Dexter, aka Tenpei Hayano in the Japanese version.
He is a friend of Leo and Bob. Like Leo, he is a duelist.




Dexter has brown hair and eyes, and is not seen without his glasses. He will usually be seen wearing the academy uniform, but when out of uniform he wears a white collared shirt with a red bow tie and suspenders, navy blue shorts, white knee socks, and brown dress shoes.

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's (Anime)

Fortune Cup arc

He and Leo went to the Daimon Area to duel the Black Rose. Dexter had modified his Deck specifically to duel against her. When he first meets Yusei Fudo, he was afraid of him due to his Criminal Mark. But began to admire him once Leo told him he had customized his and Luna's Duel Disk to fit them. Leo also told him that Yusei was strong enough to enter the Fortune Cup.

He was seen in the tournament siting next to Leo and Luna. He was cheering for Yusei throughout the entire tournament. He saw Yusei duel's, including Leo duel and Luna's duel. He was happy that Yusei won the entire tournament.

Pre World Racing Grand Prix arc

Dexter has enlisted into The New Domino City Duel Academy along with Leo, Luna and Akiza. He was in danger of being expelled by the vice-principal, Rudolph Heitmann, who despises them for having low grades and low-level monsters. He is saved after Yusei defeats Heitmann in a duel.

Later, he accompanies Leo and Luna into a supposedly haunted forest. Leo wants to turn back, but Dexter reminds him that it was his idea to explore the forest in the first place, and the group continues in. After Luna and Leo lose him (Leo was chasing after Luna when the latter fell into a trance), Dexter runs to Poppo Time to tell Yusei what has happened.

He is also frequently seen in the stands along with his friends Patty and Bob watching Team 5D's duels in the WRGP.

Ark Cradle arc

During Yusei's fight with Z-one, he is seen cheering Yusei on.




Yusei Fudo

Akiza Izinski




Bolt Tanner

Tenzen Yanagi


  • He doesn't appear in the manga.

Voice Actresses & Actors

  • Japanese voice actress : Kokoro Kikuchi
  • English : Pete Capella

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