Maito Gai (マイト・ガイ) is a jonin of Konohagakure. A master of taijutsu, Gai leads
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, and passes his wisdom to the members of Team Maito Gai.


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Gai at his Ninja Academy Entrance ceremony.

During Guy's early childhood, his performance in the Ninja Academy was below average, showing little skill in ninjutsu and genjutsu. Because of this and his admiration for his father, Maito Dai, who was a proficient user of hand-to-hand combat, Guy developed a great passion for taijutsu. Guy would frequently train to impress his father, despite his father being only a genin. On one occasion, Guy became frustrated with his father being mocked and attacked two older ninja. He was saved from further harm by Hatake Kakashi taking out the older ninja.

When Guy began despairing that he might never become a good ninja and remain a genin himself due to his lack of talent, Dai decided to teach Guy about a self rule. However Guy got the self rule message all wrong and was scolded by his father. Soon after his speed increased and after making a self rule to run more laps, he had decided to challenge Kakashi. Later, upon becoming a genin. He was placed in a team with Ebisu and Shiranui Genma while under Akimichi Choza's leadership. When Guy first took the Chunin Exams, he and his teammates passed the writing test. During the second stage of the exams in the Forest of Death, Guy's team came face-to-face with Team Minato. Before Obito, who had taken the lead, could attack them, Guy unceremoniously kicked Obito in the face, inadvertently saving the boy from choking on a sweet. During the third stage of his first Chunin Exams, Guy faced Obito once again where after trying to give Obito the nice guy pose was met with a thumbs-down. It turns out that Guy doesn't even remember Obito from their last encounter, much to the Uchiha's annoyance. Though Guy defeated Obito very quickly as the started, he faced his own loss against Kakashi in the next round. After seeing his father not going on a mission, Guy was taught the Eight Gates, under the pretence that he should only do so if he was protecting something or someone.

During a mission, Guy and his team-mates were attacked by the Seven Swordsman of the Mist and they were saved by Dai, who later died because of opening all the inner gates to protect them and give them enough time to escape.

After losing to Kakashi, Guy began to see Kakashi as his sworn rival. In the anime, Guy first approached Kakashi while he was reading and quickly announced his desire to challenge him. While initially Kakashi was completely indifferent to the overzealous Guy's request, Guy continued to follow Kakashi around and challenge him. Eventually, Kakashi gave in to Guy's request, beating Guy in every challenge, including various forms of marksmanship, taijutsu combat, and even physical comparison. Despite these losses, Guy became only more determined to defeat Kakashi. Seemingly warming up to Guy, he continued to accept Guy's various challenges (including eating contests and Rock, Paper, Scissors), even when training with his team, ultimately giving Kakashi a record of 49 wins and 50 losses.

In the anime, after the events of Kanabi Bridge, Guy was assigned to a mission with Kakashi and Rin. With the situation looking grim, Guy used himself as a scapegoat to allow his comrades to escape but is soon joined by Kakashi. The two shinobi are eventually able to stave off the Iwa-nin until Rin returned with reinforcements. The events of this mission would cause the two to build great trust in one another. But regardless, Guy still competed regularly with Kakashi. Later, after Namikaze Minato was officially made the Fourth Hokage, Kakashi was assigned to recover important documents that would help the delicate transition towards peace between Konoha and Iwa. Fearing Kakashi's mental state after accidentally killing Rin, Minato sent Might Guy and some ANBU as secret backup for Kakashi. This ultimately proved a wise decision as Kakashi soon collapsed in hyperventilation when he engaged an enemy as he prepared his Chidori. Guy quickly intercepted the enemy to save Kakashi and brought his rival back to Konoha to recover.

During the Kyuubi's attack on Konoha, Guy was among the young ninja barred from participating in the defence of the village by Yuhi Shinku and other older shinobi. In the anime, after Kurama was stopped. Gai was present during Minato and Kushina's funeral.

Seven years later after the Kyuubi's attack, watching Kakashi continue to sink deeper into self-imposed isolation, Guy approached the Third Hokage in the hopes of joining Kakashi in Anbu. Guy's request was refused under the grounds that Kakashi's attributes were not suited to the duties of Anbu, something Danzo agreed to, noting that Guy lacked the necessary darkness. Later, Guy was assigned to deliver a scroll to ninja of the Wood Country for a potential alliance. Despite a mission of peace, Guy quickly realized this mission was actually a test of honesty on the Wood Country's part.

Upon meeting the Wood-nin, Guy's suspicions proved correct as Guy's team was deceived and saved by Guy's quick acting attack. As Guy's team was surrounded by several Wood-nin, Kakashi and Uchiha Itachi, a new and young recruit in Kakashi's unit, appeared and swiftly defeated the enemies. As Guy watched in horror as his friend and rival mercilessly killed the defenseless Wood-nin, Guy began to understand what Danzo meant before. Returning to the village, Guy agreed with Hiruzen that he wasn't suited for Anbu, but also insisted to the Hokage that Kakashi wasn't either. Later, Sarutobi Asuma and Yuhi Kurenai backed Guy up on his views of Kakashi in Anbu, insisting that Kakashi instead be assigned as a jonin-sensei to help restore his kindness.

In later years, Guy became a jonin-sensei. During this time, he joined Kakashi in investigating any changes caused to the village's security barrier. Later, he heard rumors of a Ninja Academy student that was determined to become a ninja despite every indication that he couldn't. This student, Rock Lee, was eventually assigned to Guy's team, along with Hyuga Neji and Tenten. For their final test to become genin, Guy had them face him in combat, under the goal of seeing their desire to succeed. Ultimately, they all passed.

After hearing his new students respective goals in life, Guy became especial moved by Lee's desire to become a famous ninja with taijutsu alone, becoming himself to help Lee in this goal, making Lee his apprentice and began passing on all his taijutsu skill and knowledge to Lee. A year prior to Team Kakashi graduating from the Ninja Academy, Guy asks his student if the want to take the Chunin Exams but agree when they didn't want to. He then tells the good news of his team to Asuma and Kurenai. Then Sarutobi Hiruzen comes to them in the dumpling shop. Asuma tells him that he treats him and his friends like little kids. In which Hiruzen admits that it's true. He then tells them about a Sensei-student relationship, and how it is formed. The Hokage hopes just like, Gai, Kurenai and Asuma that Kakashi's dark side will disappear. Hiruzen then shows Gai and the others the Graduate Ninja Registration photos of Uzumaki Naruto, Uchiha Sasuke and Haruno Sakura. In which Hiruzen tells them that they will be Kakashi's true Students. Much to Gai, Asuma and Kurenai's shock.


Known for his thick eyebrows, green jumpsuit, and shiny bowl haircut, Guy often refers to himself as "Konoha's Sublime Green Beast of Prey" (木ノ葉の気高き碧い猛獣). He has many mannerisms unique to him in the series that are meant to be seen as corny and old-fashioned, a reference to common clichés of "youth" (青春) in the anime. Guy is also known for going on about the "Power of Youth".

Guy has problems remembering the faces of persons he does not interact with frequently, best seen with his frequent fights with Hoshigaki Kisame, and also his fight with the Three Ryudoin Brothers. Obito has even mentioned this trait in Guy. It was explained that this may be due to the fact that Guy always looks to the future instead of dwelling in the past.

Guy is best known for his "nice guy pose", which consists of giving a thumbs up, winking, and smiling with teeth so white they give the proverbial "ping". This action is often used by both Guy and Lee to indicate commitment to a statement they had just made, their highest form of a promise. Despite these odd mannerisms, Guy has shown to be capable of being as serious, ruthless and decisive as a mission's success demands if needed, as seen during the Invasion of Konoha and his battles with Kisame. He is noted to be quite scary if switching to "serious", but very reliable.

Guy is on good terms with all of his students, but takes particular interest in Rock Lee, who reminds Guy of himself in his youth in retrospect that both are considered losers and have to work hard to achieve their goals. As such, Guy puts much more interest in Lee's training than Hyuga Neji's or Tenten's, continuing to train Lee long after the others have retired for the day. Because of this, and due to Lee's unyielding desire to master the art of taijutsu, the two have developed a father-son relation that has pushed Guy to teach Lee a number of dangerous and forbidden techniques, giving the stipulation that Lee can only use them under specific circumstances. Although Guy knows of the dangers that teaching the techniques to Lee entails, Guy wishes for Lee to be able to prove himself to be a splendid ninja, and, as such, turns a blind eye to the repercussions. However, overall, Guy is a very attentive and dedicated instructor, who does everything in his power to make sure that all three of his prized students receive proper instruction in their own particular fields.

Guy, and, by extension Lee, lives his life by his own "My Rules" philosophy, which involves setting tougher goals for failure so something good comes of it. For example, he vowed to walk 500 laps around Konoha on his hands if he lost a simple game of rock, paper, scissors with Kakashi, and proceeded to do so upon losing, even though people stopped paying attention eventually. Lee's willingness to train in the same manner as Guy seems to have caused him to surpass his master's stamina, as by the end of Part I, Guy has difficulty keeping up with Lee, lamenting that he is not as youthful as he once was.

Guy's teacher-student relationship with Lee also carries distinct attributes, such as when Guy will punch Lee for a slight infraction of a rule. After Guy assigns Lee an arduous training task as punishment, meant to recapture Lee's focus and discipline, the two may then burst into tears and affectionately embrace, in brief regret for the strong blow Lee was given. Guy often attempts to act in a similar way towards his other two students, although Tenten is usually resigned and more willing to take part in his antics than the more stoic Neji.

Guy is the self-proclaimed rival of Hatake Kakashi, though the latter is indifferent to the former's annoyance. Since first losing to Kakashi during the Chunin Exam, Guy randomly challenges Kakashi to contests of skill, and has acquired a record of 50 wins and 49 losses in doing so (50 wins and 51 losses in the anime). Given that the contests that make up this figure are so varied (ranging from Rock, Paper, Scissors to running races), this is not much of an achievement on Guy's part nor an accurate comparison of respective combat power. Nevertheless, Guy is proud of his record. Their competitions seem to, in part, be founded on the fact that the two are polar opposites. Guy has shown to be more easily excited compared to the more laid back Kakashi.

He also relies mainly on taijutsu, in contrast to Kakashi's ninjutsu specialisation, and had to work tremendously hard to reach his level of prowess, whereas Kakashi's natural talent and Sharingan made it easier for him to improve. Nevertheless, both men are great friends and also have the utmost faith in each other seen during the Fourth Shinobi War, when they entrusted the protection of their blind spots to each other. This was also expanded on in the anime, where Kakashi told Tsunade that he would need a second-in-command during the war and wanted Guy to serve that purpose. Guy's and Kakashi's level of friendship was such that when faced with five fully transformed tailed beasts preparing to fire their Tail Beast Ball in close proximity, he was more than willing to activate the last of the Eight Gates to protect Kakashi, despite the fatal repercussions.

Guy can't handle sea rides and easily gets seasick when he has to travel by boat or ship. After getting over this and attempting the challenge at the Falls of Truth, Guy's "inner self" rebuked him for being too old yet still maintaining a hyper-active demeanor, adding that it is not healthy for old men like him to push themselves so hard. In the anime, he also described himself to be an agnostic.


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Gai as a child.

Guy is a tall and well-built man with high cheek-bones, thick eyebrows and black hair cut in a bowl style. Guy also wears a green jumpsuit, orange striped leg warmers and the standard Konoha flak jacket, though it's normally unzipped and has only been seen zipped up during the Fourth Shinobi War. His forehead protector, is on a red cloth and is worn around his waist, like a belt. When he was a genin, he wore the same style of clothing with bandages wrapped around his hand and a brown scarf tied around his neck. His hair also had the shape of his signature bowl-style though a bit longer.

When he became a chunin, he donned the flak jacket, got his signature haircut and also removed the scarf. His protege Rock Lee has modelled himself after Guy and as such both men bear a striking resemblance: both naturally having thick eyebrows and the same hair cut.

Guy - The Last

Guy after the war.

Two years later after the Fourth Shinobi War, Guy's general appearance remains essentially the same. His flak jacket is changed to a simple chest-guard which is a darker green and has clipped-on shoulder pads with high-collars colored light grey and his forehead protector is across his waist, covering his flak jacket. He wears a heavy-bandaged cast on his right leg, presumably due to damaging it in his battle with Madara, and uses a red wheelchair for mobility.

Many years later, Guy wears a grey robe and sits in a blue wheelchair. He also gains slight wrinkles under his eyes and at the corners of his mouth.


Despite a poor start in his ninja career, even considering himself a loser as a child, the famous Hatake Sakumo openly acknowledged Guy's potential growth. Guy ultimately proved himself to be a late-bloomer, graduating from the Ninja Academy at age 7, becoming a chunin at age 11, and ultimately a jonin recognized as one of Konoha's strongest shinobi. Even Uchiha Itachi, an S-rank member of Akatsuki and prodigy of the Uchiha clan, warned others against underestimating Guy, indicating his great might. Likewise, he single-handedly defeated the extremely dangerous Akatsuki member, Hoshigaki Kisame. During the Fourth Shinobi War, Kakashi even fully trusted Guy to take on the Six-Tails alone during their battle with the reincarnated jinchuriki. Even as the Ten-Tails' jinchuriki, Uchiha Madara acknowledged Guy's capabilities, expressing how much he enjoyed the battle and openly admitted that Guy almost killed him with his final attack.

After the war, Guy's right leg has been damaged far beyond repair, leaving him in a wheelchair,[29] and effectively ending his career as a shinobi.


During his childhood, Might Guy had a very low talent in ninjutsu and genjutsu, so he focused solely on taijutsu like his father. Might Dai saw this as an opportunity to teach him his own strengths and weaknesses. This in turn gave Guy a chance to focus on his own "virtues" that other kids of his age cannot do. As an adult, Might Guy is an extremely accomplished taijutsu master, with advanced knowledge, if not skill, in various taijutsu styles and techniques. As noted by Hoshigaki Kisame, it is very rare for one to reach Guy's level of prowess; Madara stated that Guy's taijutsu prowess is of the highest level possible.

Through his "My Rule" philosophy, which involves a series of extreme and unorthodox training regimes, Guy has gained a strong and enduring body with immense reserves of chakra and stamina by constantly pushing his own limits. This allows him to recover from extreme exhaustion in an alarmingly short period of time and utilise the style known as "Strong Fist" to its full potential. In addition, his intense training has given him such tremendous speed that his movements can seem like he's disappearing to unfocused eyes, and strength capable of easily ploughing a full-grown man through a solid stone wall and through the air with a single hand: accomplishing both feats without the aid of chakra-enhancement. It was even shown in Part I that he was capable of repelling Gaara's sand attack with a single hand.

Eight Gates

Guy is able to utilise and open all of the Eight Gates — a feat that is difficult for even some of the most talented ninja. His knowledge and understanding of this ability allowed Guy to teach others to access multiple gates. Once accessing all eight gates, his power is able to fight on par and gradually overwhelm Uchiha Madara as the Ten-Tails' jinchuriki, significantly damaging the Uchiha who compares this power to Senju Hashirama. Because of the potential harm opening the gates can cause the user, Guy has decided that he will only open the gates if it is a life-or-death situation, or he is protecting someone dear to him. However, Guy's extremely intense training routines has allowed him to handle opening the gates for longer periods of time, able to endure the sixth gate with only noticeable exhaustion, as well as resist the after-effects of the seventh gate to continue fighting for a short period. By the Fourth Shinobi War, Guy became able to withstand using the seventh gate repeatedly with only momentary exhaustion.

His mastery is enough that he is capable of utilising several kinjutsu after opening the gates, making him truly a formidable force on the battlefield. With the first gate, Guy can use the pile-driving Front Lotus and with the third gate, Guy can use the more advanced Reverse Lotus. When opening the sixth gate, Guy can utilise the Morning Peacock, a technique so fast that his hands were set ablaze by sheer speed and friction. When unlocking the seventh gate, he can utilise a one-hit kill technique called Daytime Tiger, which is strong enough to completely overwhelm Madara Uchiha's complete Susanoo and reduce a shinobi as strong as Hoshigaki Kisame to near immobility. Once opening the eighth and final gate, his speed becomes enough to catch Madara in his Ten-Tails' jinchuriki form off-guard and is able to propel himself through the air with his kicks, creating a pseudo form of flight. With the eighth gate, he is able to use the Evening Elephant, a technique that gives his strikes such force, even consecutively, they can create powerful shockwaves that cannot be dodged and are nearly impossible to block.

His final Eight Gates attack, the Night Guy, is a technique that, after gathering an extraordinary amount of chakra in the form of a dragon-like aura, launches a kick of such ferocity and speed that it distorts the space around him, and is capable of obliterating his target upon impact. The technique is so powerful it shattered Madara Uchiha's ribs, along with Guy's own leg, and nearly killed the latter, leaving a gaping hole in his body.


Aside from his taijutsu repertoire, Guy is also highly skilled in a variety of weapons styles, having trained Tenten extensively in their respective usages. His personal weapon of choice is the nunchaku, but only resorts to using them when absolutely necessary, and from what has been shown he uses them with great ferocity and power, matching Kisame's unique swordplay. Aside from his regular set, Guy keeps a second, special pair of nunchaku with him, called the Soshuga, which he used to skilfully battle Obito. These were durable enough to smash a large rock into pieces, and trade blows with Obito's gunbai.

Other Skills

Despite his early shortcomings in ninjutsu and genjutsu, Guy later developed at least capable abilities in the two skills, able to dispel a high-level genjutsu, and summon nin-tortoises like Ningame or (in the anime) a much smaller messenger tortoise to deliver messages. Guy is at least knowledgeable of powerful techniques, recognising and commenting on the Four Red Yang Formation during the Fourth Shinobi War. Regardless, Guy makes a conscious effort to rely almost exclusively on taijutsu; even using regular disguises instead of the Transformation Technique.

In his rivalry with Kakashi, Guy has developed an effective counter against Sharingan-users: by focusing on the positioning of their feet, Guy can both predict the movements of the enemy and negate the Sharingan's necessity of having eye-contact for genjutsu techniques. Currently, Guy is the only ninja who can use this technique, though he has taught the basics of it to Asuma, Kurenai, and Kakashi. In the anime, another one of his special battle tactics is to regulate how his enemy moves, striking in pattern that force his enemy to react in a certain manner, making him able to easily anticipate the said attacks. Guy is knowledgeable in herbal remedies, regularly preparing them for Lee to help further his training.

Naruto (Part l)

Introduction arc

He is seen with the other Jonin,when they learn that Sauke is the last member of the Uchiha Clan.

Chunin Exam arc

Guy made his debut shortly before the start of the Chunin Exams, stopping Rock Lee from using the Front Lotus on Uchiha Sasuke. He punished Lee for attempting to use a forbidden technique before having an emotional embrace with him, much to Team Kakashi's disgust. He appeared again during the preliminaries to watch his students' matches. He showed anger at Temari's treatment of Tenten after their match, and disappointment with Hyuga Neji when he tried to kill Hyuga Hinata, having earlier instructed him to not make the match into a vendetta with the Hyuga Clan.

Guy then took the role of Lee's coach prior to his match with Gaara, giving him general advice on what to do. During the actual fight, Lee continually found his fighting level to be inadequate in defeating Gaara, and each time Guy gave his consent for Lee to increase the strength of his attacks. When Lee began to run out of options, Guy allowed Lee to open the first five chakra gates in order to defeat Gaara. Although Lee did so, his efforts were unsuccessful, and he was left heavily injured. When Gaara was about to kill Lee, Guy stepped in to stop the match, not willing to allow anything to happen to Lee. As Lee was taken away to be healed, one of the medics informed Guy that the injuries to Lee's body were so severe that he would never be able to fight as a shinobi again. Guy was crushed by this prospect, and regretted ever teaching Lee so many dangerous techniques.

Invasion of Konoha arc

A month later, when Gaara tried to finish off a hospitalised Lee, Guy once again intervened to save his beloved student including Uzumaki Naruto and Nara Shikamaru. When Lee recuperated to the point of being able to watch other matches, Guy accompanied him to the final round matches, only to be surprised that Neji was defeated by Naruto. He later marvelled at Sasuke's ability to have replicated Lee's base speed from their sole encounter, but noted that it was much more crass than Lee's. When Sasuke unveils the Chidori, it confirms Guy's suspicions as the reason why Kakashi had Sasuke replicate Lee's speed, though he is criticised for what his training did to Lee after Guy tried to criticise Kakashi for the same reason of teaching his student a dangerous technique.

When the invasion of Konoha began, Guy wanted at first to aid the Third Hokage, but instead teamed up with Kakashi in repelling the invading forces and protecting the unconscious spectators. Despite the seriousness of the situation, Guy still made clear that he was considering this another challenge against Kakashi over who could take out the most enemy ninja. After Kakashi gives orders to Naruto,Sakura,Shikamaru & Pakkun to go after Sasuke, Guy intercepts an Oto-nin and uses him to create a hole in the wall of the arena, effectively giving the genin an exit. He later attended the Third's funeral.

Search for Tsunade arc

When Kakashi was about to be defeated by Akatsuki members Itachi and Kisame, Guy arrived in time to repel Kisame and save Kakashi. When Guy stated that he had called for back-up, the two left, unwilling to start a war. Guy got Kakashi medical attention, before following the two. When he finally caught up to them, he made an attempt at a sneak attack in order to avoid Itachi's Sharingan. In doing so, he accidentally attacked Jiraiya, Itachi and Kisame having already left. After apologising for his mistake, Guy learned that Jiraiya was looking for the talented medical ninja Tsunade, and asked that Jiraiya be sure to find her, in the hopes that she would be able to heal Lee. Before leaving for Konoha with an unconscious Sasuke, he gave Naruto his spare green jumpsuit, as a reward for his determination. Jiraiya was, naturally, unsettled by this, but Naruto was ecstatic.

Once Tsunade was found, and returned to Konoha, she found that the operation that would heal Lee had a 50% chance of death. Although Lee was reluctant to risk his life, since that would mean he couldn't be a ninja, Guy convinced Lee to go through with the operation, saying that all the work Lee had done meant that he would definitely survive. In the event that Lee did die during the operation, Guy said that he would die too, as he had no point in living if he couldn't help Lee become a great ninja. Lee's operation was a success, and Guy visited him daily until he was ready to start training again.

Pre-Shippuuden Filler arc

In the anime, Guy was the only jonin to receive a considerable amount of screen time. In the Mizuki Strikes back arc, he was seen training with his students, but was very tired from doing it.

When Lee's dojo went unchallenged in one arc, Guy challenged Lee himself disguised as a stranger. Although the disguise was very bad, Lee never caught on that it was actually Guy.

In the Third Great Beast Arc, Guy began training a visiting ninja named Yagura. Yagura trapped Guy and Lee in a castle together, and forced them to fight each other through artificial, mute proxies - they figured this out by communicating through Morse code, then broke out by opening the first five gates, the stress of their high-speed attacks causing the constructions to break apart.

Later, in the Trap Master Arc, Guy led Konoha's available jōnin to stop a suspected invasion by Takigakure, though in reality the Takigakure forces were just having a training exercise.

In the anime, as Guy continued to train his students, Tenten began expressing her old insecurities, feeling inadequate to her team-mates and their growth while Guy insisted her weapon and sealing skills were essential to the team. Seeing the kunoichi want to take her growth even further, Guy began training her to increase her chakra levels to handle greater summoning feats. Two years after Naruto left the village to train with Jiraiya, Konohagakure decided to host an early Chunin Exams alongside Sunagakure. After the first exam was finished being held in Konoha, Guy waited for the first 30 participants to arrive in Sunagakure. The following night, after Akimichi Choji and his team was nearly killed by a giant scorpion in search of food, Guy gave Choji some food so he would settle down. The following day, Guy and the other supervisors watched as the second exam began.

Later, Guy and the other Konoha proctors received word from Tsunade to be on guard for potential assassins towards Gaara as many still rejected Gaara as Kazekage. Later Asuma, Kurenai and Guy are seen observing the sandstorm, noting that postponing the Chunin Exams was a wise decision. As the three approach the desert, they are stopped by Sunagakure shinobi. The jonin try to deceive their way through, only for Suna shinobi to respond that the second rounds of the Chunin Exam is under their village's jurisdiction. Despite their efforts, a large cloud of sand provides the jonin easy coverage and they quickly run through into the desert. Once he and the others reach the Kazekage residence, they try to enter the building to give a scroll to Gaara from Tsunade personally in person, but the Suna shinobi won't let them only for Guy to angrily complain about this. Before he can say anything else Kurenai and Asuma quickly cover his mouth. He and others find out from some Suna shinobi running away inside the building, that Gaara is no where inside the building, only for the three of them to quickly realize that something isn't right.

After learning that Gaara was missing, Kurenai confirmed that their fear of Gaara setting himself as bait to lure out the enemy was fulfilled. The three then notice Yukata and Mikoshi, struggling in the desert. Off screen, the two genin told them that Gaara was in danger, and begged the three to save him. After this, they headed to Gaara's location, once they got there Kurenai noted that their help is no longer needed.

Naruto Shippuuden (Part ll)

Kazekage Rescue arc

Team Guy was assigned by Tsunade as back-up to assist Team 7 in rescuing Gaara. On their way to meet Team 7, Guy again encountered Kisame, who wanted to take revenge on Guy for hitting him during their last encounter. Guy, however, didn't seem to remember Kisame, which greatly agitated the Akatsuki member. Kisame was strong enough to overcome the entire Team Guy, but when he succeeded in imprisoning Guy's students in respective water prisons and nearly drowned Tenten, Guy opened the sixth chakra gate and used his Morning Peacock to defeat Kisame. As the group examined Kisame's corpse, they found that it was not Kisame, but merely a body double; namely a former Sunagakure ninja called Mukade.

Upon reuniting with Team 7 and reaching the Akatsuki hideout, Team Guy was assigned to disable a barrier surrounding the hideout's entrance. Although they completed the task, they were forced to fight clones of themselves, though each member eventually succeeded in defeating their lookalikes. Returning to Team Kakashi, Guy and his students uncover Deidara hiding in the bushes. Confronting the Akatsuki member, who subsequently escapes, the shinobi are forced to run for cover when their opponent seemingly committed suicide. Kakashi, however, was able to warp the blast away using Kamui. After Gaara was rescued, Guy carried Kakashi back to Konoha on his back, because the latter was too exhausted to walk there under his own power due to his overuse of Mangekyō Sharingan. Uzumaki Naruto,Haruno Sakura,Hyuga Neji and Tenten were deeply irritated by the disturbing sight, although Guy didn't seem to notice, and instead had a race with Lee to see who could reach Konoha first.

Sasuke & Sai arc

In the anime, he and his team appear in the very beginning of this arc.

Hidan & Kakuzu arc

In the anime, he was seen standing beside Kakashi, mourning Asuma's death.

Three Tails arc

He is mention by Lee.

Invasion of Pain arc

When Pain's invasion of Konoha began, Team Guy was away on a mission. During a pit-stop on their return home, they noticed a number of birds apparently escaping from the village. They rushed to the village, and found it to be in ruins. They found Hinata badly injured, and got her medical attention. After the team finds Hinata, Katsuyu later informs them that Naruto was fighting with the last Pain and Guy insists that he and his team should provide back-up, but Katsuyu mentions that Naruto does not want anyone else to get involved, which angers Guy. They were then later present with the other villagers celebrating Naruto's defeat of Pain.

Konoha History arc

Tenten and Neji arrive at a Konoha Tool Research Lab for more tools due the weakened military power after Orochimaru's invasion. Might Guy has Naruto join Team Guy on a mission with Rock Lee in the hospital. For the mission, Guy assigns Tenten as captain of the team. Team Tenten arrives at the lab and ask the tool maker, Iō for more tools. He shows them some of his latest tools though all of them are completely useless. The impatient Tenten then demands for the tools they need from them. The team checks on Iō's progress but went missing. Neji uses his Byakugan and finds Iō hidden deep under the lab. They get past all of the traps placed with Tenten's help and find a stash of Iō's tools. Iō is impressed with Tenten's skills and decides to test her with his latest invention when suddenly one of the traps outside is triggered.

They all run outside to see two ninja named Gameru and Kusune who demand more tools from Iō who refuses. Naruto and Neji decide to fight them and they summon two prototype tools of Iō's, Dakō and Tsurukame. Iō's apprentice, Shōseki confesses that he sold them the tools. With Naruto and Neji struggling with the two ninja, Iō has Tenten use his latest invention, Jidanda. Tenten uses exploding tags to lift the giant iron ball in the air with the recoils of the explosions and throws Jidanda at Gameru and Kusune. Though the attack was blocked by Tsuru-Kame, the Jidanda reveals exploding tags inside and explodes on Gameru and Kusune. After the fight, Iō takes Jidanda back from Tenten, who was hoping to keep it, to make more adjustments to it. Naruto and Neji cheer her up with complementing on how great she was in the fight. The flashback ends and Tenten hopes that Iō finished the adjustments to Jidanda.

Lee arrives at Tsunade's tent and asks Sakura how she is feeling though Sakura nods her head no. Lee brought a bottle of medicine Guy made for her to get well and has a flashback of when Tsunade told him he could no longer become a ninja. Naruto and Sakura find Ino at the hospital who tells them they have a mission together. They say their hellos to Lee in his room. Lee accidentally drops his youth drink bottle that Guy made for him but catches it and drinks it all, putting Lee is dismay. With the drink, Lee would be able to recover a little faster. Naruto decides to go see Guy and have him make another drink. Guy appoints Naruto to a mission to go to Mount Jofuku to retrieve the Jofuku Flower, a medicinal herb said to cure any illness and the missing ingredient in the medicine he is making. Before setting off, Naruto puts on the green jumpsuit that Guy gave him.

Naruto meets Sakura and Ino at the village gate who were waiting to leave with Naruto to their mission. Naruto tells them of his mission at Mount Jofuku which is also the place of his team's mission. The team takes a break at a small tea soup where the old lady there warns them of Jofuku Forest that has ghosts of dead ninja wandering about. The team head to Jofuku Forest where they find a large sign blocking a path. Naruto decides to go through it with Sakura and Ino following him, having no choice. Naruto finds the Jofuku Flowers but upon pulling them causes some sand appearing that forms into Gaara after the mention of him from Ino. The team are shocked to see "Gaara" and decide to retreat but suddenly the Gaara impostor starts attacking Naruto, having the same abilities as the real Gaara. Ino tries her Mind Body Switch Technique on the impostor but cannot sense a consciousness in it. Naruto destroys the Gaara impostor with the Naruto Uzumaki Combo< and a Rasengan. Suddenly they are approached by an old medical ninja from Konoha named Furofuki who is doing research in the forest.

Sakura asks Furofuki who or what was the Gaara impostor and she tells it was a Jofuku Flower, which assumes the form of the nemesis of whoever pulls it. They give Furofuki the letter that they were assigned to do and are given another mission by her to take loads of Jofuku Flowers back to Konoha. With final ingredient made, Guy is able to finish the medicine and makes a bowl full of medicine balls for Lee. Lee is shocked to hear that Sakura and her team did this and decides to recover as soon as possible. While Lee starts devouring the horribly tasting medicine balls, Guy does 1000 push-ups, not wanting Lee the only one to suffer and the flashback ends.

Chikara Arc

Guy is seen battling some of Kabuto's reincarnated shinobi.

Adventures at Sea arc

A team consisting of Yamato, Aoba, and Gai and three other unknown shinobi, set off with Naruto to the Land of Lightning, to confine him in an isolated location from Akatsuki in preparation for the Fourth Shinobi World War. The team travels to a harbour in the Land of Fire to travel by sea. Tsunade ordered them to take the long way so Akatsuki wouldn't attempt to capture Naruto. The boat the team takes is rather small one, so they won't get noticed. Some fellow Konoha ninja warn them about a sea monster that attacks any ship that goes into open water. Guy decides to sail out with Aoba to the water to fight the monster. Suddenly, the monster attacks Guy and Aoba, and they learn that it is a Giant Marlin summon from the Third Shinobi World War, roaming around the waters of the Land of Fire. As the marlin swims towards Guy, a fisherman named Yūsuke, tries to capture it. The fish destroys Yūsuke's boat and the fisherman is saved by Naruto. Holding Yūsuke prevents Naruto from performing any techniques and is left open. Yamato shields Naruto and Aoba distracts the marlin with the Scattering Thousand Crows Technique while they all escape.

At Yūsuke's hut, the Konoha ninja try to figure out why the marlin did not return home after the war. Yūsuke tells them to not interfere as he wants to capture the fish himself, to avenge his father who died trying to capture it. As the team is about to depart, Naruto wants to help Yūsuke avenge his father to which everyone agrees. The next day, Yūsuke comes out to see a new boat and fishing rod made by Yamato. The team sails out with Yūsuke to search for the marlin. The marlin appears and Guy opens the second of his Eight Gates to keep up with the fish's speed. Yūsuke uses a large fishing lure resembling Naruto to catch the marlin. The fish eventually gets exhausted from pulling on the lure and Yūsuke finally captures the marlin. Afterwards, Naruto notices a fūma shuriken on the marlin's forehead and pulls it out. The marlin returns home shortly after and the Konoha sail on a new boat, waving goodbye to Yūsuke.

While on the way to the Land of Lightning, Naruto and his bodyguards stop off at a nearby island, due to all his bodyguards becoming seasick, Guy in particular. While there, they see Sakura, Ino and Chōji picking up medicinal herbs on the orders of Tsunade and Naruto decides to help them, although he does not fare well, from eating poisonous herbs to being paralysed on a bridge. As Chōji spots one of the medicinal herbs, some ninja from the Benisu Island appear and make the Konoha ninja waste their time, while collecting the exact same herbs. However, they have a change of heart and give Sakura, Ino and Chōji all the herbs they picked up, as Naruto saved them from a monster protecting the Elixir Mud. With Guy feeling better, they head off towards the Land of Lightning and Tsunade's team back to Konoha happily, unaware that the Benisu ninja just gave them the herbs, so they could collect the debt owed after the war.

As they continue their voyage towards the Land of Lightning, Naruto, Aoba, Guy and Yamato sail through a thick fog. Yamato tells Aoba and Naruto about the "Ghost Ship" to pass the time. Suddenly, they met another ship, very much same to Yamato's description of the said ship. They come to the ship to investigate, and meet Hishaku, who is revealed to be a "soul" who cannot rest because of the guilt when the ship was attacked by the Giant Corpse Crab. Naruto and the others help him revenge the said crab, and later was revealed all his co-sailors and the captain cannot also rest. After defeating it, Naruto continued sailing, as well the ship set free.

While sailing to the Land of Lightning, Uzumaki Naruto and the others are attacked by pirates who wanted to sink their ship and loot the wreckage.

Thanks to some fast thinking on Yamato's part and the early warning by one of the sensor-type shinobi however, the ship is saved and they dock in an underground cavern. There they find a burial ground and a journal telling of the plight of the native islanders at the hand of the wicked Gataro and his men. Hearing this, Naruto vows revenge for the deceased and comes up with an ingenious strategy on how to escape the giant geyser that they were trapped in. Using Naruto's strategy the Konoha shinobi and crew were able to escape the island and put Gataro and his men out of commission.

While on their voyage to the Land of Lightning, a giant bird swoops down and kidnaps Guy. The team pursues the bird and are lead to a volcanic island. Upon arrival, Aoba spots a mysterious girl watching them and decides to pursue her while Yamato and Naruto search for Guy. During their search, Naruto and Yamato encounter many giant creatures, including the bird that kidnapped Guy. They eventually locate the bird's nest where they find Guy, who was actually kidnapped to babysit the bird's chicks. Meanwhile, as Aoba pursues the girl, he discoverers the animals on the island are actually bred to be used by shinobi as summons, as well as a research dedicated to developing the ultimate summon. He continues to follow her, and he is lead inside the volcano and finds a huge monster asleep inside an abandoned research lab. Using a mind reading technique, he discovers the monster was too powerful to be contained and had devoured many of the islands summons, as well as the researchers, before going to sleep.

The bird takes Yamato, Guy and Naruto to the volcano where they then encounter Aoba, and the beast suddenly awakens, going on a rampage. The monster is powerful and uses genjutsu as well as Lightning Release. Naruto has to enter Sage Mode while Yamato protects him as Guy and Aoba fight the beast in order to buy some time. Guy manages to knock the beast into the heart of the volcano, but the monster can also fly. The bird which kidnapped Guy comes down and attacks the monster along with the other summons. The girl, actually the spirit of the girl who the researchers used to restrain the beast until it grew too strong, appears and manages to immobilise the beast, with Naruto finishing it off with Wind Release: Rasenshuriken.

Rock Lee dreamed fighting Tobi, after awaking, he then thinks about his training to the upcoming war, and saw a boat, while Guy remembers their past "visualisation training" with him using the menu in a restaurant they celebrated when Lee mastered Reverse Lotus (although they left it in ruins when Lee was drunk). Guy wants to have it kept secret, he said it so they can remember what happened there (although he really knows what happened). First is training the White Crane Fist, but the birds beat them. Then the Snake Fist, but the quicksand almost killed them. Next is the Eagle Claw Fist, they had to climb on a seemingly-like cliff, but the eagle caught them. The last is then Lee getting near to know it, but Guy thinks of an alibi, but when they trained in a waterfall he then realises, and learned the Seasick Fist, which he then defeated Guy. Naruto then commented that he can't use said fist unless he didn't overcome his seasickness. Lee is later shown training it while riding in a boat.

The group stops for supplies and prepare to enter an area devoid of fish of the sea and wind that takes two weeks to be crossed. In the hold, a mushroom purchased by Naruto begins to multiply and to absorb the chakra of Yamato. After resisting for a long time without food, Naruto and Guy taste the mushrooms and it poisons them and push them to act in a violent manner. Without alternatives, Naruto calls Gamatatsu and asks him to bring him Shima's food, composed of insects. All aboard eat and regain strength, even managing to defeat the bandits who sold them the mushroom when they come to look for valuable cargo.

After having braved a storm, four of Naruto's shadow clones rebel against him, taking him hostage, forcing the crew to stop in an island. Naruto's clones were going to kill him, but he wakes up and realises it was all just a dream of one of his clones. So, when the clone was extinguished, his memories was transferred to the real Naruto. Naruto becomes respectful of his clones and releases the technique, giving the clones the rest they craved and deserved.

Shikamaru begins to feel the pressure of shouldering the lives of his friends in the upcoming Fourth Shinobi World War. To help ease his mind, Shikaku sends his son along with Tenten on a mission to Mokuzu Island to replenish supplies. On the island, Shikamaru meets up with Naruto's group. Soon after they set sail, the fog around the area gets thicker and they encounter reef systems, a huge rock and a whirlpools again and again. Shikamaru figures that their ship is sailing through the bay in circles and tells Naruto and the others to sail straight for it and get swallowed up. The criminal, on seeing the ship wrecked, arrives at the spot with his gang to loot the wreckage. Having stored the ship in Tenten's scroll, they proceed to defeat the criminals.

While crossing part of their trajectory by land in the Land of Water's territory, Naruto's group comes across an imposter, claiming to be him. He and his partner are acting as criminal and hero duo, claiming to defeat Naruto, who had apparently become famous due to his victory over Pain, in order to build up a reputation for themselves during the upcoming war. Naruto however quickly defeats him. Mercenary ninja attack the imposter Naruto, thinking him to be a missing-nin, in order to collect a reward. Iggy calls Naruto's group for help, but they need to be on their way to the Land of Lightning. Iggy tries defending Banna on his own. Having stayed behind to see what he'd do, Naruto's group helps defeating the mercenary ninja and continue on their way.

Kokuyō wants Shizuka to be his wife in order to control her village, which she repeatedly spurns his advances. Tokiwa, her attendant saw Naruto and after being told that he was Jiraiya's student told him he had to battle Shizuka for his hand in marriage as Jiraiya had promised Shizuka's mentor. He declined the offer, but however Tokiwa tracked him down, and narrated Shizuka's past to him, as she also was against the village's law that female should marry the man who defeats them in battle, and accept the duel. He fooled Aoba, Guy and Yamato to buy some time. He defeats Shizuka, but Kokuyō attacked Shizuka again, only to be defeated by Naruto's Rasengan. Naruto talks to Shizuka about his unrequited love for Haruno Sakura. He then encourage Shizuka to rethink her destiny.

After Rock Lee falls into a river during their training, Tenten has a flashback of her youth, while waiting for him to surface. When she was a child, she had dreamed to become a strong kunoichi like her heroine: Tsunade, and thanks to Guy's guidance she initially began her path towards becoming a legendary medical-nin. However she failed during her training trying to heal a fish, and her attempts to sign a contract to summon a creature like Tsunade's famed slugs met no success because of her quarrel with Ningame, Guy's summon. After many failures, Guy notes that she had a talent for fūinjutsu and began honing her unique fighting style. After that she realised that she was a weapons specialist and vowed that instead of becoming just like Tsunade, she would still become a legendary kunoichi.

In Konohagakure, Kakashi while meeting with Tsunade about the impending war, receives an emergency messenger tortoise from Guy with an SOS message, so he heads out to find out what has happened. On board the ship, Guy recalls the time when he and Kakashi first became rivals and their numerous battles since then. Later on in the night, the jōnin meet where Yamato tells them about a rumour of a shinobi capable of not only copying someone's appearance, but also their chakra. Kakashi soon arrives at the ship, and calls for Guy. Unaware that he sent an SOS message, Guy comes to the conclusion that the one before him could be one of those imposters that Yamato spoke of. With this notion Guy proceeds to attack Kakashi and later Aoba and Yamato when they side with Kakashi. After giving Guy irrefutable proof that he was who he said he was by telling him something from their youth, Kakashi returns to Konoha upon learning that the SOS tortoise was sent by accident.

While on his way to meet messengers from Iwagakure, Chōjūrō decides to go on ahead by himself, due to the slow progress in travelling. Naruto and his group stop in an island for restocking before going straight to the Land of Lightning. Naruto sets off to eat. Akatsuchi is sent by the Tsuchikage to the same isolated island in the Land of Water to rendezvous with Chōjūrō, and Kurotsuchi tags along. As they await, they're attacked by a group of Kirigakure ninja, led by Ganryū. Battle ensues and Akatsuchi is injured. Naruto and Chōjūrō interfere and stop the battle. Chōjūrō demands Ganryū and his team to withdraw, stating that they are violating the Mizukage's will. The team leaves, and Kurotsuchi argues with Chōjūro to tend Akatsuchi's injuries, who says they need to wait for a medical-nin. Chōjūrō explains those were ninja who oppose the Allied Shinobi Forces, Ganryū being the sole survivor of the Tragedy of Yosuga Pass.

Kurotsuchi heads out to kill Ganryū before he can kill her. Naruto stops Kurotsuchi and Ganryū from killing one another, also telling Ganryū that it will just create a cycle of hatred. Kurotsuchi attempts to slash Ganryū using her sword, but Naruto blocks it with his body. Ganryū agrees to let Naruto fulfil the peace. Chōjūro arrives with other Kiri ninja, telling Ganryū to surrender, which he does. Chōjūro informs him that the Iwa messenger was sent by the Tsuchikage himself, to formally apologise for the Tragedy of Yogusa Pass, and return a personal belonging of one of Ganryū's team-mates who was killed in it. Chōjūro tells the others that Ganryū won't be sentenced for execution. Akatsuchi then tells Kurotsuchi that Kiri will just owe Iwa a favour in the future to come, delighted that the Iwa-Kiri grudge has come to an end. Naruto leaves in a hurry, without introducing himself to the others. Once arriving with Yamato and the others, they await for a new ship to take them to the island in the Land of Lightning.

Confining the Jinchuriki arc

The group eventually made it to their destination in the Land of Lightning. Once Guy recovered from his seasickness, he asked Motoi to help them locate Naruto. Motoi took him and Aoba to the Falls of Truth, explaining that Naruto began his training to conquer the Nine-Tails by sparring with his inner-self. Interested in going through the same training, Guy approached the falls. As his "true-self" began to manifest it mocked his ideology of youthfulness, saying that "Old men shouldn't push themselves so hard". What finally emerges was apparently a blowfish, but in reality Kisame Hoshigaki. Guy immediately attacked him, knocking him into the falls.

Guy once again could not remember meeting Kisame before. He nevertheless recognised that Kisame was a threat and pursued him as he tried to escape the island. He first had Killer B fling him across the island, and then summoned Ningame mid-flight to provide him a stepping stone. He found Kisame trying to send intel he had gathered to Akatsuki by way of shark. To mask the shark's movement, Kisame created a thousand more, which Guy attempted to stop with the Morning Peacock. When he was unable to stop all of the sharks, Guy was forced to open the Seventh Gate: Gate of Wonder in order to match Kisame's Water Release: Great Shark Bullet Technique with his Daytime Tiger. When the two massive techniques clash, Guy's Daytime Tiger went right through the Great Shark Missile and hit Kisame dead on, erupting into a massive shock wave large and powerful enough to have its after effects be felt some distance away.

The Konoha ninja restrained Kisame and tried to gather intel about Akatsuki from him, but he broke free of his bindings and committed suicide to prevent them from interrogating him. Seeing how far Kisame was willing to go for his comrades, Guy gained new respect for his adversary and vowed to always remember him. Hoping that the intel Kisame had would reveal something they examined it, only to be caught in water prisons with sharks. Guy, finally experiencing the side-effects from the seventh gate, was unable to defend himself, but was saved by the others.

Fourth Shinobi War arc

When the Fourth Shinobi War began, Guy was placed in the Third Division under Kakashi's command. Still suffering from the effects of opening the Seventh Gate, Sakura healed him as a concerned Lee looked on. He recovered by the time the Third Division comes to the aid of the Surprise Attack Division, restraining Gari when they first arrived.

When fighting broke out with Akatsuki's reincarnated ninja, Guy teamed up with Lee to defend members of the division from Haku. Prior to returning to the fight, Guy reminded the troops not to lose their resolve when friends die but to turn their death into the life of another. In the anime, after the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist were summoned, Guy told Lee to chase after Pakura, while he went after Gari. Guy later regrouped with the rest of his division to recuperate in a forest, as night fell.

In the anime, as the battle resumes the next day, Guy aid Kakashi in battle with Kushimaru Kuriarare and Jinpachi Munashi. Later, he informed Kakashi,after Fuguki Suikazan was sealed, that there were only three reincarnated shinobi left on the battlefield. Upon seeing the new wave of White Zetsu Army forces approaching them, Guy told Kakashi that they should defeat them in one fell swoop while at the same time, Naruto's shadow clone appeared on the battlefield to aid them.

Later, Guy's division was attacked by a famous reincarnated taijutsu master named Chen. Exciting at the idea of facing the legendary hero, Guy formally challenged the reincarnated shinobi to battle. The two taijutsu masters initially fought evenly, but Chen's tireless reincarnated body soon overwhelmed Guy. When Rock arrived to aid Guy, both Lee and Chen were surprised to see each other. After hearing the story of how Chen and Lee met, Guy was outraged to hear Chen tried to make Lee quit being a shinobi. While he admitted that Chen's views weren't wrong, it was still Lee's own personal dream. Feeling he had to prove his point once and for all, Chen attacked the teacher and pupil with his Leaf Dragon God. To Chen's surprise, Lee revealed to have learned the weakness of Chen's technique and defeated it. Amazed at how far Lee came solely with taijutsu and the bond that he had with Guy as a teacher, Chen admitted to his own faults with his student, ashamed to have not had more faith in him. Finally letting go of his past pain, Chen broke the summoning contract and returned to the afterlife.

After sealing the final Swordsman, Guy and Kakashi made their way to Naruto and B's battlefield in time to stop Obito from warping Naruto away. Guy uses his Violent — Leaf Adamantine-Strength Whirlwind technique to force Obito to become intangible while Kakashi retrieved Naruto. After being talked down to, Guy told Obito not to underestimate him as he was Konoha's Sublime Green Beast of Prey. He then told Naruto to calm down as his explanation of the situation was jumbled, before destroying the coral covering Naruto's body. As the tailed beasts attacked again, Guy told Kakashi that he wasn't good with faces, and they all looked the same to him before opening the Sixth Gate as he, and Kakashi begin their counter-attack. As Kakashi wondered why the reincarnated opposition weren't using the regular abilities of the Six Paths of Pain, Guy stated that Obito would most likely know that they had come up with counter measures against these abilities, so he wouldn't waste his time and chakra, having them use it.

As their battle with the tailed beasts continued, Guy noticed Naruto in the clutches of Son Gokū's mouth. Alerting Kakashi before springing into action, he was impeded by the the Six-Tails' corrosive gas bearing down on them at one end, and the tailed beast barricading them at the other. Turning back-to-back as Kakashi creates a shadow clone in the Manji Formation, the men entrust their backs to each other as they face the enemy in front of them. As Guy rushed towards the gas he uses the Morning Peacock technique to burn off the gaseous attack and prepared for the next wave of attacks. As Naruto succeeded in releasing Son from Obito's control, both Kakashi and Guy look on, shocked, as the now fully-transformed jinchuriki bore down on them.

As the situation became dire, Guy stated that there was no option but for him to use the Eighth Gate after telling Kakashi that there was no way he would have enough strength to warp away the five Tailed Beast Balls that were aimed at them, but Kakashi also dismissed Guy's suggestion, stating he would die after opening that gate. Both men are rescued, however, by Naruto, entering a new mode and deflecting the attacks. Absorbed into the Nine-Tails' chakra as Naruto transformed, both men watch on as the battle between the beasts ensued. Guy later noted that it looked like a scene from the Destroy All Monsters film.

After Naruto's Tailed Beast Mode is cancelled, and the men stand alongside Naruto, facing the opposition, Guy stated that seeing Naruto come so far made him feel old. Somewhat shocked, Kakashi was the one to tell him that their youth wasn't over yet. Guy then stopped Kakashi mid-sentence, saying that he was making him feel even older. He later mobilized alongside Kakashi, Naruto, and B in his full Eight-Tails form preparing to assault Obito and the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path. Launching his assault after Kakashi and his shadow clone attacked the statue once again, Guy used his Little Toe Attack to crush the statue's foot sending it toppling over and straight into Naruto and B's uppercut attack all the while cheering Naruto on as he mocked Obito against Kakashi's advisement.

Guy later noted that the statue had been acting weird ever since it swallowed the two objects in its mouth. After Naruto and Kurama switched in order for the beast to explain what was happening, Guy listened on before asking what the Treasured Tools of the Sage of the Six Paths and the Gold and Silver Brothers had to do with the current situation. After he heard Tobi chide Kakashi, telling him that he spoke too easily which was why he lived a life full of so much regret, Guy asked him who exactly he was but Obito only responded stating that it wouldn't make any difference because Guy didn't remember faces. When Naruto retorted that dreams were essential, Guy added that even if you never want your youth to end, people had to stop dreaming some time or the other.

As the team prepared to attack Obito directly, Guy noted that the use of feints would be crucial in this battle because of Obito's abilities. Deciding that it was better to not attack him directly, Guy reaches into his pouch and retrieved his Soshuga. Providing Naruto with backup, Guy was able to intercept one of Obito's attacks which forced him to become intangible. Deflecting all of Obito's attacks Guy was ultimately able to knock the masked man off his feet and send him hurling towards Naruto's Super Mini-Tailed Beast Ball. Shocked when Obito disappeared, Guy tried to reach Naruto when the enemy reappeared but noted that the falling debris was becoming cumbersome. Later regrouping with his comrades, Guy asked them if they were okay before they wondered how they could defeat Obito.

Noticing the small crack in Tobi's mask, Guy alerted Kakashi to the occurrence. Assuming that the crack was as a result of Naruto's last attack, Guy noted this but Kakashi disagreed noting that the crack wasn't concurrent with a punch. Obliging Kakashi's request to test out his hypothesis, Guy climbed aboard Gyuki's hand and is then launched across the battlefield towards Obito. Confronting the masked man first, Guy uses his Soshuga them to break the rock in front of him forcing Obito to phase through them. Using the nunchaku Guy attacks the intangible masked man, provoking Obito to become intangible and absorb them and as such, susceptible to Naruto's incoming attack. Guy later listened in shock as Kakashi revealed the mechanisms behind Obito's technique.

Telling Kakashi to explain it as simply as possible and based off this, they would readjust their strategy, Guy and the others listened as Kakashi explained the mechanism behind Obito's warping ability and intangibility. When B questioned why Kakashi's Sharingan was connected to Obito's dimension, Guy hesitantly turns to Kakashi who questioned Tobi on where he got the eye. Shocked by the answer, Guy is later visibly angered when Obito chastised Kakashi and shocked once again when Kurama spoke directly to Obito before Naruto charged at the enemy in his Tailed Beast Mode. Shocked to see Naruto heading out on his own, Guy alerted Kakashi whom he soon realized was lost in deep thought. As he tried to get his comrade to focus, the two watch on as Naruto and B confronted the enemy. When Kakashi finally came around the two men charge at Obito, with Guy remaining by Kakashi's side as he put his new strategy into action.

Alongside Kakashi, Guy who was supporting the latter after he had collapsed, was left completely stunned upon seeing that Tobi is Uchiha Obito. As a shocked Guy and Kakashi question the once masked man, their questions are greeted with indirect answers. Later when Obito attacks Guy and Kakashi, Guys calls out to his comrade who was seemingly frozen in shock. They are later further surprised by the arrival of Uchiha Madara to the battlefield. As the battle waged on, Guy aided Naruto in fighting the legendary Uchiha, and though bloodied and seemingly exhausted, he noted to Gyuki and B that it was because Madara was so strong that made it worth fighting him, which prompts the Gyuki to tell him that he should not push himself so hard. As the battle waged on, Guy realized that the Wood Dragon was absorbing Naruto's chakra, but before they could lend their aid, he and Gyuki were bound by Madara and rendered immobile. As Madara was about to deal the finishing blow the attack was intercepted by Naruto. Hearing Naruto's speech to protect his comrades then spurred Guy on to use the Daytime Tiger to attack Madara, which sends the Uchiha flying away from them, prompting the Eight-Tails to acknowledge that Guy wasn't just acting tough.

When Kakashi noted that he had resolved to protect Naruto, Guy echoed his sentiments, and when the Wood Release had loosened its hold on Gyuki who was able to break itself and Guy free. As the process is completed and the Ten-Tails is resurrected, Kurama places Guy and Kakashi into his mouth, from which he restores the two shinobi's respective chakra. After Kurama is forced to retreat momentarily to gather more chakra, the remainder of the Allied Shinobi Forces arrive to their comrade's aid in time to deflect a point blank Tailed Beast Ball fired at their comrades. When Shizune arrived, she immediately began healing Guy who later stood with the rest of the Alliance, prepared to face the opposition.

Opening the Fifth Gate, Guy and his student prepare to attack the two Uchiha but are buffeted by the force exerted by the now fully-matured Ten-Tails as it escaped the hole it had seemingly been trapped in. Arriving to where Neji's corpse was, Guy tells a weeping Lee not to cry and that if they remembered Neji and his feelings, then he would live on inside them forever. This is later affirmed by Kakashi and Naruto, despite Obito's attempt to decry that sentiment. After receiving chakra from Naruto, Guy and the other shinobi charged towards the Ten-Tails. Launching Lee towards Madara, their combined effort was enough to sever the Uchiha's connection to the beast and forced them to retreat to the ground.

Later as he saw the Four Red Yang Formation erected around the Ten-Tails, Guy informed Lee that the technique was no easy feat and that only shinobi of Kage-calibre were able to erect such a powerful barrier reputed to be stronger than even the Four Violet Flames Formation. With the situation later turning grim as the Alliance was trapped in a barrier with a Tailed Beast Ball-firing tree, Guy and the other shinobi soon found themselves shrouded in the previous Version 1 mantles again. He and the other subsequently found themselves on the outside of the barrier, escaping the near-fatal attack thanks to Naruto and Minato's action.

True to his nature, Guy continued to push himself even after becoming too exhausted to stand on his own. With Lee supporting him, Guy and his students noticed Gaara speeding past them, Guy began to worry about the situation. As the team decided on their next move, Madara, having recently revived himself and became the Ten-Tails' jinchuriki, expelled the Benihisago and Kohaku no Johei, deeming the two legendary tools as useless, which comically land on top of Guy and Lee. Guy later saved Kakashi from Madara's attack, Minato thanking him inwardly as Madara wondered when he had seen him before. Guy on the other hand didn't recognise him.

After being informed that the person before him was none other than Madara, and that only taijutsu or senjutsu could affect him, Guy wasted no time in opening the seventh gate and launching an assault on the Uchiha. Attacking him with his Daytime Tiger technique, the two were sent reeling from the impact with Madara wasting no time to counter-attack, sending one of the black orbs flying at Guy. He was ultimately saved by Rock Lee who appeared on the battlefield shortly after.

With the situation getting dire, Guy resolved to open the eighth gate to battle Madara, telling Kakashi that it was time that he became a crimson beast. Resolute, Guy is not dissuaded by his comrades. Comforting his protégé, Guy told Lee that it was not time for tears before dashing of to confront Madara once again. Inserting his thumb into his chest as he went, Guy opened the Eighth Gate.

Reflecting on his life and ultimately that of his father Maito Dai, he mused on how similar the situation was when his father had sacrificed his own life for him. Though Madara tried to trivialise Guy's sacrifice as nothing more than leaves falling and rotting in autumn, Guy declared that those same leaves would become nourishment for the new leaves that would grow. Upon reaching his target, Guy unleashed the "Gate of Death" and uses Evening Elephant.

Stopping after the initial attack as his body already began feeling the negative effects the eight gates, Guy quickly regained his composure and continued his assault, soon overwhelming the transcended being. Not willing to stay on the side-line, Guy's allies quickly joined in and were able to deprive Madara of most of his chakra orbs, allowing Guy to deliver the final blow of his attack cleanly. While visibly battered and winded from the assault, Madara soon returns to his feet, delighting in the experience and shocking Guy.

While continuing to gradually wear down Madara, Guy soon realised that he was not dealing damage enough to stop Madara in time. He then resolved to use his final technique — Night Guy. As delivered the final attack, obliterating the left side of Madara's torso, Guy finally succumbed to the Eighth Gate's after affects and collapsed. As Guy's life-force began to fizzle out, and his body starting to turn to ash, a regenerating Madara decided to show Guy his final respect by finishing off the taijutsu master personally, only for his attack to be repelled by Naruto. With a newfound power, Naruto was able to stabilise Guy's life-force. After Naruto manages to repel Madara during their initial scuffle, Naruto carries Guy over to Lee's care, ensuring him that his beloved sensei would be fine. He then fell prey to Madara's technique, but was free by Naruto and Sasuke after they ended the war.

Blank Period

After the war, it is revealed that Guy survived his ordeal with Madara, although he became confined to a wheel chair, with his right leg heavily bandaged because of the extensive damage it received from using the Night Guy. Despite being in the hospital, he vows to train hard. A few months later he attended Neji's funeral.

Nearly a year after the war ended, as the Tobishachimaru is about to take off, Kakashi spots a hooded figure sneaking off the ship. He engages the figure only to discover that it's Rock Lee. Realizing what's happened, Kakashi boards the Tobishachimaru as it rises into the air. He finds Might Guy who, despite his history of motion-sickness, is eager to be one of the first people to fly in the air. Kakashi is not surprised by Guy's determination, as the injury to Guy's leg he received during the War has done little to discourage him from continuing life as a ninja. Since they aren't supposed to be on the flight, Kakashi and Guy seek out a place where they won't be noticed. In doing so, they discover a group of shinobi planting explosive tags around the ship.

Kakashi and Guy infiltrate the ventilation ducts so they can move around the ship and gather information unnoticed. They watch as the ship's passengers are gathered into the dining area by enemy ninja and their leader, Rahyo. The Konoha ninja that have been inserted onto the ship as security engage the opposing forces, but their bodies are frozen from some remote location by a person named Kahyo. Rahyo tells the passengers that they are being taken hostage until Garyo is released from the Blood Prison. Starting in half an hour, if Garyo isn't freed, one hostage will be killed followed by another every subsequent ten minutes. Additionally, if Konoha involves Naruto in this, the Tobishachimaru will be blown up.

With twenty minutes until the first hostage will be killed, Kakashi and Guy continue through the ducts while they decide what to do. Guy's motion-sickness abruptly strikes, revealing their location to Armament Alliance. Ice shards start attacking them from all directions and they separate. While separated from Kakashi, Pakkun and all the other ninken have found all the exploding tags and delivered them to Guy, who will set up a distraction so that Kakashi can gather the remaining passengers and get them to safety. Before breaking off communication, Kakashi requests that Sai be sent to provide assistance. As Rahyo prepares to kill another hostage, Guy elsewhere detonates the exploding tags, disorienting the ship and causing a fire to start spreading. Before Kakashi can act, however, the still-unaccounted for Kahyo stabilizes the ship and puts out the flames. Rahyo takes hold of Kakashi demanding an explanation, prompting Guy to fall from the ceiling to fight him.

Even though his leg is in a cast, Guy remains as fast as ever, allowing him to evade Rahyo's ice-augmented physical attacks. He is even able to deliver some successful kicks, though has difficulty disguising the pain it causes him. He brings out his Soshuga in order to engage Rahyo, but watching his own rapid swinging of Soshuga causes his motion-sickness to return. Rather than be debilitated by it, Guy turns it into a fighting style he calls Seasickness Fist. While Rahyo struggles to hit Guy, Pakkun chews through the ropes binding Kakashi.

While Guy continues to fight Rahyo, Kakashi battles Kahyo. Though the Chains of Ice disappear, a hole is left in the floor and the different pressures between inside and outside start sucking out passengers. Kakashi catches Guy before he's sucked out too, but cannot maintain his grip on the ship's hull. Guy tells Kakashi to save himself and Ino breaks in asking for an update, but Kakashi can only focus on one thing: Kahyo's mask has come off, revealing the woman he met earlier. Kakashi loses his grip and starts falling. Kakashi watches around him as he falls through the air with many other passengers. He makes eye contact with Guy and together they accept the fact that they're about to die. Just as Kakashi starts to reflect on what death means for him, he and everyone else are saved by Sai. Guy is then force to return home alone, without Lee to back him up. In Konoha, Guy reports to Tsunade and pretends his innocence. Before she can get started punishing him, he is saved by the timely arrival of the Third Tsuchikage, who called her to tell her something.

Many years later in Konoha, Kakashi assigns all the wedding's attendees a mission that is to be kept secret from Naruto and Hinata: bring a gift. As Lee lies in the middle of a street he is greeted by Might Guy. Guy is about to do laps around Konoha until he can think of what to buy for Naruto and Hinata and invites Lee to join him. Lee reports that he's already done that without success. Guy suggests that Lee try coming up with a gift for Hinata instead, while he thinks of a gift for Naruto. Lee thinks about Hinata's post-wedding life of childcare and housework. Guy thinks of Naruto's post-wedding life of home maintenance and carrying groceries. Both simultaneously conclude they should buy dumbbells to prepare Naruto and Hinata for their lives ahead. Neji's words suddenly make sense to Lee and he embraces Guy in a long, tearful hug. Unknown to them, that since they were so loud; the whole village heard them, and sent Kakashi complaints about this early in the morning.

On the day of the wedding, guests start arriving at the ceremony to be held under the Hokage Monument. Guy with Lee as Tenten gives them instructings on how they should behave at weddings. In the anime, they attend to walk on their hands which causes a scene and makes Tenten be embrassed by them.


Once Naruto became Hokage, Gai meets up with Lee and his son, along with Tenten and Kurenai. 13 years, Guy is shown talking with Kakashi about Naruto being the new Hokage and remembering old times.

Kakashi pushes Guy's wheelchair along the road, discussing birds with him and reminiscing about the past.

Kakashi, Guy, and Mirai stop for the night at a town that is well within the Land of Fire's borders, but where the Land of Hot Water is at least visible in the distance. Kakashi and Guy are drawn to a target-throwing game, yet both entirely fail to hit any of the targets. Mirai is mortified by this, especially when a young girl after then immediately wins a prize. While she wonders about Kakashi and Guy's supposedly legendary skills, Kakashi's wallet is abruptly stolen by a pickpocket. Mirai chases after the man, captures him with Demonic Illusion: Tree Binding Death, and turns him over to the local police.

In addition to being increasingly doubtful about Kakashi's abilities, Mirai is infuriated when she finds Kakashi and Guy laughing upon her return. Kakashi explains that the wallet was a decoy and that there was nothing in it. He also notes that, though he could have stopped the thief with a lightning attack, they're supposed to be undercover and so can't be using flashy jutsu. While this answers some of Mirai's more immediate concerns, she remains suspicious by the rapture with which Kakashi is taking in the sights, feeling it's inappropriate for someone his age. When Kakashi starts fawning over locations around town from the film adaptation of Icha Icha Paradise, Mirai, unfamiliar with the book, asks Guy what the it's about. Guy is made uncomfortable by the question and changes the subject, instead suggesting that she use this vacation as a chance to train.

Mirai is deeply depressed to learn that what she thought was a secret mission is just a cover story to give Kakashi and Guy a chance to tour some hotsprings. What's more, she worries what this says about Naruto's opinion of her abilities since he recommended her for the mission. Nevertheless, she remains intent on doing her duty as a bodyguard by watching Kakashi and Guy from a distant tree as they eat dinner; Kakashi seems unaware of Guy taking food from his plate, once again making Mirai question the stories she's heard about him. In an instant, Kakashi vanishes from the dinner table and appears at her side, surprising her.

Kakashi invites Mirai to join them and she accepts, noting that it's natural for her to do so since she's their attendant. Kakashi remarks that she's quite similar to Asuma when he was her age, as he also became too stiff in his responsibilities because of all the pressures he was under. Asuma was eventually able to loosen up, and Naruto hopes Mirai will do the same, hence why he sent her on the mission. As Mirai becomes embarrassed to hear of Naruto's concern for her, Kakashi adds that Mirai is also not doing a good job of following the "secret" part of their mission, as sitting in a tree draws attention to them. Mirai apologizes and promises to start having more fun like Kakashi and Guy are doing.

Kakashi, Guy, and Mirai scout the roads that run through the border region between the lands of Fire and Hot Water, updating the maps they brought with them as needed. As they take a break on the trail, Kakashi and Guy get into a debate over which is superior: physical energy or spiritual energy. Since neither can convince the other, they look to Mirai to be the tie-breaker. She tries to compromise by saying that both have their merits, and when this fails she changes the subject by pointing out that it will get dark soon.

Kakashi, Guy, and Mirai arrive in a nearby hotspring town that lies on the border. Because it is equal parts in the Land of Fire and the Land of Hot Water, the town cannot truly be said to reside in either country. As a coincidence, it turns out to be the day of the town's Quarrel Festival, an annual celebration of when the town's patron deity helped dig up its famous hotspring. The town's residents can't agree whether the town's deity was a dog or a cat, and over the years the festival has become an opportunity for dog and cat lovers from all over to come together and compete for superiority.

Mirai finds the whole story behind the Quarrel Festival bizarre and watches as arguments between cat-lovers and dog-lovers start breaking out. She is surprised when she recognizes one of the arguments as taking place between Kiba Inuzuka and Tamaki, each with their own cadre of dogs and cats; Kiba and Tamaki are equally surprised to see her. Both insist that they aren't here for the Quarrel Festival, but rather that they came to visit the town's hotsprings. However, they disagreed over which hotspring they should visit, the one dedicated to the dog deity or the one dedicated to the cat deity. Since Tamaki brought more cats than Kiba brought dogs, Kiba offers to visit the cat hotspring, but Tamaki is upset that Kiba is so unwilling about it.

Kiba asks Kakashi, Guy, and Mirai to help settle their argument. Kakashi, having his own personal ninken, sides with Kiba, and Guy, determined to oppose Kakashi at every opportunity, sides with Tamaki. Mirai once again finds herself needing to break the tie. Mirai can't bring herself to decide because she admires Kiba and Tamaki too much to want to risk hurting their feelings. Besides, she genuinely likes cats and dogs equally, and has ever since she was a child when Shino Aburame tried and failed to get her to be interested in insects. Mirai tries to compromise by saying that both cats and dogs have their merits, but this only fuels further argument between Kiba and Tamaki.

Some of the dog-lovers recognize Kiba from stories about him (many of which were originally invented by Kiba). The dog-lovers begin carrying Kiba down the town's main street while the cat-lovers, also acquainted with the stories, feel intimidated to behold him. As fighting between the two sides starts breaking out, Mirai worries for the sadness Tamaki is clearly experiencing and the distress that separation from Tamaki is causing Kiba. Mirai pulls Kakashi from the mounting hostilities while Guy is excitedly lost in the fray. Once Kakashi is brought to a safe distance, he encourages her to help Kiba and Tamaki (and Guy), and suggests she try to appeal to the masses with a compromise between cats and dogs.

Mirai uses Fire Release: Flint Yagura to draw the crowd's attention to the area near the town's cat and dog hotsprings. Once everyone is looking, she creates a genjutsu of a giant floating head that is half cat and half dog. Mirai, speaking through the head, implores the crowd to stop fighting. The townsfolk immediately recognize her as "Cattog", the town's fabled third deity that mediates between the cat and dog deities. Before she can address this, Guy, suspecting it's a monster, attacks the genjutsu. Mirai is so surprised by this that she inadvertently lets the illusion dissolve, and Guy crashes into the wall separating the cat and dog hotsprings.

The townspeople fail to recognize Guy's role in the wall's destruction, instead interpreting it as a divine act of Cattog to end the fighting by making the two hotsprings into one. Kakashi congratulates Mirai for fixing things, but she feels that she failed since her loss of concentration caused the genjutsu to end before she could properly resolve the conflict. She is proven wrong by the approach of a reconciled Kiba and Tamaki, who thank her for what she did. Meanwhile, the townspeople find Guy among the wall's rubble, charred black from when he passed through Mirai's Flint Yagura. They believe he is a messenger of Cattog and resolve to build statues in his honor. Mirai and Kakashi gather Guy and check in to their hotel room to recuperate.

Mirai had been so excited by what she thought was an important top-secret mission that she did not properly read the mission particulars before she left Konoha. As such, she thought that what is planned to be a twenty day trip would only last two days. Because she only brought enough supplies for at most five days, she contacts Konoha and requests additional provisions. Tenten, having previously requested a hotspring vacation of her own, is given the task of bringing Mirai the extra supplies. Tenten meets them at the inn where they're staying in the Land of Hot Water after only two days of travel.

While Mirai and Tenten enjoy the inn's hotspring together, Mirai asks how her mother, Kurenai, responded to news of Mirai's misunderstanding. Tenten insists that Kurenai was at worst amused, but Mirai fears she'll be scolded by her mother when she gets home. Tenten tries to take Mirai's mind off this by asking for her thoughts on a new hotspring-suitable kunai that she's just invented. Mirai can't fathom a single reason to need a kunai while using a hotspring. Tenten realizes that's true and becomes deeply depressed by the uselessness of her invention. Mirai suggests marketing the kunai as rustproof and thus useful in certain climates, but Tenten explains that the kunai can only handle the humidity of hotsprings.

As a final pitch, Tenten proposes the kunai as a fashion accessory, something to carry around while bathing in the nude. Mirai can't see the appeal, so Tenten mulls asking Kakashi or Guy. Mirai pleads for her not to as that would embarrass them. Tenten is delighted, as this observation has proven that Mirai understands Kakashi and Guy; she was worried that Mirai would struggle to deal with them, Guy in particular. They begin discussing Guy at length, with Mirai telling Tenten about his reaction to Cattog. In response to this, Tenten raises the theory that Guy, despite his appearance of headstrong bravery, is truly a coward, and that the reason he acts so impulsively all the time is because he wants to appear strong so that others won't feel afraid. Mirai isn't convinced, but both she and Tenten agree that, if true, it would only make Guy even more amazing than he already is.

As they return to their room from the hotspring, Mirai and Tenten see Kakashi talking on the phone while Guy mills around nearby, apparently unwilling to be in his room alone. Tenten tries to confront him about this, but Guy denies it and quickly challenges Kakashi to a game of ping-pong when his phone call ends. As they head off, Tenten comes up with a plan to try and scare Guy with a ghost. She asks Mirai to buy time while she prepares, but before Mirai can protest Tenten's scheme, Guy asks that she keep score. She complies, but discovers that Tenten's request to buy time was completely unnecessary: the game becomes naturally drawn out by the effort that Kakashi and Guy exert and the consequential lack of scoring for either side.

Guy, panting and sweating profusely, forces Mirai to return to the present by asking who had the higher score. She confesses she wasn't paying attention. Guy is devastated to hear this, and is then devastated again by Kakashi's report that he beat Guy by one point. They leave Mirai behind as they head to the hotspring, and when they're gone she's immediately confronted by Tenten, who has made herself up to look like a ghost. Mirai has no reaction to Tenten's appearance, disappointing Tenten. Mirai tries to reassure her it will frighten Guy, and even offers whatever assistance Tenten needs.

As Guy later returns from the hotspring, Mirai is torn between her desire to be a good bodyguard and to see the prank carried out successfully. The latter desire prevails, as Guy is so scared when Tenten descends upon him that, in his attempt to escape from her, he bashes his head on a nearby pillar and passes out. Kakashi chastises Tenten for being a bad role model to Mirai as he leads Guy away. Tenten takes comfort in the fact that she didn't scare Guy as much as she could have, such as by inexplicably applying a mysterious tag somewhere in his room. Mirai is forced to apologize to Tenten, as she removed said tags from Kakashi and Guy's room as soon as they arrived at the inn as part of her security sweep.

Tenten is horrified to hear this, as the tags Mirai removed were charms that the inn uses to ward off ghosts. Tenten returns to her room with Mirai, fearful of what will happen, but the night passes without incident. In the morning, Tenten departs for another hotspring to market her kunai; the kunai ends up being fabulously successful as a fashion accessory. Meanwhile, Guy slept poorly and continually mutters about what he saw the night before. Mirai tries to explain to him that the ghost was only Tenten, but this confuses Guy: the bloodied man in armor who dwelled in Guy's room during the night looked nothing like Tenten did with her costume and makeup on, nor is Tenten able to walk through walls. Mirai is horrified to hear this, as is the inn's staff when she tells them she removed their protective charms. Kakashi slept soundly and laughs without concern at everyone's pale expressions.

Kakashi, Guy, and Mirai travel to the next hotspring on their tour, which is located in a remote village. Even at a distance they notice a problem: in the exact location where maps indicate the hotspring is located, there is what they can only describe as a mountain-size rock. When they finally reach the village they ask the residents for an explanation and are informed there was a landslide the month before. Although much of the dirt has been cleared away and the minor infrastructure damage has been repaired, nobody can do anything about the mountainous rock blocking the hotspring.

Because of how small the village is, the Land of Hot Water can't offer much aid. A few Yugakure ninja were sent to help, but the rock is too giant and too sturdy for the few of them to do anything about it. With nothing to be done, they have spent their days getting drunk, and invite Guy and Kakashi to join them. The Yu-nin rant about how foolish it was to be sent on this mission they can't complete and argue their skills would be better spent investigating the recent kidnappings of young girls in the area. They suggest that a Konoha-nin would be better suited for dealing with the rock, but grumble that Konoha would never send anyone to perform such a menial task.

Mirai becomes frustrated listening to the Yu-nin, not only because she can't tell them that there are already Konoha-nin in the village (herself, Kakashi, and Guy), but because the Yu-nin's remarks and behavior strike her as lazy. Mirai reflects that the Yu-nin aren't bad people, they only need discipline and motivation, just like Shikadai.

Kakashi joins Mirai in her inspection of the rock and notes that, even if they could, relocating or destroying the rock would probably create new problems. Mirai begins to worry about what this loss of the hotspring will mean for the village's future, but Kakashi interrupts her and explains there's still hope: a certain ninja who might be able to help is in the area on a mission, and Kakashi has already requested the ninja's help. Mirai is relieved and waits eagerly for when the ninja is to arrive the following day. (Guy, meanwhile, becomes debilitatingly drunk with the Yu-nin.) Mirai entertains the thought that the ninja in question is Naruto, and so is surprised when it turns out to be Chōji Akimichi.

The Yu-nin are more comforted by Chōji's appearance than Mirai is, whose limited knowledge of Chōji's skills leaves her doubtful that he can do anything about the rock. Chōji believes he can at least make the attempt, and eats the bags of potato chips he brought with him in preparation. Mirai, not giving it any thought, also eats one of his bags of potato chips; this turns out to be his last bag and deprives Chōji of the calories he'll need to move the rock. Guilty and embarrassed, Mirai asks to use a kitchen in the village so that she can make a fresh batch of potato chips for Chōji. Chōji praises her effort as delicious, as do the Yu-nin when they help themselves.

Once he feels he's consumed enough, Chōji enters Butterfly Chōji Mode, causing him to grow giant in size. He begins pushing at the rock, but it refuses to budge, and there are no more potato chips that might offer him an additional boost. Guy, in a drunken stupor, provides assistance in pushing the rock, and is quickly joined by the Yu-nin, the villagers, Kakashi, and even Mirai. Their combined effort is enough to shove the rock out of the way, allowing the hotspring to flow once more. As everybody celebrates the successful restoration of the hotspring, Mirai marvels over what people, regardless of who they are or where they come from, can accomplish when they work together. As she remarks on this to Kakashi, she notices that Chōji, now back to his normal size, is hungry once again. She resolves to make him all the potato chips he wants.

The Yu-nin point out that the giant rock resembles a huge potato, and suggest to the villagers that it become a mascot to draw extra tourists to the hotspring. As they begin brainstorming all the potato-related products that can be sold, Mirai takes the first step in furthering the village's new outlook: she adds the rock to her map and labels it as having potato chips.

At an inn in the Land of Fire, Kakashi speaks on the phone with Naruto reporting that they expect to return to Konoha later that same day. Naruto in turn tells him about the resolution of another matter, and Kakashi is glad for the successful outcome. The topic turns to Mirai and Kakashi concludes that Naruto's concerns that she is too serious were unnecessary, as she has done a fine job. He adds that they have had a pleasant vacation before ending the call.

Guy approaches Kakashi once he's off the phone and points out that, because Kakashi talked to Naruto for so long, they might not be able to reach Konoha before nightfall, which may displease Mirai. Although Kakashi feels that Mirai's fight with a Jashinist like Ryūki was destiny in a way and is proud by her performance, he regrets that Ryūki was able to prey on her desire to see Asuma. Still, Kakashi notes he himself might have struggled if Ryūki had said there was a way to heal Guy's legs. Guy replies that he is alive and that Kakashi is still his friend, which are all he could hope for.

When they locate Mirai, she appears angry that they have fallen behind schedule. Kakashi meekly suggests that they stay at the inn for the night, to which Mirai agrees with a smile; she has already arranged rooms for them and amended the schedule accordingly. Kakashi, Guy, and Mirai get to work relaxing, their top secret mission/holiday lasting one night longer.

Five years later, while trying to enjoy his retirement in a bathhouse, Kakashi was contacted by Naruto regarding a message from Sasuke. Upon hearing about a strange boy possessing the Sharingan, Kakashi noted that while it is possible that some Uchiha survived the clan's massacre, it was more likely that the boy was one of Orochimaru's experiments. Kakashi said he would send Yamato to help out in the search. Based on this conversation, Naruto decided to personally meet with Sasuke over the matter.

Film Appearances

Naruto movie 1

He appears in a flashback by Naruto.

Naruto movie 3

He is mention by Rock Lee.

Naruto Shippuuden movie 1

He made a cameo with Kakashi when Konoha received an urgent message from the Land of Demons. Guy later joins Kakashi, Tenten, Iruka and Anko in launching a counterattack against Moryo and his stone soldiers to buy time for Naruto, Neji, Sakura, and Lee, who were protecting Shion, to defeat Mōryō. He was later seen with Kakashi after the stone soldiers retreated.

Naruto Shippuuden movie 4

A young Guy, along with Shizune, Sarutobi Asuma, and Kakashi, is seen waiting in a long line at the grand opening of the Ramen Ichiraku.

Naruto Shippuuden movie 5

Guy is shown, with many other villagers in Konoha, in a flashback as Naruto is trying to enter Sage Mode.

Naruto Shippuuden movie 6

Guy first appear with Lee, fighting the White Zetsu clones disguised as late akatsuki members. In the alternate world, Guy is a depressive, unenergetic, middle-aged shinobi who thinks of himself as an old man past his prime time.

Naruto Shippuuden movie 7

Two years later, it is revealed that Guy survived his ordeal with Madara, although he became paraplegic and is now in a wheel chair, with his right leg heavily bandaged because of the extensive damage it received from using the Night Guy. Following Otsutsuki Toneri's defeat, he attended Naruto and Hinata's wedding.

Boruto movie

Guy attended the last round of the Chunin Exams alongside Kakashi and Iruka. He like everyone else learned that Boruto cheated and was disqualified. Guy is lastly seen during the end credits.

Boruto Naruto Next Generations Manga

In the anime, as Metal continued to struggle with his anxiety of took much attention on him, Guy offered to let the youth listen to his lecture at the Academy. During which, Guy voiced the importance of facing one's problems if they hope to get past them, as he had to deal with his damaged leg. Demonstrating his point, Guy decided to have a sparring match against Metal and Iwabee in a two-on-one handicap. Guy decisively won, albeit it was even easier from Metal not focusing properly from so many people watch. Later, Lee decided to challenge his son to a match with many spectators, telling Metal that he had to win if he wants to learn the Eight Gates. During the match, Guy watch in pride as Metal began understanding the words he and Lee told him as he began using his anxiety to fuel his performance and even momentarily access the first gate to win the challenge. The three then tearfully hugged in joy at the proud moment, much to the spectators' discomfort.

Video Games

Maito Gai is a playable character in the following video games:

  • Naruto Clash of Ninja 2
  • Naruto Clash of Ninja Revolution
  • Naruto Clash of Ninja Revolution 2
  • Naruto Gekito Ninja Taisen! 3
  • Naruto Gekito Ninja Taisen! 4
  • Naruto Konoha Senki
  • Naruto Ninja Council 3
  • Naruto Ninja Destiny
  • Naruto Path of the Ninja 2
  • Naruto Shinobi Collection
  • Naruto Shinobi Collection Shippu Ranbu
  • Naruto Shippuuden Clash of Ninja Revolution 3
  • Naruto Shippuuden Gekito Ninja Taisen! EX
  • Naruto Shippuuden Gekito Ninja Taisen! EX 2
  • Naruto Shippuuden Gekito Ninja Taisen! EX 3
  • Naruto Shippuuden Gekito Ninja Taisen! Special
  • Naruto Shippuuden Legends Akatsuki Rising
  • Naruto Shippuuden Ninja Council 4
  • Naruto Shippuuden Ninja Destiny 2
  • Naruto Shippuuden Ninja Destiny 3
  • Naruto Shippuuden Ultimate Ninja 4
  • Naruto Shippuuden Ultimate Ninja 5
  • Naruto Shippuuden Ultimate Ninja Blazing
  • Naruto Shippuuden Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3
  • Naruto Shippuuden Ultimate Ninja Impact
  • Naruto Shippuuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 2
  • Naruto Shippuuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 3
  • Naruto Shippuuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4
  • Naruto Shippuuden Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations
  • Naruto Shippuuden Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution
  • Naruto Shippuuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Road to Boruto (non playable)
  • Naruto Ultimate Ninja 2
  • Naruto Ultimate Ninja 3
  • Naruto Ultimate Ninja Heroes
  • Naruto Ultimate Ninja Heroes 2 The Phantom Fortress
  • Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm
  • Naruto Uzumaki Chronicles 2
  • Naruto X Boruto Ninja Voltage


  • (To a Kumo-nin) "Your comrades will die on the battlefield! You have to be prepared for the worst! If you let it get to you, even more people will die! Turn one comrade's death into another's life! Got that rookie!?"
  • (To Kakashi after he became an ANBU member) "I heard the gossip. They called you Cold-blooded."
  • (To Kakashi) "Well I know I suppose to not talk about you being in the ANBU. But still that not a reason to forget about our friendship!."
  • (To Kakashi after he senses that something is wrong) "It's your attitude that's causing it!"


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Sarutobi Asuma

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Uzumaki Naruto

Though first seeing him as an eccentric weirdo, Uzumaki Naruto warmed up to Guy after becoming friends with his apprentice Rock Lee and seeing Guy's true strength. In turn, Guy grew to respect Naruto for his strong will, optimism, and determination. This respect is shown when Guy once gave Naruto one of his jump suits with the insistence that it will help improve his training to which the young man accepted without reservation. In the anime, Naruto has shown further respect and appreciation for Guy's shinobi prowess, asking him strongly to be instructed in taijutsu. Also, in the anime, Kakashi voiced his trust in Guy watching over Naruto for his training to master Kurama's power, knowing he would treat Naruto like his own student.

Near the end of the Fourth Shinobi War, Naruto used the Six Paths Yang Power to save Guy's life, after Guy was forced to open all eight inner gates to face against Madara which nearly killed him. However, despite saving the life of his comrade, the extensive damage to Guy's right leg from using Night Guy was too great for Yang Release to fully heal, ending Guy's shinobi career as a result and leaving him bound to a wheelchair as a paraplegic.

Hyuga Hinata

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Knownable Relatives

  • Unnamed Mother
  • Maito Dai (Father)


  • In the Shonen Jump magazine, Viz rendered Guy's name as "Mighty Guy" in some of the earlier chapters; this was changed back to "Maito Gai" in most of the graphic novel stories, and later changed to "Might Guy" when the guidebooks were released.
  • The name "Might Guy" is a joke aimed at the "hot-headed hero" archetype that appears in many movies and anime.
  • Guy's appearance and mannerisms seem to be based off those of Bruce Lee. He even wields nunchaku and wears a jumpsuit.
  • As of chapter 595, Guy has had all four of the compass point animals in Feng Shui associated with him: Morning Peacock being the Vermilion Bird, the Afternoon Tiger being the White Tiger, The Turtle as his summon and the Dragon being the basis of the design of his Nunchaku.

According to the databook(s):

  • Guy's birthday is January 1, & his bloodtype is B.
  • Guy's hobbies are repeated side-steps, & hitting focus mitts.
  • Guy wishes for a rematch with Hatake Kakashi.
  • Guy's favorite foods are super-spicy curry rice & curry udon, though he finds it impossible to dislike food.
  • Guy's favorite phrase is "Overflowing youth!!" (とび出せ青春!!).
  • Guy has completed 788 official missions in total: 86 D-rank, 270 C-rank, 210 B-rank, 199 A-rank, 23 S-rank.
  • Strangely, even though aoi could mean green or blue, most current the English version and Japanese version refer to Guy as the "Blue Beast" rather than "Green Beast".
  • In Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Heroes, Guy calls himself "Beautiful Savage of the Leaf Village".

Voice Actors

  • Japanese : Masashi Ebara (Adult)
  • Japanese voice actress : Masayuki Makiguchi (Child)
  • English : Skip Stellrecht (Adult), Benjamin Diskin (Child)

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