Jet the Hawk (ジェット・ザ・ホーク) is a fictional character from the Sonic the Hedgehog series.
Jet the Hawk
He is an green anthropomorphic hawk and the leader of the current generation of Babylon Rogues. He is known as the "Legendary Wind Master" (伝説の風使い) due to his mastery of Extreme Gear riding, which has earned him an impressive reputation. Cocky and brash, Jet is very arrogant, prideful, and always seeks riches and fortunes. While also the Babylon Rogues' leader, Jet rarely takes his responsibilities seriously, though he knows how to assert his authority. For all his shady characteristics though, Jet is an honorable Extreme Gear rider. Since losing to Sonic the Hedgehog in Extreme Gear, Jet has kept an intense rivalry with Sonic, becoming his greatest rival in Extreme Gear racing. Ever competitive, Jet has made it his foremost goal to best Sonic in speed and take his title as the fastest thing in the universe.





Video Games

Jet the Hawk appears in the following video games:



Sonic the Hedgehog


Voice Actors

  • Japanese : Daisuke Kishio (2006 – Present)
  • English : Jason Griffith (2006 – 2010), Michael Yurchak (2010 – Present)