Endou Mamoru (円堂守) is the main character in the Inazuma Eleven series. He is the goalkeeper and captain of Raimon and Inazuma Japan.
He is a libero of Raimon in the second season. He is the captain and main goalkeeper of Inazuma Japan in the third season.

Ten years later he takes up the position as the coach of Raimon and later Chrono Storm. He is the character you play as in the original series' games. He is known as Mark Evans in the English version.



Endou reading his grandfather's notebook

During his childhood, when his family was getting ready for a New Years party. Endou was putting something in the storage closet, when he got the item into the closet this made him make a mess. After getting out of the junk that was all around him while he was in the storage closet. He had saw a soccer ball, and had stumbled upon his grandfather's note book. When he read his grandfather's notebook, Endou was amazed by the world of soccer, and gained the determination to play the game itself. He started to kick the soccer ball while he was in the backyard. However, his mother was displeased with soccer because of his grandfather's accident being connected with soccer. Atsuko was angry to the point that, when Endou asked her if he can have the items he found. Atsuko told him no but Endou say that they were fun. His mother say no again, and to hand her the notebook along with the ball back in the storage closet. But he refused to listen to her, so he run around the backyard trying not to have the items get taken away from him. His mother kept saying he can't play soccer but Endou say he's gonna play it.

However Endou trip on a box of supplies, and she grab the soccer ball off of the grass. As Endou lays on the grass crying, his mother asks him to hand over the notebook, but he angrily asks her why he can't play soccer. In the end, she told him that the stuff belongs to his grandfather, which surprised him. Due to this, he would always complain to her to let him play the sport until she gave in by his father letting him play. While his mother was gardening outside, Endou accidentally knocked the ball out of his bedroom window. The ball ended up braking a flower pot and his mother got angry when she told him not to play soccer in the house. So this made Endou play at the park. He would keep the ball from morning til night, and would even play at the river bank.

Afterwards Endou started wearing a red headband on his forehead. He also met a girl named Kudou Fuyuka, who was apparently Endou's childhood friend, stated by Endou himself. The two met during first grade and became friends very quickly. Endou had give her the nickname Fuyuppe since he couldn't say her name very well. Whereas she call him Mamoru-kun. She and Endou would alway play in the sand box, or she would try to take Endou's soccer ball from him. However some time before graduating from first grade, Endou never knew that Fuyuka had moved away with her family.

When he entered Raimon junior high, Endou was shock to learn that the school he enrolled at didn't have a soccer club. When he went to use the bathroom, he met Kino Aki because they were in the same class. The two decided to make a soccer club, so they cleaned out a old storage room to use for their club. Endou would practice outside, and try to get baseball members to join his club, but would fail. Once Aki made a poster to get new members to join, the poster fail. So Endou put up a Football Frontier Championship poster on the wall. Soon after he met Someoka and Handa. Endou tells them that he wants to be a goalkeeper because he finds it easy. He learns that Someoka plays forward, while Handa can do midfield and defense. Therefore the three would practice on a field, but all the fields they would use were for different sports. So they couldn't practice on any field. When Endou enter his second year of high school, he and the others met Shourin, Teppei, Kabeyama and Shishido. The four freshmen joined the club, so this made Endou had 7 members in the soccer club while Aki was the manager. Therefore Endou also became the captain of the soccer team.



Endou's Personality

Endou is described as a soccer lover and a cheerful goalkeeper. He is the type of person who never gives up and always thinks of others before himself - he could be described as happy-go-lucky. He also shows great admiration towards his grandfather, and studies the technique notebooks that he wrote many years ago. People around him call him a soccer freak due to his love of soccer. Even Coach Hibiki once said that for Endou, "the best compliment would be: The biggest soccer freak in the world'". Due to his natural, upbeat and positive personality, he attracts people even if they're an enemy or an ally. It was because of this that he was able to gather many new members for both Raimon and Inazuma Japan.

His teammates benefit from his amazing mental strength and encouragement. They also respect him despite his carefree attitude. The reason for doing so is that he wishes to face even stronger opponents, though he may sometimes be at a disadvantage, he always finds a way to bring his teammates to victory. Even if he loses, he still isn't disappointed at his defeat and always strives to win the next match, as seen from Raimon's matches against Aliea Academy. His best friends are Kidou Yuuto, Gouenji Shuuya, Kazemaru Ichirouta and Kabeyama Heigorou.

He seems to be overconfident sometimes about his grandfather's ultimate techniques. In Episode 51 he said that Fist of Justice is strong enough to defeat The Genesis, but couldn't believe that is was broken through by Desarm. He was 13-14 years old in Inazuma Eleven and is 24 years old in Inazuma Eleven Go.

In the manga, he is a bit of a hothead with a loud voice, and a fiery personality. He also has shown a lot of determination and confidence, as shown when he tried recruiting Gouenji Shuuya and Tamano Gorou in the manga. He's also shown to be more emotional compared to the game and anime. For example, when he heard that his grandfather was killed by Kageyama Reiji, he became emotional over that fact, even some people are doubting whether he's Endou or not. But because one of the students said, "that kind of captain won't win the match", Endou tries to hide his sadness from his teammates.

In Inazuma Eleven GO, ten years later, he is a much calmer and smarter than he used to be, but he still loves soccer the way 10 years before and still passionate, as stated when he told the Raimon team his reason for coming back, and that was to bring back soccer the way it was before. After marrying Natsumi, he has started to become more mature. His romantic feelings towards her are shown, unlike in the original series. Now, he doesn't overact or is that noisy unlike 10 years before when he would start talking about soccer endlessly. He knows his time to talk or not, showing his maturity and calmness. As a coach of Raimon, his attitude towards the members of Raimon is kind and caring, stating that they will not have a future if they follow Fifth Sector's soccer management. Though during matches he is rather serious but at the same time a motivational coach who can boost the team's morale as shown when he was able to encourage Shinsuke to use Buttobi Jump during a match.


Endou has brown hair with two pointed edges at the sides and a single bang hanging over his forehead. Endou's general eye shape is round and bright. He is always seen wearing an orange headband just like his grandfather.

Most notably, Endou looks like his grandfather when his grandfather was in his youth.

In Inazuma Eleven GO, Endou has grown taller and his hairstyle changed slightly, with longer hair styled in more spikes. He wears now sports an orange shirt with a white stripe going around the collar line, and a white jacket with orange stripes going down each of his sleeves and brown accents. His jacket's collar is notably raised and it shows of a thick brown stripe on the inside of the collar. With that, he wears dark blue jeans, and orange shoes with yellow laces. In the second movie, his jacket is shown to have a different style: an orange circular shape with a dot in the middle on each sleeve.


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Inazuma Eleven (Anime)

Season 1

Endou Mamoru is a very talented goalkeeper and the grandson of one of the strongest goalkeepers in Japan, who supposedly died before Endou was born. Throughout the first season, Endou's passion for soccer has sparked the ambition of his teammates dreams of winning the Football Frontier Championship and later, the FFI.

In Episode 1, he commonly trains with the Inazuma KFC team. During the training two punks appears in the camp, mocks Endou and kicked into his stomach and spits on the ball, which made Endou became shocked. When the punk shoots the ball in the direction of Kisaragi Mako, Gouenji appears and surprises Endou by shooting the ball back to the punk's head.

During that night he asks to his grandfather to encounter Gouenji again, but he got frightened when his mother came into his room and told him to take a shower. However his wish becomes a reality at the next day. He becomes happy when his professor says that Gouenji comes from Kidokawa Seishuu, a well known school by their soccer level. He encounters a problem since Gouenji doesn't want to join but Endou understands because he had a reason.

Even though his skills are incredible, his school originally lacked a real soccer club as the six other members don't appear very interested even in merely training. He had to find four more members for a match against Teikoku Gakuen or their club would be closed; the team would also be disbanded if they lost also the match. However, the young goalkeeper sets out to find and recruit members for his soccer team. Endou met up with Kazemaru, and Megane asking them to join the soccer club. That night he told Gouenji that he try to get members to join the club, and that he wants to play soccer with him. As Gouenji was leaving, Endou asks him why he kicked the ball yesterday but Gouenji say to leave him alone. Afterwards Endou trained with a tire, and Kazemaru came. He saw Kazemaru his notebook and Kazemaru joined the train. After that he and the other members trained all night using tires. On the day of the match, Max and Jin came to Endou by asking to join the soccer club.

However the match was very difficult because Megane left and Endou was getting beat up by soccer balls that were getting thrown at him. However he was saved by Kazemaru. shortly after, Gouenji helps Raimon against Teikoku when everyone was heavily injured and due to this Endou unleashed the God Hand technique by making the ball not get into the goal net. Because of Gouenji, Endou's team was able to score a point against Teikoku. After that, they had many requests of matches against other teams.

This follows through to the addition of new members like Domon Asuka but it was revealed that he was Teikoku's spy but he was forgiven later. Afterwards of fighting against different teams, they finally fought against Teikoku Gakuen in the finals where Kidou Yuuto was having problems if they will still follow Kageyama or not. In the end, Kidou warned Endou and the others to be careful, later steel pillars fell at Raimon but because Kidou warned them, they were able to not get hit by it. Ichinose Kazuya, who was originally thought to be dead, also joined their team later on. He came to meet Kino Aki and Domon but stayed in Japan only because of his attitude that is strongly positive. Then he also found out that the one who might have presumably killed his grandfather could have been Kageyama, but he was able to overcome it, and in the end defeated Zeus in the Football Frontier.

Season 2

After winning the Football Frontier, Endou and the others found their school was destroyed by a soccer tea from Aliea Gakuen, called Gemini Storm. Endou fought the team led by Reize. Because the difference in skills, Endou and the others lost. Most of the team get injured badly. They start training to beat Gemini Storm. Later Touko and Fubuki Shirou joined their team and with their help they were able to beat Gemini Storm.

During the course of the journey they met a number of people who like soccer and had joined their team. But tough teams like Epsilon and their master rank team, The Genesis, defeated them still. Kageyama also came to destroy Raimon with his team, True Teikoku Academy but was defeated. Onwards towards this season, his hyperactive personality tones down as he later understands that his teammates are much more important than when he realizes he was only thinking highly for himself that they can clear every challenge anywhere. For instance, when he understands it was his fault for pushing his team towards defeating Aliea Academy, where it dragged Kazemaru down with depression through his inability to catch up with everyone else.

Though when there was a time when he was badly depressed, he was able to overcome it.They were able to defeat Epsilon and Chaos which were combined into Prominence and Diamond Dust with the help of Gouenji Shuuya and Aphrodi. They also came to know Coach Hitomiko was the 'sister' of Gran (Genesis's captain) and Aliea Academy consist of humans who use Aliea Meteorite to boost their power.

In Episode 60, they engaged in a final match against The Genesis. However, Gran quickly scored a goal with Ryuusei Blade, breaking through Tachimukai's Mugen The Hand. In Episode 61 as Tsunami helps the goalkeeper to rise up again, Gran asks to Endou if he saw which team is stronger. They had a tough fight with Genesis but at last they won. When they return to Raimon, they had one final opponent: Dark Emperors, who are none other than their old teammates. But because of Endou's amazing spirit and willpower reaching to his teammates hearts, he was able to free them and shatter the Aliea meteorite.

Season 3

During the FFI, Endou continues to be very passionate for soccer. He still motivates his other teammates with inspiring confidence and encouragement. Unlike before, his passion for soccer and playing in the FFI has spurred him into waking up very early to practice, something he rarely did as he always liked to sleep in. Endou had to face many challenges including having captains band taken from him during the match against Fire Dragon because the coach thought he was not qualified but it was later on in the match returned to him. He was shocked to see Coach Hitomiko when she brought a team Neo Japan which consists of players who weren't called during the formation of Inazuma Japan. He and his team goes up in soccer ranks as they eventually challenge their former teammate Ichinose.

During this time, his grandfather was eventually revealed to be alive. This may be the most challenging tournament his team has ever faced, where their friendship will truly be tested as well. While Kageyama planned on destroying Endou's team in the beginning, he became a minor character due to the events of Episode 105. However, Endou still has to face the true person who plotted to kill his grandfather. It was revealed soon after that Kageyama was just a pawn of the true villain, Garshield Bayhan. Afterward, their next fight was against The Kingdom and their coach is Garshield. After getting more info, they learned that The Kingdom is having a hard time especially their captain, though with of the help of the detective, they were able to arrest Garshield for his actions and the real coach of the Kingdom returns.

But more trouble ensues when Garshield later escapes and attacks Cotarl team, Little Gigant, though this time, he is finally defeated and arrested and now the next match of Inazuma Japan begins against Little Gigant. But this time Endou needs to perfect his new hissatsu for the strongest battle against Little Gigant. As Inazuma Japan fought against Little Gigant, he finally mastered God Catch and both teams are now on the edge of the winning point. Then he uses a perfect Jet Stream with Gouenji and Toramaru and they score, making Inazuma Japan the winner.

They return home after the FFl and move on to graduation. In Episode 126 he graduates from Raimon, and when it is Endou's turn to receive the diploma, it was seen that his Raimon teammates were all crying and sad because they were about to go their separate ways. Endou smiles at this, and knows that this isn't their goodbye just yet. It was seen in a school album that he alongside Kurimatsu, Kabeyama and Aki took part in a school play. Then in Episode 127, they had one last graduation match with each other, which ended in both groups not scoring a goal, since they were all equally matched, all of them listened to Endou's last speech, and promised that they'll keep on playing soccer from Endou's words: "Let's play soccer!" to which everyone happily agreed on.

Inazuma Eleven Go (Anime)

Before actually appearing, Endou had been referred to by Otonashi and Kudou a few times in the first two episodes, comparing him to how Tenma acts towards soccer.

His first unofficial appearance is in Episode 5 watching the Raimon VS. Eito match. He is shocked to see Raimon not playing to their fullest, saying "Kore wa Raimon" (This is Raimon?). Little is shown of his face because he is shadowed.

In Episode 7, he is assigned as the new coach of Raimon. While Endou called Tsurugi to play, Tsurugi got irritated of what Endou said. So, he kicked the ball using his hissatsu, Death Sword. Everyone got worried that Endou was going to get hit because he was in front of the goal. Endou tilted his head to the right and let it into the goal. Afterwards, Endou complimented Tsurugi for his great shoot. That night he spoke to Kudou and told him he was surprised when he got the phone call from him. Endou also met up with Tenma when he forgot his soccer gear. Endou gave Tenma his gear back and decided to help him practice.

He wasn't liked much at the beginning by the new Raimon, but later on because he was able to bring them hope again, they slowly started to like him. Endou also seemes to be interested in Matsukaze Tenma's soccer. He would also help Shinsuke when he had trouble using a soccer technique.

In Episode 11, he mentions that he returned to Raimon to return soccer as it was 10 years ago and to beat Fifth Sector.

It was revealed in Episode 18 that he married Natsumi after the special training with Matsukaze Tenma, surprising Tenma for the fact that Endou already had a wife. Natsumi's cooking is as same as usual, just the tasty look, but horrible taste. Tenma wanted to burst out saying that the food is horrible, but Endou kicked him under the table and told him to be a man, and just keep on swallowing to prevent Natsumi from working into one of her temper tantrams.

In Episode 23, during the match against Gassan Kunimitsu, he and Kidou decided to let Kurumada and Kirino to sit on the bench, leaving only 10 people on the field. The purpose, they said before they ordered Kirino back on the field, was to let Kirino watch the opponents' tactics better and find their flaw from within. This decision ended up successful as Kirino was able to figure out Gassan Kunimitsu's weakness, and make use of it on the field.

In Episode 24, Endou goes to the base of Fifth Sector and confronts Ishido Shuuji. It is then that he reveals Ishido's true identity to be Gouenji Shuuya. Gouenji, however, denies his past identity. Endou, enraged and distressed at what his old team-mate has become, asks him why he is trying to control soccer, and offers him help. Gouenji, however, states how soccer is now controlled by him, and how he is able to do anything without difficulty. Their conversation ends there, and Endou is sent back.

Endou then returns to his home and looks at the FFI picture of Inazuma Japan when they won the tournament and wonders why Gouenji has changed. Natsumi encourages Endou not to be sad and prepares some food for him. Feeling encouraged, he eats the food Natsumi prepared, again munching the food with his face turning blue. He later then meets Fubuki and talks to him about the match against Hakuren but Fubuki told him that his school was controlled by Fifth Sector as stated in Episode 25 when Fubuki caught the ball from Kurama. He shot the ball but missed and went directly at Fubuki but after he controlled the ball smoothly.

At the end of Episode 27, Fubuki asked Endou to come to the corner in Snowland Stadium and he told Endou something important that made Endou shocked and surprised with the information Fubuki had told him. Then, he asked Kidou Yuuto to go to meet him at the Inazuma Tower place. Kidou arrives and sees Endou looking at the horizon. Endou states that he will leave Raimon saying that Fifth Sector's true goal might not only be the management of soccer so he said that he will investigate it. and that he quits as Raimon's coach, to which surprised Kidou and asked why. Though, Endou made an unclear answer and leaves the Raimon team to Kidou, he then appoints Kidou as the new coach for Raimon, though Kidou was still surprised. Endou smiles and leaves the team to Kidou.

But it is not known why he left the team, though since he left after Fubuki had told him something "important", it might be the reason why he left. In Episode 32, Endou is back with a new shirt on, and he seemed to be standing on a cliff beside the sea on an unknown island it is shown that he was on the same island that was shown in the GO movie trailer, where the sky was cloudy and stormy. He was actually on God Eden investigating Fifth Sector's true goals. He comes back at the finals, and encourages everyone to play at their best and enjoy the game as well. In Episode 43, he becames impressed with Dragonlink's power as Sangoku leaves the field over a litter. Endou then replaced him with Shinsuke, saying to him protect the goal.

In Episode 47 he had an interview and loads of flashbacks about the past when he used to play soccer. At the end of the episode, he along with Tenma promised each other that they will play soccer together one day.

Inazuma Eleven Go Chrono Stone (Anime)

In episode 2, Tenma and the others time travelled to Endou's time to when he was trying to create the Raimon's soccer club. Later, Endou is confronted by Alpha, who says that the soccer must be eliminated and that no one is fond of it. Then, he was teleported to the Football Frontier stadium along with Protocol Omega,Tenma, Fei and Wonderbot. During the match between Tenmas and Protocol Omega, he was Tenma's goalkeeper. He got angry during the match on how Alpha attacked some other members of his team by hitting them with the soccer ball.

In episode 3, he was able to stop Alpha's might shoot using God Hand, andlater Shoot Command 01 using his kesshin, Majin Great, and his keshin hissatsu, Great The Hand. Tenmas finally won 2-0. As Tenma and the others leave, he comments with Aki that he know that he will meet with Tenma again.

In episode 5, he appeared in his adult form with Haruna. Then, they timetraveled back in time were a friendly match between Japan and America happened. In episode 6 he used God Hand V to prevent Beta from sealing Fei Lune in the Sphere Device and said to Raimon they should leave the match. After everyone was ready to escape, Endou is unable to make it because he is sealed into the Sphere Device instead.

In episode 7, he was stated to have died from a car accident. It is known that he has only been sealed into the Sphere Device, however in episode 17, it is revealed that Endou Mamoru has been transformed into a purple, classic diamond-shaped Chrono Stone with the iconic 'C' onit. Toudou Heikichi says that the will use Endou's Chrono Stone to power up Protocol Omega 3.0's skills, as the same happened with Raimon and Daisuke's Chrono Stone.

In episode 24, it is seen that Zanark Avalonic has the purple diamond shaped Chrono Stone with Endou inside of it.

In episode 29, after the match ended with Raimon beating Zanark Domain, Tenma and the others asked to bring back Endou. So Zanark threw the Chrono Stone to them, but whilst still in the air, Helper X grabbed it and disappeared, with everyone still shocked. Zanark then met with Helper X, and asked why he took the Chrono Stone, and he said it would be too dangerous to give it to Raimon.

In episode 39, Toudou Heikichi said to Raimon, in order to get the Chrono Stone of Endou Coach and protect him, they will have to play in Ragnarok Tournament and win it.

He re-appeared and returned to normal in episode 47.In episode 49,Tenma and everyone asks Endou to be their Coach again, and happily accepts. Before their match with El Dorondo, Endou gives his team advice to enjoy playing against thier enemy. 

Inazuma Eleven : Galaxy (Anime)

In episode 1, Kuroiwa Ryuusei was seen talking to him over the phone, saying that everything is going as planned, and then asked Endou, if the favor he had asked was going well. At the moment, it is unknown what they were talking about. He was seen in Tenma's flashback.

In episode 18, he appeared to the team, and introduced Ichikawa Zanakurou, who will join them in their fight against Earth Eleven.

Film Appearances

Inazuma Eleven movie

The movie starts off with Endou Mamoru arriving at Raimon for the first time and creating the soccer club. Throughout the movie, it shows how members ended up joining the club and facing different teams in the Football Frontier. The finals were coming up, and it was seen that Raimon were training a lot at the Inabikari Training Centre. Raimon found out that the team they were playing in the finals, was the team's Ogre, that defeated Zeus with a monstrous score of 36-0. When Raimon played them in the first half, they were struggling with them, not because they were so good, but because they were not even trying until each time Raimon had a chance to shoot. Every member of Ogre was just standing there, preserving their energy. Raimon's offence was getting too tired and soon started to doubt themselves.At the start of the second half, it was the same thing, nothing but struggles.

But with only 10 minutes within the game left, Endou Kanon appeared and told Endou that he was here to help. With Kanon, he brought Fubuki Shirou, Tobitaka Seiya, Utsunomiya Toramaru, Hiroto Kiyama and Fideo Ardena. Raimon started to come back, and eventually won the match.

After, Endou says he was glad to play them in the finals and says to them they should play soccer again sometime. But Baddap Sleed, the captain of Ogre said to Endou that he's not going to fall for his spell for loving soccer. However Endou says that after the match, everyone are friends again, and Baddap starts to understand what he says. After Baddap was sent back to his timeline. The crowd starts to cheer, with Endou wondering why. He then suddenly remembers... they won the finals! Everyone celebrates and Endou ends the film with "we're Japans number one!!".

Inazuma Eleven movie

The movie starts with a voice explaining to Inazuma Japan in the FFI, the banning of soccer and the formation of the Fifth Sector. Ishido Shuuji gives a brief speech about the Fifth Sector and states that soccer is on top of the world.

Tenma woke up and saw that he was too late and ran off to Raimon. On his way, he was seen having flashbacks about Fifth Sector's wrongdoings and Raimon who couldn't play their true soccer. Tenma was also seen having a flashback about Endou leaving Raimon.

Hakuryuu was seen to be in a room, destroying everything with his Keshin Aura and Kibayama who was watching him and his destructions which he made in the room. Shuu was seen at the top of a waterfall and his Keshin Aura came out too and later, it disappeared.

Tenma arrived at Raimon and saw a bus from Fifth Sector. He went to the soccer field and apologized to Sangoku for being late. There, Tenma heard that the Raimon's team received a note from Fifth Sector about a 'training camp' and the principal told that to the Raimon soccer club. First, they didn't want to go but after Shindou said that they should go to search for Endou and should go. And because of that, they had to leave. Hamano Kaiji, Hayami Tsurumasa and Kurama Norihito had to stay at Raimon from Shindou just in case something happens to the school when they were away. Kurama wished them good luck. When the Raimon's team went inside the bus, they talked a bit to each other. Tenma saw that Shinsuke was sleeping and wanted to wake up Shinsuke but then, he fell in sleep instead. After that, the whole Raimon team fell in sleep because they were gassed by sleeping gas.

The young soccer players of Raimon woke up to find themselves in a grassland. Shinsuke asked where the managers, Haruna and Kidou were but the others didn't have any idea. Then Shindou asked if Tsurugi recognizes the island. Tsurugi Kyousuke then stated that the place was actually God Eden and a person named Kibayama Douzan appeared along with some tanks that surrounded Raimon. Shindou asked where Kidou and the others were but Kibayama replied that he is only interested in soccer players and said that they will have a match against Unlimited Shining. Then, a person named Hakuryuu appeared along with his team; Unlimited Shining. Tsurugi again recognized the person, Hakuryuu then wanted to see how Tsurugi was stronger this time - or even if he has got stronger. Kibayama challenged Raimon for a match against Unlimited Shining. Sangoku asked Shindou what they should do and Shindou replied that they should play against them and the others agreed with him.

As the members of Raimon, who were going to play, went to their positions, Ichino Nanasuke along with Aoyama Shunsuke were benched for the match, but Ichino looked at the other side and wondered what Kibayama was planning to do. The match then started with Hikaru's kick off and passed the ball to Shindou. Shuu was watching the match and Tenma sensed Shuu's present. Shindou passed the ball Matsukaze Tenma and he was seen using Soyokaze Step and then, he passed the ball to Tsurugi, who used Death Drop. But, suddenly, Hakuryuu intervened and used White Hurricane. It was able to force of Tsurugi's shoot and added it to his own hissatsu and blocked the shoot and shot it to the other goal. The whole team was hurted by the shoot and Sangoku Taichi wasn't able to block it. Ichino and Aoyama commented that the shoot was very powerful and the score was 1-0.

The match then resumed again and Shindou Takuto dribbled the ball, but Hakuryuu stole it again to which shocked Tsurugi. Amagi asked what was wrong with Shindou because his plays weren't the same as usual and Kirino replied that not having a coach around, effected Shindou's plays and was worried about Shindou. Hakuryuu then injured some members of Raimon and ended up scoring another goal, which made Unlimited Shining in the lead with 2 points.

Kirino said that they were too fast to stop them. Tenma asked Shindou what Raimon should do and Shindou replied that using hisssatsu may work to stop Hakuryuu. The match again continued but Hakuryuu easily stole the ball again from Matsukaze Tenma and as the defense of Raimon tried to block him by using all of their hissatsu, they were unsuccessful to do so due to Hakuryuu made a tornado which disabled their hissatsu, and Hakuryuu scored again using a stronger White Hurricane and injured all the Raimon's members who were on the field. The match ended with Unlimited Shining giving a landslide point of 12; 5 points from the first half and 7 points for the second half. Most members of Raimon were lying on the ground and couldn't stand up due their injuries. Only Shindou, Tenma and Tsurugi were standing but then, Tsurugi fell down on the ground and Tenma followed him, leaving Shindou the only one who was standing.

Raimon then escaped from the tanks and soldiers by some 'unknown' persons before they all passed out. They all arrived in the cave and wondered how they ended up in the place and who saved them. Tenma said that he was Endou before he knocked out and everyone was surprised and when Shindou said coach, Endou showed up. Raimon watched Shinsuke and Tenma who pulled the cheek of each other and after that, they smiled and they went to Endou. Endou Mamoru introduced Fudou Akio,Fubuki Shirou, Kabeyama Heigorou and Kazemaru Ichirouta. They all explained what was happening and Raimon understood what the adults reasoned.

Later after the discussion, Tenma was seen lying in top of the old lighthouse and Endou also came in. He comforted the kid in which Tenma was happy for. The next day, the Raimon team heard some sirens and a loud voice saying that they should give up, to which they were angered about. The adults suggested that the Raimon's team should train.

At another place, Ishido Shuuji has shown to have arrivedat God Eden by a helicopter and talked with Kibayama about the situation briefly and said that it would be an interesting watch. Matsukaze Tenma, Nishizono Shinsuke and Tsurugi Kyousuke went to a forest and Tenma tried to touch acertain statue, to which a person from afar kicked a ball at them, but Tsurugi was able to stop it. The whole Raimon';s team then appeared and they boy revealed himself to be Shuu and appeared with his team; Ancient Dark. Both had a brief talk and Shindou Takuto agreed to have a soccer match.After the match, Shuu softly smiled at the kind hearted Tenma and suggested a special training for him, in which he agreed. The others were delighted but Endou just silently looked at Shuu.

The training then started and Tenma's special training was actually climbing through the waterfalls. Shuu helped out him by giving some advice. On another location, Kurumada, Kirino and Shindou were trained by Kazemaru Ichirouta. Fudou Akio then is the one training Amagi Daichi, Kariya Masaki and Nishizono Shinsuke roughly in an underground cave with a strong water current. Fubuki Shirou was training Nishiki Ryouma, Kageyama Hikaru, and Tsurugi Kyousuke in a sand terrain. Kabeyama Heigorou helped out Sangoku Taichi instead. Ichino Nanasuke along with Aoyama Shunsuke helped out him in his training by shooting.

After the practice, Tenma became exhausted and he had another talk with Shuu. Tenma said that soccer was fun but Shuu disagreed. A lamb then came by. Tenma said that was the lamb he saved earlier, and then said that soccer is fun again but Shuu denied this another time and started thinking about the past, and what happened to his young sister. It showed a flashback, in which his young sister was in a boat and was being offered. Shuu started to clutch the ball more tightly in frustration and as Tenma turned around, he was shocked to see Shuu wasn't there anymore. After some time, everyone succeeded in their training.

After training, the scene shifted to Tsurugi training by himself in a rigid place. Hakuryuu then appeared and had a fast talk with him, saying that he will be waiting for Tsurugi's improvement. Tsurugi says to Hakuryuu who he always wanted to play again against him because of his football fun!

As Kidou Yuuto, Otonashi Haruna, Yamana Akane, Seto Midori and Sorano Aoi escaped, they used Akane's camera to escape. As they found a way out, they saw a young kid being beaten badly by Fifth Sector's training grounds with soccer balls. Kidou commented that Fifth Sector's training was harsh, and this was the facility for SEED's. Akane then took some photos for proof, but as they escape, the camera was taken away. Aoi made an effort to get it back, which resulted she got back to prison yet again.

The whole Raimon's team along the adults then crossed a bridge and arrived at the center of the facility. They saw a soccer ground and Kibayama arrived. He showed the team that Raimon will be fighting, called Zero. Tenma was then shocked to see Shuu especially and hoped to prove that soccer was fun and that the ideals of Fifth Sector were wrong.

The match started with Zero having the ball and giving Raimon no chance to steal the ball. Shindou Takuto then used his hissatsu tactic;

Kami no Takuto and instructed Tenma to steal the ball. He failed as Shuu intervened. The ball was passed to Hakuryuu who easily scored the first point against Sangoku Taichi by a mighty shoot. Then, the match restarted. Tenma had the ball and passed it to Shindou, in which he summoned his keshin; Sousha Maestro. But he faced Hakuryuu who in response, summoned Seijuu Shining Dragon. He used the tail of his keshin to defeat Shindou's keshin. Tsurugi then summoned Kensei Lancelot to stop Hakuryuu but failed too. Tenma summoned Majin Pegasus and tried to attack Hakuryuu's keshin, but failed just like Shindou and Tsurugi. Raimon's defenders were also easily passed through. Then, Hakuryuu used White Breath and defeated Sangoku's Fence of Gaia. This marked up Zero with a two point lead.

As the match resumed, Shindou, Tenma and Tsurugi called out their keshins to try and block Hakuryuu's keshin, but four Zero's members showed up their keshins and the field became a horrible battle of keshins. Hakuryuu was able to use White Breath again as he still had the ball in possession and literally destroyed Raimon's keshins. Kirino, Kariya and Amagi used their hissatsus but the shoot was strong enough and passed through. Sangoku tried to block it yet again with Fence of Gaia and succeeded with some help from Tsurugi and Shindou. After the match resumed, because of everyone being badly injured and tired, it became a horrible field of being shot at.

Raimon had a timeout temporarily to look after the injured members and the match then resumed.After some encouragement from Endou, Tenma used his keshin, Majin Pegasus. But in front of him was Hakuryuu's keshin and also Shuu. Tenma saw him as a cliff, and imagined he was climbing it. He was remembering his training with Shuu helping him. Then, wings appeared on his back and he evolved his keshin further, turning it into Majin Pegasus Arc. He defeated Hakuryuu's keshin and passed the ball to Shindou, who used his keshin and then saw leaves; the same as during his training with Kazemaru. He used Harmonics and the ball followed a precise path. Tsurugi was able to get it, remembering his training too and used Death Drop. Zero's goalkeeper, Hebino Makito, was about to try to stop it when Tenma suddenly came in and added more force to the shoot in which the goalkeeper tried to block it with Serpent Fang but failed, Raimon scoring its first point.

Kibayama then signaled Zero to use their keshins more, in which they did. But the defenders of Raimon, and especially Kirino, thought of a plan to stop some of the keshins. Kirino and Kariya both used Deep Mist and Hunter's Net to capture one keshin while Shinsuke and Amagi used Buttobi Jump and Viva! Banri no Choujou to stop one another. This lessened the keshin that Tenma, Tsurugi and Shindou had to stop.

Shindou got the ball and passed it to Kageyama Hikaru. He used Extend Zone; when he was about to shoot, the adverse goalkeeper waiting for him, he fainted to create a chain shoot with Nishiki Ryouma, who used Sengoku Bushin Musashi and then Bushin Renzan. This made both teams tied and Hakuryuu in frustration. Kibayama and some other adults then joined Zero, surprising the replaced members and Raimon. As Kibayama had the ball, he and the others adults started to shoot to Raimon's members to beat them. Tenma was still standing up, saying it's not over; Shuu used Black Ash and easily scored the third goal. The Raimon's team was then seen badly beaten.

Endou Mamoru looked at his hand and had a flashback of the past with his grandfather, Endou Daisuke. He was shown in his last moments and encouraged Endou. Because of that, Endou wore the goalkeeper's gloves and said that he will play in the match, in which shocked everyone. The other adults agreed and joined the match.

Raimon then made a comeback. The adults entered the field and turned into their young form. Shuu recupered the ball and passed it to Kibayama, but Kabeyama stopped him using The Wall. He passed to Kazemaru Ichirouta, who passed through easily an adverse adult by using Shippuu Dash. He passed it to Fubuki Shirou, who used Eternal Blizzard and created a chain shoot with Kidou Yuuto's Koutei Penguin 2gou. The goalkeeper of the opposing team then used Gravity Point, but the shoot was actually intended to free Sorano Aoi from the cell. It does free her but she looses balance and falls. Kabeyama was frightened but as he opened his eyes, he was delighted that Ichino Nanasuke and Aoyama Shunsuke actually saved Aoi from a very high fall. Kibayama was then further frustrated and shooted using Fuurinkazan Destroyer. Endou Mamoru succeeded to stop it, using an ameliorated version of God Hand, God Hand V, in which they were all amazed at. The adults then gave advice to everyone; Shindou Takuto along with Tsurugi Kyousuke scored a goal with another new technique called Joker Rains. Both teams were tied yet again with 3-3.

Hakuryuu then speedily attacked Tenma but he was able to avoid it with his keshin. Nishizono Shinsuke then used Buttobi Jump to create a chain shoot with Justice Wing, Tenma's keshin hissatsu technique. Then, Shuu and Hakuryuu got serious. Hakuryuu used his keshin another time, but the others keshins users except Shuu gave him their power. Hakuryuu's keshin being drawed out, he and Shuu combined their keshins to call out Sei Kishi Arthur and shooted with Sword of Excalibur. Tenma, Shindou and Tsurugi in response called out another Keshin Fusion called Matei Gryphon.

They fought against Hakuryuu's and Shuu's, and used Sword of Fire. This made both teams tied yet again at 5-5.

After Shuu realized what Tenma meant, Hakuryuu was still in frustration, but Tsurugi made him realize that he actually enjoyed soccer back then when he was young, in which Hakuryuu had a change of heart. After that, both teams were shown playing 'true soccer' which was enjoying it. Hakuryuu and Shuu created a new shoot technique called Zero Magnum but Sangoku also responded with his own new catch technique; Burai Hand. The members of Zero commented that the match was more fun if it was enjoyed. The audience of SEED's training suddenly smile and enjoyed true soccer. Ishido was then shocked at what was happening. Endou looked at the Holy Emperor's seat and smiled.

The match continued with Nishiki Ryouma using Noboriryuu and passed through most of the adverse members. He gave the ball to Shindou, Tenma and Tsurugi who used a combination shoot of Joker Rains and Mach Wind they called Evolution. Hebino tried to stop it with his hissatsu, but wasn't able to block it as it was way too strong. But when the ball was about to enter in the goal, Shuu and Hakuryuu intervened with Zero Magnum. They were able to save the goal and the match ended with both teams tied each with five scores. Everyone shook hands and was cheered on by the audience.

The Raimon's team then went back to the boat to return to Raimon and they bid their farewell to the few adults who were staying. Endou stated that he still had something left to do and couldn't immediately return; but he promised that he will come back. In the ruins, Shuu looked at the sun and disappeared, revealing that he was actually a spirit. The lamb that Tenma saved was then shown to be near the statue that Shuu protected dearly. Matsukaze Tenma shouted at the horizon and the boat went away.

The movie ended with a cliffhanger. Senguuji Daigo and Ishido Shuuji were seen in a place showing the God Eden. Senguuji started talking about children whose power reached a high stage so high, beyond human limits, the Second Stage Children. He said some of these children already existed in this era, and that the true goal of the Fifth Sector was to find children having a such power, as the Helper X ordered them to do. Then, he made Ishido the Holy Emperor, thus giving him the task to find such children.

Crossover Movie

Endou appeared along with his team, Inazuma Legend Japan, to play against Shinsei Inazuma Japan. Endou used a chain shoot with Tsunami's Sparkle Wave and scored the first goal for their team. For unknown reasons, destruction started to happen all over the field and a big purple device appeared. Endou summoned his Keshin Great The Hand to attempt to stop the device and every member of Inazuma Legend Japan helped him. Endou failed to stop it, resulting in him and the members disappearing.


Endou Daisuke

Endou Hiroshi

Endou Atsuko

Endou Kanon

Raimon Natsumi

Raimon Souichirou

Kudou "Fuyuppe" Fuyuka

Knownable Relatives

  • Endou Daisuke (Grandfather)
  • Endou Hiroshi (Father)
  • Endou Atsuko (Mother)
  • Endou Kanon (Great grandson)
  • Raimon Natsumi (Wife)
  • Raimon Souichirou (Father in law)
  • Kudou "Fuyuppe" Fuyuka (Childhood Best Friend)
  • Uzumaki Naruto (True Counterpart)


  • Mamoru (守) means "protection", which is a pun on Endou's soccer position as a goalkeeper.
  • He and Kidou Yuuto made a cameo appearance in the game Cinderelife.
  • His English version name, Mark Evans has the same initials as his Japanese version name, Mamoru Endou.
  • He has three character songs: "Mamotte Miseru!", "Dakara Zettai Daijoubu! (GO) and "Mabushii Mirai Yeah! with Matsukaze Tenma (GO Chrono Stone).
  • In the English version of Inazuma Eleven, Endou often said "This game is off the hook!" instead of the quote he is most known for; "Let's play soccer!" (Sakka Yarouze!).
  • In the Chrono Stone game (while in his Adult form), he has the highest catch stat.
  • Endou Mamoru shares the same Japanese voice actress as Uzumaki Naruto from Naruto/Naruto Shippuden, Mokuba Kaiba from Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters, Takuya Kanbara from Digimon Frontier, and Gon Freecss from the 1999 Hunter X Hunter series.
  • During match with the Inazuma Eleven he doesn't wear the captain's band.
  • Out of all the characters included in the Inazuma Eleven Strikers series, Endou has the largest number of Catch Hissatsu.
  • His English version name, Mark Evans, is shared with a real life former English goalkeeper. Whether this is a coincidence, or the inspiration behind his English version name however is completely unknown.
  • In the Brazilian and Latin American version, he is called "Endou Satoru".
  • In the card anime Chō-Bakuretsu I-Jigen Menko Battle Gigant Shooter Tsukasa, there is a character that looks very similar to Endou called Inazuma Mamoru.
  • In the anime, he is the only character who has ever been explicitly labled as a libero. This may be surprising due to the fact that liberos are mostly unused in modern high-level soccer.

Endou Mamoru shares many similarities with Uzumaki Naruto from Naruto/Naruto Shippuuden.

  • Both are the main characters of their respective series. (For Naruto : Naruto/Naruto Shippuuden and for Endou Mamoru : Inazuma Eleven/Inazuma Eleven Go.)
  • Both have the same personality. (Both : Hyper, Energetic, mature and kind)
  • Both of their parents are present in the franchise.
  • Both have a Rival. (For Naruto : Sasuke and for Endou Mamoru : Gouenji)
  • Both have someone that's in love with them. (For Naruto : Hinata and for Endou Mamoru : Natsumi)
  • Both have a female friend that helps them out. (For Naruto : Sakura and for Endou : Kino Aki)
  • Both have two best friends. (For Naruto : Sasuke and Gaara. For Endou : Gouenji Shuuya and Kidou Yuuto)
  • Both call the one person they admire Oji-Chan. (For Naruto : Hiruzen and for Endou : Daisuke)
  • Both have a female childhood best friend that knew them since childhood. (For Naruto : Hinata and for Endou : Kudou "Fuyuppe" Fuyuka)
  • Both appear in the split off series, and seem to be more Mature, but still have the same personality.
  • Both are a role model for two people (For Naruto : Konohamaru and Inari. For Endou : Matsukaze Tenma and Nishizono Shinsuke)
  • Both are good at one thing. (For Naruto : Ninjutsu and for Endou : being a gold Keeper and soccer Coach)
  • Both were Inspired by something that they wanted to be in their childhood. (For Naruto : being Hokage and for Endou : being a soccer player)
  • Both are the inspiration of their team, and have a catchphrase. (For Naruto : Dattebayo, and for Endou : Let's Play Soccer)
  • Both train hard to become strong, and dislike losing their battles.
  • Both have Determination and guts to never give up.
  • Both have one person that cares about them dearly. (For Naruto : Iruka and for Endou : his mother, Endou Atsuko)
  • Both are seen with a headband on their forehead, and have spikey hair.
  • Both are voiced by Junko Takeuchi.

Voice Actresses & Actors

  • English voice actor : Erik Scott

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