Inazuma Eleven GO is a anime series that succeed the Inazuma Eleven (Anime).
Inazuma Eleven Go
This series immediately followed the first series. It is base off of the manga with the same name. The series was broadcast between May 4, 2011 and April 11, 2012. A third series, Inazuma Eleven GO: Chrono Stone began airing on April 18, 2012. Then Inazuma Eleven GO: Galaxy began airing on May 8, 2013, immediately following Inazuma Eleven GO: Chrono Stone. 10 years after the FFI, an unnoticed darkness lurks behind the country. Japan and what used to be soccer has changed during the 10 years that have passed. In this time, soccer is different from before, and has become a reason for people to lose hope and stop playing for those who enjoy soccer. The new main character, Matsukaze Tenma tries out for the Raimon soccer team and passes but in a match with another team, he soon realizes that soccer is much different from what he has expected it to be.


Matsukaze Tenma, the new main character of the series enrolled in Raimon. He was looking for the soccer building and ended at the old soccer building. He asked to himself if this was the soccer building. Then, he meets Otonashi Haruna, near the old soccer club room, who shows him around and let him see the real soccer building. Tenma was surprised that the big building was the soccer building and then said that he wanted to join the soccer club. Haruna asked if he wanted to see the training and Tenma agreed.

Soon the two make their way to the soccer field where they see the second team being beaten-up by Tsurugi Kyousuke, a mysterious boy who is also enrolling. Haruna asked what he was doing here, and that he can't fight. But Tsurugi stated that he didn't fight and Ichino said what happened. He also asked to Tsurugi why he did this. Tsurugi answered that he will disband the soccer club from Raimon. But Tenma didn't want that. Therefore Tsurugi makes a deal. If Tenma is able to steal the ball from him, he'll leave.

Later, the match starts. Tenma couldn't take the ball and the second team seems to be shocked and said why he must challenge Tsurugi. But Ichino had a theory that Tenma was minimizing the damage taken after each time he was hit by the ball. They also asked why he is fighting against Tsurugi, when he even can't play soccer. However, Tsurugi used Death Sword against Tenma.

Soon after Tenma had flashbacks when he was saved by Gouenji and he says that he will play soccer at Raimon. Tenma stopped Death Sword with his keshin's dark color partially coming out. The second team seems to be surprised about it. Then Tsurugi became angry and shot a ball against Tenma. The ball was redirected by another soccer ball and then, Tenma saw that Shindou has saved him. Then, the real Raimon team appeared, being led by their captain, Shindou Takuto, And it appeared as if Tsurugi had been waiting for him to show up.

The story continues after Shindou blocked Tsurugi's ball from hitting Tenma and introduced the real Raimon team. They walked down to the soccer field and Shindou asked who he was, in which Kudou replied that Tsurugi was a SEED. Tsurugi challenged Raimon for a soccer match but Shindou refused it as he didn't want to play a match against them for only breaking in and hurting the second team but in reply, Tsurugi shot a ball against the old clubroom and destroyed the door. Everyone was shocked about that and Tsurugi said to Shindou that it wasn't a request but an order.

Afterwards Shindou and Tsurugi's team have a match, mainly Raimon Vs. Kuro no Kishidan. Tenma watched the match at the bench of the Raimon team. The match started with Raimon having the kick off and Shindou having the ball. Shindou passed the ball to Minamisawa and shot at the goal but it is blocked easily.

After that, when Kuro no Kishidan had the ball, it was one wave after another of hits to the Raimon team, and they are exhausted and tired. Tsurugi's Death Sword was able to break through Sangoku Taichi's Burning Catch. After that, Tenma wants to help and asks Kudou if he can join, after some thought Kudou agreed. He then joined but was badly beaten too. Though with persevering, he was able to get the ball but he could not pass it because everyone was marked. Though he was good at dribbling the ball away from opponents, it was taken by Tsurugi by unleashing Tsurugi's keshin to which Tenma was badly beaten. Then Tenma says to Shindou not to give up soccer, which affected his emotion greatly and that he was the captain of the Raimon team. So he stopped crying and finally unleashed his new keshin and prepared to fight for the ball against Tsurugi.

With Shindou releasing his keshin. Shindou said that he is the captain, so he must protect soccer. After that, he has a Keshin battle with Tsurugi. Then the coach of the Kuro no Kishidan said to stop the match. Shindou was tired due to he brought his Keshin out and asked if they were running away. Kuroki replied that Shindou had protected the soccer club with his Keshin and Kuro no Kishidan withdrawn from the match. Shindou fell exhausted on the ground. Everyone was worried about him and ran to him. Coach Kudou brought him to the hospital with Kirino at his side.

Aoi walked to Tenma and said against him if he was okay. Tenma replied that he was okay and there was a moment of silence. Aoi asked what was wrong with Tenma. Then, Tenma realized that he had forgot about the opening ceremony and Aoi and Tenma walked outside the building. After that, the ceremony began and Tenma was listening to the Principal and someone poked him and told that the match was excited. Tenma asked what his name was and the person replied that he was Nishizono Shinsuke.

Shindou woke up in the hospital and saw that Kirino was by his side. Shindou asked to Kirino what was happened. Kirino was surprised that Shindou didn't remembered it and told Shindou that he had brought out a Keshin. Shindou was surprised that Kirino said that and asked where the other were. Kirino replied that they were at the old soccer club building, which was damaged by Tsurugi. Shindou was angry about that and wanted to stand up but Kirino stopped him and said that Shindou should take some rest. Shindou replied that he is the captain and that he has to be there which Kirino replied that Shindou takes too much responsibility on him.

After that, Tenma, Aoi, and Shinsuke go to the soccer club, where they see the drama that was happening there. They saw many members quitting the soccer club, especially the second team members since they got defeated by Tsurugi's team. Tenma tried to stop them, but his efforts were pointless. After that, Tenma and Shinsuke said to Shindou that they'll join the club, but Shindou told them never come to the club again. When Haruna stopped him, she told Tenma that he has to pass an exam in order to get entry into the club.

Afterwards Tenma returns home with Aoi and Shinsuke. While walking home, Aoi suggests to be the club manager of the Raimon team. Soon, Tenma with Shinsuke return home, where they see Kino Aki. Shinsuke asked to Tenma if Aki is Tenma's mother. Then Tenma revealed that Aki is a relative of him and that he rented a room in her manor. The next day, Tenma asked Aki if she had any calls from America. Aki told him not to ask that every day. Then Tenma promised the Ball (as if he was saying that to Gouenji) that he will play Soccer in Raimon junior high.

As Tsurugi joining the Raimon Soccer Club. Shindou gave Tsurugi the Raimon soccer uniform but Tsurugi slammed it away. Shindou didn't agree with it and wanted to punch Tsurugi but Sangoku stopped Shindou.

Tenma was seen practicing for the Raimon soccer club test so he can join the Raimon team and Shinsuke joined with Tenma to practice. Elsewhere, the Raimon team and especially Sangoku lamented on how they are forced to do nothing when against another soccer team because of their principal. Shindou sat in the Raimon soccer room, thinking about being a captain. Then Sangoku came in and Shindou said to Sangoku why Sangoku has choose him as captain. Sangoku said that Shindou can lead to the team to the victory with his strategy.

Afterwards, Tenma and Shinsuke try out for the Raimon soccer team. Tenma passed through the other members of the Raimon team except for Shindou. Both Tenma and Shinsuke were having a hard time. Tenma kept saying to Shinsuke, once more. Shindou got angry about that and he shot the ball at Tenma, which Tenma got hurt and shocked the whole team. After that, Tenma still didn't give up and went to the ball but fell on the ground, which, shocked Aoi and Shinsuke, who ran towards Tenma. Tenma and Shinsuke were chosen for the Raimon soccer club. They were congratulated by the other Raimon members for becoming new members in the Raimon team but Shindou was sad and angry because Tenma didn't know the "soccer", they had to play.

Tenma waking up in the morning and said that he was excited about the soccer club. When the classes ended, Tenma, Shinsuke and Aoi ran off to the club room but there was nobody yet. When everyone came, they bowed and greeted them. When everyone was in the soccer club, the new members introduced themself and the already soccer members introdued them too to the new members. After that, Otonashi gave Tenma and Shinsuke their soccer uniform in which Tenma said that those were the first team uniforms. Kirino Ranmaru answered that the whole second team left and some of the first team too, so there was no point of joining the second team.

After that, they go and practice soccer in the field. Shindou got mad about Tsurugi's attitude and actions. Then, Megane received a phone call from Coach Kudou while he is playing on his computer. After, there was a team meeting in the club room. It is revealed that the phone call was a challenge from the team Eito, and the result of the match was fixed. Raimon has to lose by 3-0. Then when Shindou was heading home, a mother of one of the teammates of Eito called to him and gave him a ticket as a bribe and left. Shindou was holding the ticket angrily. The next day, the match begins, and Eito scores the first goal but Sangoku could have stopped it with his hissatsu. As the team was pretending to be not strong against Eito Gakuen. Tenma cannot believe what he is seeing. At the end, Endou Mamoru who is at the stadium watching. He, himself also cannot believe what is happening.

Eito scored 2-0. Tenma could not understand what was happening to the team since during their practice. They were really good at shooting.

The second half begins and Eito already has 3 points. Tenma has learned that that his team might be disbanded if they don't listen to orders from Fifth Sector, and with everyone else seeming to be really bummed out, Tenma can't catch the ball. A while later, he has seemed to get back his spirit, and steal the ball from Eito. He passes it to Shindou, but no matter how many times he passes it, Shindou doesn't want to catch the ball from Tenma. Finally Shindou answers to Tenma's feelings towards soccer in this match and unconsciously shoots the ball scoring a goal.

The match ends up with 1-3 score. After the match Tenma wasn't even bothered about consequences of his actions during the match. The school principal finds it enough to be the reason to fire Kudou. After leaving Raimon we can see Kudou making a call to Megane asking him to proceed as they planned. After the game, Shindou received a call from Sangoku that the coach was fired. Shindou ran coming to him. Kudou was leaving them as their coach. But before Kudou left, he asked what was the feeling Shindou felt when he scored to which Shindou just kept silent about, Kudou stated that he should not forget what was the feeling. Now, the Raimon soccer club has no coach.

Since Coach Kudou has left the team, everyone in the Raimon team have been feeling down except Tsurugi. But then, Endou arrives and becomes the new coach. The others are surprised at his appearance (he's the legendary goalkeeper) especially Haruna. Their spirits get lifted up. But when Endou tells them to meet him at the other practice ground under the bridge, everybody, except for Haruna, the managers, Tenma, and Shinsuke, thought their new coach was peculiar and left. A while later, Fuyukai receives a call informing them about Endou as the new coach. Then, Tenma and Shinsuke were shown running to practice. At Shindou's house, it was shown that he was playing the piano then lost focus, remembering the bad memories he had. After he stopped playing the piano, Kirino visited him to tell him about Endou as the new coach. A little while later, a few members scattered about talking about things -- some were just loitering around. As Tenma and Shinsuke keep practicing, Shindou and Kirino were watching them, as well as some other members. A few minutes later, they were all practicing shooting.

While Endou called Tsurugi to play, Tsurugi got irritated of what Endou said. So, he kicked the ball using his hissatsu, Death Sword. Everyone got worried that Endou was going to get hit because he was in front of the goal. Endou tilted his head to right and let it into the goal. Endou complimented Tsurugi for his great shoot. A few hours later, maybe in the night, Tenma went home and greeted Aki. He told her about Endou and he got surprised that she knows Endou. Aki even admits that Endou is just like Tenma which surprised him. When Tenma goes to get his soccer stuff he meets Endou at the riverbank who had his soccer bag. Therefore Endou decides to train Tenma, which to Tenma's joy.

With last year's final match in Holy Road versus Kidokawa Seishuu. Raimon's opponent was leading in the second half by two goals. But thanks to Shindou and his Fortissimo shoot, Raimon scores a goal. The match ends with a score of 2-1. Kidokawa Seishuu wins this match and becomes the champion of the Nationals. It is shown that Tenma, Shinsuke, and Sorano were watching this match from the soccer club. Haruna came in and turned off the TV after seeing the game. A while later, Endou came in holding a poster -- a poster for Holy Road, a soccer tournament. He posted the poster in the club room. So then, a few moments later, the team practiced out on the field.

Then, Endou was called into the principal's office where he was told to lose their first match in Holy Road tournament without making a single goal (an order from Fifth Sector). Endou pretended to agree with it. But after he closed the door and saw Haruna waiting for him outside, he told her that he has another point and is not going to tell the team about it.

When Tenma discovered that Shindou was quitting the soccer team, he was trying to find Shindou. He was then called by Shinsuke to come up to the roof top about something Kirino, Shindou, and Sangoku were talking about. Shindou was talking about quitting the team. He told it to Endou. The whole team was talking about it, and when Seto heard that Hamano, Hayami and Kurama being negative about it, she got high tempered again. She almost punches Hayami but Akane stopped her in time, telling her not to use any violence. Tenma couldn't accept what was happening, so he tried to convince Shindou to come back and goes to Shindou's house. Tenma asked if Shindou wanted to train at the riverbank with him along with Shinsuke.

At the riverbank, Shindou used Fortissimo and wanted to leave shortly after but Tenma said that he still wanted to play true soccer. That made Shindou mad and Shindou took the ball of Tenma. Shortly after Tenma revealed his new hissatsu, Soyokaze Step against Shindou, Endou was revealed to be watching. When Tenma said that he will use it in the Holy Road, Shindou was seen crying and said that he doesn't deserve to be the captain but Endou cheered Shindou up, telling him that tears made him a captain. Shindou finally agreed to return to the team and accept the captain mark. The next morning, Tsurugi warned him about the next match and Fifth Sector's order to lose it without scoring a single goal.

Endou suggested to the Raimon team to take part in the Holy Road tournament but seems very troubled at the idea of taking part in the Holy Road. Matsukaze Tenma gets a chance to spend some time with Sangoku Taichi and receives some advice from him. At night, Tenma trained again with Nishizono Shinsuke at Kasenjiki.

In the next day, they finally have their match against Tengawara and start the kickoff to the fist half of the match against Tengawara. Raimon have to lose 2-0. But when Kita Ichiban shot to Raimon's goal, Shindou stopped it and said that he won't follow Fifth Sector's command. Afterwards Shindou used Kami no Takuto and was able to score a goal against Tengawara using his Fortissimo, leading the point 1-0.

With Raimon having the lead of 1-0. As the game goes on, the Tengawara team is playing hard-core. They keep tackling Raimon. Anyhow, Sangoku Taichi's mother came to watch the match and cheered him on. Moments later, one of the players of Tengawara was shown also to have a Keshin, Choujin Falco making them have a point. The whistle blows, it's the end of the first half.

In the locker room, it was shown that Shindou and Tsurugi were fighting. Endou stopped them. Then, he talks heart-to-heart with the whole team. The next half, which is the second half, begins. The Raimon team has the kick-off for the second half. Sangoku suddenly has this flashback while playing. It was shown that he was playing cheerfully with his friends in his childhood and how he was playing soccer with them as their goalkeeper. Suddenly, he got his will power back and focused on the game and protecting the goal. He threw the ball to them and one of the members of the opposing team thought the ball was open, but Shinsuke got it. It made Hayabusa mad and got his keshin out again.

Tenma tried to block it, but failed. Shindou also brought out his Keshin, but failed to stop the ball, as well. It was up to Sangoku to catch the ball. Then, he used Burning Catch and it was a miracle that he was able to block it. They continued the game. Shindou brought out his Keshin to make a hissatsu, Harmonics. Hayabusa brought out his Keshin again to block it, but failed. Akane began to take pictures again. Then, the whistle was blown, it was the end of the match. Sangoku was happy that Raimon won with a 2-1 victory. He also stated that with Tenma, they can change this corrupted soccer.

Ironically Tenma has a flashback about their last game they played. Then, Shinsuke appeared and they both raced to school together. When they arrived at the club room, some of the members looked depressed, others mad. On the other hand, Endou was called in the principal's office and, sort of, had a fight, or so. Afterwards, Tsurugi was waiting outside for the outcome. In the hospital, Tsurugi visited his injured elder brother, Tsurugi Yuuichi. They both went outside and talked about their childhood. Then, he had a flashback. The both of them were playing soccer, and pretending to be Gouenji, but in the process, his elder brother got hurt in an accident to save Tsurugi and had been in a wheelchair ever since. Moments later, he saw his former coach and they went to the secret lair of Ishido Shuuji together to talk with him.

At the field, the team was playing and Akane kept on taking pictures. Tsurugi arrived and asked if he can join the next game. Endou recklessly accepted and the others were afraid and nervous about it. Tenma protested and said some words of encouragement, but one of the members got mad of that. Then, Minamisawa suddenly resigned from the team, and Kurama angrily blamed it on Tenma. Shindou, before leaving approached coach Endou, outside of the old soccer club room. Endou encouraged Shindou not to be afraid of Tsurugi nor get mad at him.

At the streets, Tenma saw Tsurugi and tried to talk to him and tried to explain to him the real importance of soccer but fails. He got home he sees Aki and Tenma talked to her, heart-to-heart about things people his age don't understand. Game day arrives, Tsurugi replaces Minamisawa. The others are worried about it because of his attitude. The captain of the opponent spoke to Tsurugi about Fifth Sector and Tsurugi flinched. The game started, Tsurugi immediately got the ball, and then he kicked it to Raimon's goal and scored for Mannouzaka, just like Fifth Sector's order. Tsurugi said to Raimon's members that he will destroy Raimon.

Tsurugi scored an own goal to follow Fifth Sector's order for Raimon to lose, 1-0. Mannouzaka starts playing very violently, much like Kuro no Kishidan's playing style with Raimon and injured all of the players. Kirino was badly injured after he tried was sliding tackled by Shirato Kiyoshirou and couldn't stand up again, in which the managers were worried about him. Tenma opposes their playing style and following orders from Fifth Sector, but is hit badly.

Tenma was hit again and again, and barely avoids a slide on the foot, but was saved by Tsurugi. Tsurugi realized that if Tenma didn't dodge that, there would have been a serious injury on his foot. He told that to the attacker, Mannouzaka's captain, Isozaki Kenma. But he said he doesn't care, and Tenma might as well have a permanent injury. Then, remembering his brother's injury, Tsurugi used Death Sword to score a point for Raimon, making the score 1-1.

Aoi said that Tenma was injured a bit but he could still play and took care of Tenma's foot. At the other side, Shindou said that Kirino couldn't play at all because his foot was injured badly and apologized for it in which Kirino said that it wasn't his fault at all and wished him good luck in the second half. Kurumada came to Shindou and said that he won't play in the second half along with Amagi, Hamano, Hayami and Kurama in which Kirino was shocked but Shindou said that it was okay and that he didn't want that they will be involved too by disobeying the Fifth Sectors orders.

As the second half started, Mannouzaka was surprised that there was only ten members on the field and five of them, were at the field side, not playing at all. After the kick off, Tsurugi stole the ball and tried to score again with his Death Sword but it was stopped by Mannouzaka goalkeeper Shinoyama Mitsuru's keshin, Kikai Hei Galleus.

He then passed the ball to the forward, Mitsuyoshi Yozakura, who used his keshin, Kijutsuma Purim, to score using the Magician's Box shoot hissatsu. Sangoku tried to stop the ball using Burning Catch but failed. The ball made it's way into the goal, making the score 2-1 in favor of Mannouzaka.

With the continuation of the game of Raimon vs. Mannouzaka as of the previous episode. Tsurugi takes the ball from Shinsuke and heads to the goal. Then he is surrounded, and tried to break through but failed. Then Shindou told him that if he really wants to win, work with them. Tsurugi finally passed the ball to Shindou. He passes the ball to Tenma but only for the ball to be stolen by Mannouzaka. Raimon surrounds them, but the ball is passed to another player. He shoots, and Sangoku's [Burning Catch]] wasn't able to catch it barely missing a point as it bounces off the top of the net. Mannouzaka keeps attacking Sangoku, gradually wearing him down.

After seeing this, Seto stood up, and shouted angrily to the rest of Raimon's members. She asked if they would feel anything after seeing their teammates trying their best to protect their soccer like that. Then, Mitsuyoshi Yozakura attempts to shoot using his keshin, as a final blow. It seems dim, but then, thanks to Seto's words, Kurumada steals the ball using his hissatsu, Dash Train. The rest of the team joins in, except for Kurama. Then, due to a rebound, the ball rolls to Kurama's feet. Encouraged by the other teammates, he finally passes the ball to Tsurugi, who manages scores a point using his keshin hissatsu, Lost Angel. A while later, Shindou uses his hissatsu, Fortissimo, to score the last point. Shinoyama has used up all his energy and is unable to use his keshin, allowing Raimon to win by 3-2.

Shinsuke and Aoi leave Tenma's house determined that now they can surely win Holy Road Tournament. The next day Tenma finds Shinsuke training at the riverbank. After hearing Shinsuke's determination, Tenma became very excited, and offered to help him.

Then they went to the morning training and apologized for coming late. All the members get fired up because Shinsuke wanted to learn a new hissatsu technique, and named it "Buttobi Jump". Later that day Kirino and Shindou are discussing their possibilities at Holy Road, while Hayami and Hamano discussing the same. At the riverbank Tenma and Shinsuke practice Sangoku, Amagi, and Kuramada offer to help Shinsuke practice but all the tries failed. Aki came with Aoi to give them some food, then she gave some advice to Shinsuke. Finally he was able to master Buttobi Jump. With a regained confidence they decide to win the Holy Road Tournament.

As Ishido Shuuji and another person are in the Fifth Sector headquarters talking about the upcoming Kanto Region Holy Road match. This scene lasts until the opening starts.

After that, they show Endou telling the Raimon team that Teikoku is their next opponent to which everyone is shocked. The next opponent was supposed to be Aoba. Matsukaze is pumped up for the next match. Shindou suggests a new hissatsu tactic for the match against Teikoku. Next Raimon goes off to practice, to which Shindou talks about the hissatsu tactic. Kirino, Sangoku, Hamano, Amagi, and Hayami help Shindou out with the tactic, only to see that it failed. After that, Shindou still tries and thinks what was missing. Kurama also tries, but he also fails. Later it shows Tsurugi watching over his older brother at the hospital while his brother is sleeping. Tsurugi has a flashback by looking at a magazine his brother was reading about the Holy Emperor talking about their past agreement. After that moment, Teikoku is seen along with Sakuma and Kidou watching them train. Kidou then arrives, giving the team a briefing about the next match. Once the briefing is over, Sakuma resumes their training, and Kidou walks off, sending a text message to Endou.

Later Kidou was seen overlooking Inazuma Town on near the Inazuma Steel Plaza, and Endou with Haruna comes over to meet him. They have a long conversation, with Endou and Haruna being very shocked over Kidou's personality and trying to convince him but Kidou's mind would not change and leaves afterwards.

The next day, Matsukaze goes off to find Tsurugi, and he asks where Tsurugi is to the managers and before they finish what they were about to tell, he dashed off. Matsukaze goes to room no. 315 to see Tsurugi talking to his older brother. Tenma interrupts the conversation and talks to Tsurugi for a while, only for Tsurugi to end it off.

After returning, Matsukaze talks to Endou about what happened with Tsurugi but Endou encourages and lightens up the mood of Tenma by showing him what the Raimon team has been practicing, they were calling it Ultimate Thunder.

Then came the next day, the day of the match. Whereas, Ichino Nanasuke and Aoyama Shunsuke came to watch the match. The match starts, though most of the members of the Teikoku team are relaxed though the captain of Teikoku told them to be sharp and the Raimon team is worried since they are missing one member and they haven't finished Ultimate Thunder, especially Hayami, though Tenma encouraged them though Kurumada said that the match won't be easy since Teikoku is strong. After sometime, it could be seen that Endou and Haruna and talking while Kidou, from afar stated that he will look forward to this match.


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Theme Songs

  • Ten Made Todoke (Ep. 1 – 18)
  • Naseba Narunosa Nanairo Tamago (Ep. 19 – 34)
  • Ohayou! Shining Day (Ep. 35 – 45)
  • Uchi Kudaku! (Ep. 46 – 47)
  • Yappa Seishun (Ep. 1 – 18)
  • Kanari Junjou (Ep. 19 – 33)
  • Ohayou! Shining Day (Ep. 34 – 47)

Voice Cast


The English version voice cast has not been announced yet.


  • The previous main character of the Inazuma Eleven series; Endou Mamoru, reappears again in the Inazuma Eleven GO anime as the new coach of the Raimon team.
  • The Inazuma Eleven GO anime takes place 10 years after the FFI.
  • The Inazuma Eleven GO anime has a game, with the same name but with two different versions, Shine and Dark.
  • There is a movie of the Inazuma Eleven GO anime called Inazuma Eleven GO the Movie: The Ultimate Bonds Gryphon.
  • This series has the most shortest of episodes compare to its predecessor.

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