Future Chi-Chi is the alternate timeline counterpart of Chi-Chi in the timeline that Future Trunks came from.


"What am I going to do. There's no talking to him. I don't know what I do If I ever lose him Dad, he's all I have left oh Goku".
- Future Chi-Chi talking about her son. (English Version)

The family in future Trunks' timeline.

In Future Trunks timeline, Chi-Chi's husband, Future Son Goku, died of his heart disease and the Earth is dominated by the Androids. Future Chi-Chi is one of the very few survivors. A few years after Goku's death, Chi-Chi is shown at the age of 43 and still lives in her late husband's house on Mount Paozu, with her father, Future Ox King, still visiting her often. She eventually loses her 23-year-old son, Future Son Gohan, which is her only son in this timeline to the Androids.

She managed to stay alive from the androids, most likely because her house is hidden in the mountains, away from major cities the androids seemed to target, although it can be assumed that she was killed by Infinite Zamasu's Chou Makouhou Barrage, if she wasn't already killed by Black Goku.


Future Chi-Chi looks to be extremely depressed and sad in this timeline, most likely due to the fact that Goku was killed by a incurable heart virus, and that her only child, Future Son Gohan, was constantly battling the androids, and is eventually killed by the androids. She probably had the same personality as her counterpart, but once her husband dies, this is what probably caused her personality to change forever, similar to her son.


Future Chi-Chi looks exactly like her counterpart. She is seen wearing the same style of clothing that her family wears, but the only difference is her hair style. She is seen having her hair rap up in a bun, but the bun is inside a white cap that is tie around a blur ribbon. She is also seen have large and thin straight stains covering parts of her face.


Future Ox King

Future Son Goku

Grandpa Son Gohan

Future Son Gohan

Knownable Relatives


  • This version of Chi-Chi seems not to be an over-protected mother, like her counterpart.
  • It's possible that she found out about Gohan's death from either Bulma or Trunks.

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