Love Will Find A Way is a song feature in The Lion King 2 Simba's Pride. The song was Kiara and Kovu's first encounter following Kovu's banishment.
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Where they decide their mutual romantic love is too strong and true for their differences to keep them apart. The song is sung by Liz Callaway and Gene Miller, who provide the singing voices for Kiara and Kovu in the film.


After believing Kovu was behind the ambush, the wounded and unreasonable Simba exiles him and orders Kiara never to leave Pride Rock, so she couldn't meet Kovu. However, after defying her father that he'll never be Mufasa, she ran away to search for Kovu. The two met and as they sung the song, they realize that their differences will not keep their romantic love apart, and their romance love will find away to bring peace into the Pridelands. Before Kovu decided to make their own peaceful pride, Kiara disagreed saying she had to stop the fight between the Pridelanders and Outlanders or they'll be divided and die.


  • Kiara : In a perfect world. One we've never known. We would never need to face the world alone. They can have the world. We'll create our own. I may not be brave or strong or smart. But somewhere in my secret heart. I know love will find a way. Anywhere I go I'm home. If you are there beside me like dark turning into day. Somehow we'll come through now that I've found you. Love will find a way.
  • Kovu : I was so afraid now I realize. Love is never wrong and so it never die. There's a perfect world, shining in your eyes.
  • Kiara and Kovu : And if only they could feel it too, the happiness I feel with you. They'd know love will find a way,anywhere we go. We're go home, if we are there together, like dark turning into day. Somehow we'll come through, now that I've found you. Love will find a way, I know love will find a way.


  • The song has some similarity to Can You Feel The Love Tonight?from the first film.
  • When Kiara lays on the wood above the river, her reflection is only half, indicating that she needs Kovu.
  • This is Kira and Kovu's version of Can You Feel The Love Tonight?

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"Love Will Find A Way" - The Lion King 203:38

"Love Will Find A Way" - The Lion King 2


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