Eureka Seven (交響詩篇エウレカセブン), is a Japanese anime series created by Bones.
Eureka Seven (Anime)
The series was directed by Tomoki Kyoda, with series composition by Dai Sato, and music by Naoki Sato. The fifty episode series premiered in Japan on April 17, 2005 to April 2, 2006. The English version aired on April 15, 2006 to April 28, 2007. Eureka Seven tells the story of Renton Thurston, the 14 year old son of Adrock Thurston, a military researcher who died saving the world. He lives a boring life with his grandfather in a boring town. He loves lifting, a sport similar to surfing but with trapar, a substance abundant throughout the air, as the medium. He dreams of joining the Gekkostate, a group led by his idol Holland Novak. An opportunity to do appears when the Nirvash typeZERO, and Eureka crash into Renton's room. Renton's grandfather orders him to deliver the "Amita Drive" to the Nirvash, which releases the "Seven Swell Phenomenon" within the typeZERO. Then Renton is invited to join the Gekkostate, where he discovers that life inside the Gekkostate is not so great. As the series progress, Renton gets to know more about the Gekkostate, his relationship with Eureka, and the mystery of the Coralians.


The series begins with a cloudy sky, and someone talking about how the real value of media stems from the memories it leaves them. The person speaking is the character named Stoner, and the pilot of the mecha he is on is Mattieu, who tells him to stop talking and radios their leader asking if he's planning to re-join them anytime soon. The leader, Holland, tells Matthieu to zip it, and to look down and see they're really going at it down below. Matthieu tells Stoner that it's almost time to get ready, and Stoner continues talking about memory and media. Just then, several mecha come flying past Matthieu's mecha, three chasing a third but having zero luck. It dodges the traditional barrage of missiles, and then Holland makes a stunning move that Matthieu identifies as a Cutback Drop Turn to take out the other mechas. Matthieu radios back to the base that they're still on schedule, and Talho tells them to proceed. Holland is less than thrilled at heading to their destination: Bellforest. This prompts Talho to get on his case because the whole thing was his idea. Holland looks at a picture of an older man with a young boy and grown girl whose face is marked out, and it is speculated to be the blame for Holland's uneasiness.

In a messy room, filled with sky-surfing paraphenalia including a poster of Holland on his board, Renton Thurston hears over the radio that the conditions are right for a batch of waves. He is thrilled by the news, grabbing his board, and heading outside on his motorcycle. Renton narrates that he is 14-years-old and is unhappy that nothing amazing has ever happened to him. He hopes to do something incredible and unthinkable, but he has the feeling that that will never happen. Getting his board repaired, Renton tries to convince the mechanic that he really can do the Cutback Drop Turn, but the man says he can't because he doesn't believe in the waves. He tells Renton that Holland can do it because he is a genius and where he learned is better for that sort of thing. He gives up after Renton refuses to change his mind and surprises the boy by not charging him for the work. With Renton as his only customer, the mechanic says he is moving to the city to pick up some real work, much to Renton's disappointment.

Renton lives in Bellforest, and although it doesn't look too bad, Renton calls it a dirty town and hates it. His hate for the town stems from the fact that the level of trapar waves are to weak for him to lift. At his school, his class learns about the Transparence Light Particle phenomenon (or trapar waves) and the events that led to the design of the Compac Drive, called the Summer of Love. It could have destroyed mankind and the planet, but the person who stopped the diaster was a military scientist named Adroc Thurston, Renton's father. Renton is not interested in the lesson and prefers to read his magazines. There's a commotion as a giant Scub Coral quickly grows through their school. The teacher calls for self-study as the kids look at the new addition. Two boys start to tell Renton about how his father thought the Compac Drive was a message from God, and his sister went off to prove their father did save the world. However, this angers Renton who responds by fighting with the boys. He later retreats to the roof, where three girls are talking about the latest edition of ray=out. They talk about how everyone thinks the members of the Gekkostate are untrustworthy felons. Renton stares at his Compac Drive and thinks back when he last saw his sister; she told him that if he can believe, it'll happen. His Compac Drive flashes the word "Eureka", and he smiles warmly at it, which causes the girls to think he's weird.

At a meeting with the guidance counselor, the teacher says that Renton's grades aren't very good, but being his father's son, he could probably get into military school if he wants to. His grandfather, Axel, angrily rejects this, saying no one in his house is going into the military and Renton is better off becoming a mechanic like him. He takes Renton out to eat, and wonders what he did to bring up a kid like him. Renton narrates that he can put all this behind as long as he's got his favorite hill and his waves. To his horror, the military has taken over the hill as a new LFO testing site. That night, Renton figures that even if Holland is a criminal, he's still trade places with him in a second. Just then, his Compatic Drive flashes the word "Eureka" again, which Renton says is the third time this month. He indulges in some fantasies about what it really means, when Axel comes into Renton's room, calling it a sty and says mechanics like Renton will have neat rooms. They bicker about who's doing what and whether Renton's dreams to join the Gekkostate are stupid. Elsewhere, an LFO piloted by a girl named Eureka is coming close by towards the Thurston Garage. Axel thinks that Renton's board is the reason for all of the boy's nonsense and snatches it to throw it away. Renton chases after him, but they both pause as the LFO comes surfing in, and performs a Cutback Drop turn, to Renton's amazement. It then crashes into his room, and Renton says that the LFO is nothing like he's ever seen. Axel says it is the Nirvash Type Zero. The cockpit opens and Eureka appears, calling the LFO a kid and it needs help. Renton stares at her before blushing and agreeing to help her.

Axel calls in some help to fix the garage, and pulls out a box found by Adroc, and regrets him ever coming across it in the first place. Renton looks at the interesting features of the LFO, and notices that it doesn't have a Compact Drive. He turns to say something to his grandfather but finds Eureka instead. She doesn't mind him observing the Nirvash and asks if she can borrow a flamethrower to make up for destroying his room. Renton says yes and asks why the Nirvash doesn't have a Compac drive. Eureka says she never needed one before. He offers to lend her his Compac Drive, saying he's a professional mechanic and machines have feelings too. Eureka surprises him by saying that was common knowledge. She leaves to get the flamethrower, and Renton tells his sister that Eureka is everything he ever thought of, even if she is a little weird. Then, he wonders why she would need the flamethrower and sees that she has burned the remains of his room to give them a funeral. He tries to stomp out the flames and mourns for his burned shoes, which causes Eureka to laugh.

Meanwhile, Holland, Stoner, and Matthieu are watching at a distance, and Matthieu asks why they didn't go up and ask for Axel to fix the Nirvash, but Holland is reluctant to explain. He complains about Renton looking like somebody and the creepy waves. Back at the garage, the Nirvash is reading an error message after the Drive has been installed, and Eureka thinks the Drive should be taken out. She goes on about how believing in things can lead to great misfortune, and Renton tries to agrue against her when Axel shows up with Adroc's box. He offers it to Eureka and explains that his family was torn apart because of it, but if she wants it, she must never return. The conversation is interrupted by a missle strike, and Eureka starts the Nirvash in gear and the Thurstons are thrown aside. Eureka gives them a regretful look before taking off into the sky. The military mechs that launched the missiles argue about whether or not the Nirvash needs to be taken in pieces or not. The commander orders that it be taken to pieces, and they launch a flight of LFOs after the Nirvash. Renton and Axel watch Eureka duel with the other LFOs, and Axel orders Renton to take the gizmo, the Amita drive, to Eureka. Renton rides his motorcycle to the one place he could get enough waves to lift his board to the battle, namely a cliff. While plummeting towards the ground, Renton starts to wonder if leaping into a gorge was a smart idea.

In a flashback Renton is standing by his father's grave with his sister and grandfather. Axel, criticizes the way he lived his life and sacrificed himself, saying to Renton that this is the ending that awaits at the end of the dream, then Diane tells the last words of their father to Renton. The scene switches to Renton falling off the cliff when he remenbers the words: "Don't beg for things, Do it youself. Or esle you won't get anything."

He then gathers courage to go to where the Nirvash is figthing the KLFs. Meanwhile, Holland and Mattheiu are having a hard time trying to get through, that's when Holland says he'll get to Eureka no matter what. Mattheiu aks if he plans to use the CFS, and calls him reckless, that's when Renton passes through him followed by a lot of sky fish. On his way to Eureka, Renton meets a KLF, but manages to escape by performing the Cut Back Drop Turn for the first time. When he meets with the Nirvash, he and Eureka make brief eye contact before he falls off his board, but Eureka manages to save him. Inside the cockpit, he says it's all thanks to Eureka that he could do a Cut Back Drop Turn, and that he must be totally in love with her. Eureka is confused and only replies "Love?", indicating she doesn't understand what it means. He says he'll protect her and the TypeZERO, then inserts the Amita Drive in the Nirvash. But to his surprise, a large green flash and lights shine for a few seconds the then nothing happens. He finds that Eureka passed out and the Nirvash deactivates before it falls out of the sky. The KLFs take the opportunity to attack the Nirvash. Renton begins to panic, believing he's going to die.

The scene switches again to what seems to be a huge crater. All the KLFs became salt, and Renton is unconscious on Eureka's lap in the Nirvash. Holland goes to see how Eureka is doing, saying he didn't think the Satori Program inside the Amita Drive would produce so much power from the Nirvash. Eureka replies to him, saying the Nirvash told her that the one who released the power was Renton. An excavator goes to the Garage Thurston, looking for Renton and his old man, after all the fighting that happened there a while ago. He sees Renton's grandfather, who calmly asks if he has any light. Then, the Nirvash comes and Axel runs towards it, asking Eureka if Renton is all right.

In the Izumo unit, led by Captain Jurgens, the information officer Dominic is astonished at what he just witnessed, and tries to advise the unit to retreat. Jurgens replies that they can't go back empty-handed. Seeing he can't avoid another confrontation with the Gekko-State, Dominic decides to abandon the ship himself. In the meantime, Axel, Eureka and the excavator manage to hide the Nirvash, by covering it with some wreckage. The excavator leaves, and advises Renton's grandfather to hurry up and leave too. Axel goes see how his grandson is doing. Seeing the smile in his face while he sleeps, he can't help but feel proud of what he just did. Eureka doesn't understand and asks how he can feel that way after he did something so reckless. He says it's because Renton is his family, and she'll understand when she becomes a mother herself. The conversation is interrupted by Holland's arrival.

Apparently he knows Renton's grandfather, although they don't get along well. Axel refuses to speak with Holland, who asks him to at least accept his thanks for having Renton deliver the Amita Drive. Axel responds that he wished to give Renton a normal life and not involve him in any mess with the military, but Holland thinks he is lying and asks why he held onto the Amita Drive if he feels this way. Axel says it was because his son, Adroc, built it and Holland should take the Amita Drive with him, but declares the only one who really has the right to carry it is Renton. Holland remembers what happened after Renton passed out, what he called the Seven Swell Phenomenon, which created the huge crater they where before. He sees Renton watching him nearby and pulls him aside, and then invites Renton to join him. Renton is surprised by this and is unsure how to reply. Eureka suddenly holds his hands and asks for his help piloting the Nirvash because it can't seem to work without him. With this, Renton mentally tells his sister that he has made the decision to trust Eureka and board the Gekkostate.

With a view of the Bellforest Airport Tower. The Commander of the Airport and the Captain of the Izumo, Captain Jurgens, are in heated argument. The Commander agrees that while they are incharge of keeping the peace in Bellforest it is beyond his ability to declare an alert without the proper documentation. And a forced landing on the Airport along with a physical shutdown of the runway would be too much. While the Strange Phenomenon is cause for concern, but if the Airforce is too reckless they will have to face pressure from the Aviation Authority. Jurgens agrees but then states that they have learned that the Gekkostate, who is suspected of being connected to the Phenomenon, has parked their ship the Gekko in Public Dock Number 23.

The Commander begs Jurgens to understand how it will effect the reputation of their public corporation, but Jurgens yells that he doesn't care, they don't have time to worry about public opinion, they've lost two KLF Squadrons and can't allow the Gekkostate to get away with that. Tha Commander tries again saying that the Gekkostate has submitted an official document from the Federation so he can't ignore it. Tired, Jurgens gives an ultimatum of 10 minutes to get the gate open else he will use physical force to rip them open, and then cuts transmission. The Commander askes one of his subordinates for the number of Aircrafts in the air. The Subordinate answers that thyere are three Aircrafts in holding pattern but if they are delayed any longer the Corporation will want to know why. The Commander states that they can't wait, and then wonders about the Gekkostate.

Meanwhile in the Gekko, Holland finally communicates with the crew, using his LFO, and learns from Talho that the Gekko has been grounded by the runway being shutdown and prohibition of elevator usage. All the paperwork Hilda had forged was useless now. Talho asks him what he is going to do now. Holland informs her that he can't do anything about that, resulting in Talho yelling at him that this all happened because he wanted to come here, so he has to do something about this. Holland tells her to give him sometime and that he would call back later. Then he cuts the connection with Talho still in the middle of protesting. Eureka, with Renton in tow, meets Holland and tells him that they should hurry up and get back to the Gekko. But Holland informs her that they can't and that they might have to make a forceful exit. He notices Eurka holding Renton's hand and tells her to wait there while he reads the waves. Eureka tells him to let her do that. But Holland says that he thought that she wasn't feeling well today. Eureka tells him that she feels much better for some reason. Holland's eyes widen in shock. Eureka pulls Renton outside, leaving Holland behind. Holland says to himself that that is impossible, it just can't be.

Outside Eureka teaches Renton how to sense the Trapar Waves. She shows him how to raise his hand to the sky in order to sense the waves and asks him to try it. Renton raises his hand and closes this eyes and Eureka does so too. But Renton is still skeptical asking if they can really read the waves by doing this. Eureka tells hism to stay quiet. Renton appologises, but then opens his eyes and starts to study Eureka's face. Suddenly Eureka states that it's here, shocking Renton. She looks at Renton and tells him that he is amusing. When he repeats the word questioningly she confirms it and adds that the way he acts it's just like he's one of her children. She tells him that she's going to inform Holland about the waves. Panicking, Renton rummages through the remains of his room and finally uncovers a magazine on dating tips. He reads a section which basically tells that while making a friendly first impression is improtant the impression must not be that of a sibling or other relative otherwise a romatic relationship will be difficult to achieve. Renton interprets Eureka's comment as calling him a child and starts berating himself over it. Unknown to him, Eureka is right infront of him watching his antics.

When he mentions to himself that he doesn't even know her name Eureka speaks up and introduces herself and asks for his name in return. Renton tells her but then, embarassed, asks her if she heard all that he was saying before. Eureka merely leans forward and tells him that he is really amusing and that it had been a while since she had met someone like him. She goes on to say that he reminds her of a person she once met and that he is a lot like that person. She then tells him that they should be going or the wave will pass them by.

Using the Nirvash's Radio, Holland, Eureka and Renton contact the Gekko. Holland lays out his plan telling Talho that it's the only way. Talho is against using a "drop in", as the plan is called, basically saying that it would cause damage to the Gekko and then mentioning the fact that if the Amita Drive were to go out of control like before... At that moment, Woz interrupts tem to inform everybody that they've finished hacking into the systems. Talho is annoyed at being interrupted but before she can say much Holland cuts in telling them that unless there is a catastrophy, the Amita Drive won't go out of control.

And even if it does they'll survive since they'll be putting Adroc's son on the Nirvash. Talho still has doubts but Holland pacifies her. As the Nirvash starts Holland tells Renton to not worry, Eureka will be handling the controls so he can relax. All Renton relly needs to do is keep an eye on the Compac and Amita Drives. If anything strange begins to happen he is to disconnect it immediately. Since Renton was the one who installed it, it's his responsibility. And he must bear that responsibility till the end. Renton asks for three minutes for himself.

The scene shifts to Axel Thurston looking at a family picture with Adroc in it. He asks what Adroc really wanted? Peace for mankind? And now he's going to take that very Peace away from his own son? Renton comes to him and tells him that he is sorry and he thinks that untill that moment it feels like he has been running away. Axel asks what Renton has been running away from? Renton replies that he's been running away from things he has to do and things he thought were wieghing him down. He then surprises Axel by saying that he is going to stop running away now. He's going to go get some training so that one day he can grow up to be a mechanic like his grandfather. Axel commends his decision telling him that he's finally come to his senses. He then states that it will be tough. Renton agrees but then says that it will be alright since he's Axel's grandson. Axel starts crying and tells Renton that it's not nice of him top make an old man cry. Then he walks off.

Back with Eureka and Holland, Holland asks Renton if he has made a decision. Renton agrees to go with Holland and do as he says, if Renton is allowed to train aboard the Gekko. Holland accepts and takes off on his Ref Board. Eureka mentions that Holland is very mysterious and that she has absolutely no idea what he is going to do, but that is the reason for her belief in him. Axel is walking back to Renton saying that he always had a feeling that Renton would say what he said someday and in anticpation of that day he secretly bought Renton a tool kit, then he sees Renton taking off in the Nirvash much to his annoyance. Renton is concerned as to the reson why they're heading off in a direction other than that of the Tower. Eureka explains that in seven minutes the Trapar wave-currents flowing through this area will change, so it's faster to get to the Tower from the east, rather than going straight north from there.

She mentions that the waves told her that, much to Renton's surprise at her being able to know how the waves will be like. Nirvash accelerates and takes to the sky on it's Ref Board. Amazed, Eureka hapily tells Renton that it has been a long time since Nirvash has felt so happy. Renton asks what she just said but Eureka, too happy to listen, pilots the Nirvash even faster towards the Tower, much to Renton's discomfort.

At 1500 hrs, with no response from the Tower Control Center, Jurgens gives the order for the Monsoono Squadron to advance. He mentions that the Gekko must be captured before they can launch the typeZERO. Just then the Izumo's Sensors detect the Nirvash typeZERO. In the Nirvash, Renton detects three KLFs an one Aircraft Carrier on Nirvash's Sensors. Worried, he asks Eureka if anyone is going to back them up. Eureka tells him that bshe doesn't need any backup and they would only get in her way. Renton thinks she's crazy if she thinks that she can dive in all by herself, but Eureka tells him that it's always been like that and there is nothing other than the Nirvash and Holland that she can belive in. The KLFs and Izumo open fire on the Nirvash but Eureka just evades them and manges to turn the enemy fire towrds the Control Center.

Inside, the Commander of the Tower is angry at the Izumo but then recieves information that the main processor has been hacked by the Gekko and the ship is currently being transprted to the runway. Outside the Nirvash still manages to evade everything Jurgens can throw at it. He commands the Monsoono to attack the typeZERO directly, despite protests by his second in command, Maria Schneider, that such an action will waeken the baracade around the Gekko. Just as the Monsoonos get ready to take off, the lift doors open, releasing smoke heavy eough to covber everything around. In the Nirvash, Renton asks if the smake is an explosion and Eureka tells him that it's just a smoke screen, but it's too late. She opplogises to Renton and tells him to hold on tight.

She pilots the Nirvash into the smoke screen and takes out all three KLFs, much to Jurgen's shock and Renton's amazement. Just then, the Gekko emerges from the lift. Renton is amazed and happy to finally see the famous ship Holland uses. Inside the Gekko, the crew completes final checks for launch and Talho directs the ship straight towards the Izumo. Jurgens gives the order for evasive actions but before the Izumo can act, Talho shuts down the portside boosters turning the Gekko's path off the runway and into the open air, much to everyones shock. Now in free fall, Talho guides the Gekko straight down untill the last possible moment and then pulls up, just avoiding hitting the buildings.

Inside, Ken-Goh reminds the others that Airflow alone won't keep the Gekko up, Hap also reminds that the wings can't take it for long and they need Trapar under the wings soon. Talho says she knows all that but they won't pull up untill Holland tells them to. Just then Holland appears infront of the Gekko on his Ref Board and guides them to the Trapar current. The wings of the Gekko activate with the Trapar and the Gekko takes to the sky. Holland enters the Gekko vian the main hatch. Renton is awestruck at seeing how the Gekko escaped and Eureka informs him that they'll now return to the Gekko.

The people in the Control Center are amazed as well but the Commander decides not to have the Gekko followed since they've already passed beyond their range. He decides to report the incident and contacts the Izumo. Captain Jurgens is in shock, he can't believe that all three of his KLF Squadron were taken down by one LFO. He takes a seat saying that he's going to be relieved for this and he voices his hope that thats all that happens to him. As the Nirvash leaves Renton looks down at his hometown one more time, He sees his school, the Thurston's Garage and finally, the huge crater created by the Nirvash and the Seven Swell in the last episode. When he asks what that is, Eureka asks if he does not remember. When Renton asks what she means, Eureka merely states that he doesn't remember and that's okay. Renton starts having second thoughts as to what he has gotten himself into. But he still decides to go for it beacause he has finally found something to live for (Eureka).

Back with Axel, his friend mentions Renton's leaving as running in the family. Axel agrees and sys that Renton is like his father. The friend goes on to say that Renton has the blood of his predesessors alright and has Axels blood. At which point Axel cuts him off and tells him not to mention the past. Axel goes on to state that he had belived that he had rasied them to avoid the hardships he himself went through, yet Adroc, Diane and now Renton have all left Bellforest, they turned out like him in the stranngest of ways. He also states that Adroc and Diane both never came back but he believes thaty Renton will return. He remebers Renton telling him that he's going to train to become a mechanic just like his grandfather. Axel decides to work Renton really hard when he returns saying that this is just a detour before Renton's real training.

On board the Gekko, the whole crew has gathered to see the kid who made Eureka laugh. They soon dismiss him as normal and disperse. All except Talho, who comes up to Renton and takes his face in her hands. Suddenly she smiles and pinches his cheeks hard enough to make him cry out in pain. When Renton asks why she did that she merely says bye-bye and walks off. When Renton asks what that was all about, Holland wearing his boxers only and carrying some stuff, says that he doesn't know since he never gets what women think. He gives the stuff to Renton, who finally notices his attire. When Renton queries him about it he says that there is nothing wrong with a guy walking around in his home with just his underwear on. He goes on to tell Renton that they don't have any room for him so he can set up the tent he just got from him around here. He then wonders aloud what they are going to do about a job for Renton and then says that he will figure something out eventually, and then leaves.

Eureka then comes up to Renton with a favor to ask. She want's him to camp out next to the Nirvash. Renton intially doesn't want to, but Eureka insists saying that she wants to be able to believe in him. Renton, overcome with emotion, agrees and starts talking nonstop, not noticing that three kids have started calling for someone they call mama, and that Eureka has left. He talks untill what the kids are saying catches up to his brain. He steps out of Nirvash's shadow, into the view of three kids, a five year old boy, a four year old girl and a three year old boy, clinging to Eureka. Renton asks that since the kids are calling Eureka mama then that must mean... Eureka confirms that the three are her children, much to Renton's shock. The kids pull Eureka away, leaving Renton behind alone to mull over what he just learned. Renton thinks while saying, "Sis... We have a problem".

News of the recent Seven Swell effect has reached the Sage Council at the Capital city. The three sages are discussing the awakening of the Nirvash, and how it relates to the Ageha Plan, which is a blueprint designed by Adroc Thurston before he died. One doesn't want to recall the past, but the third member and only woman, Coda, thinks they ought to take some sort of action. One of the men immediately figures out what she wants - to bring "that man" back into ciculation to hunt it down, and thinks its a terrible idea. She says it's the only choice they have and it is necessary to release former Commander Dewey Novak, the man who took over the Ageha Plan after Adroc died and also the man they had locked away in prison three years ago.

On the Gekkostate, a trapar report comes on as Stoner gazes out at the sky and thinks it's very serene. Hap says it's because this part of the country has unseless waves unless you go high-altitude, and then is immediately distracted by his magazine. The report starts talking about a tectonic shift, which is interesting to them. Stoner turns up the radio while Hap pours over a map, and according to the report, that means a place called Strolholm is going to do something cool with a trapar geyser.

At the flight deck, Renton says that it's been a week since he arrived at the Gekko, but is disappointed that none of them have gone lifting and he has been doing odd chores around the ship. Talho yells at him, telling him he was supposed to help her out when he was done cleaning. She wants him to transfer a pair of Compac Drives that are in the fridge in the workshop and she reminds him to make sure he gets a signed receipt from Holland. Renton carries the container up to the cockpit but stops to ask Holland why they don't lift. Holland says they like to, but Hap interjects that it's just not going to happen because all the good lifting sites are near an airport. Stoner explains that you need to pay a usage fee if you wanto to use an airport, and Gekko's finances are very tight. Holland signs for the Drives, and asks Renton if he has an ideas for making some money.

In the kitchen, Renton thinks about the reality of living near his idol, and while he knew it'd be different from the actual dream, he didn't think it would be like this. The kids throw an object at him and run away as he chases after them. They seek refuse behind Mischa and Gonzy, and the doctor announces that it's time for his physical examination. Stripped to his boxers, he asks why the tests, and Mischa laughs that it has to be done because the Nirvash works better around him, at least according to Eureka. Eureka pokes her head into the exam room and asks if it's ready, much to Renton's humiliation.

It's testing time for the Nirvash, and Renton rides in the side cockpit, but it all seems to stifling for some reason. Mischa calls him back the ground and tells him to keep an eye on the Amita Drive. He asks Eureka if they can crack a window due to it being stuffy, but she reads that it's fine. Renton doesn't want to see a sky through a monitor and Eureka tells him that he'll get used to it after a while. On the ship, the reading indicate the Nirvash is performing above-average, and Holland wonders if Renton really is special. Mischa grins at the fact that she left the military with Eureka for a reason, and would hate it if things were simple. Holland smiles and figures they'll keep the two of them in the Nirvash for the time being and see what happens from there. He ponders that the trapar waves speak to the human soul, and wonders if it's true a soul could speak to the waves themselves. Over the intercom, Gidget calls for a Gekkostate meeting. Renton's puttering around on the Nirvash while Eureka tells the mech it did very good today.

She calms Renton down and tells him that while Nirvash is a moody sometimes, it really enjoyed itself today flying with Renton and she liked it too. Renton is thrilled in keeping Eureka smiling. At the meeting, the crew needs a budget plan fast, and Holland offers the winner to receive a kiss from Talho, much to her chargin and the disappointment of the crew. Renton is also not really interested, as he would rather have another of Eureka's smiles. Talho shocks him out of the blue and warns him that even if he wins, he owes her and gets no kiss, as the price for leaving the Compac Drives outside the fridge all this time. Sprawled on the flight deck, Renton is bothered at doing maid-like chores and why no one wants to show how they lift. He notices an issue of ray=out, which is announcing a high-dollar cash money reward fro a lifting tournament.

He rushes to the crew with this idea, but Hap has come up with a job: smuggling across one of the state military's KLF testing grounds. Holland approves of the job, and Hilda asks how much will they get out of it, and Hap stammers that he had to offer the lowest bid and holds up two fingers. Some of the crew balks and Talho asks if anyone else has any better ideas. Renton offers his idea, but it is quickly rejected, and they decide to go with Hap's idea. They are, however, worried about the timing being sensitive, but Hap says they've got it covered. Their packages will receive special treatment and Hap explains to Renton that the Nirvash is the fastest LFO they've got, and he has to hang onto the package in-transpit.

Four of the Gekko's LFOs launch for their mission. At the military base, word has gotten out that the Gekkostate is busting out of Bellforest and taking out a mass of KLFs. One of the officers figures they'd never come here to the sticks where the trapar is so wild. Apparently, Renton missed the memo on their route and this stunt kicks over a anthill of angry KLFs swarming around the Gekko crew. Holland tears through the KLFs while Eureka remains calm over the situation. Renton asks why they've got to take this route and the answer is simply because the Gekkostate likes to stick to the man and this is a great way to do it, but what Holland does is point out the trapar geyser right ahead of them. Renton is excited, and Stoner explains that due to the tectonic shift, every trapar in the region is about to boil out of that geyser.

Then, a column of pure trapar erupts into the air, and the Gekko mecha ride those waves. Renton says that he was getting bummed out by these awesome lifters who never lift, and now when he watched Holland and the others in their natural habitat, they're more awesome the before. Then a sudden bump jars the container he's holding loose and out falls a human heart, which causes Renton to nearly have a nervous breakdown.

He demands why they were smuggling organs and thinks they were on a mission of mercy. Stoner corrects this; someone sold off his organs to pay off his debts so some rich guy can get the transplant. Holland stomps down the stairs, complaining their buyer tried to weasel out of paying them, and only managed to take away seventy. Hap offers to let Talho off the hook for rewarding kisses if she'll just clean the bathroom instead. Talho, however, says it's Renton's fault for not coming up with a good idea and he is forced to clean the bathroom. Matthieu comes in to see him sweeping inside the bathroom, and Renton's frustration almost causes him to snap at Matthieu, but he drops some knowledge on Renton. The trapar waves are below, and the ones along the smuggling route, especially with the geyser.

That is lifting, and more importantly, the Gekko doesn't lift for money and they aren't sell-outs. Matthieu also tells Renton that the kids aren't biologically Eureka's but were adopted by her. Renton thanks him and Matthieu shrugs it off. Talho was listening on the whole time, and asks what he would've done if the kids were really Eureka's, but he doesn't answer.

In an undisclosed prison yard, Dominic is reporting to the imprisoned Commander Dewey about the awakening of the Nirvash and all the stuff that just happened recently. He figures the Commander's a lock to be let out and be able to do what he wants to catch the Nirvash. Dewey, who's reading Frazer's The Golden Bough, says he's going to play strictly by the rules. Then Dewey goes on a minor tirade about how the king of the world is avoiding his sins, and the only punishment for him is death. With a grin on his face, he asks Dominic if the king is putting his neck on the chopping block, which startles Dominic.

As Mischa conducting a series of tests with Renton, Eureka, and the Nirvash. Eureka effortlessly takes the Nirvash through a dizzying array of maneuvers, all of which contribute to Renton's severe case of motion sickness.

Renton's embarrassing musing about his feelings for Eureka are overheard by Talho, who proceeds to tease and blackmail him. Holland and Eureka go shopping for mechanical parts for the Nirvash, while Hilda, Talho, and Renton go shopping for personal items. After learning that a certain ring was just sold out at a jewelry store, Talho proceeds to get drunk at a local diner.

Three heavily modified LFOs (complete with huge subwoofers) pull into the diner's parking lot. Talho gets into a fight with the riders, who decide to try to take advantage of her. Renton tries to stop them using the 606, but he is outmaneuvered by the more experienced riders. Hilda contacts Holland and Eureka, who hurry to the diner in the Nirvash.

Before the offending rider could do anything, Holland restrains him, as Eureka and the Nirvash eviscerate one of the LFOs that was kicking the fallen 606. The third rider tries to crush Talho, but instead crushes a jewelry box as Holland tackles her to safety. Enraged, Holland opens the cockpit and retaliates.

Renton comes to in the copilot seat of the 606 with Talho and a mountain of gifts. Talho eases Renton's cramped situation by switching the canopy to transparent, and Renton says that he doesn't become sick when he's piloting or lifting—a fact that Hilda proceeds to exploit. Although it is crushed, the ring Holland purchased is treasured by Talho. Renton then proceeeds to throw up in the 606, much to Talho and Hilda's disgust.

When Renton wakes up after sleeping on the flight deck, he screams and barrels through the ship, interrupting Talho's photo-shoot and Moondoggie's paperwork. Renton bursts in on the kids who claim he sounds like a geezer, and Renton is furious that the kids had drawn all over his face while he slept, and among various other pranks they've pulled on him (like putting bugs in his sleeping bag and sewing his zipper shut). He tries to act like an adult when disciplining them, but as far as the kids are concerned, he is still a kid himself. Their behavior nearly causes Renton to become angrily violent, but then Eureka comes in and asks what is going on. Renton instantly says nothing is wrong and asks Eureka to spend time with him. The kids interrupt them and say that Holland is looking for him, and Eureka figures work takes priority and wanders off as they kids continue to tease Renton. With nothing better to do,

Renton reports to Holland, who wants him to render their cargo of Ref wax untraceable. It's mostly to cover the Gekko's own rear since their intended buyer pulled up stakes and disappeared. Renton sighs because it's due to them being shady, but Hap corrects this and says it's because the buyer is shady. They decide to drop the wax off at Verdice, a route which will take them past a large military base, which worries Renton that they will get caught. Woz explains that the ship is equipped with a Compac Interference, which obscures the military's Compac Drives, and will prevent them from being caught.

At the military base, word gets out that the Gekko is on its way, but aside from expanding their recon patrol, they are not concerned about the Gekkostate. On the ship, Renton wonders past most of the crew and asks for a stepladder. Talho notices that he has a small bruise on his face and asks what happened. Renton simply says he fell and landed on his face at the deck. Everyone, however, knows the kids were responsible and Gidget encourages him to be more firm with the kids. Stoner thinks that is impossible because they are technically's Eureka's children. Gidget pipes up that Eureka likes older guys and Renton curiously asks how old Eureka really is. Matthieu judges her to be about 15 based on her figure, and Gidget calls him a lolicon. Renton knows he needs to figure out how to bond with the kids or they will make things harder for him.

As he is wiping down a piece of equipment on the ladder, the kids start shaking it back and forth, causing him to fall. As Renton patches himself up, Eureka happens to come by to help him place medpack in a difficult spot to reach on his back. She asks if the kids did this, but he denies it and she is glad. However, Eureka wonders if she is a good mother, since she has no clue on how to raise children. She knows discipline is important, and asks Renton about how he was raised. He says that his parents have been dead for as long as he can remember, so he was raised mostly by his older sister and he has fond memories of her.

In Holland's room, he's torn from his book by a TV report on an accidental explosion at a military base. While he is not concerned by the incident, he recognizes the man on the screen: Dewey Novak. Holland mutters about the killing of a king, and he is seen reading Golden Bough. Meanwhile, the kids are preparing another prank for Renton involving a bucket of water over his tent. But they can't reach it, and Linck suggests a longer cord. Renton eneters the lavatory and Matthieu asks how the war is going, and Renton says he doesn't fight little kids. Then, he notices they have sown his zipper shut again. The kids decide to use a long cord from the Compac Interference, and Linck trips and pulls the cord out of its socket.

Alarms on the ship start to go off before it shuts down. Maurice and Maeter wonder if they should tell Eureka or Holland, but Linck starts crying that they'll be separated from Eureka and kicked off the ship. The kids recall their promise to protect Eureka, even from Renton, and not let anyone take her away from them. Renton overhears them and sympathizes with them, as he did the same thing when his sister had a boyfriend. Because the Compac Interference Unit has shut down, it is only a matter of time before the Air Force finds them. The kids are worried as they watch everyone rush to their positions in the cockpit, and Renton takes them aside to make things better.

Eureka is searching around the ship for the kids, and Matthieu says he last saw them when they were with Renton. Coincidentally, the Nirvash is launched by Renton who has the kids with him. Maeter says she didn't know Renton could fly an LFO, and he says he's moved LFOs before and has seen Eureka do it many times before. The Air Force is picking up the Nirvash, although there is a discussion on whether or not it's bait. Renton has no problem when the Air Force dosne't fire at the Nirvash, however he freaks out when he notices the kids have drawn on the Nirvash's faceplate. Renton says he's going to show the kids a real prank, and the LFO starts hosing the base down with the wax. The Air Force opens fire but the Nirvash dodges it. Graphitti is marked all over the base, and Renton and the kids laugh, only to stop when they see they are surrounded by three sides of KLFs.

Piloting the 606, Holland destroys some of the KLFs, with Eureka in the passenger seat. She mouths something to Renton, but he can't make it out. Maeter understands and opens the cockpit. Eureka leaps out of the 606 and lands on Renton's lap, and asks if everyone is alright. She tells Renton to back up so she can take over, and asks him to hold her tightly. The Air Force Commander rages about how his officers are getting beaten by the Gekko crew. Eureka finishes off the last KLF by doing a Cutback Turn Off, and Renton and the kids cheer for her.

Back on the ship, Matthieu asks if throwing Renton in the brig was a bit harsh. Even Talho thinks it is a bit harsh, but Holland is a firm beleiver in enforcing boundaries. He says that because Renton has never been properly supervised by adults, it is their job to punish him for making a mistake. Renton is alone in the dark when Eureka comes to see him and asks why he didn't tell her the kids were causing problems. He doesn't have an answer for her question, other than it's because he's himself. The kids jump down the brig and Eureka says they want to share the punishment with him. Linck sits close by him, Maeter apologizes, and Maurice hands him a photo of Eureka. Eureka also joins them because she is their mother, and asks if that's strange, but Renton is fine with it. She asks if it is cold in here, but he says he doesn't feel cold.

With a group of military KLF squadrons searching an area with dense fog. There is an enemy ship detected, a heat source, and multiple targets, increasing in numbers. All of the KLF's got shot and in the background there is a military personnel trying to make confirmation with them.

Meanwhile, Renton leaves the Gekko as part of an important mission where he is supposed to secretly meet with someone and deliver a very dangerous package. What he doesn't know, is that he's being watched the whole time. Ironically the older girls and Holland don't watch the prank. However he sees Moondoggie and tries to talk to him. But Moondoggie tells Renton that he is jealous of him. However Renton admits he wants to impress the team, and decides to finish the mission. In the end, he says something mean to someone. This makes a large man angry at Renton, and he gets Ramen pour on him. Renton is humilated by the whole crew when he realizes that it was a ridiculous prank. He confronts them afterwards but forms a brotherly bond with Moondoggie. In the end Holland watches the tape in his room.

Renton is on the cover of the recent issue of ray=out, but in his tracksuit from the Ramen prank. Renton wonders if this makes him look cool, but everyone answers with no interest and Moondoggie is jealous. Renton asks for Eureka's opinion, but she doesn't understand what he means by asking if he looks cool. Instead, she asks him if he would like to go to town with her, and Renton immediately mistakes this offer to be a date. To his disappointment, the kids are going with them. The Gekko crew are debating over taking a job involving something called the Vodarac. The budget is descent, but Holland is unsure of it. A key point seems to be that Renton won't have to find out about it. Talho asks if he doesn't want to involve Renton in these kinds of jobs, but Holland shrugs if off and says he doesn't feel like explaining, which irritates Talho.

At town, Renton is shopping for supplies with Eureka and the kids, and notices people staring at them. The last thing on their list is school stuff for the kids, and Maeter complains about studying. Renton says that studying is important, and Maeter points out that he doesn't study either, then asks whether Eureka would like a guy who studies or vomits. Renton again argues with the kids, but they still tease him. While Renton chases Linck after the boy makes a teasing comment to him, Eureka notices that Maeter is gone. Maurice starts crying and asks if everyone is going away again, which causes Linck to cry as well and Renton and Eureka to panic as they search for her.

The Gekko's LFOs are on patrol, and Holland wants this one done quick and efficient. The kids are inconsolable and they still can't find Maeter, but fortunately, they find her hiding in the next building as she waves to them. Eureka asks Renton how should she scold the girl. Renton suggests a slap would do it, but was also going to say a slap would be best for a boy before Eureka slapped Maeter and scolded her for running away, and she starts crying and apologizing. The apartment's resident, a lady named Tiptory, apologizes for bringing Maeter in, but she looked lost, and offers them tea to make up for it. The boys ounce at the offer, and Linck comments that the tea on the Gekko tastes like a sewer and tastes bitter.

Renton says that the tea is like Eureka: sweet, yet mysterious. Then a grenade comes through the door, though fortunately, it's a dub. Holland berates Matthieu for buying the black market kind. They reveal that Tiptory is a member of the Vodarac, which is an anti-Federation outfit. Renton can't believe they're turning on what he thinks is an ally for a payment and tries to question Holland, but he tells Renton to shut up and drink tea forever if he can't accept what is happening. Tiptory throws tea and a chair at Holland, and flees, running over Moondoggie and Gidget. Holland radios for Hilda to pursue the lady, and Eureka is to do the same in the Nirvash. Although Renton opooses, he goes along.

As Tiptory continues to flee, Eureka takes to the air to grab her and Tiptory, ducking her grab, forces herself into Hilda's clutches. Renton is clearly unhappy and Eureka wonders why he isn't happy that their mission was accomplished. At Tiptory's house, the Gekko crew celebrates by having a delicious meal with Tiptory. Renton wants answers, and after Tiptory steps out of the kitchen with Matthieu, Holland says since Renton doesn't want to eat, he can watch Tiptory as a guard. She seems pleased to have Renton as a helper, but he complains he's a guard. He asks why she's cooking for them, and she answers the food would go to waste. Renton is not satisfied, so she answers that she is a Vodarac, which are fatalists. She was caught because she was meant to be, and if she escaped, it would happen again. Renton doesn't understand and Tiptory makes Vodarac sound religious. She says they aren't rebellious, but just want to be free. Before he can reply, Holland tells Renton that he is relieved of duty.

Tiptory asks Holland if he wants a taste, but he says he doesn't like the smell. She says it's their soul food. He asks where someone named Norb is, which finally rattles Tiptory, and Holland apologizes for things shaking out like this but the military told him she was evil. Matthieu asks what she did, and Tiptory says she did nothing. Afterwards, it appears that Holland, Matthieu, and Hap are going to hand Tiptory over to some Air Force soldiers in exchange for money. Once Holland gets the money, he gives the symbol: Double-cross. Renton bungees off the Nirvash to snatch Tiptory and the Gekko crew escapes. Talho comes barreling in the Gekko and Ken-Goh lets them have it with their main guns. The troops on the ground look in shock, having been fooled. On the ship, Renton is sprawled on the couch and the kids praise Eureka.

The crew is celebrating over the gold, and Holland apologizes to Tiptory for making her bait for the money. Once again, she says it's fated. He offers to take her anywhere she wants and she requests Ciudades del Cielo. The crew starts discussing the latest changes in the military, and none of them are good in the long run, thought they played on the military thinking Vodarac's a bigger threat than they are. On the deck, Eureka passes out elementary school workbooks for the kids, including Renton. He balks but she calls him cool. Talho asks Holland how many years since it's been since he did something with the Ciudades del Cielo, but he claims he doesn't remember. she doesn't beleive him. Renton wonders what he did that was cool, and it sucks that he joined a hippie commune of sky surfers and has to do homework. As everyone sleeps, Eureka complains that she is starting to get terrible headaches again.

As Tiptory apologizes to Holland for forcing him to go to Ciudades del Cielo, but he tries to shrug it off, though Tiptory isn't buying it. The city is revealed to be a completely run-down city with very little population. The Gekko lands but Ken-Goh doesn't think they'll stick around very long. Watching Holland, Hap, and Tiptory on the monitor, Talho doesn't think they will stay long, and none looks happy with Holland. Holland bids Tiptory goodbye and she insists on giving him a two-litter bottle of glowing liquid that he refuses to accept, but she insists on giving it to them because he might need it someday. Elsewhere, Renton meets up with Moondoggie and wants to show him his board, but Moondoggie is not interested. Renton pays him no mind and wants to try it out, but Moondoggie says they're not staying long. It's odd to Renton because this place had good waves, but Holland doesn't want to stick around for long and ride them, and asks Moondoggie if he thinks Holland is fickle. Moondoggie is noncommital as they watch the lady leave, though he suddenly decides that he can Ref until they leave, so Renton goes with him. On the bridge, they're about finished restocking the supplies as Holland mopes they won't get to stick around for the waves, and Talho calls on him being the most legendary Reffer in history and not sticking around.

They start to argue, but Stoner stops it by asking if they're not going to ride and that Renton and Moondoggie are on their way. As they bask in the area of good waves, Holland storms up and asks what they're doing. Renton says that the waves were good, and Holland suddenly punches him. shocked, Renton asks what that was for, but Holland doesn't explain himself and punches him again. Moondoggie doesn't have the will to stand up against Holland and Renton runs off saying he understands. Meanwhile, the kids are bickering over why Eureka has a weird look on her face when Renton refs, but he doesn't stop when she calls out to him. Renton wonders around the city, finding evidence that the place got bombed and destroyed recently, and takes off after he hears someone scampering around. He ends up getting tangled up in a clothesline and looks up to see Tiptory and bunch of other Vodarac loading supplies in caravans.

On the ship, Talho asks Holland where Renton is, and Eureka comes running up to ask about Renton, but Holland just apologizes and turns away. At the Vodarac monastery, Renton asks if the group's ready anti-Federation and says he learned about the Vodarac from school. She explains that what others say is not always the truth and people tend to believe only what they hear. Eureka pilots the Nirvash to look for Renton, and Talho warns her to be careful. She finds him as Tiptory explains that the whole 'gate of choice" was beautiful once, and despite being bombed-out rubble. If you stay here long enough, she says, you'll choose something. Because of the Vodarac's beliefs, the military attacked and destroyed the city three years ago. A Vodarac member comes running up and shouting about the "White Devil" being back. As Renton and Tiptory hide in the caravan, he hears Eureka calling out to him and realizes she has been looking for him.

However, he sees people start throwing rocks at her, and Renton defends her. He then realizes that it's Eureka, not the Nirvash, they hate as they call her a murderer and a monster. Renton is confused and the Air Force arrives, launching bombs over the city, which forces them to go into hiding. The Gekko is trying to take off, but their guns are not working and Holland is off to pick up the Nirvash. Back at the ruins, Renton asks Eureka why everyone did that to her and Eureka says she's getting what she deserves, and confesses that she killed many people there, much to his horror. Eureka reveals that she was in the military's SOF (Special Operations Force) and Holland was the unit's leader.

Under the military's command, they killed many civilians and destroyed the city. They did what they were told and Eureka believed in Holland so she went along with it. However, what stopped her from killing was the sight of her future children, whom she rescued after killing their parents. Renton now understands why Holland is the way he is, and Eureka is not as perfect as he thought she was. He initially tries to pass it off as a war back then but she says it's still war now and Renton is part of it now. Meanwhile, Hilda is comforting the kids and tells them that Holland promised to bring Eureka back, and he's never lied to them. Eureka says the purpose of the Gekko's existence is atonement for their sins, but above all, to complete their mission to stop the military.

Renton yells at her that if it's all about the mission, then why did she save the kids. He calls her a liar for saying she wants to help others if she's not willing to actually do it, and believes she is not concerned with surviving if she's not going to use the Nirvash to help the Vodarac. Eureka shouts that she doesn't want to hurt people and wants to redeem herself, but she needs Renton to do so because he can also pilot the Nirvash. He climbs onto the Nirvash to stop the Air Force's attack, and Eureka hears Nirvash tell them they need to go, so he tells her to get to the cockpit. Holland watches the Nirvash launch into the sky, and while they don't have their sensors, Renton has a plan. The battleship picks up the Nirvash and tries to shoot it down, but Eureka cooly says it ain't a problem and easily disables the ship. Tiptory watches from below, reflecting this is the path that Renton has chosen. Holland knows this isn't Eureka' normal fighting style, as it takes out of the ship's targeting system.

Renton opens the cockpit and points out the moon, telling her this is a place of choice and she made an incredible atone today. He further tells her that he will support her and he thinks she hasn't changed from the person she was before. With tears in her eyes, Eureka says she might have changed, from the day she first met him, which surprises him. Back on the ship, Renton takes the blame for everything that happened, but Holland just asks him where his board is, and when Renton says he lost it, Holland gives him his Official Gekko State Membership Wheel. Holland tells him that as long as he keep that wheel, he is a member of the Gekkostate. As his first official job as a member, Talho orders him to clean his new room. Meanwhile, Eureka asks the Nirvash if she's really changed.

Holland is sleeping when he has a flashback of potato masher grenades and AK-47s, struggle against a group of KLFs as Holland grabs his head and starts yelling, only to turn around and be gunned down by an unemotional, past incarnation of himself. He wakes up and looks at the glowing liter of Vodarac juice. On the bed, Talho stirs and mutters Renton's name in her sleep. Holland bangs his head on the wall and turns on the tectonic report and what he hears sends him scampering to the bridge, waking Hap, and shouting "It's here!" In his room, Renton is doing his ironing and going over the things Eureka told him about the massacre and how she may have changed because of him, and he's already forgiven her for her past actions. He just wonders what can he do to help her because she doesn't tell him what she's thinking. He gets so deep in his thoughts that he accidently burns a hole in Talho's jacket. At the Gekko store, Renton is trying hide the jacket when Gidget and Moondoggie show up, and Moondoggie hints that he has bonded with Renton a little more than he'd like to admit when he lets on about a killer wave coming up.

The crew seems to be overlooking the area where the wav is going to be; the problem is, it's in the northern hemisphere and if they keep on the Ray Line, they'll never make it in time. Everyone feels sorry for Talho, and she grudgingly agrees to fly, however, they must fly when they're not on a Line, which they haven't done in a while. Talho complains how selfish Holland is, yelling she's going to make a change if Renton's not around. Renton, Eureka, and the kids are cleaning the Nirvash, and Renton doesn't understand why people are so excited over a wave they can't even get to. Eureka is about to explain when klaxons blare the ship's ongoing Ballistic Flight Preparation. Eureka tells everyone to get in position because they're going orbital, and she, Renton, and the kids get into the Nirvash. Everyone is ready and excited. Jobs reports that everything looks good, and the Gekko points its nose straight up into the air, and accelarates into space. The kids have fun playing in zero gravity and Eureka offers Renton to watch the stars with her.

The crew agapes down at the sphere, and Renton notices the Great Wall the Vodarac was talking about. This seems to bother Eureka and he wishes he knew what she was thinking, but he becomes embarrassed as Eureka gets too close to him. On the planet, Dominic is reporting to Colonel Dewey about the recent issues with the Vodarac, but Dewey wants him to cut all the prelims and just say what he thinks it is. Given the use of the LFOs and the tactics similar to the SOF, he says there's a good chance its the Gekkostate.

According to Dewey, they don't really have anything to match the Gekko, so he's just going to make a unit that can. On the Gekko, they're hovering over a nasty ruin of an old Air Force base that got hit in the last series of earthquakes and nobody knows why Talho picked here to land. After bringing Nirvash outside, Renton is cleaning the LFO when Eureka asks Renton is he's going to ref, but when she says she's staying, he decides to stay with her. Eureka decides to help Renton with working on Nirvash by opening bits of the engine, but when she can't, he does it for her and she suddenly asks him what she should do. She touches his hand, which causes him to blush, and Holland tells himself that they shouldn't flirt so openly like that. Unknown to everyone else, only Holland knows why Talho picked this location to come to. In a flashback, when they were still in the military, Holland is looking at Talho, who is wearing the jacket Renton burned earlier.

He pulls her into a tight embrace as she begs him to take her awy from all this. Back in the present, Talho joins him and says he's changed, which he tries to brush off. On the Nirvash, Renton is going through a list of reasons why Nirvash is starting to act weird and Eureka keeps staring into the sky. He overcomes his shyness and tries to kiss Eureka as she looks into the sky. She suddenly turns around towards him, seemingly unfazed by his advance, and Renton is so startled that he slams his head against the Nirvash. Eureka asks him if he's okay and he sadly says yes.

Holland has had enough of Talho saying he's changed, and turns around, so Talho berates him for running away. She also asks if he's running away from her and he angrily calls her annoying. As she tries to walk away, he grabs her and pulls her into a hug, asking for her to help him forget the past. While the crew is watching the beautiful sunset, Talho tells Holland she knows he won't let himself forget and thinks that's why he brought Renton aboard. Holland calls that a cheap shot, but he doesn't deny it.

Renton, Eureka, and the kids are sitting on the Nirvash and watching the sunset. Renton still doesn't understand a lot of things, like Holland, Talho, and Eureka. A bird lands on Renton's head to make Eureka laugh and joins the Skyfish. Renton reflects that even though he doesn't know what he's supposed to do, things aren't too bad. He also asks himself what his purpose in this world is and why was he born. Elsewhere, Dominic comes looking for someone curled under a blanket. Dewey comes along after Dominic tries and fails to get the girl up, and the girl grabs his hand. The Colonel asks to see that face he's spent three years missing, and the girl reveals herself as Anemone and welcomes Dewey back.

The trapar waves have gone off the charts over a nearby town and the Public Relations Department of the Air Force warns people to evacuate. Dominic comes to fetch for Anemone, and she asks if theEnd has come for that personal touch. Eureka's headaches have calmed down at the moment and accidentally cuts herself on a smooth part of the Nirvash as she touches it. This confuses and troubles her to the point that everyone notices a change in her behavior. Talho and Mischa are talking about how Eureka seems to not be doing good, and how everyone is growing concerned. Talho says it's Holland who is worried the most. Mischa ignores this and says Eureka is fine physically, and all the pain is in her head. Talho thinks there's more to Eureka's illness, but Mischa says it comes from Eureka's link to the Nirvash.

At the breakfast table, Eureka is not eating while everybody else talks about what they dreamed last night. Matthieu said he dreamed of being chased by a pirate, which Hilda calls a stupid dream, and Gidget said she dreamed of going on a date with Moondoggie, much to his embarrassment. Renton asks Eureka what she dreamed about, but she says that she never dreams. Holland and Hap come in and announce that they have a plan. It turns out that a Coralian had landed at the town where the citizens evacuated. Everyone is excited about seeing the Coralian because it rarely appears but Renton has no clue on what a Coralian is. Talho is worried about this plan and of Eureka's condition, but Hap and Holland are keen because this sort of thing doesn't happen every day.

Deep in the Triad's command center, Dewey is not worried, even though he knows he can't kill them all. On the Gekko, Renton asks everyone what a Coralian is, but no one answers him. Finally, he asks Eureka, who simply says she doesn't know anything about it. The awkward moment is broken up by Holland who drops by to tell Eureka that she should stay and not take part in the mission if she doesn't feel well. She refuses because only she can enter the Zone. Renton tries to get her to stay because he agrees that she doesn't feel good, but then Holland says she can go if Renton goes with her, but tells Renton that he will "kill him" if he lets her come to any harm. Renton asks Eureka why she's going and she replies that it's because Holland asked her to. Renton feels that they have had this conversation before and that he can't do enough for Eureka. Dominic is smugly ordering the Air Force military types around, and Anemone is making a pain of herself, setting off the ship-wide alarm. On the Gekko, the kids are worried about Eureka leaving them, and when the klaxon announces the ship's arrived, she hugs the kids and promises to them that she'll come back.

They're approaching a massive cloud formation, which Holland says is a Coralian. He orders they're going to bust in with Matthieu and Stoner in the 606 and Hilda in the 808, and Hilda immediately says they're doing this to give Eureka an easy time. Talho doesn't look pleased at all. Aboard the Air Force ship, Anemone complains of her room and naming the Coralian "Kute". In the Nirvash's cockpit, Eureka tries to get Nirvash to talk to her, but the Compac Drive doesn't lighten up until Renton sits in the cockpit, which seems to bother Eureka. The Air Force launches their KLFs on an approach course, and the Gekko does the same thing. Dominic tells Anemone that it's almost time. Two of the KLFs flame out on the approach and the third lasts long enough to report what happened before it is destroyed too. In the Nirvash, Renton is asking about all the things the crew called the Coralian, but Eureka tells him to be quiet so she can concentrate because she is getting another headache. She further states that she has nothing other than Nirvash and Holland to believe in, which bothers Renton. At the same time, Anemone is having a headache and is shrieking she doesn't want to go near that thing. Dominic grabs a syrings and jabs it into her neck, which calms her down, and she announces she is ready to go.

The Air Force had detected the Gekko and they launch the squadrons. Gidget announced the arrival of the Air Force ship, and Holland calls for battle stations while Talho figures he'd just run again. Anemone launched theEND and heads straight to the giant wave. The Gekko's LFOs are hitting the Zone, which looks like purple hyperspace, and they have Eureka and the Nirvash go in first. Suddenly, theEND rockets up out of nowhere and slices the 606's arm off, causing it to spiral out of control. Hilda warns Renton and Eureka of theEND and the others will come back as soon as they can. As theEND comes towards them, Eureka pulls the Nirvash into a dodging sequence, but Anemone gets off on it. TheEND grapples Nirvash and the two mechs have a staredown. Renton is shocked to see that theEND is also an LFO. Anemone greets them and asks them if they want to die. She activates the Vascud Crisis weapon, rolling waves of orange energy while Anemone shrieks for it to melt their brains.

Anemone has the Nirvash grappled and unleahsed theEND's Vascud Crisis Limit Break. The Compatic Drive glows as Renton goes through a psychotic episode he never though he'd get. He reaches for the Compatic Drive, asking his sister to help him, and Eureka puts her hand over his and the Crisis attack doesn't seem to work as well any longer to Anemone's frustration. Renton says all he could do was watch something horrible and scary happen to him, and couldn't do a thing about it. The Air Force launches missiles at them, but they miss and the Gekko is standing off to the front. The battleship fires its lasers, but the beams curve around the Coralian and nearly hit the Gekko coming the other way. Talho snaps they need to either take down the enemy craft or break the Coralian. Mischa reports they're not getting any more signals from the Nirvash, and Woz and Gidget can't restablish contact. Fortunately, the Air Force is out of contact with theEND. Dominic yells for them to retrieve the mecha since their main job is to watch what happens between Anemone and the Coralian. Holland asks for a sitrep on the 909 and 606, and they're headed back, though Gidget feels pressed by doing communications and radar. Holland asks Ken-Goh to go to DEFCON-1 when they pick up the mechs, and Mischa reports they're getting two Nirvash signals.

Renton wakes up in school, where everybody is a statue and the teacher is talking about butterflies. He looks around his classroom and then suddenly he's back inside only all the students are shattered. The walls start to bulge and chase him. The Gekko finally gets into contact with the Nirvash, but discover that Renton is in a dreaming state and Eureka's brainwaves are chasing after him. As the crew collects Hilda and Matthieu, they have to avoid another battleship's laser and Holland calls for immediate battle stations. A huge trapar eave threatens to throw them off, but Talho keeps things under control, though they're right in front of the battleship. Its laser powers up again and Ken-Goh fires the Gekko's guns but their beams curve up along with the battleship's lasers. Holland and the battleship's commander come up with the same conclusion: launch a missile barrage when they come close enough. Renton finds himself sprinting down a hallway, chased by utter darkness but ducks in the bathroom. He finds himself looking at the silhoutte of Anemone, and wonders who she is. Eureka is looking for Renton, and she's having less trouble with the terror than he is. The battleship launches more missiles at the Gekko, which takes some hits. Holland tells Talho what to do. Renton trudges along in total darkness, thinking it sounds like somebody's calling for him. He comes across a fridge and when he opens it, he finds a naked Anemone who calls him a pervert. He shuts it, but when he reopens it, it's the same thing. Dominic hears Anemone calling somebody a pervert in her sleep, and Eureka runs into the bathroom, though she walks into a bright light.

The Gekko plans to curve around the Coralian and hit the battleship again. Holland orders Ken-Goh to get ready for the showdown. Renton finds himself somewhere that looks suspiciously like home, and looks up to see himself looking down, and gets pestered by a skyfish that tells him there's a lot of malice in the world for no reason. Anemone suddenly grabs his hand and tells him to say her name. On the battleship, Dominic takes his hat in hand and begs the commander to begin a recovery operation for theEND, but the commander is unwilling to risk his ship for Anemone. Renton apologizes to Anemone and says he doesn't know her. This angers her and she says he's been calling her all this time, but he says she's not the one he was calling for. Anemone tells him to die. The two ships are about to blow each other up as Renton finds himself in the Zone, being chased by a giant Anemone. He screams and Eureka grabs his hand. The Gekko's beams curve, but Ken-Goh judged and messed up the battleship's wing. Renton then finds himself on the shore of a river, and sees his sister, but when he calls out to her, she disappears. Eureka is next to him and they hold hands, and she wants them to return together. Gidget calls out the trapar's suddenly decreasing, the Kute shrinks and vanishes, leaving a salt-crater. Renton wakes up to find Eureka's hand on his, and in theEND, Anemone is passed out.

Plot (Hi Evolution)

Difference Between Anime and Manga

  • In the manga, Renton is untalented in lifting, even after joining the Gekkostate. But in the anime, his ability to lift improves after joining the Gekkostate.
  • In the manga, Renton's skills in mechanical engineering almost surpass his grandfather's. But in the anime, while he is a gifted mechanic, he is not close to the same level as Axel.
  • In the manga, Renton is invited to join the Gekkostate to do maintenance on the Nirvash and he was a bit reluctant about it. But in the anime, he was invited because he helped Nirvash activate the Seven Swell and he immediately agreed to join the crew.
  • In the manga, Eureka doesn't feel jealous of Renton's ability to pilot the Nirvash. But in the anime, she did feel jealous of Renton's ability to pilot the Nirvash for a while.
  • In both versions, Renton said he could never kill another person. In the manga, he felt no guilt because he was defending Eureka from some SOF soldiers as they tried to kill her. But in the anime, he felt tremendous guilt when he realized he had killed many people every time he destroyed a KLF.
  • In the manga, Renton was reluctant to join the Gekkostate because he didn't want to get involved in the military. But in the anime, he didn't learn that the crew was in midst of a war with the military until after he agreed and felt uncomfortable about it afterwards.
  • In the manga, Renton is overcome with fear and disbelief upon learning that Eureka is a Coralian. But in the anime, he didn't care about that and assured her that he still loved her.
  • In the manga, Holland shows no animosity towards Renton because he believes Renton is the true heir to Adroc's legacy. But in the anime, Holland grows jealous of Renton's relationship with Eureka, to the point of physical and emotional violence.
  • In the manga, Eureka did not smile for the first time until she revealed to Renton about her role in the Ciudades del Cielo massacre and he comforts her. But in the anime, she smiled for the first time after burning the remains of his room and seeing him trying to put out the flames.
  • In regards to the cause of Eureka's first smile in the manga, it was out of affection towards Renton. But in the anime, it was out of amusement.
  • In the manga, Eureka did not want Renton to join the Gekkostate. But in the anime, she want Renton to join the Gekkostate so badly.
  • In the manga, Eureka did not lose most of her hair when she came into contact with the Coralian Zone. But in the anime, she did lose most of her hair. In both versions thought, she received scars from the encounter.
  • In the manga, Eureka realized her feelings for Renton during her time in the Coralian Zone. But in the anime, it was after she found out he had quit the Gekkostate.
  • In the manga, Eureka states that she fell in love with Renton because he always saved her. But in the anime, it was due to him accepting everything about her.
  • In the manga, Eureka never gets angry at Renton. But in the anime, she has on a few occasions been angry, and even jealous at him, even though she later feels bad about it.
  • In the manga, Eureka shows no loyalty towards Holland. But in the anime, she states that she trusted Holland more than anyone before she met Renton.
  • In the manga, Eureka doesn't think positively about the world, is anti-social, and distrusts people. But in the anime, she is the complete opposite, even though she did have trouble bonding with people and adapting to the change in her.
  • In the manga, Eureka is not bothered by the fact she is a Coralian. But in the anime, she was ashamed of it because she was afraid that Renton would leave her.
  • In both versions, Eureka shows deep concern towards Renton's well-being. In the manga, she is afraid of him being killed by the Coralians due to him being the "chosen one". But in the anime, she is more afraid if she and Renton can remain together as a couple.
  • In the manga, Renton and Eureka did not promise each other to be together forever. But in the anime, they made a vow to be together forever and that vow is what keeps them going.
  • In the manga, Eureka didn't show a lot of enthusiasm in wanting to be together with Renton. But in the anime, she states that she wants nothing more than to be with him forever and is constantly saddened by the possibility that that won't happen.
  • In the manga, Eureka is not bothered by the scars on her body. But in the anime, she grows ashamed of them, and this causes her to try to look prettier for Renton.
  • In the manga, Eureka did not grow wings and parts of her skin did not turn green. But in the anime, this does happen when she is in close proximity of the Scub Command Center.
  • In the manga, Eureka is remotely controlled by the Scub Coral, and can sense it call out to her; this is not the case in the anime.
  • In the manga, every member of the Gekkostate (minus Mischa, Ken-Goh, and Gonzy) lifts. But in the anime, only Renton, Eureka, Holland, Mathieu, and Hilda are seen lifting. Whereas Moondoggie was almost going to be seen lifting with Renton until they where stop by Holland. Gidget does lift but doesn't do it in the anime.
  • In the manga, Holland has a love for coffee and smoking. But in the anime, he doesn't smoke and dislikes coffee.
  • In the manga, Anemone has an obsession for things that look "tasty", such as cakes and even people she thinks look delicious and wants to eat. But in the anime, she doesn't do all of this.
  • In the manga, Adroc Thurston did not die in the First Summer of Love, but was murdered by Dewey Novak. But in the anime, he died putting an end to the incident, but it was later revealed that he actually merged with the Scub Coral.
  • Maurice, Maeter, & Linck are portrayed differently in both versions. In the manga, Maeter acts like the leader of the three kids and has a tendency to physically bash Renton in front of Eureka. But in the anime, she has a tendency to throw tantrums and seems to be the first kid to accept Renton. In the manga, Maurice is introverted, does not remember Eureka killing his parents, and avoids Renton. But in the anime, he acts as the leader of the three, does remembers his parents' deaths, and is vocal about his dislike towards Renton. In the manga, Linck cries a little bit, tends to get in Renton's way when the boy tries to kiss Eureka, and doesn't do homework. But in the anime, Linck is a crybaby, helps Maurice and Maeter pull pranks on Renton, and has a hard time doing homework.
  • Maurice, Maeter, Linck are protective of Eureka and were against her relationship with Renton in both versions. In the manga, their opposition lasts until the end of the manga, when they end up living with Renton and Axel. But in the anime, they gradually come to accept and love him as a father-figure, and they are later adopted by him.
  • In the manga, Maurice, Maeter & Linck are shown living with Renton and his grandfather after Eureka sacrificed her self to save everyone. But in the anime, Maurice, Maeter & Linck are shown with Renton's grandfather while Renton and Eureka are on a journey.
  • In the manga, Gonzy talks more and his eyes are opened a few times. But in the anime, he rarely speaks and his eyes only open once, which reveal he has purple eyes and is a Coralian.
  • In the manga, the KLFs and LFOs have no vehicle mode. But in the anime, they do.
  • In the manga, Nirvash has no fond memories of Renton and is often mute. But in the anime, it refused to fly unless he piloted it with Eureka and it responded frequently on how it felt.
  • In the manga, Eureka did not crash land on Renton's house and she didn't use a flamethrower on the remains of his room. But in the anime, she does do all of this which shock Renton overall.
  • In the manga, the word "EUREKA" does not appear in Renton's Compac Drive but on Nirvash's computer screen when the Seven Swell is about to occur. But in the anime, the word "EUREKA" does appear in Renton's Compac Drive and on Nirvash's computer screen when the Seven Swell is about to occur.
  • In the manga, when Axel gives Renton the Amita Drive, Renton is never told its' name other than it's an upgrade for the Nirvash. But in the anime, he is told of all of this.
  • In the manga, Dominic didn't join in the pursuit of Gekkostate to Bellforest at the beginning of the series. But he does in the anime.
  • In the manga, Dominic was adopted by Dewey in a war-torn area. But in the anime, he was not.
  • In the manga, Renton doesn't get knocked out after releasing the Seven Swell for the first time and tried to deny his confession to Eureka immediately after telling her that he had fallen in love with her because he was embarrassed. But in the anime, he did pass out and became very open about his love for her after confessing because he hoped she would return his feelings.
  • In the manga, Adroc was Holland's mentor and Eureka did not think of him as a father figure. But in the anime, Holland has mixed feelings of Adroc and Eureka looked up to Adroc as a father figure.
  • In the manga, Holland never met Diane or fell in love with her. But in the anime, Holland does meet Diane and falls in love with her. He also became obsessed with her after their breakup, and as a result Talho became jealous of her. This led for Holland and Talho to believe that Renton acted like his sister, until he told Talho that he is nothing like Diane.
  • In the manga, Talho exhibits no jealousy towards Eureka over the attention everyone shows her. But in the anime, her jealousy towards Eureka stops by the start of the third season, once Eureka reciprocates Renton's feelings and Holland entrusts her in his care.
  • In the manga, Holland participated in the massacre at Ciudades del Cielo in order to kill the Vodarac people to avenge Adroc's death, but it turned out that it was Dewey who murdered Adroc and sent Holland on the mission for his own satisfaction. But in the anime, the massacre was the result of the military's belief that the Vodarac people were a group of terrorists.
  • In the manga, the Gekkostate's mission is to stop the Ageha Project. But in the anime, it is to protect Eureka and establish contact with the Scub Coral.
  • In the manga, Holland's Terminus TypeB303 "Devilfish" doesn't exist. But in the anime it does exist.
  • In the manga, Eureka is not seen lifting, even though she carries a ref board with her. But in the anime, she is seen lifting as she goes looking for Renton after he quit the Gekkostate.
  • In the manga, Eureka and Talho went to retrieve the Pancha Fruit. But in the anime, Eureka went with Renton and Matthieu.
  • In the manga, Eureka fought Anemone on her own and lost, almost killing her. But in the anime, Eureka and Renton fought Anemone together in three fights and never lost.
  • In the manga, Eureka was born from a large egg created by the Scub Coral and Adroc, who discovered her, thought she was a gift from God. But in the anime, not much is revealed about how she was found, other than from within the Scub Coral and Adroc was the one who taught her how to walk, talk, and interact with others.
  • In the manga, Holland states that Renton was chosen by the "world" (Scub Coral) Renton was not chosen for the purpose of being Eureka's partner but to save the world. But in the anime, it was Eureka who would get to chose her partner. thus Renton was chosen for the purpose of being Eureka's partner but to also help her save the world.
  • In the manga, Axel boards the Gekkostate to help repair the Nirvash. But in the anime, he never boards the ship but helps reconstruct a new ref board for Nirvash.
  • In the manga, the Amita Drive was stolen by Dewey's crew. But in the anime it was not stolen.
  • In both versions, Dewey's goal is to destroy the Scub Coral and Coralians but his reasons vary. In the manga, it is due to his belief that the Coralians will kill all of humanity. But in the anime, he wants the humans to take back the planet after the Scub Coral merged with it.
  • In the manga, Dewey is killed by Holland during a gun battle. But in the anime, Dewey killed himself after revealing that he inserted a Compac Drive in his stomach and became one with the planet.
  • In the manga, the Nirvash Spec2 is designed by Renton. But in the anime, it was designed by the Tresor scientists.
  • In the manga, Renton discovers that Eureka is a Coralian from Mischa. But in the anime, he was told about this by Talho.
  • In the manga, Renton attempts to leave the Gekkostate because he was unable to deal with Eureka being a Coralian and they are fighting against the military, but he changes his mind after the military tries to kill Eureka. But in the anime, he did leave the ship due to the mistreatment from the crew and thinking Eureka hates him, but he later returns to save Eureka from Charles and Ray.
  • In the manga, the Great Wall doesn't exist. But in the anime The Great Wall plays a major role in the fourth season .
  • In the manga, Renton and Eureka never traveled to Earth. But in the anime, they did so with the kids.
  • In the manga, Eureka is the only Humanoid Coralian. But in the anime, she, Sakuya, and Gonzy are Humanoid Coralians. Gonzy is revealed to have been one of the three Sages in the manga.
  • In the manga, the Izumo crew, Greg Bear, Miss Tiptory, Norb, Sakuya, Charles and Ray Beams do not exist. But in the anime, they play important roles.
  • Four exclusive characters exist in the manga. Kes, a little girl who her parents were killed by Eureka. Despite this, she decided to help both Renton and Eureka by telling Matthiew and Hilda that they were captured by the military. Logica, a solider who use to respect Holland, until Holland betray the military and he wants revenge on him, however he gets kill by TheEnd. Yauchi, a solider priest who believes Dewey is the chosen one that will bring peace to the world only to learn he was wrong and switch sides to the Gekkostate. Dr. Diamond, a scientist who studies on the Coralians, his fate is unknown.
  • The relationship between Renton and Eureka is a key plot in both versions but it varies. In the manga, there is less development due to the little amount of time they got together, although it was enough for them to confess their love to each other and share their first kiss before Eureka disappears with the Scub Coral and Renton refuses to mourn her death because he truly believes she will return to him. But in the anime, they go through several trials and hardships in their relationship. Such as when Eureka was about to become the next Scub Command Cluster, Renton saved her and they were able to live together on Earth, where they later marry and have a daughter and son together.
  • In the manga, Renton never reunites with his sister, Diane, and the reason for her disappearance is never explained. But in the anime, he does reunite with her and discovers that she had somehow merged with the Scub Coral. He also reunited with his father, Adroc, as well in the anime.
  • In the manga, the Gekkostate's magazine ray=out plays a minor role in the series, But in the anime the Ray=Out magazine plays a larger role.
  • In the manga, the Compac Drive plays a minor role in the series, and the Despair Sickness doesn't exist. But in the anime, the Despair Sickness is linked to the Compac Drive, which displays various colors and messages.
  • In the manga, the Gekkostate doesn't fly into space. But in the anime, it does this several times.
  • In both versions, Dewey and Anemone are the two leading antagonists, and the Coralians also play a role but the reasons vary. In the manga, the Coralians wanted to destroy humanity in order to survive against those they felt threatened by. But in the anime, the Coralians unintentionally killed people after being attacked by the military.
  • In the manga, Dewey kills all three of the sages to gain all power of the military. But in the anime, he kills only two of the sages while the third sage, Coda lives as she gives Dewey the right to lead the military.
  • In the manga, Holland loses an arm in the final standoff with Dewey. But in the anime, this never happens.
  • In the manga, the Coralians' intention was to introduce Renton's DNA code into themselves to further their evolution and depart for another planet, abandoning Earth to its' doomed fate. Thus making Eureka's purpose of her existence to find the "chosen one" (Renton) and give him to the Coralians to "eat". But in the anime, the Coralians' intention was to create co-existence with the humans and continue living on Earth. Thus making Eureka's purpose of her existence different (to understand the humans' way of living and emotions in order to communicate with them in the anime).
  • In the manga, the Coralians' origin as an ordinary coral evolved due to a harsh ocean environment. But in the anime, the Scub Coral crashed into the ocean after colliding with a satellite, and merged with the corals and sea creatures.
  • In the manga, the Scub Coral and every Coralian, including Eureka, disappears and the Earth reverts back to its' original form before the Scub Coral took over the planet, with no trapar waves at the end. But in the anime, after Renton saves Eureka from becoming the next Scub Command Center, half of the Scub Coral traveled to a different world with the Nirvash, who told them the departing Scub Coral will eventually return.
  • In the manga, Talho does not become pregnant with Holland's child until two years after the Coralians disappeared. But in the anime, she becomes pregnant much earlier in the series.
  • In the manga, everyone seems aware that they are living on Earth. But in the anime, everyone believes they are living on a different planet that resembles Earth until Dewey tells them the truth in the final episodes.
  • In the manga, Moondoggie and Gidget are more open about their relationship. But in the anime, Gidget clearly shows that she is in love with him, but he never states the length of his feelings for her.
  • In the manga, Dominic realizes his feelings for Anemone early in the series. But in the anime, he doesn't realize them until the third season of the series. In both versions, she rejects him until the end, when she finally realizes she reciprocates his feelings.
  • In the manga, Dominic dies as he is defending Renton from the Coralians. But in the anime, he lives, saves Anemone from getting herself killed during her mission to destroy the Scub Command Cluster and enters in a relationship with her.
  • In the manga, it is never stated that the Amita drive needs Renton and Eureka to pilot the Nirvash, and the Nirvash is able to fly with just Eureka. But in the anime, it does need Renton and Eureka to pilot it since it rejected her when Renton wasn't in the cockpit in the anime.
  • In the manga, Renton and Eureka kiss only once. But in the anime, while in the final episode, they kiss twice and even get married.


50 (total)
??? (total/Hi Evolution)


Theme Songs

  • "Days" (Ep. 1 – 13)
  • "Shonen Heart" (Ep. 14 – 26)
  • "To the Center of the Sun" (Ep. 27 – 32, 34 – 39)
  • "Sakura" (Ep. 40 – 50)
  • "Secret Base" (Ep. 1 – 13, 26)
  • "Fly Away" (Ep. 14 – 25)
  • "Tip Taps Tip" (Ep. 27 – 39)
  • "Canvas" (Ep. 40 – 50)
  • Glory Days (Hi Evolution)


Voice Cast

  • Yuko Sanpei as Renton Thurston (Young & Older)
  • Kaori Nazuka as Eureka
  • Keiji Fujiwara as Holland
  • Toshiyuki Morikawa as Holland (Eureka Seven Hi Evolution)
  • Michiko Neya as Talho Yuki & Maurice Thurston (Renton and Eureka's oldest adopted son)
  • Akio Nakamura as Matthieu
  • Eriko Kigawa as Maeter Thurston (Renton and Eureka's youngest adopted daughter) & Maria Schneider
  • Fumie Mizusawa as Gidget & Linck Thirston (Renton and Eureka's youngest adopted son)
  • Koji Tsujitani as Dewey
  • Mayumi Asano as Hilda
  • Mamoru Miyano as Moondoggie
  • Tamio Ohki as Ken-Goh & Kuzemi
  • Taro Yamaguchi as Hap
  • Yasunori Matsumoto as Stoner
  • Kazuyuki Shimura as Jobs
  • Yuuichi Nagashima as Woz
  • Yoko Somi as Mischa
  • Shigenori Yamazaki as Dominic
  • Ami Koshimizu as Anemone
  • Banjou Ginga as Greg "Dr. Bear" Eagan
  • Emiri Kato as Ageha C
  • Mugihito as Praya
  • Tohru Furuya as Adroc Thurston (Renton's father)
  • Sakiko Tamagawa as Diane Thurston (Renton's older sister)
  • Takeshi Aono as Axel Thurston (Renton's grandfather)
  • Takkou Ishimori as Gonzy
  • Tetsuo Komura as Yurgens (Captain of Izumo)
  • Jun Fukuyama as Norb (Young)
  • Kaori Mine as Ageha D
  • Mariko Akashi as Coda
  • Megumi Yamato as Ageha E
  • Misato Fukuen as Ageha A
  • Yoshiyuki Kaneko as Digger
  • Yuriko Yamaguchi as Sonia Wakabayashi
  • Katsumi Cho as Priest A
  • Katsumi Suzuki as Uno
  • Kazuko Kojimaas Ageha B
  • Jurota Kosgi as Charles Beams
  • Aya Hisakawa as Ray
  • Johnny Yong Bosch as Renton Thurston
  • Stephanie Sheh as Eureka
  • Crispin Freeman as Holland
  • Megan Hollingshead as Hilda
  • Steve Staley as Moondoggie
  • Mary Elizabeth McGlynn as Maurice & Mischa
  • Peggy O'Neal as Diane Thurston & Maeter
  • Kate Higgins as Talho & Linck
  • Tony Oliver as Hap
  • Jessica Straus as Gidget
  • Dave Mallow as Jobs
  • Doug Stone as Stoner
  • Bob Papenbrook as Ken-Goh (Ep. 1 - 28)
  • Kyle Hebert as Ken-Goh (Ep. 29 - 50)
  • Kirk Thornton as Matthieu
  • Peter Doyle as Dominic Sorel
  • Kari Wahlgren as Anemone
  • Fred Tatasciore as Adroc Thurston
  • Steve Kramer as Axel Thurston
  • Julie Ann Taylor as Young Renton
  • Jamieson Price as Norb
  • Jennie Kwan as Sakuya
  • William Frederick Knight as Kuzemi
  • Barbara Goodson as Coda
  • Kim Strauss as Dewey Novac
  • Megan Hollingshead as Ageha D
  • Melissa Fahn as Ageha C
  • Michelle Ruff as Ageha A
  • Peggy O'Neal as Maria Schneider
  • Philece Sampler as Tiptory
  • Bridget Hoffman as Ageha B & Sonia Wakabayashi
  • Joey Camen as Greg "Dr. Bear" Egan
  • Sam Regal as Young Norb
  • Dan Woren as Neal & Uno
  • Dave Wittenberg as Woz, Digger, Holland Novak (Teenager)
  • Terrence Stone as Morita
  • Tony Oliver as Gonzy
  • Michael Forest as Braya
  • Michael McConnohie as Jurgen
  • Patrick Seitz as Charles Beams
  • Melissa Fahn as Ray


  • When Johnny Yong Bosch had audition to play Renton Thurston, he had lowered his voice to sound like a preteen. Due to the fact that he had lowered his voice so well, no one in the studio at the time couldn't even tell it was him. This was how he was cast as Renton. The reason why was because Yuri Lowenthal had at one point been contracted by Bandai to provide the English voice for Renton, but after recording 13 episodes he was replaced by Johnny Yong Bosch because the director of the English version felt that his voice was too low for the character, and all of the lines were subsequently rerecorded.
  • When it comes to doing Renton Thurston, Johnny wanted to do the voice low pitch instead of high pitch. He points out that he knew this made it sound like Renton was whining and this was true after he got positive reviews from critics.
  • The book that Lt. Colonel Dewey is reading in ep 4 is the famous "The Golden Bough" by antropologist Sir James George Frazer (1854-1941), which studies the common themes of the world's mythological traditions. Dewey's speech seems to refer to chapter 24, “The Killing of the Divine King”.
  • The names 'Woz' and 'Jobs' are a reference to Apple Computer's founders, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. BONES use Apple computers for their productions.
  • The names Gidget and Moondoggie are taken from the old surfer movie Gidget. Fitting considering Reffing.
  • Ray and Charles' last name -- Beams -- is most likely a reference to the Beams clothing company, a Japanese maker of T-shirts and other threads that produced a series of licensed Eureka Seven clothes.
  • Greg "Dr. Bear" Egan combines the names of two well-known science fiction authors in one. They're Greg Egan ("Permutation City", "Oceanic") and Greg Bear ("Blood Music," "The Forge of God").
  • Hap, Gekko State's long suffering manager, is named after Hap Jacobs, a famous shaper of surfboards.
  • Anemone is named after an equally unbalanced young woman from the Ryu Murakami novel "Coin Locker Babies." Murakami's Anemone also kept a pet named Gulliver -- an alligator, in her case.
  • Nearly every episode title is a reference to something -- usually it's the name of a song or a music album. Some are quite obvious, like the Beatles' "Helter Skelter" for episode 27. Others are rather obscure, such as Episode 33, "Pacific State," by the British acid-house act 808 State. The more obscure titles tend to refer to dance and electronic music tracks, most notably the four Acperience episodes, named after a multi-part production of the same name by the German trance duo Hardfloor.
  • Moondoggie's real name is James Darren Emerson; this is most likely a double reference to actor James Darren who played Moondoggie in the film Gidget, as well as former Underworld DJ artist Darren Emerson.
  • The mysterious house that renton discovers in the massive mine durring episode 16 is an exact copy of the famous Fallingwater House (also known as the Kauffman House) created by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1936.
  • The characters of Charles and Ray Beams are also references to the designer-duo of Charles and Ray Eams, who are responsible for many classic, iconic designs of the 20th century.
  • The event "Summer of Love" is likely a reference to the summer of 1967, which was nicknamed as such due to the explosion of the hippie movement in this period. Additionally, the "Second Summer of Love" describes a period in the UK during 1988 when acid house music and raves became extremely popular.
  • Two of the main animators in the series, Yasushi Muraki and Kenichi Yoshida, have participated as key animators in many episodes in the show but as it can't all be displayed on the main page, here they are: Kenichi Yoshida - OP1 and 4, ED4, Episode 1, 9, 11, 12, 19, 26, 28, 33, 42 - 46, 48, 50. Yasushi Muraki - OP2, 3 and 4, Episode 2 - 4, 9, 11, 22, 26, 28, 32, 38, 42, 43, 49, 50.
  • Mischa's name may be a nod to the 1980 Summer Olympic Mascot, the bear cub Misha. Note that Dr. Eagan, aka "Dr. Bear" refers to her as his "little bear".
  • "Amita" in Amita Drive may be a contraction of Amitabha. It could also be a usage of the French word, 'ami', since it does not work without the thoughts or presence of the other pilot.
  • Renton Thurston is named after Mark Renton, a character from the film Trainspotting. Adrock Thurston is named after Adam Horovitz, aka Ad-Rock, from the Beastie Boys. Holland's name is an homage to the American professional surfer Todd Holland.
  • Ken-Goh is named after Kengo Watanabe, aka KEN=GO, a DJ who was the partner of Eureka Seven series writer Dai Sato in founding the Frogman record label in 1993 and Frognation Ltd. in 1997.
  • Renton's uncle is extremely similar in appearance to Jet Black, a character in Cowboy Bebop. He is also employed in law enforcement, which was Jet Black's former occupation at the start of the series. Several members of the Eureka Seven production team were also involved with Cowboy Bebop.
  • Matthieu's look and charater is based on inspiration from Rob Machado a well known surfer who also likes to play with music.
  • LFO and KLF are the names of two British bands that appeared during the end of the 80's while the model number of the Gekko-Go, SL-1200 Mk-II, is a reference to the Technics SL-1200 direct-drive turntable.
  • The Terminus LFOs are named after famous Roland synthesizers and drum machines: TB-303, TR-808 and TR-909. Other LFOs named after Roland products are the Terminus TR-505 and TR-606, and the Spearhead SH-101. AFX, Dewey's space ships that fire at the Coralians, are named after Aphex Twin, another British band on the same label as LFO
  • The color schemes of the Beams' Spearhead LFOs are based on those of the VF-1 Valkyrie fighters used by Max Jenius and his wife Millia in the classic mecha anime series Macross. Charles' white stripes on blue paint job corresponds to Max's Valkyrie, and Ray's white stripes on red corresponds to Millia's Valkyrie. The Mon-Soono type10 and type20 KLFs are named after Korg products - the MS-10 and MS-20 monophonic synthesizers. Also, the VC10 KLF is named after Korg's VC-10 vocoder.
  • The sound effect ending Side A and starting Side B (the eyecatches before and after the commercial break) is the same as the boot-up sound effect from Robocop.
  • Ep. 50 features a number of references to the classic mecha OVA, Gunbuster. Renton's appearance from atop the Gekko-Go in the Nirvash's final form is reminicent of that of Noriko in the titular mecha's big entrance scene in Ep. 4 and her pose inside the cockpit in Ep. 5. Also, Renton's annihilation of the Antibody Coralians is similar to that of the Buster Beam attacks on the space monsters in both episodes. Additionally, the scene of Renton and Eureka floating back to Earth as points of light mirrors that of the two Gunbuster pilots' return in the last moments of Ep. 6, and the final shot showing a ring-encased Earth is close to that which is seen in the end credits of the OVA (ironically, the moon featured in its sequel's, Diebuster's, end credits was imprinted by the main character, much like in Eureka Seven, which ended months before its own finale).
  • The climax scene of the final episode, featuring the Control Cluster being split apart by the Nirvash, bears similarities to the big climaxes in both BONES' earlier work, RahXephon, and GAINAX's End of Evangelion movie. In addition, the altered geography of Earth shown in the final shot is reminiscent of what was shown at the end of the RahXephon: Pluralitas Concentio motion picture, which also happened to be directed by Eureka Seven's own, Tomoki Kyoda.
  • In the beginning of episode 45, Sumner Sturgeon and Ruri Flame, the supporting characters of the PS2 games "Eureka seveN TR-1: NEW WAVE" and "Eureka seveN TR-2: NEW VISION", make a brief appearance. It should be noted that Moondoggie was also featured prominently in "NEW VISION".
  • The names Ray and Charles Beams might also come from the late legendary soul artist, Ray Charles.
  • Holland Novak's character design is based on actor and singer Billy Bob Thornton.
  • Some of Eureka's character design is based on Katue Piason from Ginga Hyoryu Vifam, another series that inspired Eureka Seven.
  • Besides their fondness for electronic music, Eureka Seven's creators are clearly big fans of the Beastie Boys. Episode 18 is named after their 1994 album Ill Communication, while Renton's father Adrock gets his name from one of the trio's members. The wall-paintings shown in episode 15 -- reading "The King Adrock" -- are a joking reference to several of his verses.
  • In episode 20 of the English version, the exhausted breaths heard from Renton and Holland were actually those of the original Japanese voice actors.
  • Maurice, Maeter, and Linck, the three orphans adopted by the Gekko State crew, are all named after one man -- Maurice Maeterlinck (1862-1949), a Nobel Prize-winning author of Belgian extraction. Talho can be seen reading one of his novels in episode 30. In addition, Maeter's name represents a free bonus in-reference, since she might grow up to look a little bit like the heroine of the same name from Galaxy Express 999.
  • In episode 39, Eureka's soccer jersey number is seven.
  • In episode 43, The book that Renton and Eureka read about Earth is written by "Bones"
  • An animator called "Satoru Mizuguchi" participated in episode 43 of Eureka 7 but this is actually a pen-name for "Satoru Utsunomiya", who worked under the same penname in the Legend of Crystania film and Popolocrois game animation. Presumably he used one here in order to keep a low profile since Japanese fans were generally very unhappy with the 3rd opening animation he did.
  • Renton Thurston is named after the character Mark Renton from the film Trainspotting.
  • Renton's sister, Diane, is named after another character from Trainspotting, Diane Coulston.
  • Adroc Thurston is named after Adam Horovitz, aka Ad-Rock, from the Beastie Boys. *The character is occasionally referred to as "The King". which corresponds with the variant of the musician's alias.
  • Adroc's partners in discovering Nirvash, Dr. Yauch and Dr. Diamond, are named after Adam Yauch and Mike Diamond from the Beastie Boys.
  • Axel Thurston is named after Axl Rose. In episode 50, the family record book reveals that his wife's name was Rose.
  • Renton and Diane's mother's name was Blau, which means blue in German and Catalan (Spanish). Their uncle's name is Yucatan, which is a reference to the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico.
  • The Thurstons' last name is a reference to Thurston Moore of the band Sonic Youth.
  • Eureka is named after a famous exclamation attributed to the Greek sage Archimedes.
  • Gidget is the name of the protagonist of a series of movies named after her from the late 1950s and early 1960s. Moondoggie is the name of her boyfriend in these movies. These movies are tied into '60s surfing pop-culture.
  • Moondoggie's real name is James Darren Emerson, which is a reference to James Darren, who played Moondoggie in the previously mentioned movies, and Darren Emerson, the famous electronic music DJ. His surname may also refer to an essay by Maurice Maeterlinck from the collection titled Le Tresor des Humbles, the collection also being responsible foe Tresor Laboratory, the facility Eureka and the Nirvash were first studied at.
  • Maurice, Maeter, and Linck's names refer to the famous playwright, poet, and essayist Maurice Maeterlinck.
  • Matthieu's appearance and character is based on inspiration from Rob Machado, a well known surfer who likes to play with music.
  • Stoner may be based on Ron Stoner, who, fitting with the theme of lifting, was a surf photographer.
  • Holland's appearance is based on inspiration from Billy Bob Thornton.
  • Holland is constantly seen reading the book The Golden Bough by Sir James George Frazer, a comparative study of mythology and religion.
  • Anemone is named after an equally unbalanced young woman from the Ryu Murakami novel Coin Locker Babies. The Anemone from the novel also kept a pet named Gulliver (an alligator, in her case).
  • Charles and Ray are named after Charles Eames and Ray Eames, two married designers. They also may refer to the well known late jazz musician Ray Charles.
  • The name Beams may have been chosen in reference to the Beams T Company, which produces T-shirts by a wide variety of hip designers. To coincide with the show's broadcast, Beams T introduced a pair of T-shirts with Eureka Seven based typographical logos by Tsuyoshi Kusano.
  • Renton's uncle is extremely similar in appearance to Jet Black, a character in Cowboy Bepop. He is also employed in law enforcement, which was Jet Black's former occupation at the start of the series. Several members of Eureka Seven production team were also involved with Cowboy Bepop.
  • Dr. Greg "Bear" Egan is named after science fiction writers Greg Bear and Greg Egan.
  • The Vodarac priest Tiptory is named after James Tiptree Jr., a pseudonym of science fiction author Alice Sheldon.
  • Some of Eureka's appearance and design is based on Katue Piason from Ginga Hyoryu Vifam. Many fans believe that Eureka Seven was inspired by old Sunrise anime titles, including Vifam and that series character designer Kenichi Yoshida was inspired by the works of Toyoo Ashida and Yoshikazu Yasuhiko to make the characters of the series.
  • Majority of the mentioned cities in Eureka Seven refer to German and Spanish words.
  • In the beginning of episode 45, the two characters that are briefly shown are actually the protagonists of the PS2 Eureka Seven games, Sumner Sturgeon and Ruri, in their New Vision attire.
  • Sumner Sturgeon may be named after science fiction author Theodore Sturgeon. The name Sumner may refer to musicians Bernard Sumner or Gordon "Sting" Sumner. Bernard is the name of Sumner's father in the Eureka Seven games.
  • The town Anemone was experimented on in was named Warsaw, and the facility where the experiments took place was called Joy Division; these are references to the band Joy Division and its previous name "Warsaw". They could also refer to the Polish city Warsaw, where a Nazi concentration camp, known to solicit prostitution from female prisoners, was called Joy Division.
  • The series' mecha, LFOs, refer to British electronic music act in the late 1980s and mid 1990s. They could also refer to the American trio popgroup, led by singer Rich Cronin.
  • The military mecha, KLFs, refer to the British musical group called "The KLF".
  • A sequel 3 part movie call, Psalm of Planets Eureka Seven: Hi-Evolution (交響詩篇エウレカセブン ハイエボリューション) will be released on September 16, 2017. The series will be an alternative version of the Anime. Also the film will be set Ten years before the anime, including that it will be shown from Renton and his father's point of view.
  • Adroc had no voice actor in the original anime series. This is due to the producers not being able to agree on who would provide the best voice for Adroc, so they left him mute. However he will finally be heard in Eureka Seven Hi Evolution.

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