Kudou Michiya (久遠 道也)
Kudou season 4
is the coach of Inazuma Japan, and Raimon in Inazuma Eleven GO until the end of episode 6 of the Inazuma Eleven GO series. In which he passes on his coach role to Endou Mamoru.


After his career of teaching soccer was suspended, he had become an elementary school teacher. When Fuyuka was young, Michiya adopted her after she lost her biological parents in a car accident.


He is mostly strict and stern when it comes to coaching but he also cares for Fuyuka and the team, not wanting them to end up like Sakurazaki Junior High. He rarely smiles, but as the story progresses, he starts to smile more often and brighten up, not as composed as he was before. He likes to give his team orders without explaining because he knows that they will understand and figure it out themselves (which is similar to coach Hitomiko's habit).


He usually wears a dark-turquoise coat with a grey shirt under it and black trousers. His hair (also sidebangs and mustache) is dark violet and his bangs cover his left eye. In Inazuma Eleven GO, he has grown a mustache and his skin is darker.

Inazuma Eleven (Anime)

Season 3

Kudou Michiya was the coach of Inazuma Japan. In episode 70, Inazuma Japan suddenly realized the strict nature of him after hearing every opinions of his. The next practice, Fudou violently tackled Kazemaru and stole the ball from him. Despite everybody's reaction, Kudou gave him a good remark and told everyone to play like Fudou. On the third day of practice, Otonashi and Megane sneaked into the Junior High Soccer Association Headquarters to learn more about Kudou, where they were given a chance to. They learn that Coach Kudou was rumored to be the "Cursed Coach". The next day, Kudou suddenly prevented them from practicing, and they will all stay in the camp hall without getting out. However, his training guided Inazuma Japan to the world championship.

He finally ended up coaching Inazuma Japan through the rest of the world series, throughout various battles until the end. He also was happy that Fuyuka wanted to keep her memories and when he saw her graduation.

Inazuma Eleven Go (Anime)


Endou Mamoru

Kudou "Fuyuppe" Fuyuka

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