Future Chaozu is the alternate timeline counterpart of Chaozu.
He appears in Dragon Ball Z TV Special 2.



Future Chaozu and everyone at Goku's house.

Future Chaozu is briefly seen outside Goku's House with the other Z Fighters, as Future Son Goku dies from the Heart virus.

On May 12th, Age 767, Future Chaozu is killed by the androids. Whilst a scene of him being killed is not shown in the anime or the TV special, Future Trunks states in both the manga and anime that Chaozu did indeed fight against the androids with the other remaining Z Fighters that had been killed alongside them. Future Chaozu was 29 years old when he was killed by the androids. It is possible that Future Chaozu was the last Z Fighter to die, seemly because Future Kuririn and Future Yajirobe die way before him. The only survivor of the battle is Future Son Gohan, who dedicates his life to avenge all of his friends who die at the hands of the androids.





Future Son Goku

Future Chi-Chi

Future Son Gohan

Future Tien

Future Yamcha

Future Kuririn

Future Yajirobe

Future Piccolo

Future Vegeta

Future Bulma

Future Trunks

Future King Kai

Future Master Roshi

Future Ox King

Future Oolong

Future Puar

Future Korin


Mr. Popo

Future Android 17

Future Android 18

Knownable Relatives

  • Master Shen (Ex Mentor)
  • Future Korin (Mentor)
  • Kami (Mentor)
  • Mr. Popo (Mentor)
  • Future King Kai (Mentor)
  • Future Tien (Best Friend/dead)
  • Chaozu (Alternate Timeline Counterpart)


Voice Actresses

  • Japanese : Hiroko Emori
  • English : Monika Antonelli

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