Dingo is a major villain in Sonic Underground.
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He is the dim witted partner of bounty hunter Sleet. However he is shown to have a crush on Sonia the Hedgehog, who doesn't even like him.


Dingo was originally an independent contractor along with Sleet.


Dingo is very gullible, doing whatever Sleet tells him to do, and frequently does not understand an insult or parts of a sentence. An example of Dingo's stupidity is when Sleet hunts down the Queen Aleena ferry in Port Mobius. He succeeds in finding it using a submarine's periscope and declares it a 'sitting duck', but Dingo misunderstood him and asks why they are going to sink a duck. Another example would be when Sleet says, "In your case that would be an improvement", which is an insult to Dingo saying that he would look better roboticized. Dingo foolishly answers, "Really? Thanks!" not knowing that Sleet's meaning was rather sardonic in nature.

Despite his incompetence, Dingo can be quite dangerous. However while, Dingo's outward demeanor denotes a tough person, deep inside he is quite soft. Sometimes during his transformations, Dingo can be heard to say, "Oh not again!", implying that he does not enjoy shape-shifting. He even has a crush on Sonia the Hedgehog.


Dingo is a large, orange-brown, muscular dingo with green eyes and yellow hair (although it is green in the comic), and wears green shorts, purple glasses, brown gloves, a brown belt with a silver buckle, and a gold earring. He speaks with a stereotypical Australian accent. His left leg also appears to be mechanical, possibly due to being partially roboticized. He does not have a bounty hunter emblem like Sleet does.


Dingo's only real usefulness is in his odd ability to shapeshift into another object. When Sleet presses the button on his remote, Dingo can turn into any solid object or life form. Such things he has disguised himself as include a chili dog stand, a fly, a baby, a Venus flytrap, an old man, other people, a basket and a woman. Despite this, he consistently retains his orange and yellow colors and voice patterns. It is shown that he has no control over what he turns into.

He has also displayed a degree of above average strength, even being able to bend iron bars with effort. He has also been shown to be an adequate pilot and marksman, capable of piloting his and Sleet's trademark vehicles.

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  • He cannot pronounce the word independent.
  • It is never stated why Dingo's leg is apparently mechanical; if he was partially roboticized, the assumption being it was roboticized prior to meeting Dr. Robotnik. Of course, it is possible that the leg is cybernetic, or that its metallic appearance is in fact due to some kind of armor piece.

Voice Actors

  • Japanese : Tomohisa Aso
  • English : Peter Wilds