Goku's Fire Brigade (悟空の消防隊) is a ten minute public service video about fire safety.
Goku's Fire Brigade
This special was release in Japan in June of 1988. This video features the main Dragon Ball characters having jobs as firefighters and Bulma living in a new apartment with Scratch.


The story begins with two young children playing with fireworks, until one of them lands in what looks like a garbage bin, starting a fire with explosions that could destroy the whole building, which a nearby Son Goku notices, and puts out with a hose. He warns the children never to play with fire, and have an adult around when with fireworks, and he reveals he is a volunteer fireman.

Afterwards, Goku, Kuririn, Master Roshi and Yamcha are all working as volunteer firemen to put out a fire in a home, with Roshi explaining ways fires can start.

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  • A bystander in this video closely resembles Akane Kimidori from Dr. Slump.
  • Scratch is redesigned in this special, now having white spots on his paws and a white face, rather than just a totally black body. He also has much more detail in his face, such as whiskers.

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