Endou Kanon (円堂 カノン) is one of the main characters in Inazuma Eleven 3 Ogre version, and Inazuma Eleven the Movie.
Endou kanon
In Inazuma Eleven Chou Jigen Dream Match he is the reserve midfielder for Inazuma Best Eleven.



Kanon is shown to be really nice and friendly as seen in the game as well as in the anime. He is also shown to be persevering. Kanon's personality can be compared to that of Endou's, due to their love, and passion for soccer. He also cares a lot for him, since he went back in time to help his great-grandfather. In short, he's a replica of his great grandfather. He also says "Let's play soccer" just like how his great-grandfather says, proving that he has the same passion as Endou has. Though, it is shown that he doesn't like Team Ogre's rough plays.


Just like Endou Mamoru (his great grandfather), he wears a headband but it is red in color. His hair color is dark teal and his eye's color are also dark teal. His hair is similar to Toramaru. He has an earpiece in his left ear which is white and blue. He wears a black t-shirt underneath and a red, white, and blue jacket which is only done up by a button on the top. He also wears teal 3/4 length trousers.


Inazuma Eleven movie

He travels back in time to help Raimon fight Ogre in the movie, also recruiting some of Endou's future friends (Fideo, Hiroto, Fubuki, Tobitaka and Toramaru) to help Raimon, because of this, he was able to use his hissatsu; God Cannon, to score the second goal for Raimon breaking through Zagomel's Electric Trap. He later used it again to make a chain shoot with Fideo's Odin Sword and try to score a goal but was blocked by Zagomel's High Voltage, in the end, Raimon succeeds and wins the match and afterwards thanks his great-grandfather and returns to his timeline in the future.


Endou Mamoru

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