The Dream 9 Toriko & One Piece & Dragon Ball Z Super Collaboration Special
DBZ One Piece Toriko
(ドリーム9 トリコ&ワンピース&ドラゴンボールZ 超コラボスペシャル!!) is a crossover special which aired in Japan on April 7, 2013. It was made to commemorate the start of the third year of the Toriko anime, which premiered in April 2011, and it features characters from Dragon Ball Z, One Piece and Toriko. The special is split into two parts.


"Run, Strongest Team! Toriko, Luffy, and Goku!" (走れ最強軍団!トリコとルフィと悟空!): The International Gourmet Organization (IGO) is hosting a World's Best Eating Tournament (Tenkaichi Shokuōkai), a merciless race with no rules, on a certain island. The tournament's championship prize is the luxuriously rare Carat Sizzled Cattle. Toriko and his friends are aiming for the championship, Luffy and his Straw Hat Crew is set to participate in the event as well. It's reveal that Son Goku and his friends are also contestants. The showdown may determine the strongest of the three franchises' leads.

The special also features the following cast of characters. From Toriko there's Sunny, Zebra, Coco (the "Four Heavenly King" Gourmet Hunters), Komatsu, Rin, Setsuno, and Tina. From One Piece there's Nami, Chopper, Sanji, Zoro, Franky, Brook, Robin, Usopp, and Pandaman. From Dragon Ball Z there's Son Gohan, Son Goten, Trunks, Master Roshi, Android 18, Vegeta, Piccolo, Kuririn, Tien, Yamcha, Chaozu, Puar, the Ox King, Chi-Chi Yajirobe, Korin, the World Tournament Announcer, Mr. Satan, Videl, and Gotenks.

Mr. Satan is the color commentator for the race. He ends up falling into the battlefield, and is the "official" winner when Goku, Toriko, and Luffy destroy the arena accidentally.

"The Mightiest Collaboration in History vs. the Gluttonous of the Sea" (史上最強コラボVS海の大食漢): After Mr. Satan won the competition, the champion serves up the championship prize, Carat Sizzled Cattle, to Luffy, Toriko, Goku, and their friends. During the meal, the IGO Director Mansam reveals the shocking truth: the tournament was held in order to lure out a Deep Sea Glutton creature, Akami, said to suck out the energy of living things. Soon, sensing Luffy and the other's power, Akami appears from out of the depths of the sea. Goku, Luffy, Toriko may have to combine their powers in order to defeat this deadly monster.

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  • Marron is shown as a toddler, since her hair is short, and the fact that she is seen sitting on Kuririn's lap while they watch Android 18 and the others compete in the tournament.
  • Judging by the character designs, this special seems to take place slightly before or soon after the events of Dragon Ball Z movie 14. It possible that this special takes place after it since it was released after DBZ movie 14. Including that it definitely takes place before Uub's introduction because Uub does not appear.
  • This special reunites Masako Nozawa with her Dragon Ball/One Piece co star friend, Mayumi Tanaka. They both have special dialogue as Goku & Luffy in this special. They both haven't worked together in One Piece since One Piece episode 83 - 90. However Masako and Mayumi still work together in the Dragon Ball franchise as Goku & Kuririn. Masako has voiced Goku since 1986; when the character first appear in episode 1 of the emperor Pilaf Saga in Dragon Ball. But Mayumi finally appear in the Dragon Ball franchise voicing Kuririn for the first time in 1986; when the character made his first appearance to train with Goku as Master Roshi's student for the World Tournament Saga.
  • This special also reunites Masako with her other One Piece co star friend, Ikue Otani, they both have special dialogue as Gotenks & Tony Tony Chopper in this special. They both haven't worked together in One Piece since One Piece episode 81 - 90. Their reunion is shown when Goten & Trunks fused into Gotenks and Chopper is amaze at the Fusion Dance. Chopper asks Gotenks If he can teach him how do to the Technique, and Gotenks tells Chopper that he will need to partner up with someone to learn it.

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