Digimon Adventure (デジモンアドベンチャー) is a Japanese anime, and is the first season of the anime saga Digimon: Digital Monsters.
Digimon Adventure (Anime)
It's premise involves a group of boys and girls being whisked to a parallel reality called the Digital World (sometimes called "DigiWorld" for short) while at summer camp. They were taken there because they were chosen to become DigiDestined, the children that would save the Digital World (along with Earth near the end of the series) from the evil forces that threatened to destroy it. Each of the children received a Digimon partner who was preprogrammed to be bonded to them, as well as miniature devices called Digivices. With the power of the Digivices, their Digimon partners could become stronger forms to battle enemies or save their partners from danger. The series aired in Japan on March 7, 1999 to March 26, 2000. The English version aired on August 14, 1999 to June 24, 2000. The series was followed by Digimon Adventure 02, which takes place a few years after the events of Adventure. For the series' 15th anniversary, a new sequel film to Digimon Adventure 02, titled Digimon Adventure tri., aired in Japan in spring 2015.


Taichi "Tai" Kamiya, Sora Takenouchi, Yamato "Matt" Ishida, Koushiro "Izzy" Izumi, Mimi Tachikawa, Takeru "T.K." Takaishi, and Joe Kido are all amazed when it begins snowing. They then observe lights like auroras in the sky, from which emerges a portal that shoots out strange electronic devices. When they reach out and grab the objects, a huge wave of water erupts from the ground and sucks them into the portal, which sends them to a new world.

Tai is awoken by a strange creature which calls itself Koromon, and soon Izzy shows up with his own creature, Motimon. The creatures claim to know Tai and Izzy, and to have been waiting a long time for them.

The kids try to figure out where they are, and Tai climbs a tree to take a look through his telescope. He's startled to find that they are near the ocean, and then spots a huge red beetle which Koromon tells him is Kuwagamon. It attacks Tai and Izzy, but they hide within a "hiding tree", which is partially a hologram. After Kuwagamon passes, Sora tells them to come out, and the group is reunited and introduced to each child's new creature. Sora has Yokomon. T.K. has Tokomon whom he instantly hits it off with. Matt has Tsunomon. Joe has Bukamon whom he is afraid of. The creatures then explain that they are "Digimon: Digital Monsters!".

As the group wonders where Mimi is, they hear her screaming and spot her and her Tanemon being chased by Kuwagamon. It chases the gang to the edge of a cliff, and the Digimon decide to fight despite the children wanting to flee. However, as In-Training Digimon, they can only blow bubbles, and are knocked out by the Champion-level Kuwagamon. The children try to stop them from fighting, and just as everything seems lost, the devices glow and the Digimon suddenly digivolve to Rookie level! Koromon becomes Agumon, Yokomon becomes Biyomon, Motimon becomes Tentomon, Tsunomon becomes Gabumon, Tokomon becomes Patamon, Bukamon becomes Gomamon, and Tanemon becomes Palmon. While the humans are shocked by the transformation, the seven Rookie Digimon begin attacking Kuwagamon, but even their combined attacks are only enough to daze it. It crashes into the cliff, breaking off the chunk the kids and Digimon are on and letting it fall into the river.

The seven DigiDestined and their Digimon fall from the outcropping that Kuwagamon had dislodged, and although each Digimon attempts to grab the humans, it is Gomamon and his "Marching Fishes" that are able to catch the humans by forming a raft. The kids arrive at shore and discover that their in-training pals are now in rookie form because they have Digivolved. The new Digimon introduce themselves and explain to the kids that they were able to digivolve because they shared energy with their partners.

The kids try to figure out where they are and what to do next. Tai tells the group that he saw a beach and ocean. The group follows him while Joe protests that they should stay put until the grown ups come get them. While walking, the kids start to get acquainted to their Digimon. They arrive at the beach and discover many telephone booths and try them. However only weird facts and nonsense are heard from the phones. The children then rest and are very hungry. They each take out what they have. Unfortunately, in the food category they only have T.K.'s snacks and emergency rations from Joe. They also rediscover the little devices on their pants or bags. Joe then splits the food but it can only be good for a day with the Digimon. The Digimon say that they are alright and that they can manage for themselves however Tai still gives some food to Agumon. Suddenly Shellmon appears, and is very angry that the children are on his territory. He begins to attack them.

So the seven chosen Digimon attempt to fight Shellmon, but none of their attacks work besides Agumon's since he ate and the rest are hungry. The other Digimon are not able to fight. Tai helps by making a diversion. Then Shellmon grabs Tai and traps Agumon under his paw. Right when Shellmon is going to attack everyone else, Tai's Digivice glows and Agumon digivolves to Greymon. Shellmon drops Tai, the two champion levels fight. Greymon defeats Shellmon, blasting him through the air and into the ocean. Greymon reverts back to Agumon who is now exhausted and hungry. The children quickly feed their Digimon. Joe is still trying to use the phone booths but they are all smashed. They all realize the Shellmon isn't dead and could still come back. They need to leave. The group then heads off, ready for whatever Digimon may be out there to fight!

Tai asks Agumon why he doesn't just stay in his Greymon form because he thought it was really cool. Agumon tells him that he can't because it uses too much energy. Suddenly, a Monochromon comes out of nowhere and attacks. Then another one appears! The DigiDestined run away as the two Digimon fight.

When the sun begins to set, the group realizes that they are tired. Matt wants to keep walking because they don't know if it's safe to stop, but Tai says they need food. Tentomon finds a lake for them to camp at. They find an empty trolley car there and decide to stay in it. Now that they have shelter, the group just needs food. The kids and their partners all go to gather things to eat for dinner. Tai starts to realize that Matt doesn't really treat T.K. like a brother. It's much more like he's a bother. Sora agrees with him. As Joe looks in the sky to figure out where they are, he finds that he doesn't recognize any constellations. He can't even find the north star. Tai suggests that they could be in the southern hemisphere.

Everyone is getting very tired and are ready to go to sleep but Izzy thinks that they should take turns standing guard. Tai says that they can all do it for an hour but Matt says T.K. is too young and needs sleep. He then starts to get in a fight with Tai for bothering Gabumon. Joe finally decides that the order will be Tai, Matt, Izzy, and Joe. Everyone else can go sleep in the trolley. While they're sleeping, Matt has Gabumon go sleep by T.K. to keep him warm.

During his turn, Tai notices that Matt is up too. Matt apologizes and says that it's stressful being in the Digital World and watching T.K. Tai asks if they even live in the same house and Matt explains that their parents are divorced and he lives with their dad while T.K. is with their mom. After Tai says that that explains a lot, Matt runs away to a nearby island. Then Tai and Agumon hear Matt playing his harmonica. Gabumon hears it too and comes to join his partner.

While Tai and Agumon are sitting by the fire, it begins to spark and the ground shakes. The sparks have hit a Seadramon and he's mad. He pulls away the island everyone else is on leaving just Matt and Gabumon on their separate one. The digimon try to fight Seadramon but are not strong enough. Agumon also doesn't have the strength to Digivolve. Matt and Gabumon have now jumped in the water to distract Seadramon but he grabs Matt. As he is in trouble his Digivice begins to glow and Gabumon digivolves to Garurumon! Garurumon frees Matt and defeats Seadramon. Gomamon has his fish friends bring the island back to main land.

The DigiDestined then discover that their digimon can only digivolve when they are in trouble like how Matt was in trouble or when Tai was and Agumon digivolved. Everyone is very tired after an exiting night and all fall asleep except for Matt and Tai. Tai hears Matt's harmonica again and sees him playing for his sleeping brother and their partners. Tai watches as Matt plays and T.K. sleeps with a smile on his face.

The DigiDestined are wandering through a forest full of signs (Matt calls it the Forest of Irrelevant Road Signs) when they see a strange Black Gear in the sky. They start to wonder what it is and where they are. Tai says that they have to keep moving after stopping when T.K. trips. Sora agrees and says that they all need to stay together and use teamwork to figure out where they are (despite everyone walking away as she says this). Matt sees a bunch of telephones poles and says they should follow them. At the same time Izzy sees the black gear again crashing into Mihirashi Mountain.

As they are following the poles, the kids realize that they have no wires connecting them. They are then reminded of the phone booths and the trolley car. They also notice other weird things such as Mimi's compass not working. Everyone is very hot and tired when Tai spots water. They see it's in a village and head in it's direction. Meanwhile, the black gear they saw earlier embeds itself into a Meramon. When the DigiDestined get to the village, they see that it is completely inhabited by Yokomon. The Yokomon ask Biyomon all about how she Digivolved. Biyomon tells them that it's because of the bond she shares with Sora and how she needed to protect her human partner. The Yokomon invite everyone to have dinner with them and they also go to the fountain for water. Suddenly, the fountain starts to erupt lava. The lake is empty too.

The kids think that the sudden drought could have something to do with the black gear they saw hitting the mountain where the water comes from. While getting a better look through his telescope, Tai sees Meramon heading for them. He's in great pain and burning even though he's made of fire. As Meramon gets closer, everyone begins to run away and hide in a boat in the dried up lake. Biyomon stays behind to help the Yokomon and Sora goes after her. Just then Meramon attacks Biyomon but Sora saves her. Since they are still in danger, Biyomon goes back to fight! Her rookie attacks don't do anything and when the other digimon come, their attacks only make him bigger as Meramon cries out in pain. Biyomon realizes that her friends are in danger and digivolves to Birdramon. The two fight and after getting a good hit on Meramon, the black gear comes out of his back. They realize that's what was making him crazy. Then Birdramon turns back into Biyomon and hugs Sora.

The Yokomon ask Meramon why he attacked their village and he tells them he couldn't control himself and the last thing he remembers was being hit by the black gear. They are just happy that he's better and Meramon goes back to the mountain. After that, everyone eats the dinner they were promised. All the digimon love it but the kids are a little reluctant to eat the seeds they are given despite there being more than enough for seconds.

The DigiDestined and their partners are all very tired from wandering around and Izzy's laptop still won't work. Tai tries hitting it and Izzy gets mad. Tai sees smoke in the distance and he and Agumon go to see what it is. Izzy finally gets his computer working but unfortunately, the battery is low. Tai calls everyone else over and they see the smoke is from a factory. The kids go to investigate it but find the factory to be abandoned. There are however lots of machines putting things together by themselves.

Everyone splits up into two groups. The group of Tai, Agumon, Sora, Biyomon, Joe, and Gomamon find an Andromon stuck under a machine. They are able to free him but at the same time, a Black Gear gets stuck in his leg. He wakes up and begins to attack. Agumon blasts the roof above Andromon and it collapses on top of him. The group then runs away. Meanwhile, Izzy, Tentomon, Matt, Gabumon, Mimi, Palmon, T.K., and Patamon find a giant battery that powers the whole factory. Izzy tries to figure out how it works as the others watch the machines. Izzy and Tentomon find a way inside the battery which is full of codes. Izzy erases some of it and the factory looses all of its power. When Izzy rewrites the code in, the power comes back.

Meanwhile, Andromon has gotten free and is chasing Tai's group. Izzy is still trying to decode the inscriptions in the battery. Tentomon wonders why Izzy would rather spend time with puzzles than with people. Izzy says it's because he thinks it fun to try and figure things out. He wants to know how they all got to the Digital World and what the Digimon are. Tentomon says he still doesn't understand Izzy and asks if there is a deep dark secret he's hiding. Izzy remembers a conversation that he overheard his parents having. Suddenly, the text on Izzy's computer starts to jumble and his Digivice starts to glow. The machines that Matt's group are watching start to take the things they are building apart. Izzy has unlocked something on his computer but Tentomon starts burning and glowing. Izzy disconnects the program and Tentomon gets better. Andromon is about to get Tai's group when Tai grabs him with a crane and he is stuck as they run away.

Everyone comes back together but Andromon has gotten free and finds them. He shoots missiles that are about to hit T.K. but Garurumon saves him. Then the missiles aim for everyone else and Greymon joins Garurumon. Unfortunately, the two champions can't beat the ultimate. Then Izzy putts the program back into his computer and Tentomon digivolves to Kabuterimon. Kabuterimon destroys the black gear by aiming for Andromon's right leg and Andromon becomes good again. Then he helps the kids get out of the factory by going through the sewers. Once in the sewers, Tai and Agumon try to hit Izzy's computer again, but Izzy simply moves out of the way so they hit each other.

The DigiDestined are wandering through the sewers with their partners and singing. Sora becomes very emotional upon remembering when she used to sing at home and how much she misses it. Tai says that he misses playing sports followed by a warm bath. T.K. misses video games and Matt misses steak. Joe misses homework, Mimi misses the beach, and Izzy misses looking at stars and planets. The kids are interrupted from their thoughts when they hear a pack of Numemon coming towards them. They all run as sludge is thrown at them by the Numemon, though they soon escape through an opening in the sewer because the Numemon don't like sunlight.

The kids wander for a while when they see a bunch of vending machines. Despite thinking it is a trick like the phone booths they recently saw, Mimi tries one anyway. After putting money in the machine, a Numemon comes out and it has a crush on Mimi. She rejects him and he gets mad, but Mimi is not worried because the sun is out. Just then, the clouds cover the sun and another pack of Numemon come out and chase the kids again. They decide to split up. Right before Palmon attacks the Numemon chasing her and Mimi, the Numemon run away. It is because there is a Monzaemon behind them. He is usually a nice digimon who runs Toy Town but he starts chasing them. The girls escape after running into the Numemon that likes Mimi. After turning him down again, they figure that something must be wrong in Toy Town and so they head there.

Mimi and Palmon arrive at the brightly colored town and see all of the other DigiDestined running around with the toys saying they are having fun. However, they don't sound like they're having fun. The girls then find a locked chest which is full of all the other Digimon partners. Agumon tells them they had been captured by Monzaemon. Mimi and Palmon then go off to fight Monzaemon alone. As he is attacking them, the Numemon come to their rescue, or at least they try to. They are easily defeated. Palmon goes to join them join them in the fight. Then she digivolves into Togemon who defeats Monzaemon, causing a Black Gear to come out of his back. Everyone is freed and Monzaemon apologizes. He then gives them all a big heart hug as Mimi once again turns down the Numemon.

The DigiDestined and their partners are wandering through a cold forest. They are discussing all of the fun things they could do in the snow when Joe tells them they need to be more serious and safe but everyone else laughs and thinks Joe should lighten up. They find themselves at a field covered with snow and try to decide between crossing it or climbing the nearby Infinity Mountain. Before a discussion is reached, the kids smell something and see steam. After following the steam, they find a bunch of pools filled with boiling water. There is also a refrigerator filled with nothing but eggs. Joe doesn't think they should eat them but everyone else is hungry and disagrees.

As everyone enjoys their feast of eggs, they start to feel homesick. The kids feel better after talking about their favorite kinds of eggs but Joe just gets annoyed. Everyone thinks he is acting weird and should lighten up but Joe says he is just being careful because nobody else will and he needs to be the voice of reason.

Tai and Matt are fighting over whether or not to climb Infinity Mountain. Tai says it would give them a great view of the whole island but Matt says it would be too dangerous and they don't know what's up there. As Joe goes to break up the fight, they try to make him take sides. Unfortunately, he sees valid points in both of their arguments. The kids finally decide to go to bed and figure it out in the morning, but Joe is worried that he is not being responsible enough as the oldest to take care of everyone. In the middle of the night, he and Gomamon go off on their own to climb Infinity Mountain.

After getting halfway up the mountain, it starts to shake violently. Black Gears start to appear at the top of it. As Joe and Gomamon go to see where the gears are coming from, a Unimon flies over them. Gomamon is about to go over and talk to him when a gear comes from the sky and embeds itself into Unimon's back. He then starts to attack.

Meanwhile, Sora wakes up and finds that Joe is gone. She thinks he went up Infinity Mountain and wakes up everybody else. As Unimon is about to unleash an attack on Joe and Gomamon, Birdramon shows up with Sora, Tai and Agumon. Unimon defeats Birdramon so Agumon digivolves to Greymon, but he is defeated too. To protect his friends, Joe jumps onto Unimon's back to try to pull out the gear. He can't do it and he falls off. Just then, Gomamon digivolves to Ikkakumon and catches Joe. He is also able to destroy the gear. Joe, Tai, Sora, Gomamon, Agumon and Biyomon then make their way to the top of Infinity Mountain. Upon getting there, they see that beyond the island is nothing but water.

As the kids come to terms with being stuck on an island in the middle of nowhere, a brave Digimon by the name of Leomon, who is also on Infinite Mountain, is attacked by his arch-rival, Ogremon. However, the fight is soon broken up by Devimon, one of the most evil Digimon of all. He informs them of the DigiDestined’s presence on the mountain, and orders them to work together to eliminate them. Whilst Ogremon’s only objection is to working with Leomon, Leomon is completely against the idea, and attempts to strike Devimon, who strikes Leomon in response, taking control of him in the process.

Meanwhile, Tai is attempting to draw a map of the island, despite the comments of the other kids on his poor map making skills. At that moment, Leomon appears and, much to the surprise of the other Digimon, proceeds to destroy the group. Whilst making their escape, Tai drops his map. He goes back for it, and Agumon fires a Pepper Breath to defend him, which ends up burning the map. Soon, the way is blocked by Ogremon, and the group is left with no choice but to stand and fight. The Digimon change to their Champion forms, and manage to hold off the enemy until Devimon causes a landslide above, distracting them and giving Ogremon and Leomon the chance to retreat. Once the dust settles, the kids find their Digimon back in their Rookie forms, tired and hungry.

Whilst searching for a decent place to rest, they come across a mansion, of all things, and decide to investigate. They discover a feast laid out in the dining room, and are soon helping themselves. As the sun goes down, the kids and their Digimon have a relaxing bath before settling down in bed. Everyone quickly falls asleep, allowing Devimon and his two servants to sneak into the mansion unnoticed. However, Tai and Agumon are soon making their way to the bathroom. As they’re about to head back to bed, Ogremon jumps out from hiding, and they hurry to escape, before running into Leomon. At that point, Devimon reveals himself to Tai and Agumon, and the mansion turns out to be an illusion. As the rest of the group awakens to this reality, Devimon proceeds to eliminate them, raising their beds into the air.

At the same time, the island begins to be torn apart by Devimon’s Black Gears. Agumon soon realises that he doesn’t have the strength to fight against Leomon, having eaten no real food at all, and Tai is soon in Leomon’s grip. Tai’s bed then crashes nearby, and his digivice falls out, shining a bright light that frees Leomon of Devimon’s control. Leomon then fires a blow at Devimon, distracting him from the other kids, who are sent flying off in all directions. But before Leomon can attack again, Ogremon appears, and so he’s left with no choice but to send Tai and Agumon away, as he is once again taken over by Devimon. Now the kids are separated, and the island continues to drift further and further apart.

Still on the block of ice, Tai and Agumon find some land. Tai is still in his blue briefs. Tai soon finds his clothes (which are frozen, so he has Agumon warm them up) and after he's dressed he tries to see where the other parts of the island are going. At that moment, a Frigimon attacks the two. Agumon and Tai try to avoid his attacks and find a Black Gear in his back. Tai has Agumon roll up into a soccer ball and kicks him onto Frigimon's back and Agumon burns the gear, reverting Frigimon to his nicer self. Tai asks him if he saw any other kids like him. He tells the two that he saw a boy with a Gabumon, but the island he landed on is going by quickly. Since Tai and Agumon helped him, Frigimon makes an ice bridge to walk across and the three start walking.

On the Island, Matt and Gabumon are walking in a snowstorm to find the others, and Matt starts to get a cold, so Gabumon finds a cave for them to stay in. Matt goes along thinking T.K. must be in there, but when he finds it empty he wants to go back out. Gabumon starts a fire and says he will go find T.K.. When Matt becomes impatient, he goes back into the storm, but after a short while he passes out. Gabumon finds him unconscious and brings him back to the cave, keeping him warm with his fur.

The next day Tai, Agumon and Frigimon arrive at the island and begin searching for Matt and Gabumon. Meanwhile, Matt wakes up and thanks Gabumon, who now has Matt's cold. Tai and Agumon soon find the two, and Frigimon goes off to find some food. Matt and Tai get into an argument about what they should do next. Matt wants to search for the others, but Tai thinks they should head back to Infinity Mountain. A fight soon breaks out, and the two end up rolling towards a cliff edge. Matt then expresses his worries for T.K., but before Tai can respond, the cliff they're both on crumbles away.

With Matt and Tai hanging for their life by a branch, and their Digimon too tired to help, all hope seems lost. Then Mojyamon appears to knock them down. Fortunately, their fall is broken by Frigimon, who's just come back with some food to eat. The Digimon are now able to digivolve and are able to free Mojyamon of the Black Gear in his chest. They then find some Black Gears within the cliff face broken down during the fight, and destroying them causes the island to begin moving back to Infinity Mountain. The two boys forget their troubles and look towards their next plan of action.

As Izzy, Tentomon, Mimi and Palmon are all plummeting through the sky in the beds and are about to crash. Mimi and Palmon find themselves in a forest while Izzy and Tentomon are outside of some ancient ruins which Izzy, much to his partner's protests, decides to investigate. As Mimi and Palmon are wandering through the forest, they run into Sukamon and Chuumon who start to attack them after Mimi insults the two. They see Mimi's Digivice on her bag and Sukamon was about to grab it when a light came from it making them leave the girls alone. They also say they saw another human with a Tentomon land by the ruins and will take Mimi and her partner there. Unfortunately, it is on a different island. Palmon uses her poison ivy to get to the other island and Sukamon and Chuumon ask for a goodbye kiss. When the girls don't give them one and instead insult them, the two tell them they'll wait.

Meanwhile, Izzy and Tentomon are in the ruins and they find a large spinning Black Gear and lots of writing on the walls. Izzy recognizes it as being the same writing they saw in the giant battery. At the same time, Mimi and Palmon have arrived at the temple and run into the others. Izzy barley even cares because he is so preoccupied with his computer and the writing in the ruins. Mimi tries to get him to go look for everyone else but he doesn't care. Izzy finally figures out the code and a maze pops up on his computer. Mimi gets so upset that Izzy is ignoring her that she runs away crying and Tentomon follows after while Palmon is still crying.

As Mimi runs through the maze with Tentomon hot on her trail, Izzy and Palmon try to figure out where they are. As Mimi realizes that she and Tentomon are lost, Palmon wants to go in the maze after them but Izzy tries to crack the maze first and he is able to find where they are through her Digivice. With them, they can communicate and Izzy can tell Mimi how to get out. As he is doing this, someone else appears on his map and starts to follow Mimi and Tentomon. It's Centarumon being controlled by a black gear. He starts chasing them and when asked for directions of where to go after hitting a dead end, Izzy and Palmon are gone from Izzy's computer. Centarumon catches them and shoots a hole in the wall. Mimi tells Tentomon to digivolve, but he can't because Izzy's not there. Just then, Palmon and Izzy arrive. As the partners have been reunited, both Digimon are able to digivolve and destroy the Black Gear.

Centarumon sees the Digivice on Mimi's bag and tells them that the ruins are its temple and he is its guardian. He explains that the Digivice is the preserver of light and the last line of defense against darkness. Then Leomon shows up and says he will destroy the children. Centarumon says he must protect them because they possess the Digivices, but Leomon is able to beat him. Right as he is about to attack, Izzy and Mimi's Digivices begins to glow and Leomon runs away.

Izzy goes back to cracking the code in the writing from the wall and Mimi gets so frustrated that she kicks the giant black gear. It then starts to rotate the other way and the moving island they are on starts moving back towards Infinity Mountain. As it does, they pass the island that Sukamon and Chuumon are on. They still want a kiss from Mimi but are again rebuffed, as the island keeps moving.

While Joe and Gomamon are floating through the ocean on a bed. Joe starts to freak out because Gomamon is eating all of the food and he is seasick. Then a giant crate floats over to the bed and Ogremon is inside of it. He begins to attack them with his club. Gomamon calls in his army of fish but even with so many of them, they can't stop Ogremon. As he is about to attack Joe, Gomamon Digivolves into Ikkakumon who is able to escape with Joe on his back. Unfortunately, he is tired and hungry and turns back into Gomamon and the two start to sink.

Meanwhile, Sora is fishing and hooks something big. When she pulls it up, it turns out to be Joe and Gomamon. Joe is unconscious and Gomamon explains to Sora and Biyomon what happened. He also says that he is worried about Joe's self confidence after what happened and to get it back, they should make Joe their leader. Joe then wakes up and is shocked to find out they want him to lead them. He is finally convinced and embraces his new position. Then they hear bells and the group sees a church in the distance. Joe takes them there and he goes in to find a group of people in masks dancing. He gets everyone else and they are shocked to see other humans.

One of them comes and takes Joe's group inside. He says that they are celebrating the Bakemon holiday and would love to have them all as guests. Gomamon asks the man why they honor Bakemon because he is a bad Digimon. The man gets very mad and reveals that he and everyone else are Bakemon! Joe's group is surrounded and Gomamon and Biyomon are too hungry to digivolve. They are then all kidnapped by the Bakemon.

Joe and Sora are tied up to be eaten by the Bakemon while Gomamon and Biyomon are thrown in a jail cell. They realize that to escape, they must trick the guard. He had been sleeping but Gomamon wakes him by throwing a rock. He and Biyomon tell him he is bad at being evil because he is not taunting them. The Bakemon says he doesn't know how and his prisoners explain that he must find out what they want and get it but not let them have it. They tell him they are hungry and he should get food but not give it to them. The Bakemon gets some bananas and Gomamon and Biyomon trick him into coming so close that they beat him up and eat the food. At the same time Joe and Sora are about to be eaten as the Bakemon all combine into one huge one. When it is about to get them, their partners show up and digivolve.

As Ikkakumon and Birdramon fight the giant Bakemon, Joe and Sora run and hide behind some grave stones. Bakemon is winning but Joe is determined to help their partners beat him. He starts saying a chant to get Bakemon to lose his power and starts hitting Sora's hat to a rhythm. Bakemon then starts to shrink and Ikkakumon and Birdramon are able to beat him! The ground then opens to reveal many Black Gears which all break apart. They then start to head back to Infinity Mountain.

After T.K. and Patamon land after their bed crashes, T.K. starts to cry because he misses the other DigiDestined. Patamon is sad that he can't Digivolve to help T.K. and he cries too. T.K. wants to know what Patamon will become but he doesn't know yet until it happens. T.K. imagines that it could be something like Porkymon or Hogmon. This makes Patamon mad as he insists that he is not a pig.

The two then start to wander and find themselves in Primary Village. They have a great time playing in the village but then they find a bunch of cradles full of baby Digimon. There are also many Digi-Eggs. Patamon finds a note by one that says rub me so T.K. rubs one of the eggs which hatches into a Poyomon. They want to go find a cradle for it but one magically appears. The two partners then discuss not being able to remember when they were babies though T.K. does recall a time when Matt helped him when he was sad.

Meanwhile, Elecmon, the caretaker of Primary Village is having very good luck fishing. Unfortunately, T.K. and Patamon are having much less luck with the baby Digimon who are all crying. When Elecmon gets back he attacks T.K. and Patamon because he thinks they are hurting the babies. Elecmon tells them they must leave but Patamon refuses and the two begin to fight. T.K. finally intervenes and makes them stop. He has them have a Tug-O-War instead. It is extremely intense but Patamon ends up winning.

Afterwards, the two Digimon become friends, surrounded by the jubilant infants, and Elecmon apologizes for acting harshly. He invites them to stay for a while. T.K. accepts but also asks how to get to Infinity Mountain but Elecmon says it's very dangerous and they will have to fight Devimon. T.K. says he doesn't want to fight. He just wants to be friends with people and laugh with them. Then Elecmon gets an idea that the power of friendship might be able to fix the island. T.K. thinks maybe they can also all get back together.

Devimon has been watching and he wants to destroy T.K. and Patamon before he can Digivolve. He sends Leomon out to do it. Meanwhile, T.K. and Patamon have been playing with the baby Digimon. Suddenly, a Botamon Digivolves into a Koromon. Everyone is very excited. T.K. and Patamon promise to always be best friends and everybody cheers but Leomon is lurking not too far away, getting ready to strike.

As T.K. and Patamon play with the baby Digimon in Primary Village, Leomon arrives to attack them. The two go and hide but they run into Ogremon who has kidnapped a Poyomon. Leomon then catches up to them. As he is about to kill T.K., Matt, Garurumon, Tai and Greymon show up to save them. As the four champion level Digimon are fighting, more Black Gears embed themselves into Leomon who becomes huge and more evil and powerful. He easily defeats Garurumon and Greymon. Patamon's attacks do nothing against him. Just then, Izzy, Kabuterimon, Mimi and Togemon come. Izzy and Mimi inform the others that their Digivices have the power to destroy Black Gears. Tai and Matt shine them on Leomon who turns back to normal while Kabuterimon drives off Ogremon.

Leomon tells the kids that legends say that a group of children called the DigiDestined will come to the Digital World and save it from darkness. He knows it is them because they can digivolve their partners. Izzy predicts that after saving the Digital World they will be able to go home. The group then sets off to defeat Devimon. However, Devimon is not worried as he sends out more Black Gears. Sora, Birdramon, Joe and Ikkakumon see them on their way to Infinity Mountain.

Tai's group have reached the peak of the mountain when suddenly Devimon appears. Right after, Sora's group does too. The Digimon with the ability to all digivolve and the six of them along with Leomon begin to fight Devimon but they have no effect on the powerful Digimon. T.K. and Patamon stand by helplessly as Devimon is about to get them. The others try to save them but can't. As Devimon grabs the two, a light starts shining from his hand. Patamon has digivolved to Angemon!

Devimon is still not worried but Angemon says that he will destroy Devimon and bring peace. He gathers energy from all of the Digivices which causes everyone to de-digivolve except for him who is now more powerful. He sends a strong blast right through the evil Digimon. Devimon is destroyed but he is telling Angemon that there will be more evil and he has used up all of his energy too. For that reason he is also dying. As T.K. cries, Angemon uses the last of his energy to tell him that he will come back. His feathers then come together to form a Digi-Egg which T.K. hugs and vows to take care of as the others assure him that it is Patamon.

The island then starts to reform as the darkness has been defeated. As the kids wonder why they are not going home, they realize there must be more evil they have to fight. Then a hologram of an old man appears he tells them he is pleased with them, leaving everyone wondering who he is.

Gennai explains to the DigiDestined and their partners that he is talking to them in the form of a hologram from the Server Continent. He does not know how they can get home but he still needs their help in defeating other evil Digimon. They will need to digivolve once more to the next level. To do so, the kids will need to find the Tags and Crests. The Crests are scattered throughout Server but the Tags were hidden by Devimon. Gennai's hologram then disappears but not before being able to put a map on Izzy's computer. The kids wonder how to get to Server, which is very far away according to Izzy's map. Most of the group doesn't think it is a good idea to go but T.K. says they should so they all agree.

The next day, everyone begins to build a raft. Leomon shows up with Centarumon, Elecmon, Mojyamon, Monzaemon, Frigimon, Meramon and the Yokomon to help. With their help, the raft gets finished in no time. Just then, T.K.'s Digi-Egg hatches into a Poyomon! He is thrilled and with that, the DigiDestined and their partners leave File Island to go to Server with all of their friends saying goodbye.

As the group is sailing, a giant tidal wave comes. It was caused by a Whamon who eats them. After being sent down the esophagus where they are attacked by antibodies, they end up in the stomach which is quickly filling up with stomach acid. As they are looking for a way out, Sora spots a Black Gear in Whamon. Palmon uses her "Poison Ivy" to latch onto the gear. Tai climbs it and uses his Digivice to destroy the gear. Whamon then shoots the raft out through his blow hole and apologizes to everyone. As their raft is now broken, Whamon offers to take the group to Server. He also says that he once saw Devimon hide something deep in the ocean and will take the kids there to see what it was.

They end up in a cove and when Whamon lets them off, the group sees a convenience store but they run into a Drimogemon with a Black Gear before they can reach it. Gomamon digivolves into Ikkakumon to fight Drimogemon while everyone else looks for the tags. They go into the store but it's being destroyed. Tentomon then joins the fight by digivolving to Kabuterimon and he is able to break the Gear. In all the scuffle, T.K. looses Poyomon. When he finds him, Poyomon has a box. It contains the Tags. Now that they have them, the kids just need the Crests so they continue onto Server with Whamon to get them.

Everyone is sleeping on Whamon except for Tai who is getting impatient. Luckily, out in the distance, he spots Server Continent. He wakes everyone up and they are all excited to arrive. Whamon wishes them luck on finding the Crests and leaves. He had however told the group about a Koromon Village that they could go to. Agumon smells the Koromon as he used to be one and they follow his nose into a forest where they find a village. However, in the village all they find are Pagumon. They carry Mimi off who had ran ahead and the group runs after her. When everyone catches up, they find Mimi happily taking a bath. Unfortunately, Tai and Izzy run in on her, infuriating Mimi, and their brief moment of panic quickly turns to embarrassment.

The Pagumon happily welcome the DigiDestined and their partners with food but Agumon knows that what he smelled was Koromon and he and Gabumon agree that there is something wrong here, along with a few of the others. While eating, Poyomon Digivolves to Tokomon making T.K. very happy.

That night while the group is sleeping, the Pagumon kidnap Tokomon. They run into some Gazimon who want to know where Tokomon came from. They tell them he was with a group of humans and then put Tokomon in a cage in a cave behind a waterfall. One of the Gazimon leaves to tell Etemon that the DigiDestined have arrived. Etemon is upset to learn that the kids got to Server sooner than he thought they would so he unleashes his dark network.

Meanwhile, everyone is searching for Tokomon. As Agumon is looking in the forest, he smells Koromon again. His nose leads him to the waterfall where he finds the cave behind it and a captive Tokomon along with many Koromon. They tell Agumon that the Pagumon came and locked them up so they could take over the village. As he is going to free the prisoners, some Gazimon appear and attack Agumon. He then starts shooting his pepper breath through the waterfall to make a smoke signal which Tai sees. Everyone is about to go look when the Pagumon start telling them not to. Then Mimi screams because there is a Botamon on her. They realize that the Pagumon lied to them all and they run away.

Tai arrives just in time to save Agumon who digivolves to Greymon. He easily defeats the Gazimon in one shot and the DigiDestined free Tokomon and the Koromon. But as everything seems fine, Etemon arrives. He uses his dark network and starts to destroy the village. Gabumon digivolves to Garurumon but before anyone else can, the dark network makes them dedigivolve. They realize that the only way to beat Etemon is to digivolve to the next level like Gennai said. They are all trapped in the cave when Tai's tag begins to glow as well as the whole room. The wall disappears and becomes Tai's Crest of Courage. The group is able to escape through the hole but Etemon is not worried as he is sure he will be able to find the kids.

The DigiDestined and their partners are wandering through the desert and they are getting very tired and are also starting to lose hope. Tai tells them that everything will be okay because they have a crest. He starts to pressure Agumon into Digivolving. Tai wonders how Agumon will be able to Digivolve again. Izzy explains that if it works the same way as before, Agumon will need to have lots of energy from food and Tai will need to be in danger.

Tai then starts stuffing all of the food that the group has into Agumon despite him being full. Everyone else begins to worry about Agumon and also Tai's personality changing. Sora recalls that when they used to play for the same soccer team, Tai did everything he could to help the team. Suddenly, Joe's tag begins to glow. As they wonder where the crest is, Tai sees something out in the distance. Joe heads there, thinking it must be where his crest is when he trips over a cable buried in the sand. Meanwhile, Etemon's computer tells him that the kids are near the Colosseum. He then calls one of his Gazimon who is stationed there to be ready for them.

The DigiDestined and their partners arrive at the Colosseum but are confused that it has soccer goals. Tai tells everyone to split up and look for Joe's crest but Agumon falls over needing to rest from all the food Tai made him eat. Joe tells everyone to rest while he and Gomamon look but Tai follows to look too. A soccer ball then rolls over to the group and Sora organizes a game for them all. Tai angrily kicks the ball away and yells at everyone for playing a game now. As Joe's tag starts to glow even brighter, Etemon appears on the jumbotron. Everyone runs to the soccer goal where they get trapped except for Agumon who didn't make it there in time. Tentomon tries to escape by flying through the net but it zaps him so they can't get out. Etemon says that he can't be there himself but he has someone else coming for him.

Suddenly, another Greymon appears and begins to rampage around the Colosseum. Agumon Digivolves into his own Greymon to fight him. Unfortunately, Tai's Greymon is losing. Everyone knows that he can only win if he Digivolves again. Tai starts to yell at him. The two Digimon continue to fight but Tai's Greymon is running out of strength from eating too much. This just makes Tai even more angry. Everyone then starts to tunnel out of the goal they are in but there is a huge stone in the way. It turns out to be Joe's Crest of Reliability and the group escapes through a tunnel.

Tai realizes that Greymon will not Digivolve by himself and he need to put himself in danger to make him do it. Tai then runs out into the middle of the Colosseum and tries to get the other Greymon's attention. Biyomon and Gabumon Digivolve to try to help but Tai tells Greymon to Digivolve too. Suddenly, Tai's crest and Digivice begin to glow and Greymon however, Dark Digivolves to SkullGreymon. Everyone is very worried and confused about this huge Digimon that Agumon became. SkullGreymon easily destroys Greymon but he then turns on Tai and his friends too. Birdramon, Garurumon and Kabuterimon, who have joined in, can do nothing to stop the ultimate. He then continues on his rampage but soon runs out of energy and becomes Koromon.

Koromon is very sorry for all of the damage he caused but everyone says it is okay and not his fault. Tai takes responsibility saying that because he had a crest, he thought it meant that he had to fight by himself. Tai apologizes to everyone, especially Koromon, who forgives him.

The kids continue to walk through the desert and are quite tired considering it’s hotter than ever. Though Tai is feeling guilty because of his mistake with Agumon, Mimi tries to make him feel better. After Palmon fantasizes about shading everyone from the sunlight, the group sees a large cactus that turns out to be nothing more than a mirage. They soon run into a hologram version of Gennai and inform him about their troubles with the Crests. He informs them, rather cryptically, that they have to have all the crests before any of their Digimon can reach the Ultimate level.

Suddenly a large cruise ship appears and heads straight for them. A Numemon is seen on board and Mimi convinces him to let them on. The group quickly boards, excited to get out of the sun. They freshen up, feast and suntan aboard the luxury boat. However, the ship is run by Kokatorimon, a follower of Etemon, who begins taking out the kids and their Digimon, turning them to stone. The Numemon aid him in capturing the kids and Tai and Joe are captured, their Digimon are the first to be petrified and Kokatorimon steals their crests and tags. He turns Gabumon, Tentomon and Tokomon into stone next. When only the girls of the group and their Digimon are left, they are forced to escape from their shower. Kokatorimon informs the girls that their friends are baking out in the sun on the deck, and their Digimon counterparts have been turned to stone. Biyomon and Palmon both digivolve and with little effort manage to defeat Kokatorimon. The Digimon are returned to normal and they, along with the Numamon, escape the ship.

They think they've escaped until Kokatorimon, gravely injured, musters all his strength to steer the ship towards them through the desert. So the group hides behind a large cactus—one that isn't a mirage—which causes the ship to be catapulted into the distance, along with part of Etemon's Dark Network. It then turns out that Mimi's Crest of Sincerity is hidden on top of the cactus inside its flower, much to everyone's surprise.

After more walking through the desert and pondering the power of the newfound Crests, the group run into Kuwagamon, who they recognize from before, hiding underground. Kuwagamon gets a hold of Tai, and all seems lost when Agumon hesitates to digivolve due to lingering trauma from the incident with SkullGreymon. Tai rescues Agumon from the attacking Kuwagamon and they quickly find themselves in a tight situation—that is until Piximon rescues them in the knick of time. Piximon is known for his tough training of other Digimon, and explains he has heard much about the children and their Digimon, but is not impressed. He insists on training with them and informs Tai and Agumon that they will receive special training, because they need it the most.

The group decides to trust the strange Digimon and he leads them to his hidden home through at secret doorway in the desert. They find themselves in a forest and see Etemon behind them. Piximon informs the worried children that all Etemon can see is the desert, so they are safe. They begin their long ascent up a huge hill to Piximon's home, partly driven by the desire for food and arrive to find that first they will be mopping the floors. While everyone else keeps busy, Piximon leads Tai and Agumon to a mysterious cave where they are told their task is to find a way back. That night they awake to find themselves on a small boat floating down a river and while wondering how they got there, Tai falls into the water and pulls Agumon in after him.

When everybody is sleeping, Matt and Izzy's tags begin to glow. They head down the hill into the forest and Piximon spots them, informing the others of their departure the next morning. The girls joke around and claim that Joe will be the next one to disappear, causing him to accuse Piximon of their friends' mysterious disappearances. Meanwhile, Matt and Izzy continue searching for their Crests. Izzy wants to find his Crest so Tentomon can digivolve, but Matt is hoping that he'll learn something about himself, and grow as a person when he finds his Crest. They are led to a well that is slightly outside Piximon's hidden home. They find the Crest of Friendship and Crest of Knowledge inside the well walls, but because they are outside of the protected area Etemon detects the two of them and sends Tyrannomon to attack. They escape back into Piximon's forest, but Tyrannomon breaks open the invisible shield hiding it. With the other Digimon's power drained by Etemon's attack, their hope rests on Tai and Agumon.

Meanwhile, Tai and Agumon are still in the boat spinning down the strange river. They stop and appear on a bridge where Tai sees a younger version of himself trying to ride a bike. They help the young Tai ride his bike and he fades away into the distance. Tai and Agumon realize that the fear of Agumon digivolving into SkullGreymon was keeping them from trying, similarly to the younger Tai not wanting to ride his bike because he was afraid he would fall. They understand that the task was all about overcoming their fears and escape the "prison". Agumon digivolves just in time to save the group and destroys Tyrannomon and Etemon's Dark Network surrounding them. The children thank Piximon for his help and return to their search for the remaining Crests.


54 (total)


Theme Songs

  • Butter Fly (All episodes)
  • I Wish (Eps. 1 – 26)
  • Keep On (Eps. 27 – 54)

Voice Cast

  • Joshua Seth as Taichi
  • Tom Fahn as Agumon
  • Michael Reisz as "Matt"
  • Kirk Thornton as Gabumon
  • Colleen O'Shaughnessey as Sora
  • Tifanie Christun as Biyomon
  • Mona Marshall as "Izzy"
  • Jeff Nimoy as Tentomon
  • Philece Sampler as Mimi
  • Anna Garduno as Palmon
  • Michael Lindsay as Joe
  • Robert Martin Klein as Gomamon
  • Wendee Lee as "T.K."
  • Laura Summer as Patamon
  • Lara Jill Miller as Kari
  • Edie Mirman as Gatomon


  • In the English version of season 1 Episode 3, Matt said that he and TK are half-brothers. In the Japanese version, they are full brothers.
  • The Digimon named Monzaemon is actually named after "Chikamatsu Monzaemon", a famous japanese puppet-theaterist.
  • In episode 21, Koushiro contacted Taichi when Taichi is at home with his Headset on while looking rather weak or soulless.In episode 24, Taichi contacted Koushiro and their dialogue being similar to episode 21, but Koushiro didn't have his headset on. His position when talking to Taichi is different too, though he still have his weak/soulless look.
  • In episode 38, the show was able to pull off a 666 reference on Fox. In the show, the prophesy states that VenomMyotismon will appear on the "Hour of the Beast:" the 6th hour of the 6th minute of the 6th second.

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