Boruto: Naruto Next Generations (―ボルト―ナルト―次 世代) is a monthly manga series written by Ukyo Kodachi and illustrated by Mikio Ikemoto, which is supervised by original manga creator Masashi Kishimoto. The series serves as official continuation of the Naruto franchise. It adapts the story-line of the Boruto movie, and then continues the story afterwards. The manga launched on May 9, 2016 in the 23rd issue of Weekly Shonen Jump, and is simultaneously published in Weekly Shonen Jump digital magazine in English. In December 2016, it was announced at the annual Jump Festa that an anime adaption will begin to air in April 5, 2017. The series features returning cast members from Naruto Shippuuden and the Boruto movie. Naruto Shippuuden episode director Noriyuki Abe is serving as chief director, and Hiroyuki Yamashita is returning to direct at Studio Pierrot. Ukyo Kodachi, author of the Boruto manga, is supervising the story. Makoto is in charge of series composition. Tetsuya Nishio and Hirofumi Suzuki are returning to design the characters. Hideyuki Ueno is the art director, and Yasushi Nagura is the sound director. The anime will take place when Boruto is a student at the Ninja Academy, and the story is before the Naruto Gaiden manga.


In the future, an older Boruto fights Kawaki in a destroyed Konohagakure, and argue about the end of the age of shinobi. Both activate seal-like powers, Boruto activates a dojutsu in his left eye, and both resume their fight.

In the present, Boruto and Shikadai run through Konoha. In the Hokage's office, Naruto and Shikamaru go to his office, where Naruto bemoans the amount paperwork due will keep him from going home that night.

On top of a train, Boruto celebrates being able to buy a limited edition chilli burger. As they eat the two comment on the village's modernisation, and Shikadai scoffs at the prospect of having to attend the Academy. Shikadai tells Boruto to behave at the Entrance Ceremony, since it also reflects on him. Boruto leaps off the train after being spotted, and spots Denki being picked on. Boruto attacks the bullies with shadow clones, and makes a run with him as more arrive. Though they escape, Denki is worried the bullies will come after him harder the next day and comments on Boruto's ninjutsu. He learns Boruto is set to start at the Academy the following day, like himself. Denki's father wants him to learn ninjutsu as well as academics if he wants to inherit his company, crediting his achievements in the last war for the success of his company. Boruto tells Denki to tell his father about his wishes. The two talk more about their fathers, and Boruto realises he's late for dinner, fearing his mother's punishment.

When Boruto gets home, he argues with his mother about his father's absence during dinner, while Denki confronts his father, who says he'll allow Denki to study whatever he wants if he proves he is strong. Denki is bitten and influenced by a chakra snake.

The next day, Boruto is late for the Entrance Ceremony. Intending to take the train, he spots Denki and perceives a shadow over him, not noticing his own right eye changing. Denki lures his bullies into an old, malfunctioning train. Denki shows his bullies he put that train on a collision course with another defective train. Having followed Denki, Boruto shows himself and tells Denki to stop, and again perceives the influence on him. Boruto's words loosen the influence on Denki, and when he needs his help in changing the tracks, the influence on Denki is broken, allowing him to help. The two are able to change the tracks, and the bullies hold on to them when they almost fall off the train. They disconnect a wagon with the bullies, allowing them to stop safely. Still wanting to get to the Academy, they derail the train and crash it into the Hokage Rock. They arrive at the Academy during roll call, but damage Naruto's stone face. The other students are cleared out, while Konohamaru gets Boruto. At the end of the day, Naruto receives word that Boruto took the blame, but Denki's father offers to pay for the damages. After his suspension is up, Boruto heads to the academy and sees Denki, who got into the ninjutsu program, hoping to one day merge ninjutsu with science. Boruto decides against asking Denki about the shadow that had come over him. Looking up at his stone face, he vow to walk his own path in life.

Shino explains how the role of the Ninja Academy has changed. In addition to shinobi skills being taught as in the past, a broader curriculum of non-shinobi related courses are available. Boruto returns from his two week suspension. Inojin notices him through the window. After Boruto arrives in his classroom, the other students begin gossiping about him, which Boruto ignores. Chōchō and Sumire ask Sarada about Boruto. Sarada says she finds him annoying, and the other two gush about Naruto. Inojin bluntly says what everyone else is thinking about Boruto. Boruto extends his hand in friendship, but Inojin refuses, considering him to be untrustworthy. Sumire tries defusing the situation as Shino arrives at the classroom. During practice to assess everyone's strengths and weaknesses, Denki tells Boruto he got the second best time. The one with the best time, Iwabee, isn't there. Boruto tries joining other students for lunch, but they hurry out of the classroom. Iwabee antagonizes Boruto over being the Hokage's son, by seeing the current state of the Ninja Academy as being soft, despite having flunked twice. Denki speaks in Boruto's defense, and Iwabee targets him. Boruto stops Iwabee from hurting Denki. Despite promising himself he wouldn't fight, Boruto challenges Iwabee to a fight. The class watches nervously, while Inojin is amused. After talking with Anko, Shino arrives at an empty classroom, much to his confusion, as everyone ditched class to watch the fight. The class watches the two fighting, Iwabee even saying he won't use his weapon. Boruto and Iwabee are both impressed with each other's skills. Iwabee is frustrated he can't graduate only with shinobi related subjects. After a solid strike on him, Iwabee begins using Earth Release, creating an earth hammer. Inojin takes the hammer out of his reach with his drawings, and points out Iwabee broke his own rule on not using his weapon. Iwabee realizes his mistake. The atmosphere in the class improves, Boruto becomes more popular, and Iwabee decides to start attending class again. Shino then arrives to start class.

As Shino begins teaching shurikenjutsu to his class. Most of the class ignores his instructions. Sumire struggles, while Inojin and Shikadai, who were made to practice at home by their parents, breeze through it. Metal Lee practices with ease at first, but when Inojin and Shikadai notice him, he becomes self-conscious, his performance suffering. Boruto throws a fuma shuriken at the target. Lee thinks he can deflect it, but with eyes on him, he falters, instead getting his foot stuck on the shuriken and getting dragged by it. Shikadai asks Boruto where he got a fūma shuriken, as they're not supposed to be using that yet. Boruto says he got it in a locker, which turn out to be Iwabee's. Shino calls everyone involved to his office, where he commands the ones involved to do voluntary work. They're assigned to help repair Naruto's face at the Hokage Mounment, which Boruto damaged.

After a break, they notice only Lee's part is missing, and getting anxious, he messes up his carving, causing more damage to Naruto's face. At the end of the day, Shikadai points out to Lee it's obvious he makes mistakes when nervous, and that sometimes it makes things worse for others. At home, Shikadai is scolded by his mother for getting into trouble. Shikamaru isn't as concerned, and considers getting in trouble part of becoming a shinobi. Temari scolds him as well. The next day, when Shikadai goes to apologise to Lee, Boruto notices the same darkness that took over Denki with his left eye. Lee lures Shikadai away, and begins attacking him. Boruto and Inojin find them, and Lee attacks them as well. Lee chases the three through the Ninja Academy. But Shikadai comes up with a strategy. Boruto distracts Lee with shadow clones, giving Shikadai an opening to pin his shadow, but Lee gets out of his range. Inojin distracts Lee with ink birds, and Lee gets paralysed.

Another shadow paralysed him from another angle, revealing the real Shikadai, the previous one being a disguised Boruto, and the shadows he used actually ink snakes drawn by Inojin. Lee begins breaking free of Shikadai's hold, who urges Boruto to knock him out. Lee breaks free by accident, and knocks himself out, the darkness taking over him dissipating. When Lee comes to it, Shikadai apologises for the day before. The four to go class. At home, Boruto asks Hinata about the Byakugan, by wondering about what he's seen. Soon after Naruto arrives exhausted, and goes straight to bed. But this makes Boruto angry since Naruto didn't eat dinner with them. The next day, Boruto, Shikadai and Inojin try getting Lee to play video games to get him less anxious, but he ends up breaking Boruto's game.

Shino has Konohamaru help him teach his Ninja Academy class about the Summoning Technique. Konohamaru summons Gamagoro much to the amazement of all the students except for Boruto. When accused of jealousy by Chocho, Boruto tries and fail to summon a creature since, as Shino explains to him and the class, he has signed no contract with a summoned creature. While they practise summoning sealed weapons instead, the class soon becomes divided as the girls argue with the boys over maturity. While Konohamaru and Shino ponder what to do about the constant outbreaking of infighting, the class almost breaks out into another boys vs. girls battle at lunch. Shino intervenes just in time and instead gives the two sides the task of playing capture the flag within the Ninja Academy while he assesses each ones strengths and weaknesses.

Things come to a head as both teams make their way to the rooftop: Boruto, who has stolen a scroll from the Academy once again attempts the Summoning Technique intending to summon a small toad to scare the girls. Instead, an unknown creature appears and strikes at Chocho throwing her off the building. Boruto, Inojin and Shikadai are able to stop her from falling to her death, but the beast sets its sights on them helplessly dangling from the roof. Konohamaru arrives in time to defeat the beast with his Rasengan and Sumire silently steals the flag. Therefore making the girls win the match. Later, Boruto apologises for putting Chocho's life in danger, prompting the girls to put a raincheck on collecting their favour. While they prepare to head home, Shino advises them that they first needed to clean up the now crumbling Ninja Academy building, while Konohamaru wonders how Boruto was able to pull off such a feat in the first place. While all this in taking place, a mysterious newcomer name Mitsuki looms over them all.

An expelled Ninja Academy student causes a commotion in revenge. Boruto perceives the sake dark aura in the student as he did in others before. Iwabee covers Boruto from the student's attack, allowing to land a hit. Being out-numbered, the student kicks up some dust for cover to escape. Boruto gives chase, and finds the student knocked out by a young man, who notes Konoha to be rather rowdy. Later, Shino introduces the class to Mitsuki, the new student from Otogakure. The students discuss Mitsuki among themselves, the boys about his skills, and the girls about his looks. Sumire asks the students not to talk over Shino. Mitsuki sits by Boruto, striking up a conversation. During class, Boruto solves a problem on the board with ease, surprising Iwabee. Shino tells Boruto to solve the problem as instructed, but Boruto prefers doing it his way, and mockingly asks for something more advanced. Shino gives him a much tougher problem to solve, with Boruto accusing him of being a sore loser. Mitsuki solves the problem, impressing the others. He and Shino briefly discuss if students should help each other or learn to solve problems by themselves.

During sparring, Iwabee and Boruto are paired off. When Iwabee spars with Mitsuki, Mitsuki gets carried away, almost choking him, despite Shino telling him to stop. Boruto manages to snap him out of it, berating him for going to far. Mitsuki apologizes to Iwabee. At night, Shino eats with Kurenai, airing his struggles as a teacher. Kurenai advises him to do things his way. Mitsuki talks to someone through a white snake. The next day, Shino throws a welcome party for Mitsuki. Sumire asks Shino about his efforts, and he explains his own difficulties having friends in the past. Shino's insects act up, messing up the party. Denki asks someone to get rid of them, and Mitsuki obliges with a Wind Release, which ends up damaging the Academy even more.

The students talk about Shino, unimpressed by him, which he overhears, getting him in a sullen mood. After first period, Shino asks for time off. A ruckus starts happening at the Academy, one of the repairman acting out, destroying what's left of the Academy under the influence of the dark spectre. Mitsuki comments on Boruto's ability to see it, picking Shikadai's interest, who speculates if Mitsuki is the reason people are acting out. Sarada distracts the repairman, allowing Shikadai to pin him down for Iwabee to strike. He doesn't go down, so Boruto tackles him, and the two fall over a balcony. Mitsuki cushions their fall with his Wind Release. The dark spectre leaves the repairman, and Boruto thanks Mitsuki. Shino gets frustrated at himself over the behavior of his class, and the dark spectre takes over him. The next day, Shino asks Boruto, Shikadai, and Mitsuki for an extracurricular lesson.

As Boruto finds Shino to be odd. Shikadai scolds Boruto, and apologizes for whatever they did to get out of trouble. Still angry, Shino sicks his insects on them. Mitsuki is impressed when the insects block his kunai with webs. Boruto sees the shadow spectre possessing Shino. Soon after Shino's insects begin devouring the surroundings. Shikadai tries to pin them with his shadow, but there are too many, and some begin overtaking Boruto and draining his chakra. Mituski blows them away with his Wind Release, and stretches his arms to retrieve Boruto. They flee using a smoke bomb to cover their escape. Hidden, the three discuss their options, Shikadai noting Shino's skill and killing intent. Boruto suggests getting help from another teacher, but Mitsuki points out the insects have spread throughout the forest, and will find them before they're able to leave. Shikadai asks Boruto about the shadow only he can see, getting Mitsuki's attention.

At the Ninja Academy, Iruka wonders about Shino, and Anko tells him not to worry about him. Shino catches up with Boruto and Shikadai, who try using an exploding tag to deal with the insects, to no avail. Mitsuki watches from afar. As they escape again, Shikadai notices the insects avoid water when he runs through a stream. Mitsuki regroups with them, claiming to have gotten lost. He asks Boruto about other people who went berserk after being possessed by the shadow only he can see. Upon hearing this, Shikadai grows suspicious of Mitsuki. Mitsuki suggests they kill Shino, as he wants to do the same to them. However Shikadai points out Shino's been unconcerned with using chakra, saying them can use that to their advantage, but it'll require someone being bait. Shikadai wants it to be Mitsuki since he doesn't trust him, and to expose other abilities he might have. Boruto wants to make up for driving Shino to snap in the first place, and argues that he can still create shadow clones despite having his chakra drained earlier. Boruto tries to get to Shino with shadows clones, and makes use of the webs to place an exploding tag near him.

But Shino manages to avoid them all of his attacks, and immobilises Boruto and Shikadai. Shino tells them he realized their plan to get him on water to get rid of his insects, and notices Mitsuki in the distance. When Shikadai points out he's used most of his insects, and Mitsuki extends his arms underwater, dragging Shino down. Shino releases aquatic insects, and Mitsuki employs Lightning Release to stop them, forcing the shadow spectre out of Shino. Mitsuki puts Shino on land, but begins drowning, having used too much chakra. Boruto dives after Mitsuki, but he begins drowning as well. Despite having depleted most of his chakra, Shino dives in after the two, and manages to get them out by summoning a giant insect. Later, Shino apologizes for attacking them, and the students apologise for ridiculing him, finally acknowledging his strength. Shino reports the incident to Naruto, therefore he and Shikamaru both agree that the matter needs to be investigated, and ask Shino to help them.

As Boruto eats with Shikadai, and sketches what the possessing spectre looked like to him. The two speculate why it's possessing people, its purpose, and why only Boruto can see it. Sarada complains about the boys to Chocho and Sumire. They're spied on by someone. The three share their concerns with the other girls. The boys overhear them, but don't think it's related to the shadow spectre. The girls take an alley after Chocho buys chips, and manage to capture their stalker. The boys hear screaming and rush there. Chocho recognizes their stalker as Kakuremino Magire, from another class. Shikadai checks with Boruto if he's possessed, Boruto confirming he's not. They question why he's following Chocho, but he reveals it's Sumire he's following, having a crush on her. Chocho encourages Magire to confess his feelings to Sumire. He does, but Sumire rejects him, and he leaves hurt. During class, someone leaves a message to Sumire in the blackboard. Mituski asks around, and finds out Magire didn't go to class that day. Several notes for Sumire fall over the group.

The boys and girls are separated by a metal wall in the Ninja Academy. The girls hide in a storage room, but someone knocks over smoke bombs. Sumire opens the door to clear the smoke, and gets separated from Chocho and Sarada. Denki arrives, asking if she's ok, but he gets knocked out by Magire. They boys reach them, and all of them get to Sumire and Magire on the roof. Boruto notices the shadow possessing Magire. Magire disguises himself and starts attacking. Chocho admonishes his way of getting attention from Sumire, and tells him to better himself. She offers him chips. The shadow leaves Magire, who breaks down crying. Magire gets gaunt and faints. The boys talk over food, speculating Magire got weaker due to chakra exhaustion. Shikamaru delivers Naruto a report suggesting the same. At night, Mitsuki communicates with someone about Boruto's findings.

From the moon, Toneri observes the stars, noting a constellation as a sign of a coming harvest. Boruto, Denki, Shikadai, and Iwabee watch a movie about a ninja with dōjutsu and a secret identity. The four discuss the movie at dinner, and compare it to actual life as a shinobi. Riding the train, Boruto and Shikadai discuss the spectre only Boruto can see. At home, Boruto creates a few shadow clones to overview the incidents so far. Boruto still doesn't want to tell Naruto about it. Boruto goes out to eat and meets Shikadai, who suggests maybe he's awakening the Byakugan. Mitsuki reveals himself, agreeing that Boruto should find out more about the Byakugan.

That night, Boruto has a dream, where Toneri tells him his eye will be important, with promises of an awesome fate. When he wakes up, remembering the dream, Boruto notices his sight is different, and manages to catch a glimpse of his eye on the mirror. Boruto gets excited about it. Shikamaru hands Naruto a report about the incidents, and they wonder if Boruto, who was near every one, is involved or is a target. While being tire Naruto goes home. There Boruto is confident he's awakened the Byakugan. The others are sceptical of it, which angers Boruto. Hinata tells him to talk with his grandfather, who will know if Boruto really has the Byakugan. Shikadai, Denki, and Mitsuki discuss the possibility of Boruto having the Byakugan. Naruto takes Boruto and Himawari to the Hyuga compound, where Hiashi and Hanabi are elated to see them. Hiashi explains the nature of the Byakugan to Boruto, confirming Naruto's earlier words about the training required to use it. Hiashi calls Boruto out to the courtyard, wanting to fight him and see if he does have it.

As Hiashi explains to Boruto that if he has awakened the Byakugan, it will manifest itself in battle even if Boruto can't activate it at will, something both he and Hanabi will be able to tell. Hanabi decides to take her father's place, to make sure it will be all for nothing if he simply throws his back in the fight. Upon hearing this, Boruto is up for it. Himawari asks Naruto if Boruto will be ok, as they watch him and Hanabi fighting. Naruto assures her Boruto will be ok. Boruto tries making a distraction using shadow clones and a flash bomb, but Hanabi sees through it. Boruto goes at it once more, this time managing to surround Hanabi with his shadow clones, but she repels them with Eight Trigrams Palms Revolving Heaven. Hanabi tells Boruto there is no sign of the Byakugan having awakened in him, but assures him it's still possible it will. However Boruto tries disguising his disappointment. Hiashi invites them to spend the night. During dinner, Hanabi plays with Boruto and Himawari, while Hiashi tells Naruto not to mind them, as it's a special day.

As the two are by themselves, Naruto and Hiashi discuss about Boruto. But Naruto isn't disappointed in Boruto for not awakening the Byakugan, instead he is happy that despite it not happening, Boruto tried so hard to prove it did. Hiashi asks about Himawari, with Naruto telling him she hasn't manifested the Byakugan since it first awakened. Hiashi asks Naruto to keep him updated on Boruto and Himawari. As Naruto leaves the room, Hiashi tells Naruto that he is worry about him but Naruto tells his father that he is just following his Ninja Way. Outside Hanabi talks to Boruto, being sure something has happened, otherwise he wouldn't have claimed to have awakened the Byakugan, nor sparred so seriously to prove it. However she tells him to tell her if he needs help with his eye.

While walking in the village, Boruto bumps into Sarada at night, and the two briefly discuss Kagemasa from the movies. Boruto catches a glimpse of someone possessed by the spectre, and follows him to the Academy. It's the actor who plays Kagemasa, who has put on some weight. He attacks Boruto over his comments on his physique. When he has Boruto pinned down, Sarada deflects one of his attacks. As they hide, Boruto explains the actor's been possessed by a shadow only he can see. Boruto and Sarada defeat the actor using lines from the movie and a diversion with Boruto transformed into a Fuma shuriken. Boruto watches the shadow dissipate. The next day, Boruto updates Mitsuki and Shikadai on his eye, saying he doesn't care if it's not the Byakugan, and he just has to prove that he has it.

As Boruto looks at the crowd, trying to trigger his eye, while accompanied by Shikadai and Mitsuki. They discuss how the incidents are not happening beyond the Academy. Shikadai points out that their fathers have began investigating as well, making Boruto more determined to solve the issue before Naruto. The day ends without any progress. Boruto and Shikadai are confident they'll be able to continue investigating, with Mitsuki having turned in their leave of absence in the Ninja Academy. At home, Hinata questions Boruto about skipping classes, by having to been called by the Ninja Academy staff. At the Ninja Academy, Boruto insists to Hinata and Shino he has an important duty. But Hinata thinks Boruto is trying to get Naruto's attention. Shino advises her to tell Naruto what is going on. Shino's next lesson involves workplace experience, allowing Boruto, Shikadai, and Mitsuki to go around the village while working with the postal service. The three are put under Tayori's service, who takes them all around the village, making and receiving deliveries. Boruto notices Naruto at an opening ceremony. Naruto notices Boruto as well, and approaches him. They talk briefly about what they're doing.

After Naruto leaves, Boruto has the group split up to finish their duties faster. Upon regrouping, Mitsuki informs them he heard there was an incident at Senju Park. At the park, Sai investigates the scene and collects witness statements. By the time the three arrive at the park, the scene has already been processed. Sai reports to Naruto and Shikamaru that he has found evidence of someone using research on Hashirama's cells, based on trace evidence of Wood Release use at the park, believing it to be former Root members. He believes they're harvesting chakra for military purposes. Sai and Shikamaru decide to go through Root records for clues on who it might be. Naruto goes home for a change of clothes, and talks to Hinata about seeing Boruto at the village. Naruto confesses that growing up without a father, he is unsure how to interact with Boruto. However Hinata insisted that Boruto understands the duty of the Hokage. At the post office, there have been complaints about deliveries, Tayori's superior Komame assigning them inventory duty while Tayori fixes their mistakes from the previous day. They hear on tv about another incident, at the water purification plant where their class-mates were working, and rush there.

The Ninja Academy students visit Sumire at the hospital. Wasabi and Namida thank her for saving them, but Sumire credits the Hokage for being nearby. Shino feels guilty as the work experience classes were his idea, though Chocho just tell him to learn from it. Iwabee points out the frequency of the attacks, Denki and Lee sharing their experience on how it felt. Boruto arrives, and apologizes profusely to Sumire, feeling responsible for the situation. Shikadai tries talking to Boruto, who insists that if had delivered the mail properly, they would have had the entire day to patrol, and might have seen something at the water purification plant.

Naruto arrives, and when Boruto asks him to loop him in on the investigation, Naruto drags him to another room, showing Sumire's attacker, nearly drained of all chakra. They discuss what Boruto should or shouldn't do. Shino claims responsibility for the workplace experience classes, suggesting that if treated as an adult, Boruto might be able to show them something they can't see, and that as Boruto's teacher, he knows what he can and can't do. Naruto leaves the decision with Shino. Shino doesn't give them a free pass, but as they have saved him before, he has respect for them. Boruto, Mitsuki and Shikadai go back to the post office, and are surprised when Komame tells them to deliver mail. Tayori intervened on their behalf. When looking at delivery routes, Boruto considers having shadow clones take all of them, but his own clones think it would put too much distance between them.

The three deliver mail through the village. Sumire bids Wasabi and Namida goodbye, and watches from the window as they leave with their parents. Mitsuki arrives with information on the latest attack. At the scene, Sai finds more trace evidence of Wood Release use. Sai wants to investigate possible Root involvement as soon as he can, to make sure that if Root is involved, whoever is behind it doesn't follow the same ideology as he once did. After they miss another attack, Boruto considers the possibility the ghost knows their route. To cover all the mail routes at once, Shikadai asked the help of their classmates, and to notify them if anyone finds an incident, he had Iwabee bring fireworks from his workplace experience. After they leave, Komame who just misses someone at the post office, is possessed by the ghost, and begins wrecking the post office. Boruto and the others arrive, having successfully tricked them into believing all the routes would be watched, leaving the office unattended.

Boruto prepares to fight Komame, while Mitsuki, Inojin, Chocho and Lee chase the one controlling the ghost. Komame uses the mail to attack Boruto and Shikadai from a distance, which Iwabee blocks with Earth Release. Tayori protects one of the parcels from Komame's attack, and his dedication to it weakens the ghost's hold on Komame, allowing Boruto and Iwabee to knock him out. The ghost leaves Komame, and Boruto throws an explosive tag at it as it disappears. The masked men controlling the ghost loses the others. However Mitsuki finds him, but the two don't attack each other, and Mitsuki lets him leave. Komame is taken away, and Boruto leads the others in reorganizing the post office. Something comments on the chakra being stolen being used to awaken Nue.

At night, Mitsuki discusses the incidents with someone through a white snake, mentioning a Root heirloom and a possible user. Mitsuki recalls waking up in a tank. The Ninja Academy teachers have their students run an obstacle course in groups of three. Boruto and Mitsuki help Denki when he struggles midway, at the cost of using up their time. Shino fails all students, because the few who complete the course did so by leaving their teammates behind. Konohamaru and Moegi tell the students they'll occasionally drop by for the purposes of seeing who might be under their command, and encourage them to see which formations work better. The boys discuss the recent lack of ghost incidents, and whether they should continue investigating now that they know the adults are also looking into it. Mitsuki asks Shikadai why he helped Denki, and Shikadai suggests Boruto got into him. Shino discusses the students with Moegi and Konohamaru.

Moegi expresses interest in Iwabee and Boruto. Mitsuki notices Boruto helping Iwabee with arithmetic problems. Mitsuki asks him if he feels more included because of Boruto. After class, Inojin notes to Mitsuki he's been paying a lot of attention to Boruto. Inojin explains the lengths Boruto goes to not to be seen just as the Hokage's son. Mitsuki visits Sumire alone. He asks her how she feels about Boruto, and she echos Inojin's sentiment of finding him fun. She asks if Mitsuki has any family. Sumire explains all of her family is dead, that her panicked behaviour stems from not being as skilled as her father was, but that she grew to find class funny. Mitsuki questions her feelings about whoever injured her, and she just wants it to be over. Boruto has Mitsuki come over to his home for dinner.

In Boruto's bedroom, Mitsuki questions the exact nature of how Boruto feels about Naruto, but Hinata calls them to dinner before he can answer. Naruto and Mitsuki are introduced to one another. At the Hokage's office, Shikamaru informs Naruto's clone that a chakra signature linked to the incidents has been detected, and that Sai has been dispatched to investigate. Naruto's clone disperses, and Naruto leaves dinner, causing Boruto to storm out. Naruto and Mitsuki exchange words. Boruto resents Naruto, because ever since becoming Hokage, he feels Naruto has neglected his family. Boruto explains that he is determined to never abandon those closest to him as he perceives Naruto to have done, doing something he couldn't do. This sparks a memory in Mitsuki, hearing his parent say something similar. Understanding Boruto better, Mitsuki confesses he knows who is behind the ghost incidents.

Sai investigates the hideout of Tanuki Shigaraki a missing, former Root researcher who was an avid follower of Danzō, and in charge of developing a weapon based on Hashirama's cells code-named Gozu-Tennō. Despite not finding him, Sai finds a picture of him with a little girl, and realises who the culprit is. Mitsuki reveals to Boruto that Sumire is the one behind the incidents. Shikamaru informs Naruto on Sai's discovery and current search for Sumire. He also informs Naruto complaints are being filed that the attacks continued to happen because the police force performed insufficient vetting of those involved. Kakashi arrives at the Hokage's Office, claiming responsibility for himself and Tsunade, having both determined not to expose the identities of everyone involved with Root.

Despite Mitsuki's explanation of Sumire having interacted with each victim, Boruto is not convinced of her guilt. As Mitsuki explains the goal of the attacks was to absorb chakra from its victims, a rumble comes from Senju Park. Naruto, Shikamaru, and Kakashi discuss how to proceed, and how things would have happened if they had acted differently. Kakashi tells his investigation lead to the discovery that the Gozu Tennō has been embedded into Sumire's body. Sai is determined not to let this incident be blamed on people with ties to Root. Sumire thinks back to her father's words of getting revenge for Danzō. Sai knocks Sumire down at the park, but she summons Nue before he can restrain her. Boruto and Mitsuki see the Nue from afar. Boruto wants to hear from Sumire herself. After he leaves, Mitsuki is contacted through the white snake, and is tasked with eliminating Sumire. Kakashi arrives and severs a portion of Nue's snake tail. Sai distracts Nue with an ink bird, allowing Kakashi and other shinobi to raise walls around it.

From its severed tail, several others sprout, chasing the Konoha shinobi, draining the chakra of those it can catch. Mitsuki tells Boruto that Nue will drain everyone in the village, and will only stop if the jutsu user dies. Boruto is determined to save both the village and Sumire. Mitsuki acknowledges that's an answer he would never give, and expresses interest in learning more ways in which they are different. Mitsuki covertly creates a snake clone to restrain Boruto, and leaves to kill Sumire. Boruto manages to create a clone himself and knocks out Mitsuki's. Boruto's eye activates, allowing him to track Sumire through chakra. The shinobi further limit Nue's movements with a barrier and wires.

Naruto arrives intending to finish Nue in one blow, but Kakashi warns him it'll just absorb Naruto's chakra, and possibly detonate, as Nue was designed to be a suicide strategy. Mitsuki tracks Sumire, having put a white snake on her at the hospital. Mitsuki almost has Sumire, but Boruto's arrival lets her get out of Mitsuki's hold. Sumire admits to being the culprit, having lived so far to carry out her father's revenge. Boruto stops Sumire and Mitsuki when they attack each other, and his eye lets off sparks. Nue transports itself out of the barrier to Sumire, and absorbs her to take her chakra. As it vanishes, Boruto jumps after it.

Kakashi determines Nue isn't summoned like other animals. Naruto tries sensing it with Sage Mode, to no avail. Naruto, Sai, and Kakashi discuss finding the jutsu caster, who must be in another dimension as well. Denki, Shikadai, and Inojin look for Boruto. Shikadai notices something strange in the sky. In Nue's home dimension, Boruto follows a strand of dark chakra to a tree stump, where Nue attacks him. Boruto strikes back, managing to stab Nue in the face. Boruto can suddenly see Nue's chakra network, a spot at the base of its tail standing out. Nue attacks while Boruto is confused by what he sees, but Mitsuki saves him, and tells him Nue is attacking on Sumire's orders. Boruto has Mitsuki stall Nue, and prepares many explosive tag kunai. He stabs Nue at the base of its tail, and sets up the explosive tags, causing thick ropes above to fall on Nue. Mitsuki strikes the downed Nue with Lightning Release, but Sumire blocks it with her Water Release. Boruto and Mitsuki ask her if there's any chance she'll back down willingly. Sumire is baffled at them, and explains that despite her father serving the village, after the war, he was deemed a criminal for being involved with Root. All the fear and anxiety of living in hiding made her mother die of illness. Sumire exchanges attacks with Mitsuki.

Boruto puts himself between them, telling to stop, and is injured. He is unconvinced that Sumire truly faked all her concern for her class mates since meeting her. Mitsuki is surprised by Boruto, and adds Sumire did mention wanting to end things quickly while in the hospital. Boruto sees the dark chakra's hold on her dissipating. Boruto deduces the reason why the ghost affected those who were troubled was because Sumire herself was troubled, making it easier to infect like-minded people. Sumire orders Nue to extract what's left of her chakra and blow itself up. Nue simply nudges her gently, Boruto concluding that despite being raised by Sumire to be a weapon, it sees her as its parent. Boruto tells her she doesn't have to use Nue as a weapon like her father used her. The Gozu Tenno on her back shatters, causing accumulated chakra to become unstable, and the place starts to cave in. The three rush to leave, and Nue protects them from the unstable chakra. Boruto manages to see where a rift is, and the three escape the dimension. soon after Sai arrives with Konoha shinobi. He sympathizes with Sumire, and offers to help her. She accepts. Boruto sees there is still a connection between her and Nue. The five of them jump on the coming train, as they're late for Ninja Academy.

In the weeks following the end of the Ghost incidents, Boruto wonders why his eye stop activating. Naruto, Sai, and Shikamaru stroll through the village, glad to see everything is back to normal. Sai informs them of the role the Ninja Academy students had in stopping Sumire. Shikamaru posits letting Sumire stay in the Ninja Academy might lead to problems. Shino informs his students they'll be assembled in new three person teams to see how well they fit after graduation. Sarada questions Sumire's prolonged absence. Mitsuki insists on partnering with Boruto again, but the lack a third member, as Iwabee and Denki are already partners, as are Shikadai, Chocho, and Inojin. Iwabee already asked Sarada to be on his team, Boruto considers asking Lee, and Mitsuki wishes Sumire could be on theirs. Boruto shushes him, as others don't know about Sumire's involvement in the incidents. Shino asks Iruka what will happen with Sumire, and insists he will watch over her if she returns. Boruto is surprised to see Naruto home early. They discuss Sumire.

Shino visits Sumire, and offers to set up a place outside the village where she can figure herself out. Inojin tells Shikadai and Denki his father got files on other villages' academies, and figures Sumire is being transferred. Shino has the students catch a flag again. He steps out when he receives words about Sumire. With Mitsuki's help, Boruto is able to get to the flag. Sumire returns, and is moved by everyone's reaction. Naruto sends a shadow clone to meet up with Sasuke, and hands him a scroll about the Gozu Tenno, which Sasuke attributes to Kaguya, and believes will make it easier to reach her dimension. When Naruto asks him to come to the village for a while, Sasuke asks Naruto to tell Sakura he's sorry, and leaves. Toneri divines about the coming of gods. Kinshiki informs Momoshiki about abnormalities in Kaguya's world, and Momoshiki decides to prepare for departure.

At the Ninja Academy, Denki fails at an exercise for walking on vertical surfaces. His friends offer him advice. Denki is distressed as this is the first time he hasn't been able to pass a test, and fears repeating the Ninja Academy like Iwabee, leading to awkwardness when Iwabee hears him. Denki keeps trying to climb the wall later, and is approached by Metal, who offers to help him train. Metal takes him rock climbing. However Denki loses his footing, but Rock Lee catches him when he falls. Iwabee struggles with arithmetic, despite having help from Boruto. Inojin and Shikadai conclude Denki would be a better teacher, but find it unlikely that Iwabee would consider learning from him after his earlier comment. Denki spends the day failing at climbing with Metal and Rock Lee. Iwabee receives a low test score, and notices Denki still trying to climb the wall. Iwabee offers him advice on how to climb the wall, and Denki improves.

Later, Denki asks why Iwabee helped him, despite his earlier comment. Iwabee lost all his friends when they graduated without him, and he doesn't wish that on others. Denki offers to tutor him, but Iwabee claims to be studying as well. Denki sees his low test score, and Iwabee confesses he doesn't want Denki to tutor him if it will interfere with Denki's own training. Denki reveals that meeting Boruto has changed his opinion on ninjutsu, now wanting be a shinobi just like them, and with Iwabee as well.

The two decide to help each other out. When Iwabee struggles with studying, Denki decides to have him study while infusing chakra to stick to the ceiling, as his concentration improves when doing that. On the day of the test, Denki and Iwabee come by a building on fire. Iwabee goes in when he hears a woman despairing about her children in the building. Denki figures a building like that should have a sprinkler system, and finds it unusual it's not activating. Iwabee has to block an exit so the fire won't reach him and the children, and starts working on a wire box. At the Academy, Boruto worries about the two not showing up. Worried about Iwabee, Denki climbs the side of the building and enters through a window. He finds Iwabee's Earth Release wall, just as Iwabee finishes fixing the sprinkler system. The two take the children and climb down the side of the building. Boruto asks Shino to wait for Denki and Iwabee. The two arrive late. At Shino's office they explain why they were late. Shino decides they won't take the test, as tests are used to make sure they have the skills and knowledge for when something real happens, which they just did, prioritising human lives over a test. Shino passes the two. Their friends congratulate them.

Difference Between Anime and Manga

  • In the manga, the storyline takes place after the Boruto movie. However it retells the film in flashbacks. But in the anime, the storyline takes place when Boruto enroll in the Ninja Academy for 5 years. However the anime's 2nd season will probably take place after the film.
  • In the manga, as Boruto appears with his two shadow clones. His eyes are dark blue, and his ahoge isn't shown on top of his head. But in the anime, as Boruto appears with his two shadow clones as he is in the village. His eyes are lavender instead, and his ahoge is shown on top of his head.
  • In the manga, Boruto has the Uzumaki clan symbol on the back of his jacket. But in the anime, Boruto has a screw symbol on the back of his jacket.
  • In the manga, Boruto wears a black track suit jacket with red stripes. However at the end of both sleeves it is red with two thin black stripes. But in the anime, only the end of both sleeves are magenta with one thin black stripe.
  • In the manga, the whole inside of Boruto's jacket is red. While the inside collar is red with thin black stripes. But in the anime, the inside of the jacket is light pink. While the inside collar has no thin stripe on it whatsoever.
  • In the manga, Boruto's jacket never had a thin red stripe added to the waist of his jacket. But in the anime, the jacket does have a thin magenta strike added on the waist.
  • In the manga, Boruto wears a light brown belt. But in the anime, he wears a dark brown belt.
  • In the manga, the end of Boruto's pants are red with two thin black stripes on both sides of the pants. But in the anime, the end of his pants are magenta with one thin black stripe on both sides of the pants.
  • In the manga, Boruto wears small regular black open toe shinobi sandals. However with a thin black stack holding the right sandal in place. But in the anime, the thin black stack holding the right sandal in place isn't shown.
  • In the manga, Boruto never carries a one arm red book bag. But in the anime, Boruto is seen carrying a magenta one arm book bag.
  • In the manga, Sarada now wears a short sleeved qipao dress except that it reaches her upper thighs. But in the anime, the short sleeved qipao dress doesn't reach her upper thighs.
  • In the manga, Sarada's dress is held together with a white stripe obi. While underneath, is a white belt. But in the anime, Sarada's dress is held together with a white non stripe obi. While underneath, is a white belt.
  • In the manga, Sarada has black fingerless gloves that reaches up to her forearms. But in the anime, Sarada has short fingerless gloves that doesn't reaches up to her forearms.
  • In the manga, Sarada wears high heeled ninja sandals. She also wears a neckerchief knot around her neck. But in the anime, she doesn't wear high heel shoes. However she still wears the neckerchief knot around her neck.
  • In the manga, Hinata and Himawari were shown watering plants. However Himawari's ahoge is not shown on top of her head. But in the anime, Hinata and Himawari were shown talking to Boruto before he goes to the Ninja Academy. Whereas Himawari's ahoge is shown on top of her head.
  • In the manga, Hinata wears a necklace with the Uzumaki symbol on it. She also wears a long light purple shirt, while having it cover over a dark purple dress. Her long sleeve shirt also has a stripe neck caller on top. She also wears short pants and small open toe shoes. But in the anime, Hinata wears a light purple short-sleeved jacket with a white shirt underneath, light brown shorts and a pair of purple open-toed boots. Ironically she wears no necklace either.
  • In the manga, Himawari who appears a small child wears a big light yellow sweater while having a pocket holder in front. She also wears long leggings and red boots. But in the anime, she doesn't appear as a small child. However she wears a light yellow long-sleeved sweater with a blue shirt underneath that has a petal-like pattern, and a two-layered pink flutter skirt. She also wears long, black open-toed stockings and fuchsia shinobi sandals.
  • In the manga, Naruto's long sleeve shirt is black with orange thin stripes, while his pant are orange. But in the anime, Naruto's long sleeve shirt is orange with black thin stripes and his pant are black.
  • In the manga, Boruto is reveal to be a prodigy. But in the anime, Boruto is reveal to be a near dropout by being placed in second place.
  • In the manga, Metal Lee goes by his surname. But in the anime, he goes by Metal.
  • In the manga, Boruto is refer to as a slacker. But in the anime, Boruto is refer to as a trouble maker.
  • In the manga, Himawari never asks Boruto to play with her whenever he comes home. But in the anime, Himawari does ask Boruto to play with her whenever he comes home.
  • In the manga, Boruto never tells Himawari that he is too busy to play with her. But in the anime, Boruto does tell Himawari that he is too busy to play with her.
  • In the manga, Boruto never asked about the Byakugan. But in the anime, Boruto does learn about the Byakugan.
  • In the manga, Naruto comes home from work around midnight. But in the anime, Naruto comes home from work after his family eats dinner.
  • In the manga, it never talks about Boruto's favorite food. But in the anime, Boruto's favorite foods are a hamburger and Yakisoba Bun.
  • In the manga, Naruto tries to find a dangerous enemy that shape ships into the exact same person that he sees. But in the anime, Naruto tries to find a dangerous mysterious dark purple chakra that enters the person's body and makes them evil.
  • In the manga, Hiashi and Hanabi are never seen or mentioned at all whatsoever. But in the anime, they do appear and spend time with Naruto's children.

Difference Between Anime and Novel

  • In the novel, as Boruto appears with his two shadow clones. His eyes are dark blue, and his ahoge isn't shown on top of his head. But in the anime, as Boruto appears with his two shadow clones as he is in the village. His eyes are lavender instead, and his ahoge is shown on top of his head.


  • Academy arc (Ep. 1 – 18)
  • Uchiha Sarada arc (Ep. 19 – 27)
  • ??? (Ep.? – )
  • ??? (Ep.? –)
  • ​??? (Ep.? –)
  • ??? (Ep.? –)
  • ??? (Ep.? –)
  • ??? (Ep.? –)
  • ??? (Ep.? –)
  • ??? (Ep.? –)
  • ??? (Ep.? –)
  • ??? (Ep.? –)

Theme Songs

  • Baton Road (Ep. 1 – 15)
  • ??? (Ep. 16 – Present)
  • ??? (Ep.)
  • Dreamy Johnny (Ep. 1 – 14)
  • Sayonara Moon Town (Ep. 15 – Present)
  • ??? (Ep.)

Voice Cast

  • Amanda C. Miller as Boruto
  • Maile Flanagan as Naruto
  • Cherami Leigh as Sarada
  • Stephanie Sheh as Hinata
  • Melissa Fahn as Himawari
  • Tom Gibbs as Shikamaru
  • Todd Haberkorn as Shikadai
  • Spike Spencer as Inojin
  • Colleen O'Shaughnessey as Chocho, Hanabi & Ino
  • Robbie Daymond as Mitsuki & Toneri
  • Derek Stephen Prince as Shino
  • Max Mittelma as Konohamaru
  • Laura Bailey as Anko
  • Quinton Flynn as Iruka
  • ??? as Denki
  • ??? as Sumire
  • ??? as Denki's Father
  • ??? as Wasabi
  • ??? as Namida
  • ??? as Iwabee
  • ??? as Metal Lee
  • ??? as Magire
  • Mary Elizabeth McGlynn as Kurenai
  • John DeMita as Hiashi
  • ??? as Kagemasa (actor)
  • Benjamin Diskin as Sai
  • Kate Higgins as Sakura
  • Yuri Lowenthal as Sasuke
  • Robbie Rist as Choji
  • Danielle Nicolet as Karui
  • Megan Hollingshead as Shizune
  • Matthrew Mercer as Yamato
  • Henry Dittman as Kabuto
  • Steven Blum as Orochimaru
  • Travis Willingham as Jugo
  • Grant George as Suigetsu
  • Ali Hillis as Karin
  • ??? as Uchiha Shin Jr.
  • ??? as Uchiha Shin Sr.
  • Walley Wingert as Kinshiki
  • Xander Mobus as Momoshiki


  • KANA-BOON's first time performing a song in the Naruto series since Naruto Shippuuden.
  • The anime opening theme Baton Road is very similar to the Bleach opening theme Spring Wind.
  • A novel version titled Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Novel 1 (ボルト-ナルト―次 世代 小説 1) will be released on May 2, 2017. The first novel is call Novel 1: The New Konoha Ninja Flying In the Blue Sky! (青天を翔る新たな木の葉たち!), and it covers episodes 1 to 6. The second novel is call Novel 2: A Call From the Shadows! (影からの呼び声!), and it will be released on July 4, 2017.
  • Similar to Rock Lee's Springtime of Youth Full Power Ninja Chronicles, there is also an "SD" version of the Boruto manga, titled Boruto: Saikyo Dash Generations.
  • Kishimoto likewise gave hints of what to expect from the Boruto spin-off anime series. He explained that he wants for it to be more happy and fun, something that younger viewers can really enjoy. He wants it to be distinct from how "Naruto" turned out because as the original series went deeper, Kishimoto said that it got "more introspective and darker".
  • Junko Takeuchi asked Kishimoto to add a scene where all the adults hang out and complain about how hard it is to raise their kids. Takeuchi also admits that growing up, her childhood was exactly like Boruto's. Not only that Boruto's relationship with his father reflects Kishimoto's own strained relationship with his two sons.

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