well but the Hollow they cannot see. Rukia and Ichigo spot the Hollow as well including “Ichigo” while he is a distance away. But Ichigo dashes off in that direction with Rukia calling after him. The Hollow tells “Ichigo” to mind his own business instead of interrupting his meal and running around, and kicks him in the back. Another leg comes at him as he lands back on the floor, but it is stopped by the real Ichigo, who chops off the end of it. However, he is not doing this to save the Mod-Soul, but because his body is getting injured.

Ichigo” says that he is only fighting because he took so long to arrive, and Ichigo tells him to shut up, even mocking the fact that he is supposed to be a battle soul. The Hollow interrupts their little quarrel, and together, they defeat the Hollow. The Hollow falls backwards, and it looks like it will fall out of the rooftop boundary to whatever lies below. While seeing this, “Ichigo” runs and gives the Hollow another kick, dissipating it. Soon after "Ichigo" falls to the ground, but Ichigo grabs his ankle just in time, scolding him for taking such a risk when there was no one around, as a Hollow will disappear on its own if its mask is cut. He then hears voices coming from below: it is the three children once more, trying to convince the teacher about the existence of a “blood-soaked teenager”. She does not believe them, and instead tells them to stay back, and clean up the next day too. The boys complain while walking with their teacher.

The two Ichigos watch as a line of ants marches past them, and Ichigo asks “Ichigo” if he used to hate those children. He replies that it doesn't matter, as if he hadn't saved them, they would have died – and he doesn't kill anyone. He remembers and retells his life story. Right after his birth, he was to be destroyed; the day after he was born, the day he would die had already been decided. Inside the pill, he was afraid everyday while watching the comrades around him disappear. He was lucky enough to be mixed with other medicines and escape the warehouse, but continued to live in fear that he would be found and scrapped. He asked himself all the time why his life was to be decided by strangers, and why he couldn't decide for himself. After all, living and dying is a choice that belongs to each individual person. Therefore, he resolved not to kill others or watch anyone die.

Soon after, Urahara complains that the equipment he had brought is now completely useless. While using his cane, he swiftly pokes out the little green pill, which falls just next to the body. He picks it up and walks toward the rest of his gang, saying that the collection is complete. Jinta is displeased because he had thought he was finally going to get a battle after so long. But Ichigo asks Urahara what he plans to do with the pill, and he replies that he will destroy it. Ichigo is surprised that Urahara is able to see him, and asks what he is. Before Urahara can answer, the pill is snatched out of his hand by Rukia, who finishes Urahara's sentence, saying that he is a greedy merchant. Urahara tries to get the pill back, and Rukia asks him if his store does not refund goods they take back. Urahara reluctantly agrees to refund her, but Rukia replies that there is no need as they are satisfied with the product. Furthermore, he is acting out of spirit laws – there is no obligation for him to go that far to retrieve the pill. Urahara replies that if any trouble comes, they’ll just go into hiding and Rukia replies that she’s become quite used to trouble.

She passes the pill to Ichigo and they go off on their way. Ichigo winces in pain and complains that the temporary soul only did as he liked because he knew it wasn't his body. He starts to scold the pill, and Rukia comments that he looks weird like that since he is talking to the pill in public. He asks Rukia how he can complain directly to the temporary soul, and Rukia replies that he should put it in some dead body. Ichigo says that there is no way they could find that, but he suddenly spots a lion plushie. He wonders if that will do, and asks Rukia. Rukia thinks he is carrying it too far, then remembers that her current body is also not flesh. Therefore they decide to try it as an experiment, and they put the pill in the lion plushie's mouth. He picks up the plushie, and is annoyed that their experiment has failed. But as he spins it in the air, it comes alive and calls Ichigo a dumbass, saying that it hurts. He then demands a rematch with Ichigo, but suddenly realizes that he is a stuffed toy, and is much much shorter and smaller than Ichigo. Ichigo puts a hand on his head, making the plushie squeak. He tells it that he better say his prayers, but it declares that even in this state, he will fight Ichigo.

The next morning, the plushie wakes Ichigo up by jumping onto his chest and demanding an apology, or else he will hide in his bag and go to school with him so that the girls in the class will think his gross for carrying stuffed animals around in his bag. However Ichigo picks him up and throws him against the closet, by telling him to be obedient including to be quiet and to act like a normal stuffed animal. Soon after Ichigo says that calling him “Modified Soul” is such a hassle, so he has shortened it to “Kon” (from the “Konpaku” part of “Kaizon Konpaku”). Kon suggests that he be called “Kai” instead, because “Kon” sounds lame. But Ichigo refuses because “Kai” sounds cool, and therefore pisses him off. The closet door opens and Rukia emerges, complaining that they are too loud even though it's early in the morning, even depriving her of peace and quiet.

As she jumps out of the closet, she steps on Kon. Kon does not protest - after all, from where he is, he has an excellent view. However Rukia kicks him as he was looking under her shirt. However Yuzu suddenly walks into the room, informing Ichigo that Mizuiro and Keigo are downstairs. She sees her brother frantically plastering himself to the closet door, and wonders what he is doing. She tells him it isn't at all early, so Ichigo hastily starts to change his clothes. He looks out of his window and shouts to his friends that he had overslept, and would be down in a while. However they tell him that they meet him in class, and to enjoy rushing. While he steps away from the window, Rukia opens the closet door and Kon falls out. Ichigo asks her if she had once again erased his classmate’s memories, and Rukia says that she did; if not, he would have problems too. As he puts on his watch, he thinks to himself that despite all of the excitement, everything goes on as normal.

However he suddenly notices the date displayed on his watch – June 16. As she is just about to jump out the other window, Rukia notices Ichigo staring at his watch and asks him what the matter is, but he says that it is nothing. In school, Michiru Ogawa asks Tatsuki if she is in the Art Elective, and when Tatsuki replies that she is, she asks if she has done “the future me” assignment. She wants to see Tatsuki's because she thinks hers is no good. Tatsuki's art piece shows her in a boxing ring holding up the champion’s belt. As Michiru stares at it in awe, Tatsuki declares that one day, she will become the female Vale Tudo champion. When Michiru asks Orihime if she can see hers, Orihime gladly pulls out hers because she actually feels secretly proud of it.

The “future Orihime” has a top speed of 380 kph, flames that spew out at 20,000 degrees Celsius, from the eyes special destruction lasers. In front of her, a student calmly continues his needlework. Michiru complains to Orihime that she will get detention again. As Ichigo walks into the classroom, Orihime greets him, and strangely enough, he greets her back with a smile – something his classmates aren't too used to seeing. Tatsuki asks Michiru for the date, and hearing that it is June 16. Therefore Tatsuki knows what is up with Ichigo, who is in a corner with his friends, laughing. She says that Ichigo makes that face not when he is happy, but when he is very tense, proclaiming that tomorrow he will not be attending school.

At nighttime outside the Kurosaki clinic is a notice, saying that they will be closed the next day. Inside, Isshin says that they will now decide on the jobs for the next day. However, while being the chairman, he has complete authority to decide. Karin opposes arguing that this is not how meetings work, but Isshin tells her to raise her hand if she wants to speak, while addressing her as “Chief of Staff”. She finds that this “Chief of Staff” job doesn't sound too bad actually. Yuzu is given the job of “Lunch Staff”, and Karin’s bubble is burst when she hears that she has to carry the bags. Isshin also seeks their opinion of his new haircut, but Karin says it looks the same while Ichigo smiles at the argument.

Back in Ichigo's room, Rukia comments that the family meeting looked fun, and asks if he plans to skip school tomorrow and go on a picnic. The closet door opens and Kon says that a picnic sounds good, but Rukia shuts the door in his face. However Ichigo asks if he can take the day off from his Shinigami work tomorrow, but Rukia refuses, even asking him what is wrong with him, as he has been acting strangely since the morning. Ichigo replies that tomorrow is the anniversary of his mother’s death, or rather, her murder. Outside, clouds cover the moon and it begins to rain. Orihime looks out her window at the rain, remembering what Tatsuki had told her about Ichigo, and wondering if she were the rain that binds together the earth and sky, which in all eternity will never mingle, would she be able to bind two hearts?

Soon after Ichigo lies in his bed, with a towel over his eyes as memories of that rainy night flash through his mind. As he walked with his mother, he had seen a girl by the river bank take a step into the raging waters, and he had gone to rescue her. While Ichigo covers his eyes, trying to block out the painful memories. His attempts are unsuccessful, as he remembers his mother calling after him as he ran to the girl. The next thing he remembers is being by the side of his dead mother. Meanwhile Rukia lies down in the room while thinking what could have happen to Ichigo's mother.

In the Soul Society, a number of little children and a Shinigami are playing with tops. The Shinigami loses, and says that he will play again, and definitely win. Another Shinigami with a sheet over his face appears and the first Shinigami has no choice but to leave the game and speak with the other. The sheet-faced Shinigami tells the other that he has come regarding "No. 13", Rukia. Upon hearing the name “Kuchiki”, the latter laughs and asks what “the little princess” has done. The other replies that she has exceeded the time limit for staying in the Human world, and also that there must be more beneath the surface for him (the other Shinigami) to investigate. He is told to leave right away.

In the rugged landscape of Hueco Mundo; where Hollows dwell. Black blobs rise from the ground, landing on the ridges and these turn out to be Hollows; one of which raises his head and says that he will go.

The sky is blue over where the Kurosaki family walks, Isshin Kurosaki blowing a whistle and Yuzu Kurosaki complains about the steepness of the hill. Karin Kurosaki replies that she is fine and they hear their father’s voice urging Yuzu on, only to turn and see him doing a handstand. Karin tells Yuzu to ignore him, as responding to that sort will make them be on your back forever. Isshin's eye glints as he says that she is naive as even if she ignores him, he'll be on her back automatically. He runs over to them on his hands and Yuzu has to hold down her dress to prevent the loss of her modesty as he performs a “Deadly Dad Sliding”, but his antics are stopped by Karin; who delivers a kick to his face that sends him rolling down the steep hill past Ichigo. Karin tells Yuzu to go before he comes back and Ichigo puts a hand over his eyes to shade them as he laments on the temperature, it is June 17, just like that day; but it is totally different. Yuzu and Karin notice that someone is already here and wonder if she is also there to visit a grave.

The girl is waving at them, smiling sweetly. Ichigo is totally shocked to see that it is Rukia Kuchiki and denies knowing her at all. Karin comments that she feels she has seen her before, so Ichigo concocts a story in which Rukia is his junior high classmate and that he has to go talk to her alone right now. He tells his sisters to go on to their mom’s grave and runs off up the hill, grabbing Rukia's arm and literally pulling her into the grove of trees. Karin chuckles and tells Yuzu that it might be time for her to stop relying on him.

Ichigo demands to know why Rukia is following him and she asks what he would do if she is not by his side when a Hollow appears. Ichigo says that if she’s going to follow him, she should at least do so more inconspicuously. Rukia apologizes and Ichigo thinks that she is angry. Rukia denies that and instead asks who killed Ichigo's mother; as someone eavesdrops on their conversation. Rukia asks if, since he has been able to see ghosts for as long as he can remember, his mother had been killed by a Hollow. Yuzu and Karin are laying flowers on the grave of their mother.

The eavesdropper, a Shinigami wearing a straw hat, and Ichigo are shocked by Rukia's words. She continues, adding that it is a possibility, since his spirit power was high enough for him to see ghosts, that a Hollow after him had mistakenly killed his mother. Ichigo cuts in, shouting that he can’t take this anymore, with her everything is the work of Hollows. He walks up to her slowly, stopping to apologize about her guess being incorrect. Ichigo then states that the one who killed his mother was, not a Hollow, but himself. He then runs off, Rukia calling after him. The Shinigami takes it all in from behind a tree.

Meanwhile, Orihime Inoue and Tatsuki Arisawa are in the latter’s room and Orihime asks about the “old Ichigo”. Orihime says that she thinks she may have found out Ichigo's secret, believing him to be a hero protecting the Earth. Tatsuki says that she first met that “hero” when they were about four, at a dojo. Tatsuki describes Ichigo as a boy with unbelievably bright hair, an unbelievably beautiful mom and an unbelievably wide smile. She also states he had looked skinny, goofy and weak, which he was. He had been easily defeated by her, making her the first one to make him cry. However, when he saw his mother, who would come to pick him up, he’d start to smile again. Tatsuki had hated that, as she believed a boy shouldn't lose and be happy. However, soon after Ichigo's mother died. The day after, he didn't come to school, so she had gone looking for him. She had found him by the river where his mother died, with his school bag, squatting when he was tired and standing once more afterward. From day to day, morning to night, Tatsuki states it was as though he was searching for his mother. Tatsuki couldn't stand watching Ichigo back then.

Rukia sits on the ledge of a wall thinking about Ichigo's words and of her own, she says that she is a fool. Just then, her backpack unzips itself and Kon's hand emerges as he calls out for “Rukia nee-san”. He emerges fully out of the backpack and Rukia asks him what he is doing, reminding him that she had said not to come out until she calls. Kon complains that it is hot inside the bag and uses his paw to fan himself, asking if they can go home yet. Rukia refuses, saying that if they don’t stay by his side, their response will be delayed if a Hollow appears. Kon, annoyed, retorts that if she constantly thinks only of her work she’ll lose her friends. Rukia gets up, causing Kon to fall out of her backpack. He climbs back up and apologizes, but is shushed by her. Sensing something, she turns around sharply and cautiously ventures further down the path, where the earlier Shinigami is propped against a tree; asleep. He suddenly yawns and stretches his arms, startling her. He says that he has had a good nap, then greets Rukia and does a forward roll; landing perfectly on his feet.

He complains about having thus far only tough missions, so if he doesn't get his sleep, he can’t do his work. Kon, who had somehow found his way into the bushes, spots that this guy is a Shinigami and runs off to alert Ichigo. Ichigo stands at the base of a flight of rock steps, more memories of that night filling his mind. That night, a truck driving past splashes water on Ichigo as he and his mother walk home in the rain from the dojo. Masaki, his mother, pulls out a handkerchief and wipes Ichigo's face; at the same time offering to take the road side. Ichigo says that he is wearing a raincoat, so he’ll be okay. He wants to protect his mother from trucks like those. Masaki refuses, saying that until he can beat Tatsuki in a match she’ll walk on the road side. Ichigo argues that he did beat her the other day, but Masaki ignores him and stands, taking the road side as they start to walk. Ichigo asks his mother if he can hold her hand and she agrees; extending it for him to take hold of.

Ichigo says that he always felt safe around his mother. As they walked along the river, Ichigo spots a kid standing by the river and, since at the time he wasn't able to differentiate between the living and the dead, ran down the slope to save her. Masaki yells after him to stop, but he doesn't. As the kid seemingly falls forward into the water, Ichigo reaches her and tries to grab her dress. However it disappears and the next thing Ichigo recalls is the body of his dead mother over his. When he was young, he was told that the name meant 'he who protects'. He states that he had wanted to protect the young kid as he had protected his mother and sisters. Ichigo crawls out from beneath Masaki, as the present-day him says that he doesn't know how it happened except that it did because of him. His mother had been the sun around which his entire family revolved. And from his family, he had taken away that center.

Yuzu and Karin are praying at Masaki's grave, Karin asking how she is doing and Yuzu sobbing. Karin tells her not to cry every year, especially because they turn 11 this year. Isshin comes up behind them and acts like a monkey in an attempt to cheer them up, saying that it’s time for the “Oh, my gosh! Kurosaki family members-only gravestone domino tournament”, in which they will, for 2.5 hours, devilishly demolish gravestones. Karin’s response is a deft kick as she tells him to press the reset button on his life. She says that beard-o (Isshin) is so healthy he’s aggravating. Isshin runs back up to her, but is kicked away once more by Karin, who runs away with him following after her.

Back in the forest, Rukia asks the Shinigami who he is and he laughs, saying that it brings back memories. He had been 2 years her senior, but the name “Rukia Kuchiki”, or the “princess” from Rukongai adopted into the elite Kuchiki clan, was famous in the Shin'o Academy. He says that he is Eikichiro Saido, who was pretty famous for being funny. She does not remember him, saying that she has never seen him in her life. He says that he has some things to ask her, and her mind immediately wanders over to Kisuke Urahara's warning that she can’t pretend forever. She asks him if he is with the Secret Mobile Unit, and he pulls a string on his hat such that, a portion of his hat flips up, the word “correct” written on it.

Kon runs through the bushes, calling for Ichigo. He reaches a clearing, but it is actually the rock ledge. He falls off it, but fortunately, onto Ichigo's back. Ichigo pulls him off his back and Kon stammers as he starts to tell him what happened. Eikichirō tells Rukia that back in Soul Society, they’re annoyed and wondering when she’ll be back. Rukia curtly replies that Hollows appear and orders come; therefore she won’t return. He then asks her why she is dressed that way and she self-consciously hugs herself, saying that her dressing is of nil importance. He says that he supposes Rukia's “at that age” now, together with the spiky-haired boy whose mother was killed by a Hollow. He asks her if she’s looking for sympathy or pleasures of the flesh and she retorts that his innuendo is excessive. He disregards her and continues, saying that being open is the best. But being hot and heavy with a Human boy… His sentence is cut short by Rukia and he jumps back, as she prepares to fire a Kido spell at him.

He says that it is too bad and that he had thought it quite a good excuse, because if he cannot get an answer his superiors would be satisfied with, he’d have to bring her back by force. She says indignantly that she has no intentions of returning anytime soon and he replies that since she has said that he has no choice. He draws his Zanpakutō but suddenly hears the voices of Kon and Ichigo calling for Rukia. The two emerge out of the trees and Ichigo asks Eikichirō who he is. Eikichirō is surprised that he can see him and Ichigo asks Kon who he is. Eikichirō asks Ichigo the same question and Ichigo, just to challenge Rukia's authority by defying her, says that he is a Substitute Shinigami. Eikichirō blinks, laughs, then pulls his hat a little lower and tells Rukia that what she has done is a felony. He adds that it wouldn't be fun fighting a Gigai anyway, and throws off his hat and charges at Ichigo. Ichigo dodges that shot and the second, then digs his hand into Kon's body for the pill, and having found it, swallows it and emerges a Shinigami.

Eikichiro is surprised that Ichigo, a mere Human, was really able to switch. Rukia tries to stop Ichigo from fighting, but Ichigo pushes her aside, asking her what she can do unarmed. Karin, who is still at Masaki's grave with Yuzu, stands up as she senses something. True enough, a Hollow has come. She asks her sister where Isshin is and Yuzu replies that he is talking to the priest. The Hollow advances toward them and Karin tells Yuzu to run. Meanwhile, Eikichiro defends against Ichigo's attacks. Eikichiro asks Ichigo if he only uses brute strength and no technique and Ichigo charges at him. Rukia's phone beeps suddenly and the two adjourn the fight to take a look at her phone, which shows that an extremely large Hollow is in the vicinity, possibly targeting his family.

Yuzu runs toward Karin, who is being pinned to the ground by the Hollow’s hand, but something coils itself around her neck and raises her into the air. As Ichigo and Rukia run to save them, Ichigo asks Rukia what Eikichiro had meant by a “felony”. Rukia tells him to forget about her problems, as saving his family is priority. As they run down the steps, he asks her if she’s going to ask about his mom, but she replies that even if she did, would he answer? It’s his deep, deep problem which she has no way to ask about. She will just wait till he feels ready to tell her. The Hollow complains that Yuzu is noisy and says that one hostage should be enough.

A Hollow threatens to eat Yuzu Kurosaki. Ichigo appears, seemingly from nowhere, and rescues his sister, but Karin Kurosaki is still a hostage. Eikichirō Saidō appears beside Rukia Kuchiki and Ichigo suddenly notices a Human-like figure in front of the Hollow. He identifies it as the figure of a girl he ran after the day his mother died. Ichigo suddenly realizes that this Hollow was there the day his mom died six years ago. The Hollow says he can't remember that far into the past. The figure suddenly turns inside out and it appears to be a tentacle-like appendage hanging from the Hollow's skull. Rukia identifies the Hollow as the "Grand Fisher," which uses the bait on the top of its head that Ichigo just saw to lure in victims. It has evaded Shinigami for 50 years. The Hollow suddenly remembers Ichigo and Ichigo rushes to attack him, but the Hollow is too fast and evades. Ichigo barely does likewise, but the Hollow suddenly wraps himself around Ichigo.

Rukia tries to use a Kido, with a good degree of success this time; but it is only temporary. The Hollow retaliates against Rukia, then announces his plan to eat Karin. Ichigo screams at the hollow, who then tries to eat him, but Eikichiro interferes and barely saves Karin, distracting the Hollow so Ichigo can break free. Eikichiro then uses himself as a Human shield to save Karin.

Upon questioning, Eikichirō says that Shinigami always attack Hollows because they attack indiscriminately. He says it is unforgivable, encouraging Ichigo, and then apparently dies. But it is soon revealed that he merely fell asleep. Kon appears and Rukia instructs him to run away with Yuzu and Karin. Rukia offers to help, but Ichigo refuses to accept it. Ichigo begins his assault, but the Hollow is simply too fast for him to hit or find time to retaliate. The Hollow takes time to taunt Ichigo, who reflects on how much it hurt his family to lose their mom. He remembers Eikichirō's advice to protect them and says that he's decided the one thing he wishes to protect is his sisters. He attacks the Hollow, finally fast enough to block the enemy. The Hollow's fingers grow, however, and impale Ichigo. He is now unable to stand on his own, and the Hollow mocks his impulsive attacks.

Ichigo refuses Rukia's help even then, and the Hollow continues to mock his resolve. The Hollow suddenly puts his hands over the figure hanging from his head, and when he removes it, the face is now of Ichigo's mother. The Hollow explains that everybody has one person that they cannot kill no matter what and it must be this person for Ichigo. Rukia suddenly has a flashback of someone telling her that she can help save someone's life, but still damage his pride, and that she must learn when it is a fight to defend pride and a fight to defend life. She decides this is a fight to defend pride and she must not interfere. Eikichirō wakes up and begins working his way to Ichigo and the others. Meanwhile, the Hollow continues to mock Ichigo, who considers it to be heresy and tries to attack. The Hollow uses the image to make Ichigo hesitate and impales his shoulder. Ichigo is now unable to do anything. With one final monologue, the Hollow attacks, but the doll suddenly begins shooting out lightning. When it's over, the lure has turned into Ichigo's mother's "soma"; her dying wish. She speaks to Ichigo, saying she was proud to have known her family and begs Ichigo to live, be strong, be gentle and to smile. She thanks him and disappears, along with the doll.

Ichigo now has a new resolve and begins a monologue about how wrong the Hollow was; stating that he can still kill him. He attacks, but the scene changes to Orihime, quoting what sounds like a poem. She remembers images of her brother and says she can relate to Ichigo's feelings. Back to the battle, blood goes flying in the air and we see that Ichigo is inflicting massive damage on the Hollow; who flees. Ichigo calls him to come back, but he is unable to chase the Hollow. He still screams about chasing it until only one of them remains, but passes out before he can carry his threat out.

Eikichiro now compliments Ichigo and announces he is going home. He says he'll make something up as to why he didn't deal with Rukia. Everything seems to be at peace now, the rain has subsided and Ichigo can now go to his mother's grave. He apologizes for being unable to avenge her. Isshin Kurosaki says that as long as Ichigo's doing well, she can rest assured. His dad then pulls out a cigarette, saying that one of his wife's first and last compliments was, "Your hand looks cool when you're smoking." and that's why he smokes one cigarette on their annual trips to her grave. Ichigo asks why no one blames him for her death, but his dad merely says that if he blamed Ichigo, his wife would be angry. He also says that it was no one's fault, that she was a noble woman who didn't mind dying for her kids. After their moment, his dad hits him and walks away; spitting out pieces of advice the whole way. At the end, Ichigo begs to be a Shinigami just a little while longer so he can protect people and someday kill the Hollow that killed his mother.

In Karakura Town, at a condemned hospital, large television sets have been set up with a large crowd watching as the broadcast announcer introduces them to the show, hinting that you can hear the screams of the angry spirits. He then announces the arrival of the host, Don Kanonji, who jumps down from above, leaping out of a helicopter, shouting his catchphrase: "The Spirits are always with you". He glides towards the stage before a parachute and the television titles for the show appear.

At Karakura High School, Orihime greets Ichigo as he enters the classroom with her arms crossed across her chest, bellowing a loud, awkward "Bwahahaha!!". Ichigo's startled and perturbed expression tells her instantly that Ichigo is not "in" on the news, but Ichigo takes a guess at what the fuss is about, mumbling "Drop-in?", with a lack of enthusiasm. Orihime smiles, exclaiming what a great show it is and invites him to watch it with her. Tatsuki Arisawa interrupts her excitement, catching her arms above her head, tell her to calm down. Shocked, Orihime stares at her friend before allowing Tatsuki to push her away from Ichigo, insisting that she watch the show with her instead.

As they leave, Ichigo barely watches as they go, his expression still somewhat stunned and confused by what has just taken place. Still standing at the classroom door, his male friends approach him from behind, with Keigo Asano calling out his name to get his attention. Ichigo turns from the classroom to find Keigo, Yasutora Sado, and Mizuiro Kojima greeting him in exactly the same fashion as Orihime had, leaving Ichigo completely dumbfounded. Sado holds his hands in that same way, however, he does not participate in the "Bwahahaha" that the other two act out after introducing themselves excitedly.

After this, Ichigo is standing by the classroom window as he is approached by Keigo, who demands to know what he means when he says he is not going to the show. Keigo maintains that the show is the most popular show in Japan and that Ichigo has to come with them. He insists that since it is coming to Karakura Town to be shot live, for if a resident of the town not to go to such a special event, they might as well be dead. Ichigo insists that he is fine being a zombie before motioning for Keigo to get away from him and leave him alone.

Refusing to give up, Keigo recoils before smiling brightly, excitedly informing Ichigo that he has to go, since he invited Rukia Kuchiki as well, swinging round to find Rukia standing behind him, acting like a polite student, bowing before him, asking him how he is. Ichigo sweats a little before Keigo asks Rukia to imitate him doing the "Bwahaha" pose, but Rukia sweetly refuses to do so, insisting that she would be just too embarrassed to do it. As Keigo tries to encourage her some more, Ichigo mentally notes that Rukia's number of personalities she acts everyday is gradually expanding over time.

Ichigo finds himself in the crowd at the event, feeling bemused by the fact that he is there. On stage, Don Kanonji asks the crowd how they are all feeling, maintaining that tonight he would allow all of them to hear the whispers of the spirits. A nearby reporter asks him what he thinks of their location, and Don replies that his nose is filled with the scent of horrible spirits. The crowd then choruses in on cue that it "Smells like bad spirits!" Don follows this up by bellowing "Bwahahaha" which the crowd follows his lead and also bellow it in an animated fashion. Smoke then begins to cover the stage as it is announced that the television show is taking a commercial break.

Ichigo declares then that he despises Ghost Shows. Stagehands begin directing the people towards the area the supposed exorcism is going to take place, insisting the follow the officials. Orihime approaches Ichigo and apologizes for how she greeted him several days ago in school. She informs him that Tatsuki has told her now that Ichigo has never liked Ghost Shows. Ichigo tells her that she doesn't need to apologize especially since his friends are well aware of his dislike for the shows and yet they still continue to make those bellows around him and behave like that.

Orihime reminds him that despite his dislike of the shows, he still came to the even anyway and asks why he has done so. He informs her that his little sister, Yuzu Kurosaki, and his father, Isshin Kurosaki, are both huge fans of the show, pointing towards them, where they are excitedly mimicking the "Bwahaha" together with Karin Kurosaki looking bored beside them. Orihime asks if that's the reason he came and Ichigo confirms this stating that it would be a bit sad to let them come on their own. Orihime smiles and tells Ichigo that he is nice, but he refutes that his actions are merely normal. For a moment, she doesn't say anything before softly agreeing with him that it was normal.

Suddenly, Tatsuki calls out to her and she replies, running off to regroup with her friend. Ichigo is then approached by Rukia, who asks him what is wrong before doing the "Bwahaha" pose and freaking him out. She asks him what is wrong, stating that he should relax or else he will miss out on all the fun and stop being so grumpy. Ichigo admonishes her, insisting that this was his normal expression. Rukia maintains he is wound up after juggling school work with Shinigami work, and he should take the chance to relax and have fun while he can before even tougher battles are upon them. Ichigo moves to ask Rukia something, but she interrupts asking what type of festival they are attending. Ichigo loses his cool, demanding to know why she would attend something she knows nothing about.

As they watch what's going on together, Ichigo ponders aloud if there are really spirits in the hospital. He asks Rukia whether the Shinigami would have put them to rest. She explains that they might not have, because the ghosts would have been earth-bound ghosts, which are usually absorbed into the ground. She states these types of spirits almost never show up on Soul Society's sensors. She further explains that there is only one reason for earth-bound ghosts to show themselves: when a Human enters their territory. At that same instant, a cameraman takes one wrong step closer onto the hospital grounds and a long cry is heard in the distance.

Sado, Orihime, Tatsuki, and Karin all pick up the sound of the deep wail coming from the hospital, and it makes them all uneasy. Sado asks Keigo and Mizuiro whether or not they heard the noise, but both of them deny it, with Keigo chiding Sado for trying to freak him out. Mizuiro suggests that it might have been Sado's imagination, given the event they are currently attending. Although still uneasy, Sado reluctantly agrees with him. Standing with her family, Karin mumbles that she should have stayed at home, causing Isshin to inquire about her state of mind. Karin smiles mockingly stating that everything is fine. Both Orihime and Tatsuki look worriedly at each other.

Rukia informs Ichigo that the cry is clearly from an earth-bound ghost, acknowledging that the event was actually taking place where a spirit had taken root. Ichigo is surprised by this, as he thought it was the scream of a Hollow, but Rukia explains the difference to him. She elaborates that earth-bound cries, while like Hollow cries, are made by souls attached to areas that are being neglected and thus they degrade into Hollows the longer the area is neglected. Thus, Ichigo realizes he is on his way to becoming a Hollow, and is currently a Demi-Hollow. He notices that it does not have a mask and that its hole is not fully opened.

Rukia tells him that the hole in a Hollow's chest is a mark that they have lost their heart and live purely on instinct. The white mask protects that instinct from the physical world, insisting that neither mask nor hole are necessary when one has a heart. She also explains that when a person dies, their spiritual chains to the body are severed and they usually linger, waiting for a Shinigami's guidance to lead them to Soul Society. However, those who have regrets in the world are chained down by the objects of those regrets. Rukia states that this ghost's heart is imprisoned within the hospital. The ghost begins yelling that the hospital is his; he will not let anyone have it and will keep them out. He then goes on to state that it will make him a millionaire, causing Ichigo to observe that the Ghost is very shallow.

The lights dim, and Rukia explains there's nothing to worry about, because it takes months and months for a ghost to become a Hollow. She explains that the ghost would be screaming and writhing in pain if they are about to turn into a Hollow, but this ghost hospital looked just fine. She also tells Ichigo that so long as the ghost doesn't receive any strange stimuli to the hole on his chest, it would take at least 6 months for the transformation. The brilliant Don Kanonji begins his exorcism, wielding a "Super Spirit Stick", which he plunges into the ghost's chest hole, causing him severe pain. Ichigo runs over to the set, yelling at Kanonji to stop, as he is speeding up the transformation process, but he is tackled by security. Rukia is also tackled when she offers to change him into a Shinigami with her glove.

The ghost cries fiercely and the chains on him break. Suddenly, Ichigo's Shinigami form is expelled. Kisuke Urahara, who was responsible for releasing him, and Tessai Tsukabishi show up, telling him to hurry up and stop the transformation. Ichigo darts in front of Don Kanonji, who is able to see him, telling him to stop. But the ghost is already crying in fury and smoke erupts everywhere. The ghost vanishes. The crowds cry in excitement, thinking that Don successfully expelled the spirit, but it reappears on the roof of the hospital as a full-fledged Hollow.

Don Kanonji pushes Ichigo out of the way, proclaiming that he will fend off the dangerous spirit, whom he thinks is the "boss" of the spirit he defeated which has come to seek revenge. Ichigo interferes and they both insist that the other run away. The Hollow runs down the side of the abandoned hospital and moves to attack Kanonji, but Ichigo gets in between them and parries his attack. Again, Kanonji insists that Ichigo run away, but Ichigo strongly reiterates that he is the one who should flee. His insistence greatly confuses Kanonji as he can't seem to fathom why a random teenager is interfering in his exorcism and trying to protect him when he believes it should be the other way around.

Observing the fight from the sidelines, Urahara comments on the Ichigo and his fighting style. He maintains that it is just as he thought, regarding the new Hollow, but asserts that it has taken place in the worst possible scenario. He watches Ichigo eagerly, wondering what he will do now. The Hollow runs at Kanonji, trying to attack him once more. The medium intends to stand his ground, but at the last moment Ichigo swings in front of the Hollow, grabs Kanonji's stick and pulls him out of the way. The Hollow then crashes into the hospital wall. Kanonji tries to capitalize on the Hollow being stuck, but Ichigo drags him into the hospital. Meanwhile, the cameras are still rolling with Kanonji being dragged by something invisible, with the announcer wondering what the entity is.

Inspecting his decision to flee into the building, Urahara implies that he knows the type of fight Ichigo is intending to have. Worried, Rukia moves to run after her friend, but from behind her, Urahara grabs her shoulder and informs her that it will be alright, as the Hollow is not strong enough to cause Ichigo problems. She tries to protest, but Urahara asserts that it would not be good for the ruckus to get any bigger in the current atmosphere. He also advises her that Don Kanonji also seems to have some powers as well, so overall they should leave the situation to them to take care of.

Inside the hospital hallways, Ichigo is still dragging Kanonji away from the Hollow and the medium demands to know why. Ichigo reminds him that he said to run away, but Kanonji insists that he meant for Ichigo to run away and that it is not something he can do. Ichigo flings him against a wall and demands to know why he should run and let Kanonji stay. The medium states that he is a hero because one in four people in Japan are watching him in the ratings and for those children they need to see his courage and not cowardice. He goes to return to the event, but Ichigo grabs him and asserts that to do so will be putting the bystanders at risk of being hurt.

Ichigo advises Kanonji that the Hollow will stay away from the spectators because it will be hunting them due to their higher than usual Reiatsu so it is best the keep away from the audience to stop them from getting hurt. Kanonji appears to be very impressed with Ichigo's deductions in battle and is strategy. He moves to say something, but Ichigo quietens his next words by signalling that the Hollow has discovered them. The Hollow bursts through the floor, demanding to be fed, so Ichigo swings his Zanpakutō to attack it, but the large weapon is caught in the wall beside him, becoming wedged in. Struggling, Ichigo manages to finally free the weapon, but acknowledges that the space is too cramped to swing his sword effectively.

The Hollow attacks him then, spitting out a green goo that solidifies on Ichigo's hands and wrists, sticking them to the weapon. Ichigo starts to panic, flinging his arms in various directions in a manic fashion trying to release them. The Hollow moves to bite him so Ichigo swings to defend himself. The multiple hindrances to his attacking efficiency mean that he's only able to strike the Hollow on its left shoulder, his aiming efficiency being greatly reduced. The Zanpakutō blade becomes lodged in the beasts shoulder so, as the Hollow climbs out the window and onto the roof following his injury, Ichigo is dragged with him.

The Hollow attacks again, but Ichigo is able to evade his mouth, rolling away with his hands still bound. As the two stare each other down, Don Kanonji arrives and interrupts their battle asking whether Ichigo is alright. Ichigo is stunned by his interruption, despite his warnings. The Hollow moves to attack Kanonji so Ichigo moves to defend him, but he is ineffective as the Hollow smashes him against the railing on the roof. He is then hit with more goo, from another Hollow attack, effectively sealing him to the damaged fence behind him. The Hollow moves to attack, but Ichigo is saved by Kanonji who lodges his cane inside the Hollows mouth, halting its advance.

The medium informs Ichigo that he too has some power that is often the difference between himself and his enemies. Inspired by Ichigo's consideration of others, he uses his "Kanonji-ryuu Final Super Attack: Kanon ball". After a somewhat impressive show of light, a tiny, bumbling ball of energy slowly approaches the dubious Ichigo. The light then, much to Ichigo's bewildered surprise, lands on the green goo and makes it explode. During this time, the Hollow breaks Don's Spirit Stick in half and whacks him aside. Don feels his purpose in life is still achieved so long as he didn't run, teaching them what it means to be courageous. He tells Ichigo to make it a good one before collapsing upon the roof.

Ichigo takes advantage of his new found freedom and attacks the Hollow. He slices it effectively down the middle of its white mask; defeating it in one blow. Kanonji dances giddily around him, as he quickly recuperates, saying how great Ichigo is. Ichigo asserts that Kanonji should not be giddy at a time like this. The medium disagrees with him, insisting since he has defeated the monster, Ichigo should be getting more merry due to the good news.

But Ichigo watches the Hollow body with a serious expression, as the Hollow exterior crumbles away and reveals the earth-bound ghost that Kanonji had thought he expelled from earlier. Kanonji recognizes the ghost and is horrified. Ichigo explains what had happened, telling him how his actions provoked its advanced transformation into a Hollow. Don Kanonji is grieved by a lifetime of failures, because he had not understood what he had been doing. Ichigo tells him to go back to his earnest crowd and continue being the hero that he had prided himself on being. Don Kanonji thanks him for everything, for inspiring him with his strength, wit and bravery. The two shake hands and Kanonji promises to make Ichigo his number one pupil, an offer which Ichigo, with a horrified look, calls a demotion.

The Karakura High School P.E. teacher, Kagine, is enraged at Ichigo's behavior on Don Kanonji's show. The teacher also scolds Ichigo's friends, who are standing behind him, for allowing him to act that way. Tatsuki Arisawa interrupts, stating that Orihime Inoue and herself were there but had no part in his actions and excuse themselves from the meeting. Keigo Asano tries leaving with them, but is snatched back by Kagine. Rukia begins to weep for not stopping Ichigo and Kagine moves to comfort her. Whilst he does this, the boys escape through the window and as he is yelling at them, Rukia escapes out the door.

The relieved escapees walk down the school grounds together, with Keigo thanking Rukia for saving them from punishment. Just as Ichigo argues that she was trying to sell him out, Rukia's cell phone Hollow detector goes off. She pretends that she has something to talk to Ichigo about and the two go running off away from the rest. As they all observe the strange behavior, Orihime Inoue muses quietly on whether the two may be dating. Everyone follows curiously, but Yasutora Sado is distracted by the shadowy figure of someone observing them from a school window.

Meanwhile, Ichigo and Rukia come by an alleyway, expecting to find their reported Hollow, but only come across a frightened plus spirit. The spirit confesses that there was a Hollow, but he cannot remember what had defeated it. Ichigo and Rukia send the soul away through Soul Burial, while a mysterious shadowy figure watches them from above, glasses glowing suspiciously.

Back at school, the girls celebrate Orihime placing third for an academic assessment. Keigo badly teases Ichigo for placing 23rd in the boys' assessment, betraying their "below 50" pact. He tries to replace Ichigo with Chad, who then points out that he came 11th overall. Keigo and Mizuiro Kojima freak out and run away. Ichigo scoffs at their reaction, then looks over at the chart listing to see who came in first among the boys. He reads off the name, "Ishida Ametatsu," and mumbles that he's never heard of the person before. Orihime states that it is a boy in their class named Uryū Ishida. Ichigo's embarrassed that he can't recall him and tries to remember.

Elsewhere in the school, Rukia argues with her cell phone as she tries to get in contact with Kisuke Urahara; the sandal-hat shopkeeper. She wonders whether her command receiver is malfunctioning or not. Suddenly, it starts beeping, warning her of a Hollow. She grabs hold of Ichigo from the hallways, stealing him away from his pals. Keigo and Mizuiro comment that the two must really be dating. As they run down the halls, a quiet figure with glasses passes them by. Ichigo's shoulder bumps into his and Ichigo barely has the time to yell out an apology. The figure turns back around, with the same eerie reflective glasses as before. He brushes off his shoulder calmly without a word.

Later, Ichigo and Rukia find themselves in an empty street, with no Hollow to be seen. Ichigo's getting angry at what he considers Rukia's worthless phone. He tells her to get it fixed. Suddenly, a white-clad figure appears in the darkness. He sports the same eerie, glowing glasses. The stranger greets Rukia and Ichigo politely by name, however, he bears a tone of malice. Ichigo asks who he is and how he knows them. But the stranger interrupts, stating that he knows Ichigo can see ghosts. Ichigo and Rukia are shocked by his knowledge. The stranger is distracted by the sensation of a new Hollow in the area.

As he mentions this to them, Rukia's cell phone begins to beep a Hollow alert. Without any physical aid, the stranger already knows the exact direction of the Hollow. He scoffs that Ichigo doesn't even know how to detect the location of the Hollow, yet he calls himself a Shinigami. His silver cross suddenly releases blue energy upward and downward from the stranger's hand, forming a blue archer's bow entirely made out of spirit energy. The stranger releases the arrow and it flies across the skies and destroys a Hollow far in the distance. Ichigo demands to know the strangers name. The stranger turns to face him and introduces himself as Uryu Ishida, a Quincy, who hates Shinigami; including Ichigo.

The next day, at school, Ichigo can't get the memory of Uryū out of his mind. He is filled with anger and resentment. However, he can't even remember his name. Orihime notices Ichigo's frustration and reminds him of the name. She states that Uryu is in the Handicraft Club with her, much to Ichigo's disbelief. Sure enough, they peek into the club's classroom and spot Uryu repair a torn stuffed toy in a quick and proficient manner. Orihime asks Ichigo if anything happened with Uryu, but Ichigo walks away and says it was nothing. Orihime smiles for a moment, but an expression of sadness comes over her as he walks off.

Uryu climbs up a flight of stairs on the way home, stopping suddenly and then asks into the open air if Ichigo is going to continue following him. Ichigo shows himself and faces Uryu, impressed that Uryū was aware of his presence. Uryu states that he was aware of Ichigo's spying since Orihime and him were watching on at the Handicrafts Club. He says he can notice it because Ichigo lets his spirit power leak out foolishly. He continues to say that it appears Ichigo doesn't have the ability to sense those with high spirit power, especially considering he has not noticed Uryū until this day. Uryu explains how he, all along, has noticed Ichigo's massive proportion of spirit power and how Ichigo obtained Shinigami abilities around the month of May.

He is also aware of Rukia's true identity. Suddenly, long white strips of fabric-like material appear and float vertically around Uryu. Ichigo recognizes them as spirit threads, spirit power that is condensed and visualized. Uryu reaches out and grabs a red spirit thread, which startles Ichigo. It is Ichigo's spirit thread and Uryū explains that Shinigami's spirit thread are a different color. He then challenges Ichigo to a match, to prove who is superior and to show Ichigo that Shinigami are unnecessary. Ichigo thinks the thought is ridiculous and that he has nothing to do with Uryū's resentment towards Shinigami. Uryu taunts Ichigo, saying he is afraid because he is only a temporary Shinigami and not a real one.

At the Urahara Shop, Rukia approaches Urahara with a few questions to ask. Urahara explains to her about the Quincy clan, an anti-demon clan that specialized in anti-Hollow combat. They had been scattered across the globe, but were destroyed 200 years ago. Unlike the Shinigami, who purified a Hollow and sent the released soul to Seireitei, the Quincy actually destroyed the Hollows they fought against. The Quincy believed that there was no benefit in sending Hollows, who ate the souls of many innocent people, to Soul Society and thus they destroyed them. But Urahara explains that it was this philosophy that would be their undoing.

Ichigo decides to accept Uryu's challenge, pulling out Kon from his schoolbag and switching to his Shinigami form, thus beginning their battle.

Uryu and Ichigo begin their challenge, and Uryu pulls out a small capsule, which he claims is Hollow bait. He says that they will compete to see who can kill the most Hollows in 24 hours, but Ichigo objects on the basis that it will endanger the lives of everyone in the town. Uryu comes back, saying that if he is a competent Shinigami, then he won't have anything to worry about, and he crushes the bait. Moments later, a Hollow appears high above the town, and Uryu hits it with an arrow in the head and kills it. "That's number one," he says.

Ichigo angrily grabs Uryu by the collar, demanding that he undoes summoning Hollows. Uryu tells him that the Hollow bait is now everywhere, reminding him he should be more concerned about getting rid of the Hollows than fighting with Uryu. As Uryu picks himself back up, he reminds Ichigo that Hollows tend to attack those with high spirit power. Ichigo instantly recalls the Hollows that attacked his sisters, Karin and Yuzu. As Ichigo runs off, worried for his family, Uryu mutters to himself that Ichigo has not yet realized that his family isn't the only one with high Reiatsu. "Don't worry," he reassures, "I'll defeat them all." He glances up to the night sky and recalls the image of an elderly man.

Back at Karakura High School, Tatsuki is relaxing against a school wall, presumably after a karate class. She is annoyed by the presence of two flirting ghosts that drift by her. Her instructor calls her back to class, and as she is about to return, she runs into Orihime Inoue who has a worried expression on her face. Tatsuki recalls what had happened earlier with Orihime's brother, unable to remember everything, but remembers random aspects, like thinking she had seen Rukia Kuchiki in the same room. Tatsuki had thought it was a dream, but as she speaks with Orihime, she realizes that her friend had dreamed the very same thing. Ever since that day, Tatsuki had gained the ability to see ghosts. As she continues speaking with Orihime on the school grounds, an annoying ghost gets on Tastuki's nerves. She refocuses her attention on Orihime, but just as Orihime is about to speak what's on her mind, they hear a loud crash nearby. They both run to investigate, but Orihime pauses as she senses something ominous in the bright skies.

Elsewhere, Karin, who is playing soccer with her friends, senses an malevolent presence. Ichigo destroys his third Hollow and continues searching for his sisters. Uryu, standing on a bridge somewhere in the city, is seen firing off arrows, bumping his kill count up to eleven.

At the Urahara Shop, Rukia's command receiver is going berserk with Hollow alerts that flicker off as fast as they appear, alarming her with the vast amount. She hears a Hollow cry, and running outside, Rukia discovers a black slit in the sky. She can't figure out what is going on with the chaotic spirit force she senses, and she questions what will happen.

Ichigo continuously tears up Hollows, taking on three at once with his huge Zanpakutō. Uryū is busy doing his job as well, firing off arrow after arrow.

Out on the city streets, Chad's friends are beckoning him to hurry up because they are hungry for lunch, but Chad seems to be distracted by something. Suddenly, one of his friends attempts to kick him in the head, only to fall backwards and hurt himself because of Chad's powerful build. He continues to bug Chad to hurry up and get some food, but, just as they start walking, a large, invisible weight falls behind Chad. As they fall back and dust erupts everywhere, afterwards, everyone else can only see nothingness, and presume the explosion must have had something to do with a gas explosion. Chad, however, can see the faint outline of a Hollow that has caused destruction in several stores. Chad realizes it's after him, and begins running to lead the mysterious entity to a more deserted area.

At the soccer field, Karin's remains distracted. She can't concentrate on the sport. She spots Chad out of breath, recognizing him as Ichigo's friend from when Chad had visited their clinic. She asks what Chad's doing at the field, but as she does, he grabs her and lunges forward. An explosion of dirt ensues behind them. They land safely away from the Hollow, and Karin stares at it over Chad's shoulder, terrified at what she's seeing. Chad wishes he could see it better to help him dodge, but Karin simply comments, "It's back. What the heck is it?" Chad is surprised that she can see it perfectly. She suddenly screams out and warns him that the Hollow is behind them, and Chad picks her up and darts to the side in the nick of time. Karin continually warns Chad of the Hollow's impending attacks after she discovers he can barely see it at all.

She rides on his large back and keeps watch of the giant Hollow, which is pursuing them. She explains that it isn't her first time to see a monster like that. She has noticed that somehow, these monsters are related to Ichigo. Suddenly, the Hollow attacks from the left, and out of nowhere, Chad sees a part of the Hollow's arm, delivering it a powerful downward punch. The Hollow cries out in pain and hits them quickly, with no time for the two to react. As they are thrown aside, Karin thinks that Chad has passed out. Suddenly, Karin's soccer friends come up to her and ask if Chad is alright. She warns them angrily that they're in danger, but they don't have a clue what she's talking about. She jumps at one of them to push him out of harm's way.

Meanwhile, Chad is in a dreamlike state, remembering his youth. A man chewing on a cigar asks the younger Chad if he has hit someone again today. He lays a gentle hand on Chad's head, reminding him that Chad is a strong kid, and was born with many fortunate physical features that put him to an advantage. However, this man encourages Chad to be gentle, because the reason his big, strong fists exist, and the reason his body is big, is to protect others. Chad wakes up and picks himself up off the ground, echoing the words of his Abuelo. He takes his place behind Karin; the other children run away. Chad continues to ask his Abuelo for strength, so that he can protect those who need his help.

He suddenly sees the Hollow coming clearly, and lunges his right arm in a defensive punch. There's an explosion of power. The Hollow's arm deteriorates and it is sent flying backward. Karin stares in shock at Chad, and just as the dust clears, she notices that his right arm now wears a skin-tight glove that runs from his hand up to his shoulder. It has a "tail piece" and "fin pieces" by the wrist. It is black with a maroon stripe down the center, and two white lines bordering the maroon stripe.

Chad lunges forward again and finally defeats the Hollow. Karin runs up to him and asks if Chad is okay, wondering what had happened to his arm. Chad turns to face her, and raises his left arm in a thumbs up, saying that he is alright. Karin is totally appalled at the dorkiness of the thumbs up, and Chad collapses onto the ground, unable to fully understand what happened. He asks Karin if she was hurt, but she replies that only he was hurt. He comments that that's a good thing, but Karin kicks him on the head and angrily questions how Chad being hurt is a good thing. She runs off to call her dad to come help him.

Back at the high school grounds, Orihime is helping the girls clean up the mess caused by the "explosion" they had heard earlier. As she stares in the direction of the gym, lured by an ominous feeling, she suddenly spots a shadowy figure staring right back at her.

At the high school, Tatsuki and Chizuru are cleaning up a mess of broken glass on the school grounds. Tatsuki mentions that there was something odd about the boys that were accused of breaking the glass. Chizuru notices Orihime gazing into the distance and tries to catch her attention suggestively, though Tatsuki counters Chizuru's advances. Orihime, who seems suspiciously positive, mentions that there's a TV show she wants to watch and pushes the girls along, telling them to stop cleaning and to come with her to watch it. She keeps telling them to hurry. The memory of the octopus-like Hollow (known as Numb Chandelier) sitting atop the school gym keeps haunting Orihime's memory, and she tells herself not to panic, to act calm, and to get everyone out of danger.

She glances back once and notices the Hollow is no longer where she last saw it. Tatsuki escapes from her push and apologizes, telling her that she has to change out of her karate gear. Orihime yells after her, worried that Tatsuki might be heading in the direction of the vanished Hollow. But just as she calls after her, Orihime senses the purple Hollow's presence looming above and behind her. Her heart pounds. Orihime swallows nervously. The Hollow, with a female voice, speaks to Orihime and squints at her through two heart-shaped holes in the white Hollow mask.

Elsewhere, Ichigo and Uryu are still pummeling Hollows left, right and center. Uryu is confident that he will win as he releases spirit arrow after spirit arrow.

Chizuru notices Orihime's panic stricken face, but cannot see anything in the direction of her stare. Orihime pleads with her to run away. But just then, Numb Chandelier, who will not let anyone escape, releases tiny pods from its rounded head that shoot out against everything around them, breaking more windows of the school and splattering into green goo as they hit a surface. One of them hits Chizuru right on the left shoulder. Orihime runs to her worriedly. The girl is in pain, but appears fine for a few moments, even taking some opportunities to flirt with Orihime. But suddenly, her right arm grasps Orihime's arm high above them, refusing to let go.

Chizuru has lost control of the attacked limb. Orihime demands to know what has happened, and Numb Chandelier explains that it does not like to fight, and it often takes control of humans to make them fight among themselves. It then takes control of a sizable amount of students, all splattered with green blotches, who come to attack the two girls. Then, to their rescue, Tatsuki shows up fully dressed in her school uniform and kicks many of her possessed classmates. Orihime finds out that Tatsuki can see Hollows to some extent, like a faint outline or distortion.

Tatsuki warns the Hollow that anyone who picks on Orihime will get kicked by her. But just as Tatsuki pounds a few more classmates, an arm holds her back. She turns around to fight the next adversary when she notices it's Chizuru who is grabbing her shoulder and she is slow to fight off a friend. As she is held down, Numb Chandelier fires another pod at Tatsuki. Tatsuki is hit by the green substance. Numb Chandelier appears in front of her and teases her a bit, but Tatsuki is still able to keep enough control to stand herself and bite one of the Hollow's tentacles. Numb Chandelier becomes angry and shoots multiple pods at her. Orihime, who was being held captive by a few possessed classmates, escapes from their grasp and runs to Tatsuki's aid. But as she reaches her, the now-possessed Tatsuki takes control and kicks Orihime in the gut. Orihime falls to her knees and remembers something as she stares at her lost friend.

She remembers her late brother complimenting her long, orange hair, and how she had been teased profusely by her classmates because of how it looked. In her childhood, she decided to cut her hair to the disappointment of her brother, lying about her reasons. Even so, Orihime still didn't have any friends at school, until Tatsuki invited her to walk home with her. With Tatsuki protecting her, Orihime knew that she would never have to cut her hair again. Orihime considers her long hair to be a symbol of her friendship with Tatsuki. Back in the present, she stares at her possessed friend, who returns her glance with the same look of memory. She reaches out a hand to thank her for protecting her. Tears fill Tatsuki's eyes. Orihime stands up and embraces her friend, unafraid. "This time," she says, "I'll protect you".

Suddenly, the blue flower hairpins that her brother had given her break out into their separate petals. A great spirit force swirls around Orihime. She echoes the words Tatsuki had used to threaten the Hollow before, only this time, Orihime inverts the protected and the protector: "I won't forgive anyone who hurts Tatsuki-chan!" Orihime stands in a ring of smoke and wind, with a few mysterious flying objects swirling around her. The Hollow cannot figure out Orihime's power, and suddenly, Orihime notices the flying objects. They speak to her, asking if she has realized they were there, saying that she must've, for they have always been closest to her. They look like the silhouettes of flying birds in the sky. But as one lands on her shoulder, Orihime notices that the bird-shape came from a folded paper-like glider attached to the backs of six, small people. A tiny blonde dressed in red, armed with a green wing-glider, stands on her shoulder, and introduces the six of them as the Six Flowers of the Hibiscus Shield, born to protect her.

The others all show their true forms: a timid-looking, black-haired girl in pink Chinese garb, sheltered underneath her big, red wing-glider; a raunchy-looking girl with pink hair, a blue bathing-type suit, yellow goggles, a tattoo on her right butt-cheek, and a pink patterned wing-glider; a burly round man with a metal mouth-mask and a grey wing-glider; and a creepy old man with a striped, purple bodysuit, a half-face mask with what seems to be a monocle piece and a blue and yellow-polka-dotted wing-glider. Orihime stares at them with much surprise, thinking of them as flying fairies.

The blonde, red-clothed one assures they are not fairies, but the power of her soul, a part of Orihime that can only be seen by her. But the girl also mentions that someone like Ichigo might be able to see them, because they were born because of him. Suddenly, a flying black one attacks the other girl, yelling that she takes too long. The sixth "flower" shows himself to be a cocky male with a tan scarf hiding half his face, a scar by one eye, and a black and red bodysuit with a black and red wing-glider. He tells Orihime to learn how to control them. The big burly one tells her it requires the intentions of the heart and the Magic Words (or incantation).

Numb Chandelier reappears in front of them and the red and blonde girl tells Orihime not to worry. She tells her to repeat a sort of summoning chant: "Hinagiku, Baigon, Lily!". Numb Chandelier spits out its green goo pods from its head. Orihime timidly repeats the words, which actually reflect the three "flowers". They fly forwards together and shout out: "Santen Kesshun - I REJECT!". Orihime repeats the same words. The three flower-fairies then produce a yellow-orange triangle aura between themselves, each acting like a corner of the triangle which fully protects Orihime. The pods are thus blocked and do not harm her.

The final flower, the black and red cocky one, tells her not to lose focus, and explains that he can reject both sides of the shield. He can be fired at the enemy, forming a shield within the enemy to thus split them in half. She calls out his summon, "Tsubaki, Koten Zanshun - I REJECT!" Tsubaki launches forward and pierces Numb Chandelier, splitting her into two. The exhausted Orihime passes out from all of her efforts, and Shun'ō comments that it must have been a lot for her, especially since it is the first time she has ever tried fighting with them. They disappear back into her two hairpins. Out of nowhere, sandal-clad feet come upon the passed-out Orihime. It is Kisuke Urahara, who arrives on the scene with his large handyman, Tessai, bearing a passed-out Chad on his shoulders. The scene fades to black.

Elsewhere, Karin and Yuzu return to the soccer field only to find that Chad is missing. Isshin, the family father/doctor, and clown manages to annoy Karin as usual. Kon watches over them from above. At the Urahara Shop, Orihime comes to and realizes that Chad is sitting in the same room as her. They both have no clue where they are. Suddenly, Urahara appears before them in his usual mysterious way.

Uryu and Ichigo are still pounding Hollows as a part of their battle. Ichigo is getting mad because of it though, and Uryū wonders to himself why there are so many Hollows. He feels there are too many around even for Hollow bait, as if some other stronger force is attracting them. Rukia, who has been wandering the streets since she left Urahara's place, tries to fight a Hollow, but her powers are too weak. She is saved by someone whom she thinks is Ichigo, but turns out to be a rather flirtatious Kon. Uryu appears behind them, and speaks to Rukia seriously for the first time. He assures her that he doesn't intend to let any people die because of his doing. He aims his bow at the Hollow that had first attacked Rukia.

At the Urahara Shop, Urahara finishes explaining to Chad and Orihime about everything that has happened with them and Ichigo. They are not sure whether to believe him, but Urahara says it is up to them whether they can take on the challenge of the lifestyle and knowledge that Urahara has just talked about. Tessai then interrupts and tells Urahara that the "sky crests" have begun converging and preparations are complete. Urahara walks out of the Japanese dojo-styled room, and tells them that he can show the two "what's beyond the door".

The Hollow that Uryu is aiming at is suddenly destroyed by Ichigo instead, who bounds into the scene. The two are nearly smiling as they have finally run into each other since the battle begun, and the competition is fierce. Ichigo grins. The view tilts upwards, to the black looming holes that fill the sky above them.

Uryu and Ichigo are in the middle of a contest to see who can defeat the most Hollows. Ichigo, who has been searching for Uryu, finally finds him, telling him the contest is no longer about who can defeat the most Hollows, but a personal fight between just the two of them. Kon (in Ichigo's body) notices a crack in the sky, while Uryu comments on how Hollows are gathering there. Uryu runs off to fight the gathering Hollows, calling himself "The Last Quincy". Rukia explains to a confused Ichigo about the extermination of the Quincy 200 years ago. Kisuke had explained to Rukia about the balance between spirits in the Human World and Seireitei. Rukia then relays the rest of the information she learned to Ichigo - Quincy, unlike Shinigami, do not purify Hollows, but completely destroy them. The destruction of Hollows upsets the balance of spirits. If the Quincy situation had not been dealt with, that imbalance would have been the end of the world. Shinigami were given the nickname "Balancers", or regulators, because they destroyed the Quincy population so they could maintain the spirit balance.

Ichigo, believing this to be Uryu's reason for fighting, goes to consult him about it. Uryū says that that is not his reason for fighting. He fights for his sensei, who died right before his eyes. His sensei wanted to work together with the Shinigami, but was rejected every time he suggested it. He died while fighting five Huge Hollows because the Shinigami didn't show up until it was too late. Uryu fights to prove the strength of the Quincy to the Shinigami. Ichigo kicks him in the head and reminds him that his sensei's wish was not to prove the Quincy's power to the Shinigami, but to combine the two powers together. As they fight the Hollows, Ichigo confides in Uryu that his mother was also killed by a Hollow. Ichigo says that he fights so no one will feel the pain his family felt after his mother's death. They continue fighting, but there seems to be no end to the amount of Hollows. Uryu then notices a giant Hollow coming out of the sky. The smaller Hollows around them begin to charge while Ichigo and Uryu are distracted by the giant Hollow in the sky.

Urahara and his shop employees arrive and decide to take care of the "small fry", so that Ichigo and Uryū can take care of what Rukia describes as "a gigantic Hollow said to be born when hundreds of Hollows pile atop each other and intermingle" - a Menos Grande. Rukia goes to stop the two from fighting, but Urahara uses a Shibireyubi spell, saying that the fight is necessary for both Ichigo and Rukia. When neither Ichigo nor Uryu's attacks work, and Ichigo is thrown back, Uryu grabs Ichigo's Zanpakuto to pull him back up. The Reiryoku Ichigo is releasing flows through his sword and causes Uryu's bow to grow bigger.

Chad and Orihime are watching everything that is going on from a bridge some distance away. Orihime notes that she hadn't forgotten anything that had happened to her recently, she has merely doubted her memories. She asks Chad what they are supposed to do, confused about the path to take.

Uryu suggests for Ichigo to "control [his] Reiryoku and increase it to maximum output". However, Ichigo has no idea what he is talking about, saying that maybe his Reiryoku is just always on full blast. Meanwhile, the Menos Grande prepares to fire a red ball of energy that Rukia calls as a "Cero". Ichigo charges the Menos as it fires the Cero at him. Uryu marvels at Ichigo's Reiatsu as Ichigo blocks the attack with his Zanpakuto. Uryu realizes that Ichigo's Reiatsu, in fact, was not on full blast before; in fact, it stays bottled up at all times. In a display of force and determination, Ichigo reflects the Cero back at the Menos, damaging it and forcing it to retreat back through the tear in the sky. The crack disappears, and Ichigo collapses. All of Ichigo's Reiatsu releases at once. Uryu notes that Ichigo will die if this continues, and steps in to help, standing on Ichigo's Zanpakuto and releasing Kurosaki's Reiatsu through his arrows. Uryu apologizes to the memory of his sensei for antagonizing the Shinigami, and it is revealed that his sensei was also his grandfather. Ichigo then wonders how he is suppose to defeat after he sees him cry.

While Rukia lies in Ichigo's closet, reflecting on his victory against the Menos Grande the previous day. She notes that it won't take long for the Soul Society to realize what happened. The next morning, Kon wakes up Ichigo by shouting his name in tears, wearing a pink nightgown with a flower attached to his ear. Kon tells Ichigo that he is outraged for having the dress put on him by Ichigo's sister, Yuzu, and Ichigo rebuts by telling Kon that she washed him because he was filthy, and that Kon shouldn't be running around naked. The conversation ends with Kon plotting to run away. Ichigo wakes Rukia up for school, only for her to snap at him for being so loud. The two then leave via the window.

Rukia and Ichigo leave, Kon attempts to attract some female affection from two of Orihime Inoue's friends, Ryo Kunieda and Michiru Ogawa. Instead of the affection he wanted, they are surprised to hear Kon shouting from being stepped on. Kon then attempts to make a getaway, only to be chased by Ryō, who happens to be a Karakura High School track star.

The scene moves to Orihime walking to school, who runs into Rukia, and the two then walk to school together. They speculate on the summer break that is approaching, and reminisce on their visit to see the Don Kanonji show. Then the conversation moves to Ichigo, in which Rukia comments on Orihime's previous dislike of Ichigo, and Orihime mentions that "when you take a good look at him, he has a really interesting face". High atop a suspension bridge, a black cat sits and views the town below. The cat then swiftly leaps onto the sidewalk, landing perfectly, and takes off into town.

Back at Karakura High School, Kon reveals his next plan to attract female attention, namely that of Orihime. His plan is to lie on the ground until she picks him up and she holds him in the "valley of soft pillows." Unfortunately, he finds himself stuck in the middle of a kickball game, caught between Tatsuki's ball and Orihime's bat, which ends in his flight out of the scene. The scene moves to Ichigo, who is observing the game (oblivious to Kon's involvement), when he is jumped by Keigo, who discusses Ichigo's attraction to girls, which ends with Mizuiro pelting Keigo in the head with a rock. The two help Mizuiro put away the gym equipment as Keigo and Mizuiro discuss Uryū's absence from school that day. The group moves back inside, as Rukia watches everyone from a window in the classroom.

Back in class, the teacher is surprised by Uryu's tardiness. When she notes that he is covered in injuries, which he excuses by claiming that he fell down the stairs. Rukia tells Ichigo not to take his injuries personally (as Uryu had to save Ichigo), who denies even caring about Uryu. Ichigo then invites Uryu to lunch, who initially denies the invitation, but accepts on the grounds that Keigo is buying. Meanwhile, Rukia reflects on the appearance of an agent from the 2nd Division with orders to bring her back to Soul Society.

At Kisuke's Shop, Ururu is cleaning while Jinta goofs off. Then Ururu turns to see Yoruichi standing nearby, and then goes inside to fetch Kisuke and Tessai. As Kisuke affectionately greets Yoruichi, Tessai mentions that the cat is Kisuke's best friend.

The guys' lunch proceeds on the rooftop of Karakura High, as Keigo notes the miserable atmosphere between him, Ichigo, and Uryu. Chad comes by, surprising Keigo, and joins the group. As Keigo tells a story in the background, a hostile conversation between Ichigo and Uryu comes up, in which they only butt heads; Mizuiro notes how alike they are. At the girls' lunch on the school grounds, Rukia is awestruck and the girls begin asking questions and gossiping about her relationship with Ichigo. Tatsuki begins roughing up on Chizuru for flirting with Orihime, and Rukia notes the nice atmosphere and how she, unfortunately, doesn't belong there.

Back at Urahara's Shop, Kon attempts to steal deadly weapons to exact revenge on Ichigo, but instead runs into Yoruichi, Jinta, and Ururu. There, Kon is punished for sneaking in through their window, as the scene ends with another yelp from Kon. At school, Rukia intercepts Ichigo after school and asks how he is feeling. Ichigo, initially oblivious to Rukia's behavior, begins wondering why Rukia seems to be acting so strange. Before she can answer, Kon comes charging into Rukia's bosom, torn up and in tears, begging to come back to Ichigo, who had no idea that he had run away in the first place. Rukia then notes that Kon is attached to hi my, but Ichigo says that Kon is a pain. They go to Uryu to fix Kon up, who initially declines helping, but Ichigo's taunts prompt Uryu to patch Kon up quickly. However, he now has curly, blond hair and wears a frilly dress and wig.

At Urahara's Shop, Yoruichi stares at the sky and Kisuke comes out with a bowl of milk. Yoruichi speaks in a deep male voice about two people that have already arrived in Karakura Town. The scene changes to Ichigo's house. A note on the desk indicates her departure, and she is seen taking one last look at the house she lived in during her time in the real world. She turns and runs, and two individuals are seen above the street, tracking Rukia as she runs away.

As Rukia runs, she reminisces on her experiences in the Human World and her encounters with the many people she has met during her stay. She realizes that she has become too close to Ichigo and his friends and has developed feelings that would hinder her job as a Shinigami. By pulling Rukia out of her reverie, a voice calls down to her from a telephone pole. Renji suddenly leaps down and thrusts his sword downwards, just barely missing Rukia and sending green light and sparks into the air between them. He remarks that she has gotten far too soft.

Then shouldering his sword, Renji demands to know where the Human who took her powers is. Rukia attempts to lie her way out of her situation, telling him that just because she is in a Gigai, she has not necessarily lost her powers. Renji, however, knows the truth. Renji says that Rukia is just another kid from Rukongai like him and she was lucky enough to have been taken in by the noble house of Kuchiki. She should be one of the elite Shinigami, not someone wearing a Gigai. Renji asks Captain Kuchiki if he agrees. The second Shinigami appears behind Rukia. Rukia calls him brother. Rukia is stunned with his presence as he simply looks down at her. Renji leaps forward and slashes at Rukia with his sword. Rukia barely manages to stay on her feet, albeit with a large cut on her right cheek and with one hand on the ground holding her up.

Renji then reminds Rukia that transferring her Shinigami powers to a Human is a felony, and informs her that he and Byakuya have come to arrest her and kill the one who took her powers. Renji demands to know the location of the person, but as Rukia remains stubbornly silent, Renji tells her that the first two strikes were meant to threaten - not kill - but the next attack would be for real. Renji attacks again with much more force and again, Rukia manages to barely get away. This time, her arm is injured and she falls to her knees. However, before Renji can make another attack, a blue arrow streaks past Renji's ear. Renji turns to face an approaching Uryu Ishida, who admonishes the two Shinigami for attacking an unarmed girl. Renji is surprised that Uryu can see them at all, and asks who the stranger is. Uryu simply replies that he is a classmate - one who hates Shinigami and was simply passing by on his way home from a sewing supply store. As Uryu talks to Rukia about why he show up, she says he is a bad liar. Impatient at being ignored, Renji slashes Uryu's bag in two and once again demands to know who Uryu is. Uryu tells Renji his name, and then says that it is the name of the man who will defeat him. Renji becomes angry and states that he will kill Uryu first.

Back at the Kurosaki home, Ichigo is still awake, even though it is about 2 a.m. He's getting annoyed at the fact that Rukia has not returned. Ichigo hears strange noises in the bathroom. A short investigation finds Kon gagged and bound to the back of the toilet. Once Kon is free, Ichigo is thanked by Kon but he sprays him with air fresher because he smells pretty bad. However he is quick to inform Ichigo that Rukia has left. As proof, he shows Ichigo the goodbye note she left behind. Ichigo is still clueless about why Rukia left so suddenly, but Kon repeats part of her message to them - to burn the letter after reading and to hide out for a while. In other words, something happened between Rukia and Soul Society, and Rukia only wants to protect those around her by leaving. Despite this, Ichigo decides to go as a Shinigami and follow Rukia. Since this means that Ichigo will have to reach for the Soul Candy in Kon's mouth, Kon protests and runs away. Kisuke Urahara appears at Ichigo's window and offers to use his cane to separate Ichigo's soul from his body, so he can go.

As Uryu falls to the ground, defeated by the two Shinigami. Rukia is shock about this, whereas Renji mocks Uryu. However before Renji can land the finishing blow, a massive force breaks the concrete before him. Renji leaps back to avoid the blow and asks who the newcomer is. Ichigo appears and identifies himself. Renji looks closely at Ichigo's clothes and recognizes the Shinigami attire. He spots Ichigo's Zanpakuto and is shocked at its sheer size. He remarks that the size of one's Zanpakuto is relative to the size of one's spirit power. Then Renji realizes that Ichigo is the one who took Rukia's powers and lunges forward to attack him. Ichigo raises his sword to block the attacks and attempts to counterattack. However, Renji leaps aside, and before Ichigo even realizes it, Renji slashes Ichigo's shoulder. Rukia attempts to stop Renji from going any further, but Uryu manages to stop her before passing out again.

As Renji stands over Ichigo, he tells Ichigo that once he kills him, Rukia will regain her powers and then will be taken back to Soul Society to die herself. Renji continues to abuse Ichigo with his words, telling Ichigo that an overnight Shinigami could never even scratch a true Shinigami like himself and Byakuya. Ichigo, however, does not take it lying down and swipes his Zanpakuto upwards, leaving a large cut on Renji's chin. He stands up again, ready to fight. Byakuya then speaks up for the first time to lightly scold Renji, stating that he relaxed too much. He informs Renji that he had received a report on a certain Shinigami named Kurosaki Ichigo, who inflicted a sword wound on a Menos Grande and sent it back to Hueco Mundo.

Renji laughs at this, saying that he cannot believe such a story, as Ichigo cannot even control his own spirit energy and does not even know his Zanpakuto's name. Renji suddenly takes his Zanpakuto and releases it, calling out, "Howl, Zabimaru!" The blade instantly changes into one with smaller blades spiking out along its sharp edge. Renji then makes another attack and lands another blow on Ichigo's left shoulder. As Renji pulls his blade back, each of the smaller blades jutting out from his sword slashes the wound even further. The blow is so strong that Ichigo's sword falls to the ground. Rukia watches Ichigo helplessly from the sidelines as Renji waves his sword to strike again. Ichigo, who is stunned, falls to his knees.

As Ichigo falls to his knees after Lieutenant Renji Abarai's attack, the latter, readying himself to attack again, lifts his sword to bring it down on Ichigo. Grabbing Renji's arm, Rukia, jumping onto his back, restricts him as she yells for Ichigo to run. As Ichigo, reaching out, grabs his Zanpakutō, Renji, who is surprised he can still move, but slightly happy because he wanted a little more of a challenging match, throws Rukia aside. As Ichigo slowly stands, Rukia, telling him to run once more, notices something strange.

Getting a huge boost in his spirit power, Ichigo charges at Renji and, jumping, slashes him along his left shoulder. Surprised by this sudden burst in power, Renji turns to Ichigo, who, with enhanced speed, rushes at him again. Blocking the attack, Renji, knocked back by Ichigo's blow, is sent flying into the air. When Renji gets a cut above his nose, Ichigo, taunting Renji, says he has gotten slower. Thinking to himself it is not that he has gotten slow, but that Ichigo has gotten faster, Renji swings his Zanpakutō at Ichigo, who avoids the first two strikes, and deflects the third.

Chasing after Renji, who can only dodge, Ichigo gains control of the fight. On his knees, Renji is astonished by Ichigo's continually rising spirit power. Jumping into the air, Ichigo comes down on Renji, swinging his Zanpakuto down towards his head, but, landing on the ground, discovers the blade of his Zanpakutō has been cut off. Realizing it could not have been Renji, Ichigo, turning to Captain Byakuya Kuchiki, is confused as to how he could have done anything from the distance he is standing from himself and Renji. As he notices the severed blade of his Zanpakuto in Byakuya's hand, Byakuya, casually dropping it to the ground, slowly raises his hand to the handle of his sheathed Zanpakuto as Ichigo readies for an attack.

As Byakuya appears behind Ichigo, who does not even have a chance to react, a wound appears on Ichigo, and he, falling, has no idea what just happened, not even knowing what direction he was attacked from. Appearing beside him, Byakuya attacks, stabbing through Ichigo's back and piercing through the front of his body, and quickly sheaths his sword again. When Renji claims he could have finished Ichigo off himself, Byakuya states his skills will get rusty if he just stands by and watches all the time.

When Rukia attempts to run to Ichigo's side, Renji, grabbing her by the neck, pushes her up against a pole. As Rukia tries to get him to let go, Renji, angrily claiming Ichigo is dead, explains that even touching his dead body will lengthen her sentence in prison by 20 years. Reaching out, Ichigo grabs the bottom of Byakuya's clothes. As Byakuya, without even looking down at him, tells Ichigo to let go, Ichigo tells him to look at him when he speaks. When Byakuya threatens to cut off Ichigo's arm, Rukia, running up, kicks Ichigo's hand off of him. As Ichigo, shocked when Rukia starts to willingly leave with Renji and Byakuya, asks what she is doing, she tells him to never think of coming after her to rescue her, or she will never forgive him.

Deciding not to give a finishing blow, as Rukia had stated it would be a waste, Byakuya explains he shattered the soul's two fatal areas: the chain link and the soul sleep. He says Ichigo will most likely die in under an hour, but even if he lives, all his Shinigami powers will be gone. As Renji uses his Zanpakuto to open a Senkaimon, Ichigo watches helplessly in the rain as Renji, Byakuya, and finally Rukia walk through the portal. As the door shuts and fades away, Ichigo falls unconscious while Kisuke approaches.

As Ichigo thinks to himself he must finally be dying, as he was just cold and now he has no pain and is warm, he awakes to see Tessai laying on top of him in a small bed on the floor. As Ichigo yells for Tessai to get off of him Tessai, calling for Urahara, says Ichigo has awakened, Ichigo, pushing him out of the bed, sits up quickly, feeling a sharp pain in his left arm. His chest and shoulders are bandaged up. As Ichigo realizes he is not dead and not at his own house, Urahara, entering the room, tells Ichigo his wounds are not yet fully healed, and if he moves too much, he will die. As Ichigo realizes he is in Urahara's house and it was Urahara who saved him, Urahara informs him Uryu was also healed by him, but went home, as his wounds were not too serious. When Urahara tells him Uryu said Ichigo is their only hope in saving Rukia, Ichigo says it is impossible to save her, since she has returned to the Soul Society.

Urahara after pinning Ichigo to the bed informs him there is a way he can get into Soul Society and save Rukia, but in exchange, Ichigo must let Urahara train him for ten days. When an outraged Ichigo says they must get there faster or else Rukia may be killed, Urahara states at his current strength, Ichigo will definitely die in Soul Society, and there is a one month grace period before executions. He says it will take ten days to train and to open the gate to Soul Society, and they will have thirteen days when there. Remembering Rukia leaving through the gate, Ichigo, questioning if he really can get stronger in just ten days, agrees.

As Ichigo is at school reflecting on how he was nearly killed by the Shinigami, and how no one at school remembers Rukia and act as if she was never here. Ichigo realizes that this is what happens when one goes back to Soul Society: one's very existence disappears from people’s hearts. After telling the class not to die before September, the teacher dismisses them all for summer vacation. Ichigo notices that Uryū Ishida is not at school, but he thinks that he would be able to remember Rukia. Suddenly, a blindfold is put across his eyes and he is spun around by Keigo Asano, who then asks him where the watermelon is. Ichigo hits him on the head with a stick. Keigo says that he wants everyone to go to the beach together over summer, but everyone has other things planned (including Mizuiro Kojima, who is then chased around the classroom after saying he is going to Hawaii).

Ichigo walks home from school, thinking about how nothing really feels different, even without Rukia. She is from Soul Society, so there never was a place for her in the Human World. Thinking this, Ichigo wonders what he should do. He is snapped out of his thoughts, however, as Orihime Inoue approaches him, asking where Rukia went, and why everyone forgot about her. After telling her about Rukia, Ichigo is surprised that Orihime could see spirits. He asks her how long she had been able to, and she says that she has been able to since the incident with her brother. Orihime tells him that she is grateful to Ichigo for helping her brother go to the other side, and how he must be happy there now. She wonders if Rukia is happy as well, and if she had family or friends there. Ichigo pictures Byakuya, and says that he needs to bring her back because she could be killed at any time. To cheer him up, Orihime does an impression of him saying how, if Rukia is dead, they will not be able to see each other anymore. Ichigo says that Rukia was there, and that is where her place is. He thanks Orihime and then runs off. Orihime turns and sees Sado Yasutora standing behind her.

At the Kurosaki home, Yuzu Kurosaki is setting the table, saying how boring it is that Ichigo had to go away on the first day of summer break. Her father pops up, saying how they could sleep with him that night, to which Karin Kurosaki throws a newspaper at his mouth. Yuzu says she feels sick just thinking about it, and their father wonders if they were saying things to put him down.

In Soul Society, Lieutenant Renji Abarai is walking down the hall, wearing a flowered kimono. He walks up to a door, swinging the key around his finger, and unlocks it. Inside is a Shinigami who is chasing an escaped Hell Butterfly. This earns him a kick in the head from Renji, who says he is there to check on the new prisoner, asking if she is still depressed. Rukia says she is not depressed; she is just not eating her meals because she is not hungry. She makes fun of his rank, which gets Renji really mad. Rukia then asks if she is really going to die. Renji says of course she is, which makes Rukia sad. He then takes it back, saying it was a joke and how they were all worried about her, and how her brother must be asking for a lighter sentence. Rukia says no, because in the forty years since she was adopted into the Kuchiki Clan, he has never even looked at her.

At the Urahara Shop, Ichigo is in a large cave underneath the building, along with Urahara, Tessai Tsukabishi, Jinta Hanakari, and Ururu Tsumugiya. Ichigo wants to get the session started, to which Urahara agrees and sticks his cane in Ichigo's forehead, drawing his soul out. Ichigo has a hard time breathing in this form. Urahara explains that this is because he is only a regular soul with no spirit power. He says that they have to get the power back, or there will be no hope of rescuing Rukia. He calls over Ururu, and tells Ichigo that he has to fight her for the first lesson. The lesson will end when one of them is unable to fight anymore.

Ichigo is mortified at the thought of fighting a child. Ururu throws over some safety gear, telling him to put it on or else he will die. Ichigo is skeptical as Ururu runs towards him, gloved hand outstretched. There is a large explosion as she punches. The others wonder if he died, but he comes tumbling out of the smoke. He runs past Ururu and grabs the gear and puts it on. After running away from her, Ichigo soon realizes that he can match Ururu's speed and turns around to fight. He goes on the offensive, thinking that he does not want to hit her face and will only hit her headband. He ends up scratching her face, however, which makes Ururu mad; she kicks him so hard that he flies into a bunch of rocks. When the dust settles, Urahara is holding her leg, and Tessai has caught Ichigo.

Ichigo asks for one more try, but Urahara congratulates him for clearing the first lesson. Ichigo is confused, but Urahara explains that he never said anything about beating Ururu to clear the lesson. He says that the kid has enough strength to go up against a Shinigami, so there is no way he could win. He asks Ichigo if he is still having trouble breathing, and Ichigo says no. Urahara says that he has successfully recovered his spirit energy; the soul tends to gain spirit energy faster if its life is in danger. If Ichigo had not been able to dodge the attacks, however, he would have died. Ichigo gets mad at this, but Urahara says that he believed that he would be able to dodge it. To celebrate his passing the first lesson, they go straight to lesson two. Tessai uses an axe to cut Ichigo's Chain of Fate. By dropping Ichigo down a deep hole as he screams really loud.

Soon after Orihime and Sado are talking to Yoruichi Shihoin about taking some lessons from him. Sado is startled by the talking cat, but Orihime appears unaffected by it. Yoruichi says that Ichigo has already begun his preparations for going to Soul Society, and that if they want to be able to use their new powers, they need to take his lessons. Whether or not they actually go to Soul Society can be determined afterward. They both decide to take the lessons. They then find Uryu, telling him that Yoruichi tracked his spirit energy. Uryu looks around, wondering who Yoruichi is, and is very surprised to find that she is a cat. Orihime wonders what the big deal is about a talking cat. Sado says he was also surprised, and Yoruichi says that men are very inadequate creatures. Uryū asks why they are there, and they explain everything. Uryu says that it has nothing to do with him, and he's training so that he can become stronger than the Shinigami. Orihime is sad at first, then says that he is doing his best and she will, too. Once they leave, Uryu says that he cannot let anyone else see his training, and opens a box that glows when opened.

While in the deep hole, Tessai is sitting on top of Ichigo. Who says he’s going to die. Urahara explains that yes, he will; once the Chain of Fate is cut, the soul can no longer return to its body. The chain will corrode, and once it is gone, Ichigo will become a Hollow. In order to prevent this, he will have to regain his Shinigami powers. A hole appears beneath him, and he and Tessai fall into it. After a very long fall, Ichigo lands on the ground, only to find that his arms are bound behind him. Tessai is responsible for this, and says that he has to keep his arms sealed for the remainder of the lesson. Urahara tells him to reach the top of the hole in that condition. This is lesson two, the Shattered Shaft. In three days, his chain will be fully corroded, and they will have no choice but to kill him.

In the Soul Society, Rukia and Renji learn from Byakuya that the former will be executed at Sokyoku Hill in one month. When a stunned Renji asks if Byakuya is serious, Byakuya states the next time he sees Rukia will be at her execution. As Byakuya leaves, Rukia, feeling dejected, remembers a Shinigami must never cry, so she fights the depression and fear.

In Karakura Town, under Urahara's shop, Ichigo begins his second step of training. Ichigo learns he must recover his Shinigami powers in seventy-two hours, or he will become a Hollow and die. As such, his arms have been bound by Tessai Tsukabishi, and Ichigo dropped into a large pit dug by Ururu Tsumugiya. Meanwhile, Orihime Inoue and Yasutora Sado begin their training with Yoruichi Shihōin. At first, both are unable to use powers, but after remembering the first time she used them, Orihime's powers spring forth. Tsubaki, furious with her for summoning them without a good reason, begins to pull her hair. Watching the show, Yoruichi, turning her attention towards Chad, asks if he can now summon his strength after seeing Orihime do it.

Back at the training area, Ichigo's numerous attempts to escape the pit end in failure. Jinta and Ururu, who are watching, decide to torture him by spitting on him from the top of the pit. After some time, Ichigo's chain finally begins the Hollowfication process, and Ichigo begins changing. Watching from above, Urahara tells the others not to interfere because the mask is forming first. Normally, when a Plus becomes a Hollow, the mask is the last thing to form. Kisuke says this is a sign Ichigo is resisting, and he might still become a Shinigami. Inside his soul, Ichigo comes face-to-face with a mysterious stranger. As the stranger tries to speak his name, Ichigo is unable to hear it. The stranger asks how many times must he call out to Ichigo before he can finally hear it, and Ichigo begins falling. Following him down, the stranger tells him his world is collapsing, and he must find his Shinigami powers in order to save his soul. Ichigo learns the powers Byakuya destroyed were Rukia's, but his own powers are still intact.

Plunging into a large lake, Ichigo, thinking of how he can find his power, remembers Uryu had a special way of finding a Shinigami: finding the red Reiraku, which is the color of all Shinigami Reiraku. Ichigo finds it, and inside the box linked to it is his Zanpakuto's hilt. Behind him, the stranger, reappearing, congratulates his success in finding it. As Ichigo realizes who this stranger really is, his inner world begins to crumble even more, and he removes his sword from the box. On the outside, as Ichigo's mask fully forms, Tessai tries to subdue the transformation with Bakudo 99. Bankin. As Ichigo shatters his restraints and the Kido, a massive explosion of Reiatsu shoots out from the pit. When Ichigo, appearing with a Hollow mask and a Shinigami shihakushō, draws his broken sword, Jinta thinks he is going to attack, but Ichigo uses its hilt to shatter his mask, revealing he has indeed become a Shinigami. As Urahara congrats Ichigo, the latter attacks him by saying that he was going to get revenge after he got out of the hole.

Urahara reveals the third step of the training: Ichigo must knock off his hat. Ichigo's initial strike almost succeeds, but Urahara responds by drawing his sword. Therefore Ichigo brags that he can knock the hat off in five minutes instead of using a time limit.

After delivering his message to Rukia, Byakuya while leaving, is confronted by Captains Gin Ichimaru and Kenpachi Zaraki. As both of them praise his coldness in just standing there and letting his sister die without even trying to defend her, Byakuya asks why they are there without their lieutenants. When Kenpachi asks if Byakuya wants him to kill Rukia for him, an angry Byakuya, keeping his composure, tells Kenpachi a commoner like him has no right to talk about nobility. As Kenpachi, irritated by this, tries to challenge him. Gin uses Kido, tying him up, and drags him away. While apologizing to Byakuya, whereas Kenpachi yells at Gin to untie him.

Meanwhile, as Ichigo and Kisuke continue their battle, Ichigo realizes because he is a Shinigami, no blade aside from a Zanpakutō or a Hollow can hurt him. Revealing his sword is actually a Zanpakutō, Urahara, releasing it, makes short work of Ichigo's broken sword. As he begins to chase and attack him, Ichigo, running away in fear, is once again confronted by the mysterious stranger. Knowing who he is, Ichigo decides to stop running. When the stranger tells Ichigo to call his name, Ichigo, yelling "Zangetsu", finally releases his Zanpakuto. Ichigo uses a powerful, unknown attack on Urahara, which knocks his hat off, forcing him to counter with Chikasumi no Tate. Urahara admits to himself if he had not done so, he might have lost an arm. Soon after Ichigo is sleeping on his sword.

Elsewhere, Uryu finally masters his training while Yasutora Sado manages to summon his right arm's special power. In the process, Sado accidentally blows a hole in the building they are training in, forcing them to abandon it. Impressed with them for being able to willingly activate their powers in such a short time, Yoruichi, stating they have become capable individuals, retracts this after hearing Orihime state Sado has fallen down the stairs.

A week later, Ichigo, his family, and his friends go to a fireworks show. Here, Tatsuki and Orihime share a moment together. Not understanding what is bothering her, Tatsuki, wishing her good luck and a safe journey in the future, reveals she finished second in the Martial Arts Championship because of her broken arm. After being contacted in a very odd way by Urahara. Ichigo, heading over to his shop, learns Sado, Uryū, and Orihime all plan on coming with him, meeting the talking cat Yoruichi for the first time. As they go inside, Ichigo asks Orihime if she knows exactly what is going on, which she confirms. Opening the Senkaimon, Urahara states it is a special conversion type gate which will allow all of them to travel safely through, but they only have four minutes to make it all the way through, so they must hurry. As they depart, Urahara reaches out and touches the gate, only for his hand to be burned.

An intrusion call sounds in the Seireitei. Ichigo and the others inside of the Senkaimon are busy escaping from the Koryū, that is chasing them through the Dangai. While running, Uryu's cape is caught by the Capturing Flow, and Yasutora Sado rips off Uryū's cape in order to get him away from the wall. Just then, another obstacle called the Kōtotsu appears to start chasing them. Yoruichi explains that the capturing thrust is a cleaner that appears only once every seven days. Uryu tells the others that they are not going to make it to the exit before it catches them. However, Orihime uses her shielding powers to buy them just enough time to make it to the exit.

After escaping from the two obstacles, they finally arrive to Soul Society. Yoruichi immediately berates Orihime for using her powers against the Kōtotsu. Yoruichi reveals that if any of the Shun Shun Rikka themselves had come in contact with it, they would have been destroyed. Yoruichi explains to the others that the place they are in is known as Rukongai. Ichigo then sees the entrance to Seireitei, and rushes to it recklessly. Before he can enter, a big gate drops down to stop him. A giant called Jidanbo Ikkanzaka blocks Ichigo and uses his axe to smash the ground, creating a barrier to prevent the others from interfering.

Jidanbo attacks Ichigo, but Ichigo blocks the attack. Jidanbo says that nobody has ever stopped his second attack and hits again, but Ichigo blocks it once more. Jidanbo uses an attack called 'Ten Jidan-Hit Festival'. Jidanbo starts counting the attacks, but loses count, as Ichigo blocks all of them. Jidanbo then brings out a second axe and uses a double-axe attack called 'Ten Thousand Year Jidan-Hit Festival'. Ichigo, however, smashes both of Jidanbo's axes, knocking Jidanbo to the ground. As a mark of respect for beating him and showing concern for his broken axes, Jidanbo opens the gate for Ichigo and his group. However, much to Jidanbo's despair, Captain Gin appears on the other side.

Gin Ichimaru, the 3rd Division captain, is blocking the path of Ichigo and his friends into Seireitei. The captain slashes the left arm of Jidanbō Ikkanzaka, who is holding up the gate. This causes Jidanbo to lose his grip and fall to his knees. Ichimaru remarks that being a guardian of the gate doesn't mean you're supposed to open the gate, but rather; when a gatekeeper loses, it means death. Yoruichi realizes that Ichigo, Uryu, Yasutora Sado, and Orihime while stronger than they were before, are still no match for a captain, and when Ichigo steps inside to confront Ichimaru, he tells Ichigo to fall back immediately. Overhearing this, Ichimaru realizes Ichigo's identity and steps away from the gate, remarking that it is all the more reason why he can't let Ichigo pass. He then proceeds to attack Ichigo with his Shinsō's special ability. Ichigo blocks the attack with Zangetsu, but is knocked into Jidanbō, who's still holding the gate on his shoulders, and both of them are knocked back into the Rukongai district. Having lost its support, the gate closes.

Shaken, but unharmed, Ichigo apologizes for allowing the gate to close, though Yoruichi says it could not be helped. Ichigo then asks Orihime to do what she can for the injured Jidanbō. Hearing this, and having witnessed Ichigo's fight with Ichimaru, the souls of West Rukongai realize the Ryoka are kind and offer them their hospitality. As Orihime summons Sōten Kisshun to heal Jidanbō's arm, the group is approached by Yuichi Shibata, who takes Chad to meet his adoptive family.

Yoruichi decides not to try and enter through the gate again, but try a different strategy. Yoruichi asks the district's elder for the whereabouts of Kukaku Shiba, shocking him. Before he can answer an increasing rumble is heard from outside and after a few seconds a strange man is thrown through the door. Seeing Ichigo's Shinigami uniform the man, identified only as Ganju Shiba, becomes antagonistic, and demands an explanation from Ichigo. Ichigo responds to him by punching the man in the face. Surprised that the strangers aren't recognizing him, Ganju proceeds to introduce himself using several made up titles, finishing with the #1 Shinigami hater of West Rukongai. Hurling another insult, Ichigo provokes Ganju's wrath and the latter attacks him. As the two roll into the street, Chad, Orihime and Uryū run to assist him but are stopped by Ganju's henchmen. Ganju draws his sword and begins to attack an unarmed Ichigo, but Chad throws Zangetsu to him. After Ichigo blocks several blows, Ganju uses his Seppa to sink Zangetsu's blade into the ground. Ichigo manages to disarm Ganju and the fight proceeds hand to hand. Ichigo slowly gains the upper hand, when suddenly a large alarm clock strapped to one of his henchmen goes off, stopping him cold in his tracks. Realizing the time is 9 o'clock, Ganju and his henchmen quickly withdraw.

The morning after Ichigo's encounter with Ganju Shiba, Orihime Inoue, Uryū Ishida, and Yasutora Sado discuss the injury to Jidanbō Ikkanzaka and the mysterious Kūkaku Shiba, whom they will meet that day. Inoue decides that Kūkaku must be some type of pedigree cat, which sets Ishida and Sado arguing about what kind of person 'she' is. Ishida tires of the increasingly extravagant sketches of Kūkaku that Inoue is proposing and leaves to find out what Ichigo is doing. He finds Ichigo sitting cross-legged in the house they had stayed in, refusing to leave until he finishes his fight with Ganju. Ishida attempts to drag him out of the house by his clothing, which Ichigo resists until Yoruichi Shihōin claws him across the face and orders him to remember the their objective: rescuing Rukia Kuchiki.

Rukia is sitting in the Sixth Division barracks' prison, when she is visited by Lieutenant Renji Abarai, who informs her that she has 14 days until her execution by use of Sōkyoku, and that she is to be moved into the Senzaikyū.

Yoruichi leads the group out into the countryside. Ichigo questions whether the group is headed the right way, to which Ishida responds angrily, telling him that they are following the map properly. Inoue hypothesizes that Kūkaku must want to keep her identity secret to live this far out. However, Yoruichi states that is incorrect and that although Kūkaku changes houses regularly, she'll still be able to recognize it instantly. This is confirmed when the house appears on the horizon, with two large arms on both sides holding up a banner stating, "Kūkaku Shiba". While Sado appears unfazed and Inoue thinks the house is "cool," Ishida and Ichigo are shocked by the house's appearance, with Ishida going so far as to call it "a sad excuse for a house" and both of them are ashamed to enter such a strange looking dwelling.

As they approach the front door, two guardians appear, announcing themselves as Koganehiko and Shiroganehiko. They warn that attempting to enter was to invite death. Yoruichi defuses the tension by sticking her head out from around Ichigo's right leg, upon which the guardians become apologetic and show great respect towards Yoruichi. Upon entry to Kūkaku's room, all except Yoruichi are shocked that she is a woman. Yoruichi proceeds to ask Kūkaku for a favor, warning that it would probably be trouble. Kūkaku replies that it has been ages since they talked like this and that she would like hear Yoruichi's proposal because she loves trouble.

Renji escorts the four guards securing Rukia to the Senzaikyū, where she is to be held until the execution. She looks at the Sōkyoku stand from her window and one of the guards explains that the purpose of the shrine was so that the condemned could spend the last days of their lives regretting their mistakes. Before he leaves, Renji tells Rukia of an unconfirmed report: that one of the Ryoka was an orange haired Shinigami with a body length sword, causing Rukia's eyes to widen.

Kūkaku smokes a pipe while agreeing to Yoruichi's request, stating that because Kisuke Urahara is involved, she couldn't refuse even if she wanted to. However, she doesn't trust Yoruichi's companions, and states that she will be sending a "minion" with them, who is actually her little brother. She opens the door to reveal Ganju, who immediately recognizes Ichigo, and they both leap up and charge at each other, leading Kūkaku to ask if they know each other.

Renji worries about whether he should have told Rukia that Ichigo was intercepted at the gates of Seireitei by Captain Gin Ichimaru, but decides that it was for the best. He is interrupted by Captain Sōsuke Aizen, who asks if he can speak with Renji for a moment. Aizen leads him to a quiet room and opens with small talk about how long it has been since Renji left Aizen's division. Renji asks what it is that Aizen wanted to talk about, and Aizen asks Renji whether he thinks that Rukia should die. Aizen lists the discrepancies that exist in the handling of Rukia's case, from the reduction of the grace period to the use of the Sōkyoku. He states that he believes that it is all "moving to a single will". Ichimaru is standing outside the door, listening in on their conversation. Before Aizen can elaborate, the alarm is sounded and an emergency captains meeting is called.

Ichigo and Ganju continue their fight, breaking several doors without raising Kūkaku's ire until her pipe is knocked to the floor and broken. She uses an unknown Kidō to blast the two apart and end their conflict, while simultaneously causing severe structural damage to her house. She rants at Ichigo, who apologizes for his actions and then orders everyone to stand and follow her. She leads them through an underground path to a door labeled "authorized personnel only," inside of which is the base of her huge chimney, which is revealed to be a cannon, as she is Rukongai's Number One Fireworks Expert.

She tells Ichigo's group how she is going to get them into the Seireitei. Then, Koganehiko and Shiroganehiko are told by Kukaku to "raise it up". They then start to rotate two cranks. The ground under Ichigo's group begins to rise up, and the ceiling opens. Kūkaku passes an orb to Ichigo, and tells him to put spirit power into it. However, Ichigo does not know how to do this. She then tells Ganju to demonstrate it for him. Ichigo, at first, refuses to let him take the orb and show him. Kukaku then hits both of them, and tells them to "Cut that crap out". Ganju then gets up and begins a demonstration of how to put Reiryoku into the orb. It works, and a giant blue orb appears around Ganju. Kukaku than explains that, the wall around the Seireitei is made out of a rare rock called 'Sekkiseki' and it completely rejects Reiatsu. Kukaku explains that the orb will allow them to break through the Seireitei's defense. They then go to an underground hall to practice putting spirit power into the ball.

Renji and the lieutenant from the 7th Division are seen walking on a catwalk. They start walking into a room and see Lieutenant Momo Hinamori, of the 5th Division , sitting down. Then Lieutenant Rangiku Matsumoto, of the 10th Division, walks in. Momo asks Renji if he's seen Captain Sōsuke Aizen lately, because he's been acting strange, something which Renji agrees with. At Kukaku's place, Ichigo's group is still training. Kukaku is seen pouring a drink into two cups, and says: "Sorry bro, for helping that Shinigami... But if you were alive and saw me not helping one, you'd yell at me... You who loved Shinigami... and died as one".

Orihime, Chad and Uryu go up to show the progress they've made in making the force field, with Orihime performing the best and Ichigo being the worst. Koganehiko and Shiroganehiko scold Ichigo, telling him he has no talent. This angers Ichigo and he throws the orb at them. The day goes by, and during the night, Ichigo is still trying to form the barrier. Meanwhile Ichigo's friends go eat. Once Ichigo tells Ganju why he wants to save Rukia, Ganju tells Ichigo his secret of how to make a barrier with the orb easier.

The technique worked for Ichigo, but his Reiatsu was too strong and it started to blow away Ganju. After Kukaku arrived and yelled at Ichigo to lower off his Reiatsu he does, but he loses focus, causing the barrier to explode. Kukaku started to give him a hard time for this and because of this, she decides not to give either of them dinner. Back at the Seireitei, the captains meeting is being initiated. They begin to discuss matters such as Rukia's execution and Gin's handling of the Ryoka. During the meeting, the intruder alarm is sounded.

Ichigo falls asleep, after being stomped on by Kukaku several times. Ganju gets up, looking surprised as he too was blamed for Ichigo's recent action. Yoruichi walks over to Ichigo and begins to explain what the Ryoka should expect once they enter the Seireitei, but instead starts screaming in pain. Later, Ganju is in the training hall with the knocked out Ichigo, reciting the second part of the Kakaku Shahou Niban Kagizaki, the spell that will be used to enter the Seireitei through its protective membrane, when Ichigo wakes up from a dream. Ganju refuses to answer Ichigo's questions, and the two former rivals are about to start another argument when Uryū Ishida walks into the hall and says they are ready to leave.

Everyone gathers at the foot of Kukaku's giant cannon to hear Yoruichi's final orders before being blown away, when Ichigo notices the strange shape of Yoruichi's tail and comments about it looking like a "flexible toothbrush". Yoruichi is enraged to hear this and Ichigo wisely backs off. Uryū informs him he was the one who gave that shape to the tail, while he was asleep, and suggests he never mentions it again. It had taken all of them to loosen his grip on her tail. Yoruichi walks away, lamenting her ruined tail. Kukaku asks for the whereabouts of Ganju, and Ichigo replies that he last saw him "chanting something" in the training hall. Right then Ganju appears in his "custom battle costume", saying the hero is always the last to show up. Ichigo refuses to allow Ganju to go with them, but Ganju claims he believes Ichigo is different than the other Shinigami who killed his brother, Kaien Shiba. He will follow Ichigo because he believes he might learn something new about the Shinigami. Ichigo agrees and welcomes him.

Yoruichi then asks everyone if they're ready to use the cannon. They all say yes, but Ichigo asks if Yoruichi is able to use a spirit orb; to Yoruichi's request Ichigo sets the orb on the ground, Yoruichi stands on top of it and in a second manages to form a perfect cannonball. Ichigo seems crushed, but Yoruichi says there are many things she can do that are beyond his reach. Kukaku asks Ganju if he was able to master the Kakaku Shahou Niban Kagizaki's second part. He assures her that he has. Kukaku informs everyone that the final countdown has begun, she uses earth magic to create an entrance in the side of the cannon and Ichigo, Ganju, Yoruichi, Orihime, Uryu, and Yasutora step inside. The sunrise will be the signal to begin the launch ceremony.

Inside the cannon Yoruichi instructs everyone not to get involved in unnecessary battles. If they encounter a captain they are to run, their goal is to save Rukia Kuchiki, and nothing more. Outside the sun is rising and Kukaku begins the launch sequence. Yoruichi orders everyone to create the cannonball. Kukaku finishes the first incantation and the cannonball is fired straight up. Looking up at the cannonball, Kūkaku wishes Ganju all the best.

Inside the ball, Ichigo is surprised to find that things are rather peaceful. Ganju, however, informs him that this was only the beginning. As if to confirm his statement, the ball suddenly sets off in an incredible speed towards Seireitei. Ganju pulls out a scroll which contains the directions for the second part of the Kakaku Shahou Niban Kagizaki. The first part is only used for the launch and general direction. He also explains that the others must keep the cannonball stable if they want to enter Seireitei safely. One mistake and they could all die.

Ganju begins reciting the incantation, but soon the others ask Ichigo to lower his energy output, but he is unable to do it fast enough and thoroughly enough. Their argument soon causes Ganju to get mixed up and repeat a line. Ganju and Ichigo start bickering among themselves while the cannonball draws near the Seireitei.

In the Seireitei itself the alarms go off, cutting short a captain's meeting in which Captain Gin Ichimaru's encounter with the Ryoka was being discussed. Captain Kenpachi Zaraki runs off to seek out the strongest intruder, and is accompanied by Lieutenant Yachiru Kusajishi. Captain-Commander Yamamoto orders all divisions into battle stations, saying he will inform them later as to how Ichimaru will be dealt with. As the captains are leaving, Captain Toshiro Hitsugaya overhears a conversation between Captains Sosuke Aizen and Ichimaru, Aizen tells Gin he should not underestimate him. In her prison cell, Rukia also sees the approaching cannonball.

Back in the cannonball, the second incantation has failed. The only way to survive would be to pour all their energy into the spirit orb, strengthening the ball. The cannonball hits the protective membrane of the Seireitei and gets stuck in it rather than breaking through or disintegrating. With one final push, the ball breaks through the membrane and dissolves into a residual image, which keeps all of the Ryoka hovering in the air next to the membrane. Yoruichi orders everyone to stay together, saying the cannonball will now collapse into a whirlpool and then explode before vanishing. Anyone separated from the group will be blown away.

When the whirlpool grabs them, Ganju frantically makes his way towards the nearest person, Ichigo. Chad grabs hold of Orihime. Yoruichi sits on Ichigo's shoulder. When Chad sees Uryu swept away, he leaves Orihime behind and flies towards Uryu, grabs him and throws him towards Orihime, but is now being swept away himself. As Chad makes his way to the ground, Yoruichi assures Ichigo that Chad will likely survive, but that he must ensure his own survival. Ichigo and Orihime make a desperate attempt to reach each other, but just when they are about to, the cannonball explodes and sends the people inside it to the ground in four different directions.

On the ground, Kenpachi watches the four separate trails of smoke in dismay. He now needs to find out which group contains the strongest warrior.

The 5-man-1-cat team has been split into 4: Yasutora Sado; Uryū Ishida and Orihime Inoue; Ganju Shiba and Ichigo Kurosaki; and Yoruichi Shihōin. Sado readies his arm, Orihime calls on the Shun Shun Rikka, and Ganju resorts to his sand technique. Ganju and Ichigo land in a sandpit, and they and the others all land safely.

Ichigo comments that they are safe thanks to the spell, but Ganju continues to cough out sand, prompting Ichigo to kick him and tell him not to choke on his own spell anymore. Ganju grabs Ichigo's lapels and they start a small quarrel as usual, but are interrupted by the arrival of two Shinigami on the roof behind them. One, a bald Shinigami holding his Zanpakutō over his shoulder, says that he’s lucky today. They jump down and he says that he was slacking off in a corner as he was finding it a hassle having to go to his post, then right before his eyes comes the reward. He starts doing a little dance, saying that luck is on his side today.

Another group of Shinigami are running towards one of the Ryoka falling from the sky, and they are led by a yellow-haired lieutenant. As the Ryoka nears, it suddenly disappears and they start searching. The one had been Yoruichi, who now stands on a nearby roof, saying that he’s on its own, which might be a good thing in the end.

Orihime, her arm bandaged, lies on the floor, dreaming about Ichigo. Uryū watches as she suddenly wakes, sitting up and hitting him squarely on the jaw with her head. Standing abruptly and feeling the pain in her arm, she puts a hand on it and turns to see Uryu blushing and saying that he is okay. He says that they were lucky to fall where no one was around and Orihime claps her hands together, suddenly feeling the pain in her arm once more. Uryu tells her that she got hurt from the impact of the fall, but holding up a first aid kit, says that he was able to give first aid with the bandages on hand. Orihime thanks him, standing and saying that she’s fine. Uryū apologizes, saying that she was trying to protect him and hence had gotten hurt. If he hadn't been there, she most likely would have escaped unscathed. Orihime replies that she’s such a dunce that either way, she’d still have gotten hurt and if it weren't for him and his first aid, she’d have bled and bled and would have become anemic. Uryū pushes up his glasses and says that they’d better move off, as they had made quite a lot of noise and someone was sure to come. Sure enough, someone has, but as they run off, the Shinigami gives no chase.

The bald Shinigami whom Ichigo and Ganju met does another little dance, singing and tiptoeing across the floor. Finishing with a flip over his Zanpakutō and a nice pose showing off his shiny bald head, he demands to know why Ichigo and Ganju hadn't gotten out of their sandpit while he was doing his “tsuki-tsuki dance”, and a little cabbage butterfly flutters past their bored faces. Ganju wants to take this opportunity to run away, but Ichigo does not want to, despite Ganju saying that those two Shinigami Reiatsu are nothing like ordinary weakling Shinigami. The bald guy interrupts them again, and the other Shinigami, says that they must be so scared of them. The bald one tells them to take their time arguing, but the other says that if they wait too long, others might come and steal their reward from under them. Acknowledging this, the bald one says that he will set a time limit for them – he’ll do one more dance so they can take their time to decide. Ganju still wants to run and tells Ichigo that if he wants to fight, do it alone and he runs off. The bald Shinigami asks Ichigo if they've split up, and when Ichigo says that it seems so, he asks them not to waste his time, and sends his partner, 5th Seat Yumichika Ayasegawa, after Ganju. Ganju, running as fast as he can, sees Yumichika chasing after him and says that he knew one of them was sure to follow him.

Ichigo jumps out of the pit and the bald guy asks him why he didn't run along with Ganju, who had sensed that their Reiatsu had been greater than his. Ichigo replies that if his spirit power was more than his own, then it’d be pointless to run, he’d be caught for sure. On the other hand, if his own spirit power is greater than his opponent, then he’ll just have to beat him and move on. The bald guy comments that Ichigo isn't stupid, then after a while of staring at each other, draws his Zanpakutō and with amazing speed and brings it down on Ichigo, who jumps up in time to dodge it. Ichigo grabs his sword and charges at the bald guy, who comments that the former handles himself well, and blocks with his scabbard. Using his other hand that holds his Zanpakutō, he tries to attack Ichigo, but Ichigo dodges. The two fight and simultaneously injure each other's forehead. The baldie asks for Ichigo's name, and Ichigo tells him. The bald guy comments that the name “Ichigo” is a good name and Ichigo says that is the first time someone has complimented his name. The bald guy says that men with “ichi” in their names are said to be handsome men bursting with talent. He introduces himself as the 11th Division's 3rd-Seat, Ikkaku Madarame, and says that as two “ichi” men they should be friends (“Ikkaku” begins with the same kanji character as "Ichigo"), but Ichigo says he doesn't think so.

Meanwhile, Ganju is running and panting, Yumichika hot on his heels. While running, Yumichika comments that Ganju has an ugly running style and tells him to look ahead. Ganju does so, and sees a dead end, just in time for him to use his Seppa to escape through the wall. Yumichika says that he uses such a strange ability, adding that it must have been Ganju who created the sandpit earlier. He jumps through the hole to continue his chase. Another wall blocks Ganju's path, but he does the same as he did with the previous wall, leaping through the hole and continuing on. Yumichika doesn't bother to follow, smiling and remarking on what is beyond the wall. Ganju almost falls into what seems to be a very deep pit with steep sides. As he wonders what this pit is, Yumichika appears behind him and tells him that it is the old execution grounds, where they used to release Hollows brought back alive and criminals to fight while the rest of them watched from the raised platforms on either side. Ganju remarks that Shinigami have rather disgusting habits, but Yumichika says that none of those habits are as disgusting as his face. Ganju adds that Shinigami's are such a pity, but Yumichika pretends to have heard that as “pretty”, saying that Ganju, too, understands the graceful features and utter magnificence that is he. Ganju mutters that he said “pity” and not “pretty”, Yumichika replies that he knew that, it was a joke, full of humor and wit. In any case, that disgusting custom is no longer practiced, but any who fall inside cannot climb back out.

Yumichika draws his Zanpakutō, asking Ganju to make a choice: to die here by his blade, or to fall in the pit and die like a dog. However, if he’s going to vacillate, please turn this way and show him his face, as he cannot resist faces inundated with this kind of life-or-death decisions. Ganju turns his head and says that he really does have disgusting habits.

Ichigo wipes the blood on his eye, and Ikkaku says that he doesn't get it. There might be a big distance between them, but Ichigo's taking a hand off his sword's hilt during a face-off is amateurish behavior. Ichigo snaps that he was merely trying to wipe off the blood on his eye that was blocking his vision and Ikkaku calmly replies that forehead wounds bleed a lot even if they’re shallow. He pulls off the bottom of his sword's hilt as Ichigo's wound lets out a downpour of blood. He puts a finger in the hilt and wipes that finger, applying its hidden ointment to his wound, saying that if he’s not going to stop the bleeding, then there’s no point in wiping. Ichigo shouts that Ikkaku is cheating by bringing his own medicine, but Ikkaku says that he’s simply being prepared, and Ichigo should be more impressed. However, Ikkaku points out that despite acting like a total amateur and not looking like a fighter, Ichigo's reaction time is first-class, his hits are violently strong, and his agility is about the same as his own. He asks who Ichigo's master is and when he hears that Ichigo, although only for 10 days, had learned from Kisuke Urahara, an image of Urahara, hat-less and wearing Shinigami clothes complete with a haori (what the captains wear) pops up in his mind. He says in that case, killing Ichigo without going all out would be seriously rude. Ikkaku releases his Zanpakutō into a Japanese spear. Ikkaku attacks Ichigo, who blocks each attack. Ichigo harrumphs, saying that he knows and will not misjudge that a spear’s range is longer. Ikkaku grins and says that that’s not it, spinning Hōzukimaru in his hand and holding it up. Ichigo seizes the opportunity, launching himself at Ikkaku. However, Ikkaku reveals Hōzukimaru is not a spear, but is a three-part-pole.

Yumichika asks Ganju once more to turn and face him to let him see his face in his last moment, as each time he sees such a face, his beauty is polished more. He suddenly spots sand drizzling out of Ganju's clenched fist, but before he can react, Ganju has flung sand into his eyes and made the ground below the two of them into sand. Yumichika jumps up to the side platforms in time, but Ganju begins to fall into the pit. Yumichika laughs and hops back down as he sees Ganju slipping away into the darkness, saying that he is so unsightly, he never thought there were really people living up to the saying “digging one’s own grave”. Suddenly, a blue light illuminates Yumichika's face and opening his eyes, he sees Ganju in a cannonball, which Yumichika's Zanpakutō cannot pierce, holding onto the spirit orb and saying how lucky he was to have brought a spare. He explains that this is a special cannonball, which couldn't be broken by any Zanpakutō with just a tap or two. Yumichika, however, says that Ganju has underestimated him, adding that he is the 5th-Seat of the strongest division, the 11th Division, and he releases his Zanpakutō saying that he'll smash that spirit barrier in a single attack. With a flick of the wrist Yumichika separates his Zanpakutō into 4 sickles in a fan-like manner and stabs the cannonball, successfully penetrating it.

Ganju laughs and reveals that if the cannonball is broken it will explode and suddenly, the cannonball starts to crack and in a sizable explosion Ganju is thrown across to the other side of the pit. Yumichika, dusting his clothes, says that there is no way he could be beat by that and it seems that Ganju seriously wants to anger him. Ganju goads Yumichika by saying he can’t hear him and turning the wall into sand so he can get through, and Yumichika says that he is just ugly, too ugly.

Ichigo's arm is all bloody and Ikkaku withdraws his blade, resting it over his shoulders as he tells Ichigo that was what he meant by “don’t misjudge”. He asks Ichigo if it hurts, mentioning that he probably will be unable to hold his Zanpakutō properly now. He adds that he is a kind-hearted guy, who would have captured Ichigo alive at this point were it not for the fact that a reward only comes if he kills the target. Ichigo has finished bandaging his arm with the excess bandage on his sword, and runs once more at Ikkaku, who steps aside, allowing the wall next to him to be destroyed. Ikkaku rolls away as Ichigo asks him not to talk like this is over, as he still hasn't shown off his true skills. It's just the beginning.

Plot (Live Action Film)

Difference Between Anime and Film

Difference Between Anime and Manga

Note this is only from season 1 to 3 of the anime
  • In the manga, the Dead Girl has blood on her face and is wearing a night grown when she sees Ichigo. But in the anime, there is no blood present on her whatever. Including that she is seen wearing a striped tank top, and shorts when she thanks Ichigo.
  • In the manga, Ichigo seems to possess the ability to make the gang see her, effectively scaring them off. But in the anime, this is never shown so he uses a threat instead.
  • In the manga, Ichigo is seen arguing with his father on the right side while Isshin is shown on the left side. But in the anime, the scene is reversed. As Ichigo is on the left side, and Isshin is on the right side.
  • In the manga, Ichigo gets annoyed when Karin tries to make money off of him seeing ghost. But in the anime, this never shown. Instead Ichigo attacks his father who had attacked him when he just got home.
  • In the manga, it was Yuzu that told Ichigo he had a New Ghost appearing behind him. But in the anime, it was Karin.
  • In the manga, Ichigo meets Rukia after he fought Isshin. But in the anime, Ichigo meets Rukia the next day when he sees her kill a hollow while he was walking to school.
  • In the manga, Isshin even attacks Ichigo when he is talking to Rukia. But in the anime, this is never shown. Instead he is shock that Ichigo tells his problems to Karin and Yuzu instead of him.
  • In the manga, after Isshin and Ichigo are done fighting in Ichigo's bedroom. Ichigo explains to Isshin that he is talking to a female soul reaper. Since he is clueless, Isshin asks Ichigo who he is talking to. But in the anime, this is never shown. Instead after learning that Ichigo doesn't tell his problems to him, Isshin sadly cries on Masaki's huge memorial photo.
  • In the manga, when the Kurosaki Clinic gets attacked by Fishbone D. Yuzu is grabbed by the Hollow and Karin warns Ichigo about the Hollow. But in the anime, Yuzu is the one who warns Ichigo and Karin is the one who gets grabbed.
  • In the manga, Ichigo's Reiatsu is gold. But in the anime, his Reiatsu is the color blue.
  • In the manga, after Ichigo rescues Yuzu from the Hollow. Yuzu tells him to run which makes Ichigo wonder why his family is worry about him. But in the anime, after Ichigo rescues Karin from the Hollow. Ichigo screams out to Karin, but Rukia tells him that the Hollow didn't kill her or Yuzu.
  • In the manga, when Ichigo gets Rukia's soul reaper powers through her sword. He gets stabbed by her sword. In which his blood is shown on her sword as he is stabbed through his chest. But in the anime, the scene where Ichigo got stab is not shown at all whatsoever. Instead the sword is cover by blue aura, while the stabbing sound effects of the wound is heard on screen.
  • In the manga, when the boy Plus comes to the Yumizawa Children's Park everyday around noon. Ichigo explains to Rukia that the little boy plus is at the age of five or six. But in the anime, this conversation is never shown. Instead he learns that the little boy will be attack by the hollow.
  • In the manga, the little boy never went to the afterlife after Ichigo saved him the hollow. Including that he has blood on his face after Ichigo cuts the hollows arm off. But in the anime, Ichigo does send the little boy to the afterlife after he saved him from the hollow. However no blood is present on the boy when Ichigo is about to defeat the hollow.
  • In the manga, Ichigo complains about Rukia having him use tennis balls with rabbit symbols to use as target practice. But in the anime, the scene is played out differently. Ichigo doesn't train at all, and he is in public with Ruika. Rukia reads a book out loud to learn about language, but Ichigo yells at her by telling her to knock it off.
  • In the manga, the color of Orihime's eyes are shown as brown. But in the anime, her eyes are shown as silver or gray.
  • In the manga, Orihime gets run over by a car when she is walking home at night. But in the anime, she gets run over by the car off screen during the day when Ichigo and Rukia see this.
  • In the manga, Orihime talks with Ichigo and Rukia at a park. But in the anime, she talks to them while they are in the city.
  • In the manga, it never showed how Sora became a Demi Hollow. But in the anime, it's reveal that Sora is dragged to Hueco Mundo by a Hollow, where he is turned into a Hollow at the behest of Grand Fisher.
  • In the manga, when Sora becomes a Hollow. A Human left eye is shown through his mask. But in the anime, his mask covered his entire face, not leaving his eye.
  • In the manga, blood was visible as Tatsuki was thrown against the wall by Acidwire. But in the anime, blood wasn't visible until after it dripped onto the floor.
  • In the manga, it never shown how Ichigo came to Orihime's house to rescue her from Sora. But in the anime, it does shown how he got to Orihime's house. It shows that Ichigo ran and jumped on the house rooftops in order to get to Orihime's house.
  • In the manga, Sora reveals that he has a grudge against Ichigo and Tatsuki for making Orihime forget about him completely. But in the anime, Sora only explains about his grudge against Tatsuki overall.
  • In the manga, when Sora explains about his past to Ichigo and Rukia. A scene of Orihime being shown at the age of three is shown. But in the anime, this never shown. Instead he says that he was 15 when Orihime was born.
  • In the manga, Sora reveals that his mother was an abused prostitute and that his father was a alcoholic. But in the anime, Sora tells Ichigo and Rukia that his parents abandoned him and Orihime.
  • In the manga, when Ichigo was battling Acidwire, and was hit by the latter's tail. He began to bleed from his forehead before having his hand burned by the Hollow, and slammed to the ground. But in the anime, Ichigo didn't start bleeding from the forehead until he was slammed into the ground by Acidwire. Ichigo's hand was also not shown to have burn marks in the anime either.
  • In the manga, Ichigo sliced off both of Acidwire's wrists and parts of his tail. But in the anime, Ichigo only cut off the one of the Acidwire's wrists, rather than both wrists and parts of the Hollow's tail.
  • In the manga, Sora as Acidwire, after having his wrist and parts of his tail cut off by Ichigo's sword, was shown bleeding tears of blood. But in the anime, Sora as Acidwire, after having his wrist and parts of his tail cut off by Ichigo's sword, wasn't shown bleeding tears of blood.
  • In the manga, Orihime hugs Sora when they are up close to Ichigo. She is also bleeding profusely because Sora had bite her. But in the anime, Orihime does this to Sora when they are further away from Ichigo. Also Orihime is bleeding less from Sora's bite.
  • In the manga, when Sora purified himself with Ichigo's Zanpakuto, his face was bleeding. But in anime, when Sora purified himself with Ichigo's Zanpakuto, his face wasn't bleeding
  • In the manga, Rukia erases Orihime's memories as soon as Sora departs into the afterlife. But in the anime, she did it after bringing Orihime's soul back into her body.
  • In the manga, Ichigo agrees to help Rukia out with her job when he saves the little boy ghost from the hollow. But in the anime, he agrees to help Rukia with her job after the ordeal with Orihime and Sora.
  • In the manga, when Ichigo and his friends have lunch on the rooftop after one of their classes ended. Reiichi Oshima is shown picking a fight with Ichigo, as Ichigo tells Reiichi that he is stronger than him. But in the anime, this scene is never shown. Instead Chad comes to his friend while explaining why he was late to school.
  • In the manga, Ichigo never explained to Rukia how he met Chad. But in the anime, he does explain to Rukia about how he met Chad.
  • In the manga, Ichigo searches for Chad while asking Keigo and Mizuiro if they had seen him in class. But in the anime, this scene is never shown. Instead Ichigo is already on the streets searching for Chad.
  • In the manga, Ichigo's teacher lets him slide by skipping class while trying to figure out why he is running off when class already started. But in the anime, this scene is never shown. Instead this scene is shown in episode 64 after Ichigo saved Rukia from getting kill by the soul society. When Ichigo goes outside to stop Renji from yelling, she marks Ichigo absence while saying he's alright. But thinks that Ichigo's other male friends are delinquents, which shocks Keigo.
  • In the manga, Karin is shown getting sick while being in school. But in the anime, she is shown getting sick while being at home.
  • In the manga, Karin yells at Yuzu and Midoriko Tono to go back to the classroom, while she still has a stomach ache. But in the anime, this scene is never shown. Instead it shows Karin walking on the streets while Ichigo spots her.
  • In the manga, after Ichigo drops off Karin to their house. He reveals that Karin lost a fight to a six grader when she was in first grade. When she was in second grade, she got sent to the principal's office for throwing a ball to hard. And lastly when she was in third grade, she broke her leg while on a hiking trip. Showing that she didn't cry during any of these events. But in the anime, Ichigo only mentions about Karin being sent to the principl's office and when she broke her leg.
  • In the manga, Rukia senses Shrieker behind her in a close face to face angle. But in the anime, she senses him when he is further away from her. But see him on her right side when he appears right next her.
  • In the manga, Rukia kicks Shrieker in the neck with her knee cap. But in the anime, she kicks him in his face instead.
  • In the manga, when Chad leaves Yuichi Shibata to go help Rukia fight Shrieker. Yuichi reveals that he doesn't want to be run over by a car. But in the anime, this is never mention. Instead he begs Chad not to go to Rukia, and mentions that he isn't worry about himself.
  • In the manga, Chad punches the hollow known as Shrieker when he is face to face with Rukia. But in the anime, he punches Shrieker when he is next to Rukia.
  • In the manga, Shrieker while being high in the air becomes shock when Chad is able to pull a huge electric pole right in front of his eyes. But in the anime, Shrieker become shock upon seeing this when he is right above them in the air.
  • In the manga, Shrieker's bombs are spiders. But in the anime, his bombs are leaches.
  • In the manga, before Ichigo finishes off Shrieker for good. He removes Shrieker's actual tongue from his mouth. Along with removing Shrieker's leg as well. But in the anime, Ichigo actually does this by putting Shrieker's bomb back into his mouth in order to remove Shrieker's tongue off screen. However he doesn't remove Shrieker's leg.
  • In the manga, Yuichi says goodbye to Chad while the latter has his back on a chain fence. But in the anime, he says farewell to Chad while the latter is standing away from Rukia.
  • In the manga, after Ichigo sent Yuichi's soul to the afterlife. Yuzu is seen sleeping next to Karin in her bed. But in the anime, it only shows Karin in her bed by herself.
  • In the manga, Rukia asks Kisuke for a new giguy since she helped with the Shrieker incident. But in the anime, she tells Kisuke in person that she is already having problems with her giguy.
  • In the manga, while Ichigo wonders where Rukia disappear to before class starts. Yuzu scolds him by telling him to eat breakfast downstairs instead of eating while walking. But in the anime, this scene is never shown. Instead he eats Rukia's breakfast after learning that she isn't in his closet. Whereas Yuzu tells Karin while eating breakfast at the table, that Ichigo has been eating in his room lately.
  • In the manga, Ichigo also realize that Rukia erased Chads memories of the battle with Shrieker due to the fact that the cocktail speaks normal. Along with the fact that Chad had brought the cocktail to school. But in the anime, this scene is never shown. Instead he realizes this by pointing out that she did erase Chads memories after the incident with Kon.
  • In the manga, it never show what tasks Ichigo did as a soul reaper when Kon got into his classroom. But in the anime, it does show what tasks Ichigo do while Kon is in his classroom. He fights hollows while having a bad feeling about Kon.
  • In the manga, Kon jumped a few meters over the gym teacher's head. But in the anime, Kon jumps a few inches above the gym teachers head instead.
  • In the manga, Orihime and Tatsuki are at the window when Kon lands on it in close range. But in the anime, Orihime and Tatsuki are further away from the window when Kon lands on it.
  • In the manga, when Chizuru sees Tatsuki fighting Kon inside Ichigo's body. She mentions that this is something that Bruce Willis will do. But in the anime, this is not mentioned at all. Instead she gets frighten by Tatsuki fighting Kon.
  • In the manga, Kon jumps out of the window that Ichigo is at in order to escape from him and Rukia. But in the anime, it shows Kon and Ichigo having a little battle inside the classroom before Kon jumps out of the window to make his escape from Ichigo and Rukia.
  • In the manga, when Keigo, Chad and Mizuiro return to their destroyed classroom. He wondering who could have done something like this. Keigo asks Tatsuki if she did this. So Tatsuki scares Keigo by giving him an angry look on her face, showing him that she doesn't want to be bother right now. But in the anime, this scene is never shown. Instead Keigo and the boys were already in the classroom watching Tatsuki fight Kon.
  • In the manga, when a teacher also sees the destroyed classroom he asks Tatsuki the same question that Keigo asked her. So she gives him the same angry glare that she gave Keigo. But in the anime, this scene is never shown. Instead Tatsuki is shown being angry while having fire flames around her.
  • In the manga, Orihime reveals the person that she saw wasn't Ichigo which confused her classmates. But in the anime, she realized this while sensing Ichigo move one of the chairs after he fell on the desks.
  • In the manga, the teacher in the destroyed classroom ask Tatsuki questions demanding to know how the classroom got ruin. He is then informed by Michiru on how the classroom got ruin but he doesn't believe her at all. It is until Ryo informs him that what Michiru is saying is true that he finally believes them by saying that he will inform the principal about this. Including that they should also clean up the classroom. But in the anime, these scenes are never shown. Instead the girls talk about this after Kon and Rukia left.
  • In the manga, Karin and Yuzu witness Kon in Ichigo's body jumping in mid air. Even though Yuzu believed it was Ichigo, Karin didn't believe this person was their brother until she saw this for herself. So she told Yuzu that person was not Ichigo, but she was shock that Midoriko also saw this. Karin then told Midoriko that she didn't seen anything at all. But in the anime, none of these scenes are shown. Instead it shows Ichigo complaining that Kon used his body to kiss Tatsuki including that he only acts mean on purpose to build up his image.
  • In the manga, Karin overhears some boys who claim Ichigo broke their video game. Believing he wouldn't do such a thing, Karin dismisses the idea that he was there and states it had to be someone else. But in the anime, this scene is never shown. Instead Kon and Ichigo hear this themselves while watching the scene from a rooftop after Kon saved the three boys from the hollow.
  • In the manga, while Rukia explains what a Mod soul is to Ichigo. He admits in his mind that Rukia's drawings are cute. But in the anime, he tells her that her drawings suck. This causes Rukia to hit on him the head, and make him have two spirals on his face after he said this.
  • In the manga, Ururu apologized to Kisuke as soon as Kon sees three boys deleting their video game characters. But in the anime, this scene happens before Kon meets the three school boys.
  • In the manga, Kon destroyed the three boys game console after seeing them delete characters. So the boys tell their gym teacher about this with Yuzu being confuse about who the boys are talking about, while Karin thinks it's an imposter. But in the anime, Kon gets angry after seeing a character get delete right in front of him. This makes him confront the three boys in person which scares the three boys, and since the gym teacher didn't believe the three boys at all when they told her. She made them sweep the school yard after school.
  • In the manga, while Rukia and Ichigo are searching for Kon. Rukia asks a prevert which make Ichigo drag her away quickly, since the prevert wanted to touch her chest which confused her. But in the anime, Ichigo and Rukia try to find Kon without asking for help.
  • In the manga, Kon saved the three boys by himself when a hollow was about to kill them. However when he told them to run, this leads to him having Ichigo's right arm being cut. But in the anime, he saved the three boys without grabbing them. He fights the hollow on his own by kicking it to the ground, this causes a big wind to make the three boys land on the ground which confused them. The three boys then leave without Kon telling them to run.
  • In the manga, after the incident with Kon. Ichigo and Rukia watch the news on TV and learn that the news people also saw Kon running around in town. But in the anime, this scene is never shown at all. Instead it show's Ichigo and Rukia walking on the streets while trying to find a non live body for Kon to be place in.
  • In the manga, Mizuiro speaks to Ichigo out of his house after Yuzu tells him that he is waiting for him. But in the anime, Mizuiro is present with Keigo when Ichigo sees them outside of his window.
  • In the manga, Ichigo knows that Kisuke erased his classmates memories of Kon. But in the anime, Ichigo asks Rukia if she erased his classmates memories of Kon. To which she tells him yes.
  • In the manga, it is Tatsuki who tells Orihime that she will get detention for doing their art homework in correct. But in the anime, it is Michiru who says this to Orihime.
  • In the manga, it was Orihime who notice that Ichigo was acting tense as he enter the classroom. But in the anime, Tatsuki tells Orihime about this without her even knowing.
  • In the manga, after Isshin's meeting with his children. Yuzu is seen sleeping with Karin in her bed. But in the anime, this scene is never shown. Instead it shows Ichigo explaining to Rukia that tomorrow is the anniversary of Masaki's death.
  • In the manga, Tatsuki tells Orihime that she is Ichigo's childhood best friend when the Kurosaki family is walking to the grave yard. But in the anime, she says this after the Kurosaki family are at the grave yard entrance.
  • In the manga, Tatsuki tells Orihime that Masaki's died when Ichigo was nine as soon as he sees Grand Fishers lure while Rukia is talking to him. But in the anime, this scene was shown after Ichigo accused Rukia of thinking that a hollow killed Masaki. Including that the scene with Ichigo seeing Grand Fisher's lure again right in front of him as he talks to Rukia is not shown in the anime.
  • In the manga, Ichigo admits to Rukia that he killed Masaki as he tries to catch up to Grand Fisher's lure. But in the anime, he tells this to Rukia before he runs off into the woods.
  • In the manga, when Masaki came to pick up Ichigo from the dojo. She was seen with no parents next to her. But in the anime, it does show her with random parents at her side.
  • In the manga, Ichigo is with his family as Karin tells Masaki hat Isshin is the same. Not only that Yuzu even asks Ichigo to stop Isshin from being too energetic. But in the anime, the scene is played differently. Ichigo is not with his family, whereas Yuzu is shown crying as Karin prays to Masaki. Along with the fact that Karin beats up Isshin for being too energetic.
  • In the manga, Masaki even teased Ichigo that he couldn't beat Tatsuki in a martial arts match. However Ichigo angrily tells her that he beat Tatsuki the other day. But in anime, Ichigo says this calmly instead of being angry.
  • In the manga, Ichigo tells Masaki to hold his hand while they walk home. But in the anime, he asks her if he can hold her hand instead.
  • In the manga, a young Ichigo tells Masaki to wait where she is standing at so he can save Grand Fisher's lure. But in the anime, Ichigo tells Masaki that he will be right back.
  • In the manga, Karin and Yuzu meet Grand Fisher when they are at a hill cliff. But in the anime, they meet Grand Fisher at Masaki's grave.
  • In the manga, Ichigo senses that Karin and Yuzu are in danger. He then meets up with Rukia while running down the steps to Yuzu and Karin's location. But in the anime, Ichigo has a fight with a soul reaper. While Rukia tells Ichigo that his family is in danger. They then run to go save Karin and Yuzu.
  • In the manga, Ichigo talks to Rukia out loud about why she isn't asking him about Masaki while they are running to Karin and Yuzu's location. But in the anime, they talk about this telepathy instead.
  • In the manga, Rukia turned Ichigo into a soul reaper before he makes contact with Grand Fisher. Not only that Rukia was shown carrying Ichigo's body after turning him into a soul reaper. But in the anime, Ichigo used Kon to turn into a soul reaper. He even let Kon used his body after he nearly defeated Grand Fisher.
  • In the manga, after Ichigo sliced of one of Grand Fisher's tentacles. He cut off the Hollow's arm in order to save Karin. But in the anime however, it was Eikichiro Saido who sliced off Grand Fisher's arm.
  • In the manga, Rukia explains to Ichigo all about Grand Fisher by giving Ichigo a database paper. But in the anime, she explains this without giving Ichigo no paper.
  • In the manga, Grand Fisher eats the souls of women and children. But in the anime, he just eats the souls of woman overall. However he admits that children are a soft spot for women.
  • In the manga, Grand Fisher refers to Ichigo as "sonny". But in the anime, but in the anime, he fears to Ichigo as "boy" instead.
  • In the manga, Grand Fisher used his claw to stab Ichigo without using a lure. But in the anime, he did this tactic while using Masaki.
  • In the manga, upon using Masaki in front of Ichigo. Grand Fisher stabs Ichigo in the stomach. But in the anime, he stabs Ichigo in his left shoulder.
  • In the manga, when Ichigo lies unconscious after nearly defeating Grand Fisher. It is Rukia who explains that Ichigo is a strange boy after defeating a hollow. But in the anime, it is a soul reaper who saids this.
  • In the manga, when Karin regains consciousness after Ichigo nearly defeats Grand Fisher. She sees Kon talking to her. But in the anime, this scene is never shown. Instead it shows Karin almost waking up to which Kon wonder if she is waking up.
  • In the manga, Rukia heals Ichigo's stomach wound which cause him to complain that the other parts of his body still hurt. She explains that couldn't heal his whole body since he was in soul reaper form but could only heal his stomach, and she apologized for it now that he is back in his own body. But in the anime, this scene is never shown. Instead it shows Ichigo falling unconscious when he places his head on Rukia's shoulder after Grand Fisher escape from getting nearly kill. Therefore Rukia heals Ichigo while he is unconscious.
  • In the manga, Grand Fisher escaped while using Masaki's body. But in the anime, he escapes while using his actual body.
  • In the manga, while Orihime and Tatsuki are talking on the 6 year anniversary of Masaki's death. She explains that she got kicked out of her apartment and is now living in a hotel, until she can paid off her apartment bills. But in the anime, this is never shown. Instead it shows Orihime reflecting on how similar she is to Ichigo as she is walking home.
  • In the manga, Orihime notice that it is raining as well and asks Tatasuki for an umbrella. But in the anime, this never shown at all. Instead it shows Orihime leaving with the umbrella, and saying goodbye to Tatsuki.
  • In the manga, Ichigo talks to Isshin at Masaki's grave while it is raining. Both of them using an umbrella. But in the anime, they speak to each other when it isn't raining.
  • In the manga, just two days after the 6 year anniversary of Masaki's death. Ichigo and Tatsaki have a conversation where Tatsaki reflects on how Ichigo has changed since their childhood. But in the anime, this is never shown. Instead it shows Isshin reflecting on how Ichigo has changed when he is with him in front of Masaki's grave.
  • In the manga, Ichigo explains about the history of Dan Kanonji's show at his house much to his annoyance. But in the anime, this scene is never shown. Instead he with a crowd while show airs in his hometown.
  • In the manga, Yuzu admits that she wants to see ghost as well since she watches Don Koniji's show. But in the anime, this scene is never shown. Instead she is with her dad and sister before she can see the show in person.
  • In the manga, Karin explains to Ichigo at their house that she and him are alike by seeing ghost clearly, and being not interested in watching Dan Koniji's show. But in the anime, this scene is never shown. Instead Ichigo and Karin are annoy that they have to watch the show in person.
  • In the manga, after Ichigo learns that Karin is similar to him. He wonders if Karin can see soul reapers as well. But in the anime, this scene is never shown. Instead he has a chat with Orihime before the show starts, and gets speechless less when Rukia doesn't know what the show is about.
  • In the manga, Yuzu tells her family that Don Kanonji is making a episode in their hometown. But in the anime, this scene is never shown. Instead Ichigo tells Orihime that he came to see the show because Yuzu is a huge fan of it.
  • In the manga, after Tatsuki pulls Orihime away from doing the Bohaha pose in front of Ichigo. Much to Ichigo's annoyance, he sees Chad doing it right in front of his face. But in the anime, this scene is never shown. Instead he is relieve that Tatsuki took Orihime after she was clueless on why Ichigo didn't know where she got the bohaha pose from. While Chad does the pose with Keigo and Mizuiro.
  • In the manga, Orihime and Tatsuki see Keigo begging Rukia to come with him to Don Kanonji's show. But in the anime, this scene is never shown. Instead he only asks Rukia to come with him. To which Rukia pretends to be happy.
  • In the manga, when Keigo and Mizuiro sees Ichigo attending Don Kanonji's show. Ichigo threatened for them to shut up or he will kill them. But in the anime, this scene is never shown. Instead Ichigo only wonders what's the whole audiences' reason for coming to see the show.
  • In the manga, Keigo and Mizuiro see two girls at Don Kanonji's show. With Keigo trying to flirt with them with the Bohaha pose. But in the anime, this scene is never shown. Instead they only mention that they have tickets, and ask Ichigo to come.
  • In the manga, when Karin hears the Demi Hollow's scream she says that it is making her stomach hurt. Including that it should have been better for her to stay home but she also wonders where Ichigo is. But in the anime, it only shows her saying that she should have never come here.
  • In the manga, Tatsuki also hears the Demi Hollow's scream. But in the anime, she hears the scream alongside Orihime.
  • In the manga, when Don Kanonji makes the Demi Hollow scream really loud. It is only Karin's scare reaction that it is shown. But in the anime, it shows not only Karin, but Orihime, Tatsuki and Chad's reaction as well.
  • In the manga, when Ichigo gets in a fight with security guards to stop the show. Rukia tries to help him but she gets attack by security guards as well. But in the anime, it is only Ichigo who gets attack by security guards while Rukia becomes worry.
  • In the manga, Yuzu sees Ichigo be attack by security but she tells her father not to impersonate Ichigo. But in the anime, this scene is never shown. Instead Ichigo tries to push the security guards off of him.
  • In the manga, Ichigo and Rukia have a argument on how many security guards they each have that is stopping them from ruining the show. But in the anime, this scene is never shown. Instead all the security guards try to restrain Ichigo as he tells them to get off.
  • In the manga, Chad even tries to go Ichigo when the security guards attack him. But Keigo tells Chad not since he will make things worse. But in the anime, this scene is never shown. Instead it only Kisuke using his Kane on Ichigo's head so he can be a soul reaper, and it shows Ichigo landing on the ground after he is a soul reaper.
  • In the manga, Jinta and Ururu go to see the show with Kisuke. But in the anime, it is only shows Kisuke and Tessei who attend the show.
  • In the manga, Kisuke even erases a questionable person's memory who saw what he was wearing. But in the anime, this scene is never shown. Instead Ichigo is shock to see that Kisuke helped him. While Rukia wonders what Kisuke is up, whereas Tessai carries Ichigo's unconscious body.
  • In the manga, Karin even sees Ichigo about to fight the Demi Hollow. Even Tatsuki and Chad sense Ichigo fighting the Demi Hollow, even though they can't see him. But in the anime, none of these scenes are shown. Instead Ichigo tries to tell Dan Kanonji to get away from the hollow, but the tv host thinks that Ichigo is dead which annoys Ichigo.
  • In the manga, even Orihime knows that Ichigo is fighting the Demi Hollow. But in the anime, this scene is never shown. Instead she only senses his present but doesn't know that it's him.
  • In the manga, when Ichigo runs through the hospital door busting shattered glass in the process. Isshin is shown protecting Karin and Yuzu by using his body as a shield. But in the anime, this scene is never shown. Instead the whole crowd panic upon seeing the glass shutter.
  • In the manga, when Ichigo is fighting the Demi Hollow in the hospital. He gets his sword stuck in the ceiling, and Dan Knoiji sets Ichigo's sword free with a spell. But in the anime, Dan Kanonji doesn't help Ichigo get his sword out of the ceiling.
  • In the manga, when the Demi Hollow brings Ichigo up to the rooftop in mid air, Karin can see this in person. But in the anime, Karin's reaction is never shown during this scene. Instead Ichigo panics when this scene happens.
  • In the manga, when Ichigo is about to fight the Demi Hollow on the roof. He hopes Dan Kanonji doesn't show up. But in the anime, he doesn't mention this at all whatsoever. Instead he is shock that Dan Kanonji came to the rooftop.
  • In the manga, Kanonji protects Ichigo from the Demi-Hollow. However doesn't get stuck to rails. But in the anime, Kanonji protects Ichigo from the Demi-Hollow and frees Ichigo from being bonded to the railings.
  • In the manga, Don Kanonji never jumped in the Demi Hollow's way by telling Ichigo to finish the enemy off. But in the anime, he does do this.
  • In the manga, at school Ichigo's classmates learn that he is ranked number 18 for the top 50 best students. But in the anime, he is ranked number 23 instead.
  • In the manga, Ichigo's classmates learn that Chad is ranked number 11 for the top 50 best students. But in the anime, he is ranked number 10 instead.
  • In the manga, while Ichigo is fighting hollows and is searching for Karin at the same time. He knows that Karin is not in school but wonders where she hangs out at. But in the anime, he still doesn't knows where Karin is at and try's to find her.
  • In the manga, when Orihime is fighting a female hollow at school. The female hollow uses her attacks to make Orihime and her friends have blood on them. But in anime, her attacks are acid seeds that will make Orihime and her friends fight each other. While they bleed less, and that the blood is green.
  • In the manga, it shown that boys are cutting a young Orihime's hair. But in the anime, the boys are not shown in the flashback at all. Instead the bullies hands are shown holding scissors as they cut Orihime's hair.
  • In the manga, when a young Orihime tells Sora that she got a haircut in a flashback Sora is not shown. But in the anime, he is shown in the flashback.
  • In the manga, a flashback shown Tatsuki scolding a young Orihime for not standing up to bullies. But in the anime, it just shows Orihime meeting Tatsuki for the first time after Sora die.
  • In the manga, a flashback also shows Tatsuki defending a young Orihime from bullies. But in the anime, this is not shown whatsoever. Instead Tatsuki asks Orihime if they can leave class together.
  • In the manga, when Uryu is done explaining his past to Ichigo. Ichigo kicks Uryu in the back of the head into a hollow's face. But in the anime, Ichigo does this to Uryu but when they are further away from a Hollow.
  • In the manga, Yuzu finds Kon on the floor and mistakenly believe that he belongs to Karin. But in the anime, this scene is never shown. Instead Karin finds Kon and thinks that the lion belongs to Yuzu.
  • In the manga, Kon runs away from Ichigo and returns by begging to stay with him. This storyline happens before Ichigo meets Don Kanonji and Uryu Ishida. But in the anime, this happens after Ichigo had already met Don Kanonji and Uryu Ishida.
  • In the manga, when Kon is running away from a female name Ryo Kunieda. Chad also joins in on the race with Ryo. But in the anime, it is only Ryo who chases Kon.
  • In the manga, when Orihime and Tatsuki asks Rukia to join them for lunch. It also shows Michiru, Chizuru, Mahana & Ryo Kunieda present during this scene. But in the anime, it is only Orihime, Tatsuki and Mahana that is shown during this scene.
  • In the manga, Kon tells Ichigo that the reason why he smells so bad is because Isshin used the bathroom before him. But in the anime, Kon doesn't know who was in the bathroom before Ichigo came in. Then the scene just shows Ichigo spraying Kon with air freshener to get rid of how bad the toy bear smells.
  • In the manga, according to Ichigo and Kon's reaction. Rukia wrote her missing letter to Ichigo as a word search puzzle. But in the anime, she just writes her letter as an actual letter to Ichigo but uses it with bunnie symbols.
  • In the manga, after Renji defeated Uryu in battle. Ichigo arrives on the scene, and uses the same line, that Renji say after defeating Uryu to introduce himself. But in the anime, Ichigo introduced himself in a normal tone, but also told Renji that he is a substitute shinigami and that he is going to kick his A** as well.
  • In the manga, Byakuya wounds Ichigo on his stomach. But in the anime, he wounds Ichigo on his right shoulder.
  • In the manga, Rukia steps on Ichigo's hand in order for him to let go of Byakuya's leg. But in the anime, she kicks Ichigo's hand off of Byakuya's leg.
  • In the manga, as Kisuke tries to make Ichigo lay down after battling Renji when he have offer to train so he can go to the soul society. He places his foot on Ichigo's chest in order for him to listen along with having his sword near Ichigo's nose. But in the anime, Kisuke uses his hand to push Ichigo back on the floor. Then he places his sword near Ichigo's chest.
  • In the manga, when Ichigo comes to Kisuke's shop to start training. He shows his chest to Kisuke as evidence that his wounds are healed. But in the anime, Ichigo tells Kisuke that his wounds are completely gone.
  • In the manga, while Ichigo is fighting Ururu when Kisuke tells him to say the power of justice headband chant. Once Ichigo says this while wearing the headband, Kisuke is surprised that he pull it off. Ichigo then tells Kisuke to shut up. But in the anime, while Ichigo is running from Ururu after saying the chant. Kisuke comment that he never thought Ichigo would say it, and Ichigo tells Kisuke that he is going to get him for this.
  • In the manga, after Ichigo's hollow self is complete. He pokes Kisuke in the left eye after coming out of the hole. But in the anime, Ichigo throws a rock at Kisuke's face when he comes out of the hole.
  • In the manga, Ichigo learn about Tatsuki being in second place at a martial arts tournament. But in the anime, it is only Orihime who learns about this.
  • In the manga, Ichigo is annoy when his family tries to get him to eat a chocolate cover banana. But in the anime, his family comes just to take his classmates away to go see fireworks.
  • In the manga, Ichigo isn't afraid of seeing Yoruichi in her cat form when he first met her. But in the anime, he is afraid upon seeing her as a cat.
  • In the manga, after Ichigo and his friends make it to their location. Orihime tells Ichigo that his face on the ground pose is amazing. However Ichigo tells her to "shut up". But in the anime, Orihime comments that Ichigo's landing pose is perfect. Whereas Ichigo tells her "geez thanks".
  • In the manga, after Orhime saves herself and the others from being kill by the Koryu. Yoruichi scratches her on the nose. But in the anime, she uses her right ear to poke Orihime in her left eye.
  • In the manga, Gin cuts Jindanbo's stomach after he opened the gate for Ichigo and his friends to enter the soul society. But in the anime, Gin cuts Jindanbo's right arm.
  • In the manga, Ganju lands on the door when he meets Ichigo and the others. But in the anime, his boar makes him land on the floor when he meets Ichigo and the others.
  • In the manga, Ganju has three friends riding on boars. But in the anime, he has four friends riding on boars.
  • In the manga, Ichigo gets angry when he can't complete his sentence as Ganju and the others leave. But in the anime, Ichigo gets angry after being runner over by Ganju's lackies boars.
  • In the manga, when Ichigo and Uryu see Kukaku's house. They comment in their minds that they don't want anyone to see them going in. But in the anime, both of them agree out loud that they can't tell anyone that they went to Kukaku's house.
  • In the manga, Kukaku is missing her left arm. But in the anime, she has with a prosthetic limb.
  • In the manga, Kukaku hits Ichigo and Ganju on their heads in order for them to stop fighting. But in the anime, she smashes the floor in order for them to stop fighting.
  • In the manga, during Ichigo and his friends training to master the cannon ball. Ichigo makes the canon ball sphere go a little bit over his head. But in the anime, he makes go a little bit over the sphere orb that he is holding.
  • In the manga, Orihime and the others fell Ichigo's spirit engery while they are just finishing lunch. But in the anime, they fell the spirit engery before Kukaku does.
  • In the manga, after Ichigo completes the cannon ball technique. Kukaku hits on the head off screen after his bubble makes a cracking sound. But in the anime, she hits him on his head off screen after his bubble exploded.
  • In the manga, Ichigo and Uryu talk telepathy about not wanting to break up on the fact that Ichigo ruined Yoruichi's tail. But in the anime, they hear her complain about her tail being ruin.
  • In the manga, right after the cannon ball is destroyed. Ganju grabs on straight to Ichigo. But in the anime, Ganju does this right after Ichigo fail to grab Orihime.
  • In the manga, Chad makes sure Uryu is with Orihime as he is about to spilt up with them. But in the anime, he does this as he splits up from them.
  • In the manga, during Ichigo's battle with Ikkaku. Ichigo gets his eye wound on his right eye. But in the anime, he gets his eye wound on his left eye.
  • In the manga, during the battle with Ikkaku. Ichigo also gets his arm wound on his left arm. But in the anime, he gets his arm wound on his right arm.
  • In the manga, Ichigo tries to find Ganju before Uryu battles Jirobo. But in the anime, Icgigo tries to find Ganju after Uryu's battle with Jirobo.
  • In the manga, Ichigo is chased by random soul reapers before he sees Ganju's signal. But in the anime, Icgigo is chased while it shows that he inside a maze. It then shows him defeating the group after he sees Ganju's signal.
  • In the manga, Uryu wounds Jirobo's right hand. But in the anime, he wounds Jirobo's left hand.
  • In the manga, Uryu also wounds Jirobo's stomach. But in the anime, Uryu wounds Jirobo's chest.
  • In the manga, Ichigo and Ganju capture Hanataro before Chad fights random soul reapers. But in the anime, they does after Chad fights random soul reapers.
  • In the manga, Ichigo and Ganju comment that Hanataro's name will be hard to remember. But in the anime, they comment that Hanataro's name is a girl's name.
  • In the manga, it is Ichigo who senses Renji at the stairs. But in the anime, it was Hanataro who did this.
  • In the manga, Ichigo has his rematch battle with Renji after he, Ganju and Hanataro got out of the sewers. But in the anime, he has his rematch battle with Renji as he is about to walk up the steps that lead to the location of Rukia's cell.
  • In the manga, Ichigo gets a head wound from his battle with Renji on the left side of his face. But in the anime, he gets it on the right side of his face.
  • In the manga, a young Rukia saves Renji by kicking an old man off screen. But in the anime, she does this on screen.
  • In the manga, Ichigo gets his imaginably chest wound after he meets Kenpachi face to face. But in the anime, he get this imaginely wound before he meets Kenpachi face to face.
  • In the manga, Ichigo meets Yachiru when she is next to his zanpakuto. But in the anime, he meets her when she jumps onto his shoulder.
  • In the manga, when Hollow Ichigo first appeared. His teeth were colored black. But in the anime, when Hollow Ichigo first appeared. His teeth are white.
  • In the manga, Hollow Ichigo fights Ichigo by sending a Reiatsu blast at him. But in the anime, Hollow Ichigo fights Ichigo by using his sword.
  • In the manga, Ichigo calls Zangetsu "old man". But in the anime, Ichigo calls Zangetsu by his name.
  • In the manga, Chad has his battle with Shunsui Kyoraku while Ichigo battles with Kenpachi. But in the anime, he has his battle before Ichigo battles Kenpachi.
  • In the manga, during Chad's flashback of Ichigo saving him from a gang. Ichigo kicks the gang leaders cell phone on screen. But in the anime. He does this off screen.
  • In the manga, when Ganju sees Rukia for the first since she admitted that she killed Kaien. A flashback of a young Ganju's face is shown looking at her carrying Kaien's dead body. But in the anime, the flashback only shows a close up of Rukia's face as she carries Kaien's dead body.
  • In the manga, when Yoruichi shows her true appearance to Ichigo. She is completely naked. But in the anime, she has fog covering her body and only Ichigo's reaction to looking at her true gender is shown. Then he angrily yells at her off screen by telling her to put some clothes on.
  • In the manga, major events such as; Momo seeing Aizen's dead body hanging on a building, her trying to battle Gin and Kira, Ichigo angrily confronting Yoruichi on why she knock him out and Rangiku stopping Gin from leaving after Toshiro knocks out Momo are all shown as flashbacks. But in the anime, none of these events are not shown as flashbacks at all.
  • In the manga, as Byakuya is about to finish Ganju off. Jushiro stops him from behind while having a smile on his face. But in the anime, Jushiro has an angry expression on his face when stops Byakuya from killing Ganju.
  • In the manga, before Ichigo battles Byakuya again. Yoruichi punches Ichigo deep into his stomach with her left hand in order to make him be unconscious. But in the anime, she elbows him roughly on his stomach to make him go unconscious.
  • In the manga, Uryu battles Mayuri Kurotsuchi after Ichigo's short battle with Byakuya. But in the anime, this battle happens as Ichigo starts to learn Bankai.
  • In the manga, in order to get Orihime and the drunken soul reaper away from Mayuri. Uryu shoots at Mayuri with a blow in arrow when they are at close range. But in the anime, Uyru does this to Mayuri when they are far away from each other.
  • In the manga, Mayuri does a double attack on Uryu and Nemu. His attack wounds Uryu's right shoulder, and wounds Nemu's left shoulder. But in the anime, the attack wounds Uryu's left shoulder but also wounds Nemu's right shoulder.
  • In the manga, Mayuri refers to Nemu Kurotsuchi as his daughter. But in the anime, Mayuri refers to Nemu as his servent.
  • In the manga, Nemu refers to Mayuri as lord. But in the anime, she refers to him as her captain.
  • In the manga, Renji has his battle with Byakuya hours before Rukia leaves her cell. But in the anime, the battle is shown as Rukia leaves her cell.
  • In the manga, Kenpachi battles Tosen before Rukia is taken to her death sentence location. But in the anime, the battle starts after Renji battles Byakuya.
  • In the manga, Ichigo stops the big fire bird with his body. But in the anime, he stops the bird with his spirit engery.
  • In the manga, when Hollow Ichigo took control of Ichigo's body for the first time and grabbed Byakuya Kuchiki's sword. His hand was bleeding. But in the anime, when Hollow Ichigo took control of Ichigo's body for the first time and grabbed Byakuya Kuchiki's sword. His hand wasn't bleeding.
  • In the manga, after Ichigo won his battle against Byakuya. He yelled in victory before collapsing. But in the anime, he yelled in pain instead.
  • In the manga, Yoruichi battles Sui Feng at the beginning of Ichigo's rematch fight against Byakuya. But in the anime, this fight happens after Kenpachi had fought against Tosen.
  • In the manga, Jushiro and Kyoraku battle Yamato after Hisagi fought against Ikkaku's partner. But in the anime, the fight against Yamato happens as Sui Feng fights against Yoruichi.
  • In the manga, Kukaku pays Jindanbo a visit as two battles take place. But in the anime, this happens when only one battle is shown.
  • In the manga, Sui Feng's past is shown when she tells Yoruichi that she should be the strongest and not her. But in the anime, Sui Feng's past is shown before she tells Yoruichi that she should be the strongest.
  • In the manga, when Aizen impacts Momo with his sword. His sword is shown a tiny bit outside of her body. But in the anime, his sword is shown all the way through outside of Momo's body.
  • In the manga, after Isane tells everyone telepathy that Aizen, Gin & Kaname are traitors to the 13 court guard squad. Uryu tells Ichigo that Aizen wants to kill Rukia. But in the anime, Ichigo himself realizes that Aizen is after Rukia.
  • In the manga, when Aizen tells Rukia and Ichigo that Kisuke put the Hogyoku in Rukia's Gigi. It shows flashbacks of how Rukia had problems using her Gigi. But in the anime, it shows flashbacks of Rukia having problems with her Gigi when she fought Shrieker.
  • In the manga, when Aizen takes the Hogyoku out of Rukia's body. The attack is shown in silhouette form. But in the anime, only Ichigo's reaction is shown upon seeing this.
  • In the manga, Ichigo regained consciousness before Byakuya told Rukia that he so sorry about Hisana being her older sister. But in the anime, Ichigo was unconscious when Byakuya apologized to Rukia.
  • In the manga, Ichigo jumped out of the window as Kenpachi wanted to fight him. But in the anime, Yachiru sees Ichigo running after he jumped out of the window.
  • In the manga, after Ichigo and his friends returned from the soul Society. He tells his friends that Jushiro gave him a soul reaper badge. But in the anime, Ichigo never tells his friends about this. Instead he is angry at Kisuke for not telling him that Rukia had the Hogyoku in her body.
  • In the manga, Ichigo wakes up Kon from his sleep by knocking on the window. He then takes Kon out of his body by using his soul reaper badge, so he can get some sleep. But in the anime, Ichigo arrives at the front entrance of his house without waking his family or Kon up. He then looks at the front door and says I'm home.



  • The Substitute (Ep. 1 – 20)
  • Soul Society The Entry (Ep. 21 – 41)
  • The Rescue (Ep. 42 – 63)
  • The Bounts (Ep. 64 – 91)
  • The Assault (Ep. 92 – 109)
  • The Arrancar (Ep. 110 – 131)
  • The Hueco Mundo Sneak Entry (Ep. 132 – 151)
  • The Fierce Fight (Ep. 152 – 167)
  • The New Captain Shusuke Amagai (Ep. 168 – 189)
  • Arrancar vs Shinigami (Ep. 190 – 205)
  • The Past (Ep. 206 – 212)
  • Battle in Karakura Town (Ep. 213 – 229)
  • Zanpakuto The Alternate Tale (Ep. 230 – 265)
  • Fall of the Espada (Ep. 266 – 306)
  • Gotei 13 Invading Army (Ep. 307 – 342)
  • The Lost Substitute Shinigami (Ep. 343 – 366)

Theme Songs

  • "Asterisk" (Ep. 1 – 25)
  • "D-tecnolife" (Ep. 26 – 51)
  • "One Lone Flower" (Ep. 52 – 74)
  • "Tonight, Tonight, Tonight" (Ep. 75 – 97)
  • "Rolling Star" (Ep. 98 – 120)
  • "ALONES" (Ep. 121 – 143)
  • "After Dark" (Ep. 144 – 167)
  • "CHU-BURA" (Ep. 168 – 189)
  • "Velonica" (Ep. 190 – 214)
  • "Girl S" (Ep. 215 – 242)
  • "Anima Rossa" (Ep. 243 – 265)
  • "CHANGE" (Ep. 266 – 291)
  • "Melody of the Wild Dance" (Ep. 292 – 316)
  • "BLUE" (Ep. 317 – 342)
  • "Spring Wind" (Ep. 343 – 366)
  • "Mosquito Bite" (Live Action Film)
  • "Life is Like a Boat" (Ep. 1 – 13)
  • "Thank You!!" (Ep. 14 – 25)
  • "Comet" (Ep. 26 – 38)
  • "happypeople" (Ep. 39 – 51)
  • "Life" (Ep. 52 – 63)
  • "My Pace" (Ep. 64 – 74)
  • "Hanabi" (Ep. 75 – 86)
  • "MOVIN!!" (Ep. 87 – 97)
  • "Baby It's You" (Ep. 98 – 109)
  • "Sakura Biyori" (Ep. 110 – 120)
  • "Tiptoe" (Ep. 121 – 131)
  • "Bitter Orange") (Ep. 132 – 143)
  • "Tane o Maku Hibi" (Ep. 144 – 154)
  • "Gratitude" (Ep. 155 – 167)
  • "Orange" (Ep. 168 – 179)
  • "Gallop" (Ep. 180 – 189)
  • "Hitohira no Hanabira" (Ep. 190 – 201)
  • "Sky Chord ~Otona ni Naru Kimi e~" (Ep. 202 – 214)
  • "Kimi o Mamotte, Kimi o Aishite" (Ep. 215 – 229)
  • "Mad Surfer" (Ep. 230 – 242)
  • "Sakurabito" (Ep. 243 – 255)
  • "On a Journey to You") (Ep. 256 – 265)
  • "Stay Beautiful" (Ep. 266 – 278)
  • "Echoes" (Ep. 279 – 291)
  • "Last Moment" (Ep. 292 – 303)
  • "Song for..." (Ep. 304 – 316)
  • "Blue Bird" (Ep. 317 – 329)
  • "Haruka Kanata" (Ep. 330 – 342)
  • "Re:pray" (Ep. 343 – 354)
  • "MASK" (Ep. 355 – 366)
  • "???" (Live Action Film)

Voice Cast

  • Johnny Yong Bosch as Ichigo, Hollow Ichigo & Young Ichigo (Ep. 178)
  • Stephanie Sheh as Orihime & Isane
  • Michelle Ruff as Rukia & Mahana
  • Derek Stephen Prince as Uryu
  • Mac Worden as "Chad" (Ep. 2 – 79)
  • Jamieson Price as "Chad" (Ep. 80 – 366)
  • Wally Wingert as Renji
  • Kate Higgins as Karin, Retsu & Nanao
  • Janice Kawaye as Yuzu
  • David Lodge as Kenpachi (Ep. 20 – 243)
  • Patrick Seitz as Isshin & Kenpachi (Ep. 244 – 366)
  • Ellyn Stern as Masaki
  • Mona Marshall as Young Ichigo (Ep. 7 – 8)
  • Wendee Lee as Tatsuki, Ururu & Yoruichi
  • Steve Staley as Toshiro & Shuhei
  • Daniel Woren as Byakuya
  • Megan Hollingshead as Rangiku & Nemu
  • Michael Lindsay as Kisuke (Ep. 4 – 214)
  • Doug Erholtz as Kisuke (Ep. 215 – 366)
  • Steve Kramer as Shunsui
  • Liam O'Brien as Jushiro, Sora & Acidwire
  • Karen Strassman as Momo & Sui-Feng
  • Vic Mignogna as Ikkaku
  • Colleen O'Shaughnessey as Nelliel Tu, Michiru & Kyoko
  • ??? as Chizuru
  • Dave Mallow as Kaien & Kensei
  • David Rasner as Kaname
  • Roger Craig Smith as Shinji
  • Terrance Stone as Yoruichi's Cat Form & Mayuri
  • Laura Bailey as Mashiro & Tier Harribel
  • Yuri Lowenthal as Keigo, Young Renji, Young Byakuya & Kaoru
  • Mary Elizabeth McGlynn as Ikumi
  • Michael Sorich. as Don & Tessai
  • Eden Riegel as Rurichiyo
  • Kim Strauss as Oscar Joaquin & Sajin (Ep. 51 – 63)
  • J.B Blanc as Sajin (Ep. 99 – 366)
  • Kyle Hebert as Ganju
  • Grant George as Izuru
  • Paul St Peter as Grand Fisher
  • Stevie Bloch as Yachiru
  • Debi Mae West as Hisana
  • Cindy Robinson as Jinta, Kukaku & Kiyone
  • Tom Fahn as Mizuiro
  • Quinton Flynn as Kon
  • Neil Kaplan as Shigekuni Yamamoto Genryusai

Cast (Live Action Film)

  • Sota Fukushi as Ichigo Kurosaki & Hollow Ichigo
  • Erina Mano as Orihime Inoue
  • Hana Sugisaki as Rukia Kuchiki
  • Ryo Yoshizawa as Uryu Ishida
  • Yu Koyanagi as Yasutora "Chad" Sado
  • Taichi Saotome as Renji Abarai
  • as Young Ichigo
  • as Karin Kurosaki
  • as Yuzu Kurosaki
  • Yosuke Eguchi as Isshin Kurosaki
  • Masami Nagasawa as Masaki Kurosaki
  • as Tatsuki Arisawa
  • as Sora Inoue (Orihime's older brother)
  • as Keigo Asano
  • as Chizuru Honsho
  • as Michiru Ogawa
  • as Mahana Natsui
  • as Don Kanonji
  • as Oscar Joaquin de la Rosa
  • as Tessai Tsukabishi
  • as Jinta Hanakari
  • as Ururu Tsumugiya
  • as Mizuiro Kojima
  • as Kon
  • as Young Tatsuki
  • as Young Uryu
  • as Yoruichi's Cat Form
  • as Yoruichi Shihoin
  • as Toshiro Hitsugaya
  • Takamasa Ishihara as Byakuya Kuchiki
  • as Rangiku Matsumoto
  • Seiichi Tanabe as Kisuke Urahara
  • as Kenpachi Zaraki
  • as Shunsui Kyoraku
  • as Jushiro Ukitake
  • as Young Rukia
  • as Young Renji
  • as Sui-Feng
  • as Ikkaku Madarame
  • as Kaien Shiba
  • as Sajin Komamura
  • as Kukaku Shiba
  • as Ganju Shiba
  • as Izuru Kira
  • as Shuhei Hisagi
  • as Grand Fisher
  • as Kiyone Kotetsu
  • as Isane Kotetsu
  • as Retsu Unohana
  • as Nanao Ise
  • as Yachiru Kusajishi
  • as Momo Hinamori
  • as Shigekuni Yamamoto Genryusai
  • as Mayuri Kurotsuchi
  • as Nemu Kurotsuchi
  • as Hisana Kuchiki
  • as Kaname Tosen


  • The anime ending theme Thank You is vey similar to the Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 0 anime ending theme Even if You Break Tomorrow.
  • The anime opening theme Spring Wind is very similar to the Boruto opening theme Baton Road.
  • The third ending, "Houki Boushi", had a different animation for each episode, one for each of the 13 squads. The squad for each episode is as follows: Episode 26- 6th Squad, Episode 27- 3rd Squad, Episode 28- 11th Squad, Episode 29- 12th Squad, Episode 30- 4th Squad, Episode 31- 2nd Squad, Episode 32- 9th Squad, Episode 33- 7th Squad, Episode 34- 5th Squad, Episode 35- 10th Squad, Episode 36- 1st Squad, Episode 37- 8th Squad, and Episode 38- 13th Squad. In addition to the Captain and Lieutenant from each squad, they also show major characters from that squad, other characters that squad interacts with (ex. many of the female Lieutenants are shown hanging out in multiple endings), and a shot of our "heroes".
  • Early scanlations of the manga noted Ichigo's birthday as July 7 instead of July 15, causing great confusion among fans.
  • BLEACH creator Tite Kubo assigned several characters theme songs which are used to give insight to characters that might not normally appear in the run of the manga or anime.
  • Ichigo names the mod soul he finds Kon, which is fitting seeing as "Kon" literally translates to "soul".
  • The Neon Genesis Evangelion anime and BLEACH anime share the same musician, Shiroh Sagisu.
  • When Ichigo used to go to the hair dresser, people would ask him about his hair color and since he hated that, he doesn't go anymore. Normally, Yuzu cuts it.
  • In the first anime episode, there is an electric guitar which suggests Ichigo might like to play or listen to rock music (which is viable, considering one of his favorite celebrities is Mike Ness from the band Social Distortion).
  • According to the Shonen Jump's character popularity polls, Ichigo is consistently the Bleach series's favorite character.
  • Rukia likes to climb to high places, rabbit-themed items (evident when she reveals she wanted a "Chappy the Bunny" soul candy dispenser), and her favorite foods are eggs and cucumbers.
  • Rukia has consistently been the second most popular Bleach character in Shonen Jump's polls. Her position has been usurped only very recently by Toshiro Hitsugaya in an official poll.
  • The Shiba siblings have a naming pattern. The first characters in their names refer to a type of terrain ("kai" means "sea," "kuu" means "air," "gan" means "boulder) and the second characters refer to birds ("en" means "swallow," "kaku" means "crane," "ju" means "eagle").
  • On the front of the magazine that is offered to kon by the young boys in "Kon-samma's diary Part 1" (ep 56) is Matsumoto in a red bathing suit.
  • Starting from minute 30 of the 1 hour special (episode 68-69) you can hear, in the background, what was the current ending theme "My Pace" by SunSet Swish.
  • "Menos Grande" probably was meant to be translated as "Big Minus", in the sense of a very large Hollow, but in this specific order it is literally translated from Spanish as "Less Big".
  • Byakuya Kuchiki wears the standard captain uniform along with a white headpiece called a kenseikan (symbolizing his noble rank as the head of the Kuchiki family) and a white scarf made by the master weaver, Tsujishirō Kuroemon III. The scarf is called ginpaku kazahana no uzuginu (lit. silver-white windflower light silk), and is a family heirloom handed down through the generations to the head of the Kuchiki family. Ten large houses can be built from the cost of just one of these.
  • During the fourth opening, "Tonight, Tonight, Tonight" (episodes 75-97), after the closeup of Kariya's right eye, there is a different still picture for every of those episodes.
  • In order to promote the new Bleach movie, the production team decided to replace the new Opening (Rolling Star - YUI) and Ending's (Baby it's you! - June) animation with footage from the movie "Memories of Nobody".
  • "Ichigo" using certain kanji does mean "strawberry", which is where his nickname comes from. However, the kanji used in his name means "to protect one."
  • When Byakuya Kuchiki was first shown in the real world he was infact not wearing his captians uniform...not to long after he was seen in Soul Society wearing his captains uniform
  • In episdoe 28, after the smoking shinigami-s begin to chase Ichigo, the anime is shown from the air, showing the streets of the Seireitei like a maze, the second time, when you see the maze, it's not only different, but it has the form of the number 28 (like on a digital watch), referring to the episode number.
  • Going with the "15" motif/joke in referrance to Ichigo's name (ichi - one, go - five), Ichigo's birthday is July 15th. Also, although several characters' birthdays have passed, they remain the same age (strangely enough, 15)
  • In the Japanese version, Ichigo's younger sisters often call him "Ichi-Nii" as a shorthand for Ichigo Nii-san. Ichi means 1 and nii means 2. He is also called Ichi-niisan which means 1,2,3 if 'niisan' is broken into 'nii' and 'san' respectively.
  • When Episode 186 aired on TV Tokyo in Japan, an unusual error occured. The ending sequence attatched to the episode did not include a credit roll. Instead, it was just the typical ending sequence without any credits.
  • The Arrancar section of episode 196, Byakuya and the Arrancar copy the act of endlessly dashing behind the other as done in the Buso Renkin manga.
  • In the restaurant scene of episode 204 at around 7.41 you can see the back of Sennas head from the Bleach movie "Memories of Nobody".
  • In episode 1. When Ichigo and Isshin throw their last punches before Ichigo goes to his room. Isshin falls in a way that the door behind Ichigo would be to his right. But after Ichigo leaves, we see that the top of Isshin's head now faces the door instead.
  • A running gag in every episode, is that during the preview for the next episode. Instead of a character explaining what's supposed to happen in the next episode, two characters will argue with each other, or a single character will rant on and on about something that has no importance whatsoever to the next episode.
  • As of episode 20 episode, Ichigo's Zangetsu is always in its Shikai state.
  • In episode 1. Tite Kubo (Bleach creator) anwsered this question from 'anime insider' that (shortened) Did Ichigo when he used Rukia's powers have his Zanpakuto "Zangetsu" or Rukia's Zanpakuto "sode no shirayuki". Tite repled "He used used Rukia's." He also says "I think because his powers were not 'discovered' till Zangetsu helped him become soul reaper (after his first fight with Byakuya)".
  • In all episodes, Konamura is an anthropomorphic canine who is very self-conscious about his appearance, and so wears a large helmet that conceals his entire head when he is first introduced. After his fight with Kenpachi Zaraki (during which his helmet is destroyed), he gains enough confidence to go without the helmet. His canine appearance is often the source of jokes; for example, when his lieutenant asks where to find a bathroom, he appears to direct him to a fire hydrant, though he is in fact pointing at a bathroom just around the corner.
  • Komamura has a close friendship with Kaname Tōsen, and is shocked when the latter defects from Soul Society, feeling that his friend has abandoned his morals. Komamura resolves to awaken Tōsen with his own hands. Komamura is immensely strong, as demonstrated by his ability to hurl the arrancar Po's massive released state over his head and onto the ground.
  • In every episode Hitsugaya is only 3'5".
  • At the end of episode 89 in the English version there is a spelling mistake, instead of saying "to be continue" it is spelled "to be countinued".
  • In episode 1 A Shinigami Is Born in the last scene where the girl ghost is being chased by a Hollow and just before Rukia explains to Ichigo what Shinigami do, we see five Hollow footsteps, but only hear the last four.
  • In episode 1 When Ichigo is confronting the skateboarders at the beginning of the episode, there are four of them. Yet when they run away, there are only three shown. In the next shot, the first guy knocked down is gone as well.
  • In episode 1, Soon after Rukia uses a binding spell on Ichigo, she draws a moustache on his face with a marker, yet soon after it's gone. Problem is, his arms were bound behind his back, so how could he wipe it off? As answer to this mysterious disappearance, it was not shown in the pacing of the anime version; but in the original manga version there's a scene showing that Ichigo is wiping the hopely-still-wet moustache drawing on the floor and he was successful in doing so.
  • In epsiode 1, the japanese word "shinigami" literally menas "death god" (shini means die & gami is one way of saying god, the other being kami) however when dubbed they call the Shinigami "Soul reapers" instead of "death gods". There is a reason for this however; despite its literal meaning, the Japanese word "shinigami", at least in recent years, is the word used for the traditional grim reaper of Western tradition. The grim reaper quite literally reaps souls; thus "soul reaper" is a logical translation.
  • In the English version of episode 5, that hollow with the exploding slugs says to Rukia and Chad, "Say hello to my little friends". That's the very famous line Al Pacino said in the movie "Scarface". Word-for-word. The voice-over almost sounded like Scarface himself.
  • In episode 16 Renji Abari has black tribal tattoos over much of his body. Besides his forehead, his arms, neck, shoulders, chest and back are tattooed. His legs do not appear to be tattooed yet. His tattoos increase in conjunction with his personal achievements. The eyebrow tattoos were his first. Rukia likes to tease Renji about his "weird tattooed eyebrows".
  • In episode 41 a familiar piece from Neon Genesis Evangelion plays.
  • Ichigo's name also sounds like ichi (one) and go(five). Thus in episode 113, you can see a sign on Ichigo's bedroom door saying 15.
  • In episode 132, Toushiro Hitsugaya reacts similarly to Edward Elric from FMA when one of Karin's friends called him a 'midget.' Ironically enough, both Hitsugaya and Ed were voiced by the same Japanese voice actress, Romi Park.
  • In the English version of episode 178, Mona Marshall didn't do young Ichigo's voice because Johnny Yong Bosch did it in the said episode.
  • In episode 204, in the restaurant where Ichigo had dinner with Rurichiyo, there is a girl looks like Senna behind Ichigo.
  • Described by Tite Kubo and The Other Wiki, as "Overly Energetic, Very Friendly, Open". Masakazu Morita started his career as a motion capture actor. He first did the motion capture for Zell Dincht from Final Fantasy VIII, then as the main character Tidus in Final Fantasy X. And since the characters were being voiced by then, he gave it a shot and voiced Tidus too. While that wasn't quite enough to shoot him into the spotlight, he ended up meeting Tite Kubo, became good friends with him and agreed to voice the main character of Bleach, Ichigo Kurosaki, when it got animated. This marked the start of his success and infamy. Up until today, both have been in a good relationship, and Masakazu opened up a radio show based on his character. It should be noted however that, infamous or not, he's actually a talented and versatile voice actor, and he's good at leading radio talk shows, being extremely talkative, cheerful and humorous. He also has a very unique way of thinking, and is a bit of a pervert. Ironically, while Ichigo often makes mistakes with names, Masakazu's name is often mistransliterated as 'Seiichi Morita'. His English equivalent is Johnny Yong Bosch, since they have identical voice ranges.
Live Action Film
  • Sometime this year in 2018, Tite Kubo is making a Live Action Bleach movie that covers the first 70 chapters of the manga. However Kubo is only worry about how Ichigo's hair will look like in the live action film because Ichigo's hair is mostly orange. Nevertheless the film will be release on July 20, 2018.
  • Actor, Sōta Fukushi is set to star in the movie playing the lead role of Ichigo Kurosaki. Fukushi has said "When I first heard they were doing a live-action Bleach, I was also surprised".
  • Hana Sugisaki says, “In order to play Rukia, who is a powerful and pure Soul Reaper, I read the original manga over and over again and also watched the anime. I examined Rukia in my own way to prepare for the character. Since I have already worked with Fukushi-san in some other films, I felt relieved from the first day of the shooting. While Ichigo and Rukia are human and death characters in this story, I thought they have hearts, after reading through the screenplay. I fell in love with them whose existences are supporting each other and becoming stronger. I think I was able to feel that way because Fukushi-san was with me. I believe the friendship between the two that I actually felt at the sets will surely reach the hearts of this film’s audience".
  • Sota Fukushi had this to say about the theme song being Mosquito Bite by Alexandros. "I was excited to hear [ALEXANDROS] will be singing theme song as I’m always listening to them. I was like “BLEACH×[ALEXANDROS] sounds cool!”. I knew a great song will come out even before they started. The song has great impact and I felt this power coming. It also links with the film and matches with the action scenes. Lyrics show the struggling feelings of transitioning from child to adult and I just love it instantly!".

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