Lippo (リッポー) is a Blacklist Hunter
Lippo 1999
who acted as the examiner for the third and fourth phases of the 287th Hunter Examination.


He is a Blacklist Hunter with a repertoire which includes the capture of Johness the Dissector: Zaban City's most notorious mass murderer. In order to coerce prisoners to fight Hunter Exam candidates in the Trick Tower, he offers to shorten the sentence of any inmate by one year for every hour they stall the examinees.


Lippo apparently likes to watch fights and has a sweet tooth. He is proud of his accomplishments as a Blacklist Hunter, and although he has no sympathy for criminals, he views them as his champions in the third phase of the Hunter Exam, relishing in their victories against the examinees, even the most brutal ones. He seems to have been very affectionated to Isaac Netero, as he teared up the first day of the election.



Lippo is a petite man with a distinguishable black mohawk and tainted orange glasses. Her wears a grey long sleeve shirt, black pant and grey shoes.


Lippo is a petite man with a distinguishable violet mohawk and large clear glasses. He wears a black long sleeve shirt, grey pant and black shoes.


Hunter X Hunter (Anime)



Knownable Relatives

  • Unnamed Mother
  • Unnamed Father


Voice Actors

  • Japanese : Yoshihiko Akaida (1999 series), Masatake Yamamoto (2011 series)
  • English : Roger Rhodes (1999 series), Derek Stephen Prince (2011 series)