Mahana Natsui (夏井 真花) is a friend of Orihime Inoue and Tatsuki Arisawa.



She often doesn't know what she's talking about, which sometimes causes embarrassment to her friends. She has a tendency to be curious, which is shown when all the girls are having lunch.


Mahana has short curly brown hair and brown eyes. She wears the standard Karakura High School uniform, which is unbuttoned slightly more than most of the female students.

Bleach (Anime)

Agents of Shinigami arc

While Mahana is with her friends, she asks Rukia Kuchiki if she has any romantic feelings for Ichigo Kurosaki, a statement Rukia denies.



Orihime Inoue

Tatsuki Arisawa

Ichigo Kurosaki

Rukia Kuchiki

Chizuru Honsho

Michiru Ogawa


Voice Actresses

  • Japanese : Kayo Noumi
  • English : Michelle Ruff

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