Bulma (ブルマ) is a supporting main character in the Dragon Ball manga, and in the anime Dragon Ball/Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT.
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She is a scientist and the second daughter of Capsule Corporation's founder Dr. Brief, and his wife Mrs. Brief. She is the younger sister of Tights, and is Son Goku's first friend. She used to be the girlfriend of Yamcha but moved on, and eventually became the wife of Vegeta. With him she had a son named Trunks, and a daughter named Bra. Most importantly, she is also the daughter-in-law of King Vegeta, and the sister-in-law of Tarble.


In Age 749 Tokunoshin Omori, Jaco, Tights and Tamagoro Katayude reunite on Omori's Island for a temporary reunion and are visited by Bulma along with her parents Dr. Brief and Mrs. Brief. She admits that Jaco's ship is not working because the engine piece fell off. However she says that he can still fly his ship without the engine part, as long s he has a piece that is similar to it. In the first ten days of the month, Bulma enters Senior High School at West City. Bulma discovers the Two-Star Dragon Ball in her basement. She then discovers the Five-Star Dragon Ball in a northern cave. Bulma then decided to spend her summer vacation searching for the Dragon Balls. Therefore she visits Tights and Jaco by telling them that she is going to look for the dragon balls.


Bulma has a temperamental personality while being very tomboyish and girly at the same time. While known for her extreme intellect, she is also considerably spoiled and vain. Bulma is shown to typically believe that she is one of the most beautiful girls ever and uses it as an excuse for her selfish behavior. Bulma's selfishness prevents her from being able to ride the Flying Nimbus. Despite her temperament, she often displays friendliness and helpfulness towards others. As she gets more mature she focuses on becoming a great scientist and helps out by creating and fixing inventions that help the Z Fighters.

While being the most helpless out of the rest of the characters, she often gets put in the position of being the damsel in distress. While in stressful conditions, she becomes frightened easily and gets angry toward everyone including her allies. Bulma also tends to have a great deal of concern over her hygiene, frequently complaining when circumstances prevent her from taking a bath or replenishing her beauty supplies, even when her hygiene is the least of her worries such as being stranded in the wilderness.

Bulma enjoys strawberries, attractive boys and bubble baths. She tends to approach major situations rationally, often making crucial decisions on her own, and she tends to be very persistent in achieving her goals. While dealing in certain social dilemmas, Bulma sometimes has to deal with using her sex appeal to get what she wants. Though she shows a strong annoyance to perverted men, she herself gets infatuated towards any attractive guy she sees. During her marriage with Vegeta, she tends to have a unanimous relationship with him despite their quarrelsome natures.

As she got older, she also was shown to have some irritation towards her fellow Z-Fighters for constantly relying on the Dragon Balls to revive people when dealing with a threat. This eventually came to a head during the Fusion Saga when Piccolo, Goten, and Trunks were sealed inside the Hyperbolic Time Chamber when fighting Super Buu, where she called them out on their stating they'll revive Goten and Trunks with the Dragon Balls in case they get killed, especially when Goten and Trunks were children (also calling the rest of the Z-Fighters cowards in the Japanese version), after Kuririn suggested that Piccolo, Goten and Trunks commit suicide and then revive them.

Though she is not a fighter, she can be violent when angered and defend herself if need be. Several characters such as Kuririn and Goku are shown to fear her violent temper. During the battle on Planet Namek, when it seemed Frieza had been destroyed by the Large Spirit Bomb Kuririn freaked when he remembered they had left Bulma all alone on Namek and Kuririn even suggested that an angry Bulma is more terrifying than Frieza. In Battle of Gods, Goku freaked out when he realized he had forgotten it was Bulma's birthday and even suggested she might be more terrifying than Beerus.

In Battle of Gods, she angrily slapped the God of Destruction Beerus for ruining her party (however this was partially her fault because Beerus was a friend of her husband's), though fortunately Beerus responded by simply slapping her right back, causing Vegeta to angrily attack Beerus in order to defend his wife. She also slapped Goku for joking about letting her get hit the next time they find themselves in a similar situation and again after it was revealed that Goku arrived on Earth much earlier via Instant Transmission and hadn't intervened in the fight sooner.

In Resurrection F, she finally comes face-to-face with Frieza after his revival and confronts him along with the Z Fighters and Jaco (who she convinces to help fight Frieza's henchmen). She bravely confronts Frieza, to the point of even addressing the tyrant impolitely and rudely. However her confidence and bravado was shown to due to her belief that Gohan and the other Z Fighters where stronger than Frieza and quickly lost her bravo (to the point she began speaking politely to Frieza) when Gohan and Piccolo pointed out that Frieza had become far stronger than he was previously.

She even attempted to get Frieza to wait for Goku, but when Frieza agreed to wait only ten seconds for Goku to appear, she lost her temper and called him a stingy jerk (and in the English version she even said "Screw You!" to Frieza). Later when she was contacted by Whis after getting her message, she briefly called Frieza a scumbag when she angrily explaining the situation to Whis, Beerus, Goku, and Vegeta, which Frieza overheard.



Bulma as a young adult.

Throughout the entire series, Bulma has changed her appearance more than any character going through a total of 17 different hairstyles. In the original manga, her hair is purple, and in the anime it is turquoise. Many of the clothes Bulma is seen wearing often bear her name or the Capsule Corporation logo on it. She had a tender appearance in her teen years, like her milky colored skin. In her teen years her bust measurement was 85 cm, her waist measurement was 58 cm, and her hip measurement was 84 cm. As an adult her bust measurement was 87.2 cm before breastfeeding, and 83.4 cm after.

In her initial appearance, Bulma had her hair in a braided ponytail with a red ribbon and wore a pink dress with her name on it with blue sneakers and purple socks. Due to wetting her pants when being captured by a pterodactyl, her clothes are quickly changed to a pair of boots, gray pants and a blue jacket with a white tanktop underneath with her hair unchanged. When she was staying the night in her Capsule House she wore a pink nightgown with one side of her hair in a pigtail and adds a pair of pink socks and blue sneakers to it when she was forced to take Turtle to the beach. After coming back from the beach, Bulma is briefly seen in a white shirt and pants with brown shoes and gloves when attempting to ride Goku's Flying Nimbus.

When dealing with Oolong in Aru Village, Bulma is seen in one of her more consistent appearances featuring her hair down and wearing a pair of brown short shorts, red & white shoes, pink socks, a red jacket with a white shirt underneath and a red hat with her name on it. Since she loses her Capsules at a river, she is forced to wear a Bunny costume since she thinks the previous outfit got too dirty for her to wear. She wears the Bunny costume until she gets a pair of gypsy styled clothes at Monster Carrot's Village. The gypsy clothes consisted of her hair in a ponytail while wearing white suit with a red waistband, a golden collar, a small blue jacket, gold armlets,and red sandals. She wears this outfit until she gets back to West City. When she attended the 21st World Martial Arts Tournament she wears a red tank top that has her name on it, a white shirt underneath, orange skirt, yellow socks and purple shoes. Her hair is also pony tail with a red bow on her head.

During the time, Bulma met back with Goku in West City during his time being targeted by the Red Ribbon Army, Bulma wore a red shirt that leaves her shoulders exposed, orange shorts, and pink shoes with purple socks while having her hair in a side ponytail. When she was with Krillin being pursued by General Blue in the Pirate Cave she left her shorts, shoes, and socks behind to swim and was just in her red shirt and red panties. After getting back to Kame House after the incident she is seen wearing an outfit which is identical to the outfit worn before but everything being pink. She wears this outfit all the way until the end of the Fortuneteller Baba Saga.

After the three year time skip, has her hair cut shorter and wears an opened up orange sweatshirt, a red shirt underneath, white skirt, orange socks and blue shoes with orange laces at the 22nd World Martial Arts Tournament. She wears this same outfit minus the orange sweatshirt for part of the King Piccolo Saga. In the later half, she switches to a blue shirt and skirt. After King Piccolo's defeat Bulma is seen wearing a white and blue stripped shirt with an orange skirt. After another three year time skip during the Piccolo Jr. Saga, she wears a sleeveless purple dress with a white belt that has a pouch to the side. She also is wearing white boots with yellow socks and has her hair at shoulder length again as well as wearing red lipstick. She also wears pink earrings and wears a pink bracelet on her left wrist. She also had the same appearance in Dragon Ball Z: The World's Strongest and Dragon Ball Z: Lord Slug.

After the five-year gap that begins Dragon Ball Z, Bulma has her hair cut short again and wears white shorts, blue socks, blue and orange shoes and a blue shirt that leaves her shoulders exposed underneath an open white coat. After the year has passed in the middle of the Saiyan Saga, Bulma wears a blue shirt with a white collar and white edges on the sleeves as well as matching blue shorts with the edges on the bottom. Her hair is also back to a pony tail with a red bow. After the battle of the Saiyans is over, Bulma wears a white shirt that says Capsule Corporation and a pair of tight red jeans and has her hair all the way down with it longer than before. While on the ship on their trip to Namek, Bulma had her hair cut to shoulder length again and wore only her gray tank top and panties while traveling on board the Nameless Namek's spaceship (a reference to Ellen Ripley in the Alien films). While on Namek, she wore a perfectly fitting black jumpsuit on the whole body with a yellow tunic over it and pair of orange boots as with as a red hairband. In the Android Saga, she wore a burgandy long-sleeved shirt, white pants and her hair was still shoulder-length which is also retained in Dragon Ball Z: Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan while in Dragon Ball Z: Bojack Unbound, she wears a yellow dress with a pearl necklace and retains her hairstyle from the Android Saga.

In the Buu Saga, she wore a sleeveless green dress with the shoes similar to what her sons wears and her hair is bowl-cut and she also wears gold hoop earrings. At the 25th World Martial Arts Tournament and in the majority of the Buu Saga, her green dress is replaced with a sleeveless red dress and a yellow kerchief tied around her neck, although she switches back to the green dress for the party celebration for the defeat of Kid Buu in "He's Always Late". In Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, Bulma wears a sleeveless purple dress and a light green kerchief tied around her neck resembling her outfit that she wore in the 25th World Martial Arts Tournament and wears red sneakers and also wears small gold earrings instead of gold hoop earrings. In Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn, she wears the same appearance from the 25th World Martial Arts Tournament in the Majin Buu Saga while in Dragon Ball Z: Wrath of the Dragon, her red dress and a yellow kerchief is replaced by a blue dress which resembles her green dress.

For Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ and Dragon Ball Super, Bulma receives a new outfit which she wears a white tank top, a red bandanna, jeans, and cowgirl boots and wears stud earrings. After the Kid Buu Saga, she wears a yellow and black dress with a black leather jacket and brown gloves and black boots and retains her bowl-cut hairstyle, but with an open bang and now wears gold triangle earrings. In Dragon Ball GT, Bulma wears a long-sleeved orange dress with white pearls and black boots and retains the same hairstyle and the same gold triangle earrings from the end of Dragon Ball Z.


The movie pamphlet for Dragon Ball Z: The Tree of Might states that Bulma has a power level of 12. In Dragon Ball Z: The Anime Adventure Game, her power level is 16. Although Bulma's physical strength is that of a regular human, she possesses an almost superhuman intellect and uses it to create a bounty of useful inventions in her quest for the Dragon Balls. Many of these creations, like the Dragon Radar, are so complex that experts and scientists have not been able to understand them.

Though she does not possess the ability to manipulate ki herself, she has been able (according to an anime filler scene where Captain Ginyu possessed her body) to sense the power of other fighters, something even Vegeta couldn't do in the beginning of the series. However, this is most likely a temporary skill obtained from Captain Ginyu. From time to time, her strength has been exaggerated for comedic purposes, even to the point where she is able to perform feats of strength normally thought to be impossible for a regular woman.

Elbow Strike

An attack used in the Dragon Ball Z Collectible Card Game.


Bulma uses a gun very early in Dragon Ball to shoot Goku when he attacked her car, only for it to have no effect. Also used in the Dragon Ball: Origins video game series.

Machine Gun

Bulma often shoots people such as Goku, Master Roshi, and Krillin with a MAC-11 when they anger her. Also used in the Origins series as her super attack, "Flailing Machinegun".


Used in the Dragon Ball Origins series.

Rocket Launcher

Used in the Origins series.


A technique used when she tries to seduce General Blue. Bulma can also use this seduction technique in the Origins series.


Bulma uses this technique to get the Dragon Ball from Goku, but it did not work due to Goku's naive nature.

Scouter Drone

A tracking device created by Bulma while at the Kame House to find Goku, who was going to the Red Ribbon Army Headquarters. In Dragon Ball: Origins 2, Bulma can use it to explore distant areas, as well as an explosive weapon to attack enemies.


Bulma repairs and uses Raditz's scouter to find Tien, Chaozu, and Yamcha during the Saiyan Saga.

Blutz Wave Generator

A large vehicle used to fire Blutz Waves. Used to help Vegeta to attain Super Saiyan 4. ===Blutz Burst=== Bulma fires Blutz Waves from the generator. She can uses this to attack opponents, as demonstrated when used against Omega Shenron. Named in the Dragon Ball Z Collectible Card Game.

Dragon Ball (Anime)

Emperor Pilaf Saga

"I want a bath, I need air conditioning, I don't want to be stranded in the desert without a boyfriend or my dynocaps anymore"
— Bulma while walking in the desert in the episode "Yamcha the Desert Bandit" (English Version)

When she is 16 years old, Bulma found the two-star Dragon Ball in her basement. She created the Dragon Radar to find the other Dragon Balls so she can wish for a lifetime supply of strawberries, but later decides she wants to wish for the perfect boyfriend instead. She began her quest for the other balls during her summer vacation and after a couple of days she found the Five-Star Dragon Ball in the North Valley.

Nine days later, she went to Mount Paozu to find the next Dragon Ball when she accidentally hit a young boy named Son Goku with her car. Bulma was the first girl Goku had ever seen and even more so, the second human Goku had ever seen, after his guardian, Grandpa Son Gohan, who had died. After Goku took Bulma to his house, she finds out that he has the four-star Dragon Ball, and explains the legend and power behind them. After failing to seduce Goku for the Dragon Ball, she decides to become traveling partners with him to which he agrees, though she deliberately neglected to tell him that the Dragon Balls scatter after the wish is made.

Later that night when camping in a Capsule House in Skull Valley, Bulma ends up introducing Goku to several elements that he was deprived of in his isolation such as technology, bathing and even the anatomy of women (by accident). The next morning, Goku finds a sea Turtle lost and decides to walk him back to the beach, which Bulma unhappily agrees to since she does not want to be left alone and defenseless. After an encounter with a Bear Thief, they got him to the beach and met Master Roshi, who gave Goku the Flying Nimbus for bringing him back. Bulma, who saw Master Roshi's Three-Star Dragon Ball, got it from him in exchange for showing him her panties (which she did not know were not on at the time because Goku removed them while she was sleeping that morning). Only later, she discovers that her underwear is gone and gets furious as Goku admits (after being explained what panties are) that he took them off. When the two continue their journey, Bulma tries to use the Flying Nimbus, but was rejected since she is not pure hearted.

Three days later, Bulma and Goku ended up in Aru Village which was under rule of a shapeshifter named Oolong who kidnapped the young daughters of the villagers. Bulma was given the six-star Dragon Ball by an old lady in the village for coming up with a plan to have Goku defeat Oolong. Bulma forced Oolong to come with them on their journey since his shapeshifting ability can come in handy. The journey became hard for when they reached the Diablo Desert and lost her capsules after traveling through a river on a boat just before. While in the desert, she met Yamcha, who she develops a crush on.

After spending the night in Oolong's House-Wagon, she was forced to wear a Bunny costume, because it was the only clean clothes around she had to wear. Two days later, the Dragon Ball Gang arrived at Fire Mountain to find the next Dragon Ball before the Ox King finds them. Bulma and Oolong almost got killed by the Ox King, but were saved when he found out that Goku knew Master Roshi. Bulma got the seven-star Dragon Ball when Goku and the Ox-King's daughter, Chi-Chi, retrieved Master Roshi to put out the flames on Fire Mountain but unfortunately for her, Bulma had let Roshi touch her breasts in return. Bulma had Oolong take her place in her shape, but Bulma got angry when he went overboard and exposed her breasts to him as well.

While on their way to the final Dragon Ball, they end up getting supplies at a town. While there, Bulma is mistaken for a member of the Rabbit Mob because she is still wearing the bunny suit Oolong gave her. After getting new clothes, she is not feared by the townsfolk anymore. After Goku defeats two members of the mob they call their boss Monster Carrot, who turns Bulma into a carrot. Goku got help from Yamcha and Puar (who have been secretly following them the whole time) to defeat Monster Carrot and have Bulma turned back into a human. The gang got back on track to their last, one-star Dragon Ball which was in the possession of Emperor Pilaf who has the desire to use them to rule the world. Bulma and the others had to get a ride from Yamcha and Puar to Pilaf's Castle since they had their previous car destroyed by Pilaf's minion Shu and five of their Dragon Balls stolen by him.

While in Pilaf's Castle the gang was trapped in a room where Pilaf was able to steal the last ball from them that Goku had on. Oolong was able to save the world by stopping Pilaf from making his wish by shouting his wish for panties just a fraction of a second before Pilaf's request for world domination. However, the Dragon Ball Gang was put into a cell to be fried the next morning. Bulma and the others were able to escape when Goku looked at the Full Moon and become a Great Ape and break them out. The next morning Bulma becomes disappointed that she did not get her wish but then decides to hook up with Yamcha and head to back to her home in West City.

World Tournament Saga

After preventing Pilaf from taking over the world, Bulma, Yamcha, Oolong and Puar decide to return to West City while Goku goes to train with Master Roshi. On their way back their airplane crashes into a jungle where they are forced to walk. While back at West City, Bulma and Yamcha start to date. She cheers Yamcha on while watching him defeat an entire dojo of fighters to train for the upcoming World Martial Arts Tournament. During the time Bulma decides to go visit Goku at Roshi's Island but found that the house was moved to a different location.

Bulma becomes mad when Yamcha leaves West City to train in the wild. A month later, when coming home from grocery shopping, Bulma almost gets run over by a truck but is saved when Yamcha returns and saves her. Bulma becomes disappointed at him for being gone for so long and not contacting her. Afterwards, she takes Yamcha to her house and gets him cleaned up.

When Bulma arrives at Papaya Island to watch the Tournament, She meets back up with Son Goku and Master Roshi while they were signing up. During the Elimination Rounds, Bulma used Oolong to help her get a good view into the room so she can watch Yamcha fight. When the Tournament started she got a front row seat. While Goku did excellent job in the Tournament, Bulma proudly took credit for being the one to discover him. After Goku lost the final round against Jackie Chun (who was really Master Roshi in disguise) Bulma and the rest of the gang ate dinner and began to leave back home but she was unfortunately stranded in the desert again when Yamcha's car broke down and was caught in a sand storm bringing them back to the World Tournament Arena where they started.

Red Ribbon Army Saga

Bulma returns to West City and continues going to school at the Senior High School. She begins to dislike Yamcha due to his popularity with other women. Goku meets back up with her in front of her house at Capsule Corporation one day when she ditched school and came home early. Goku came to have Bulma repair the Dragon Radar that got broken while traveling. Feeling bored with life at West City, she decides to join Goku and collect the Dragon Balls once more. Before Goku had arrived, she had made a new device, the Micro Band, so she can shrink and travel with him in his shirt while he is on the Flying Nimbus. Just before leaving, Bulma decides to show Goku around the city. While traveling through the city, Goku and Bulma come across Yamcha, Oolong and Puar, who decide to come along with them to Dream Land.

At Dream Land, Bulma decides to be moody the whole time because of her fight with Yamcha and walk around by herself. When she decides that she wanted to apologize to Yamcha, she sees what looks like Yamcha holding another woman, however Yamcha was actually trying to disarm a scimitar from Hasky. Angry at Yamcha for his "infidelity", Bulma whacks him with a pot, knocking him out and allowing Hasky to escape. After Goku caught Hasky, Bulma officially breaks up with Yamcha and travels with Goku to find the Dragon Balls.

Bulma and Goku end up flying to an island that is right near the location of a Dragon Ball that is located in the ocean. When Bulma finds out that she did not have a submarine capsule on her, Goku goes off to find the ball underwater by himself, leaving Bulma on the island. Bulma wanders the island not knowing that it was a base for the Red Ribbon Army. While wandering the island, she comes across two soldiers who were attracted to her. Since they were on an island in the middle of nowhere, the two soldiers wanted to take advantage of her, but Bulma ran from them. This made them angry, so they got into their planes and started shooting at Bulma, but Goku came by just in time to defeated the soldiers and save her. Seeing that the ball was very deep underwater, they went to Kame House to see Master Roshi and got a submarine in exchange for her Micro Band (for perverted reasons on Roshi's part). When they began to go off into the ocean, Kuririn decided to come along and help them.

While searching in the ocean, they were chased by the submarine of General Blue into a Pirate Cave that was the site of some hidden treasure. While sneaking through the cave, they came across a trap that shot arrows by touching any of the black holes that were littered all over the hallway. Goku and Kuririn were able to jump over all of them, but Bulma had to hang upside down on to Goku's Power Pole as it slowly brought her through the hall. While continuing through the cave, Bulma ran away from a Pirate Robot that Goku and Kuririn fought. During the fight, Bulma and Kuririn left and went ahead of Goku, who decided to stay and fight the robot. At the end of the hall, they had no choice but to strip to their underwear and swim the rest of the way.

When Bulma and Kuririn found a room filled with the treasure, they encountered General Blue. Bulma stayed and watched Kuririn fight against General Blue. Just as Kuririn was losing, Goku caught up and took him on. When Blue released his telekinesis on Goku, Bulma tried to seduce General Blue with her body, but it failed because General Blue is not interested in women. After Goku was able to defeat General Blue, Bulma and Kuririn went to escape the cave as it was crumbling and Goku went to quickly find the Dragon Ball. Bulma drives an ancient submarine out of the Pirate Cave once Goku got the Dragon Ball.

When they got back to the surface, Bulma shows Kuririn and Goku that she hid a diamond from the treasure in her underpants while they were still in there. Bulma uses the diamond to pay Roshi back for not returning his submarine, but Launch reverted to her bad form and stole it. General Blue shows up at Kame House and has everybody tied up using his telekinesis while he takes the Dragon Balls and escapes leaving a bomb behind to kill them. Launch returned just in time to save them by untying Goku so he can throw the bomb and catch up to General Blue. At that point, Bulma decides to end traveling with Goku and stay at Kame House for the time being.

While Goku was out continuing his quest for his Dragon Ball, Bulma took the Micro Band back from Roshi, since he was using it for perverted reasons. While Goku was training at the top of Korin Tower, he looked through one of the water jugs and saw Bulma and Kuririn cooking at Roshi's house, where she accidentally burned her finger on the stove. Another time Goku looked through the Jug, she was seen teaching Roshi, Launch and Kuririn how to do aerobics. While she was Roshi's house, she was using what little resources he had laying around to make a Scouting Plane and another Dragon Radar to track Goku down. When Bulma launched the scouting plane, she saw that Goku was heading to the Red Ribbon Army Headquarters to get their Dragon Balls. Bulma decided to make a phone using spare parts around the house so she can call Yamcha and have him take everyone to Goku. When everyone gets to the Red Ribbon Army Base to meet Goku, they are too late only to find out that Goku easily beat all of them up.

Fortuneteller Baba Saga

Bulma fixes the Dragon Radar, and is confused that it doesn't pick up the trace of the last Dragon Ball. Bulma decided to stay behind while Son Goku, Yamcha, Kuririn and Puar go to meet Master Roshi's sister, Fortuneteller Baba, to help them locate the ball, but Bulma and Roshi end up getting dragged to Fortuneteller Baba's Palace by Goku as part of a plan that Kuririn has. Since Yamcha is a fighting See-Through the Invisible Man, and was struggling to fight, not knowing where his opponent is, Kuririn has Bulma face Roshi, while pulling her shirt off, exposing her bare breasts to Roshi. Roshi then has a nose-bleed onto the invisible man revealing him to Yamcha for him to easily defeat. Afterwards, Bulma gets mad at Kuririn for pulling her shirt down and hits him.

Bulma meets Upa and spectates the rest of the fights in the Devil's Toilet against Bandages the Mummy and Spike the Devil Man. When Goku finishes the final fight outside against his late adopted grandfather, Grandpa Son Gohan, Bulma tells him about what Goku accomplished when he's been dead. After Goku finished getting the Dragon Balls, Bulma had to promise Master Roshi that she would stay at Kame House if he would train Yamcha. While everyone was preparing for the World Martial Arts Tournament, Bulma saw pictures of Master Roshi when he was young and learned of InoShikaCho which she had a nightmare of Goku being slaughtered by.

Tien Shinhan Saga

Bulma arrives with everybody else at Papaya Island by plane. While waiting for Son Goku to arrive, they meet Master Roshi's rival Master Shen the crane hermit, who brought along his students Tien and Chaozu. During the tournament, Yamcha got his leg broken by Tien in the first match and Bulma helped him at the hospital. While staying at the hotel, she shared a room with Launch. As a spectator in the tournament she seemed to hit Oolong a lot (mostly on accident) and also argued with Master Shen on many occasions. Bulma is also shown to be a fan of Pamput and even debated to cheer for him instead of Goku.

King Piccolo Saga

Bulma's part in the King Piccolo Saga began to emphasize her role as a scientist. She lends the Dragon Radar to the early Z Fighters so that they might locate the Dragon Balls before King Piccolo, however the main characters' efforts are in vain when King Piccolo is successful in summoning Shenron, and the menacing Namekian is granted eternal youth. Bulma stores the lifeless bodies of Kuririn, Chaozu and Master Roshi, all victims of King Piccolo and his deformed son Tambourine, to later be revived by Shenron, along with every other undeserving victim of King Piccolo's campaign.

Piccolo Jr. Saga

Three years later, Bulma was once again a spectator at the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament, where she reunited with Son Goku, as well as the other friends she made during Dragon Ball. It is here when she notices how Goku has grown up into a young man. With Goku now being 18 years old and Bulma now at the age of 22, Bulma refers to him as handsome and almost takes a liking to him. However, any possibility of a connection was not going to happen since Goku ended up getting engaged to his childhood sweetheart, Chi-Chi, in the Quarterfinals. Bulma becomes happy for Goku and looks forward to becoming friends with soon-to-be-bride.

Dragon Ball Z (Anime)

Saiyans Saga

After five years of peace, Bulma is with Kuririn, and Master Roshi at the Kame House, when Son Goku arrives and introduces them to his new child, Son Gohan. Bulma, Kuririn and Roshi are shocked by this information at first. Bulma also witnesses Goku's brother, Raditz, arriving on Earth to investigate why Goku, revealed to be a Saiyan named Kakarotto by birthright, failed to exterminate the population of Earth as a child. She witnesses Goku fall to Raditz by only one kick, and him kidnapping Gohan. After Raditz's defeat at the co-operative hands of Goku and Piccolo, Bulma is able to repair and modify the warrior's "scouter" device, so that it may display a person's power level in Earth figures, rather than Saiyan ones.

A year later, the two Saiyans arrive on Earth. Bulma watches the battle on TV as Yamcha is killed by one of the Saibaman. When they lose the TV signal, Fortuneteller Baba arrives and they watch the battle on her Crystal Ball. Bulma is at age 28 at the time. When Goku fought Vegeta, Bulma read Goku's power level through the scouter, but his power level went too high for the scouter and it broke.

Namek & Frieza Saga

After many of Earth's finest defenders, including Piccolo, are lost in the battle against the Saiyans, Bulma attempts to get a trip to Kami and Piccolo's homeplanet, Namek in hopes of retrieving the Namekian Dragon Balls to revive Piccolo. Bulma tries to use the remote to Nappa's spaceship which was left behind but accidentally self-destructs the ship instead. Mr. Popo then assists Bulma by taking her with him on his Magic Carpet to help identify a large contraption in Yunzabit Heights as a spacecraft, particularly the craft used by Kami to escape Namek centuries earlier.

After seeing that the ship was fast enough to travel to Jupiter within minutes, she has the ship repaired and modified at Capsule Corporation with the help of her father. During the preparation, Mr. Popo taught Bulma some of the Namekian language in order to help use the ship. Joined by Kuririn and Son Gohan, Bulma uses the spaceship to travel to Namek.

En route to Namek, Bulma was captain of the Namekian Spaceship where she spent the next 34 days sitting around in only her underwear. During this time in filler, the group is intercepted by a platoon of orphans in their mirror spaceship, certain that Bulma, Kuririn , and Gohan are henchmen of the space tyrant Frieza. They are later tricked into making a crashlanding on a fake Namek, where after a complex plot by the aliens Zaacro and Raiti, the group is almost left stranded.

Upon reaching Namek, their troubles only multiply when Banan and Sūi, two of Frieza's henchmen, deliberately damage the group's spaceship during an investigation, rendering them unable to leave the planet. Bulma leaves the Dragon Radar in the care of Kuririn and Gohan, who begin their search for the Dragon Balls. During the two's departure, Bulma sets up camp in a Capsule House hidden inside of a cave. While relaxing in a bath, she receives a radio transition from her father that Son Goku is on his way to Namek. After telling Gohan and Kuririn of the news of Goku coming, she meets the Namekian child Dende which they befriended.

She is soon plagued by numerous misdeeds while on Namek, when she is caught in the middle of a devastating confrontation between Vegeta and Zarbon. She quickly admires Zarbon's appearance prior to the gruesome revelation of his second form, which ends up scaring her. She also witnesses Zarbon's demise as Vegeta obtains the Dragon Ball from them. After this, she is left out in the open to keep guard of the four star Namekian Dragon Ball. When a Dragon Ball accidentally falls into the ocean, Bulma uses her capsule submarine to go underwater and get the Dragon Ball back from a giant crab and its babies. After getting it back on land, she is threatened and kidnapped by two more soldiers of Frieza, Blueberry and Raspberry. She managed to trick the soldiers by luring them to the nest of the giant crab from earlier, narrowly escaping from them in time.

Eventually, she was forced to wander around the landscape, weakened to such an extent that she believes she no longer has anything to live for except getting revenge on Kuririn and Gohan for leaving her behind. However, she was forced to flee when several Namekian dinosaurs seemed to be going after Bulma with the intention of killing her, although it was later revealed that they had merely been stampeding due to fear at a huge power increase by Frieza and she had merely been in the way.

Bulma later briefly has her body snatched by Captain Ginyu, leaving her soul trapped inside the body of the Namekian Frog Ginyu had mistakenly snatched during his conflict with Vegeta. She later regains her body when Gohan interferes with Captain Ginyu's body change attempt towards Piccolo by throwing Bulma's frog body between Ginyu and Piccolo. Afterwards, she is knocked back by one of the blasts from Frieza and Goku's battle along with Ginyu, and is eventually knocked back even further by the aftershock of the Spirit Bomb. Bulma, still feeling sore towards Ginyu for tricking her, has Ginyu try to scout ahead for her friends. After Ginyu reports back, she then notices the aura on a nearby island resulting from Goku's transformation into the Super Saiyan.

After Frieza in a last ditch effort against Goku tries to blow up Namek, Bulma, witnessing the cataclysm, expressed horror and stated she did not want to die as the ground began cracking underneath her, though she ultimately survived due to Frieza unintentionally holding back enough power to delay the destruction by five minutes.

Gohan finally finds Bulma and gets her to Goku's spaceship. Bulma is briefly frightened by Piccolo's presence, although he is unconscious, and suggests leaving Piccolo on Namek, to Gohan's frustration. Terrified at Namek's impending explosion, Bulma attempts to start the ship to leave, but Gohan, despite Goku's orders to leave, refuses. Bulma grudgingly agrees to wait longer. Bulma attempts to restart the ship when preparing to leave for Earth, and tries to stop Gohan from trying to sacrifice himself to stop Frieza from escaping the dying planet.

But Porunga transports her to Earth with all living beings on Namek except for Goku and Frieza. On Earth, Grand Elder Guru explains to Bulma and everyone that they were all wished to Earth in order to escape from Namek's explosion, but Goku chose to remain on Namek in order to ensure Frieza's defeat. Bulma tries to cheer herself up by predicting Goku's fate with fortune telling leaves: she draws a circle in the ground and places three leaves inside it, planning to burn them. If they all burn, it means Goku will return safely. Dende sets fire to them, but the wind blows them away before they can burn completely. Gohan scoffs at it, confident that Goku will survive. Yamcha uses King Kai's telepathic link to contact Bulma on Earth and tell her that Goku defeated Frieza but did not make it off Namek in time.

Bulma, however, seems unconcerned, gleefully telling Yamcha that they can revive Goku and Kuririn with the Namekian Dragon Balls, since Porunga can revive someone multiple times. Unfortunately, King Kai spoils the celebration once again: Porunga can only revive someone back to the place they died, which means he would send Goku and Kuririn back to Namek, or rather, where Namek used to be, where they would just die again from the lack of oxygen. Hope seems lost for Goku and Kuririn. Gohan, Vegeta, Piccolo and Bulma are left devastated. Vegeta comes up with the idea of wishing Goku to the Check-In Station in the Other World and then wishing him back so that he will be brought to Earth instead of where Namek used to be.

Bulma allows Vegeta and the Nameks to take shelter at Capsule Corporation for a year, until the Z Fighters could be revived and a new planet, suitable for the Nameks, could be found. She even offered Vegeta to stay at her home, which he does. A year later, she witness Kuririn, and Yamcha being brought back to life. Including Tien and Chaozu. She then learns from Porunga that Goku is alive and training on another Planet.

Garlic Jr. Saga

In the filler Garlic Jr. Saga of Dragon Ball Z, Bulma attends Master Roshi's party and quickly develops a grudge for Krillin's beloved but frustrating girlfriend, Maron, as Maron relentlessly advances on Yamcha even in Bulma's presence, and often calls Bulma an old lady. She inhales the coat of Black Water Mist that Garlic Jr. lays across the Earth, which degrades her into one of Garlic Jr.'s thoughtless and violent mindslaves. Like the other possessed residents of Earth, Bulma is eventually reverted to normal when Mr. Popo and Kami spread the Sacred Water through Kami's Lookout's seven air currents of the world.

Trunks Saga

A year later, after Future Trunks mysteriously arrives and easily slays Frieza and his father, King Cold, Bulma is at first under the impression that the young man is an employee of Capsule Corporation, due to the logo on his jacket. The only two people who are made aware that he is actually the future son of Bulma and Vegeta are Son Goku, who is told this by Future Trunks, and Piccolo, whose powerful Namek ears inadvertently hear the confession. Still, Piccolo explains to the Z Fighters and friends the boy's story of the androids and that he is a legitimate visitor of the future.

Androids & Cell Saga

Three years later, at the age of 33, Bulma gives birth to a baby boy named Trunks. Although she initially intended to reveal Trunks' name as well as the fact that his father was Vegeta when the Z Fighters congregated at the area the Androids were to appear, Son Goku accidentally reveals both information, to her confusion and shock, not knowing that Future Trunks revealed this. Eventually, with the return of Future Trunks not long after, the fact that he is the same person as her child slowly becomes clear to everyone including Vegeta, who assumes that having his blood is why Future Trunks could become a Super Saiyan at such a young age. Kuririn later gives Bulma blueprints for Android 17 that were confiscated by him and Future Trunks during the Imperfect Cell Saga.

Bulma develops a remote device that can be used to deactivate Android 17 and Android 18, but when Kuririn has the chance to use it and destroy Android 18, he chooses to destroy it because he has come to have feelings for 18. Bulma goes to Kami's Lookout to give the Z Fighters the third-party model of Battle Armor she developed to help in their training for the Cell Games.

Cell Games Saga


Bulma bids farewell to her son.

After Android 16 is damaged while trying to prevent Cell from absorbing 18, he is repaired by Bulma and her father. During the repair, the unconfident pair decide to remove 16's bomb, which proves to be a poor move as 16 later attempts to use the bomb against Cell, but does not realize until he is in combat with his opponent that he has no trump card, which causes his death. After Super Perfect Cell is defeated by Super Saiyan 2 Gohan, Bulma is seen at Capsule Corporation with the others, saying her farewells to Future Trunks before he returns to his time.

The Great Saiyman Saga

Seven years later, Bulma is properly living with her husband Vegeta and their son Trunks. In the Great Saiyaman Saga, she designs a disguise that Son Gohan can use with his Great Saiyaman Watch while fighting crime as the protector of Satan City, the Great Saiyaman.

The World Tournament Saga

When it is announced that the late Son Goku will be returning to Earth for a day, she is 40 years old. Bulma attends the 25th World Martial Arts Tournament, although she spends most of the tournament arguing with Chi-Chi over whose husband and son is better. At then end of the tournament, she witnesses Vegeta mercilessly slaughter hundreds of spectators after allowing the wizard Babidi to unleash his inner powers, with Vegeta close to hit Bulma with the Big Bang Attack he fired at the crowds.

Majin Buu Saga

After the tournament, she goes with the group to look for the Dragon Balls to resurrect the citizens Vegeta killed. She later takes shelter from Majin Buu on Kami's Lookout with the rest of the group. When informed of Vegeta's sacrifice against Buu, Bulma openly expresses her feelings towards Vegeta, admitting she truly fell in love with him after Cell's defeat.

Fusion Dance Saga

A day later, Super Buu finds everyone on the lookout and spares them when using his Human Extinction Attack to kill all the other people on Earth. In addition, unknown to her, in order to get Old Kai to unlock Gohan's hidden depths of his power, Goku bribes him with having him gain nude pictures of her for Old Kai to go on a date with her.

When Super Buu escapes from the Hyperbolic Time Chamber during his fight with Gotenks, Bulma, along with the others, is transformed into chocolate and consumed by the monster. In the afterlife, Bulma goes to Heaven where she gossips with Chi-Chi, Videl and Dabura until the battle ends.

Kid Buu & Uub Saga

Afterward, she is revived by the Dragon Balls along with her family and friends, and gives her energy to Son Goku to create the Spirit Bomb used to eliminate Kid Buu once and for all. Bulma later hosts a party at her home Capsule Corporation. 10 years later, Bulma and Vegeta have a second child a daughter named Bra. She attends the 28th World Tournament with her family and friends at the end of the Dragon Ball Z series.

Dragon Ball Super (Anime)

Battle of Gods arc

Six months after the conflict with Majin Buu, Bulma tells Trunks that if her cosmetics don't work on her, she'll give them to Videl so that she could keep her face smooth as she gets older. Later, Bulma goes to a resort area with Vegeta and Trunks for their first family vacation. While shopping for Trunks, Bulma is suprised the Vegeta chose his family over training for once, she questioned his motives and was delighted that Vegeta is spending more time with them. She furthermore points out that he has changed so much since fighting Buu and enjoyed their trip before Vegeta got annoyed and left to resume his training. Despite that, she was thankful he put up with it for a long time and enjoyed their time together.

Bulma is hosting her birthday party on a first class cruise ship. Bulma gets furious with Majin Buu for eating before the party started. She is also gets mad when she hears from Gohan that Vegeta and Goku are off training on her birthday. While talking with Chi-Chi and Android 18, Bulma prevents Master Roshi from attempting to touch her breasts by slapping him.

When Beerus and Whis arrive, she notices them with Vegeta and thinking the pair are his friends, takes them along with her and introduces them to the rest of the party guests, joining the guests in chanting Beerus' name and clapping. After Beerus defeats Buu, Gotenks charges him and is defeated, Bulma caring for Trunks once the fusion wears off. She steps in when Beerus aims his finger at Vegeta in an attempt to execute him, taking his attention off of Vegeta by slapping him and mouthing off. Beerus returns the favor by slapping her back and she is knocked out, sending Vegeta into a rage.

Beerus ultimately did not destroy Earth, leaving the planet. Bulma was left dissatisfied with her party due to the ordeal.

Resurrection F arc

Bulma has been taking Whis out to various restaurants for quite a while since the battle between Goku and Beerus, in order to convince him to save her family’s lives if Beerus ever tries to destroy Earth again.

As Vegeta returns home to Capsule Corporation, he is surprised to run into Bulma and Whis, who have just returned from the restaurant. Vegeta asks Whis where Beerus is, and when Whis replies that he is still sleeping back on his planet, Vegeta demands that Whis take him there so that he can show Beerus the true power of the Saiyans. Bulma angrily pulls Vegeta aside and explains her plan to bribe Whis with food, which she thinks is the only surefire way to keep their family safe.

After Vegeta gained Whis' approval she gave him new Battle Armor to wear because his old armor was being scuffed up and Bulma not wanting her husband to be the laughingstock of the universe.

Later on, Bulma was looking foward to getting a haircut at her beauty salon when two robbers bumped into her car and scratched it, prompting an angry Bulma to go after them and give them a taste of their own medicine. Krillin, who turned out to be the police officer chasing the robbers, thanks Bulma for her help, but gives her a ticket for speeding, much to her dismay.

Just then his phone rings. He and Bulma are summoned over to Gohan's house to try and help deal with the situation between him and Mr. Satan with Chi-Chi, with Goku and Goten showing up at the same time too. Bulma promises to help calm Chi-Chi down if Krillin gets rid of her ticket. She assures Chi-Chi that she should look on the bright side: Gohan has successfully become a scholar, and even Goku is working now… as opposed to Vegeta, who has been off training with Whis for half a year without coming back home.

When Goku finds out Vegeta was training on Beerus' planet and wanted to go too, Bulma said he had to wait for Whis to arrive on Earth again. Desperate, Goku starts following Bulma around badgering her about Whis: at home, at work, and even when coming out of the shower! Finally, Bulma gives Goku a cellphone and promises to call him the next time Whis turns up.

Chi-Chi oversees this, so Goku covers by telling her that he and Bulma are planning a surprise party for Pan and need to keep in touch. Eventually, Whis arrives and joins her for lunch at a restaurant and endures the impateince of Goku until they were finsihed. When Chi-Chi and her sons show up to see Goku, Chi-Chi reveals that Bulma told her about Goku's plans with Whis. After Chi-Chi accepts this fact, Bulma promises to throw a big, flashy party for Pan.

Four months later, Bulma reunites with her friend Jaco, who has news about Frieza's return. When told by Jaco that her sister, Tights said that she she was friends with Goku, she wonders what Frieza looked like. She was shown a picture Jaco drew of Frieza which made her laugh but gets scared when told that Frieza and his forces will annihilate the Earth and its population. She tries to contact Whis with an strawberry sundae to tell Goku and Vegeta that Frieza is coming but they were training. When Bulma was told by Jaco that Frieza would show up in an hour, she calls several Z-Fighters about it.

Universe 6 arc

Bulma is asked by Goku and Vegeta to invent a new Dragon Radar to detect a Super Dragon Ball. Goku tries to use the radar but it doesn't work because Bulma says that they're at the edge of the universe to the ball can't be detected where they were unless they went to the center of the universe. Bulma contacts her sister and asks her to get Jaco to go to Earth. When Jaco reaches Earth, Bulma insists that he took her to the center of the universe but he thinks she's crazy because he universe has multiple galaxies. He suggests that she went to see a mysterious guy named Zuno, who should know everything. Bulma gets in Jaco's ship since he's taking her to see him.

On the way to Zuno's planet, Bulma informs Jaco that there's a universe six and the Super Dragon Balls. He says that it's news to him and Bulma agrees, stating that she's new to the information too. When Jaco is interested in going to the Nameless Planet when the tournament happens, Bulma suggests he bring his girlfriend but it turns out he got dumped.

On Zuno's planet, Bulma and Jaco visit Zuno. Jaco is given one question because he is a male. He uses his question to ask Zuno about Bulma's bust size, which is 83.4 centimeters after breast feeding but before that, it was 87.2 centimeters. Bulma is angry that Jaco would as such a question. She is given three questions but she would have been given more if she wasn't middle-aged and plus she's not Zuno's type. Bulma uses two questions by mistake but manages to ask a question about the origin of the Super Dragon Balls. Bulma wants to get more questions by throwing herself on Zuno, but she is forced to leave and come back one year from then and ask more questions.

Five days later, Bulma is on her way to the Nameless Planet with the rest of the gang. Bulma is present at the sidelines with her friends and family, spectating the Universe 6 and 7 Gods of Destruction Selection Martial Arts Competition, expressing concern for her husband after he is defeated by Hit. After the tournament, the group locates the seventh and final Super Dragon Ball, which was actually the planet they were on. Bulma constantly nags Beerus about wishing for something good, threatening to tell the Omni-King on him if he doesn't. Bulma then returns to Earth with everyone else.

Potaufeu arc

Bulma throws a party for Universe 7's victory in the tournament, and invites everyone, including Beerus and Whis. Bulma also tells the two Gods to invite Monaka. Later, Monaka appears, delivering some sweets for Jaco, and Bulma is surprised to see that Monaka has a job. After Beerus and Whis arrive, Bulma is told along with everyone else to protect the secret of Monaka's weakness from Goku. Bulma constantly nags Beerus, which angers him, and Vegeta keeps telling her to stop, reminding her of what happened at her birthday party. Bulma watches as Beerus dons a life-sized Monaka costume and fights with Goku, who believes he is the real Monaka, and is overwhelmed by their battle. The situation turns out to be good, as Goku does not find out about Monaka's weakness, and the party starts.

One day, Bulma works on an experiment as Monaka appears, delivering the same sweets for her. Bulma then asks Monaka to assist her with her experiment, ignoring the fact that Monaka is running late on other deliveries. Monaka then leaves, as Bulma wonders where Trunks and Goten are. Later, Bulma realizes that Trunks and Goten are stowed away on Monaka's delivery truck, having watched her surveillance camera footage. She asks Jaco to go to Planet Potaufeu to retrieve them, who refuses, saying he has more important matters to attend to. Bulma then blackmails Jaco using his possessed picture of the Galactic King with a drawn-on mustache, and Jaco says he will go. Bulma then tells Vegeta about the situation, and tells him to accompany Jaco, much to her husband's irritation and Jaco's intimidation. As the two leave, Bulma calls Chi-Chi to inform her of her son's whereabouts.

Later, when the group from Potaufeu return to Earth, Bulma scolds Trunks for sneaking onto Monaka's spacecraft, and Trunks apologizes.

Future Trunks arc

Bulma is called by Shu to the garden of Capsule Corp, as Future Trunks' time machine has arrived and Future Trunks is beaten and unconscious inside. Bulma lays him in a bed, and berates Pilaf and the gang for assuming that Bulma was apart of a "scandal" as Future Trunks and Trunks look the same. Bulma frantically looks for the communicator given to her by Whis, and she uses it to tell Vegeta and Goku about Future Trunks, and they teleport back to Earth. After Goku teleports to Korin Tower for some Senzu Beans, Bulma feeds Future Trunks one, and is surprised to see Future Trunks suddenly wake up and attack Goku. Bulma slaps him in the face and then he realizes that he is in the present not in the future anymore. Future Trunks is happy to see Bulma again since his own mother from his timeline sadly died. The Pilaf Gang are still unaware that this is a Future version of Trunks and still think it’s the older brother. Bulma has to explain to them that it’s the same person but from the future.

Whis is a little worried that Future Trunks has been travelling through time as he notes about the butterfly effect. The butterfly effect is a concept where if one thing is changed in the past, it can have severe consequences in the future. mean while Beerus wants to destroy the time machine. and he only agrees to stop so if he gets tasty food. Bulma gives Beerus and Whis some sausages and they love it.

Bulma notes that the time machine only had fuel for a one way trip. However, she finds a note that has been written by her future self. The Future Bulma has given her past self a clue to where she can get more fuel and build a better time machine.

Future Trunks then mentions to the rest of the gang that the new enemy he faces looks like Goku. He says Future Bulma just gave him the name of “Black Goku” mean while the present Bulma think that name is silly. when Vegeta is angry at Future trunks for the dead of Future Bulma and running to the past. Bulma shows them the notebook she found that would help Trunks to travel with present-day Goku and Vegeta in the future.

After Black Goku arrives in the present timeline, he then destroys the time machine Trunks came in from. Thankfully, Bulma reveals that she still had the Time Machine that Cell came from. Bulma wanted to keep Cell's time machine to learn more about time travel, but she wasn't able to figure it out. She then found notes from her other self containing theories. Bulma and her father (who returned from his vacation) soon repair the time machine. Eventually, also with the help of the Pilaf Gang and Trunks, she completely restores it, also preparing enough fuel for it for a round trip. Future Trunks thanks her and he leaves for the future with Goku and Vegeta accompanying him.

Later on, she is shocked and greatly flustered to see the time machine return, with Goku, Vegeta and Future Trunks beaten and unconscious. Wasting no time, she immediately gives Senzu beans to Goku, Vegeta and Trunks, scolding the former for leaving them in the bathroom. She was later surprised to hear that not only Goku Black possesses his own Super Saiyan Transformation called Super Saiyan Rosé. Zamasu is also his comrade and immortal as well. Afterwards, Beerus, Whis and Supreme Kai arrive at Capsule Corporation with the latter telling them that Zuno contacted him an told him that Zamasu had been asking about Goku and the Super Dragon Balls.

Whis soon formulates a theory about Zamasu using the Super Dragon Balls to create Black Goku and using the Time Ring to jump one year in the future to wish for immortality. The group immediately discovers that Gowasu, Zamasu's master, is in danger. After Goku, Beerus, Whis and Supreme Kai head to Universe 10 to check Gowasu's current state, Bulma uses that time to repair the time machine.

Later, Beerus returns with Whis and Goku to earth informing them that he destroyed Zamasu as he indeed tried to kill Gowasu, he also told them that Black should disappear along with Future Zamasu as when Gods are killed before they should be, it should affect the timestream, thus returning the future safe. However, Future Trunks wasn't completely satisfied with Beerus' theory, decides to return to the future to check things out. After having dinner, Bulma decides this time to come along to the future along with Trunks, Goku and Vegeta as they need someone to pilot it when they head back home.

After Future trunks bids farewell to his past self and Mai, the four of them head to the future. Upon arriving, they look in shock as they see that the future didn't change at all. After landing at the ruined Capsule Corporation in Alternate Timeline, a member of the Resistance approaches them telling them that Future Mai's life is in danger. Arriving at the Resistance's base, Bulma spots Future Yajirobe and thanks him for saving Trunks and Goku.

Eventually, Trunks saves Mai with a Senzu, and Bulma exchanges pleasantries with Mai, offering the latter necessary supplies for the refugees and the Resistance. Immediately, the Saiyans sense Black Goku and Zamasu's ki and head to confront them, with Bulma, Mai and Yajirobe watching the upcoming battle. Bulma, along with everyone else, are then surprised to learn that Black Goku is in fact the Zamasu of the unaltered timeline, who used the Super Dragon Balls to switch bodies with Goku and killed him in the process. He was able to negate his past self's death with the Time Ring. She later witnesses Trunks'new Super Saiyan form never seen before, after the latter being told by the two incarnations of Zamasu that he is responsible for their Zero Mortals Plan, calling Trunks a sinner for his use of the Time Machine. Trunks then bought Bulma, Vegeta and an injured Goku enough time so they could return to the past to figure out a plan to defeat Black Goku and Zamasu.

Upon returning to their own timeline, Bulma angrily yells at Beerus telling him about what they have witnessed on the future putting the blame on him for everything they have experiencied. With Beerus denying the events of the future to avoid taking his responsbilities, Bulma was about to punch Beerus until Vegeta stops her and tells her that they should focus instead on finding a plan to defeat their ennemies and not wasting the opportunity that Trunks gave them.

After Beerus and Whis' departure, Bulma immediately begins to prepare the fuel for the Time Machine.Soon afterwards, Gohan, a worried Chi-Chi, Piccolo and Krilin arrive at Capsule Corporation, Bulma then tells everyone about the threats that are terrorising Future Trunks' timeline wich especially shocks Gohan. After Piccolo gives everyone hope with the idea of using the Evil Containment Wave to seal their ennemies, Bulma tells Vegeta that it would take half a day to gather enough fuel for the time machine.

Eventually, Goku, Vegeta and Bulma retun in the nick of time to save Trunks as he was critically injured by Black Goku, the latter immediately notices them along with Zamasu and destroys the Time Machine preventing them from escaping again, thus destroying the vase destined to seal Zamasu and Black. After Goku and Vegeta went to face their nemesis once again, Bulma revals that she made a special garage proudly claiming that she will repair the Time Machine. She is soon reunited with Future Mai and Future Trunks, relieved that the latter is alright. She then tells them about their plan to seal the duo inside the broken vase and that she needed Trunks to repair the vase with a super glue as he is good at solving puzzles much to his surprise.

Later, she is terrified to learn from Trunks that Future Zamasu is approaching them, she immediately suggests that Trunks should learn the Evil Containment Wave in order to seal Zamasu. Eventually, she is able to show the pose needed to perform the technique by showing Trunks a recording video of Piccolo doing the technique through her smartphone. She then tells Trunks that she will buy him enough time to he could master the technique and that he should have faith in her despite the latter's worries.

She then approaches Zamasu, and tried to flirt with him but to no avail as Zamasu immediately grabs her through the collar apprently unconscious. Upon seeing this, Trunks is immediately reminded of his own mother's death. Angry at witnessing the same thing happens to his past mother, Trunks finally performs the Evil Containment Wave and successfully seals Zamasu inside the fixed vase. Bulma immediately regains conscioussness and congratulates Trunks much to his and Mai's relief. She then tells Mai to place the talisman on the vase to prevent Zamasu from escaping, but then remembers that they didn't brought it with them. The 3 of them then tried hardly to hold the vase in order to prevent Zamasu from escaping but to no avail as Zamasu gets out of the vase barely breathing.

Black Goku then uses Instant Transmission to teleport himself to Zamasu's, and the two of them performed a Potara fusion to form Fusion Zamasu. Trunks evacuates Bulma and Mai away from the battlefield and Bulma used this opportunity to repair the time machine. Soon afterwards, Bulma used her own garage as a shelter for the remaining survivors and refugees. After repairing the time machine, she is seen giving her energy to Trunks' Spirit Bomb whom the latter absorbs it in his own sword and managed to defeat Zamasu.

Bulma arrives along with Mai in the battlefield congratulating Trunks for his victory wishing her future self was there to witness Trunks' glory. However , their happiness is short lived when Zamasu's essence takes over Earth and kills the reamaining survivors on it, which greatly devastated Mai. She later witness Zeno's arrival after being summoned by Goku with the button he received from Present Zeno as a last resort to eliminate Zamasu, while Trunks asks who Zeno is, Bulma informs him that he is the most eminent God in the universe which shocks the latter. Zeno immediately wipes out the entire multiverse along with Zamasu while Bulma and the others use the time machine to head back to the past, putting an end to the rogue Kai's ambition at the cost of the future timeline. After Whis convinces Future Trunks and Future Mai that they will go to live in the alternate timeline whom Beerus created after he destroyed Zamasu, which is free of Zamasu's terror as a results from Whis' alterations, Bulma gives Trunks a box of supplies and wishes for both he and Mai a better life, and even teasing them as she told them that her future self will soon become a grandmother, much to their embarrassement. She and the Z Fighters bide farewell to the duo as they are heading to settle down to a new timeline where their friends and relatives are alive and free of the apocalyptic nightmare caused by Zamasu.

Universe Survival arc

Several months later, Goku wants to ask Vegeta to train with him and Whis for the Zen Exhibition Match. He visits Bulma and find out she's pregnant with her and Vegeta's second child. She later exercises with Pilaf, Shu and Mai as she is past her due date. As Chichi comes to visit and they talk, Whis shows up and uses his time warping powers to bring the baby girl out from inside her, leaving everyone shocked. Bulma is delighted by her daughter and lets everyone take turns holding the baby. She convinces a disappointed Trunks to his sister and tells him he needs to protect her, and she is happy when Vegeta eagerly holds the baby. When asked what the baby's name is, Vegeta is about to suggest Eschalotto but Bulma announces it is Bra. Vegeta protests but relents because Bra isn't a bad name after all, much to Bulma's delight. Later that night, Beerus wakes up from a nightmare and startled Bra, and Bulma puts her to bed. The next day, Bulma is talking to someone on the phone about Bra.

Most of the Z Fighters gather at Capsule Corp to discuss a strategy. After putting Bulla to bed, Bulma gets a phone call from Mr. Satan about Majin Buu falling sleep and won't wake up for a couple of months. As Goku left to wake Majin Buu up, Gohan reveals that's Goku bribed everyone with a fake prize money to recruit them. Goku asks the money from Bulma but she refuses. However, Bulma offers to pay everyone for their participation as the fate of the universe is at stake. Bulma, like everyone else, is shocked when Goku suggests they recruit Frieza as a replacement and later when Goku reveals he promised to resurrect Frieza if they win. Trunks questions Frieza's picture on the team member board. Bulma, not wanting Trunks to know about the tournament, lies that those on the board are guests for a celebration for Bra's birth. When Trunks doubts this, Vegeta reluctantly lies that Frieza has redeemed. Bulma and Vegeta are irritated at Goku for using Trunks as a bargain to get Android 17 to participate. After Goku shows up with Frieza and everyone is leaving, Bulma cheers for everyone to do their best and she is counting on them.

Dragon Ball GT (Anime)

Black Star Dragon Balls Saga

Years later, in Dragon Ball GT, Bulma helped to prepare the spaceship for Son Goku, Trunks, and Son Goten to go in to space to look for the Black Star Dragon Balls. Bulma is 56 years old.

Baby Saga

Bulma and the majority of the Earth's population, becomes possessed by Baby, and organizes most of his operations, such as the mass-migration of Earth's residents to the restored Planet Vegeta (renamed "Tuffle Planet"), and creating the Blutz Wave Generator used to help Super Baby Vegeta transform into a Golden Great Ape. However, the Sacred Water hidden in Kami's Lookout is used to free her and the rest of Earth from Baby's enslavement. She is seen having a party at her home, after baby is killed by Super Saiyan 4 Goku's Kamehameha.

Super 17 Saga

Some months later, Bulma is seen having dinner at Chi-Chi's house with Bra, Son Goku, Pan, Son Gohan, and Videl. Trunks later comes injured by Android 17. There is a hole that leads from Hell to Earth. They watch on TV resurrected villains destroying the cities. After Super 17 is defeated by Goku and Android 18, Bulma tells Goku that the planet is out of balance.

Shadow Dragon Saga

While Goku and Pan were finishing off each Shadow Dragon, she and Vegeta figure out an easier way for Vegeta to achieve Super Saiyan 4 quickly so he can assist Goku. Thus, she helps Vegeta achieve Super Saiyan 4 through the use of her Blutz Waves Generator in order to help defeat Omega Shenron. Bulma also attempted to destroy Omega Shenron using the Blutz Wave Generator's Blutz Waves, but Omega Shenron destroyed it with a Finger Beam. For most of the fight against Omega, she is carried around by other Z Fighters while yelling at Omega. After Omega is defeated, she is seen saying her final farewell to Goku and continues to live the remainder of her life with Vegeta, Trunks and Bulla, before meeting an unknown fate. Bulma is last seen in a few of the flashbacks in the final scene of the Dragon Ball GT series by Goku after he leaves the world tournament arena after returning to earth as an adult 100 years later.

Film Appearances

Dragon Ball movie 1

Dragon Ball movie 2

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Plan to Eradicate the Super Saiyans

Yo! Son Goku and His Friends Return!!

Video Games

Bulma appears in all the following video games:

  • Dragon Ball Advanced Adventure
  • Dragon Ball Daimao Fukkatsu
  • Dragon Ball Dragon Daihikyou
  • Dragon Ball Fusions
  • Dragon Ball 3 Gokuden
  • Dragon Ball Origins
  • Dragon Ball Origins 2
  • Dragon Ball RPG Shonen-hen
  • Dragon Ball Shenron no Nazo
  • Dragon Ball GT Transformation
  • Dragon Ball Z Attack of the Saiyans
  • Dragon Ball Z Bakuretsu Impact
  • Dragon Ball Z Battle of Z
  • Dragon Ball Z Budokai
  • Dragon Ball Z Budokai 2
  • Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3
  • Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi
  • Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 2
  • Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3
  • Dragon Ball Z Buyu Retsuden
  • Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle (playable)
  • Dragon Ball Z Gaiden Shin Saiyajin Zetsumetsu Keikaku
  • Dragon Ball Z Gaiden Shin Saiyajin Zetsumetsu Keikaku Chikyu-Hen
  • Dragon Ball Z Gaiden Shin Saiyajin Zetsumetsu Keikaku Uchu-Hen
  • Dragon Ball Z Harukanaru Densetsu
  • Dragon Ball Z Idainaru Son Goku Densetsu
  • Dragon Ball Z Infinite World
  • Dragon Ball Z Kyoshu! Saiyan
  • Dragon Ball Z Legend of the Super Saiyan
  • Dragon Ball Z Legendary Super Warriors
  • Dragon Ball Z 2 Super Battle
  • Dragon Ball Z Super Butoden 2
  • Dragon Ball Z Super Gokuden Totsugeki-Hen
  • Dragon Ball Z Supersonic Warriors 2
  • Dragon Ball Z The Legacy of Goku
  • Dragon Ball Z The Legacy of Goku 2
  • Dragon Ball Z Xenoverse 2
  • Jump Super Stars



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  • Bulma is the most recurring female character in the Dragon Ball series. She is the source for most of Dragon Ball's examples of fan service, as she can be seen either partially or completely exposed in a sexual manner in numerous situations, most of which take place during Dragon Ball.
  • Bulma likes her men to have short hair as said in episode 19 (this is more obvious in the Japanese version).
  • Bulma was originally a parody of a character from Journey to the West (like Goku was too). She was adapted from Xuanzang (also called Tripitaka), the monk and the main protagonist of the novel. Like in the original novel, she leads the band of five consisting of herself, Goku, Oolong, Yamcha and Puar (each an adaptation of a Journey to the West character) in search of the Dragon Balls. Despite Xuanzang being a male, Bulma being a female follows a tradition in Chinese opera where the role is performed by a female.
  • Bulma's hair has wandered between green, blue and even purple tones inconsistently throughout the series. It is worth noting that Dragonball was animated in the 80s and 90s, long before digital colors were brought into the production process. As such, her hair color occasionally varies from episode to episode, as it simply depended how the inks were mixed that day. Throw the constantly rotating animation supervisors into the situation, and it is easy to see how such a discrepancy arose. Modern character sheets sometimes even have the hex values for the colors written to avoid this. In a Weekly Jump power level list, her hair is blonde.
  • Bulma's name is an allusion to an undergarment, modern bloomers in particular.
  • Bulma's hobby is inventing.
  • Bulma's favorite food is strawberries. She even admitted that originally her wish with the Dragon Balls was to have a lifetime supply of them.
  • Bulma's favorite vehicle is all types of vehicles.
  • Bulma's brassiere measurement at the beginning of Dragon Ball is 34C.
  • In episode 47 of Dragon Ball, "Kame House - Found!", Kuririn accidentally calls Bulma "Bloomer", the garment of which she is named.
  • Bulma was a smoker at one point. She is seen smoking in the unedited Dragon Ball and in the manga. She can be seen later smoking again, at some points during Dragon Ball Z, such as the time during the Great Saiyaman Saga when Gohan asks her to make him a suit. Its possible she picked up the habit from her father, a well known chain smoker in the series.
  • In Dragon Ball Forever's poll of the top 20 best characters, Bulma was voted number 17 by Japanese fans. This is higher than Yajirobe and Videl.
  • Bulma has been turned into food twice in her life: a carrot once in Dragon Ball, and chocolate once by Super Buu in Dragon Ball Z.
  • In Dragon Ball Z movie 14, aka Battle of Gods. At first, Bulma did not want to say how old she is and she later says she is 38. This mean she would be younger than Goku, which is impossible since she was older than Goku in the Pilaf Saga.
  • At the end of the Dragon Ball Z series, Bulma looked older than the version seen in Dragon Ball Z: The History of Trunks. This is odd, because technically, Future Bulma seen in the Trunks special is actually three years older than the mainstream timeline Bulma. However, this could be due to the fact that in the main timeline, Bulma has another child, Bra, which may make her appear older.
  • It reveal that her blood type is B.

Bulma shares some similarities with her live action self from Dragon Ball Evolution.

  • She travels with a gun.
  • She has Capsules.
  • She created a device to locate Dragon Balls.
  • She is highly intelligent.
  • Her intelligence goes to her head, and she is stuck up and preppy (although that is seemingly canceled out by Goku's attitude).
  • Bulma's family retains its status as the owners of the Capsule Corporation.
  • Towards the middle of the movie, Bulma and Yamcha start to grow fond of each other, much like they do at the end of the first arc of Dragon Ball.
  • During their first meeting, Bulma shoots at Goku.

Bulma even has many differences with her live action self from Dragon Ball Evolution.

  • Bulma has brown hair with only a strand of blue, rather than the completely purple and blue hair her manga and anime incarnations are best known for sporting.
  • Bulma had some idea there was more than one Dragon Ball (or "Prometheum Orb", as she called it) when she started out, but had no hard evidence until Goku explained what they were and what they do. In the manga and anime, she not only knew there were seven, but also knew they grant wishes.
  • Bulma also starts out with only one Dragon Ball here whereas she had two in the manga.
  • Instead of wanting to wish for a boyfriend, Bulma wants to tap the Dragon Balls for a source of unlimited energy and fame.
  • In the manga, she is less rowdy and considerably less eager to shoot someone with her gun.
  • In the manga, at the start of the story, she is sixteen years old and five years older than Goku. In the movie, she and Goku are about the same age, (with Goku's age being eighteen).
  • In the manga, she used a number of Capsules in her travels with Goku and company. *In the movie, she uses only a motorcycle capsule.
  • In the manga and anime, she was not a fighter. In the movie when it shows the flashback of Bulma's Dragon Ball being stolen she is seen training and in martial arts uniform.
  • In the film, Bulma nicknames DBE, for Dragon Ball Energy, the object that is the Dragon Radar.

Bulma has many similarities with Haruno Sakura from Naruto/Naruto Shippuuden.

  • Both are very intelligent.
  • Both can be mature when necessary but also have a childish and emotional side when angered, sad, or excited.
  • Both of their parents are shown in the franchise, and they usually get embarrassed by them.
  • Both of them were shock that the main character surpassed them in height.
  • Both had long hair but eventually cutted their hair short so it wouldn't get in the way.
  • Both are into men that are good looking and with short hair.
  • Both comment how much their first child resembles their husband.
  • Both are self-conscious about their appearance. (though to a lesser extent to Sakura)
  • Both are in love with someone who used to be an enemy. (For Bulma : Vegeta, who once tried to destroy the planet and tried to kill almost all the Z Fighters. Whereas for Sakura : Sasuke, who defected from the village to gain power from Orochimaru, which later led him to join the Akatsuki and plot against the village)
  • Both are loving towards their child(ren). Also, both have a daughter. (Although Bulma has a daughter named Bra and a older son named Trunks, while Sarada is Sakura's only child)
  • Both are best friends with the main character. (For Bulma : Goku. Whereas for Sakura : Naruto)
  • Both have been in love with their love interest throughout the series. (However for Bulma : she dated Yamcha for over 15 years before breaking up with him and becoming involved with Vegeta, which led for her to become pregnant with Trunks, along with them getting married, and raising their two children. Whereas for Sakura : she has loved only Sasuke since childhood while he spent years rejecting her before he finally admitted they were mutual, leading to them getting married and the birth of their daughter Sarada)
  • Both have one thing that they hate about themselves. (For Bulma : her own name. Whereas for Sakura : her forehead)
  • Both look out for the main characters children. (For Bulma : Gohan and Goten. Whereas for Sakura : Boruto and Himawari)
  • Both are afraid of something. (For Bulma : heights and getting captured by the enemy. Whereas for Sakura : frogs and snakes)
  • Both are skilled at something. (For Bulma : inventions. Whereas for Sakura : medical ninjutsu)
  • Both witness one of their friends get kill. (For Bulma : Android 16. Whereas for Sakura : Neji)
  • Both took care of their first child by themselves. (For Bulma : this is due to Vegeta being uninterested in having a family and refusing to fully accept his son for the first few years of Trunks' life, but after the battle with Cell, he feels guilty for ignoring them and makes amends by spending time with his son and becoming more committed to his family. Whereas for Sakura : this is due to Sasuke leaving for a long-term mission when their daughter was a toddler to protect them but he realizes his error in neglecting his family and makes amends by being more involved in Sarada's life by the time she is 11)
  • Both became pregnant by accident but it helped improve their relationship with their husbands. (For Bulma : she became pregnant with Trunks due to having an affair with Vegeta and was prepared to raise their son alone due to their refusal to get married at the time but Vegeta eventually came around and got married for Trunks' sake and later fell in love. Whereas for Sakura : she became pregnant with Sarada while accompanying Sasuke on a mission after they got married and still opted to continue the mission during the pregnancy rather than be separated from him, and after the birth, Sasuke did settle down for a few years before going on another mission)
  • Both use something for transportation. (For Bulma : vehicles. Whereas for Sakura : running)
  • Both try not to fight so they won't get killed. (Although Bulma : she prefers to observe battles from afar, and offer advice if necessary. Whereas for Sakura : she is willing to fight even if it means death in order to protect what is important to her)
  • Both are surprised that the main characters first child looks like him, but doesn't act like him. However they see the main characters son is like him in some ways. (For Bulma : Gohan. Whereas for Sakura : Boruto)
  • Both admire the main characters wife, and are jealous that the main characters wife is the exact opposite of them. Even to the point that they hate how their husband is in a long distance relationship with them. (For Bulma : admiring Chi-Chi's relationship with Goku compared to her own relationship with Vegeta, although Chi-Chi says Vegeta is more involved in his family's lives comapred to Goku. Whereas for Sakura : admiring Hinata's relationship with Naruto compared to her own relationship with Sasuke, although she knows Sasuke is devoted to their family)

Voice Actresses

  • Japanese : the late Hiromi Tsuru (1986 – 2017), Aya Hisakawa (2017 – Present)
  • English : Tiffany Vollmer (1995 – 2009), Monica Rial (2010 – Present)

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