Kung Fu Panda Legends of Awesomeness is an American computer-animated television series spun off from the Kung Fu Panda films.
Kung Fu Panda LoA
It takes place after the first film, showing Po's training to becoming a successful Dragon Warrior, where the second film is, according to the series' executive producer Peter Hastings, "not unlike a very long, super-deluxe 3-D version of one of our episodes". The series was originally set to air on Nickelodeon in 2010, but it was pushed back to 2011 instead. Two special previews were aired on September 19 and October 21, 2011 and it officially premiered on November 7, 2011. Three seasons have aired since then. Besides Lucy Liu and James Hong, who reprise their film roles as Viper and Mr. Ping, the cast features new voice actors for the characters of Po (Mick Wingert), Master Shifu (Fred Tatasciore), Tigress (Kari Wahlgren), Crane (Amir Talai), Monkey (James Sie), and Mantis (Max Koch).


Po practiced his kung fu skills in the Training Hall with orders given by Shifu to make it across the obstacle course in ten seconds unscathed. Po was jumped in a sneak attack by Monkey, who was about to beat Po in their score-keeping, when Tigress suddenly interrupted them with a loud sneeze, to which she promptly fell into the obstacle course and caused the three of them to fly out onto the other side. Po and Monkey then joked around with the "sneezy trick", making light of Tigress's cold-like symptoms. She openly denied having a cold, and it was discerned by Shifu that she actually had River Fever. Po then convinced the Masters not to worry, stating that he once had River Fever as a kid and it went away the very next day. However, Tigress never had river fever as a cub. Unfortunately to Po's shock, Crane revealed that getting River Fever as an adult was fatal and that the only cure was tea made from the sacred sun orchid, located in the Valley of the Scorpion. In addition, the flower must be consumed before sundown or else Tigress would die. Monkey and Po set off to retrieve it while Tigress was reluctantly placed in a sick ward with sick children and Mr. Ping as entertainment, much to Tigress' dismay.

Upon entering the valley, Scorpion trapped Monkey unexpectedly and stung him with her elixir-enhanced, mind-controlling stinger, ordering him to set out to destroy Po. Po managed to escape Monkey's attempts to destroy him, not realizing that he was being manipulated, and took it as a friendly session of sneak attack training. However, Po soon realized the truth and eventually became cornered by Monkey, and hung on to a cliff, about to fall to his death. But thanks to the "poison of friendship", Monkey overcame the mind control and they both set out to fight Scorpion. They eventually defeated her (thanks to Po's unexpected sneak attack he had learned from Shifu), retrieved the sun orchid, and then quickly rushed back to the Valley of Peace, arriving at the Training Hall just before sundown. With no time to make the tea from the sun orchid Tigress consumed the orchid and nothing was happening. Everyone looked down sadly, believing she was dead. But she then jumped up and was immediately cured, and Po and Monkey continued to joke and try to outdo each other, with Monkey declaring a point as he tricked Po into putting peppers in his eyes.

While walking through the village street, Master Shifu explained to Po, Tigress and Mantis the importance of making sure that Princess Mei Li gets to the Qidan Clan safely. Po became excited after hearing the princess was only a kid, commenting that the mission will be easy. However, when Princess Mei Li finally arrived, she was shown as stubborn and spoiled. When Po attempted to introduce himself to her, she prodded him with her staff and caused it to break. She immediately blamed Po, but when he claimed that she had broken it, she demanded that he be executed by beheading. The execution was called off after Shifu respectfully explained that he was the Dragon Warrior. Po placed a bet with Tigress and Mantis that he could get the princess to like him by the time they arrive at Qidan, wagering against a foot massage. Both masters happily agreed. Po immediately began his first attempt by making a puppet for the princess. But she instead used it as a temporary replacement for her staff, hitting Po and the others over the head with it. The gang soon left the Valley to head for Qidan, but not before secretly being spotted by a gang of crocodile bandits.

Mei Li complained throughout the entire journey. She eventually began throwing fire poppers at Tigress, Po and Mantis, much to her amusement and to their discomfort. Whilst taking a break to eat and rest, Po tried performing juggling tricks on stilts, to which the princess simply knocked him off. Po later dressed up as a clown in another attempt, but before he could perform, Tigress sensed something and commanded the group to stop. The princess was annoyed at Tigress for this, but her servants then noticed the crocodile bandits surrounding them.

Po, Tigress and Mantis worked together to fight off the bandits. Princess Mei Li, on the other hand, was oddly unaware of the danger they were in and constantly interfered with the Kung Fu trio's fighting by demanding rice balls stuffed with lots of bean paste. Though Po, Tigress and Mantis succeeded in protecting the princess and her servants, the bandits had escaped with the group's valuables, including the food. Selfishly, Mei Li used the last of the water to clean her dusty crown and started blaming Tigress and Mantis for the loss of her valuables. Though the two accepted this, Po, finally having enough of this, defend his friends and calls the princess mean, bossy, and selfish. He stated that no one liked her and that the bandits wouldn't have taken the valuables if she hadn't interfered during the fight in the first place. At that point, the princess's anger faded and soon ran off crying, and Po feels very guilty for saying such harsh words, though Mantis comforts him that he was being honest in general. Tigress then declares for the whole group to camp out for the night.

That night, Mei Li sat away from the group. Po, feeling guilty for his earlier actions, sat next to her and told her about a story of a panda who just wanted to make the princess happy. Afterwards, the princess went over to Po and handed him the fixed puppet she had broken earlier, apologizing for her previous behavior. She stated that she never had any real friends before. Po then offered to be her friend, to which she accepted and the two happily sat down to play a game of mahjong.

The next morning, the two were seen laughing together as Po carried Mei Li around, holding his ears and steering him as he ran aimlessly around. The travelers soon arrived at the Qidan clan's territory. As Mei Li went ahead to approach the Qidan king, one of her servants relayed to Po, Tigress, and Mantis that she is to become a sacrificial slave to the Qidan king in exchange for peace, as the king receives many princesses during the ages and none of them have lasted for long as they've endured too much painful labor working for him. Realizing that Mei Li will suffer the same fate, Po and the others quickly followed her inside.

The clan's king immediately demanded to see the princess. In a desperate attempt to spare Mei Li of what will come to her, Po pushed Tigress forward and stated that she was the princess. Though Tigress hesitantly went along with it, the king then demanded that she sing the "Ceremonial Princess Dancing Song". After Tigress gave a poor performance, the king became angry and once again demanded to be handed the princess. Po, Tigress and Mantis refuse and soon fought the warriors, but Mei Li gave herself up. In a bid to save her, Po then offered the king a deal: If he won a fight against any of the king's warriors, the princess would be free to go; but if he lost, the king would claim him, Tigress, Mantis, and the princess. The king initially refuses, but after learning that Po is the Dragon Warrior, he accepted and placed himself up for battle, proclaiming himself as the legendary warrior Temutai.

Po's kicks and punches had no effect on the buffalo and he was tossed around constantly. During a brief interval, Mantis stated that he couldn't beat him Panda Style, and after some encouragement from Mei Li, he claimed Princess Style. Getting on top of Temutai's head, Po grabbed the warrior king's ears and guided him into rocks and walls before running him into the clan's old stone podium where they would keep the princess servant chained. Temutai admitted defeat and kept to Po's deal: He let the princess go, vowed to keep his promise of peace, and as a bonus also catered to the group with fried rice balls.

The princess, Po, Tigress and Mantis left the Qidan clan's village and began their journey home. Along the way, they stumbled upon the Croc Bandits, who were arguing about the material they stole. However the three warriors are flying in to attack them.

In the barracks' kitchen, Po and the Furious Five were eating, while Mantis was sulking about his girlfriend dumping him. To cheer him up, Po made some of his famous sticky dumplings, consisting of bean paste dumplings, honey, (extra) sticky plum sauce, and Po's secret ingredient (which, as Crane noted, was actually "what they patch walls with"). Even though Mantis accepted the offer, he ended up getting stuck on the dumpling itself. Shifu soon walked in and declared that it was time to train. The Five immediately followed behind while Po went back for his dumplings first.

After a training session in the Training Hall, Shifu dismissed the Five and assigned Po to clean the entire Hall by sundown as punishment for eating in the Hall. But before cleaning, Po decided to do some actual training first. However, the stickiness from his dumplings was all over his hands, thus getting him stuck on one of the swinging clubs. Po's struggle to free himself only resulted in the clubs' chains breaking and falling from the ceiling. While dodging the clubs, Po dived into the Jade Tortoise of Wisdom, sending his bowl of dumpling flying into the air and landing in the gears of the Training Hall's machinery. The dumplings caused the gears to jam and the Hall fell apart, much to Po's horror. He desperately (to no avail) tried to fix it before Shifu found out, but then he noticed a sign on the wall that indicated the marks of Shifu and Taotie. Realizing Taotie helped make the Training Hall, Po set out to find him.

Upon finding Taotie's house, Po fell prey to several booby traps, one of which was a dart that knocked him out into sleep. When he woke, he saw a teenage warthog (Bian Zao) in front of him. Po asked for Taotie, and the warthog called for his dad. Taotie appeared and started hitting Po with a staff. Po explained that he was the Dragon Warrior and that he needed Taotie's help. Thinking someone may find out about this, he made up a lie by saying Shifu had asked for Taotie to fix the Training Hall. Taotie was furious that the Training Hall was broken, but agreed to come and help, promising that Shifu would not be told.

After knocking Po out with another dart from his traps, Taotie then revealed to Bian Zao that he and Shifu were only former friends. They had trained together many years ago at the Jade Palace, but Taotie was never as good as Shifu. To improve their fighting skills, he and Shifu built the Training Hall together, but it only helped Shifu improve greatly and still left Taotie as a clumsy student. Taotie tried to make up for his weak spots by using his mechanical skills to create a giant wooden warrior, but when he showed it to Oogway and Shifu, they were horrified and told him his machine "sullied the purity of kung fu". Taotie was dismissed from the palace and had been hungry for revenge ever since.

Po snuck Taotie and Bian Zao into the palace by carrying them in a crate. When he saw the Training Hall ruined, Taotie was clearly heartbroken and angry. He calmed down long enough to trick Po into bringing him the Jade Orb of Infinite Power, which he planned to use to get his revenge. Po retrieved the orb and quickly returned to Taotie, who then instructed Po to keep everyone out of the Training Hall. With some difficulty, Po succeeded in doing so. However, Shifu and the Five grew suspicious of Po's behavior and confronted him about it. While Po desperately tried to cover it up, the wall of the Training Hall suddenly burst and they were all thrown back. Taotie and Bian Zao emerged in a giant wooden warrior made up of the Training Hall's equipment, powered by the Jade Orb.

Shifu recognized Taotie and was shocked, demanding to know how he got into the palace. Taotie gloated in telling them that Po had led them in, to which Po quickly tried to explain the situation with the dumplings and how he thought Shifu and Taotie were friends. However, Shifu corrected him by saying Taotie's heart had turned dark and they ceased to be friends. Furious with Po, Shifu dismissed the panda in helping them stop Taotie. Po ran off, ashamed. Shifu then ordered the Five to attack. The quintet quickly disabled some of the weapons on Taotie's machine. However, Taotie gained the upper hand when he finally captured the Five in traps and tossed them aside, leaving only Shifu to fight Taotie. Shifu was able to fend off most of Taotie's attacks, but in one moment was caught off-guard and Taotie captured him. He taunted Shifu, saying machinery was more powerful than kung fu, but Shifu refused to give up and declared that "machinery will never be more powerful because it has no heart." Taotie gave one last taunt before pulling a lever to finish Shifu off.

It just then that Po showed up with a wok on his head and a bowl of sticky dumplings in his hands much to Shifu and Taotie's surprise. Taotie attacked, but Po's technique proved to be successful as he used his sticky dumplings to glue the machine parts together and rescue Shifu. When he ran out of dumplings, Po managed to hold of Taotie's attacks long enough for the machine to malfunction and break down. Instead of fighting, Taotie used his spinning contraption as an umbrella to escape with Bian Zao. However, the blades suddenly stopped working and the two fell to the ground hard before fleeing.

Po apologized for his mistake, but Shifu only congratulated Po on saving him and the Five. Shifu went on to say he had one more job for the Dragon Warrior, and then promptly held up a broom for Po. Po groaned, but went on to clean. That night, Po and Mantis shared a bowl of sticky dumplings. Mantis seemed to be much happier, and Po comforted Mantis about his girlfriend dumping him. However, Mantis reveals that they got back together again.

As Po daydreams where he imagined him and Tigress as heroic partners on an important mission to retrieve a special statue. Tigress suddenly broke it off, annoyed about him daydreaming out loud. The mission in Po's daydream had been true: Po and Tigress were assigned to bring back a statue of Master Oogway to Shifu after having it recently cleaned. Po tried to make conversation with Tigress along the way, which only made her more and more angry. While urging him to stop, they accidentally drop the statue off from its caravan. They tried to keep it from falling, but were then caught by surprise when the Croc Bandits suddenly chain their hands together. They all engaged in a fight, but quickly found it difficult to do so with their hands chained together. The bandits push them towards a ledge, and in a desperate attempt to escape, Po jumped off the ledge, dragging Tigress with him.

They both made it to the ground safely, but Tigress was furious for losing the statue, as well as the ruby the bandits wanted. A proud Po then showed her the ruby he had snatched while the bandits were fighting. Knowing the bandits will soon be after them, Tigress began to run dragging Po behind her. Back at the statue, Fung was surprised to see the ruby gone. At first, he thought it was a joke, but then became angry to hear that Po took it. Furious about this, he ordered the other bandits to go and get it back.

While Po continued to try and talk to Tigress, she was desperately trying to find a way to get the chains off. Po had an idea, but it ended up backfiring and hurting Tigress. Before they could try something else, the bandits found them and began to chase them. The two ducked behind a rock to lose them, but were found only moments later. The two ran for cover on a hill and escaped into a walled-off garden, to which Tigress quickly blocked the entrance. Seeing a large bell in the middle of the courtyard, Tigress gets an idea on how to cut the chain. Po nervously stands under the bell while Tigress dropped the bell on top of him. Disappointed to see the chain was still not cut, she released a very shaken and a slightly deaf Po. He began yelling which caused them to be discovered once more. Before the bandits could break into the garden, Tigress quickly thought of an escape: She took the chain and swung Po around, using Po's weight to gain momentum and break through the wall. The two escaped and Fung became even more furious.

Back in the forest, the two found shelter by a tree. Tigress noted her hunger, which still made her angry at Po for having eaten her lunch earlier. Po tried to make it up to her by climbing the tree to retrieve an apple, but he slips and falls, pulling Tigress along. When on the ground, she was about to yell at Po again when she suddenly saw that she was holding an apple. Humbly, she thanked Po. The two eventually build a campfire and Tigress started crafting a wooden key while Po ate some honey from a tree. The two were getting along until Po asked her if she had wanted to be the Dragon Warrior. She admitted that she did, and Po comments that he knows she thinks Oogway made the wrong choice, to which Tigress doesn't reply. When Po placed wood into the fire (accidentally included Tigress' wooden key), she finally lost it and said she thinks Oogway did make a wrong choice. Insulted, Po walked away. He then realized along the way that he had slipped out of the chains with the honey and starts running back. But meanwhile, Tigress was sulking by the fire and felt something tugging the chain. She thought it was Po, but suddenly she was yanked and dragged away by the Croc Bandits. Po returned and was horrified to see Tigress was missing.

Tigress was tied up and confronted by Fung, demanding to have the ruby back. Tigress refused and kicked Fung when he got too close. Fung became annoyed by this and had a large machine rolled out from the forest. When the machine rolled out the wrong way and Fung tried instructing his bandits to fix it, Po located them and threw rocks at the bandits as a distraction. They spread out in alarm, and Po immediately ran out an untied Tigress. While escaping with the statue, the bandits surrounded them. They all engaged in a fight, but they were overwhelmed by the number of bandits. By Po's suggestion of a plan involving them working together, Tigress chained them together again and they worked together to fight off the bandits. While they fought, Fung had seized possession of the statue and the ruby and started driving away on the machine. Po and Tigress chased after him, eventually catching up to him and working together again to break his machine and stop Fung's escape.

The two smiled at each other afterwards and congratulated each other. Tigress told him Oogway had made the right choice and respectfully bowed to him. Po was touched by her words. The two carried the statue away into the distance while Po started the same conversation they had at the beginning of the episode.

In the barracks, Po is excited: he was finally going to learn new techniques from the sacred scrolls. Unfortunately, his excitement is cut short when he sees that the first scroll only talks about how to make tea. Po tries to skip ahead, but Master Shifu stops him, explaining the importance of reading the scrolls in the proper order. Shifu sends Po to the Hall of Heroes to study. Meanwhile, Taotie plots his revenge after his recent defeat. His anger is flared even more when he receives mail from the Jade Palace: a bill for the destruction of the Training Hall.

Back at the palace, Po feigns excitement over learning tea, but soon gives up and opens a different scroll. In it, he discovers the Fluttering Finger Mindslip, a technique that, if done correctly, erases one's short term memory. Po tries the technique and accidentally performs it on Viper, who freezes as she is affected. When she unfreezes, Viper tries to tell Po something, but cannot remember and leaves. Po tries it again on Crane when the avian tells him it's his turn to sweep the barracks, and the technique proves successful. Po, excited over his new skill, began to abuse the power by using it whenever he was going to get in trouble by the Furious Five.

Everything seems fine until lunch, when the Five suddenly attack Po. As he defends himself, Po realizes that they have no memory of him and still believe that the Dragon Warrior has not been chosen. In a desperate attempt to stop them from attacking at once, Po performs the Fluttering Finger Mindslip technique on each of them and sneaks off. He then finds out that he fully erased their memories by mistake and rushes off to fix it. Unfortunately, Po has lost the scroll he learned the technique from. Shifu comes by as Po searches, and Po is forced to admit what had happened. When Shifu got angry, Po reflexively abused the Mindslip again; he told Shifu what happened again, but also added on that Shifu had already punished him. Shifu leads Po down to the Cave of Mysteries, where they can hopefully can find an antidote.

Meanwhile, the Five have wandered off and arrive in the Sacred Hall of Warriors. All they know is that they have good fighting skills and decide they're dangerous bakers. Taotie spots them, and then he and Bian Zao pilot a giant bamboo bird machine over to the Five, with the intent to ambush them. By then, the bird crashes. Taotie angrily confronts the Five about the bill, but finds that they have no recollection of who he or they are.

During this, Po and Shifu have arrived at the Cave of Mysteries, which holds scrolls 51-10,000. Luckily, they find the scroll they need on the first try and discover the remedy for the Mindslip: covering the head with clay from the Alabaster Pot of Remembrance. However, the pot can only be found at the end of the Corridor of Unbelievable Agony, which Po must travel down. Shifu leaves him to do so while he goes to find the Five.

Taotie was still confused why the Five didn't know him, but when they ask if they knew who they were, he uses it to his advantage. Taotie told the Five that he was their kung fu master, gave them ridiculous names, and told them Shifu and Po (whom Taotie called "Shifu's-An-Idiot" and "Po-Chews-With-His-Mouth-Open") were their mortal enemies. Shifu bursts in suddenly, and Taotie orders the Five to attack him. The Five obey, fighting Shifu upon Taotie's orders. Shifu tries to get them to come to their senses without hurting them, but to no avail.

In the Cave of Mysteries, Po only skims over the scroll before blinding running into the Corridor of Unbelievable agony. The corridor's traps are set off as Po is slapped, burned, and shot with darts. He gets to the pot, but finds out that he forgot about the key to unlock the cage. He runs back through the traps, grabs the key, and runs back, only to find that there was a second key to turn off the corridor's defenses.

Back in the Sacred Hall, Shifu deflects and tosses aside the Five as they continue to attack him. Taotie gloats over his supposed victory, until Po arrives with the Alabaster Pot of Remembrance. Taotie orders the Five to attack Po, and they obey, but with Shifu's help, Po manages to get clay from the pot on the Five's heads without hurting them, helping them regain their memories. Taotie flees with Bian Zao in their bamboo bird, vowing that he will return for revenge and that he wouldn't pay the bill.

That night, Po explains what had happened and what he had learned from the experience. He then promises to never use the Fluttering Finger Mindslip or be lazy again. To prove it, he uses the technique on himself. But his memory is erased too far back, as he acts as though he just met the Five.

In the Noodle Shop after Monkey had played a joke on Po with his "joy luck buzzer" which he intended for Tigress, the panda left after being called "gullible" and came into a nearby of the Bamboo Forest, where he accidentally fell in a deep hole. All his attempts to pull himself out of the hole were useless. However, Fung arrived and pulled him out with a rope. Once out Po suspiciously thought that the Croc bandit wanted to rob him, but the latter said he just wanted to help, and the two departed from each other.

Later, Po returned to the Jade Palace and met Tigress and Monkey. He told them about his encounter with Fung, after which they let him know how they wouldn't have been so sympathetic with the outlaw. Shortly after, Fung arrived at the Palace and sought help from Po, without the others knowing, and begged him to help in the search of his brother, kidnapped by Jong.

Po eventually accepted, and they began their search from the bamboo forest. After they walked for a while, they found Jong's territory and, while they were irrupting through the guards' station in the border of the area, Fung was immediately very reluctant to fight, letting Po fight for him. After the latter had finished fighting, he discussed with Fung about why he let him do all the fighting. The crocodile, with the excuse of being the leader of the expedition, convinced Po that he was under pressure due to his role.

Later they reached the fortress of Jong, they burs into the cell where Po thought Fung's kidnapped brother was held. The latter grabbed a box, saying that his brother would have fitted inside it, and fled. Once out, they escaped from the prison. However, what Po didn't know was that Fung had tricked him, and they hadn't gone to save his brother, but to kidnap Jong's son, whom Fung planned to use to blackmail his father. Once returned to the Jade Palace, Po was approached by some of Jong's guards, who arrested him for the crime of kidnapping.

Po was brought back to Jong's fortress and chained in the prison. There he explained to Jong himself about what had happened and that Fung had fooled him. Jong was unconvinced, and was about to torture the panda with a weapon when Fung arrived to rescue Po. He explained that he had organized the kidnapping, not Po, and he gave Jong his son back. However, Jong merely wanted both him and Po to pay for the incident, and attempted to have them captured. Po and Fung managed to escape from the dungeon and then from the palace.

After they had run a great distance, Po told Fung that he had to bring him in jail for the kidnapping. The crocodile, though outraged at first, acted out that he would comply before Po fell in the same pit from before. Fung then said his farewell and ran off, this time leaving Po trapped.


  • 80 (but only 70 have aired)

Theme Songs

  • Kung Fu Panda

Voice Cast

  • Fuminori Komatsu as Po & Bad Po
  • Jin Urayama as Shifu
  • Saeko Zogo as Tigress
  • ??? as Ms. Yoon
  • Kosuke Goto as Monkey
  • ??? as Wu Kong
  • Michiko Kaiden as Viper
  • Hiroshi Kosaka as Crane
  • So Nozawa as Mantis
  • Naoki Tatsuta as Mr. Ping
  • ??? as Peng
  • ??? as Master Yao
  • ??? as Zeng
  • ??? as Song
  • ??? as Oogway
  • ??? as Fung
  • ??? as Temutai
  • ??? as Taotie
  • ??? as Bian Zao
  • ??? as Scorpion
  • ??? as Junjie
  • ??? as Tong Fo
  • ??? as Su
  • ??? as Fenghuang
  • Mick Wingert as Po, Zeng & Bad Po
  • Fred Tatasciore as Shifu
  • Kari Wahlgren as Tigress & Ms. Yoon
  • James Sie as Monkey & Wu Kong
  • Lucy Liu as Viper
  • Amir Talai as Crane
  • Max Koch as Mantis
  • James Hong as Mr. Ping
  • Danny Cooksey as Peng
  • Paul Rugg as Master Yao
  • Lauren Tom as Song
  • Randall Duk Kim as Oogway
  • John DiMaggio as Fung
  • Kevin Michael Richardson as Temutai
  • Wallace Shawn as Taotie
  • Simon Helberg as Bian Zao
  • Lynn Milgrim as Scorpion
  • Stephan Root as Junjie
  • Jeff Bennett as Tong Fo
  • Amy Hill as Su
  • Wendie Malice as Fenghuang


  • So far James Hong, Lucy Liu and Randall Duk Kim are the only three that still voice their Kung Fu Panda characters from the films.

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