Gonna Get My Wish was
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sung by Morgana and Undertow about how Morgana was going to steal the trident and takes over Atlantica. So this way she can to grant her mother's wish. This deleted song appears in the deleted scene area on the The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea - Special Edition.


  • Morgana (speaking): I shall grant her wish and she'll grant me mine.
  • Morgana (singing): Wheels within wheels Loops within loops Gathering forces to make my final oops Melody, darling you are the key to unlock the lock that holds my destiny This piece of the puzzle just fell into place From my final coup, Triton falls on his face.
  • Morgana: Gonna get my wish tonight
  • Undertow (speaking): Whoa that's kind of scary.
  • Morgana: Wish tonight Undertow: (spoken) I hope it's temporarily.
  • Morgana: Wish tonight. I'm gonna take
  • Undertow (spoken) or lose:
  • Morgana and Undertow: Control.
  • Morgana: (singing) I'm gonna get my wish tonight.
  • Undertow: (spoken) Oh, yeah. You gonna get it.
  • Morgana: a-wish tonight.
  • Undertow (spoken): Oh, I hope I don't regret it.
  • Morgana & Undertow: Tonight's the night we're gonna let the bad times roll. *Undertow: (being rolled by Morgana) Whoooooooooooa!!!
  • Morgana (singing): Oh mommy, dearest, you'd be impressed Morgana, your baby, no longer is second best Ursula, sweetie, you blew it and I'll, I'll steal the trident and seal with an ow. Move over, merfolk. Get out of my way. I'm carpe-ing my diem. I'm seizing my day. *Undertow: Ha, ha.
  • Undertow: Gonna get your wish tonight
  • Morgana: I deserve the power.
  • Undertow: Wish tonight.
  • Morgana: It'll be my finest hour
  • Undertow: Wish tonight
  • Morgana: They'll cringe and crawl as I demand.
  • Undertow: Yay! Gonna get your wish tonight
  • Morgana: There's so much to think about.
  • Undertow: Wish tonight. Morgana: Spread some ink about.
  • Morgana and Undertow: Tonight's the night, I'm gonna make my final stand.
  • Undertow: That's right, that's right!
  • Morgana and Undertow: Tonight's the night the sea will be in my command.
  • Morgana and Undertow: Tonight's the night!


  • This the only song Morgana and Undertow sing.

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