Kirino Ranmaru (霧野 蘭丸) is
one of the main supporting protagonists in Inazuma Eleven GO series. He is a defender of Raimon, Raimon Chrono Stone and later for Chrono Storm.


Shindou and Kirino were in the second team before they were members of the first team. Kirino stated that they were practicing with each other a lot but that he was still chasing after Shindou. Sometime later, both Shindou and Kirino moved up to the first team when they were still first year students at Raimon Junior High. Shindou was appointed as captain by Sangoku Taichi, who was then the current captain, and Kirino was present at that time as well, encouraging Shindou to take the captain title.


He is a feminine boy who is said to often get mistaken for a girl due to his girlish appearance and graceful movements. He was the fifth member of Raimon to participate in the revolution. He is generally in a good mood and tries to comfort others when needed. He is Shindou's close friend and is shown to be caring and concerned about Shindou, especially during the incident where Shindou fainted from exhaustion and ended up in a hospital.

In his concern, Kirino spent the entire time in the hospital with the other Raimon members while they waited for the outcome and the result of Shindou's surgery. He seems to have a rivalry relationship with Kariya Masaki. He doesn't seem to like rough-style playing, such as Kariya's style of play soccer.

In episode 18 of Chrono Stone, he's also shown to be somewhat jealous of Shindou, stating during a flashback "But I was always the one chasing after you... even now, I still look at you from behind.". He is seen standing in dismay and shock because Endou Daisuke did't choose him as a member to time travel to France. However, Kariya gave up his place for Kirino by feigning a stomach ache, implying that Kariya and Kirino have gotten much closer.


He has rose pink hair tied into two pigtails and sky-blue eyes. He also has a medium height and a fair skin. In episode 14, in his first appearance dressed in casual clothes, he wore a white-collared green T-shirt over gray shirt. This is followed by tan pants and sneakers that are colored dark red, black, and white.

In the France era, he wears a green T-shirt with some golden lines over a black shirt. His trousers are white and he wears black long boots with a golden line under the boots. In The Three Kingdoms era, he wears a white-blue shirt with white sleeves and with some golden lines. He has a light green cloth around his neck. At the middle of the sleeves and shirt, he has a brown line around it. He wears a white trousers with brown boots with a golden line too. In the Bakumatsu Era, he was seen wearing a white kimono-like shirt, with red lines on dark green. He wears a yellow band around his wrist and dark red trousers with white ascents.

In the Jurassic Era, he wears a green-brown shirt with gray lines and without sleeves. In the shoes are green-brown with a gray line too. In King Arthur's Era, he wears a white, brown and black knight uniform. His cape is red and he also has a sword.

When Kirino is Mixi Maxed with Jeanne, his hair becomes blond and his pigtails and the other part become much longer. His eyes are azure and he wears glasses. His skin also becomes lighter.


Inazuma Eleven Go (Anime)

He was first seen along with the whole Raimon team, that is led by Shindou Takuto to help the team that got attacked by Tsurugi Kyousuke. Afterwards, Raimon had a match against Kuro no Kishidan but they were badly injured by the team. At one point, Matsukaze Tenma was added to the team temporarily, being switched out with Minamisawa Atsushi. Tenma was shown to be great at dashing fast against opponents. Kirino and the others asked Tenma to pass the ball to them but they were marked so Tenma had to keep on dribbling the ball. Afterwards Tsurugi used Kensei Lancelot to get the ball from Tenma which worked. After seeing what has befallen to his team, Shindou used his Keshin to get back on Tsurugi. After the clash between their Keshin, Shindou collapsed and he was brought to the hospital by Coach Kudou and Otonashi Haruna, with Kirino by his side.

Kirino watched over Shindou while he was in the hospital and Shindou woke up eventually, not remembering the events that happened. Kirino told Shindou about what happened and stated that the others were cleaning up the old soccer club room when Shindou asked where the others were. Hearing that, Shindou wanted to get up but Kirino stopped him, saying that he needed some rest. Shindou stated that he was the captain and Kirino said that he was taking too much responsibility on him. Both Shindou and Kirino later went to their soccer club building, where all the members of the second team and two members of the first team, Mizumori Tatsuya and Kosaka Motonari, left the team due to the events that happened in the morning, leaving the team with only nine members. Afterwards, Shindou, Kirino and Sangoku were passing each other the ball and Kirino asked how many members will be joining the team after what happened. Sangoku replied that it wouldn't be many and Kirino then asked why Shindou said to Tenma and Shinsuke to not join the team. Shindou stated that they wouldn't make any difference if they joined and Kirino sighed at Shindou's response. Later, Tsurugi came and joined Raimon, which surprised everyone and after joining Raimon, Shindou was left no choice to accept him and gave him a Raimon soccer uniform but Tsurugi slapped it away, to which Kirino and the others were angry about.

Afterwards they had a match against Eito and had to lose since that was instructed to them. Though after Matsukaze seeing the team losing on purpose, he couldn't allow it so he kept on getting the ball and passing it to Shindou but Shindou wouldn't get the ball. Kirino asked Tenma to stop but in the end, Tenma passed the ball once more to Shindou and he made a goal to which surprised everyone. Afterwards, Kirino visited Shindou's house and talked about the new coach that is none other than Endou Mamoru.

Then in episode 11, it is shown that he decided to help out Shindou, Sangoku, Tenma and Shinsuke in winning the match against Mannouzaka.

In episode 12, the continuation of the match against Mannouzaka, he got injured by the attack of one of the members of Mannouzaka and was benched due to the injury on his foot.

In episode 14, he is seen well, without the injury on his foot anymore but still isn't able to play soccer for a few days. Then later, he was seen paying a visit at Shindou's house talking about the team.

In episode 15, he helps Shindou, Hayami, Amagi, Hamano with Ultimate Thunder, but it fails because Shindou's kick power wasn't good enough.

In episode 17, he revealed a hissatsu of his called The Mist against Teikoku. After that, he passed the ball to Tsurugi but Tsurugi didn't get the ball because he wasn't concentrating. At the end, Raimon won with 3-2.

When Kariya Masaki joined Raimon in episode 21, he and Kirino were paired up to practice. During the match against Akizora Challengers, Kariya pretended to accidentally bump into Ranmaru, where in reality, he was making foul play on purpose. He and Kirino appear to detest each other.

At the end of episode 22, Kariya revealed to him he is a SEED, but he was only joking to annoy Kirino.

In episode 23, Kariya made up some lies about Kirino stabbing Amagi in the back that Amagi didn't do well in defense. Amagi believed it, and had a short quarrell with Kirino. When Kirino asked if Kariya said anything, Amagi defended Kariya and said that he had nothing to do with it.

At the end of the first half of the match, Endou called Kurumada and Kirino to stay in the bench, leaving only 10 people on the field. The purpose is to let Kirino watch the opponents' tactics better and find the flaw. When Kirino got back on the field, he could finally cooperate with Kariya and make him steal the ball.

In episode 26, he finds out how to play on the ground of Snowland Stadium, because of Kariya's observation of Yukimura's sliding.

In episode 27, he used The Mist, but failed against Seki because of his vicious tackle. Along with Shinsuke, both of them stopped Seki's shot though failed but it was able to lessen the force that will reach the goal, that is why Tenma was able to catch it. In the end, Raimon won the match.

In episode 29, he fought against Kidokawa Seishuu. Raimon won, with the score being 3-2.

In episode 34, he fought against Genei Gakuen but was shown to be having a hard time with the Pinball Stadium but at the end of the match, Raimon won with the score being 4-3.

In episode 37, he surprised that Shinsuke has a keshin. He is also happy when he saw Minamisawa.

In episode 39, he was worried about Shindou when he was send flying due Taiyou releases his stronger Keshin version. At the end of the match, he is seen talking with Shindou and was about to leave but then Shindou collapsed on the ground, and shocked him.

In episode 40, he and the rest of the team went to the hospital and he was sad about Shindou can't play in finals along with Raimon. Later, he and the rest weren't focused on the training. He was also happy when he saw Coach Endou was back.

In episode 42, he used The Mist to steal the ball to one players of Seidouzan. In the break, he was surprised along with his team to see Dragonlink instead of Seidouzan. In the second half, he caught the missed ball from Dragonlink.

In episode 43, he tried to stop one of Dragonlink's shoots with Kariya's help but failed.

In episode 44, he was seen with all the defenders of Raimon stopping a normal shoot successfully. After that, Kirino passed to Nishiki.

At the end of the match, Raimon won the match with the score being 5-4 and was happy about the win and along with the rest of the team, they throw Tenma in the air.

In episode 45, he was seen training alongside the rest of the team. When Shindou came back to Raimon, he was happy and said to Shindou to not overdo the training.

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