Boruto: Naruto Next Generations (―ボルト―ナルト―次 世代) is a monthly manga series written by Ukyo Kodachi, and illustrated by Mikio Ikemoto.
Boruto Anime
The series is supervised by original manga creator Masashi Kishimoto, and serves as official continuation of the Naruto franchise. It adapts the story line of the Boruto movie, and then continues the story afterwards. The manga launched on May 9, 2016 in the 23rd issue of Weekly Shonen Jump, and is simultaneously published in Weekly Shonen Jump digital magazine in English. In December 2016, it was announced at the annual Jump Festa that an anime adaption will begin to air in April 5, 2017. The series features returning cast members from Naruto Shippuuden and the Boruto movie. Naruto Shippuuden episode director Noriyuki Abe is serving as chief director, and Hiroyuki Yamashita is returning to direct at Studio Pierrot. Ukyo Kodachi, author of the Boruto manga, is supervising the story. Makoto is in charge of series composition. Tetsuya Nishio and Hirofumi Suzuki are returning to design the characters. Hideyuki Ueno is the art director, and Yasushi Nagura is the sound director. The anime will take place when Boruto is a student at the Ninja Academy, and the story is before the Naruto Gaiden manga.


In the future, an older Boruto fights Kawaki in a destroyed Konohagakure, and argue about the end of the age of shinobi. Both activate seal-like powers, Boruto activates a dojutsu in his left eye, and both resume their fight.

In the present, Boruto and Shikadai run through Konoha. In the Hokage's office, Naruto and Shikamaru go to his office, where Naruto bemoans the amount paperwork due will keep him from going home that night.

On top of a train, Boruto celebrates being able to buy a limited edition chilli burger. As they eat the two comment on the village's modernisation, and Shikadai scoffs at the prospect of having to attend the Academy. Shikadai tells Boruto to behave at the Entrance Ceremony, since it also reflects on him. Boruto leaps off the train after being spotted, and spots Denki being picked on. Boruto attacks the bullies with shadow clones, and makes a run with him as more arrive. Though they escape, Denki is worried the bullies will come after him harder the next day and comments on Boruto's ninjutsu. He learns Boruto is set to start at the Academy the following day, like himself. Denki's father wants him to learn ninjutsu as well as academics if he wants to inherit his company, crediting his achievements in the last war for the success of his company. Boruto tells Denki to tell his father about his wishes. The two talk more about their fathers, and Boruto realises he's late for dinner, fearing his mother's punishment.

When Boruto gets home, he argues with his mother about his father's absence during dinner, while Denki confronts his father, who says he'll allow Denki to study whatever he wants if he proves he is strong. Denki is bitten and influenced by a chakra snake.

The next day, Boruto is late for the Entrance Ceremony. Intending to take the train, he spots Denki and perceives a shadow over him, not noticing his own right eye changing. Denki lures his bullies into an old, malfunctioning train. Denki shows his bullies he put that train on a collision course with another defective train. Having followed Denki, Boruto shows himself and tells Denki to stop, and again perceives the influence on him. Boruto's words loosen the influence on Denki, and when he needs his help in changing the tracks, the influence on Denki is broken, allowing him to help. The two are able to change the tracks, and the bullies hold on to them when they almost fall off the train. They disconnect a wagon with the bullies, allowing them to stop safely. Still wanting to get to the Academy, they derail the train and crash it into the Hokage Rock. They arrive at the Academy during roll call, but damage Naruto's stone face. The other students are cleared out, while Konohamaru gets Boruto. At the end of the day, Naruto receives word that Boruto took the blame, but Denki's father offers to pay for the damages. After his suspension is up, Boruto heads to the academy and sees Denki, who got into the ninjutsu program, hoping to one day merge ninjutsu with science. Boruto decides against asking Denki about the shadow that had come over him. Looking up at his stone face, he vow to walk his own path in life.

Shino explains how the role of the Ninja Academy has changed. In addition to shinobi skills being taught as in the past, a broader curriculum of non-shinobi related courses are available. Boruto returns from his two week suspension. Inojin notices him through the window. After Boruto arrives in his classroom, the other students begin gossiping about him, which Boruto ignores. Chōchō and Sumire ask Sarada about Boruto. Sarada says she finds him annoying, and the other two gush about Naruto. Inojin bluntly says what everyone else is thinking about Boruto. Boruto extends his hand in friendship, but Inojin refuses, considering him to be untrustworthy. Sumire tries defusing the situation as Shino arrives at the classroom. During practice to assess everyone's strengths and weaknesses, Denki tells Boruto he got the second best time. The one with the best time, Iwabee, isn't there. Boruto tries joining other students for lunch, but they hurry out of the classroom. Iwabee antagonizes Boruto over being the Hokage's son, by seeing the current state of the Ninja Academy as being soft, despite having flunked twice. Denki speaks in Boruto's defense, and Iwabee targets him. Boruto stops Iwabee from hurting Denki. Despite promising himself he wouldn't fight, Boruto challenges Iwabee to a fight. The class watches nervously, while Inojin is amused. After talking with Anko, Shino arrives at an empty classroom, much to his confusion, as everyone ditched class to watch the fight. The class watches the two fighting, Iwabee even saying he won't use his weapon. Boruto and Iwabee are both impressed with each other's skills. Iwabee is frustrated he can't graduate only with shinobi related subjects. After a solid strike on him, Iwabee begins using Earth Release, creating an earth hammer. Inojin takes the hammer out of his reach with his drawings, and points out Iwabee broke his own rule on not using his weapon. Iwabee realizes his mistake. The atmosphere in the class improves, Boruto becomes more popular, and Iwabee decides to start attending class again. Shino then arrives to start class.

As Shino begins teaching shurikenjutsu to his class. Most of the class ignores his instructions. Sumire struggles, while Inojin and Shikadai, who were made to practice at home by their parents, breeze through it. Metal Lee practices with ease at first, but when Inojin and Shikadai notice him, he becomes self-conscious, his performance suffering. Boruto throws a fuma shuriken at the target. Lee thinks he can deflect it, but with eyes on him, he falters, instead getting his foot stuck on the shuriken and getting dragged by it. Shikadai asks Boruto where he got a fūma shuriken, as they're not supposed to be using that yet. Boruto says he got it in a locker, which turn out to be Iwabee's. Shino calls everyone involved to his office, where he commands the ones involved to do voluntary work. They're assigned to help repair Naruto's face at the Hokage Mounment, which Boruto damaged.

After a break, they notice only Lee's part is missing, and getting anxious, he messes up his carving, causing more damage to Naruto's face. At the end of the day, Shikadai points out to Lee it's obvious he makes mistakes when nervous, and that sometimes it makes things worse for others. At home, Shikadai is scolded by his mother for getting into trouble. Shikamaru isn't as concerned, and considers getting in trouble part of becoming a shinobi. Temari scolds him as well. The next day, when Shikadai goes to apologise to Lee, Boruto notices the same darkness that took over Denki with his left eye. Lee lures Shikadai away, and begins attacking him. Boruto and Inojin find them, and Lee attacks them as well. Lee chases the three through the Ninja Academy. But Shikadai comes up with a strategy. Boruto distracts Lee with shadow clones, giving Shikadai an opening to pin his shadow, but Lee gets out of his range. Inojin distracts Lee with ink birds, and Lee gets paralysed.

Another shadow paralysed him from another angle, revealing the real Shikadai, the previous one being a disguised Boruto, and the shadows he used actually ink snakes drawn by Inojin. Lee begins breaking free of Shikadai's hold, who urges Boruto to knock him out. Lee breaks free by accident, and knocks himself out, the darkness taking over him dissipating. When Lee comes to it, Shikadai apologises for the day before. The four to go class. At home, Boruto asks Hinata about the Byakugan, by wondering about what he's seen. Soon after Naruto arrives exhausted, and goes straight to bed. But this makes Boruto angry since Naruto didn't eat dinner with them. The next day, Boruto, Shikadai and Inojin try getting Lee to play video games to get him less anxious, but he ends up breaking Boruto's game.

Shino has Konohamaru help him teach his Ninja Academy class about the Summoning Technique. Konohamaru summons Gamagoro much to the amazement of all the students except for Boruto. When accused of jealousy by Chocho, Boruto tries and fail to summon a creature since, as Shino explains to him and the class, he has signed no contract with a summoned creature. While they practise summoning sealed weapons instead, the class soon becomes divided as the girls argue with the boys over maturity. While Konohamaru and Shino ponder what to do about the constant outbreaking of infighting, the class almost breaks out into another boys vs. girls battle at lunch. Shino intervenes just in time and instead gives the two sides the task of playing capture the flag within the Ninja Academy while he assesses each ones strengths and weaknesses.

Things come to a head as both teams make their way to the rooftop: Boruto, who has stolen a scroll from the Academy once again attempts the Summoning Technique intending to summon a small toad to scare the girls. Instead, an unknown creature appears and strikes at Chocho throwing her off the building. Boruto, Inojin and Shikadai are able to stop her from falling to her death, but the beast sets its sights on them helplessly dangling from the roof. Konohamaru arrives in time to defeat the beast with his Rasengan and Sumire silently steals the flag. Therefore making the girls win the match. Later, Boruto apologises for putting Chocho's life in danger, prompting the girls to put a raincheck on collecting their favour. While they prepare to head home, Shino advises them that they first needed to clean up the now crumbling Ninja Academy building, while Konohamaru wonders how Boruto was able to pull off such a feat in the first place. While all this in taking place, a mysterious newcomer name Mitsuki looms over them all.

An expelled Ninja Academy student causes a commotion in revenge. Boruto perceives the sake dark aura in the student as he did in others before. Iwabee covers Boruto from the student's attack, allowing to land a hit. Being out-numbered, the student kicks up some dust for cover to escape. Boruto gives chase, and finds the student knocked out by a young man, who notes Konoha to be rather rowdy. Later, Shino introduces the class to Mitsuki, the new student from Otogakure. The students discuss Mitsuki among themselves, the boys about his skills, and the girls about his looks. Sumire asks the students not to talk over Shino. Mitsuki sits by Boruto, striking up a conversation. During class, Boruto solves a problem on the board with ease, surprising Iwabee. Shino tells Boruto to solve the problem as instructed, but Boruto prefers doing it his way, and mockingly asks for something more advanced. Shino gives him a much tougher problem to solve, with Boruto accusing him of being a sore loser. Mitsuki solves the problem, impressing the others. He and Shino briefly discuss if students should help each other or learn to solve problems by themselves.

During sparring, Iwabee and Boruto are paired off. When Iwabee spars with Mitsuki, Mitsuki gets carried away, almost choking him, despite Shino telling him to stop. Boruto manages to snap him out of it, berating him for going to far. Mitsuki apologizes to Iwabee. At night, Shino eats with Kurenai, airing his struggles as a teacher. Kurenai advises him to do things his way. Mitsuki talks to someone through a white snake. The next day, Shino throws a welcome party for Mitsuki. Sumire asks Shino about his efforts, and he explains his own difficulties having friends in the past. Shino's insects act up, messing up the party. Denki asks someone to get rid of them, and Mitsuki obliges with a Wind Release, which ends up damaging the Academy even more.

The students talk about Shino, unimpressed by him, which he overhears, getting him in a sullen mood. After first period, Shino asks for time off. A ruckus starts happening at the Academy, one of the repairman acting out, destroying what's left of the Academy under the influence of the dark spectre. Mitsuki comments on Boruto's ability to see it, picking Shikadai's interest, who speculates if Mitsuki is the reason people are acting out. Sarada distracts the repairman, allowing Shikadai to pin him down for Iwabee to strike. He doesn't go down, so Boruto tackles him, and the two fall over a balcony. Mitsuki cushions their fall with his Wind Release. The dark spectre leaves the repairman, and Boruto thanks Mitsuki. Shino gets frustrated at himself over the behavior of his class, and the dark spectre takes over him. The next day, Shino asks Boruto, Shikadai, and Mitsuki for an extracurricular lesson.

As Boruto finds Shino to be odd. Shikadai scolds Boruto, and apologizes for whatever they did to get out of trouble. Still angry, Shino sicks his insects on them. Mitsuki is impressed when the insects block his kunai with webs. Boruto sees the shadow spectre possessing Shino. Soon after Shino's insects begin devouring the surroundings. Shikadai tries to pin them with his shadow, but there are too many, and some begin overtaking Boruto and draining his chakra. Mituski blows them away with his Wind Release, and stretches his arms to retrieve Boruto. They flee using a smoke bomb to cover their escape. Hidden, the three discuss their options, Shikadai noting Shino's skill and killing intent. Boruto suggests getting help from another teacher, but Mitsuki points out the insects have spread throughout the forest, and will find them before they're able to leave. Shikadai asks Boruto about the shadow only he can see, getting Mitsuki's attention.

At the Ninja Academy, Iruka wonders about Shino, and Anko tells him not to worry about him. Shino catches up with Boruto and Shikadai, who try using an exploding tag to deal with the insects, to no avail. Mitsuki watches from afar. As they escape again, Shikadai notices the insects avoid water when he runs through a stream. Mitsuki regroups with them, claiming to have gotten lost. He asks Boruto about other people who went berserk after being possessed by the shadow only he can see. Upon hearing this, Shikadai grows suspicious of Mitsuki. Mitsuki suggests they kill Shino, as he wants to do the same to them. However Shikadai points out Shino's been unconcerned with using chakra, saying them can use that to their advantage, but it'll require someone being bait. Shikadai wants it to be Mitsuki since he doesn't trust him, and to expose other abilities he might have. Boruto wants to make up for driving Shino to snap in the first place, and argues that he can still create shadow clones despite having his chakra drained earlier. Boruto tries to get to Shino with shadows clones, and makes use of the webs to place an exploding tag near him.

But Shino manages to avoid them all of his attacks, and immobilises Boruto and Shikadai. Shino tells them he realized their plan to get him on water to get rid of his insects, and notices Mitsuki in the distance. When Shikadai points out he's used most of his insects, and Mitsuki extends his arms underwater, dragging Shino down. Shino releases aquatic insects, and Mitsuki employs Lightning Release to stop them, forcing the shadow spectre out of Shino. Mitsuki puts Shino on land, but begins drowning, having used too much chakra. Boruto dives after Mitsuki, but he begins drowning as well. Despite having depleted most of his chakra, Shino dives in after the two, and manages to get them out by summoning a giant insect. Later, Shino apologizes for attacking them, and the students apologise for ridiculing him, finally acknowledging his strength. Shino reports the incident to Naruto, therefore he and Shikamaru both agree that the matter needs to be investigated, and ask Shino to help them.

As Boruto eats with Shikadai, and sketches what the possessing spectre looked like to him. The two speculate why it's possessing people, its purpose, and why only Boruto can see it. Sarada complains about the boys to Chocho and Sumire. They're spied on by someone. The three share their concerns with the other girls. The boys overhear them, but don't think it's related to the shadow spectre. The girls take an alley after Chocho buys chips, and manage to capture their stalker. The boys hear screaming and rush there. Chocho recognizes their stalker as Kakuremino Magire, from another class. Shikadai checks with Boruto if he's possessed, Boruto confirming he's not. They question why he's following Chocho, but he reveals it's Sumire he's following, having a crush on her. Chocho encourages Magire to confess his feelings to Sumire. He does, but Sumire rejects him, and he leaves hurt. During class, someone leaves a message to Sumire in the blackboard. Mituski asks around, and finds out Magire didn't go to class that day. Several notes for Sumire fall over the group.

The boys and girls are separated by a metal wall in the Ninja Academy. The girls hide in a storage room, but someone knocks over smoke bombs. Sumire opens the door to clear the smoke, and gets separated from Chocho and Sarada. Denki arrives, asking if she's ok, but he gets knocked out by Magire. They boys reach them, and all of them get to Sumire and Magire on the roof. Boruto notices the shadow possessing Magire. Magire disguises himself and starts attacking. Chocho admonishes his way of getting attention from Sumire, and tells him to better himself. She offers him chips. The shadow leaves Magire, who breaks down crying. Magire gets gaunt and faints. The boys talk over food, speculating Magire got weaker due to chakra exhaustion. Shikamaru delivers Naruto a report suggesting the same. At night, Mitsuki communicates with someone about Boruto's findings.

From the moon, Toneri observes the stars, noting a constellation as a sign of a coming harvest. Boruto, Denki, Shikadai, and Iwabee watch a movie about a ninja with dōjutsu and a secret identity. The four discuss the movie at dinner, and compare it to actual life as a shinobi. Riding the train, Boruto and Shikadai discuss the spectre only Boruto can see. At home, Boruto creates a few shadow clones to overview the incidents so far. Boruto still doesn't want to tell Naruto about it. Boruto goes out to eat and meets Shikadai, who suggests maybe he's awakening the Byakugan. Mitsuki reveals himself, agreeing that Boruto should find out more about the Byakugan.

That night, Boruto has a dream, where Toneri tells him his eye will be important, with promises of an awesome fate. When he wakes up, remembering the dream, Boruto notices his sight is different, and manages to catch a glimpse of his eye on the mirror. Boruto gets excited about it. Shikamaru hands Naruto a report about the incidents, and they wonder if Boruto, who was near every one, is involved or is a target. While being tire Naruto goes home. There Boruto is confident he's awakened the Byakugan. The others are sceptical of it, which angers Boruto. Hinata tells him to talk with his grandfather, who will know if Boruto really has the Byakugan. Shikadai, Denki, and Mitsuki discuss the possibility of Boruto having the Byakugan. Naruto takes Boruto and Himawari to the Hyuga compound, where Hiashi and Hanabi are elated to see them. Hiashi explains the nature of the Byakugan to Boruto, confirming Naruto's earlier words about the training required to use it. Hiashi calls Boruto out to the courtyard, wanting to fight him and see if he does have it.

As Hiashi explains to Boruto that if he has awakened the Byakugan, it will manifest itself in battle even if Boruto can't activate it at will, something both he and Hanabi will be able to tell. Hanabi decides to take her father's place, to make sure it will be all for nothing if he simply throws his back in the fight. Upon hearing this, Boruto is up for it. Himawari asks Naruto if Boruto will be ok, as they watch him and Hanabi fighting. Naruto assures her Boruto will be ok. Boruto tries making a distraction using shadow clones and a flash bomb, but Hanabi sees through it. Boruto goes at it once more, this time managing to surround Hanabi with his shadow clones, but she repels them with Eight Trigrams Palms Revolving Heaven. Hanabi tells Boruto there is no sign of the Byakugan having awakened in him, but assures him it's still possible it will. However Boruto tries disguising his disappointment. Hiashi invites them to spend the night. During dinner, Hanabi plays with Boruto and Himawari, while Hiashi tells Naruto not to mind them, as it's a special day.

As the two are by themselves, Naruto and Hiashi discuss about Boruto. But Naruto isn't disappointed in Boruto for not awakening the Byakugan, instead he is happy that despite it not happening, Boruto tried so hard to prove it did. Hiashi asks about Himawari, with Naruto telling him she hasn't manifested the Byakugan since it first awakened. Hiashi asks Naruto to keep him updated on Boruto and Himawari. As Naruto leaves the room, Hiashi tells Naruto that he is worry about him but Naruto tells his father that he is just following his Ninja Way. Outside Hanabi talks to Boruto, being sure something has happened, otherwise he wouldn't have claimed to have awakened the Byakugan, nor sparred so seriously to prove it. However she tells him to tell her if he needs help with his eye.

While walking in the village, Boruto bumps into Sarada at night, and the two briefly discuss Kagemasa from the movies. Boruto catches a glimpse of someone possessed by the spectre, and follows him to the Academy. It's the actor who plays Kagemasa, who has put on some weight. He attacks Boruto over his comments on his physique. When he has Boruto pinned down, Sarada deflects one of his attacks. As they hide, Boruto explains the actor's been possessed by a shadow only he can see. Boruto and Sarada defeat the actor using lines from the movie and a diversion with Boruto transformed into a Fuma shuriken. Boruto watches the shadow dissipate. The next day, Boruto updates Mitsuki and Shikadai on his eye, saying he doesn't care if it's not the Byakugan, and he just has to prove that he has it.

As Boruto looks at the crowd, trying to trigger his eye, while accompanied by Shikadai and Mitsuki. They discuss how the incidents are not happening beyond the Academy. Shikadai points out that their fathers have began investigating as well, making Boruto more determined to solve the issue before Naruto. The day ends without any progress. Boruto and Shikadai are confident they'll be able to continue investigating, with Mitsuki having turned in their leave of absence in the Ninja Academy. At home, Hinata questions Boruto about skipping classes, by having to been called by the Ninja Academy staff. At the Ninja Academy, Boruto insists to Hinata and Shino he has an important duty. But Hinata thinks Boruto is trying to get Naruto's attention. Shino advises her to tell Naruto what is going on. Shino's next lesson involves workplace experience, allowing Boruto, Shikadai, and Mitsuki to go around the village while working with the postal service. The three are put under Tayori's service, who takes them all around the village, making and receiving deliveries. Boruto notices Naruto at an opening ceremony. Naruto notices Boruto as well, and approaches him. They talk briefly about what they're doing.

After Naruto leaves, Boruto has the group split up to finish their duties faster. Upon regrouping, Mitsuki informs them he heard there was an incident at Senju Park. At the park, Sai investigates the scene and collects witness statements. By the time the three arrive at the park, the scene has already been processed. Sai reports to Naruto and Shikamaru that he has found evidence of someone using research on Hashirama's cells, based on trace evidence of Wood Release use at the park, believing it to be former Root members. He believes they're harvesting chakra for military purposes. Sai and Shikamaru decide to go through Root records for clues on who it might be. Naruto goes home for a change of clothes, and talks to Hinata about seeing Boruto at the village. Naruto confesses that growing up without a father, he is unsure how to interact with Boruto. However Hinata insisted that Boruto understands the duty of the Hokage. At the post office, there have been complaints about deliveries, Tayori's superior Komame assigning them inventory duty while Tayori fixes their mistakes from the previous day. They hear on tv about another incident, at the water purification plant where their class-mates were working, and rush there.

The Ninja Academy students visit Sumire at the hospital. Wasabi and Namida thank her for saving them, but Sumire credits the Hokage for being nearby. Shino feels guilty as the work experience classes were his idea, though Chocho just tell him to learn from it. Iwabee points out the frequency of the attacks, Denki and Lee sharing their experience on how it felt. Boruto arrives, and apologizes profusely to Sumire, feeling responsible for the situation. Shikadai tries talking to Boruto, who insists that if had delivered the mail properly, they would have had the entire day to patrol, and might have seen something at the water purification plant.

Naruto arrives, and when Boruto asks him to loop him in on the investigation, Naruto drags him to another room, showing Sumire's attacker, nearly drained of all chakra. They discuss what Boruto should or shouldn't do. Shino claims responsibility for the workplace experience classes, suggesting that if treated as an adult, Boruto might be able to show them something they can't see, and that as Boruto's teacher, he knows what he can and can't do. Naruto leaves the decision with Shino. Shino doesn't give them a free pass, but as they have saved him before, he has respect for them. Boruto, Mitsuki and Shikadai go back to the post office, and are surprised when Komame tells them to deliver mail. Tayori intervened on their behalf. When looking at delivery routes, Boruto considers having shadow clones take all of them, but his own clones think it would put too much distance between them.

The three deliver mail through the village. Sumire bids Wasabi and Namida goodbye, and watches from the window as they leave with their parents. Mitsuki arrives with information on the latest attack. At the scene, Sai finds more trace evidence of Wood Release use. Sai wants to investigate possible Root involvement as soon as he can, to make sure that if Root is involved, whoever is behind it doesn't follow the same ideology as he once did. After they miss another attack, Boruto considers the possibility the ghost knows their route. To cover all the mail routes at once, Shikadai asked the help of their classmates, and to notify them if anyone finds an incident, he had Iwabee bring fireworks from his workplace experience. After they leave, Komame who just misses someone at the post office, is possessed by the ghost, and begins wrecking the post office. Boruto and the others arrive, having successfully tricked them into believing all the routes would be watched, leaving the office unattended.

Boruto prepares to fight Komame, while Mitsuki, Inojin, Chocho and Lee chase the one controlling the ghost. Komame uses the mail to attack Boruto and Shikadai from a distance, which Iwabee blocks with Earth Release. Tayori protects one of the parcels from Komame's attack, and his dedication to it weakens the ghost's hold on Komame, allowing Boruto and Iwabee to knock him out. The ghost leaves Komame, and Boruto throws an explosive tag at it as it disappears. The masked men controlling the ghost loses the others. However Mitsuki finds him, but the two don't attack each other, and Mitsuki lets him leave. Komame is taken away, and Boruto leads the others in reorganizing the post office. Something comments on the chakra being stolen being used to awaken Nue.

At night, Mitsuki discusses the incidents with someone through a white snake, mentioning a Root heirloom and a possible user. Mitsuki recalls waking up in a tank. The Ninja Academy teachers have their students run an obstacle course in groups of three. Boruto and Mitsuki help Denki when he struggles midway, at the cost of using up their time. Shino fails all students, because the few who complete the course did so by leaving their teammates behind. Konohamaru and Moegi tell the students they'll occasionally drop by for the purposes of seeing who might be under their command, and encourage them to see which formations work better. The boys discuss the recent lack of ghost incidents, and whether they should continue investigating now that they know the adults are also looking into it. Mitsuki asks Shikadai why he helped Denki, and Shikadai suggests Boruto got into him. Shino discusses the students with Moegi and Konohamaru.

Moegi expresses interest in Iwabee and Boruto. Mitsuki notices Boruto helping Iwabee with arithmetic problems. Mitsuki asks him if he feels more included because of Boruto. After class, Inojin notes to Mitsuki he's been paying a lot of attention to Boruto. Inojin explains the lengths Boruto goes to not to be seen just as the Hokage's son. Mitsuki visits Sumire alone. He asks her how she feels about Boruto, and she echos Inojin's sentiment of finding him fun. She asks if Mitsuki has any family. Sumire explains all of her family is dead, that her panicked behaviour stems from not being as skilled as her father was, but that she grew to find class funny. Mitsuki questions her feelings about whoever injured her, and she just wants it to be over. Boruto has Mitsuki come over to his home for dinner.

In Boruto's bedroom, Mitsuki questions the exact nature of how Boruto feels about Naruto, but Hinata calls them to dinner before he can answer. Naruto and Mitsuki are introduced to one another. At the Hokage's office, Shikamaru informs Naruto's clone that a chakra signature linked to the incidents has been detected, and that Sai has been dispatched to investigate. Naruto's clone disperses, and Naruto leaves dinner, causing Boruto to storm out. Naruto and Mitsuki exchange words. Boruto resents Naruto, because ever since becoming Hokage, he feels Naruto has neglected his family. Boruto explains that he is determined to never abandon those closest to him as he perceives Naruto to have done, doing something he couldn't do. This sparks a memory in Mitsuki, hearing his parent say something similar. Understanding Boruto better, Mitsuki confesses he knows who is behind the ghost incidents.

Sai investigates the hideout of Tanuki Shigaraki a missing, former Root researcher who was an avid follower of Danzō, and in charge of developing a weapon based on Hashirama's cells code-named Gozu-Tennō. Despite not finding him, Sai finds a picture of him with a little girl, and realises who the culprit is. Mitsuki reveals to Boruto that Sumire is the one behind the incidents. Shikamaru informs Naruto on Sai's discovery and current search for Sumire. He also informs Naruto complaints are being filed that the attacks continued to happen because the police force performed insufficient vetting of those involved. Kakashi arrives at the Hokage's Office, claiming responsibility for himself and Tsunade, having both determined not to expose the identities of everyone involved with Root.

Despite Mitsuki's explanation of Sumire having interacted with each victim, Boruto is not convinced of her guilt. As Mitsuki explains the goal of the attacks was to absorb chakra from its victims, a rumble comes from Senju Park. Naruto, Shikamaru, and Kakashi discuss how to proceed, and how things would have happened if they had acted differently. Kakashi tells his investigation lead to the discovery that the Gozu Tennō has been embedded into Sumire's body. Sai is determined not to let this incident be blamed on people with ties to Root. Sumire thinks back to her father's words of getting revenge for Danzō. Sai knocks Sumire down at the park, but she summons Nue before he can restrain her. Boruto and Mitsuki see the Nue from afar. Boruto wants to hear from Sumire herself. After he leaves, Mitsuki is contacted through the white snake, and is tasked with eliminating Sumire. Kakashi arrives and severs a portion of Nue's snake tail. Sai distracts Nue with an ink bird, allowing Kakashi and other shinobi to raise walls around it.

From its severed tail, several others sprout, chasing the Konoha shinobi, draining the chakra of those it can catch. Mitsuki tells Boruto that Nue will drain everyone in the village, and will only stop if the jutsu user dies. Boruto is determined to save both the village and Sumire. Mitsuki acknowledges that's an answer he would never give, and expresses interest in learning more ways in which they are different. Mitsuki covertly creates a snake clone to restrain Boruto, and leaves to kill Sumire. Boruto manages to create a clone himself and knocks out Mitsuki's. Boruto's eye activates, allowing him to track Sumire through chakra. The shinobi further limit Nue's movements with a barrier and wires.

Naruto arrives intending to finish Nue in one blow, but Kakashi warns him it'll just absorb Naruto's chakra, and possibly detonate, as Nue was designed to be a suicide strategy. Mitsuki tracks Sumire, having put a white snake on her at the hospital. Mitsuki almost has Sumire, but Boruto's arrival lets her get out of Mitsuki's hold. Sumire admits to being the culprit, having lived so far to carry out her father's revenge. Boruto stops Sumire and Mitsuki when they attack each other, and his eye lets off sparks. Nue transports itself out of the barrier to Sumire, and absorbs her to take her chakra. As it vanishes, Boruto jumps after it.

Kakashi determines Nue isn't summoned like other animals. Naruto tries sensing it with Sage Mode, to no avail. Naruto, Sai, and Kakashi discuss finding the jutsu caster, who must be in another dimension as well. Denki, Shikadai, and Inojin look for Boruto. Shikadai notices something strange in the sky. In Nue's home dimension, Boruto follows a strand of dark chakra to a tree stump, where Nue attacks him. Boruto strikes back, managing to stab Nue in the face. Boruto can suddenly see Nue's chakra network, a spot at the base of its tail standing out. Nue attacks while Boruto is confused by what he sees, but Mitsuki saves him, and tells him Nue is attacking on Sumire's orders. Boruto has Mitsuki stall Nue, and prepares many explosive tag kunai. He stabs Nue at the base of its tail, and sets up the explosive tags, causing thick ropes above to fall on Nue. Mitsuki strikes the downed Nue with Lightning Release, but Sumire blocks it with her Water Release. Boruto and Mitsuki ask her if there's any chance she'll back down willingly. Sumire is baffled at them, and explains that despite her father serving the village, after the war, he was deemed a criminal for being involved with Root. All the fear and anxiety of living in hiding made her mother die of illness. Sumire exchanges attacks with Mitsuki.

Boruto puts himself between them, telling to stop, and is injured. He is unconvinced that Sumire truly faked all her concern for her class mates since meeting her. Mitsuki is surprised by Boruto, and adds Sumire did mention wanting to end things quickly while in the hospital. Boruto sees the dark chakra's hold on her dissipating. Boruto deduces the reason why the ghost affected those who were troubled was because Sumire herself was troubled, making it easier to infect like-minded people. Sumire orders Nue to extract what's left of her chakra and blow itself up. Nue simply nudges her gently, Boruto concluding that despite being raised by Sumire to be a weapon, it sees her as its parent. Boruto tells her she doesn't have to use Nue as a weapon like her father used her. The Gozu Tenno on her back shatters, causing accumulated chakra to become unstable, and the place starts to cave in. The three rush to leave, and Nue protects them from the unstable chakra. Boruto manages to see where a rift is, and the three escape the dimension. soon after Sai arrives with Konoha shinobi. He sympathizes with Sumire, and offers to help her. She accepts. Boruto sees there is still a connection between her and Nue. The five of them jump on the coming train, as they're late for Ninja Academy.

In the weeks following the end of the Ghost incidents, Boruto wonders why his eye stop activating. Naruto, Sai, and Shikamaru stroll through the village, glad to see everything is back to normal. Sai informs them of the role the Ninja Academy students had in stopping Sumire. Shikamaru posits letting Sumire stay in the Ninja Academy might lead to problems. Shino informs his students they'll be assembled in new three person teams to see how well they fit after graduation. Sarada questions Sumire's prolonged absence. Mitsuki insists on partnering with Boruto again, but the lack a third member, as Iwabee and Denki are already partners, as are Shikadai, Chocho, and Inojin. Iwabee already asked Sarada to be on his team, Boruto considers asking Lee, and Mitsuki wishes Sumire could be on theirs. Boruto shushes him, as others don't know about Sumire's involvement in the incidents. Shino asks Iruka what will happen with Sumire, and insists he will watch over her if she returns. Boruto is surprised to see Naruto home early. They discuss Sumire.

Shino visits Sumire, and offers to set up a place outside the village where she can figure herself out. Inojin tells Shikadai and Denki his father got files on other villages' academies, and figures Sumire is being transferred. Shino has the students catch a flag again. He steps out when he receives words about Sumire. With Mitsuki's help, Boruto is able to get to the flag. Sumire returns, and is moved by everyone's reaction. Naruto sends a shadow clone to meet up with Sasuke, and hands him a scroll about the Gozu Tenno, which Sasuke attributes to Kaguya, and believes will make it easier to reach her dimension. When Naruto asks him to come to the village for a while, Sasuke asks Naruto to tell Sakura he's sorry, and leaves. Toneri divines about the coming of gods. Kinshiki informs Momoshiki about abnormalities in Kaguya's world, and Momoshiki decides to prepare for departure.

At the Ninja Academy, Denki fails at an exercise for walking on vertical surfaces. His friends offer him advice. Denki is distressed as this is the first time he hasn't been able to pass a test, and fears repeating the Ninja Academy like Iwabee, leading to awkwardness when Iwabee hears him. Denki keeps trying to climb the wall later, and is approached by Metal, who offers to help him train. Metal takes him rock climbing. However Denki loses his footing, but Rock Lee catches him when he falls. Iwabee struggles with arithmetic, despite having help from Boruto. Inojin and Shikadai conclude Denki would be a better teacher, but find it unlikely that Iwabee would consider learning from him after his earlier comment. Denki spends the day failing at climbing with Metal and Rock Lee. Iwabee receives a low test score, and notices Denki still trying to climb the wall. Iwabee offers him advice on how to climb the wall, and Denki improves.

Later, Denki asks why Iwabee helped him, despite his earlier comment. Iwabee lost all his friends when they graduated without him, and he doesn't wish that on others. Denki offers to tutor him, but Iwabee claims to be studying as well. Denki sees his low test score, and Iwabee confesses he doesn't want Denki to tutor him if it will interfere with Denki's own training. Denki reveals that meeting Boruto has changed his opinion on ninjutsu, now wanting be a shinobi just like them, and with Iwabee as well.

The two decide to help each other out. When Iwabee struggles with studying, Denki decides to have him study while infusing chakra to stick to the ceiling, as his concentration improves when doing that. On the day of the test, Denki and Iwabee come by a building on fire. Iwabee goes in when he hears a woman despairing about her children in the building. Denki figures a building like that should have a sprinkler system, and finds it unusual it's not activating. Iwabee has to block an exit so the fire won't reach him and the children, and starts working on a wire box. At the Academy, Boruto worries about the two not showing up. Worried about Iwabee, Denki climbs the side of the building and enters through a window. He finds Iwabee's Earth Release wall, just as Iwabee finishes fixing the sprinkler system. The two take the children and climb down the side of the building. Boruto asks Shino to wait for Denki and Iwabee. The two arrive late. At Shino's office they explain why they were late. Shino decides they won't take the test, as tests are used to make sure they have the skills and knowledge for when something real happens, which they just did, prioritising human lives over a test. Shino passes the two. Their friends congratulate them.

Shino teaches the students how to walk on water, even stirring the water to simulate river and ocean currents. Sarada walks home with groceries, and spots Boruto, Inojin, Shikadai, and Denki jumping off a train. They invite her to go with them teach Denki fishing, but she declines, having to prepare dinner, and criticized them for riding the top of the train. At home, Sarada prepares soup as Sakura arrives.

The following day, Sarada hands Sakura her vacation trip schedule as she finishes packing. Sakura asks if Sarada wants her to bring anything, but Sarada tells her not to waste her money. Sakura notices a teddy bear that was supposed to have been picked up for one of her patients is still there. Sarada offers to take it. At the train, Sarada gets distract reading a note from her mother, and forgets the teddy bear on the train when she gets out. Sarada is mortified at considering going through the roofs like Boruto. Shizune spots her, the two exchange words, and Sarada leaves. The boys are unsuccessful catching any fish. Sarada rushes to the next station, but has to help an old lady buy her ticket. Sarada jumps on top of the train, and is surprised to see she enjoys it.

However Shikadai spots her for a moment, and she hides from him. Shikadai informs the others what he thinks he saw. Sarada evades them, but they find her footprints. Sarada narrowly avoids them and jumps off the train. But Chocho sees her, and Sarada begs her not to tell anyone. Chocho takes her to the lost and found, where she collects a package. They discover it's not the same package, despite similar wrappings, and that the other package has already been claimed. Chocho takes her to a marketplace where they sell products from other villages, and have a woman identify the doll they have as a Takigakure doll, which they send down the river in a ceremony for their ancestors, in exchange for rare flavoured chips from Chocho. Ino takes Sakura to where she had her first date with Sasuke.

Then Chocho and Sarada arrive at where the ceremony takes place, but her package was already put in the river. They return the package they collected, and Sarada walks on the river to retrieve hers. The boys arrive to try fishing in the river, distracting Sarada, who tosses the package to Chocho and falls on the river. She emerges where the boys are fishing, and claims to have gone for a swim, intimidating them. Sarada delivers the teddy bear and goes out to eat with Chocho. When Sakura gets home, Sarada offers her soup.

As Boruto looks after a bedridden Himawari while Hinata goes pick up her medicine. Boruto recalls a previous occasion Himawari had a rough time, and recalls when Naruto became Hokage. Naruto had arrived drunk late from celebrating with his friends the night before his inauguration. The next morning, Boruto jumps on him to wake him up when Himawari is unable to do it. Hinata has to pick up Naruto's formal wear, as the seamstress still isn't done with it, having made the formal attire of every previous Hokage. At the inauguration venue, Kakashi is relieved to pass on the mantle of Hokage. Hinata arrives, but Naruto hasn't, so she goes back home to check on him. At home, Boruto and Himawari fight over a teddy bear, and end up tearing it apart. Himawari awakens the Byakugan, and moves in to attack Boruto, but Naruto puts himself between them, getting himself knocked out. At the inauguration, Kakashi and Shikamaru have Konohamaru transform into Naruto to get the event underway. Hinata finds Naruto unconscious at home with his tenketsu closed, and wonders who might have done it. Upstairs, Himawari found him hidden in a closet.

Boruto resents Naruto for spending little time at home ever since becoming Hokage, but he arrives wanting to see Himawari. Boruto notices his Hokage cloak is inside out, and is secretly glad Naruto came home. However Boruto and Naruto fight over what Himawari should eat, and upon seeing this Hinata puts them both outside. Naruto invites Boruto to eat with him, and takes him to Ramen Ichiraku. Ayame greets them. Naruto asks about Boruto's time at the Ninja Academy. Naruto is secretly happy that Boruto is making friends. But Boruto secretly admits he blames Naruto for not letting him be exactly like him at school. As the two eat ramen, Naruto sees that Boruto like a movie character, but when Naruto tells Boruto that Hinata eats ramen as well he doesn't believe it and thinks that Naruto is lying. Upon seeing news about an upcoming Five Kage meeting, Boruto asks if Naruto is going to be busy again. Naruto tells him not to worry. Then Choji and Chocho arrive for an eating competition, and Boruto envies their rapport. The Akimichi fail to break Hinata's record. When the Uzumaki family are paying for the check, Ayame is shock that Boruto never knew about Hinata being the number 1 champion of having the best ramen eating record. She and Naruto even show Boruto a picture of Hinata's record as proof, which finally shocks Boruto since he believed that Naruto was lying about Hinata eating ramen. At home, Hinata sees a picture of Naruto's inauguration and recalls the end of that day, discussing Himawari's Byakugan and Naruto's new dreams with him. She admits that Naruto likes to complete one goal after another.

As Sarada watches Boruto vandalizing the Hokage Monument from afar. Many of her classmates train with their fathers. Naruto pursues Boruto through the village, and Sarada misinforms him when Boruto asks her not to give away his location. After Naruto leaves, Sarada deduces Boruto wants to get his father's attention, which Boruto lies to her about. Shikamaru paralyses Boruto with his shadow, and chastises him for keeping Naruto busy, even if it's just a shadow clone. Shikamaru considers Boruto and Naruto to be very much alike, much to Boruto's dismay. He has Shikadai call Naruto's shadow clone. Afterwards Sarada eats with Chocho, and questions the value and purpose of being a ninja with the upcoming graduation exams. Chocho has to train with her father, despite not wanting to. Choji embarrasses Chocho when he calls for her. Chocho doesn't think she is like her father, and asks Sarada if she is like hers. However Sarada tells her she has never met her father.

At home, Sarada sees a picture of her father, and her vision gets blurry. At dinner, Sarada questions Sakura about Sasuke, and gets irritated when Sakura can't give her concrete answers. Due to this, Sarada researches her clan. Sarada presses Sakura for more substantial information, even asking if she's really married to Sasuke. Sakura raises her voice and slams the ground, scaring Sarada. Sakura apologises, and assures her she and Sasuke are connected. Sakura's punch causes their house to collapse, and Sakura faints. Therefore Shizune takes her to the hospital. Sarada goes through the remains of their house for family pictures, and discovers that a picture of Sasuke is actually a picture of Taka, and wonders who the woman with glasses is. At the hospital, Sarada asks Shizune about her birth, as there are no records of it in any hospital in the village. At a diner, Chocho tells Sarada she doesn't think Choji and Karui are her real parents. Mitsuki dismisses her concerns.After Mitsuki leaves, Chocho asks Sarada to go on a journey to find her real parents, inspiring Sarada to find Sasuke and ask him herself. Elsewhere, Sasuke appears from a portal, and is attacked by a hooded man.

Sasuke clashes with the hooded figure, who attacks him with a kusarigama. Sasuke blocks it with his sword, and channels Chidori through his sword and figure's weapon, knocking them down. His assailant is a small pale boy with the Sharingan, and wearing the Uchiha crest who flees. Sarada rushes to the Hokage's office, intending to ask him where her father is. Naruto receives a message from Sasuke's hawk about the boy with the Sharingan. Naruto consults Kakashi, who surmises he might be related to a particular person. The boy meets with a hooded man, who asks him about Sasuke, intending to kill him for having to kill Itachi. As she arrives at Naruto's office, Sarada overhears him saying he'll meet Sasuke personally.

Chocho meets Sarada by the gates. While Naruto asks Shikamaru to tell Boruto he's sorry, and sets off. Boruto arrives moments later with lunch. Sarada offers to take the lunch to Naruto, and takes off with Chocho. The two are watched with a Sharigan-wielding creature. The boy Shin is commanded to abduct Sarada. Shin accosts Chocho and Sarada, and begins fighting them. Naruto intervenes as Shin attacks Chocho. Shin reveals a Mangekyo Sharingan, prompting Naruto to enter Six Paths Sage Mode. Shin tries a sneak attack with remotely controlled weapons, which Naruto blocks with chakra arms. Shin dodges Naruto's chakra arms, and is told to retreat by a Sharingan creature. Chocho briefly considers the possibility of Naruto being her father. But Naruto thinks it'll be safer for them to go with him. Sarada therefore delivers his lunch. Naruto describes Sasuke to Sarada, and compares her to both her parents. Sarada rushes to the Ridge Tower where they're supposed to meet Sasuke, the prospect of finally meeting him awakening her Sharingan. When Sasuke sees her, he draws his sword, asking if she's with Shin.

Shizune informs Sakura that Sarada went after Naruto to meet Sasuke, with a photo of Taka having to sparked her interest. Sakura had hoped that Sarada would not get caught up in Sasuke's conflicts. Sasuke reaches for Sarada, who calls him out as her father, stunning him. Soon after Naruto arrives with Chocho. Sasuke asks him why he brought children with him. Chocho wonders if Sasuke is the father she remembers. Sarada tells Sasuke she learned Naruto was meeting him, so she followed him to ask Sasuke if Sakura is her real mother. Sakura and Shizune discuss about Sarada, and how certain things about her father were kept from her, like him being an enemy of Konoha at one time. Shizune thinks Sakura should have more faith in Sarada. Sarada calls Sasuke out on never being around, and asks him about the woman with glasses in the photo. His unwillingness to give informative answers causes her to storm out. Sasuke and Naruto recall when Sasuke left the village to search for threats related to Kaguya, knowledge of which was deemed top secret. Shin's father proclaims the revival of Akatsuki to Shin and several Shin copies.

Chocho offers Sasuke chips to share with Sarada, however Sasuke detects something. Shin and his father attack Naruto and Sarada, Naruto parrying their attack. Sasuke deflects the weapons Shin's father guides his way, and holds Sasuke's sword to let Shin attack him. Sasuke switches places with Shin, and attacks them both with Fire Release. Shin's father defends himself putting Shin between himself and the fire. Shin's father also introduces himself as Shin Uchiha. Shin remotely controls Sasuke's sword, using it to stab Naruto. Naruto's chakra cloak dissipates, allowing Shin to attack with his weapons again. Sasuke blocks them with his own body when Sarada is targeted. Shin moves in to take Sasuke's Sharingan, but is punched by Sakura. Naruto restrains both Shins with chakra arms. Shin's creature teleports both Shins away, and tries to take Sarada, but Sakura pushes her out of the way, and is teleported in her place. Soon after Sakura finds herself surrounded by other Shin in their base.

While Naruto is unable to sense Sakura or their enemies, concluding they're either too far away or hidden inside a barrier. Sakura offers Shin to treat his injured child, but Shin reveals they're all clones cultivated from his teeth and nervous tissue, revealing himself as a former follower of Orochimaru. Shin controls his weapons and opens up the injured clone, killing him. Naruto considers the possibility of Shin being involved with Orochimaru, recalling his conversation with Kakashi. Sasuke agrees, remarking Shin's Sharingan-embedded arm as Orochimaru's work. However, Naruto is sceptical Shin took Sakura to Orochimaru, as he is under surveillance by Konoha shinobi. Sasuke nonetheless thinks they should meet Orochimaru to learn more about Shin. Sarada is disheartened by Sasuke's lack of concern about Sakura, and he tells her that if she intends to be a shinobi, she shouldn't let personal feelings affect her missions.

Chocho tries to lighten the mood by offering them chips. Naruto suggests they take the children with them, as Shin also went after Sarada, and whispers to her she might meet the people from the photo with Orochimaru. Shin tells Sakura about his approach to life, death and evolution, denouncing peace as something that keeps shinobi from growing stronger and developing new ninjutsu. Shin credits the Akatsuki for creating conflict that made shinobi stronger. Shin finishes transplanting organs from his deceased clone to himself. As Naruto greets Yamato outside Orochimaru's hideout. Sasuke leads them inside, where they come across Jugo and Suigetsu, who Sarada recognizes from the photo. Orochimaru also joins them. Sasuke asks about his relation to Shin. Orochimaru takes them to another room, and talks about Shin's background as a former test subject and his goals. Sarada pulls Suigetsu aside and asks him about the woman in the photo. She has him run a DNA test, using an umbilical cord from Karin's belongings. The test is a match. Naruto overhears them, and chastises Suigetsu for messing things up. He tries calming Sarada, but she snaps when he mentions rescuing Sakura, denouncing any ties with her. He notices her Sharingan and hands her a mirror, so she sees it herself. Sarada's claim he doesn't know her situation causes him to remember his own bonds. Naruto asks her if she has any feelings for Sakura, and she realizes she does want to rescue her. They join the others outside. Orochimaru brings up the possibility Sakura is dead, but Sasuke tells him his wife isn't weak. Shin tells Sakura that Sasuke doesn't deserve to carry on the Uchiha name, and intends to kill him and take his Sharingan. Sasuke takes Naruto, Sarada, and Chocho on his Susanoo, having learned of Shin's location from Orochimaru.

Sasuke flies Naruto, Sarada, and Chocho in his Susanoo. Sarada ponders about her parents' relationship. Naruto places his hand on her shoulder, and she decides she can think about it after her mother is rescued. Sasuke says they're near their destination, and asks Naruto to sense if Sakura and the enemy are there. Shin claims to be one who will carry out Itachi's wishes and the Uchiha name by reviving the Akatsuki and creating conflict again, as he fashions his many blades into an arm. Sakura is unimpressed, and punches the ground, destroying much of the room. As Sasuke and the others arrive at the hideout, they're attacked by a group of Shin clones. Sarada goes ahead inside, with Sasuke following her. Naruto stays behind fighting clones and protecting Chocho.

Sakura fights Shin inside the hideout. Sarada triggers a trap on her way inside, which Sasuke incinerates. Shin aims a shuriken at Sakura, but Sasuke blocks it with his Susanoo. Sasuke intends to take Shin back to Konoha for interrogation. A Shin clone stands between Shin and Sasuke, and Sasuke is prepared to cut through him. Sarada asks him not to, but Shin stabs Sasuke through the Shin clone. Sakura runs towards Sarada, and Sasuke switches places with her, allowing Sakura to land a hit on Shin. The clones that are fighting Naruto retreat, therefore Naruto and Chocho go inside. Shin wants to use the clones as a distraction to escape, but they turn on him, claiming they will evolve in his place, as he has become weak.

Many more clones appear, some of them with different sizes. Shin tries to have his creature warp him and Sakura away, but Sarada intervenes, killing the creature. A Shin clone tries stabbing Naruto, who blocks it, and gives the clones a glimpse of Kurama, terrifying them. Meanwhile the original Shin is dead. Naruto decides that as children, the clones should be taught right from wrong. Chocho compliments Sarada's strength. Sarada asks Sasuke if his feelings really connect with Sakura, and he points out they are because he and Sakura had her. The clones are taken to live in the Konoha Orphanage under Kabuto's care, who wants each of them to have their own identity. While walking to the front gate, Chocho laments not finding her real father, but as they return she catches a glimpse of a slimmed down Choji, and is surprised by it, and asks to learn the form from him. Sarada also try's to make sure Ino doesn't go near Sasuke as she happily laughs after doing this to a confuse Ino. At Orochimaru's hideout, Karin berates Suigetsu for confusing Sarada, explaining the umbilical cord he tested was Sarada's, and that she delivered her when Sakura went in labor. As the Uchiha family happily eat dinner, Sarada apologized for the misunderstanding. While Sasuke says she gets her thinking habit from him. The next morning Sasuke leaves again, this time on better terms with Sarada. At school, Boruto thanks Sarads for giving Naruto his lunch. Sarada happily tells Boruto that thanks to her little adventure she wants to become the Hokage, upon hearing this Boruto angrily doesn't say anything.

Naruto kindly watches a damaged tree, explaining to Shikamaru it's the only one left from an attack. Shikamaru asks if everything is ready for the Five Kage Summit, which Naruto confirms. At the Ninja Academy, Iwabee and Metal spar while discussing which Kage is the strongest, by knocking Shino out accidentally. Boruto and Shikadai talk about the summit as a family matter, which to Inojin's amusement. However Sarada impresses her classmates with her shurikenjutsu, and announces her goal of becoming Hokage. But Boruto questions her change of heart, recalling her recent ridiculing of shinobi. Sarada deflects, trying to belittle Boruto. As they argue, Mitsuki voices his opinion that the two would make a nice couple, much to their embarrassment. Ironically Chocho almost reveals that Sarada awakened the Sharingan, but Sarada stops her. Afterwards Boruto unsuccessfully tries recruiting Shikadai and Inojin to graffiti the Hokage Monument during the summit. Sarada tells Chocho that her mother warned her about the Sharingan, and Sarada herself wants to learn how to use it well enough before revealing it.

At a diner, Iwabee and Metal continue discussing the Five Kage as they watch their arrival on tv. Sakura struggles with unboxing after moving but is surprised when Sarada has their new family photo in her bag. In public, Boruto watches his father's speech. In the forest Chocho helps Sarada train. Sarada copied Boruto's shadow clone, and uses it against Chocho, but passes out from not having enough chakra. As Sarada is in the air Konohamaru catches her as she falls. She asks him about the Sharingan, and he tells her what he knows. He learns she wants to be Hokage, and says they're rivals on that. In a closed meeting, Naruto informs the other Kage on recent events, and the presence of other dimensions in them. He tells them that Kaguya created White Zetsu before the war, in preparation for a great enemy. The other Kage worry about when the next enemy will come, while being concerned about the lack of fighting skill in the next generation. Gaara says that has always been a concern, and that new generations rise up. As Sarada admires the Hokage Monument by seeing an empty spot next to Naruto's face, she fights Boruto when she finds him on his way to vandalize the Hokage Monument. Naruto says the current generation can depend on their friends to fight, and hone their skills. Sarada and Boruto spar, with Sarada impressing Boruto. However he still vandalized the rocks, causing Naruto to be notified by Moegi, upon seeing his face having idiot written on it. Naruto starts getting exasperated which Sarada scolds Boruto.

The Land of Fire daimyo, Madoka Ikkyu, issues a statement regarding state of affairs with the Land of Waves. Iruka and Anko watch it on the news, being disconcerted with his position, and muse how good Konoha has it. Naruto is with them, by having come to the Ninja Academy, and announced he has reached an agreement with the Land of Water, allowing for field trips there. Boruto interrupts their discussions with a poor rendition of Wind Release jutsu. Boruto tries talking around the issue. Due to this Boruto and Naruto get into an argument. Shino announces the development to his class. The students discuss the possibilities. Shino asks for a class leader to represent them, and Sarada volunteers Boruto, who is hanging upside down and gagged over his earlier prank. Other students support her, and due to being gagged, Boruto is unable to voice his dissent.

While talking about it after class, Iwabee reminds them of Kirigakure's past as the "Bloody Mist". Hinata helps Boruto pack for the trip. Shino and Anko take the class by train and by boat. During the trip to the Mist Village, Boruto and Sarada fight. Iwabee remains gloomy during the trip. At night, Boruto asks Mitsuki about his Wind Release, Kirigakure comes into sight. They arrive in the morning, and are surprised at how urban it looks. The group is welcomed by their guide, Karatachi Kagura, an aide to the Mizukage. Many of the girls swoon over him. Kagura greets Boruto, and shows them around. Kagura and Boruto bond over their shared interest on Kagemasa. Iwabee remains gloomy as well as skeptical about Kirigakure's current state when talking to Boruto and Denki. However Boruto bumps into someone. Iwabee and the guy's attitude about it cause him and Boruto to begin fighting, but Shizuma intervenes. He's impressed with the Konoha kids for standing up to Hassaku. The two leave, and as they do, a thick mist covers the village.

As Kagura escorts the group, Boruto tells Iwabee not to wander off and pick fights again. Kagura points out some villagers don't like outsiders. He introduces them to Mei, the previous Mizukage, and lists her previous efforts during the war and in beginning Kirigakure's expansion. The two lead them to the Mizukage's office, where they meet Chojuro. Boruto is bored as Chojuro makes a lengthy speech about cooperation. Sarada discreetly calls him out on it, but Chōjūrō does concede long speeches are boring. As the group leaves, Chojuro asks if Kagura will give something another try, wanting to groom Kagura for something in the future. Kagura politely declines, and hurries along to the group. Mitsuki tells the group what he knows about Kagura, and when Boruto is unfamiliar with the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist, Shikadai tells him about them. Kagura takes them to visit Kirigakure's Academy, where students practice kenjutsu on water. Chojuro invites Boruto to spar, and has Kagura be his partner. Boruto takes his time making a first move, unable to find an opening.

Despite making a feint with the water, Boruto loses when Kagura disarms him. Iwabee can't watch and leave, and Kagura is distraught by having to fight, but composes himself. Boruto asks hims about it, but Kagura changes the subject when students talk about the possibility of him becoming Mizukage. He then takes them to visit the beaches. Kagura talks to Boruto and Sarada how Chojuro improved the quality of life in Kirigakure. At the end of the day, Kagura takes them to a memorial for those who died during the era of the Bloody Mist. Iwabee reveals his grandfather was killed by the Fourth Mizukage, who had the same last name as Kagura. Iwabee is irritated by Kagura apologizing for something that happened when he wasn't there. Some Kirigakure villagers who dislike outsiders come by, led by Hachiya, and tensions rise as they talk down to Kagura. They also disrespect Boruto on account of being an Uzumaki. Hachiya tries stabbing them, but is stopped by Kagura. Iwabee attacks him with an earth spear, but they escape. Kagura is unconcerned with the wound in his hand, and Sumire tends to his injury. Hachiya and his group report to Shizuma, who orders them to engage the outsiders again, and expresses interest in Kagura's response. Later, Denki wanders off at night after buying vintage electronics, and is kidnapped. A message is delivered to Boruto, telling him where to go to find Denki. Denki learns from his kidnappers that he's bait for Boruto, who they have to defeat to save their reputation.

As the kidnapping note fades. Kagura tells them about Hachiya Tsurushi, a genin from his class who dislikes the current state of Kirigakure. Kagura wants to inform Chojuro, but Boruto doesn't want the field trip to be cancelled, so he and the others convince Kagura to handle the situation himself with their help. The two groups meet, and fighting ensues. Tsurushi erects a barrier to ensure no one outside notice the fight and interfere. Boruto and his friends make short work of Tsurushi's group. Tsurushi dares Kagura to draw his blade, revealing he has killed while in the Academy, and exposing him as the Fourth Mizukage's grandson. Tsuruchi trips Kagura with wire, distracting Boruto, who himself gets lifted by the neck by another of Tsurushi's friends. He frees himself with a failed attempt at Mitsuki's Wind Release technique. Kagura meanwhile deals with Tsurushi, despite using a wooden sword against his metal one. The mist barrier clears. Hachiya's group retreats, and Boruto's gets Denki back. Back at the hotel, Kagura confirms he is Yagura's grandson, and that since killing students when he was in the Academy, he has struggled being in control when wielding a sword.

Elsewhere, Shino, Anko, and Mei discuss a treaty between the Lands of Fire, Water, Waves, and Sea. Mei uses chakra control to handle her alcohol. Kirigakure wants the Land of Water to sign the treaty, but the Land of Water doesn't, counting on the instability to amass influence, and fearful that the Lands of Waves and Sea continued expansion will endanger them. If conflict ensues, the Land of Fire will also have to get involved. Boruto invites Kagura to play cards with them. Kagura gets into it, and realizes they invited him to get his mind off the earlier talk about him and his grandfather, for which he is thankful. Kagura tells them about his struggle with himself, of having to killed his friends at the Academy, and feeling guilt for Yagura's sins. The others try talking him out of it. But Kagura wins a match. Sarada comes in, telling Boruto he has to do a roll call. Boruto before leaving gives Kagura the card game they were playing. Kagura asks Chojuro to take a test to claim Hiramekarei. Tsurushi reports the meeting to Shizuma, who despite claiming it to be fine, seemingly kills the former.

Kagura thinks how meeting Boruto has changed him and asks Chojuro for a test to claim Hiramekarei. Chojuro is glad, and allows Kagura to retrieve the sword from storage. Suigetsu watches the storage building from afar. Kagura practises with Hiramekarei, and calls Boruto to thank him for helping make his mind up. The two are suddenly caught in water prisons by Shizuma. Shizuma plans to end Kirigakure's period of reconciliation and start a war by killing the Hokage's son. Shizuma claims Chojuro and Mei are simply getting rid of people who don't agree with their policies, and tries winning Kagura to his side by pointing out how he has suffered in the past. Kagura thinks back to when Shizuma stopped him from killing someone in the Academy, how he was shunned, and how Shizuma said at the time there was nothing wrong with him being a shinobi from the Bloody Mist.

Kagura continues denying Shizuma, who claims Chojuro is secretly ruthless, assassinating dissenters, and erasing both their family names from memorials. Shizuma says Kagura belongs with him, showing the scar Kagura gave him long ago. Boruto begins fighting Shizuma, who at first deflects his shuriken with his sword, but is forced to dodge when Boruto begins electrifying them. Shizuma has Buntan deflect instead flowing Lightning Release through her own sword. Shizuma introduces his other allies, considering it a show of respect before killing Boruto. Boruto uses Wind Release increase his speed, slipping past Shizuma's allies to stab him with lightning-infused kunai, but Shizuma counters him with Water Release. Kagura helps Boruto up, and is shocked that Shizuma wants him to be the seventh member of his Bloody Mist swordsmen.

Ichirota points out how killing Boruto would end any talk of peace treaties and plunge the surround region in war. Kagura draws Hiramekarei, and questions Shizuma, who confirms he intends to make a just future, and tells Boruto to leave. Hassaku thinks Kagura is being naive, but Shizuma tells him that he has asked instead of fighting them, and that they would be the ones cut down if Kagura fought seriously. Shizuma tells Boruto to inform his father that war has begun, and leaves with his allies and Kagura, who goes willingly. Boruto passes out and wakes up to Sarada tending his injuries. Sarada tells Boruto she was able to find him because Tsurushi, who left Shizuma after being beat up, told her where to find him. Sarada tended to his wounds as well. Suigetsu watches as Shizuma's group heads to the storage where the shinobi words are, and slips away before Mitsuki catches him there. Tsurushi tells Boruto and Sarada that Shizuma is using Kagura's guilt of hurting him in the past to manipulate him. Boruto is determined not to let the situation escalate. Kagura opens the swords' vault to Shizuma and the others.

Shizuma's swordsmen collect the remaining swords from the vault, triggering the activation of several security puppets, which they destroy with the swords. Kagura questions Shizuma's belief of being able to pull off a revolution just by having acquired the swords, and Shizuma reveals he has backers connected to the Land of Water's daimyo who disagree with Chojuro's moderate administration. After the revolution is done, Shizuma plans to install Kagura as Mizukage, so Yagura's blood rules over Kirigakure again, as a place that accepts him. Chojuro and Mei examine their message left over the vault. Chojuro deduces Shizuma coaxed Kagura into giving the key to the vault. Chojuro decides to impose gag order on the situation, and should they attack villagers, have them executed.

Boruto and Sarada reach Chōjūrō and Mei, and Boruto tells him Kagura went along with the plan so he'd be spared. Chojuro states that as a shinobi, Kagura knows the consequences of breaking the rules. Boruto suggests they downplay to an incident between kids who don't know better, and when Mei expresses disagreement, he implies he'll play up the injury he sustained against Shizuma's group to stir a diplomatic incident. Chojuro agrees to let them handle it, on the condition he accompanies them, and that they resolve the situation within a time limit. Shizuma and Buntan think fondly of the upcoming conflict. Kagura dreads what he might have to do should Boruto interfere. Iwabee goes for a walk after he and Denki notice Boruto's absence during the day. Boruto and Sarada ask Denki to come up with an excuse should they be absent during roll call.

Shikadai and Inojin find this sketchy, and decide not to ignore it. Iwabee presses on Tsurushi for information. Mitsuki tells Suigetsu he knows he's been followed. Suigetsu passes on instructions for Mitsuki not to get further involved, so Kirigakure doesn't learn the connection between them. Suigetsu dislikes having to stay hidden after being away from home for so long, and decries the new group calling themselves swordsmen despite having no war experience. Mitsuki decides to do as he pleases. Shikadai and Inojin watch the exchange, but are discovered by Suigetsu. The situation gives Mitsuki an idea to deal with Shizuma, and Suigetsu hands him a scroll. Shizuma's swordsmen try destroying the memorial, but are interrupted by Boruto, Sarada and Chojuro. Shizuma intends to kill Chojuro, and puts up a barrier, the same as Tsurushi's but better. Hebiichigo halts Chojuro's movements with wire. Ichirōta breaks the ground below Sarada with Shibuki. Buntan goes after Sarada. Hassaku and Hebiichigo voice their grievances to Chojuro, who accepts some of their criticism, and also discuss Kagura. The two and Kyoho attack him. Ichirota is concerned the others will play for too long, allowing reinforcements to arrive. Kagura approaches Boruto.

Boruto sees Kagura approaching him, Hiramekarei in hand. Buntan attacks Sarada with lightning from Kiba. Sarada blocks her attack and activates her Sharingan. Buntan continues throwing Lightning Balls at Sarada, who dodges them. Buntan comments on getting to face the Sharingan, and lures Sarada into a trap. Kyoho misses his attack, Chojuro goads Hassaku into attacking him, using the attack to cut some of the wires holding him in place, allowing him to grab his own sword and cut the rest. Ichirota watches it and comments from afar. Sarada blocks another of Buntan's attacks, and causes her to retreat to avoid genjutsu. Buntan remotely controls Kiba to attack Sarada. As she dodges the swords, Sarada notices water around. Creating a Lightning Fish, Buntan limits Sarada's mobility to small rocks in the water, and continues attacking from a distance, so Sarada can't read her hand seals.

Boruto tries talking Kagura down from fighting. Chojuro fights Hassaku, Kyoho, and Hebiichigo. Buntan finally manages to cause Sarada to fall pray to her Lightning Fish, but it turns out to be a shadow clone. Buntan tells Sarada about how her father died by Naruto's hand without knowing of her existence. Sarada charges ahead, and with Buntan in sight, starts countering her with her own copied Lightning Release. Buntan uses Kiba to cover herself in Lightning Release, and throws Sarada into the water, on the path of her Lightning Fish. Shizuma moves in to kill Boruto himself, but Kagura steps forward to do it. Buntan and Sarada clash, and Buntan recalls her unhappy childhood. Chojuro defeats Hebiichigo and Hassaku, causing Kyoho to surrender. Ichirota prepares to attack Chojuro from afar, but is interrupted by Iwabee, who manages to cut him down. Ichirota explodes Shibuki trying to take him down. Sarada notices Buntan's fish causes bubbles as it swims. Buntan decapitates Sarada, only for it to be genjutsu, which Sarada used since she got close enough to copy her jutsu. Sarada also points out that all during their fight, her fish has been electrolysing the water, building up hydrogen gas in the area. Sarada detonates it with an explosive tag, defeating Buntan, before passing out from exhaustion. Kagura continues attacking Boruto, claiming how they grew up was completely different.

Kagura tells Boruto he'd never understand his upbringing. Kagura seemingly bisects Boruto, but it's only a shadow clone. Kagura continues to attack Boruto, with Shizuma's approval, who also tells him to use more of Hiramekarei's power. Boruto reminds Kagura what he said about being the only one who decides how he lives, and Kagura tells he's there because Shizuma acknowledged him. Boruto is unconvinced, not believing Kagura over his expression. Boruto feints with three clones and distracts Kagura using his jacket, landing a hit. Boruto continues to dodge and block Kagura's attacks. Shizuma interrupts their fight, and begins swaying Kagura again. Boruto argues that Chōjūrō wouldn't have given him Hiramekarei if he thought he was what Shizuma claims he is. Shizuma claims Chōjūrō has secretly assassinated all those opposing him, and that he'll create a truly just future by hiding nothing and exposing everything. Mitsuki arrives and shows the scroll Suigetsu gave him, with intel revealing his high echelon associates that have secretly been dealing with the Land of Waves confessed to having their opponents assassinated. Shizuma is unconcerned about it, just wanting the return of the Bloody Mist regardless. Shizuma didn't expect Kagura to follow him so far along his plans.

When Mitsuki asks him, Shizuma wants war because he finds it funny. Using his own blood and Samehada, Shizuma turns the mist around them red. Mitsuki and Boruto attack Shizuma. They push Shizuma back a bit, before Shizuma absorbs Mitsuki's Wind Release with Samehada, causing its scales to rip through the bandages. Samehada is also absorbing their chakra from their wounds through the red mist. Boruto attacks with clones, and Mitsuki manages to get close enough to cut Shizuma's throat, but it's only a water clone. The real Shizuma pins Mitsuki down with water spikes, but manages to avoid a fatal hit with Wind Release. Mitsuki is exhausted, and Shizuma turns his attention to Boruto. Shizuma finds it a waste that Kagura won't kill Boruto. Mitsuki draws Samehada's attention with a shadow clone, while Boruto and his own clones propel him forward with Wind Release, landing a powerful hit. Shizuma comes at Boruto with a water sword, which Kagura blocks, asking Shizuma to stop. Shizuma reconnects with Samehada, which begins absorbing him. Chojuro arrives after evacuating the others and explains Samehada's nature, saying it claimed Shizuma over his inexperience. Chojuro wants to finish him with Hiramekarei, but allows Kagura to use it. Kagura notes how much chakra Samehada absorbs. Boruto tells him he doesn't need to do everything alone. Each wielding half of Hiramekarei, they manage to separate Shizuma from Samehada, ending the fight. Iwabee arrives with Tsurushi, who is carrying Sarada, and warn Boruto they'll be late for roll call. Iwabee carries Boruto, and the Konoha students depart. The red mist dissipates.

Boruto's class bids Kirigakure farewell. Chocho arrives late over having brought along numerous souvenirs. Boruto notices Kagura's absence. Kagura watches the ship depart from afar. Boruto returns home, and is confused by Himawari's sullen attitude as he recounts the excursion. At the Ninja Academy, Boruto, Sarada, and Iwabee are called to Iruka's office. Chojuro sent the Academy a notice praising the three for their actions, but the three are given detention. Suigetsu reports the events of Kirigakure to Orochimaru. Orochimaru implies to have facilitated the conflicts, in order to make moving around easier. Suigetsu reports Shizuma and his accomplices have been silently arrested, and put in rehabilitation facilities. Orochimaru comments on how Boruto managed to acquire evidence against Shizuma, to Suigetsu's discomfort. While Kagura tries overcoming his fear of wielding swords.

Boruto asks Hinata about Himawari's attitude, and is shocked when she reminds him he promised Himawari souvenirs from his trip. Boruto tries confessing to Himawari he forgot it, but can't bring himself to it, so he lies and says he got her sweets that got mixed up with a friend's luggage. Boruto tries getting some from his classmates, but they've already eaten them. Mitsuki and Sarada find Boruto after he asked his friends, and Sarada tells him about the alley Chocho showed her. Boruto finds the store that has the sweets, but can't convince the shopkeeper to sell them to him. When he finds that the shopkeeper plays Shinobi Bout, they bet on it. Mitsuki points out to Boruto he can see the shopkeeper's cards on a reflection. Instead of cheating, he points it out to the shopkeeper, and asks to reshuffle. The shopkeeper asks them to leave, and gives Boruto the sweets. On his way home, Boruto comes across Tayori, who delivers a letter to him from Kagura, where he apologizes to Boruto. Boruto gets home, gives Himawari her sweets, and confesses to having forgotten to buy them in the trip.

In preparation for the Ninja Academy graduation exams, Inojin decides to start making photocopies of his drawings in advance, instead of drawing them in battle, much to Sai's concern. Chocho and Shikadai spar against Choji. Inojin tries using the copies he made in advance, but they crumble before landing an attack. Inojin tries using his own drawing, but it crumbles the same way, leaving him concerned he's no longer able to use the jutsu. At the end of the day, Sai explains to him the jutsu failed because of the copies, but refuses to elaborate further, and suggests Inojin enter an art competition. Inojin deduces Sai knows why his jutsu is failing, but Sai is certain him just telling Inojin the reason won't fix it. Inojin is shocked when Himawari wins the contest, with a drawing Inojin deems inferior. He thinks she won because she's the Hokage's daughter. Sai is concerned Inojin won't be able to use Super Beast Imitating Drawing anymore, and suggests him look at how he and Himawari's drawings differ.

Inojin tries, but is unable to come up with anything that would explain why his jutsu is failing. Sai goes to the Academy as a guest lecturer, as during missions shinobi are likely to need drawing maps and sketching persons of interest. Sai has the students sketch Chocho. Inojin is perplexed why Sai considers Boruto might be able to use Super Beast Imitating Drawing based on his drawing, which Inojin deems awful. Inojin tries performing the jutsu, but his drawings collapse quickly, and even struggle to leave the paper. Chocho comments on how unusual it is for Inojin to get worked up like that, but Inojin shrugs it off, saying he'll just focus on his mother's jutsu from now on instead. During class, Inojin, Chocho, and Shikadai face against Metal Lee, Denki, and Iwabee. Inojin takes over Iwabee's body briefly, but his lack of practice allows Iwabee to break free, allowing his team to counterattack. Chocho hands Inojin his drawing supplies, but his hesitation leaves him open to Lee's attack. Shino declares Iwabee's team the winner. At home Sai and Ino discuss about Inojin.

Sai has Himawari teach his art lesson. She gets interested when she learns of Inojin's jutsu, but Inojin draws nothing. At home, Inojin begins gathering his drawing supplies to throw them away. Ino questions his decision, and he finds one of his first drawings from when he was little. Inojin asks Himawari to teach him, but she has no idea what to do. When Inojin's jutsu fails again, it blows Himawari's drawing away. They chase after it, but it flies above the water. Inojin realizes that the difference between his recent drawings and Himawari's is that hers have emotion put into it. Inojin is able to animate his drawing and saves Himawari's. At her request, Inojin animates her drawing. Inojin shows his parent his recovery, and Sai shows him his favorite drawing from Inojin, their family together. The next day, Inojin is sorry that Himawari's drawings disappeared from the paper after his jutsu, but she is unconcerned, by deciding she'll just draw another and make her father even happier.

Boruto finds his classmates are generally concerned with upcoming graduation exams, leaving them no time to hang out. Boruto finds Shikadai, Inojin, and Chocho, who are exhausted from training. He tries starting a conversation, but the three just discuss their training. Mitsuki wonders why Boruto is acting like that, and points out a thinner Gongoro Kamakura, Kagemasa's actor, on the tv, speaking about eating a famous carp, so good it's said one never forgets its taste. Boruto proposes they eat it as well. Boruto invites other classmates. Shikadai asks Boruto about his commitment over camping for the carp, something he'd usually find tedious. Boruto confides that he wants them all to do something together before going their separate ways after graduation. At home, Sakura notices Sarada's lack of excitement over going camping, and her complaints about Boruto remind her of her own complaints about Naruto during their Ninja Academy days.

Boruto and his classmates set up at the camping site. They go fishing for the carp, but fail to catch anything. One of the caretakers says the rains have caused the carps to hide in the rocks, making them that much harder to catch. Boruto almost fishes one, but reels in too hard, causing the line to break. At night, they eat curry. Boruto goes fishing again, Sarada and Sumire follow him. Boruto and Sarada end up arguing. Sumire finds it amusing, and thanks Boruto for helping her change. The carp catches on Boruto's line, and starts pulling him in. Sarada helps Boruto pull the carp, and Sumire summons Nue, using its chakra to strengthen the line so it won't break. Their classmates arrive, each using their ninjutsu to help reel the carp in. They all eat the carp, and Sumire points out the starry sky above them. At the moon, Toneri struggles to smooth over spacetime distortions.

During a parent teacher conference, Shino informs Hinata that despite the occasional lack of commitment with classes, Boruto's performance is exceptional. When asked what type of shinobi he wants to be, he concerns them with a lack of interest in anything in particular, and confident he will figure something out by graduation. Shino shares his concerns about Boruto with Anko. Boruto and his friends discuss their parent teacher conferences. Despite the examples his friends give him, Boruto still hasn't found a compelling reason to become a shinobi. They discuss the structure of the graduation exams, proctors, and past exams. After class, Boruto is approached by Sukea, who is writing a story about graduating students. Boruto takes Sukea to interview his classmates. After interviewing them, Sukea asks Boruto why he joined the Ninja Academy, and Boruto mentions trying to be better than his father.

At home, Boruto asks Hinata about why she became a shinobi, and she tells him about how as a Hyuga, at the time it was expected for them to be shinobi, and surprises Boruto by telling him how strict his grandfather was. Hinata is confident both she and Naruto will support Boruto whether he becomes a shinobi or not, though Boruto wonders if Naruto would really feel that way, noticing his absence once again. The next day, Boruto notices Namida and Wasabi discussing, and Sarada tells him Namida decided not to be a shinobi. Sukea tells Boruto that with declining demand for shinobi, skills developed in the Ninja Academy have become valuable in non-shinobi fields.

Boruto tries to get Mitsuki to be interviewed by Sukea, but he is late for his own parent teacher conference. Orochimaru meets with Naruto. Shikamaru doesn't trust Orochimaru completely, but Naruto still thanks him for his analysis of Danzō's data, which was beneficial for Sasuke's investigation. Boruto finds Sarada hesitant to get involved in Namida and Wasabi's issue, until Boruto points out that if she's afraid to get involved in a matter like this, she'll never surpass Naruto as Hokage. Sarada thanks him for the advice, and manages to talk Namida into admitting she really does want to become a shinobi, despite her family issues. Boruto thanks Sukea for allowing him to hear everyone's stories, and asks if they'll meet when Sukea covers the graduation exams. Sukea hints they will, and offers him advice going forward.

While going home, Boruto asks Mitsuki about his conference, and Mitsuki says he wants to remain a shinobi in Konoha because of Boruto, pointing out how he changed those around him, like Denki, Iwabee, Sumire, and Mitsuki himself. Boruto just wants everyone to remain together, and is fine with becoming a shinobi first and figuring out from there. Talking to Iruka, Kakashi removes his Sukea disguise. Iruka is glad Kakashi volunteered to proctor the graduation exam, and asks not to go too hard on them. Kakashi clarifies that even in peaceful times, they can't allow students with contemptuous attitudes to become shinobi, and that his graduation exam will be a bit challenging, wondering how many will succeed.

Boruto's class take their written exam. Denki and Iwabee celebrate successfully stealing the questions from the teacher's lounge. Boruto considers it cheating, but Sarada points out Shino telling them to check the questions and make a strategy before, implying the test was their intelligence gathering skills. They await for their practical exam. Shino grades the written exams, and Boruto gets a perfect score. Kakashi notes this, and finds Boruto to be a bit too confident. The next day, the class is greeted by Shino, Anko, and Konohamaru at a forest. They explain the rules of the exam, giving each student a white bandanna, and pointing out targets on themselves. If a student has their bandanna taken they fail, if a teacher has their target destroyed they can no longer fight the students. The exam lasts a day. Boruto is unconcerned, and Kakashi arrives, revealing himself to be the exam's proctor, intending not to let any troublemaker become a shinobi.

Kakashi has a single bell the students have to take from him, implying only one of them will graduate. Various students take different approaches. Some go after Kakashi directly, others are staying back a bit to let others act as distractions, Shikadai planted a tracker on Kakashi. Shino uses a bug to remove the tracker. Anko uses genjutsu to make a couple teams go round in circles, and prepares to fight Shikadai, Inojin, and Chōchō. Konohamaru knocks out Namida, Wasabi, and three others. Boruto doesn't want to waste time on Konohamaru, and Sarada allows him to go straight for Kakashi, believing there's a reason to go after Konohamaru first. Boruto and Mitsuki are blocked by Shino, who Mitsuki decides to deal with. Boruto searches for Kakashi from a giant tree, and baits him with a shadow clone. Anko uses snakes against Shikadai, Inojin, and Chōchō, but the students she had caught in genjutsu show up, having broken free.

Mitsuki prepares to go all about against Shino. Sarada and Sumire use the Sharingan and Nue against Konohamaru. Boruto uses shadow clones against Kakashi. Mitsuki defeats Shino, who tells him to go ahead. Kakashi considers Boruto to be a cut above the rest, but still unsuitable to be a shinobi for lacking one decisive trait. Boruto baits Kakashi with a Boruto Stream while coming from below ground, but Kakashi substitutes away. Kakashi considers Boruto to have chūnin level skills, and pins him down after sneaking behind him with genjutsu, considering this to be the end of the line for Boruto.

Kakashi has Boruto pinned down in a way that would require Boruto to break his own arm in order to break free. He admonishes Boruto's lack of resolve and motivation to change, and reveals his Sukea disguise. Kakashi believes Boruto's influence on his class mates have made them unsuitable to become shinobi. Mitsuki and Iwabee attack Kakashi, forcing him to let go of Boruto to defend himself and counterattack, allowing Boruto to escape with Iwabee's help. At night, several of the students gather, Wasabi healing Boruto, and Boruto wishing she'd look after Mitsuki, who was injured by Kakashi. Boruto tells them of Kakashi's assessment of their class and Boruto's influence, and apologises. Iwabee aggressively tells Boruto he made it this far because of Boruto, something he intends telling Kakashi. Denki and Sumire also share Iwabee's opinion. Mitsuki also tells Boruto that by watching him, he learned to do things for other people, by his own volition. The group takes notice of the 24 hour limit, that they still have their bandannas despite some of them having been knocked unconscious before, and that while injured, teachers have not given pursuit. Boruto determines the exam to be a test of their resolve. Kakashi, Anko, and Konohamaru discuss the exams while watching over captured students, saying all students will fail if they don't come rescue them.

Boruto formulates a strategy. As the fastest in the class, Metal and Wasabi will distract Anko, while Sumire has Nue free the captured students. The Anko they fight turns out to be a clone, but the real one gets knocked out by Namida with a sonic scream. They finish freeing the captive students. Boruto distracts Konohamaru, allowing Denki, Iwabee, and Mitsuki to lock them in place with fuinjutsu, almost suffering a heavy hit from Sarada. Konohamaru stops a hit from Denki, but his target gets hit anyway. Sarada and Boruto had transformed into one another, allowing Sarada to get close enough to cast Sharingan genjutsu on him not to notice Denki's kunai hitting his target. Tsuru arrives, telling them only Kakashi remains. At sunrise, Boruto attacks Kakashi with shadow clones, but more appear than Boruto is able to use. His classmates are disguised as Boruto's clones. Kakashi knocks them down as well, but when Boruto gets close enough and signals it, they all hold Kakashi down with fūinjutsu, like they did with Konohamaru. Kakashi uses Lightning Release against them, but they don't fall back. Boruto only manages to ring the bell before the 24 hours are up. Kakashi passes them all. They're all confused, as they didn't get the bell. Kakashi explains they wouldn't have been able to acquire the bell at all. He explains that in the shinobi world, those who break the rules are scum, but those who don't value their comrades are worse, and when they all came together at him as a team, that's when they passed. Shino congratulates them, and releases the transformation on their bandannas, which were forehead protectors all along. The students celebrate, while Iruka scolds Kakashi for being too rough on the students.

As Boruto leaves home after breakfast without wearing his forehead protector, putting it on only after being out of his parents' line of sight. Shikamaru drops by Naruto's house to inform him of his various duties of the day. At the Academy, the genin discuss and wonder how they'll be group in teams. When Namida warns everyone Shino is arriving, Iwabee's sudden movement causes him to bump into Boruto, knocking him into Sarada, thus kissing her by accident.

Shino arrives and after a brief explanation on three-man teams, Shino begins informing the genin their teams. Denki, Metal, and Iwabee are Team 5, Wasabi, Sumire and Namida are Team 15, Hōki, Hako, and Renga are Team 25, Enko, Dōshu, and Tsuru are Team 40. Inojin, Chōchō, and Shikadai are Team 10 much like their parents were, leaving Boruto, Sarada, and Mitsuki as Team 3. Sarada questions being in the same team as Boruto, as while she acknowledges his skill, she doesn't feel they're compatible, putting the team's teamwork in question. Sarada feels she can't afford to take detours from her goal of becoming Hokage. Konohamaru informs her she can appeal the decision to the Hokage.

After the genin leave, Konohamaru and Shino discuss how requests for changing teams have never been approved. Boruto and Sarada arrive at the Hokage's office, but Shikamaru informs them Naruto is out on business, and he can't disclose his location. In the interest of finding Naruto, Boruto and Sarada call a truce. Mitsuki arrives with a copy of Naruto's schedule, having taken a look when Shikamaru was distracted with Boruto and Sarada. Elsewhere, Naruto tests some shinobi's ability to protect the village by having them restrain him with a barrier, which he easily overcomes. Shikamaru checks who is the Hokage's escort for the day, in order to inform them of Boruto and Sarada, and is amused to learn who it is. Mirai is notified about Boruto and Sarada. She refuses to let the three through. Mirai cuts the support ropes for the bridge they're crossing, but Mitsuki uses snakes to secure it.

While Boruto fights Mirai, Sarada observes her with the Sharingan, looking for a vulnerability. Mirai notices Sarada's Sharingan, and traps her in genjutsu, requiring Boruto to snap her out of it. Mirai successfully repels them. Boruto and Sarada argue. Konohamaru arrives and comments on Mirai's strength. Mitsuki tells Boruto and Sarada they're trying too hard to be compatible, and in doing so, are not making the most of their individual skills. Boruto is too concerned with what Sarada will do, and Sarada is over-relying on her Sharingan.

Boruto goes at Mirai with shadow clones, but keeps some hidden under the bridge. Sarada uses shuriken to distract Mirai, and notices the damage done by Mirai's chakra blades on the deflected shuriken. She uses shuriken to distract Mirai, allowing Boruto to knock her off-balance in a section of the bridge she damaged, where a hidden shadow clone pulls her off the bridge. Konohamaru compliments them, and after pointing out the value of hard-earned cooperation. He asks Sarada if she'd still like to request another team. Sarada changes her mind about the team, but would like to request something else to Naruto. Naruto informs the shinobi he's training they must be prepared to protect Konoha from attacks at any moment. The genin and Konohamaru arrive, and Naruto tells them the area is at is off limits to gen in. He believes Sarada wants to change teams, but Sarada requests Naruto for them to have the Team 7 designation, which Naruto grants. Later Shino says he believes his former students will become great Shinobi because he acknowledges them, while the new Team 7 is seen smiling.

Sarada complains to Mitsuki about Boruto's tardiness interfering with her achieving her goals. She asks Mitsuki about what missions he likes to do. He tells her he's happy doing whatever Boruto is doing, prompting her to ask if he does something of his own will. He explains he chose that of his own will, and thinks back to his past. He remembers waking up under Orochimaru's care, and dropping a cup of medicine when taking it. Orochimaru instructs Suigetsu to escort him when he's fully awake. Mitsuki has no memory of who he was. Orochimaru comments to a hooded individual this is the sixth time something had happened. Mitsuki asks Suigetsu why he was in bed. Suigetsu answers he was injured in a mission with Orochimaru, figuring he doesn't remember the bad parts. Suigetsu suddenly attacks Mitsuki, who immobilises him. Mitsuki almost stabs Suigetsu with the kunai taken from him, but blocks it with his arm when Suigetsu commends him. Suigetsu comments his body remembers he is a shinobi, and breaks free of Mituski's hold by liquefying his arm. He explains Mitsuki was captured and had his memories erased, and that Orochimaru would have been disappointed had his abilities also been erased. Suigetsu takes Mitsuki to Orochimaru, who introduces himself as Mitsuki's parent. He explains a certain shinobi they call Log has stolen his memories, and they have to retrieve them. Mitsuki asks why they were after him in the first place, and Orochimaru explains he wants the intel Log has acquired, which is why he has to be taken alive. He dismisses Mitsuki's concern about his memories also being altered, and his question of which parent Orochimaru is. Mitsuki just wants to know who he is. They go after Log. Orochimaru has Mitsuki disrupt Log's barrier, which Log detects. They meet Log, who intended to go after them himself. He tries paralysing them, but it only works on Mitsuki. Log and Orochimaru battle, their speed impressing Mitsuki. Orochimaru attempts to use snakes to poison him, but his armour blocks their fangs. Log uses a jutsu to have his armour cover Orochimaru and hold him in place. Orochimaru tells Mitsuki he can use senjutsu. Log moves in to strike Mitsuki, but is paralysed himself with the venom of a small snake Orochimaru managed to slip through the gaps of his armour. Orochimaru tasks Mitsuki with watching over Log while he goes in search of something.

Log asks Mitsuki to take off his mask, and tells him Orochimaru is deceiving him. Mitsuki removes Log's mask, revealing him to be an older version of Mitsuki. Log explains they're both synthetic humans created by Orochimaru. He goes on to say the thing Orochimaru is after is the original source from which both of them were cultured, that he had stolen, but couldn't destroy, as Orochimaru held the key to open its container. Log wants to destroy it as it was created by Orochimaru's narcissism and greed, saying that when he escaped Orochimaru, he just created another. Log wants to destroy Orochimaru. Orochimaru returns, and says the manner of their creation is irrelevant, and that he loves them the same. Orochimaru and Log each press on their opinion onto Mitsuki, causing him to snap and activate his Sage Transformation, stating that as a child, he is not interested in what they, the adults think. He takes the container and the key and leaves. Orochimaru comments Mitsuki's achievement with Log, revealed to be the hooded individual Orochimaru talked to earlier. Orochimaru is glad that on the sixth try, Mitsuki was able to make his own decision, not wanting to erase his memory again for a seventh. Orochimaru hopes that Mitsuki find a sun who will show him the light, Mitsuki himself can be a moon that illuminates the darkness. Inside the container, Mitsuki finds a photo of Boruto. In the present, Boruto arrives, and the three leave for a mission.

Boruto joins his team on his way to the Hokage's office, where they're to be assigned their first mission. When Konohamaru explains that as new shinobi fresh from the Academy, they'll only receive low rank missions at first. Boruto thinks they should just get those missions over with, so they can get higher ranked missions. Naruto overhears him, and says no missions is something one just get over with. Their first mission is to expel bandits from a small village called Green Banks. Due to a drought, both Green Banks and neighboring farming villages have had poor harvests, and Green Banks is having its food stolen from storehouses. Boruto still thinks the mission to be easy, and when Konohamaru says the team should take the assignment more seriously, angering Sarada for lumping her with Boruto. Naruto tells them that even as a D rank mission, it is important, and that they should give it their all.

At home, Boruto asks Hinata about her first mission. She recalls being nervous back then, as there were wars, and missions were more dangerous. She tells him his first mission isn't really something to be excited about. Team 7 departs for their mission. Naruto tells Shikamaru he has filled Konohamaru in on the details of the mission, and remembers Shikadai is also having his first mission. His mission is to escort a rich lady around. Shikadai and Inojin carry her purchases, while Chōchō engages in conversation with her. On the way to Green Banks, Sarada tells Boruto not to do anything that would reflect poorly on her record, as not to hinder her path to becoming Hokage. As the two bicker, Mitsuki comments they get along well, angering both. Konohamaru stresses the importance of what Naruto told them, and adds that they should not try resolving things on their own. A rustle nearby gets the genin on edge, but it's just a wild boar, and Konohamaru comments they have a long way to go if they get startled so easily. They reach a suspended bridge to Green Banks, and ring a bell to announce themselves. Kiri sees they're children and doubts their skills, but lowers the bridge nonetheless. Team 7 is informed of the recent passing of the previous village leader around the time the attacks started, and that his daughter has taken over his position. They're introduced to Kiri, who informs them that as they've been able to deal with bandits on their own for a while, other villages have also hired shinobi.

Konohamaru asks the genin to speak with Kiri in private. Konohamaru tells Kiri that conflict with other shinobi would make it at least a B rank mission, which he believes the genin are not prepared for. While the genin discuss the implications of not completing the mission, they hear a commotion, find an enemy shinobi as killed a villager, and Boruto engages in combat. Konohamaru interferes when Boruto is attacked, and Ashimaru is told to retreat. Konohamaru tells Kiri to be honest with them, as they can't make a strategy without knowing that the other village is really after. Kiri reveals they want to deed to the bridge. The enemy shinobi are informed about Konoha's involvement. At night, they attack again by setting one of the houses on fire. Boruto saves a villager from being attack, and other villagers start attacking them. Konohamaru determines they're being controlled with genjutsu. The villager Boruto saved holds Kiri hostage. Sarada tries locating the genjutsu user with her Sharingan, but fails. Mitsuki uses his Wind Release to knock down the controlled villagers, figuring anyone strong enough to resist it should be the enemy shinobi. All the villagers are knocked down, and Boruto notices Kiri has been taken, determining the one who got her must be working with the enemy. Konohamaru scolds Boruto for acting on his own.

Sarada tends to Boruto's injury. Konohamaru confirms the involvement of Pale Blue Valley hired shinobi when a ransom note demands the bridge's deed in exchange for Kiri's life. With Kiri in captivity, Iori confesses to be working for the Pale Blue Valley, having done so since killing her father. He was offered a lot of money for the bridge deed, and counted on Kiri to fail by trying to resolve the issue all by herself, but didn't count on her hiring Konoha shinobi. The Green Banks villagers offer Konohamaru the deed, and ask the team to save Kiri. Team Konohamaru plans on how to rescue her. Iori delivers Kiri to Hidari, and is killed by Ashimaru, telling him they're former shinobi. Hidari proposes trading Kiri for the deed to Konohamaru. Konohamaru makes the trade, but Hidari tries disposing of him with an explosive tag left on Iori's corpse. Hidari and Ashimaru attack Konohamaru, who tosses Kiri aside for Boruto to catch. Konohamaru insists the genin to take Kiri away while he deals with Hidari and Ashimaru. Hidari manages to immobilise Konohamaru with a trap, and sends Ashimaru to deal with the genin. They stop and set up traps so they can tend to Kiri's injury.

Kiri explains how her need to do things alone stems from having to live up to her father's reputation. Ashimaru catches up to them, and they decide to fight him. Hidari goes in to kill Konohamaru, who forcefully dispels his jutsu with a Wind Release: Rasengan. Konohamaru deliberately misses his attack, and Hidari faints in disbelief of the damage. Mitsuki and Boruto engage Ashimaru while Sarada analyses him with her Sharingan. She determines Ashimaru doesn't bother dodging attacks, just blocking them and counterattacking. Boruto and Mitsuki employ Wind Release to send Sarada towards Ashimaru at high speeds, her Sharingan allowing her to read his attacks, avoiding his counterattack and landing her own finishing blow. Konohamaru catches up with them, deed in hand. They return Kiri and the deed to Green Banks, where Kiri apologises for trying to take everything on her own. Back at Konoha, Konohamaru reports to Naruto. Boruto talks with Shikadai, Iwabee, and Denki about their first missions.

Team Konohamaru finishes a mission of capturing a runaway pet, much to Boruto's chagrin. They return the pet to its owner. Boruto voices his displeasure with the simple, neighbourhood based missions they've been assigned so far. Sarada points out those are the missions usually assigned to genin. At the mission assignment desk, Boruto requests a flashier mission. Konohamaru points out that Boruto probably got the wrong impression about missions, since missions with combat against other shinobi, like his first mission, are very rare in times of peace. Konohamaru points out their former classmates are also doing similarly low-key missions, and adds that through these missions, they get to learn about the village. Boruto asks if Naruto fed him that line.

A news report informs them that an armed robbery was stopped by Kiba and Rock Lee. Boruto buys a newly released game, a sequel to a game he really likes, and offers to teach Mitsuki so they can play together. Sarada informs Boruto and Mitsuki they've been summoned by Konohamaru to deal with a bank robber, which sparks Boruto's interest. Boruto is disappointed by the scene at the bank. They're greeted by captain Kotaro Fuma of the police force, who is in charge of the situation. There are no hostages, and their mission is to talk the robber out of exploding himself along with the bank. Despite being disappointed by the situation, Boruto is still committed to finish the mission. He goes inside the bank by himself, trying to act as a negotiator, and then as a hostage for the robber, all the while noting the robbers ineptitude. Boruto doesn't find Haguruma to be someone who would rob a bank, and Haguruma tells him how he was fired from his job. He was a game programmer, and after he and his team had to deal with an unforgiving schedule, they decided to file a complaint against their boss. The boss somehow learned of it, and fabricated evidence that Haguruma was selling company secrets to rivals, leading to his firing.

After being made an example for the other employees, no other company would hire him, and with no income, his debts piled up. Boruto identifies with Haguruma when he mentions not longer caring about the job since others didn't know what befell him. Haguruma feels better having told Boruto his story, and activates the bomb. He feels blowing himself up the day the last game he worked on is released will be a good final protest against his boss. Boruto reveals he just bought the game, and that he was a great fan of the first one. Boruto's passion for the games moves Haguruma, who gives up blowing himself up. When he can't deactivate the bomb because of issues with the trigger, Boruto instead fries the device with Lightning Release. Boruto comes out of the bank with Haguruma. At the police station, the captain informs the team that after seeing that the device would not have caused any casualties, and that Haguruma was under extreme emotional duress, his punishment is not likely to be severe. When Mitsuki asks what Haguruma will do now, Boruto asks Denki to find him a job at his family's company. Captain Kotaro informs Konohamaru that someone instigated Haguruma into barricading himself in the bank. Just then, a fellow officer gives him surprising news. Outside, masked individuals are on the move.

Kotaro and Konohamaru inform Boruto, Sarada, and Mitsuki that the hostage situation was just a distraction, allowing noble thieves called Byakuya Gang to steal jewels from the vault. Boruto insists on going in the vault with them, feeling cold from the security system. Considering the security measures in place, Kōtarō suspects an inside job. Outside the vault, Sarada finds a frozen flower. Five days go by without any developments. Denki explains to Boruto that noble thieves steal from the rich to give to the poor. Boruto asks Shikadai his opinion on it, and is surprised when Shikadai answers they must have their reasons, as there is more to what they know and learned in the Academy. Their talk is keeping Shikadai from understanding a shōgi strategy he's studying. Sarada makes a breakthrough on the case, and informs Boruto and Mitsuki on her theory on an Ice Release user, who would have brought their body temperature down as not to trigger the thermal sensors. At Boruto's suggestion, they don't report their findings so as to be kept in the loop of the investigation.

Boruto takes them to Katasuke to find out more about Ice Release without alerting the investigation. Shikadai saves a child from injuring himself too seriously when playing with explosive tags, and a bystander picks up a shogi piece he drops. Katasuke confirms their Ice Release theory, and shows them a more clandestine side of Konoha where they might find the Byakuya Gang. They find a posting about selling the stolen jewels. Shikadai still struggles with the shogi strategy, and the bystander returns him the shōgi piece. The two talk and play shogi for hours. Shikadai offers him the set, having more at home, hoping to play against him again the next day. Shikadai asks his father to teach him new tactics, and Shikamaru gets carried away, angering Temari when he ignores her call for dinner.

Boruto, Sarada, and Mitsuki meet with the thief, pretending to be a buyer. The thief they're meeting is a decoy, rigged with explosive tags. The real thief questions their allegiance to the rich, considering them to be thieves themselves. He uses the jewel for a distraction to flee, but leaves them a trail of frozen footprints to follow. They follow the footprints to a water system by a mountain side, and up the mountain side to an impoverished village. The thief traps them with ice, and reveals the jewel was already sold, its profit used to fix the water system for the village. Boruto doesn't pursue the thief when he frees them, and later is conflicted about the case. The thief reports to a partner, who says another plan is already set up. The thief leaves for guard duty. Shikadai waits for his shōgi partner.

As usual search procedures yielded no results, Kotaro drafts the recently graduated genin into the search for the Byakuya Gang, instructing them to report anything unusual as they go about their regular missions, and not to engage them in battle. The genin discuss what to do with they are attacked, and Iwabee is surprised by Boruto's reluctance to battle. The Byakuya Gang commits a robbery near where Team 5 is aiding a construction company. Iwabee pursues them as they flee, and blocks their escape with earth walls. They break free, and Metal is injured while protecting Denki from an icicle. At the hospital, Udon lectures Iwabee and tells him to stay home. They watch news reports on the Byakuya Gang, and see they are well-received by poorer populations.

At home, Himawari asks Hinata about the gang, and while Boruto agrees with helping those in need, he disagrees with hurting others to do so, and considers Naruto responsible, seeing the social inequities at question to be due to his ineffectiveness. The genin discuss the gang, their merits, and methods. The Byakuya Gang prepares the robbery of a pawn shop. Ryogi decides to go ahead, claiming to want to memorise the area. Gekkō doesn't share the others' concern that Ryogi could betray them. Boruto goes to Katasuke for more games. Temari tells Shikadai that everyone chunin and above is going in missions because of the Byakuya Gang. Shikadai and Ryogi play shogi. They discuss the village and the recent attacks. Boruto arrives and shows Shikadai the limited edition games he got from Katasuke.

Shikadai introduces Boruto and Ryogi to one another. Boruto finds Ryogi to be familiar. A cold wind blows when Ryogi leaves. At the pawn shop, Ryogi arrives late, and warns them not to flee towards the park, to avoid coming across genin. Sumire and Wasabi notice them leaving the pawn shop, and are attacked. Temari attacks the gang, as Namida arriving with her. Three of them escape, while Temari chases the other one to the park, passing by Boruto and Shikadai. Temari asks them for diversions, but he manages to escape. Temari tells Shikadai that it's ok to take risks sometimes, otherwise all the great things will pass him by. Ryogi regroups with the rest of the gang, and Gekko receives word of support from other villages, and decides to go ahead with his plan.

A protest against the Kaminarimon Company is held, over supposed exploitative practices. The Byakuya Gang is pleased with the growing turmoil in Konoha. Ryogi confirms with Gekkō this is all ultimately for justice. Sai and Shikamaru report to Naruto the latest developments, and they speculate possible reasons and outcomes. Boruto goes check the situation with his friends. Shikadai acts detached from the situation when asked about it, confusing the others. Ryogi thinks back to how he came to be part of the Byakuya Gang. One day, his father returned home fatally injured from a mission. When Ryogi's mother tried to help, she was also killed in front of him. The assailant tried attacking Ryogi, who tapped into his Ice Release abilities to stop him before passing out.

When he woke up, Gekko told him he killed the man who attacked him, and that the funeral for his parents was over. Gekko offered to teach Ryogi, who accepted the offer. Gekko introduced Ryogi to the Byakuya Gang, claiming it to be the real job he and his father did besides shinobi work. Gekko claimed that he and Ryogi's father began questioning their role as shinobi, tasked with only fulfilling missions as ordered by those above them, acting as pawns. Thinking back to his mother's words about his father helping people, Ryogi decided to join the Byakuya Gang.

Gekko finds Ryogi reminiscing the past, and notices the shogi piece in his hand. Ryogi says it's from a friend, and while Gekko outwardly encourages him, once out of earshot, he says it soon won't matter anyway. Ryogi meets with Shikadai to play shogi, and they play until after dusk, with Shikadai beating him. Shikadai asks Ryogi if he's with the Byakuya Gang, noting he knew the reputation of Katasuke's lab despite claiming to be a recent arrival, concluding he had to know that from casing the village.

Ryogi tries deflecting, but Shikadai points out the lamp Ryogi brought to let them play after dark is on the list of stolen goods. Ryogi reacts to the claim, and notices Shikadai tricked him into confirming his suspicion. Shikadai doesn't intend to turn him in, but wants him to stop. When Shikadai says he'll end up being someone else's pawn, Ryogi gets angry. He says Shikadai doesn't understand him at all, and accuses Shikadai of not bothering trying to surpass himself in anything he does, not even trying to stop him from fleeding. Ryogi leaves, and meets up with the rest of the Byakuya Gang. Gekko says it's time to implement the final part of their plan.

After Ryogi leaves Shikadai, Chocho and Inojin arrive, telling him they've been requested due to the protests against the Kaminarimon Company. Gekko and Ryogi watch as protesters march against the Kaminarimon Company, Gekko praising Ryogi's strategy. One of the leading protesters has a mark on his neck. Ryogi mulls over what Shikadai might do. At the police station, the genin are shown flyers that have been distributed inciting violence against the Kaminarimon Company. As the protesters are only ordinary citizens instead of shinobi, there's only so much shinobi can do against them without using excessive force. Boruto feels conflicted having to go against citizens. Kotaro distributes the assignments. Team Moegi is assigned a spot near the company headquarters. At the hospital, Iwabee is frustrated having to stay put, but Lee tells him that orders are absolute.

Shikadai studies the distribution of protesters and security forces, recognizing it from somewhere. Chocho recognizes the patterns as shigi pieces, causing Shikadai to recognize the decoy strategy Ryogi used against him. Shikadai asks Inojin what is the building located in the opening, and Inojin explains it's Katasuke's lab. Realizing the Byakuya Gang's plan, Shikadai feels torn between obeying his orders and taking action to foil their plan. Shikadai leaves his post, followed by his team-mates. Team Konohamaru spots Team Moegi moving, and Boruto goes check it out. Mitsuki tells Sarada to trust Boruto.

The Byakuya Gang invades the lab, going straight for the ninjutsu data with Katasuke. The protesters arrive at the Kaminarimon Company headquarters, and the police refrains from using ninjutsu against them. On the way to the lab, Shikadai explains to Boruto the lab is the target. Inojin and Chocho find it uncharacteristic for Shikadai to act without proof, but support him nonetheless. Having analysed their movements, Denki informs Sarada the protesters actions don't match what normal people would do. Using her Sharingan, Sarada spots a leading protester with a mark on his neck. At the research lab, they find downed personnel, and Shikadai and Boruto find Katasuke, who informs them of the stolen work. Katasuke planted a tracker on Gekko, and gives Boruto a terminal to follow the signal. Despite being suspended, Denki goes to the police and reports the cursed seal placed on many of the protesters, raising the possibility they are under genjutsu. Denki's father is proud of him.

Gekko explains to the gang the nature of what they stole, and assuages Ryogi when he asks if that will help people. Chocho, Shikadai, Boruto, and Inojin catch up with them. The Byakuya Gang splits up so Gekko can get away with the stolen data, Shikadai and Boruto go after him while the others hold the rest of the gang back. At the protest, Konoha shinobi begin breaking the genjutsu on the protesters. Chocho and Inojin make short work of most of the gang, but struggle against Oko. They're saved by Shikamaru. Naruto addresses the village through television and shadow clones, exposing the captured Byakuya Gang as the ones who placed them under genjutsu, and asks the villagers help to keep improving Konoha. Gekko and Ryogi hop onto a passing train. Boruto and Shikadai hop on as well, and confront them.

Shikadai asks Ryogi to snap out of it, and accuses Gekko of manipulating him, who retorts that reality isn't simple, and accuses Shikadai of being naive in return. Boruto is unimpressed with Gekko's reason, and strikes him with kunais, which Ryōgi blocks, breaking his mask. Shikadai asks Ryogi why he protects Gekko, and Ryogi tells him of how Gekko saved him. Shikadai says that's no reason to become a thief, and Ryogi criticizes his belief of how life works, attributing it to living in a prosperous village. Shikadai says he's trying to hard to fit in a too tight mould, and asks if all their shogi playing was a lie. Ryogi answers it was an act to get closer to him. Ryogi's head hurts, and Gekko orders him to trap Shikadai and Boruto with Ice Release.

Shikadai warns Boruto it isn't ordinary Ice Release, Boruto seems to be in a trance. As they move through the train, Ryogi's head still hurts, and his memories begin changing. Gekko shows Ryogi his reflection, restoring the cursed seal. Boruto sees Shikadai as a Byakuya Gang member, and attacks him. Shikadai notices that Boruto was put in genjutsu by the ice mirrors, and cracks them with kunai. Gekko notices the shogi pieces Shikadai gave Ryogi, who insists they mean nothing. Gekko tosses the pieces out of the train, and orders Ryogi to prove it by finishing Shikadai. Under the guise of checking his wound, Gekko activates his jutsu. Shikadai manages to free Boruto from the genjutsu, crediting his own experience with it to being experimented on by Mirai.

At the front of the train, Gekko kills one of his own gang members. Shikadai shares his suspicion that Ryogi is under genjutsu with Boruto, and warns him not to look at any mirrors. The two break through the ice, and move ahead through the train. They try circumventing Ryogi by going out of the train to get to Gekko, but Ryogi blocks them. Boruto goes ahead to Gekko while Shikadai pins Ryogi with his shadow. Boruto stops Gekko from disconnecting his wagon from the rest of the train. Shikadai tries talking Ryogi out of serving Gekko in vain.

The cursed seal on Ryogi activates, and he attacks. The cursed seal spreads through Ryogi, who sees Shikadai as the one who killed his parents. Gekko fails to turn Boruto by offering to split the profits of selling the ninjutsu data with him, and moves aside to show Boruto his reflection in the window, forcing him to close his eyes and give Gekko an opening. Ryogi closes in on Shikadai and Boruto, while Gekko separates his wagon and admits to having tampered with Ryogi's memories. Shikadai tries getting through to Ryogi, but can't get close to him. Boruto and his shadow clones propel Shikadai forward with Wind Release, allowing him to make physical contact with Ryogi and break him out of the genjutsu, who recalls the that Gekko was the one who killed his parents. Shikadai sympathises with him. The three are bummed that Gekko escaped, when someone rushes past them. Naruto catches up to Gekko and defeats him. Later, Gekko is interrogated by the police, and Boruto returns Katasuke his research, who is excited that scientific ninja tools are being considered valuable enough to steal. Ryogi is imprisoned, but remains happy. Boruto and Shikadai discuss the mission, and Boruto asks Shikadai when he'll treat him like he promised.

One week after the Byakuya Gang incident, Naruto gives an interview where he commends the genin involved in the conflicts resolution, which frustrates Iwabee, who had been ordered to stay put. News of the upcoming Chunin Exams exasperate him, now concerned he'll be a genin repeater. Shikamaru and Naruto discuss recent developments, and consider the shortage of genin applicants for the exams. Udon comes by Naruto's office, where he lifts Team 5's suspension and gives them a mission. Iwabee discusses the exams with Lee and Denki, all determined not to be left behind. Team 7 receives a delivery mission as Team 5 arrives. Team 5 is to participate in a documentary, a PR attempt to increase the dwindling Academy enrolments. As they begin filming, they all struggle with coming across naturally on camera.

The director takes Udon aside and asks if there's another team he could film, and Udon informs him the Hokage personally picked that team. The director tells Udon he used to want to be a shinobi. He wants Team 5 to show him flashy ninjutsu, so Iwabee raises the ground, Lee attacks it, and then throws shuriken at Denki, who substitutes out of their way. The director is pleased with the eye-catching footage, but Udon points out they're scaring the civilians, and withdraws Team 5 from the mission. Later, Iwabee tries throwing his forehead protector in frustration, but is stopped by Lee. Udon asks if they want to be suspended again, and Iwabee questions how someone cool like Udon could possibly understand them. Udon shares how he failed to graduate several times, and how he messed up missions as a genin. Iwabee ponders about Udon's earlier words on looking cool on film.

At night, determined not to let their efforts go to waste, the filming crew decides to detonate some explosive tags they had set up on a condemned building to get some shots. Not satisfied with the shots, they go inside, and the building starts to collapse on top of them. Lee saves them from falling debris, and Denki analyses the situation. When the roof collapses, Iwabee protects them from a falling crane, and Udon stops the debris with his snot-based jutsu. In the confusion, Iwabee loses his forehead protector, and the filming crew requests them to be the ones on the documentary again. Upon reporting to Naruto, he himself shares his past Ninja Academy day struggles with the team, and Iwabee is moved to tears when he learns Naruto knows who he is, and gets his forehead protector back, because his teammates have found it. In a restaurant Team 7 watches the documentary while Boruto is angry that his father got to be in it. Whereas in his office, Naruto admits to Team 5 that despite being the Hokage, he is still a genin since he never retook the Chunin Exams. Hearing this shocks Team 5.

At night, someone on the zoo unlocks several of the animals' enclosures. Sumire finds Team Konohamaru arguing while on the way to receive her next mission. Team 15 is tasked with recapturing the zoo animals. Suika is pleased with their excitement for the mission. Hanabi thinks the girls can perform the mission alone, as she determines there are no dangerous animals on the escaped animals list. Sai checks in with Hanabi about Sumire. They discuss Sumire, and the fact Wasabi and Namida still don't know the whole story about Sumire and Nue. Sumire ponders telling Wasabi and Namida about it. The next day, Sumire provides her team with clothes to mask their scent, making it harder for animals to smell their approach. They capture several animals, but an argument begins after a miscommunication between Wasabi and Namida when Namida fails to inform Wasabi on how to properly retrieve one of the animals. A monkey they're supposed to retrieve steals their lunch, that also has the keys to the animal enclosures. Wasabi chases it with her Cat Covering, but tires herself before catching up to the monkey. Wasabi wants to try again, and puts Namida's suggestion to come up with a strategy together down, causing her to cry, and Namida accuses her of being mean.

Hanabi makes her way to the team, having been made aware of another list of missing animals. Namida manages to catch the monkey on her own, but also comes across a wolf. Sumire and Wasabi her Namida scream, but only Sumire goes to help. Sumire protects Namida, and tries having Nue absorb the wolf's chakra. Wasabi arrives, and tells Namida she'll lure it so Namida can hit it with her jutsu. Wasabi plants explosive tags on the wolf, which are triggered by Namida's jutsu, knocking the wolf out. Wasabi and Namida make up, and Sumire comes clean about the Nue. They say they already knew, and were just waiting for Sumire to tell them herself. Hanabi approaches them and congratulates them on their teamwork. The three eat together and discuss the upcoming Chūnin Exams. Boruto and Mitsuki have heard of their mission. However the monkey steals their food again which causes them to freak out.

As Konohamaru delivers a mission report to Shikamaru, who is dealing with Naruto's paperwork while Naruto is away meeting with the daimyō. Konohamaru notices papers regarding the upcoming Chunin Exams, and Shikamaru tells him to think about his genin. Konohamaru discusses the subject with Moegi, Udon, and Shino, pointing out Shino's students, who have caused their share of trouble, will be participating. They go over all the incidents caused by that class and analyse their students' growth. They go out for drinks, and Konohamaru is unsure if he'll recommend Boruto to take the exam, being worried that Boruto has relied too much on luck so far, and that failure in the exam will crush him. The others disagree. Hanabi joins them, and gets drunk with Konohamaru. But Hanabi accidentally gets Shino drunk, causing him to lose control over his insects. Which makes Naruto who came back without going to sleep to resolve the situation.

A group of thieves is attacked in an abandoned mine tunnel after robbing the Thunder Train. After a mission, Boruto offers to eat with his team mates, and Team 7 overhears other genin gossiping about them. This gets under Boruto's skin, who goes off on his own. Boruto thinks back to his last birthday when's he turned 12 years old. Sakura, Sarada, and Mitsuki showed up, but Naruto didn't. Boruto was frustrated, but tried to hide it. Naruto arrives home after Boruto had gone to bed, and is sad that even though he got Boruto a present, he doesn't know what games his son likes. Naruto then leaves the gift in Boruto's room by writing a note that says "I'm sorry". This makes Boruto be unable to throw the note after seeing the gift sitting on his computer chair.

The next day Boruto goes to the Scientific Ninja Tool Research Centre instead of home. Boruto vents his frustrations to Katasuke while he works on the Kote. Katasuke gives Boruto a Scientific Ninja Tool for his birthday. Boruto arrives home, and sees Himawari marking the calendar. She says it's to give their father advanced notice of her upcoming birthday. Himawari is sad at the idea of Naruto missing her birthday. Boruto promises her he won't let Naruto miss it. The next day, Team 7 is assigned to find the Thunder Train thieves. Boruto is concerned that if it's not a big mission, people won't acknowledge him, and continue to measure him by Naruto's standards.

Shikamaru informs Naruto that another ruin related to Kaguya has been discovered, Naruto wishing to check on it himself. Boruto and Naruto cross paths on their way out. Naruto apologizes for missing Boruto's birthday, but Boruto dismisses it, telling Naruto not to miss Himawari's instead. Team 7 arrives at the mines, and discover that one of the robbers came out of the mines traumatised, claiming his accomplices were killed by a monster. The robber's claim that a "white one" is coming for them picks Konohamaru's interest. In the tunnels, they find the thieves' corpses, and footprints. They follow the footprints further inside, passing by an Ōtsutsuki clan carving. They reach the end of the footprints, and realise it's a trap. They are attacked by a giant, multi-faced White Zetsu.

Konohamaru is surprised at the White Zetsu, believing all of them to have been destroyed in the last war. It attacks them with Lightning Release, Fire Release, and Wind Release. Konohamaru struggles against the White Zetsu, and the genin are unable to help him. Boruto uses the Scientific Ninja Tool Katasuke gave him for his birthday, which stuns the White Zetsu long enough for Konohamaru to land a significant attack, forcing it to retreat. As Mitsuki tends to his injuries, Konohamaru tells them about the White Zetsu. Mitsuki finds a room with a giant flower, that in the past was used to cultivate White Zetsu. Konohamaru comments that particular form of White Zetsu is something they had never seen before.

Mitsuki surmises there's only one White Zetsu, as the flower is dried up, so without chakra, it can't incubate more Zetsu. Konohamaru notices Mitsuki seems to know a lot about the Zetsu, Mitsuki tells him he was taught by his parent. Boruto proposes they destroy the location, which Konohamaru agrees, but refuses to deploy a certain something when Boruto suggests it. Konohamaru decides to go forward alone, and wants the genin to report back to the village if he doesn't come back. Sarada argues that splitting up will make all of them more vulnerable, so Konohamaru allows them to go with him, and relays a strategy. They find and attack the White Zetsu. Konohamaru has Sarada use her Sharingan to anticipate which attack the Zetsu will use, so each of them can counterbalance its ninjutsu. The White Zetsu switches to physical attacks, so they have Boruto distract it with shadow clones.

Boruto tries going in himself when the Zetsu appears weakened, but is captured. Mitsuki manages to free Boruto, and Konohamaru attacks with a Rasengan, finishing it off. They go further down at the roots, where they find numerous decomposed Zetsu cocoons. They arrive at the innermost portion of the ruins, where they find several White Zetsu burning in black flames. Konohamaru explains Sasuke's involvement, and his mission tracking anything related to Kaguya. His claim of Sasuke's strength and rivalry with Naruto spark Boruto's interest. Naruto sends a clone and Konoha shinobi to their location, and discusses with Konohamaru who would make Kaguya go to such lengths in preparing for battle. The genin discuss how they're to keep quiet about this, and how they didn't have enough strength. Meanwhile, Sasuke enters Kaguya's ice dimension to investigate. He is watched from afar by Momoshiki and Kinshiki.

Urashiki Otsutsuki arrives at the moon, where he meets with Toneri Otsutsuki. Toneri is surprised when Urashiki mentions the clan's main branch, and that they witnessed Toneri's troubles, wondering why he still protects the planet. Urashiki is also aware of Toneri's intervention with Boruto. Toneri attacks, but Urashiki paralyses him with a chakra string, and utilises a powder to freeze Toneri in time for ten thousand years, as he isn't allowed to kill a clan member. Urashiki departs as Toneri ponders that Boruto isn't ready. In an interview, Naruto stresses the importance of teaching the current generation the history of how their current peace was achieved by the sacrifices made during the last war. He also offers advice for the genin who will be taking the Chūnin Exams. Boruto's not excited about the exams, instead wanting to become a shinobi like Sasuke.

Moegi hands her genin application papers for the exams. Katasuke requests that the genin are allowed to use scientific ninja tools on the exams. Naruto denies it, considering the exams should measure a genin's own strength. In the Ninjutsu Research Centre, Katasuke wonders about Naruto's decision, and is approached by a hooded figure. Boruto then plays video games with Inojin and Shikadai, who disapprove of Boruto's cheating. Mitsuki and Sarada bring the application papers for Boruto, still uninterested in participating. Sarada manages to convince him by pointing out that passing the exams will be a way show everyone how strong he is.

Later Boruto goes home to celebrate Himawari's birthday, and is surprised to find Naruto home. As the celebration starts, Naruto disappears, revealed to be a shadow clone. Boruto is furious that Naruto broke his promise. Hinata tries reasoning with Boruto, but he's sick of always hearing the same excuses. Boruto goes to Naruto's study room as he notices Naruto's old, battered up cloths, and tosses it out the window. Someone rings the bell, and believing it to be Naruto, Boruto opens the door prepared to punch him, but is blocked by Sasuke. Boruto apologizes and introduces himself. Sasuke asks Hinata if Naruto is there, and she informs him he's still at the office. However Boruto is thrilled about meeting Sasuke.

However Boruto wants to go after his father, but Sasuke stops him. Sasuke leaves to meet Naruto, and finds Naruto's old clothes on the street. At his office, Naruto berates himself for messing up Himawari's birthday as well. Shikamaru helps him handle the paperwork. Sasuke arrives with a scroll from Kaguya's palace. Sasuke recounts how he was attacked in Kaguya's palace by Kinshiki Ōtsutsuki, and asked about Kaguya by another Ōtsutsuki, who noticed Sasuke's Rinnegan, alarming Naruto and Shikamaru. Sasuke hands Naruto his old clothes he found on the street, and says he met Boruto. They discuss him, and the soul of shinobi. On his way out, Sasuke notices Boruto arriving. He obstructs Boruto, impressing him, so he asks to be Sasuke's disciple. Boruto explains how Naruto broke his promise to be there for his sister's birthday. Sasuke asks if he can use the Rasengan. Boruto says he'll learn it if that's what it takes to be Sasuke's student.

Boruto asks Konohamaru to teach him the Rasengan. Konohamaru teaches it, but Boruto is unenthusiastic about his water balloon training. The next day, Boruto's friends notice his exhaustion, and Sarada assumes it has to do with her father, who showed up unexpectedly. While making pancakes for Himawari, Boruto gets a handle of the rotation aspect of the Rasengan. For the following days, Boruto continues training with a rubber ball, Sarada watching him from afar. Boruto shows his progress to Sasuke, who comments on Boruto's Rasengan's being small in size.

Boruto throws his Rasengan away in frustration and leaves. Sarada thinks Sasuke is being too strict, and comments how Boruto has been uncharacteristically committed to learning the Rasengan. Sasuke says they've both jumped to conclusions, and that Sasuke was about to accept Boruto as his student. He notices the damage of Boruto's thrown Rasengan on a distant tree. Boruto vents to Katasuke, who offers him a scientific ninja tool that stores ninjutsu. Mitsuki speaks with Orochimaru, who advises him not to reveal his true strength during the exams. Boruto performs the Rasengan for Sasuke, who accepts him as his student, despite knowing Boruto is using a scientific ninja tool.

In the forest, Boruto trains learning the shurikenjutsu under Sasuke. At night Sasuke notifies Konohamaru he is training Boruto. Konohamaru explains to Sasuke how Boruto's opinion on him and his own father differ. Before leavin Sasuke thanks Konohamaru for teaching Sarada. At a bond fire Boruto asks Sasuke about Naruto's weaknesses, and is annoyed when Sasuke talks about Naruto's past. The next day Sarada sees Team 5 training. Team 15 discusses strategies against possible opponents in the Chūnin Exams. Team 10 spars against Temari. Temari tells them about Gaara's adopted son, who will also be taking the exams. Boruto tries using the Kote for his shurikenjutsu, and is amazed by it. He continues practising.

The various genin sign up for the Chūnin Exams. At Kaguya's lava dimension, Momoshiki and Kinshiki are unable to find more of Kaguya's scrolls. Urashiki reports to them about the region Kaguya was in charge of, explaining to them how chakra has spread. Naruto, Shikamaru, and Kakashi discuss the recent White Zetsu activity and Sasuke's encounter with Ōtsutsuki clansmen. Momoshiki and Kinshiki go after Killer B, and collects chakra from him. Urashiki explains to them how Kaguya made living weapons against them, and how she was sealed by her own children. Kinshiki senses another great concentration of chakra. Gaara sees Kankurō and Team Shinki off to the exams. Shukaku alerts Gaara that its connection to Gyūki has been severed. Sasuke advances Boruto's shurikenjutsu training. At home, Boruto prepares the Kote for use in the Chūnin Exams.

As Boruto struggles with his shurikenjutsu training, and complains to Sasuke that it's Sarada's specialty, as an Uchiha. Sasuke counters by creating several shadow clones, stating that by his logic, that should be his specialty. Boruto creates his maximum number of clones, which is only four. Gaara meets up with Sasuke and Chōjūrō and recounts how he was attacked by Urashiki on the train to Konoha. Sasuke posits it was an Ōtsutsuki clansman, and suggests postponing the exams. Chōjūrō and Gaara are against it, pointing out the consequences and political instability that would follow. Tenten oversees the second part of the exam, a three on three battle over capturing another team's flag. Team Moegi makes short work of their Kiri opponents. Team Yurui gets Team Hanabi's flag right under their noses. Team Udon loses to Team Shinki. Sarada and Mitsuki go grab the Senka brothers' flag, while all three go at Boruto. Boruto tries using clones to outnumber them, but they use their own clones to outnumber him. Mitsuki turns back to help Boruto.

When the brothers are almost getting the flag, Boruto employs the Kote to overpower them with high calibre Water Release and Lightning Release jutsu. Sarada dispels the genjutsu around the triplets' flags and grabs the real one. Kōsuke reports to Katasuke they have recorded Boruto's use of the Kote. Shikamaru informs Naruto both their sons made it to the next round. The Konoha genin all join and wish Teams Konohamaru and Moegi good luck for the rest of the exam. Naruto and Sasuke meet about the scroll's decryption. While there, Naruto informs Sasuke that his daughter passed, a fact that doesn't surprise him. Naruto congratulates Boruto in person, who appreciates it despite not wanting to show it.

Teams Konohamaru and Moegi prepare for the third round of the Chūnin Exams. The Five Kage are in attendance, and Rock Lee is the proctor for the round. Lee explains how the battles were arranged. The first battle is Boruto versus Yurui. The briefly clash with swords and kunai before Yurui begins using his exploding bubblegum. Yodo tells Shinki he might not get to fight Boruto. Shinki warns them against fighting Mitsuki, but Toroi is confident he'll beat him. Boruto tries curving his shuriken to weave through the bubblegum, but hits one before getting to Yurui. Boruto considers curving his shuriken again, but not wanting to lose with his father watching, he uses the Kote instead, curving a shuriken that manages to pop one of Yurui's gums right in front of him, defeating him.

The second match is Yodo versus Shikadai. Shikadai goes on the offensive, trying to pin Yodo with his shadow and kunai, but Yodo dodges them easily. She reflects a kunai with an explosive tag back at Shikadai, and dodges his attack again even when he obscures her sight with a smoke bomb. Yodo attacks using her hair to create sound waves. Shikadai steps on leftover of Yurui's gum, and his next attack almost hits her. Shikadai realises she's not using her eyes to read his movements, but is listening to his shifting posture to determine where he's going to attack. Shikadai tries using explosive tags, but her attack hits him again, causing them to detonate. Yodo is paralysed by his shadow, and realises he deliberately set off he tags to muffle the sound of his shifting stance. Yodo yields the match.

The third match is Sarada versus Tarui. Sarada dodges Tarui's initial attack with her Sharingan, and defeats her in one hit. The fourth match is Inojin versus Araya. Inojin uses explosive tags inside his drawings, but Araya gives no reaction to them, and defeats him. The fifth match is Toroi versus Mitsuki. Toroi uses Lightning Release to increase his reaction time, Mitsuki briefly uses Sage Mode before remembering he's not supposed to, so he uses snakes to bind him. Shinki appears to recognise Mitsuki's Sage Mode. Toroi yields. The final match of the first round is Chōchō versus Shinki.

The fight between Chōchō and Shinki begins. Shinki talks down on Chōchō, dismissing her potential as a shinobi. Chōchō attacks with enlarged fists, which Shinki catches with his iron sand. When fighting up close doesn't work, Chōchō attacks from a distance, using her enlarged fists to toss debris. Kurotsuchi is impressed with Shinki, and asks Gaara where he found him. Gaara thinks back to when he found a troubled Shinki and told him he could teach him to use his power. Shinki blocks all of Chōchō's attacks, and throws her to the ground, telling her to give up. Chōchō refuses, and prepares her next attack. Chōji recognises her hand seal, and is surprised that she is resorting to a jutsu she hates using. Chōchō uses the Human Bullet Tank. She manages to pressure Shinki a bit, changing his demeanour for a moment, but still loses.

As her friends carry Chōchō out of the arena, Shinki tells Mitsuki he'll defeat him, and continues to talk down on the Konoha genin. Chōchō's parents check on her. Shikadai and Boruto talk before their fight, and Shikadai's parents talk to him. During their fight, Shikadai tries pinning Boruto with his shadow, but he and his clones keep dodging it. When Boruto almost lands a hit on Shikadai, he fans out his shadow, capturing Boruto and all four of his clones. Thinking back on his father, Boruto uses the Kote to create one more shadow clone, forcing Shikadai to dodge, and allowing his other clones to close in on him. Boruto wins to match. Katasuke congratulates Boruto on his win and use of the Kote, and hands him a new scroll to use. Shikadai's teammates console him over his loss. Meanwhile, Boruto is unhappy despite his victory.

Sarada's friends offer her encouragement and advice before her match against Araya. Sarada starts the match off using shurikenjutsu, which Araya deflects with his sword, even the ones Sarada bends to attack from a blindspot. Sarada activates her Sharingan to analyse his movements, but can't keep up with Araya's moves. Araya attacks with a spear, and Sarada tries using Sharingan genjutsu against him, but it doesn't work, and Araya manages to injure her. Sarada thinks through the possible reasons for her genjutsu not working, and realises something about Araya. Araya pressures her to end the fight, saying he researched Konoha shinobi. Sarada counters by aiming a Lightning Release at the stands. Metal Lee deflects falling debris, and when the dust clears, it reveals the real Araya, who is a puppeteer using a puppet that looks like himself. Sarada explains how his lack of reaction, machine-like movements, apparent immunity to genjutsu, and knowledge of Sunagakure's puppet users lead her to the realisation. Araya becomes nervous, and Sarada chastises him, pointing out that if had researched well, he'd have realised Sarada's weakness would be drawn out fights, as her Sharigan would drain her chakra. Sarada concludes he wanted to end the fight quickly so she wouldn't have time to figure out his secret. Naruto questions if Araya not being in the arena disqualifies him, but Shikamaru points out the loophole he used; as he never entered the arena, he can't be disqualified for leaving it. Naruto notes they should amend the rules. Sarada ends the fight by incinerating Araya's puppet.

The match between Shinki and Mitsuki begins. Mitsuki makes various attacks with Wind Release, which Shinki blocks. Shinki manages to catch and crush Mitsuki with Iron Sand, but it turns out to be a snake clone. Mitsuki, hidden underground, sends snakes all around Shinki, who blocks them again. Mitsuki goes directly for Shinki's feet, pulling him underground. Shinki simply reappears, the one Mitsuki pulled being an Iron Sand clone. Shinki tricks Mitsuki into believing his Lightning Release impaired his control over the Iron Sand, and uses it to augment his taijutsu when Mitsuki tries close combat. Shinki wants to force Mitsuki into using his true strength, and marks him with Iron Sand, so his next attack will seek him out. Mitsuki considers it, but seeing Boruto rooting for him, he decides to forfeit the match. Shinki questions why Mitsuki forfeited, who explains that the inconvenience to his parent and his desire to stay longer outweighed his desire to win. All of his peers are puzzled by Mitsuki's choice, and the final round is scheduled for the next day. That night, Moegi takes her team out for barbecue. Sakura tends to Sarada's injuries. Sasuke shows Boruto the Chidori, and despite it requiring the Sharingan's visual awareness to work, Sasuke instructs Boruto to practice Lightning Release's basics, so he'll be able to use Chidori-like jutsu. Without exposing it's about him, Sasuke tells Boruto how he sought power on his own no matter what, and how a friend saved him in the end. Boruto surprises Sasuke by understanding the importance of friends, saying he has good people around him.

The final match, between Boruto, Sarada, and Shinki begins. Shinki immediately attacks both Boruto and Sarada. Kurotsuchi, Darui, and Chōjūrō discuss whether that is recklessness or a sign of confidence. Sarada proposes joining forces with Boruto to defeat Shinki, both as payback for Mitsuki and because she doesn't want the Five Kage to see two Konoha shinobi losing in their home. Boruto has his clones attack with explosive tags and Sarada uses Fire Release against Shinki, but he protects himself with his Iron Sand. Naruto comments a similarity to Gaara's jutsu. Shinki uses the same iron fists he used to protect himself to attack, destroying Boruto's clones. Sarada observes Shinki's jutsu with her Sharingan, determining how he controls it. They consider using Lightning Release to disrupt his control, but need a stronger jutsu than what Mitsuki used.

They combine their Lightning Release jutsu, and while Shinki approves of their idea, he blocks the attack with a single fist, then grabs Boruto and Sarada. Shinki boasts about his power, angering Boruto. In response, he uses a clone to loosen the grip on Sarada, allowing her to launch an attack while both of Shinki's fists are occupied. He releases them to protect himself. Shinki creates wings with the Iron Sand, surprising Gaara. He targets Sarada, and while she dodges his initial onslaught, his constructs track her because of the mark he placed on her. Sarada charges Shinki, but his attack incapacitates, eliminating her from the match. Shinki angers Boruto by trash talking about his defeated friends. Boruto propels himself towards Shinki with a Lightning Release in hand, but is unable to break through the Iron Sand until he uses Lightning Release: Purple Electricity from the Kote, defeating Shinki. Naruto deduces Boruto's use of a Scientific Ninja Tool, and exposes its use, disqualifying him. Everyone and Boruto's friends shun him as well. Naruto says they'll talk later, but Boruto calls him out on never having time to talk to him. Katasuke steps in and begins advertising the Kote. This makes Boruto realized that he had been used like a tool. Naruto then detects Momoshiki and Kinshiki's ill intent, and spots them flying above the arena.

As Momoshiki and Kinshiki land on the arena, to the spectators' confusion. Boruto notices Momoshiki's Byakugan. Gaara recognizes the two based on the similarities to the one who attacked him. Katasuke tells them they're interrupting his announcement, and Kinshiki launches an attack. The attack damages the arena, causing it to start collapsing. Various shinobi aid with protecting and evacuating the civilians. Shinki wants to fight Momoshiki, but Gaara tells him not to misjudge his own strength, and directs him to help evacuating people. Kinshiki attacks Sarada, but Sasuke saves her. Momoshiki kicks Naruto to the edge of the arena. Boruto tries attacking Momoshiki with various Kote jutsu, but he absorbs them all. Mitsuki tries using his Sage Transformation to save Boruto, but Urashiki absorbs it with his fishing hook. Urashiki moves in on Mitsuki, but is blocked by Gaara and Chōjūrō. Shikamaru paralyses Momoshiki and Kinshiki with his shadow, but Momoshiki absorbs his jutsu. Sasuke informs Naruto on who they are and what they want.

As the Ōtsutsuki explain how they'll acquire power, Boruto recognizes it's the same as his use of the Kote. Naruto and Sasuke don't consider what they have as true power. Urashiki fights Gaara and Chōjūrō, using Gaara's sand against him, and breaking Chōjūrō's sword. Chōjūrō creates a water spike from his hand, and he and Gaara chastise Urashiki on relying on the power of borrowed weapons instead of the skill acquired through dedicated training. Momoshiki and Kinshiki scoff at Naruto and Sasuke's assertion what they use isn't true power. Momoshiki eats a chakra pill, and produces an attack by amplifying the many jutsu he has absorbed. Momoshiki sends a fire pheasant at them, but Naruto blocks it by manifesting Kurama's head.

He creates shadow clones to protect civilians still in the arena. Momoshiki sends several elemental attacks through the arena. Sasuke armours Kurama's head with his Susanoo. Urashiki blocks Chōjūrō's water spike with his fishing rod, and produces a Lightning Release he absorbed from Mitsuki from his gourd. Urashiki sees through Gaara's sand, and uses sand of his own to counter it. Urashiki produces many fishing hooks to attack Gaara, but is blocked by a massive water vortex Chōjūrō created with underground water, which Gaara dug up for him with his sand. Urashiki activates his tomoe Rinnegan and escapes, but not before taunting them with Momoshiki and Kinshiki work back on the arena. Naruto resists Momoshiki's attack, impressing him, so he consumes more chakra pills, creating a massive attack. Naruto asks Sasuke to protect the children, and fully manifests Kurama's form. He considers using a Tailed Beast Ball to counter the attack, but chooses against it. Sasuke explains to Boruto that Naruto could have obliterated the attack, but doing so would damage a lot of the surrounding area. From all over Konoha, people watch Naruto take the full force of Momoshiki's attack. Boruto then screams out to Naruto as the blast explodes.

Difference Between Anime and Manga

  • In the manga, the storyline takes place after the Boruto movie. However it retells the film in flashbacks. But in the anime, the storyline takes place when Boruto enrolls in the Ninja Academy for 5 years. However the anime's 2nd season will probably take place after the film.
  • In the manga, as Boruto appears with his two shadow clones. His eyes are dark blue, and his ahoge isn't shown on top of his head. But in the anime, as Boruto appears with his two shadow clones as he is in the village. His eyes are lavender instead, and his ahoge is shown on top of his head.
  • In the manga, Boruto has the Uzumaki clan symbol on the back of his jacket. But in the anime, Boruto has a screw symbol on the back of his jacket.
  • In the manga, Boruto wears a black track suit jacket with red stripes. However at the end of both sleeves it is red with two thin black stripes. But in the anime, only the end of both sleeves are magenta with one thin black stripe.
  • In the manga, the whole inside of Boruto's jacket is red. While the inside collar is red with thin black stripes. But in the anime, the inside of the jacket is light pink. While the inside collar has no thin stripe on it whatsoever.
  • In the manga, Boruto's jacket never had a thin red stripe added to the waist of his jacket. But in the anime, the jacket does have a thin magenta strike added on the waist.
  • In the manga, Boruto wears a light brown belt. But in the anime, he wears a dark brown belt.
  • In the manga, the end of Boruto's pants are red with two thin black stripes on both sides of the pants. But in the anime, the end of his pants are magenta with one thin black stripe on both sides of the pants.
  • In the manga, Boruto wears small regular black open toe shinobi sandals. However with a thin black stack holding the right sandal in place. But in the anime, the thin black stack holding the right sandal in place isn't shown.
  • In the manga, Boruto never carries a one arm red book bag. But in the anime, Boruto is seen carrying a magenta one arm book bag.
  • In the manga, Sarada now wears a short sleeved qipao dress except that it reaches her upper thighs. But in the anime, the short sleeved qipao dress doesn't reach her upper thighs.
  • In the manga, Sarada's dress is held together with a white stripe obi. While underneath, is a white belt. But in the anime, Sarada's dress is held together with a white non stripe obi. While underneath, is a white belt.
  • In the manga, Sarada has black fingerless gloves that reaches up to her forearms. But in the anime, Sarada has short fingerless gloves that doesn't reaches up to her forearms.
  • In the manga, Sarada wears high heeled ninja sandals. She also wears a neckerchief knot around her neck. But in the anime, she doesn't wear high heel shoes. However she still wears the neckerchief knot around her neck.
  • In the manga, Hinata and Himawari were shown watering plants. However Himawari's ahoge is not shown on top of her head. But in the anime, Hinata and Himawari were shown talking to Boruto before he goes to the Ninja Academy. Whereas Himawari's ahoge is shown on top of her head.
  • In the manga, Hinata wears a necklace with the Uzumaki symbol on it. She also wears a long light purple shirt, while having it cover over a dark purple dress. Her long sleeve shirt also has a stripe neck caller on top. She also wears short pants and small open toe shoes. But in the anime, Hinata wears a light purple short-sleeved jacket with a white shirt underneath, light brown shorts and a pair of purple open-toed boots. Ironically she wears no necklace either.
  • In the manga, Himawari who appears a small child wears a big light yellow sweater while having a pocket holder in front. She also wears long leggings and red boots. But in the anime, she doesn't appear as a small child. However she wears a light yellow long-sleeved sweater with a blue shirt underneath that has a petal-like pattern, and a two-layered pink flutter skirt. She also wears long, black open-toed stockings and fuchsia shinobi sandals.
  • In the manga, Naruto's long sleeve shirt is black with orange thin stripes, while his pant are orange. But in the anime, Naruto's long sleeve shirt is orange with black thin stripes and his pant are black.
  • In the manga, Boruto is reveal to be a prodigy. But in the anime, Boruto is reveal to be a near dropout by being placed in second place.
  • In the manga, Metal Lee goes by his surname. But in the anime, he goes by Metal.
  • In the manga, Boruto is refer to as a slacker. But in the anime, Boruto is refer to as a trouble maker.
  • In the manga, Himawari never asks Boruto to play with her whenever he comes home. But in the anime, Himawari does ask Boruto to play with her whenever he comes home.
  • In the manga, Boruto never tells Himawari that he is too busy to play with her. But in the anime, Boruto does tell Himawari that he is too busy to play with her.
  • In the manga, Boruto never asked about the Byakugan. But in the anime, Boruto does learn about the Byakugan.
  • In the manga, Naruto comes home from work around midnight. But in the anime, Naruto comes home from work after his family eats dinner.
  • In the manga, it never talks about Boruto's favorite food. But in the anime, Boruto's favorite foods are a hamburger and Yakisoba Bun.
  • In the manga, Naruto tries to find a dangerous enemy that shape ships into the exact same person that he sees. But in the anime, Naruto tries to find a dangerous mysterious dark purple chakra that enters the person's body and makes them evil.
  • In the manga, Hiashi and Hanabi are never seen or mentioned at all whatsoever. But in the anime, they do appear and spend time with Naruto's children.
  • In the manga, Boruto and Naruto train in public with Sai and Inojin also seeing them spar. But in the anime, Boruto and Naruto train on the Hokage Monument while Sai and Inojin aren't watching them.
  • In the manga, when Naruto asks Sarada where Boruto went. Boruto hides inside a food stand sign. But in the anime, when Naruto asks Sarada where Boruto went. Boruto hides inside the sewer.
  • In the manga, Sakura was taken care in Shizune's residence. But in the anime, Sakura was taken care in the Konoha Hospital.
  • In the manga, Sarada eavesdrops on Naruto's conversation by going to meet Sasuke while she stands at the front door. But in the anime, after hearing Naruto's conversation with Shikamaru. Sarada hides behind a wall as Naruto walks out of his office.
  • In the manga, as Boruto is angry that Naruto left before getting his lunch. He angry complains about Naruto in front of Sarada, and the others. But in the anime, as Boruto is angry that Naruto left before getting his lunch. He angry complains about Hinata making Naruto too many lunch boxes when he believes that Naruto doesn't eat it.
  • In the manga, as Boruto is talking to Sarada about giving Naruto's lunch box to her. He has a big sweat drop on his face. But in anime, as Boruto is talking to Sarada about giving Naruto's lunch box to her. He has a tiny sweat drop on his face.
  • In the manga, as Boruto has a flashback of Hinata making Naruto's lunch. Only her face is shown. But in the anime, as Boruto has a flashback of Hinata making Naruto's lunch. Her whole appearance is shown as a sideway.
  • In the manga, while Naruto senses that Sarada and Chocho are following him as he is using Sage Mode. He decides to go straight to them so they don't keep following him. But in the anime, this scene isn't shown whatsoever.
  • In the manga, after Naruto blocks Shin's attacks with Tailed Beast Chakra Arms. Sarada and Chocho don't know that Naruto has Kurama seal inside of him. But in the anime, after Naruto blocks Shin's attacks with Tailed Beast Chakra Arms. Sarada and Chocho do know that Naruto has Kurama seal inside of him.
  • In the manga, as Sarada is angry showing the Team Taka picture to Sasuke. Upon seeing the photo, Naruto does a confuse eye wick with his left eye. But in anime, as Sarada is angry showing the Team Taka picture to Sasuke. Upon seeing the photo, Naruto does a confuse eye wick with his right eye.
  • In the manga, after meeting Sarada. Sasuke has a flashback of him discussing the possible treat greater than Kaguya with Naruto, Sakura and other Kage on the Five Kage Summit. But in the anime, during this flashback, he discussed the matter only with Naruto instead.
  • In the manga, as Sasuke uses his body to protect Sarada from Shin's attack. His back is shown as he gets injure. But in the anime, as Sasuke uses his body to protect Sarada from Shin's attack. His face expression is shown as he gets injure.
  • In the manga, after Sakura punched Shin. Sarada never knew Naruto had healing Abilties. But in the anime, when Sakura gets worry about Naruto's stab wound. Sarada gets shock when Naruto says he has fine healing abilities.
  • In the manga, Sakura got warped away by Shin's Space–Time Dojutsu of his creature while standing next to Shin and his clone. But in the anime, Sarada was supposed to be the one warped away, but Sakura pushed her out of the way and was teleported in her place.
  • In the manga, Naruto is shown standing outside of the room that Sarada is in with Suigetsu after she thinks Karin is her mother. But in the anime, Naruto is shown after Suigetsu walks out of the room.
  • In the manga, when Naruto mentions his hatred for Team Taka in front of Suigetsu. He calls Suigetsu a fool after Sarada thinks that Karin is her mother. But in the anime, when Naruto mentions his hatred for Team Taka in front of Suigetsu. He calls Suigetsu a idiot after Sarada thinks that Karin is her mother.
  • In the manga, when Naruto notices Sarada's Sharingan. He mentions her having it aloud. But in the anime, he hands Sarada a mirror so she can look at it.
  • In the manga, when Naruto thinks about his past after Sarada says she has no family. Dialogue is heard during the flashbacks. But in the anime, when Naruto thinks about his past after Sarada says she has no family. No dialogue is heard during the flashbacks.
  • In the manga, Sarada has a flashback of her parents teaching her how to walk when she was a toddler. But in the anime, this isn't shown. Instead Sarada has a flashback of when she had a big fever before she wore glasses.
  • In the manga, when Sarada asks Sakura what's better than a kiss. Sakura does a face palm on her forehead before answering her daughter. But in the anime, when Sarada asks Sakura what's better than a kiss. Sakura put a finger on her chin, then she does a face palm on her forehead before answering her daughter.
  • In the manga, Sarada also had a flashback of eating lunch at the Ninja Academy while thinking of the forehead poke. But in the anime, this scene isn't shown since the timeline took place before Sarada went to the Ninja Academy.
  • In the manga, when Sasuke scolds Naruto and Sarada for taking too long. Naruto yells at Sasuke, while Sarada shows no emotion towards her father. But in the anime, when Sasuke scolds Naruto and Sarada for taking too long. Naruto angrily points a finger at Sasuke, while Sarada shows a angry glare no towards her father.
  • In the manga, Naruto was shock upon seeing Sasuke regain his Susanoo. But in the anime, Naruto wasn't surprised at all by this and Sasuke criticizes him for not being shock.
  • In the manga, Sarada and Chocho was shock upon seeing Sasuke regain his Susanoo. But in the anime, their reactions were not shown at all whatsoever.
  • In the manga, Sakura prepares to battle Shin by making a fist with her left hand. But in the anime, Sakura stands completely still before she battles Shin after he gets off of a bed.
  • In the manga, during their final encounter. Shin was quickly defeated by Sasuke catching off guard and crushing him with Susanoo. But in the anime, the fight was extended. While having Sasuke defeat Shin with Sakura's aid, by teleporting her close enough to cripple him in a single blow.
  • In the manga, after Sarada defeats the Shin clones. Sakura hugs her and tells her that she is the daughter of her and Sasuke. But in the anime, Sakura tells Sarada this during their first family dinner with Sasuke.
  • In the manga, Karin scolds Suigetsu for his misunderstanding by telling him to make it up to the Uchiha family by giving Sarada new glasses. This scene is shown before Sarada looks at her new family photo. But in the anime, Karin scolds Suigetsu for his misunderstanding by telling him to make it up to the Uchiha family by giving Sarada new glasses. This scene is shown before Sarada has her first family dinner with Sasuke.
  • In the manga, after Sasuke refuses to show Sakura affection in public. Sakura has her head all the way down as Sarada waves goodbye to Sasuke. Also Sasuke smiles as he is walking while holding his lunchbox. But in the anime, after Sasuke refuses to show Sakura affection in public. Sakura has a sad expression on her face as she and Sarada wave goodbye to Sasuke. Also Sasuke's face isn't shown as he is walking while holding his lunchbox.
  • In the manga, the Sarada Uchiha arc ends with Sarada looking at a new family picture of her with her parents. But in the anime, the Sarada Uchiha arc ends with Sarada telling Boruto that her dream is to become the Hokage after he thanks her for giving Naruto his lunchbox.
  • In the manga, Boruto scoffs at Sarada's dream to become the Hokage by calling it weak. But in the anime, his mouth is close before he scoffs at her dream to become the next Hokage.
  • In the manga, Boruto asks all of his classmates to help deface the Hokage Monument. But in the anime, Boruto only asks Inojin to help him deface the Hokage Monument.
  • In the manga, the new Ino-Shika-Cho didn't train with Inojin's parents or Chocho's parents. But in the anime, the new Ino-Shika-Cho did train with Inojin's parents or Chocho's parents.
  • In the manga, Sakura and Sarada live in a house before the Five Kage Summit. But in the anime, after the Uchiha Shin incident. Sakura and Sarada live in a big apartment building.
  • In the manga, the four kage came to Konoha after Boruto's little prank. But in the anime, the four kage came to Konoha before Boruto's little prank.
  • In the manga, Udon and Moegi tell Naruto that Boruto is defacing the Hokage Monument. But in the anime, only Moegi tells Naruto that Boruto is defacing the Hokage Monument.
  • In the manga, Boruto defaces all seven faces of the Hokage with paint. But in the anime, Boruto only defaces Naruto's Hokage face with paint.
  • In the manga, Naruto scolds Boruto for defacing the Hokage Monument during the Five Kage Summit. But in the anime, it is Sarada who scolds Boruto for defacing the Hokage Monument during the Five Kage Summit.
  • In the manga, Inojin calls Chocho "fatso". Which makes him get punch in the face. But in the anime, he calls Chocho "chubs". However Chocho doesn't punch him after he calls her that.
Boruto movie
  • In the manga, Boruto narrates that he is Naruto's son whether he likes it or not. He says that Naruto is a part of his story too, and as a ninja who realized that his dream is to be the Hokage. However Boruto says that his tale begins as he began rebelling against Naruto for not paying enough attention to him. But in the Anime, Boruto doesn't narrate about Naruto at all.
  • In the manga, a photo of a young Boruto with Naruto is shown as Boruto looks at it before going on a mission with his teammates. But in the Anime, this photo is shown the night before Boruto became a Ninja Academy student.
  • In the manga, Boruto learns about Sasuke from Sarada. But in the Anime, Boruto learns about Sasuke from Konohamaru.
  • In the manga, Boruto says he will follow his own ninja way by being like Sasuke after the defeat of Momoshiki. But in the Anime, Boruto says he will follow his own ninja way by being like Sasuke on the day of Himawari's birthday.
  • In the manga, Boruto is with his teammates when he is in the forest. But in Anime, Boruto and his teammates aren't on a mission.
  • In the manga, Boruto doesn't watch Naruto being interviewed on TV. But in the Anime, Boruto does watch Naruto being interviewed on TV.
  • In the manga, the women who interviewed Naruto's shadow clone on television doesn't know that Naruto sent a shadow clone to the interview. But in the Anime, the women who interviewed Naruto's shadow clone on television was surprise that Naruto sent a shadow clone to the interview.
  • In the manga, Team Konohamaru and Naruto see Katasuke try to get the Kote to be use in the Chunin Exams. But in the Anime, only Naruto and Shikamaru see this. An extra scene shows Naruto asking Shikamaru if he was rude but Shikamaru says he was right to tell Katasuke off.
  • In the manga, Katasuke speaks to Boruto after the Kote is forbidden to be use in the Exams. But in the Anime, Katasuke is in his lab when someone attacks him. Not only that Boruto smiles as Himawari is happy about her birthday.
  • In the manga, Inojin and Shikadai get threat letters from their moms that says they better not think of belling out of taking the exams. But in the Anime, this scene isn't shown.
  • In the manga, Boruto gives the cheat code to Inojin after his argument with Sarada. But in the Anime, he does this before his teammates arrive.
  • In the manga, Inojin and Shikadai are angry that Boruto cheats at video games. But in the Anime, they are annoy that Boruto refuses to struggle playing video games.
  • In the manga, Inojin and Shikadai left after learning about cheat codes. But in the Anime, they stay and hear Sarada reasoning with Boruto to take the Exams.
  • In the manga, when Mitsuki hands Boruto his Chunin Exam application paper while Boruto plays his game. He says "I see you excel at games too". But in the Anime, Mitsuki says Boruto sucks at video games.
  • In the manga, Sarada says to Boruto while Mitsuki holds his application paper "Konohamaru Sensei asked us to hand this to you". But in the Anime, Sarada says to Boruto while Mitsuki holds his application paper that she had to have Mitsuki help her find him.
  • In the manga, Mitsuki tells Boruto they need to enter as a team or they can't take the Exams with just two people. But in the Anime, it was Sarada who told Boruto this.
  • In the manga, after he told his teammates that he isn't taking the exams. Boruto sees Sarada grab his jacket collar. But in the Anime, Boruto looks at his game after he tells them he ain't taking the exams.
  • In the manga, when Boruto tells his teammates that he doesn't want to take the exams. He says "yeah so" to them while he plays video games with Inojin and Shikadai. But in the Anime, when Boruto tells his teammates that he doesn't want to take the exams. He says "He really don't care" to them while he plays video games with Inojin and Shikadai.
  • In the manga, after he told his teammates that he isn't taking the exams. Boruto sees Sarada grab his jacket collar. But in the Anime, after he told his teammates that he isn't taking the exams. Boruto doesn't see Sarada grab his jacket collar.
  • In the manga, Sarada angrily tells Boruto "My dream is to become Hokage. If you stand in the way of that then so help me god!". But in the Anime, Sarada angrily questions him if he is getting in her way of becoming the Hokage.
  • In the manga, Boruto angrily slaps Sarada's hand off his jacket color and then tells Sarada to tell her dream goal of becoming Hokage to someone who actually cares. But in the Anime, he just slaps Sarada's hand off of his jacket collar and says that he knows about her dream to be the Hokage.
  • In the manga, Boruto describes the Hokage title as a title that causes problems all around you. Along with saying that it is fitted for people who are alone. But in the Anime, he tells Sarada to do whatever she wants and said that the Hokage title is an nuisance to the village that is fitted for people with no love ones.
  • In the manga, Sarada reasons with Boruto to take the Exams as the walk in public. But in the Anime, she does this at the restaurant.
  • In the manga, Boruto angrily tells Sarada while curving his right arm "I heard you the first time! There I'll join too satisfied". But in the Anime, he says he has no choice.
  • In the manga, Sarada refers to Boruto as a push over. But in the Anime, Sarada refers to him as easy.
  • In the manga, Boruto and Sarada talk about their dads. But in the Anime, they don't talk about Naruto and Sasuke.
  • In the manga, Boruto and Sarada almost hear Mitsuki say who is parent is. But in the Anime, they don't hear this.
  • In the manga, Himawari calls Boruto "Big Bro". But in the Anime, Himawari calls Boruto "Big Brother".
  • In the manga, Hinata was behind Himawari when she was waving to Boruto. She also carried one grocery bag. But in the Anime, Hinata was next to Himawari when she was waving to Boruto. She also had two grocery bags.
  • In the manga, Himawari is shown as a very small child and has short hair. But in the Anime, she is shown as a pre-teen and has large hair.
  • In the manga, Hinata wears a necklace with the Uzumaki symbol on it. She also wears a long light purple shirt, while having it cover over a dark purple dress. Her long sleeve shirt also has a stripe neck caller on top. She also wears short pants and small open toe shoes. But in the Anime, Hinata wears a light purple short-sleeved jacket with a white shirt underneath, light brown shorts and a pair of purple open-toed boots. Ironically she wears no necklace either.
  • In the manga, Himawari wears a big light yellow sweater while having a pocket holder in front. She also wears long leggings and red boots. But in the Anime, she wears a light yellow long-sleeved sweater with a blue shirt underneath that has a petal-like pattern, and a two-layered pink flutter skirt. She also wears long, black open-toed stockings and fuchsia shinobi sandals.
  • In the manga, Himawari says to Boruto while waving "Guess who's birthday it is today. Let's go home and par-tay". But in the Anime, Himawari says to Boruto while waving to him "Let's Go Home!".
  • In the manga, as Boruto happily smiles. He says "aww yeah!" to Himawari. But in the Anime, as Boruto happily smiles. He says "okay!" to Himawari.
  • In the Manga, Boruto says goodbye to his teammates before leaving with his mom and sister. But in the Anime, he doesn't do this.
  • In the manga, Boruto and his family are surprised that Naruto is home. But in the Anime, they let Naruto know that they are home.
  • In the manga, everyone was surprised when Naruto opened the door. But in the Anime, only Himawari and Hinata are surprised while Boruto is annoy.
  • In the manga, Boruto sets up the dinner table with plates and happily pats Himawari on her head. While Naruto sits at the table, and smiles at his children, whereas Hinata holds a glass bottle in her hands. Then once the food is on the table, Boruto asks Naruto to bring the cake, while Himawari cheers. But in the Anime, Naruto was in his study room as dinner was being made. Then he talks to Boruto in the hallway while the table is being set up.
  • In the manga, before Himawari's birthday cake falls on the floor. Her birthday cake has 7 candles on it. Therefore making Boruto five years older than her. But in the Anime, it's hard to tell how many candles are on the cake before it falls to the floor.
  • In the manga, Boruto has his head facing down after seeing Naruto's shadow clone disappear. Ironically he says shadow clone out loud, then his hands are shown as he smashes his hands on the table. But in the Anime, while his head is facing down. His face is shown after seeing the shadow clone disappeared.
  • In the manga, Himawari doesn't say anything to Boruto before he gets up from the table. But in the Anime, she tries to say something to him.
  • In the manga, when Boruto angrily gets up from the table after Naruto's shadow clone disappeared. He curses out loud. But in the Anime, when Boruto angrily gets up from the table after Naruto's shadow clone disappeared. He says who does Naruto think he is.
  • In the manga, as Hinata grabs him by the arm. Boruto angrily tells her "what do u want?". But in the Anime, as Hinata grabs him by the hand. Boruto kindly says "let go of me mom".
  • In the manga, Hinata confronts Boruto by saying "Your father he just puts the village's need before his own. He's not neglecting you two on purpose understand?!". But in the Anime, she tells Boruto "Your father has to work hard for the people of the village. It doesn't mean he's forgotten about the two of you!".
  • In the manga, Hinata says to Boruto "The Hokage plays a very important role. From generation to generation they all played an prominent parts in the lives of everyone in the village". But in the Anime, Hinata says to him "Being the Hokage is a difficult job. It's an dispensable duty crucial to the survival of the village passed down throughout the generations".
  • In the manga, during his argument with Hinata. Boruto says while having his head down and eyes close, "Then that means all these Hokage kids from generation to generation happily handed down this messed up situation". But in the Anime, he says that he is sick of the Hokage being an excuse.
  • In the manga, when Boruto is arguing with Hinata. He says to her "They say that grandpa was a Hokage too. But when dad was little he was already dead right? So then he didn't get to experience all these fun things with his parents our dad!. Then while smiling and winking his right eye, he says to her "See you are much better off not having a Hokage as a parent then". But in the Anime, when Boruto is arguing with Hinata while being angry the whole time. He says that Minato was dead when Naruto was young and that Naruto never experience having parents.
  • In the manga, Hinata is seen crying very hard when Boruto tells her all this. But in the Anime, Hinata doesn't cry whatsoever however she places her hand on her stomach.
  • In the manga, Boruto becomes shock when he sees Hinata cry very hard. Hinata even says to him "I'm not arguing with you. It pains me when your father misses important days like today. But your situation is night and day compare to what your father went through! He has always been there for you!". But in the Anime, after hearing Boruto speak rudely about Naruto. Hinata didn't cry at all. However she has her head down when she tells him "I know it's sad not to have your father around on important days". Then Boruto showed a shock expression on his face when Hinata says "But it's different with you". However he became angry when Hinata says "You have a father who's actually here".
  • In the manga, Boruto yells at to Hinata by saying "No I don't understand! Why is my dad even the Hokage? All he does is sit around at his desk all day acting all high and mighty. Anyone can do that!". But in the Anime, Boruto angrily looks away from Hinata and tells her in a sad tone "And what about us!".
  • In the manga, Himawari was holding Hinata's hand as Boruto opens the slide door. But in the Anime, Hinata has her hand on Himawari's head after Boruto walks away from closing the slide door.
  • In the manga, Himawari hugs Hinata while being at her mother's legs. But in the Anime, Himawari hugs Hinata while being at her mother's waist. Hinata also apologized to her.
  • In the manga, Boruto walks up the stairs after leaving the living room. But in the Anime, Boruto alreay in a dark hallway that leads to his room after leaving the living room.
  • In the manga, before Boruto goes into his room. He sees Naruto's study room door being a tiny bit open. But in the Anime, before Boruto goes into his room. He sees Naruto's study room door being wide open instead.
  • In the manga, Shikamaru tells Naruto to go home. But in the Anime, this ain't shown until after Boruto met Sasuke.
  • In the manga, Boruto has his eyes down after looking at the old photos. But in the film, Boruto has his eyes down while looking at the old photos.
  • In the manga, Himawari's drawing of Hinata and Naruto shows them with long hair. But in the Anime, Himawari's drawing of Hinata and Naruto shows them with short hair.
  • In the manga, when Boruto sees his father's photos that are stuck to pins. He looks at three photos that are: Naruto as Hokage, young Naruto with Team Kakashi and lastly Naruto with Gaara. But in the Anime, when Boruto sees his father's photos that are stuck to pins. He looks at four photos that are: young Naruto with the Sasuke Retrieval Squad, Naruto as Hokage, young Naruto with Team Kakashi and lastly Naruto with Gaara.
  • In the manga, when Naruto and his family are in front of their house posing for a photo. Himawari is shown hugging Hinata. But in the Anime, when Naruto and his family are in front of their house posing for a photo. Himawari is shown next to Hinata.
  • In the manga, when Boruto looks at his birthday photo. His birthday cake has 10 candles on it. Therefore Boruto became a ninja two years later. But in the Anime, when Boruto looks at his birthday photo. His birthday cake has 12 candles on it. Therefore Boruto became a ninja at his current age.
  • In the manga, during Boruto's birthday photo. Hinata has a black shirt and pattern sweater on. But in the Anime, during Boruto's birthday photo. Hinata has a dark purple shirt and a non pattern sweater on.
  • In the manga, during Boruto's birthday photo. Boruto has a black t-shirt on. But in the Anime, during Boruto's birthday photo. Boruto has on a gray t-shirt with black arm warmers.
  • In the manga, during Boruto's birthday photo. Himawari has a school uniform on when she makes a peace sign with her right hand. But in the Anime, during Boruto's birthday photo. Himawari has a sweater on when she makes a peace sign with her right hand.
  • In the manga, Boruto was facing side ways after looking at the drawings and old photos. But in the Anime, Boruto was facing forwards after looking at the drawings and old photos.
  • In the manga, after seeing the old photos. Boruto notices Naruto's old jacket while facing sideways as he looks at it. But in the Anime, after seeing the old photos. Boruto notices Naruto's old jacket by turning his head, and walking to it.
  • In the manga, Boruto describes Naruto's old jacket as filthy and worn out when he grabs it from the hanger. But in the Anime, he described the old jacket as dirty and torn up after he grabs it from the hanger.
  • In the manga, when Boruto holds his father's jacket and looks at a picture of him when he was his age. Boruto doesn't think about anything at all. But in the Anime, when Boruto holds his father's jacket and looks at a picture of him when he was his age. Boruto thinks about Hinata's earlier words of having a father whose actually here for you.
  • In the manga, Boruto says Naruto's old jacket "sucks" while throwing it out of the window. But in the film, Boruto calls Naruto's old jacket "lame" while throwing it out of the window. Boruto als calls himself lame after seeing the jacket out the window.
  • In the manga, as Boruto hears the door bell ring. He says "could it be" while having a shock expression on his face. But in the Anime, as Boruto hears the door bell ring. He says "could it be" while he has a angry expression on his face.
  • In the manga, while running downstairs. Boruto says "It's dad so he finally decided to show up", while assuming that he is at the front door. But in the Anime, Boruto says so you finally decided to show up while he runs downstairs. As he is about to approach the front door.
  • In the manga, when Boruto is about to punch the mysterious person at the front door. He is facing sideways. But in the Anime, when Boruto is about to punch the mysterious person at the front door. He is facing forwards.
  • In the manga, when Boruto punches Sasuke's hand. Both are shown in full view. But in the Anime, when Boruto punches Sasuke's hand. Both are shown in a side ways view.
  • In the manga, after Boruto mistook Sasuke for Naruto. He says "Ah I'm sorry I thought you were my dad". But in the Anime, after Boruto mistook Sasuke for Naruto. He says "I'm sorry I thought you were my dad".
  • In the manga, after Sasuke brush off Boruto's attack. He says "You must be Naruto's son your name". But in the Anime, after Sasuke brush off Boruto's attack. He says "Your Naruto's son? what's your name?".
  • In the manga, when Boruto says his name to Sasuke. He says Boruto Uzumaki. But in the Anime, when Boruto says his name to Sasuke. He says Uzumaki Boruto.
  • In the manga, Hinata is behind Boruto when she says Sasuke's name to him at the front door. But in the Anime, she is right next to him when she says Sasuke's name to him at the front door.
  • In the manga, Boruto tilts his head when Hinata tells Sasuke that Naruto is at his office. Ironically Boruto was shock that he just met his idol. But in the Anime, Boruto has his head forward after Hinata tells Sasuke that Naruto is at his office. Ironically Boruto was surprise that he just met his idol.
  • In the manga, when Sasuke is about to leave after learning that Naruto is in his office. He says "I see sorry for the intrusion". But in the Anime, when Sasuke is about to leave after learning that Naruto is in his office. He says "I see sorry I bothered you".
  • In the manga, Boruto refers to Sasuke as Naruto's former rival. But in the Anime, he refers to Sasuke as dad's rival.
  • In the manga, Boruto sees Sasuke leave their house from the front yard. But in the Anime, Boruto sees Sasuke leave their house from the front door.
  • In the manga, Hinata isn't shown when Sasuke leaves the front yard. But in the Anime, Sasuke is shown when Sasuke leaves Naruto's house from the front door.
  • In the manga, as Boruto watches Sasuke leave. He says Sasuke is "friggin cool". But in the Anime, as Boruto watches Sasuke leave. He says Sasuke is "so cool".
  • In the manga, Boruto goes after Sasuke when he goes to meet Naruto. But in the Anime, he goes after Naruto to beat him up for ruining Himawari's birthday.
  • In the manga, Naruto speaks to Sasuke by himself about the new threat and about Boruto. But in the Anime, Shikamaru is shown with them when they talk about this.
  • In the manga, Sasuke's first battle with Kinshiki is shortened. But in the Anime, his battle with the former is longer.
  • In the manga, Boruto does a sneak attack on Sasuke in the dark. But in the Anime, Boruto tries to fight Sasuke at the Hokage residence.
  • In the manga, Boruto doesn't tell Sasuke he wants to defeat Naruto when he asks him to be his student. But in the Anime, Boruto does tell Sasuke he wants to defeat Naruto when he asks him to be his student.
  • In the manga, Boruto was shock when Sasuke asks him if he can do the Rasengan. But in the Anime, Boruto was confuse when Sasuke asks him if he can do the Rasengan.
  • In the manga, Sasuke never plainly point out that Boruto can't do the Rasengan. But in the Anime, Sasuke does say that Boruto can't do the Rasengan out loud.
  • In the manga, when Boruto goes to meet Konohamaru to ask him to teach him the Rasengan. He has his headband on when he meets him at his house, and calls him sensei. But in the Anime, when Boruto goes to meet Konohamaru to ask him to teach him the Rasengan. He doesn't has his headband on when he meets him at his house, but he calls Konohamaru big bro.
  • In the manga, Boruto never used Lighting to at first pop the water balloon. But in the Anime, he does use Lighting to at first pop the water balloon.
  • In the manga, Boruto was frustrated trying to pop the water balloon. But in the Anime, it's Konohamaru that is frustrated when Boruto uses Lighting to pop the water balloon.
  • In the manga, Boruto never hangs out with his friends when he is learning the Rasengan. But in the Anime, he does hang out with friends when he is learning the Rasengan.
  • In the manga, Orochimaru and Mitsuki never speak to each other before the Chunin Exams by using their snakes. But in the Anime, they do speak to each other before the Chunin Exams by using their snakes.
  • In the manga, Sasuke never told his family that he is staying until the Chunin Exams are finished. But in the Anime, he did told his family that he is staying until the Chunin Exams are finished.
  • In the manga, it never shows Hinata going out by leaving her children alone for the night. But in the Anime, it does show Hinata going out by leaving her children alone for the night.
  • In the manga, it never shows Boruto and Himawari baking a cake when their parents aren't home. But in the Anime, it does show Boruto and Himawari baking a cake when their parents aren't home.
  • In the manga, Boruto never got the idea to do rotation to pop the water balloon. But in the Anime, he gets the idea by mixing cake ingredients together.
  • In the manga, Sasuke told Sarada that she is jumping to conclusions when she thinks Boruto won't be his student. But in the Anime, he tells her that she and Boruto are jumping to conclusions when she thinks Boruto won't be his student.
  • In the manga, Sarada never went to find Boruto after Sasuke allows him to be his student. But in the Anime, she does go to find Boruto after Sasuke allows him to be his student.
  • In the manga, Boruto bumps into Katasuke before they go to his lab. But in the Anime, this scene isn't shown.
  • In the manga, after Boruto got the Kote from Katasuke. He cleans his clothes by looking at a glass window and stares angrily at Naruto's face on the Hokage Monument. But in the Anime, these scenes aren't shown.
  • In the manga, Boruto's neck is shown when he shouts Rasengan to Sasuke. But in the Anime, only his face is shown when he shouts Rasengan to Sasuke.
  • In the manga, when Sasuke sees Boruto's fake Rasengan. Young Naruto is shown saying "Rasengan" while Boruto says "How's that for a Rasengan?". But in the Anime, when Sasuke sees Boruto's fake Rasengan. Young Naruto is shown smiling with his dirty tracksuit as he is seen in front of Boruto. The two remain completely silent without saying anything.
  • In the manga, Boruto's face is shown when he tells Sasuke that he and Naruto are different when it comes to talent. But in the Anime, his whole body is shown when he tells Sasuke that he and Naruto are different when it comes to talent.
  • In the manga, Boruto's backside is shown when he asks Sasuke about his deal for him to be his student. But in the Anime, Boruto's face is shown when he asks Sasuke about his deal for him to be his student.
  • In the manga, Sasuke walks away when he tells Boruto that he can be his student. But in the Anime, Sasuke looks away from Boruto when he tells him that he can be his student.
  • In the manga, Boruto happily smiles with his eyes and mouth completely open when he hears that he can be Sasuke's student. But in the Anime, he happily smiles with his eyes close and his mouth completely close when he hears that he can be Sasuke's student.
  • In the manga, it never shown Sasuke's reaction upon him learning that Boruto cheats his way to get what he wants. But in the Anime, it shows that Sasuke was extremely angry upon learning that Boruto cheats his way to get what he wants.
  • In the manga, Gaara was with Team Shinki and Kankuro in the Thunder Rail. But in the anime, Gaara wasn't with the others and instead he watched them off.
  • In the manga, Boruto and the other Genin never talk to one another before the exams started. But in the Anime, Boruto and the other Genin do talk to one another before the exams started.
  • In the manga, Boruto never cross paths with Shinki during round one. But in the Anime, he does cross paths with Shinki during round one.
  • In the manga, Tenten never helps out before Round one of the Chunin Exams. But in the Anime, she does help out before Round one of the Chunin Exams.
  • In the manga, Sai tells everyone who pass round one when they are at the stage. But in the Anime, he tells them this while they are in the dark pit.
  • In the manga, it never shows what Hinata and Himawari did after Boruto passed round one. But in the Anime, they wanted him to eat dinner with them however Hinata says it's best that Boruto gets his rest because the Exams can be exhausting.
  • In the manga, Shikamaru tells Naruto that Boruto passed round one while Naruto gets more paperwork. But in the Anime, Shikamaru tells Naruto that Boruto passed round one while Naruto is on his labtop.
  • In the manga, Naruto sends Boruto a email during the afternoon telling him to do well in round two. But in the Anime, Naruto sends Boruto a email during sunset telling him to do well in round two.
  • In the manga, it never showed what Boruto did with the email after he saw it. But in the Anime, it shows that Boruto was about to delete it however he chose to save it.
  • In the manga, Boruto never vows to make Naruto acknowledge him by force. But in the Anime, he does say this after showing a fist to his family picture frame that is in his bedroom.
  • In the manga, Boruto vows to make more clones during round two of the Chunin exams. But in the Anime, the clones think it's impossible to make thousand while they are in the forest.
  • In the manga, when the genin triplets beat up Boruto's clones. Boruto and his clones don't say anything while getting beat up. But in the Anime, Boruto and his clones do say random stuff while getting beat up.
  • In the manga, when Boruto is about to lose he clenched his teeth before he uses the Kote. But in the Anime, when Boruto is about to lose he shouts out no then he clenched his teeth before he uses the Kote.
  • In the manga, Naruto never freaks out if Boruto passed round two or not. But in the Anime, Naruto does panic while wondering if Boruto passed round two or not.
  • In the manga, Naruto stands up after hearing that Boruto passed round two. But in the Anime, Naruto jumps up front his chair after hearing that Boruto passed round two.
  • In the manga, when Naruto speaks to Sasuke in the code lab about Boruto. He refers to his son as him. Naruto also never spoke about Sarada. But in the Anime, when Naruto speaks to Sasuke in the code lab about Boruto. He refers to his son by his name. Naruto also spoke about Sarada.
  • In the manga, Boruto doesn't want to eat dinner after he came home from round two. But in the Anime, he tells her he will take a nap before he eats dinner.
  • In the manga, Naruto tells Boruto how proud he is at night time. But in the Anime, he tells this to Boruto during the day.
  • In the manga, after Naruto left the room. Boruto happily cries with his eyes close and his mouth open when he calls Naruto "Shitty Dad". But in the Anime, after Naruto left the room. Boruto happily smiles with his eyes and mouth open when he calls Naruto "Shitty Dad".
  • In the manga, when Naruto comes back to the office after seeing Boruto. He happily looks out the window while holding his old jacket. But in the Anime, when Naruto comes back to the office after seeing Boruto. He panics after making a pile of papers fall off his desk then he happily smiles.
  • In the manga, it never shows Shikadai's first match of the finals. But in the Anime, it does show his first match of the finals.
  • In the manga, Shikamaru and Temari never cheered for their son. But in the Anime, they do cheer for him.
  • In the manga, it never shows Inojin's first match of the finals. But in the Anime, it does show his first match of the finals.
  • In the manga, it never shows Chocho's first match of the finals. But in the Anime, it does show her first match of the finals.
  • In the manga, Choji and Karui never cheered for their daughter. But in the Anime, they do cheer for her.
  • In the manga, Boruto never taunts Shikadai during their fight against each other. But in the Anime, Boruto does taunt Shikadai during their fight against each other.
  • In the manga, Shinki's background isn't explained when he fights during the Exams. But in the Anime, his past is explained during the Exams.
  • In the manga, Sarada and Mitsuki have to fight each other including Shinki during the final match. But in the Anime, Boruto and Sarada have to fight each other including Shinki during the final match.
  • In the manga, Boruto cheats by using the multiple shadow clone technique to win his match against Shikadai. But in the Anime, Boruto cheats by using the Purple Electricity technique to win his match against Shinki.
  • In the manga, Naruto realizes that Boruto used the kote during his match against Shikadai. But in the Anime, Naruto realizes that Boruto used the kote during his match against Shinki.
  • In the manga, when Naruto confronted Boruto. He explains in a low pitch voice about why he forbid anyone from using the kote during the Exams. But in the Anime, when Naruto confronted Boruto. He explains in a very high pitch voice about why he forbid anyone from using the kote during the Exams.
  • In the manga, when everyone found out that Boruto got disqualified for cheating. Only Team Konohamaru and the five kage say something about Boruto. But in the Anime, when everyone found out that Boruto got disqualified for cheating. Everyone in the audience shunned Boruto for being a fraud, while Shikadai was furious upon learning that Boruto used the kote during their match against each other.
  • In the manga, Naruto never senses Momoshiki before he gets knock out of the arena. But in the Anime, Naruto does try to sense Momoshiki before he gets knock out of the arena.
  • In the manga, Mitsuki never sees Boruto's attacks being absorbed by Momoshiki. But in the Anime, Mitsuki does see this happen.
  • In the manga, Gaara and Chojuro never fought against Urashiki during the interrupted Chunin Exam. But in the Anime, they do fight against Urashiki.
  • In the manga, Hinata protects Himawari before she runs off to save Naruto from Momoshiki. But in the Anime, Hinata leaves Himawari in Ino's care and then runs off to save Naruto from Momoshiki.
  • In the manga, when Naruto goes all out to stop Momoshiki. Boruto never sees memories of himself by sensing Naruto's Chakra. But in the Anime, when Naruto goes all out to stop Momoshiki. Boruto does see memories of himself by sensing Naruto's Chakra.

Difference Between Anime and Novel

  • In the novel, as Boruto appears with his two shadow clones. His eyes are dark blue, and his ahoge isn't shown on top of his head. But in the anime, as Boruto appears with his two shadow clones as he is in the village. His eyes are lavender instead, and his ahoge is shown on top of his head.


  • 62 (so far)


  • Academy Arc (Ep. 1 – 15)
  • Uchiha Sarada Arc (Ep. 17 – 24)
  • Field Trip Arc (Ep. 25 – 32)
  • Graduation Exam Arc (Ep. 34 – 37)
  • ​Genin Mission Arc (Ep. 40 – 42)
  • Byakuya Gang Arc (Ep. 43 – 47)
  • Chunin Exams Arc (Ep. 52 – Present)
  • ??? (Ep. ? – )
  • ??? (Ep. ? – )
  • ??? (Ep. ? – )
  • ??? (Ep. ? – )
  • ??? (Ep. ? – )
  • ??? (Ep. ? – )
  • ??? (Ep. ? – )
  • ??? (Ep. ? – )
  • (Ep. ? - )

Theme Songs

  • Baton Road (Ep. 1 – 26)
  • Over (Ep. 27 – 51)
  • It’s all in the game (Ep. 52 – Present)
  • ??? (Ep. ? – )
  • ??? (Ep. ? – )
  • ??? (Ep. ? – )
  • ??? (Ep. ? – )
  • Dreamy Johnny (Ep. 1 – 14)
  • Sayonara Moon Town (Ep. 15 – 26)
  • I Continue Walking (Ep. 27 – 39)
  • Denshin Tamashi (Ep. 40 – 51)
  • Beauties of Nature (Ep. 52 – Present)
  • ??? (Ep. ? – )
  • ??? (Ep. ? – )

Voice Cast

  • Amanda C. Miller as Boruto
  • Maile Flanagan as Naruto
  • Cherami Leigh as Sarada
  • Stephanie Sheh as Hinata
  • Melissa Fahn as Himawari
  • Tara Platt as Temari
  • Tom Gibbs as Shikamaru
  • Todd Haberkorn as Shikadai
  • Spike Spencer as Inojin
  • Colleen O'Shaughnessey as Chocho, Hanabi & Ino
  • Robbie Daymond as Mitsuki & Toneri
  • Derek Stephen Prince as Shino
  • Max Mittelma as Konohamaru
  • Laura Bailey as Anko, Ayame & Kurotsuchi
  • Quinton Flynn as Iruka
  • ??? as Denki
  • ??? as Sumire
  • ??? as Denki's Father
  • ??? as Wasabi
  • ??? as Namida
  • ??? as Iwabee
  • ??? as Metal Lee
  • ??? as Magire
  • Mary Elizabeth McGlynn as Kurenai & Mei
  • John DeMita as Hiashi
  • ??? as Kagemasa (actor)
  • Benjamin Diskin as Sai
  • Kyle Hebert as Kiba
  • Brian Donovan as Rock Lee
  • Kate Higgins as Sakura
  • Yuri Lowenthal as Sasuke
  • Robbie Rist as Choji
  • Danielle Nicolet as Karui
  • Megan Hollingshead as Shizune
  • Matthrew Mercer as Yamato
  • Henry Dittman as Kabuto
  • Steven Blum as Orochimaru
  • Travis Willingham as Jugo
  • Grant George as Suigetsu
  • Ali Hillis as Karin
  • Liam O'Brien as Gaara
  • Brian Beacock as Chojuro
  • Ogie Banks as Darui
  • ??? as Kagura
  • ??? as Uchiha Shin Clone
  • ??? as Uchiha Shin Sr.
  • Walley Wingert as Kinshiki
  • Xander Mobus as Momoshiki
  • ??? as Urashiki


  • KANA-BOON's first time performing a song in the Naruto series since Naruto Shippuuden.
  • The anime opening theme Baton Road is very similar to the Bleach opening theme Spring Wind.
  • A novel version titled Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Novel 1 (ボルト-ナルト―次 世代 小説 1) was released on May 2, 2017. The first novel is call The New Konoha Ninja Flying In the Blue Sky! (青天を翔る新たな木の葉たち!), and it covers episodes 1 to 6. The second novel is call A Call From the Shadows! (影からの呼び声!), and it was released on July 4, 2017. A third novel call Those Who Illuminate the Night of Shinobi! (忍の夜を照らす者) was released on September 4. A fourth novel call, School Excursion Bloodwind Records (修学旅行血風録) was released in November 2017. A fifth novel call The Last Day at the Ninja Academy! (忍者学校最後の日!) will be release on January 5, 2018.
  • Similar to Rock Lee's Springtime of Youth Full Power Ninja Chronicles, there is also an "SD" version of the Boruto manga, titled Boruto: Saikyo Dash Generations.
  • Kishimoto likewise gave hints of what to expect from the Boruto spin-off anime series. He explained that he wants for it to be more happy and fun, something that younger viewers can really enjoy. He wants it to be distinct from how "Naruto" turned out because as the original series went deeper, Kishimoto said that it got "more introspective and darker".
  • Junko Takeuchi asked Kishimoto to add a scene where all the adults hang out and complain about how hard it is to raise their kids. Takeuchi also admits that growing up, her childhood was exactly like Boruto's. Because she had a strained relationship with her father. Not only that Boruto's relationship with his father reflects Kishimoto's own strained relationship with his two sons.
  • A new novel series call Naruto Shinden (NARUTO -ナルト- 真伝) will be released from May to July 2018 and commemorates the 25th anniversary of Shueisha Jump Books. The first novel that will be release on May 2, 2018 is call Naruto Shinden: Parent and Child Day (NARUTO -ナルト- 新伝 親子の日), and deals with Naruto's relationship with his daughter, Himawari.
  • Sasuke and Shikamaru will also have Shinden stories as an adult.
  • Since Naruto's era is base off of Ancient Japan. Boruto's era is base off of the 2000 style of the United States.

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