Ipana is a character from the spin-off manga, Dragon Ball: Episode of Bardock.
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Ipana lives on Planet Plant, and is the doctor of his village. He also has a son name Berry.


Ipana finds the unconscious Bardock on his planet after the Saiyan's failed attempt to defeat Frieza, and stop the destruction of Planet Vegeta. He brings Bardock to his house and heals him. Bardock leaves Ipana's house when Toobi and Kyabira, two soldiers of the Planet Trade Organization, arrive and threaten to conquer Planet Plant. After Bardock kills the two soldiers, he flies away to hang out in a cave. To thank him, Ipana asks his son, Berry, to bring Bardock baskets of food.

Due to Toobi and Kyabira's deaths, their boss, the space tyrant Chilled, arrives to Planet Plant and goes to the place where Ipana is healing a young kid. Chilled remarks that Ipana's medicine has the power to heal wounds instantly, so he has his soldiers attack the doctor to have it. After Berry had begged for his help, Bardock saves Ipana from Chilled's soldiers and angrily attacks Chilled, confusing him for Frieza.

While Chilled begins to crush Bardock, Ipana tries to interfere only to be smacked away. Ipana then watches Bardock transforming into a Super Saiyan and defeating Chilled.







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Voice Actors

  • Japanese : Masashi Ebara
  • English : N/A

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