Little Brother is a dog character from the Mulan (film), and its sequel.




Film Appearances

Mulan (Film)

In the first movie, Little Brother was Fa Mulan's dog that helped her out with the chores. In a rather weird way, he would get them done. He makes another appearance at the end of the film, when he brings hen into the Fa family temple. Which makes the first fa family ancestor blames Mushu by yelling his name offscreen.

Mulan 2

In the second movie, Little Brother was watching Mulan training in the field. As a musical number is played, Little Brother plays with the little girls as they learn how to fight.


Knownable Relatives


  • Little Brother is the third dog to be owned by a Disney Princess; Cinderella's dog Bruno being the first and Pocahontas' dog Percy being the second.
  • Mulan possibly named her dog Little Brother because she had a little brother in the original Ballad of Hua Mulan.

Voice Actors

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