I Remember is a song
I remember
feature in The Little Mermaid III. It is sung by Princess Ariel.


Ariel: Under the bright, blue, undless sky wait, I remember that.
How I know that song.
I remember sitting in the moonlight, and that feeling.
What's that feeling?
I remember yes, how I know that song.
Though it's been so long.
I remember happiness with out a floor or ceiling, What's that feeling.
I remember...Oh! I remember her, and how we were.
I remember wanting with the evening, would be bringing.
I remember singing under the bright, blue, endless sky.
Waves(?) try to measure the days that we treasure.
And I, I remember...I remember music and I'm never going back to the silent law they wrote.
I will sing in every tempo, every last chromatic note, I remember her.
I remember music and I remember LOVE. Love


This the first song that Ariel sings in the film. all information on I Remember came from



Little Mermaid 3 I remember

Little Mermaid 3 I remember