Espio the Chameleon (エスピオ・ザ・カメレオン) is a fictional character from the Sonic the Hedgehog series.
Espio (Modern)
He is an anthropomorphic chameleon, who mainly serves as an intelligent ninja warrior and a member of the Chaotix Detective Agency. There, he works together with Vector the Crocodile and Charmy Bee to solve whatever cases they are given, where he puts his skills to good use. While initially a hothead when introduced, Espio has since become a calm, soft-spoken, serious, and disciplined person whose wariness and soulful character makes him a vital member of his team, and balances out the foolishness of his friends.


Sonic X

He is a purple, anthropomorphic chameleon and a member of the Chaotix, a group of detectives. He is the master of the special art "ninjutsu".


Sonic X

Espio is very serious, quiet, level-headed, wise and disciplined, but also opinionated and somewhat arrogant at times. In combat, he is very aggressive and uses his ninjutsu arts very wisely, and when he is defeated, he prefers to meditate quietly and improve his abilities. Regardless, he is very gentle and polite, as he gladly accepts others apologies for their mistakes and thanks people for the gifts they give.

Unlike the rest of his team, Espio is dignified and opposes foolish plans, especially around Vector, who usually come with harebrained ideas. However, he always does do what Vector tell him, even if he has a different view of some of his actions. He also dislikes hyperactiveness and overly positive attitudes as seen in his interactions with Charmy.


Sonic X

He is a purple chameleon. He has a pointy yellow nose and his mouth is orange. His eyes are yellow. His gloves are white and he wears black waist bands.


Sonic X (Anime)

Season 3

Video Games

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Voice Actors

  • Japanese : Yuki Masuda (all media)
  • English : Bill Corkery (2004), David Wills (2005 – 2010), Troy Baker (2010 – 2016), Matthew Mercer (2016 – Present)