Mokuba Kaiba (海馬 モクバ) is a main character who appears in Yu-Gi-Oh!.
He is Seto Kaiba's younger brother. Mokuba gets along very well with Yugi and his friends. He also gets along with Yugi's alter-ego, Yami Yugi. Mokuba is shown to go through great lengths to save his older brother, and Yugi's friends at all cost. Mokuba cares about his family and friends, including to ask Yugi for help whenever something bad would happen to Seto. Mokuba is described as someone who trusts others, and would care about others well beings' before his own.



Mokuba as a child

At a young age, Mokuba and Seto were orphaned. Their actual last names are unknown. Their mother died when Mokuba was born. Their father supposedly died in an accident when Seto was eight. Their relatives used up their inheritance and left them at the city orphanage.

Seto was bright and intelligent, which led to many prospective parents wanting to adopt him, but Seto swore to protect his brother at all costs, and wanted Mokuba adopted with him, which all had refused. Whenever bullies would pick on Mokuba, Seto would always stick up for him, including jumping a child to get back a toy plane that he had taken from Mokuba.

Although Mokuba was insistently happy at the orphanage, Seto had always aspired greater things for both of them and looked to the future.


Mokuba at age 11.

When the former head of the Kaiba Corporation, arrived at the orphanage to perform a publicity stunt, Seto saw the chance to challenge him a game of chess, with Gozaburo forced to adopt Seto and Mokuba should he win. Mokuba was five at the time. Seto won by studying Gozaburo's chess methods.
Six years later, Seto took over the company. In the second series anime, it showed that he had used Mokuba to do so. Seto planned gaining 51% of the company in order to overthrow Gozaburo. Seto deliberately leaked this information to Gozaburo and accused Mokuba of telling Gozaburo. Mokuba sided with Gozaburo, who allowed Seto to gain 49% of the company, believing that Mokuba would give him his 2%. Gozaburo was fond of making his enemies think they were winning against him so they would look worse when he beat them, which Seto based his plan around. As Seto planned, Mokuba switched sides last minute giving his 2% to Seto.


At the beginning of the manga, Mokuba is very mean and will go as far as trying to trick Yugi Muto to get back at him for defeating his older brother. Mokuba is a gamer who specializes in Capsule Monsters Chess (Capmon), but is not as good of a gamer as his brother. He is so committed to avenging his brother's humiliation, he uses several extreme measures, such as having his friends brandish a machine gun, a knife, and a stun gun in one manga chapter to coerce Yugi to play Capsule Monster Chess with him.

In Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters, Mokuba is a kind-hearted boy who is naïve to the ways of the world. He succeeds in befriending Yugi and his friends; his brother does not approve of this. Mokuba does not duel in the first series anime. He only duels in the second series and manga. Mokuba has an unlucky streak of being kidnapped by Seto's enemies forcing Seto to show his kinder side and rescue him, and is, in fact, the only person his brother is shown to consistently care about more than anyone or anything. He is very forgiving, especially to his brother. Even after Noah hypnotized him, and brainwashed him into forgetting who Seto and the others were, Mokuba forgave him and treated him like a brother (they are actually step brothers)

Mokuba is eternally devoted to his brother Seto Kaiba and is constantly by his side. He is more naive and good-natured, and will do whatever his brother tells him to. He also seems to trust Yugi and his friends more than he did previously. There is a part in one episode when he saw Yugi as Yami Yugi watching him from another building when he was about to kick some brothers out of the Battle City grounds, when he considered, "You know, I bet Yugi would give them another chance!". He must really respect Yugi as he starts to think like him.

Years later after the ceremonial battle, Mokuba has shown to become mature while still be friends with Yugi and the others. But still remains at his older brother's side.

In the original Japanese version of the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga, Mokuba tends to omit honorifics when referring to people other than his older brother. He also has a habit of calling Joey (that bastard Jonouchi). Mokuba politely refers to his older brother as "nii-sama" (honorable older brother).


Mokuba has spiky black hair and light brown skin. His eyes are gray and he has thick black eyebrows. When he was a child he wore a long sleeve gray shirt, black shorts and shoes. When he got older after he and Seto were about to run Kaibacorpration, Mokuba wore a while tuxedo with a yellow tie and white shoes. During the beginning of the series, Mokuba wear a light yellow white stripe long sleeve shirt. On the front of the shirt it was red. He also wear a light blue bandana and blue pants with white sneakers. Mokuba is also shown wearing a duel monster card locket around his neck. Inside the duel monster card locket is a picture of his brother. Later on Mokuba changes his long sleeve shirt for a dark blue light green stripe shirt, and also wears it over a yellow collar vest. However his pant and sneakers remain the same. A few months after the ceremonial battle, Mokuba has grown a little taller. But he now has his hair cut short, however he still keeps it spiky. His skin tone is also white instead of light brown. But his outfit is also different, he wears a white long sleeve shirt with a blue tie by wearing it with a light blue shirt. While over the light blue shirt and tie is a dark purple button shirt. He completes the out with dark blue jeans and sneakers.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist Manga

Mokuba led a gang of followers his age. With them, he planned to beat Yugi Muto in a game to get revenge for him beating his brother in Duel Monsters and inflicting a Penalty Game on him. Mokuba got Old Man Dentures to rig his Capsule Monster Chess coin machine. He and his gang later arrived at Dentures' store to meet Yugi at the coin machine. After introducing himself as Seto Kaiba's brother, to Yugi, he has his followers seized Yugi and forced him into a game. They proceed to take Dentures coin machine. Dentures acted mad at first, but allowed them to carry on after Mokuba dropped a large amount of money in front of him.

The gang took Yugi and the dispenser to their hideout, where they forced him to play Capsule Monster Chess against Mokuba. As Mokuba hoped, Yugi changed to Yami Yugi for the game. The rigged dispenser gave Yugi mostly low Level monsters and Mokuba mostly high Level ones. They accepted the stakes that if Mokuba won, he got to cut off one of Yugi's fingers and if Yugi won, Mokuba would have to suffer from a Penalty Game. Yami Yugi made the game a Shadow Game. Throughout it, he sacrificed his monsters to draw Mokuba's into a diagonal line and used his last monster "Torigun" to take Mokuba's remaining four monsters all out at once. For Mokuba's Penalty Game, he believed that he was trapped inside a giant Capsule Monster Chess capsule. Before the capsule had Mokuba fully engulfed, he warned Yugi that Death-T was coming. While Mokuba is inside the giant capsule. he then scream for Seto to help him. Yami Yugi leaves while telling Mokuba to stop screaming nonsense once the giant capsule disappears.

During the planning of the theme park Death-T, Mokuba insisted on facing Yugi in one of the stages. Although Seto advised against it, they still went through with it. The two of them also made a bet over which stage Yugi would die in. Mokuba bet Death T-4, while Seto bet Death T-5.

When Kaiba's chauffeur brought Yugi and Joey to their mansion, Mokuba met them in the car. He introduced himself as the vice-president of KaibaCorp and told Yugi his given name for the first time. He told Yugi not to worry as they would be giving him V.I.P. treatment for the grand opening of Kaiba's new secret project, but still maintained a suspicious air about himself. At the mansion, Mokuba invited Yugi and Joey to a meal, featuring the best food in the world. However the meal turned out to be six servings of a meal a spoiled young child would like. He suggested that they take turns spinning the turntable that the food is on and eat the meal that lands in front of them. He lied to them saying that there wasn't poison in them, and claimed that there was a treasure hidden in one. Joey went first and Mokuba used a hidden switch in a syrup bottle to give him a poisoned meal. He admitted to lying and introduced the meal as a game of Russian Roulette Dinner. He forced Yugi to continue to win the antidote to save Joey. Yugi switched to Yami Yugi, who figured out how Mokuba was cheating and managed to smash the syrup bottle, giving Mokuba a poisoned meal. Mokuba ate it and lost, handing the antidote over to Yugi. Mokuba fell over poisoned, while the butler rushed to his aid.

The next day, Mokuba prepared to face Yugi in another game of Capsule Monster Chess, during Death T-4. He confronted Seto about their bet on which stage Yugi would die on. He pointed out that Seto bet Yugi would die in Death T-5, meaning he bet Yugi would beat Mokuba. Seto stood by his choice, said that Mokuba cannot beat Yugi and reminded Mokuba of how he tried and failed to show him up by beating Yugi in a game before. Mokuba hung his head and said that he thought Seto would like him, if he beat Yugi. Seto yelled at Mokuba that there is no room for brotherly love in the world of gaming and until Mokuba realizes that, he would always be a loser. Mokuba stormed off to face Yugi, eager to prove Seto wrong.

Mokuba rigged the Capsule Monster dispenser again, but still lost. Seto, held no sympathy for his brother and subjected him to the "Experience of Death" Penalty Game, as per Death-T rules. However Yami Yugi returned and saved Mokuba from the grisly punishment. Mokuba was surprised that Yugi saved him and asked why. Yugi replied that he wouldn't have won, if he didn't have his friends supporting him. This caused Mokuba to reflect on his past and how Seto had changed since they left the orphanage. He wondered if Yugi could help Seto when he faced him in the next round.

To thank Yugi for saving him, Mokuba rescued Yugi's friend Tristan, who had been trapped in the previous stage of Death-T. After Seto's defeat and subsequent "Mind Crush" Penalty Game, Mokuba explained the Kaiba brothers' history to Yugi and his friends. Yami Yugi told Mokuba that Kaiba would wake up again after he had reassembled the shattered puzzle of his heart and Mokuba vowed to wait as long as it took for his brother to return.

While Kaiba was in a coma after Death-T, Maximillion Pegasus and The Big Five tried to take over KaibaCorp. The Big Five came to Kaiba Manor one night to steal documents from a safe, but Mokuba swallowed its key in front of them. As a result Mokuba was kidnapped and brought to the Duelist Kingdom island, where he was kept under watch, particularly when he used the bathroom. Mokuba overheard that as part of Pegasus deal with The Big Five, Pegasus would have to beat Yugi in an official game of Duel Monsters to rebuild KaibaCorp's reputation. Yugi was also on the island for the Duelist Kingdom tournament, in which Pegasus hoped to defeat Yugi in the finals. Mokuba escaped his captivity to make an attempt to eliminate Yugi from the tournament in order to prevent him and Pegasus having an official Duel.

Mokuba disguised himself with a hat and bandanna. He challenged one of the tournament's participants to a duel, but stole his Deck and Star Chips before the duel began. Mokuba later encountered Yami Yugi, who had heard of the theft and was searching for the thief. He challenged Yami Yugi to a duel, where they both wagered all their Star Chips, and Yami Yugi accepted despite knowing his opponent was the thief. Mokuba proved to be no match for Yami Yugi, so he tried to grab all the Star Chips and run. However Yami Yugi grabbed him by the wrist and removed his disguise. At first, Mokuba refused to return two Star Chips he had managed to grab and told Yami Yugi and his friends about Pegasus' plan to take over KaibaCorp. Yami Yugi promised that he would defeat Pegasus and Tea convinced Mokuba to trust Yami Yugi. However Kemo stopped him returning the Star Chips, citing that it was against the rules to exchange Star Chips without dueling.

Kemo grabbed Mokuba, confiscated his Star Chips and was about to take him back to captivity. Two of those Star Chips belonged to Yami Yugi, but Kemo refused to exchange Star Chips outside a Duel, so he arranged for Yami Yugi to face Mimic of Doom. Mimic claimed Seto Kaiba was dead and his soul resided in a puppet, in order to get revenge on Yugi. Mokuba was largely offended by the fraudulence. During the duel, Kemo revealed his own identity to Mokuba, who remembered him as his bodyguard at KaibaCorp. Before the duel was finished, he snuck away taking Mokuba with him.

To stop Mokuba escaping again, Pegasus sealed his soul in a "Soul Prison" card. His body was left with just enough volition to obey Pegasus' orders.

When Kaiba woke from his coma, he traveled to Duelist Kingdom to save Mokuba. During his duel with Yami Yugi, he imagined Mokuba getting sucked into his decaying "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon". A vision of Kaiba's younger-self glared at him for losing Mokuba. This prompted Kaiba to put his life on the line, so that he could save Mokuba.

Kaiba challenged Pegasus to a duel, for Mokuba's freedom, using Duel Disks. Pegasus knew better than to fight on his enemy's terms, so he showed Mokuba's soulless body and said that he would only duel with the Duel Disks if Mokuba would be his proxy and throw the disk for him. Kaiba refused to fight Mokuba, so he agreed to fight without the Duel Disks. Kaiba lost the duel and also had his soul sealed in a "Soul Prison".

Feeling he owed Mokuba for saving him in Death-T, Tristan asked Yami Yugi to try and free the souls of Kaiba brothers, while he took care of finding their soulless bodies. On the eve of the tournament finals, Tristan searched Pegasus Castle and found Mokuba's body and managed to retrieve it with help from Ryo Bakura and Yami Bakura.

When Yami Yugi defeated Pegasus, Pegasus freed the souls of the Kaiba brothers and Solomon Muto. Mokuba woke up in the bed that Tristan had left him in. Kaiba woke up in Pegasus dungeon and an apparition of his younger self appeared and led him outside to Mokuba. On their reunion, the apparition of Kaiba held the "Puzzle of Kaiba's heart", which was now complete, before he vanished. Yami Yugi commented that Mokuba was the final piece of the puzzle. Before leaving the island on Kaiba's helicopter, Mokuba mocked Yugi and his friends for not having a helicopter of their own. However, when he saw that they had no way of getting home, he talked Kaiba into giving them a ride.

Mokuba stood alongside Kaiba at the announcement of the Battle City and helped him put on his Duel Disk as Kaiba explained some of the rules. During the tournament he worked as "steering committee chairman" and had the job of settling disputes.

Mokuba stepped in to adjudicate when he spotted Koji Nagumo trying to force a player he defeated to give him a second rare card or ¥100,000 through the ante rule. Mokuba explained that changing the ante after a duel and betting money were both against the rules. He also ruled that the defeated player's wagered was a fair ante against Koji's "Hyozanryu". Koji was unwilling to cooperate. However Kaiba showed up and took over. Mokuba showed him Koji's "Hyozanryu", which Kaiba proceeded to rip up before challenging Koji to a duel. To compensate, Kaiba wagered "Obelisk the Tormentor" and a briefcase of rare cards, the latter of which he allowed Koji to borrow during the duel. Kaiba easily won and he and Mokuba left together.

When Kaiba was notified of Yugi dueling a Rare Hunter with an Egyptian God card, Kaiba and Mokuba both headed towards the duel. Mokuba told Yami Yugi not to lose to The Doll, as he wanted Yami Yugi to duel Kaiba later in the tournament. Mokuba was shocked by the high ATK values "Slifer the Sky Dragon" was achieving and asked Kaiba how Yami Yugi could defeat a monster with infinite ATK. Kaiba realized that Mokuba was wrong and warned Yami Yugi, telling him nothing was infinite; a clue which led to Yami Yugi winning the duel. The Doll knelt motionless after the duel, so Mokuba saw it as his duty to judge the ante. He handed Yami Yugi "Slifer the Sky Dragon" and the Doll's Puzzle Card, but told him not to get used to them, as they would soon belong to Kaiba.

Mokuba was shocked to see Kaiba immediately challenge Yami Yugi to a duel, following the defeat of the Doll. However Marik Ishtar took control of the Doll again to say that he had put Yami Yugi's friends in danger. Yami Yugi left to find his friends and was soon followed by Kaiba, leaving Mokuba alone. Mokuba returned to a control center and following Kaiba's orders, used GPS to track Joey's location. He then boarded a helicopter, which collected Kaiba and Yami Yugi after their duel with the Masks of Light and Darkness. Mokuba asked Kaiba why he was bothering searching for "that loser" Joey. Kaiba explained that he was interested in seeing how Yami Yugi could possibly make use of the "power of unity" when forced to fight his friend, due to Marik's alleged brainwashing powers.

They tracked Joey's location to Domino Pier. Mokuba saw Yugi's friends being possessed by the power of Marik's Millennium Rod and was disgusted by Marik forcing Joey and Yami Yugi into a duel, in which one of them would drown. He urged Kaiba to help them. However Mokuba was taken hostage by a Rare Hunter, who threatened to kill him if Kaiba interfered. Near the end of the duel, Kaiba disarmed that Rare Hunter by throwing a card, which lodged into his hand. He then fought off the two Rare Hunters, saving Mokuba. After the duel, Mokuba pulled Yugi out of the water and told him that Kaiba had saved Joey.

Mokuba and Kaiba took the helicopter to Domino Stadium, to get to the location of the finals. After the Battle Ship arrived, Roland refuse to let Tea, Tristan, Serenity and Duke board as they were not finalists. However Mokuba insisted that he let them on.

During Mai Valentine and Yami Marik's semi-final duel, Kaiba got Mokuba to use the orbital camera on their satellite to zoom in on Mai's Duel Disk, so that they could get an image of the text on "The Winged Dragon of Ra".

Richie walks down the hallway, and an Industrial Illusions suit congratulates him. Richie simply replies "Yeah..." before asking what the situation is like. The suit states that, according to Yako, the final Phase of the Project is about to begin. Richie is surprised, but the suit admits that there's a slight problem. Mokuba Kaiba and the Duelist Joey have teamed up, and appear to be heading to the Duel Ring Server.

Richie is furious that they can't stop them, and decides to deal with it himself, asking where they are. Up on a walkway, Bandit Keith overhears them, and he grins, before leaping off the balcony two floors up with a Duel Disk on his arm. Richie appears to notice him, but Keith punches him across the face and sends him flying, telling him to take that. The suit yells his master's name as Richie is thrown across the ground.

Bandit Keith thanks him for the favor, claiming that it's payback for before, before breaking out on coarse laughter. Richie, being tended to by the suit angrily calls Bandit Keith a lousy old man. He just had to do it, didn't he? He lashes out with a kick from the floor, but Keith dodges with ease, and Richie angrily yells that Keith is nothing more than a guinea pig for Pegasus's summoning. Does he want to go back to being a corpse? Swearing, Keith asks who cares about their experiments. The reason he's alive right now, is so that he can get revenge on the people who made a fool out of him, and now that one of them is out of the picture, he's got one target left - Joey. No way is he giving him to Richie. He grins, admitting that he just got back to this world, and isn't used to all the new game rules yet. This time, Richie's his guinea pig. As Richie gets up, pushing the suit away, Bandit Keith tells Richie Merced to prepare to duel.

Joey and Tristan each land a punch as the elevator doors open, knocking out one of the guards. As the guards body crashes to the ground, Kemo recognizes his old enemies, and Joey cracks his knuckles, asking if they're going to get in his way too. As he knocks down one man and kicks Kemo in the chin, Tristan asks Mokuba which they go. Mokuba, still holding his hacking device, directs them, and Tristan yells at Joey to stop beating up dudes - the exit's this way. Joey is a little annoyed they didn't tell him earlier, and flees with the guards on his tail, forcing him to turn and kick them to the ground. Kemo yells that they can't let them reach the Duel Ring Server, and orders his men after them. Joey muses that he's been Dueling for so long that it's been a while since he's been in an actual fight, though he thinks that Yugi is winning his way up by Dueling, isn't he?

Mokuba holds the door to the Duel Ring Server open for Joey and Tristan. Three Industrial Illusions suits are in close pursuit, ordering them to stop. Mokuba hits the door lock just in time, closing it and causing the three suits to crash into it. Wiping his chin, Joey comments that they finally made it. Roland turns and sees them, and is gratified to see Mokuba, who greets them. Joey looks up at the Duel Ring Server for the first time and shivers. He wonders if it's just him, or is it freezing in here. His and Honda's breath fog up as Tristan admits that now that he mentions it... Mokuba, however, is perplexed by amount of heat in the room being given off by the Duel Ring Server, and the cooling system can't keep up. Any more of this and it'll overheat. One of the KaibaCorp employees explains that the Industrial Illusions people input data for some new cards, and it's been using all its processing power to perform strange calculations ever since. Mokuba angrily slams his hand on a console, angrily asking what those jerks are doing with their Duel Ring Server. That's not all, the employee adds. Since Master Seto went up to duel at the Apex Arena, it's gotten even worse. Mokuba is surprised that his brother is dueling, and realizes that he must be dueling with Tenma. Joey overhears them, and Mokuba immediately sets up a video link with the arena. On the screen they see a black monster and asks what it is, before Mokuba cries "big brother!"

"The Wicked Avatar's" massive fist slams into Kaiba, knocking him backwards. Kaiba screams in horror as his Life Points are reduced to zero, and manages to keep his footing. Yako smiles in satisfaction, as Kaiba asks himself if he just lost to a weak Duelist like Tenma. He looks up at "The Wicked Avatar" and "The Wicked Dreadroot," asking himself if he was defeated by that Wicked God with its insane power. Gritting his teeth, he wonders if this means that this worthless upstart will win his Corporation and use it for his own purposes. Looking at his shadow, he tells himself that he built this building to challenge Yugi to their fated duel, remembering Yugi telling him that it was destiny that they fight, he'd been waiting for their duel for 3000 years. He also thinks that he built the building as the first foundation to fulfill his and Mokuba's dream of building amusement parks worldwide for people to enjoy. All those hopes are being swallowed by the Wicked Gods. A black "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" emerges from his shadow and roars at Kaiba, and he screams in terror.

As Kaiba holds his hand over his left eye, Yako walks over to him, telling him that since Yugi Muto was unable to reach him, he's glad that he got to duel him. In all the duels that took place in the building, and especially in their duel which became more than a battle of Gods, in all of them shone the souls of Master Pegasus's cards. As "The Wicked Avatar" hovers over him, now back in its dark sun form, he states that now, the final battle of the Wicked Gods comes to a close. The light of all these cards will become Master Pegasus's avatar and restore him to life. He tells the living corpse, the guinea pig of their experiment to Summon the final Wicked God, and offer its energy to Master Pegasus's avatar!

Richie Merced can only gasp in horror, with "Twin Gunfighter" and two Set cards out as a blaze of dark power glares out from behind Bandit Keith. He has a Wicked God? asks Richie. The Wicked God, a sickly looking serpentine draconian beast blasted out a stream of power from a massive beak atop its demonic second face, shredding "Twin Gunfighter" as Keith tells Richie to behold "The Wicked Eraser!" He comments that he hates to break it to Richie, but he's the number one Card Professor.

A massive explosion sounds at the top of the building, and Yako laughs, asking Kaiba if he's watching. Can he feel it, the beautiful burning of his soul. Looking up at him, still on his knees, Kaiba grits his teeth. Right eye bulging, Yako declares that right here, right now, he summons thee. Rebirth of Avatar! Lightning surrounds "The Wicked Avatar" as Willa Mette watches from below, observing that the duel's over, but the "Avatar's" still there. He wonders if Rebirth of Avatar has started, while down below, power flows into the helmet connected to Tea.

In the Duel Ring Server control room, Mokuba slams his fists onto a console, frustrated at his brother's loss. He observes that the Duel Ring Server is howling, Yako must have started something. Joey angrily asks, what about Yugi, where is he? Did he actually lose? He begs Mokuba to find Yugi, and Mokuba nods. Still where he was before, Yugi has failed to open another door, when he hears Tea's voice. He quickly puts her card onto his Duel Disk and she appears in the air. Yugi asks Tea what is wrong, and she replies that she's scared, something is rushing into her. She begins to fade, asking Yugi if she's going to disappear, and they reach out for one another as she fades fully. Yugi screams her name with tears in her eyes. Joey's voice sounds out from the video screen at the wall, and Yugi answers. Tearing up, he tries to tell Joey about Tea, but Joey tells him that this is no time for crying. After Tenma is defeated everything goes back to normal.

Mokuba is lastly seen in the desert with Seto after the Ceremonial Battle ended. He is seen smiling as he holds Seto's briefcase.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters (Anime)

Duelist Kingdom arc

Mokuba was originally imprisoned by Pegasus on a high tower in Duelist Kingdom, in order to force Seto Kaiba to

Mokuba realizes that what he's doing is wrong.

come and duel Pegasus to rescue Mokuba. However, Mokuba escapes from the tower by a rope of knotted bedsheets, which only go a small way down the tower. After a rather nasty fall, Mokuba steals a boy's deck and his star chips, leaving him to be kicked off the island. Yugi and his friends find the boy and promise to help him. They go back to the scene of the crime. Mokuba jumps out of the bushes and challenges Yugi to a Duel. The only cards he played were Man-Eating Plant and Krokodilus. Mokuba's identity then gets found out, and he explains that after Yugi beat Seto in a Duel, his brother had gone away and abandoned him, and that it was all Yugi's fault.

Yugi begins to preach, but he looks up and realizes Mokuba has disappeared. Mokuba reappears next to Yugi and steals his star chips. Yugi gets Mokuba to see the error of his ways, and they all run to try and not let the boy get kicked off the island. All they succeed in doing is getting Mokuba captured again. Yugi agrees to duel for his freedom, and wins. But Pegasus's thug, Kemo, takes Mokuba anyway, and lock him in a deep, dark dungeon.

Seto reaches him, and just as he is about to free Mokuba, Pegasus shows up and steals Mokuba's soul, forcing Seto to duel Yugi in a largely unfair match with Mokuba's soul on the line. Seto gains an advantage through Crush Card and Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon and is set to win, when Yami Yugi counters with an indestructible wall of Kuribohs through Multiply, keeping his Life Points safe. Yami then backs him into a corner by "fusing" his Mammoth Graveyard with Ultimate Dragon, making it decay and lose 1200 attack points each turn because they couldn't properly fuse. In desperation Seto backs away to stand at the castle's edge, telling Yugi he will die with his dragons, implying that if he couldn't save Mokuba, his life wasn't worth living. (In the English version, Seto backed on to the ledge, knowing Yugi wouldn't attack him and let him get hurt, therefore letting Kaiba win the match). Not wanting to see Seto die, Yugi allows him to win the duel, only to see Seto lose his soul to Pegasus after Téa won Yugi the right to enter into the main castle. In the end, Mokuba gets his brother back, and Seto wins his soul back as well. Seto then gave Yugi,and his friends a ride back to Domino City to repair them for all they have done to try to rescue Mokuba from Pegasus.

A few days later, Solomon is released from the hospital. Yugi and his friends take him home, where they find an

Mokuba allows Yugi to duel Rebecca in Kaibaland.

American girl waiting for them. She introduces herself as Rebecca, a twelve-year old (an eight-year old in the English version) prodigy Duelist who is accusing Solomon of stealing her "Blue-Eyes White Dragon". She demands it back, but the gang and Solomon have a problem with this as Seto ripped it up in the first episode.

Rebecca challenges Solomon to a Duel for it, but since he just got out of the hospital, Yugi (not Yami) takes his place. They duel at the new arena in KaibaLand. During the Duel, Solomon notices Rebecca's Deck and strategy is very similar to an old friend of his named Arthur Hawkins. Finally, Rebecca reveals herself to be his granddaughter, but continues to accuse him.

Legendary Heroes arc

Seto and Mokuba come back from Duelist Kingdom and go back to KaibaCorp. Seto goes straight to the Big Five to

Mokuba arriving at the Kame Shop.

get revenge on them for what they did to him and Mokuba. They manage to convince him that they did what they did to help Kaiba, not hurt him. To prove this, they tell him that they have finished the virtual world stimulator that they had been working on. Kaiba, who became very eager to test it out, decided to wait to fire them after he tested the stimulator. Mokuba was very against it, but Kaiba decided to do it anyway. While inside, it became very apparant to Kaiba that the Big Five had rewired the stimulator and he became caught by a ninja.

Mokuba, realizing it was a trap, swiped Kaiba's deck from the chair and ran to get help. He recruited Yugi and his friends to help him. They went to Kaiba's personal lab for more chair stimulators to get into the virtual world. Mokuba, Yugi, and Joey entered the world while Tea and Tristen stayed behind to stand guard.

When inside, they first enter a graveyard where they run into 3 monsters. Mokuba shows Yugi and Joey how to summon a monster. They then run into a fairy Named Iru that leads that to an old town. In there, Yugi suggests they split up to look around the town for clues about Kaiba. An old lady told Mokuba that she saw someone with a prisoner going towards a mountain and the only way to get there was to cross a large desert.

They try crossing the desert that’s after the town but get hit by a twister. They all end up back at the town with Mokuba shaken from the twister. An old man tells them that to cross the desert they need a special monster, a Niwatori card. In order to get it they must enter a tournament and win against the champion, Madame Butterfly. Joey goes up against the champ using the name Senor Porky. The champion turns out to be Mai, and then she realizes it’s Joey she decides to help them out by getting the card by force and the running for it. While crossing the desert they run into a monster but Joey gets rid of it.

When they finally reach the temple after the desert Mokuba runs towards it, desperate to see his brother again. when everyone catches up to him they open a door inside the temple and see a maze. they soon hear a girl scream, making Joey run to help her. However, they are all ambushed by labyrinth tanks and only manage to escape thanks to Yugi using Magical Hats. they then see Iru again and it leads them to a princess named Adina, who looks exactly like Mokuba (except a girl). They then find the exit but it is blocked by a Gate Gaurdian. Yugi and Joey defeat it using polymerization on Red-Eyes Black Dragon and the Summoned Skull and then adding Dragon Nails.

Adina, thankful that they had saved her, took took them to her castle where they discussed the Heroes of Legend. Soon, however, the castle is surrounded by monsters. One of them captures Mokuba, who was dressed up like Princess Adina and then taken to the castlein the sky, to where Kaiba is.

Upon meeting his brother, Mokuba set him free and gave back his deck. Kaiba disapproved of Mokuba asking Yugi for help and wasn’t thankful to Yugi, Joey, or Mai. Unfortunately, the Big Five decide to make the Mythic Dragon appear even though there were no sacrifices. The dragons first target is the person who doesn’t have any monsters to defend himself with: Mokuba. Joey, however, ordered his Red-Eyes Black Dragon to take the hit therefore losing the game and disappearing. Then Mai gets hit and is taken. Yugi tries to convince Kaiba work with him by summoning his Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon but Kaiba refuses. The Mythic Dragon goes to attack Kaiba, but Mokuba, the only one realizing that the attack was for Seto, pushed Seto out of the way but got hit, leaving his brother devastated.

In the end, Kaiba and Yugi worked together and defeated the mythic dragon. Afterwards, Adina turns out to be the Mystical Elf, and brought back Joey, Mai, and Mokuba. Reunited at last , everyone leaves the virtual world. After they return to the real world, Mokuba tells Kemo that Seto is looking for him. Which make Kemo and the other run, not wanting to see Seto getting angry with them. Mokuba then thank Yugi and his friends for helping him get Seto back. The Mokuba runs to find Seto in the building. (In the English version, Yugi and his friends say goodbye to Mokuba.) But in Japanese version ,Yugi and friends yell that they are going to eat Ramen Noodles.

Battle City arc

During the Battle City tournament, Mokuba is the Battle City commissioner, calling violations and penalties when

Mokuba sees Yami Yugi,and he advises him to do the right thing.

needed. While his brother duels, Mokuba wanders around town. The first violation he sees is performed by the Roba brothers. While the eldest, Espa Duels, his brothers use binoculars to see his opponent's hand. Mokuba tackles Espa's brother, and is about to throw Espa out when the younger Robas tell Mokuba about how their big brother protects them from bullies by winning duels. This reminds Mokuba of his relationship with Seto, and he does not disqualify the Robas, commenting that big brother stories get him every time.

Mokuba sees Yami Yugi faces an Egyptian God for the first time, as Marik duels him, through his puppet Strings. Strings Summons "Slifer the Sky Dragon" and creates a massive hand of cards. Yami manages to turn Marik's strategy against him, ultimately forcing his opponent to Deck Out. After Yami Yugi wins the duel, Mokuba looks at Slifer the sky dragon,and wishes that Seto can keep the card. Unfortunely Mokuba knowns that the card belongs to Yugi, since he earned it and won it on his own.  Mokuba then hands "Slifer the Sky Dragon" to Yami Yugi as he congrates him on a victory for winning the duel.

Mokuba was surprise to see Seto challenge Yami Yugi to a Duel after his victory against Strings. Yami Yugi however postpones the Duel, as he must check his friends' safety, as Marik is just after threatening to turn them into Mind Slaves. Kaiba assists Yugi in his search.


Mokuba after seeing the silent one's motionless body.

As Mokuba walks away, he is ambushed by Rare Hunters and kidnapped. He is tied up and dangled from a helicopter, which flies over his brother's head. The Rare Hunters make Seto duel with Yugi against infamous tag team duelists Lumis and Umbra. The loser of the Duel would plummet to their death (In the English version they would be sent to the Shadow Realm) While they duel, Mokuba is taken to a warehouse, and locked up there with Tea Gardner. Together, they construct a tower of boxes, and Mokuba manages to escape, but Téa is captured before she manages to escape. Mokuba takes a helicopter to pick his brother and Yami Yugi up to tell them what happen.

To repay Yugi's friends for saving Mokuba, Kaiba took Yugi to find his friends, having tracked the signal from Joey's Duel Disk. On the helicopter, Yami Yugi told Kaiba and Mokuba, that he is a Dark personality of Yugi.

They arrived at the Domino Pier and find Joey and Téa are possessed by Marik, with Joey prepared to duel Yugi. Seeing the Duel had been set-up to kill the loser, Kaiba tried to call it off, but Marik disregarded his authority. Once Tristan and Duke arrived at the Duel, Kaiba and Mokuba explained the situation to them. Towards the end of the Duel, Kaiba threw a card at one of the Rare Hunters monitoring the Duel. The card got lodged into his hand, causing him to drop the controls for a crane hovering a giant crate over Téa. With him temporarily unable to drop the crate, the KaibaCorp helicopter pulled it away from Téa. Once the Duel concluded with everyone alive, Mokuba left with Kaiba, and Kaiba told Yugi that he'll see him at the finals.

Virtual World arc

Mokuba and his brother are taunted by Noah as he shows them images from their past. Later on, Nesbitt, disguised as Tristan, kidnaps Mokuba where he is held captive by Noah while Kaiba faces Lector. After Kaiba wins the duel against Leichter, Noah brainwashes Mokuba and he forgets who Seto and his friends are, in an attempt to split them up. In the duel between Kaiba and Noah, Seto is about to win the duel when Noah uses Mokuba as a shield by putting him between Noah and Noah's monster, so that Mokuba would be harmed by the attack should Seto choose to do so. Kaiba is unable to bring himself to harm his last living family member, allowing Noah to get the lead in the duel. Eventually Kaiba manges to break through to Mokuba using his "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" card and when Mokuba runs away from Noah Kaiba activates Last Turn, Kaiba picking Blue-Eyes White Dragon and Noah his Deck Master which turns into Shinato, causing Seto to lose the duel. Mokuba runs to his brother after he lost but unfortunately, Noah turns them both to stone before they can be reunited.

After Noah's defeat against Yami Yugi, Noah tries to help the gang to escape from the Virtual World after Gozaburo reveals his plans. However, Noah tricked all of them so he could escape using Mokuba's body. However, after a change of heart, Noah comes back to the Virtual World to stop his father from taking Seto's body. Then Mokuba, Seto and Yugi leave the Virtual World before it explodes.

The airship proceeds towards the Battle City Finals, completing the originally-planned trip. Meanwhile, Mokuba mourns for the stepbrother that he only briefly knew.

Battle City Finals arc

Mokuba is seen looking at all the duels of the Battle City Finals. Mokuna was not present during Yami Marik's Duel against Mai Valentine. Follow by Yami Marik's Duel against Yami Bakura,and Yami Yugi's Duel against Joey Wheeler at the end of the Battle City Tournament.

Yami Yugi and Yami Bakura would duel each other first. Although Yugi would get an early advantage, Yami Bakura activated "Dark Sanctuary", whose effect allows him to possess one of Yugi's monsters so that when it attacks, the attack would be negated, and Yugi would lose Life Points equal to half of that monster's ATK. It also increased Bakura's Life Points by the same amount. Bakura activates "Destiny Board", which, when all five "Spirit Messages" are played while Destiny Board is active, would give Bakura an automatic victory. In desperation, Yugi is forced to Summon "Slifer the Sky Dragon" and win the duel, as Slifer is immune to the effects of Dark Sanctuary.

Joey duels Odion in the second quarterfinal match. Although Joey is being done in by Odion's Traps, bringing his Life Points to 200 while Odion still has 4000, he comes back to bring him down to 400, thanks to the three cards he had won in Battle City, especially "Jinzo", which prevented Odion from using any Trap Cards. However, Odion Summoned "Mystical Beast Serket", which destroys the three monsters and left Joey wide open. However, as Odion was still posing as Marik, Marik would force him to play his counterfeit of "The Winged Dragon of Ra". However, the counterfeit card backfires on him, striking down both duelists in the process. Although Joey would win the duel by virtue of Kaiba's verdict, Yami Marik was unleashed due to Odion being rendered comatose.

Mai would be the first to fall against Yami Marik, as she is put in Marik's shadow game. Each time one of Mai's monsters is destroyed, someone is erased from her mind. Mai greatly outplays Marik, and at one point is in a position to win by attacking with her 3 copies of Cyber Harpie Lady; however she instead Tributes them for "The Winged Dragon of Ra" (which she had taken from Marik earlier in the duel). However, for it to obey Mai (and thus, for Mai to use the card), Mai must recite the hieratic text on the card. With Mai clearly unable to do so, Marik successfully recites the text, and uses Ra to attack Mai and win, leaving Mai critically injured (in the English version, she is sent to the Shadow Realm).

The final quarterfinal duel saw the eighth "mystery duelist", who reveals herself as Ishizu Ishtar, face off against Kaiba. Although Ishizu predicts that she will win, thanks to the ability of her Millennium Necklace to see into the future, Kaiba manages to systematically destroy Ishizu's deck using "Crush Card Virus" (Deck Destruction Virus of Death in Japan) and "Virus Cannon". Yet, Ishizu manages to play "Exchange of the Spirit", requiring both players to switch their Decks with Graveyards, thus leaving Kaiba with only six cards in his deck and Ishizu with her most powerful cards because of Kaiba's virus cards. In desperation, Kaiba attempts to summon "Obelisk the Tormentor", while Ishizu, knowing Kaiba's intention, applied "Blast Held by a Tribute" on Obelisk that would force itself to self-destruct when it attacks, causing Kaiba to lose the duel. When Kaiba summons Obelisk, however, Yami Marik's Millennium Rod gave him a flashback of his past self and a dead girl named Kisara in front of a large tablet showing what seems to look like the "Blue-Eyes White Dragon". He analyzes this and trusts in this card so he summons it even if it is a less-powerful card but still having sufficient power to win. Kaiba does so and wins.

In the semifinal round, taking place upon Alcatraz Tower (not titled in the English anime, in which it is known only as "KaibaCorp Island"), a special, massive mechanical tower located on a lone island, the four duelists would take part in a four-way duel, with the first two losers playing in the first semifinal. Yugi wanted to duel Marik so that nobody else would have to fall victim to Marik. Both Marik and Kaiba wanted to duel Yugi for their reasons. Joey, however, wanted to duel Marik for what he did to Mai. In the end, Joey (and by extension, Kaiba) got what they wanted.

Like Mai, Joey was subject to a shadow game, with each duelist being drained of life as each monster is destroyed. As Joey is done in by Marik's traps and monster effects, he manages to create a short comeback by Special Summoning "Jinzo" with "Question", and later "Gilford the Lightning" to destroy Marik's "Plasma Eel". However, the comeback was short-lived as Marik revives "The Winged Dragon of Ra" and uses its Egyptian God Phoenix and Instant Attack abilities to bring Joey to the brink of defeat. However, Joey, to Marik's surprise, manages to remain standing, and he summons "Gearfried the Iron Knight" in an effort to attack a wide-open Marik. However, Joey collapses before making his attack, and Marik wins.

With Joey being in critical condition (in the English version, he is said to be "fighting the shadows" of the Shadow Realm), Yugi is forced to battle Kaiba when more pressing matters were at stake (namely, Joey's health). The duel was evenly-matched, as Yugi's attempt to summon "Slifer the Sky Dragon" was countered by Kaiba's attempt to summon "Obelisk the Tormentor". The two God cards would be summoned in successive turns, and after more jockeying for power with magic cards, the two evenly-matched God cards would destroy each other. With both God cards gone, Kaiba resorts to summoning his three "Blue-Eyes White Dragon", while Yugi would have "Red-Eyes Black Dragon", Joey's "soul card". Kaiba would force the duel to the end by playing "Final Attack Orders", making both players discard all but three cards from their decks and prohibiting monsters from being played in Defense Position. Using his three cards, Yugi manages to fuse "Dark Magician" with "Buster Blader" to Fusion Summon "Dark Paladin" and, along with "Diffusion Wave-Motion", to win the duel. As the tournament rules states, Kaiba is forced to give up Obelisk.

During the duel, as "Red-Eyes Black Dragon" was being played, Joey manages to regain consciousness. In the anime (but not the manga), he promptly challenges Kaiba to a duel for third place, just for fun. Kaiba declines at first, believing that dueling Joey would be beneath him, but Joey manages to convince him to duel. Although Kaiba would win, Joey reveals that Kaiba had simply allowed anger to get the best of him in both his duels him and Yugi (as witnessed by Joey once taking control of "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" in their duel, a card considered to be Kaiba's prized possessions, and Kaiba using another Blue Eyes to destroy it).

Before the final match, Kaiba is convinced that Yugi cannot win, yet he cannot allow Marik to win, both for his personal reasons and for the greater good. He believes he has the perfect card to defeat "The Winged Dragon of Ra", "Fiend's Sanctuary", which he gives to Yugi. Again, Marik turns the duel into a Shadow Game, in which the loser must forfeit their alter-ego. Marik discards Ra in his first turn, with the intention of Special Summoning Ra with "Monster Reborn" for one turn at a time. Yugi, meanwhile, manages to quickly summon "Slifer the Sky Dragon", but Marik simply revives Ra to deal with it. Marik then tries to use Ra's One Turn Kill against Yugi, but Yugi forces Marik to stop the attack with Fiend's Sanctuary, creating a "Metal Fiend Token" so that, when attacked, would redirect the damage to Marik, causing him to lose. Marik saved himself by playing "De-Fusion" (apparently, Marik is fused together with Ra when he used the Instant Attack ability) - thus, Ra's ATK is transferred to Marik's Life Points, and Ra, with 0 ATK, deals no damage to Marik. Yugi then quickly turns one Metal Fiend Token to three with "Multiply", then Tributes all of them to Summon "Obelisk the Tormentor". He attacks, reducing Marik's Life Points to 700.

Yugi's triumph would be short-lived, however, as Marik fused "Metal Reflect Slime" with "Revival Jam". With Yugi unable to attack with Obelisk, Marik revives Ra once again to destroy Obelisk, but Yugi Special Summons Slifer with Monster Reborn to block the attack (The move would be illegal in the real game). Then Yugi uses "Soul Taker" and Tributes Egyptian God Slime, using it for Obelisk's effect, which would destroy Ra and and the rest of Marik's Life Points. This fails and Marik revives Ra once again. This time, Yugi activates "Magical Dimension", Tributing Obelisk and "Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts" to Special Summon "Dark Magician" and "Dark Magician Girl", and with the two magicians activates "Ragnarok". This allows Yugi, at the expense of all his monsters, to finally destroy Ra, and, as Marik was using the Instant Attack at the time, most of Marik with it. The two sides of Marik begin to fight, the good side attempting to take control and allowing Yugi to attack as a way to atone for his actions, while the evil side attempting to stop Yugi's attack. With the help of a struggling Odion, the good side prevails. When the smoke clears, the good Marik has control of the body, and the Dark Marik is now his sacrifice. Marik forfeits his sole remaining Life Point, destroying his other self, leaving Yugi the last man standing. Yugi is now the owner of the three God cards, as well as the keys to unlocking the nameless Pharaoh's past.

Seto then tells everyone to get off the island, since it is going to explode. Yugi and the others try to find Mokuba and Seto, but fail. After Yugi and the others are on a KaibaCorp Helicopter jet, Mokuba and Seto reveal themselves in a Blue Eyes White Dragon Jet. This doesn't shock anyone, except for Joey. Mokuba then wonders why everyone is in the KaibaCorp helicopter jet, and Seto reveal that he forget to tell them that the other helicopter wasn't working. Joey then gets mad at Kaiba, but tells everyone that he and Seto have to start working on building Kaibaland in America. Mokuba tells Yugi and everyone goodbye. After Seto flys off in distance, Mokuba is happy to finally start on Kaibaland in America. But Seto tells him, that it's not going to be easy. Mokuba then smiles, and agrees with him.

Waking the Dragons arc

"The Fang of Critias" was unlocked by Seto Kaiba in a duel, after kowtowing to a demand allegedly by Maximillion Pegasus to duel at his Duelist Kingdom as a publicity stunt. There, he discovers that one of the thieves, Amelda (Alister in the English version), had led him there, wanting retribution for what KaibaCorp had done against his family. Although "The Seal of Orichalcos" was indeed used, the battle was fought to a draw, allowing both Alister and Kaiba to escape unharmed.

When Yugi and his friends receive a video from Pegasus (as it turns out, shortly before he is defeated and his soul sealed), who implores Yugi and his friends to travel to America and retrieve a card holding the key to defeating their then-unknown threat. At Pegasus' Industrial Illusions HQ however, they are locked inside the building, where Mai Valentine emerges to battle Joey. During this duel, Yugi & friends discover that Mai had been wandering the Earth after their Battle City tournament: although she finished in the Top 8 she was always overshadowed by Joey, and continually traumatized by her loss to Marik Ishtar (in which she was physically and emotionally seriously scarred). Determined to become stronger at any cost and never wanting to lose another duel again, Mai eventually wound up with Dartz, eagerly accepting his offer of becoming stronger, not realizing that the power of the Orichalcos would be her undoing.

The change in Mai's behavior would, as it turns out, be partially due to Valon, the second of Doma's three Swordsmen, who had cared for Mai in her time of need, and wanted her to move on with her life by defeating Joey (effectively also doing his work for her). When Joey appears to have the upper hand in the Duel (thanks to "The Claw of Hermos"), Valon uses his Orichalcos stone to break the seal, rendering the match a no-contest and allowing both Mai and Joey's souls to survive.

Meanwhile, Duke Devlin (Ryuji Otogi), accompanied by Weevil Underwood (Insector Haga) and Rex Raptor (Dinosaur Ryuzaki), would manage to break into the building and unlock the doors. Seto and Mokuba Kaiba would also appear, and all of them would help Yugi find the card that Pegasus claimed would help Yugi end the threat of Doma - yet, when they find it, it is blank.

The third swordsman, Rafael, would later challenge Yugi. Rafael claimed that Yugi and his friends are fighting for the wrong cause, and that Rafael was a noble hero out to save the world. He claimed that mankind was inherently evil, and that the Orichalcos exposed the darkness within the souls of mankind - thus the need for them to be sealed by "The Seal of Orichalcos". Holding its head, Gozaburo Kaiba responsible, Alister seeks his adopted sons for revenge.

Alister manages to hijack the plane Seto and Mokuba were piloting, and seeks a rematch with Seto to end it once and for all. As the duel moves on, Alister recounts his history with the Kaiba Corporation, and notes that whether he wins or loses, the plane will crash, allowing "The Seal of Orichalcos" to claim all three lives. Kaiba, willing to protect Mokuba at any cost, would use Critias to prevail. On the last turn of the duel, Alister gave in so that Mokuba would not lose his brother as Alister did. In his brief moment of defeat before being claimed by the Orichalcos, Alister sees a bit of his brother in Mokuba, allowing him to stop living in the past and move on with his life.

When Rafael confronts the Pharaoh again, he hands the Pharaoh "The Claw of Hermos" (which he had picked up from Mai's soul-less body), and promises to defeat the Pharaoh like he did before. This time, however, it is instead Rafael who uses the "The Seal of Orichalcos", to the Pharaoh's horror (up to that point, it seemed that Rafael was not the type of person who would use such a card); after Timaeus detroyed Eatos, and like the Pharaoh before, Rafael would proceed to sacrifice his trusted Guardians, all to power up his deadliest Guardian, "Guardian Dreadscythe" - a guardian who could be revived simply by discarding a single card. Determined to set Rafael free, and see the errors of his ways, the Pharaoh takes it upon himself to destroy Dreadscythe by any means necessary, and he does so with the combined power of Hermos and "Guardian Eatos" - Rafael's most trusted Guardian.

With Rafael seeing the error of his ways, he uses a final magic card to resummon all his Guardians, at the cost of the remainder of his life points. Though Rafael loses, his soul is surprisingly not taken since he found the light in himself, as souls are taken because of the darkness inside of someone.

Rafael proceeds to tell the Pharaoh and company where to find Dartz, and they proceed to Dartz's lair, where they find an entire room of captured souls. Dartz appears, and challenges the Pharaoh and Kaiba in a two-on-one match.

Dartz, however, is more powerful than the three Swordsmen combined - not only is he able to repel the "Master of Dragon Soldier", a fusion of two of Kaiba's and the Pharaoh's most powerful cards, but is able to expand the full power of "The Seal of Orichalcos", by playing its 2nd and 3rd levels: "Orichalcos Deuteros" and "Orichalcos Tritos". These would would give Dartz even more life points, making additional attacks fruitless. Furthermore, his array of "Mirror Knights" is making the Pharaoh reluctant to attack, as the souls of his fallen friends are trapped inside each one. When Rafael tries to intervene, he unleashes his stored-up rage at Dartz (who at that point revealed that he was the source of Rafael's troubles in life), and "The Seal of Orichalcos" (dormant since his earlier duel) takes his soul.

Kaiba, however, sees past Dartz's tricks to throw the Pharaoh off guard, and proceeds to attack. By destroying his monsters, however, Dartz releases an even more powerful monster ("Orichalcos Shunoros"), which easily defeats Kaiba and allows the Seal to claim his soul. Desperate for a comeback, Yugi manages to draw the blank card that Pegasus gave him - only this time, the card has changed to "Legend of Heart", allowing the true nature of the Legendary Dragons to be revealed.

In the past, the kingdom of Atlantis was guarded by three knights, which were turned into dragons and sealed away during the battles that eventually destroyed Atlantis. By using the "Legend of Heart", the three Legendary Dragons revert to their true form, allowing "Legendary Knight Timaeus", "Legendary Knight Critias", and "Legendary Knight Hermos" to be reborn. The three Knights manage to destroy the three levels of "The Seal of Orichalcos", as well as Dartz's "Orichalcos Shunoros". However, Dartz has a last resort up his sleeves - by sacrificing all of his life points, he could summon "Divine Serpent", which has infinite ATK and DEF, and also allow Dartz to continue to duel as long as it remained on the field. Likewise, Yugi is forced to similarly entrust his own livelihood to his "Dark Magician Girl". By combining all three Knights of Atlantis to form the "Knight of Destiny", the Divine Serpent is destroyed, winning the duel in Yugi's favor.

Although as a result, the souls of Yugi, Joey, and Kaiba are liberated from the Orichalcos, Dartz sacrifices his own soul, allowing the Great Leviathan to be revived and fusing himself with the Great Beast to control it.

The Great Leviathan has been reborn, thanks to Dartz's own sacrifice. Even the combined forces of the Knights of Atlantis and the most powerful of Yugi's, Kaiba's and Joey's monsters were not enough to stop it - their only hope, as it seems, was to put all their own power into reviving the three Gods of Egypt: "Obelisk the Tormentor", "Slifer the Sky Dragon", and "The Winged Dragon of Ra" by every single-one of the soul inside of the Memory to awakening them. With the three monsters revived with the power of the light of all Dartz's prisoners this greatly reduces The Great Leviathan's strength, enough for the three Gods to easily destroy it, freeing all the captive souls in the process.

Yet, The Great Leviathan would continue to exist, as it was made from the evil mind of the mankind. The Pharaoh, wanting to help Dartz be rid of the influence of the Orichalcos, takes it upon himself to personally ensure that the Great Leviathan, and the influence of the Orichalcos, is no more. With it gone Dartz returns to normal, and proceeds happily into the afterlife with Ironheart, Chris, and the rest of his family.

As for the main characters, the Knights of Atlantis and "Dark Magician Girl" thank them for their assistance, and return to the world of the beasts. The three Legendary Dragon Cards, as well as "Legend of Heart", disappear into thin air just as they came, vowing to reappear when the world is in danger again.

Grand Championship arc

After the battle with Dartz, Yugi Muto and his friends have no money to return to Japan. They enter a tournament hosted by Seto Kaiba in his new amusement park (Kaiba Land) in return for a ride home. Kaiba Corporation, which is crippled because of what happened with Dartz's organization, calls the tournament the KC Grand Championship. Duelists from all over the world come to duel each other to become the winner.

On the other side, one of the tournament entrants is a hacker trying to send a virus into KaibaCorp's main computer. Kaiba's main goal is to find out who the hacker is. It turns out that the hacker is a strong duelist named Zigfried von Schroeder, who is actually participating in the tournament!

Mokuba appears on the central podium of the stage and makes the opening speech by explaining the rules: all 16 Duelists will be split in Block A and B respectively. He reminds the public that the winner will have the honor of having a Duel with the winner of the Battle City tournament and "Duel King": Yugi Muto. Mokuba tells Yugi to climb into the stage and greet the public. Rather nervous, he does so in a rather shy manner. At that moment, the Blue-Eyes White Dragon jet appears and Kaiba makes his grand entrance using a jet pack, no less. Zigfried Lloyd directs a suspicious glance at him: it's obvious that he's still plotting something. Kaiba picks the micro from Mokuba and begins a short speech:"Comrades! This ain't a festival and it ain't a show! It's a survival game in which Duelists stake their pride! You'll be their witnesses to them: you shall hear their death agonies and just one voice of joy! Chosen Duelists! Right now, my Kaiba Land has become a Colosseum! Glory! Defeat! You'll have to win in order to survive! Show me who'll be the survivor!"

The Duelists head over to their assigned spaces. However, Joey went off to get a hot dog and didn't listen to the announcement! He and the others run off across the 'Jungle' stage, dodging a bunch of crocodiles, traps, bats, snakes and even a boulder running down a hill! (It's a reference to the Duelist Kingdom (arc)). The 'boulder' turns out to be just a "Solid Vision". Joey gets there just in time to not be disqualified and Mokuba scolds him: hadn't he run off, he'd shown him a shortcut for the staff! Apdnarg Otum tells Joey he's pleased that his "disciple" has made it on time. He suddenly corrects himself, like if he was about to make a slip.

Everyone wonders what kind of Duel it'll be: Yugi affirms that his grandpa is very strong and Mokuba questions the fact. He admits that Solomon requested to be included. Since he told Mokuba that he was the one who taught all about Duel Monsters to Yugi, so Mokuba thought it'd be alright.

The group come out of the Jungle Zone and Mokuba spots Rebecca Hawkins and Vivian Wong getting ready for their B Block Duel in the "Blue-Eyes Train Station". Solomon is thrilled and suggests going to cheer. Tristan jokingly asks who he's gonna cheer for, so he quickly announces he'll cheer Rebecca to please Professor Hawkins. Suddenly, his spine creaks and he collapses: he's thrown out his back. Mokuba quickly calls for a medic while Solomon tells Yugi and his friends to go on ahead.

From the control center inside of "Blue-Eyes Dome", Kaiba monitors all Duels; all's too quiet for his taste. He was expecting the hacker to make some more noise or signal its presence in a more open manner. He suddenly realizes that he could be among the Duelists, so he orders a checking of all of the Duelists' backgrounds: he's sure to catch the "mouse" like this. Mokuba is seen in this scene with his brother.

Mokuba is then seen watching all the other duels, such as Rebecca's duels. Mokuba then sees his brother duel Zigfried. Mokuba congratulates him on his spectacular victory. When Roland asks what they should do concerning Zigfried, Kaiba merely replies to let him be: he's powerless by now. He walks off laughing, claiming that he's now proven to his rival companies how foolish it is to challenge him. Roland announces the upcoming Duel while Zigfried inwardly laughs: it'd seem he's got some aces up his sleeves and is not as "powerless" as Kaiba deemed him to be He glances at the one he had in his hand when Kaiba defeated him; it is a Field Spell Card whose name and effects are yet to be revealed.

Roland announces that someone is going to make the introduction. The camera focuses on the 2nd level balcony, and Joey wonders aloud if it's him. Mokuba corrects him: Seto is the one making the announcement from the 3rd level balcony. Mokuba and Tea agree that Kaiba would rather prefer being in Leon's place and challenge Yami Yugi again. Kaiba makes another of his rallying speeches and the crowd erupts in ecstasy as the Duel begins.

Yami Yugi takes an early lead, and Leon goes on saying that he recognizes his strength, and how his dream has come to be. Rebecca & company comment that Leon acting strange today. Kaiba mutters his name aloud, and they turn to look at him. He admits that something's changed about him, compared to his demeanor in previous Duels. He inwardly wonders if it's because he hasn't been "serious" until now. Yugi notices it, too, and looks concerned over it. Elsewhere, Kaiba's other assistant lets out a cry of shock: he's run a computer analysis of Leon and has found something critical. He runs off, and the screen displays a small box with the name Leon von Schroider. Zigfried inwardly chuckles as he heads somewhere.

It's obvious by now: he and Leon are brothers! And he's somehow convinced him to be an accomplice to his petty schemes. Leon admits that he's fighting Yami Yugi as part of his "obligation". The secretary runs in and hands Kaiba a printed report. Kaiba is totally unimpressed and now sees what's going on. As if it wasn't enough, Zigfried comes out and announces that it's all part of his "plan". Kaiba calmly admits that he wasn't expecting the "other son" of the Schroider family to infiltrate using a fake name. Zigfried announces his full name: Leon von Schroeder! Zigfried goes on, presuming that even though Kaiba has defeated him, he had this ace-in-the-hole ready. He claims that Leon will defeat Yami Yugi, and as a result, people will start investing in Schroider Inc.

Kaiba is obviously unimpressed and annoyed at how far Zigfried is willing to go just to promote a new gaming system. He doesn't give anything for the Duels. When Roland asks if they should interrupt, Zigfried smugly presumes that they can't, or else things will become worse. Kaiba laughs at the whole thing, claiming that YamiYugi is the only man in the world who can be called his rival, and that he is the only capable of defeating him (if we count the Duelist Kingdom Duel as valid). Kaiba claims that Zigfried's scheme is in vain.

As the final Duel of the KC Grand Championship continues, Zigfried reveals one of the effects of "Golden Castle of Stromberg": it forces both parties to battle, and when the opponent's monster is destroyed, the opponent shall suffer Battle Damage equal to half that monster's ATK points.

Meanwhile, Kaiba and Mokuba reach the control center and begin working on halting the virus program. Mokuba vows that he won't let Ziegfried get away with betraying his brother's trust.

Another effect of "Golden Castle of Stromberg" is soon revealed: the maintenance cost of this Field Spell Card forces the the card's controller to send half of their Deck to the Graveyard. However, Ziegfried has edited it so that the opponent had to pay the cost instead of the controller.

Elsewhere around the world, Duel Disk systems begin to malfunction as a result of the virus.

Yami Yugi barely survives an attack which would've cost him the Duel, and Special Summons an Effect Monster with an effect of destroying all of the opponent's cards. Unfortunately, it too fails, since Zigfried foresaw that possibility. However, Yami Yugi was aiming for something else: he's used all but 1 card in his Deck. Since the cost rounds down, he can only discard 0 cards, which is not actually considered paying the Field Spell Card's maintenance cost. "Golden Castle of Stromberg" is destroyed.

The virus is finally halted, and Kaiba realizes Yami Yugi found the weakness of the card. He orders for all systems to be linked to the backup ones and reboot it.

Despite getting rid of the Field Spell Card, Zigfried points out that almost all of the gaming data in KaibaCorp has been deleted thanks to the virus. He also points out that Yami Yugi has only one card left in his Deck and when he becomes unable to draw a card from his Deck, Leon wins by default. Leon does not want to defeat Yami due to what his brother did, so he tries to surrender the Duel, but Yami Yugi convinces they should continue the Duel now that the "Golden Castle" is gone. Even though Leon manages to Tribute Summon a very powerful monster, Yami Yugi, by Special Summoning "Dark Magician" and using a combo of "Necromancy" and "Diffusion Wave-Motion", is able to win the duel.

Yami Yugi consoles Leon: he fought his best and didn't give up until the very end. He tells him that he's a "true Duelist". Leon breaks down into tears. Zigfried, being the sore loser he is, claims that the virus program has already managed what he sought. Kaiba comes in and claims that he's already restored the main computer to normal.

Leon tries to reason with him: he tells him that he knew the whole thing was pointless. Zigfried collapses and mutters that, in the end, he can't win over Kaiba. Kaiba claims not just him, nobody can. Leon tries to explain what he's learned: if you give up, all's over. But if he keeps on moving forward with high spirits, someday, he can accomplish something. He wants to help him, and pleads of him to share his pains with him. Yami and Yugi are glad that things are finally resolved.

Yami Yugi's victory is announced worldwide as Weevil Underwood and Rex Raptor curse in Tokyo (as they wanted to be the ones to defeat Yami Yugi), and Mai Valentine looks on from another location.

Mokuba arranges for Yugi and co. to return to Japan with a KC plane. When Duke comment he'd like to meet Serenity, both Joey and Tristan hold him in place and tell him off. The Professor tells Solomon "not to do anything reckless". Solomon plays strong, but his waist ache comes back. Rebecca tells Yugi that they must have a new Duel in the future.

Dawn of the Duel arc

Mokuba is knock unconscious by Yami Bakura, so he can duel Kaiba. Mokuba appears at the end of the arc with Yugi's friends when they arrive in Eypt to see the Ceremonial Battle.

Ceremonial Battle arc

Both the Pharaoh and Yugi have obtained all 7 Millennium items and all 3 Egyptian God Cards. The Pharaoh has defeated Zorc Necrophades in the memory RPG and The Pharaoh has learned his name. Now it was time for the final test to see if Atem and Yugi were finally ready to separate for good; Atem would have to be defeated in a duel where he was actively trying to win, demonstrating that he had learned from Yugi that one did not need to win all the time and that defeat could teach us just as much as victory.

Originally planned to fly to Luxor via the Cairo International Airport, a sandstorm has brewed over the Valley of Kings, blocking that path but with the help of Marik and Ishizu Ishtar, they proceed to the Valley by boat from where its stated that the sandstorm might have not been without purpose due to the ancient belief that Ships carried kings or people back from the gods as it to say, travel from this world to the Land of the Dead. (Afterlife) Both Joey (Jonouchi in the Japanese anime) and Kaiba asked Yugi if they could battle The Pharaoh. Yugi declined both requests, feeling that battling The Pharaoh was something he had to do to prove to himself that he was ready to separate from him.

The boat docked and everyone was waiting for him. Ishizu then lead them across the desert to an underground cavern to the back of the cavern there was a large door with a carving of The Eye of Wdjat which Ishizu explained would unravel the Pharaoh's spirit from Yugi's, further explaining that in order to pass on he must pact with the Rite of the Duel. Yugi approached the Shrine of The Millennium Items and placed all the items in their appropriate places. A wave of light passed over Yugi, his shadow split in two, then his body. The Pharaoh and Yugi walked opposite ways to the far sides of the cavern. The Final Duel had begun.

Yami Yugi Special Summons "The Tricky" by discarding 1 card from his hand (which is later revealed to be "Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight"). He then sets "Bounce" face down. Yugi Summons "Green Gadget", whose effect lets him add "Red Gadget" to his hand upon being summoned. He then sets "Stronghold the Moving Fortress" face-down, and activates "Swords of Revealing Light" to hinder "The Tricky". However, Yami Yugi uses "Rebellion" to force "Green Gadget" to attack Yugi, but Yugi activates "Stronghold the Moving Fortress", which, when activated, becomes a Trap Monster and blocks the attack, but Yugi loses 600 Life Points, since his own monster did declare an attack.

Yugi activates "Ties of the Brethren". Paying 1000 Life Points, he summons his "Yellow" and "Red Gadgets" in Defense Position. On this note, his "Stronghold's" ATK becomes 3000 since all 3 Gadget monsters are on the field under his control. He attacks, but Atem activates "Bounce" to transfer the effect of "Swords of Revealing Light" to Yugi's field. With his attacks useless for 3 turns, Yugi decides to switch his "Green Gadget" to Defense Position and end his turn.Yami Yugi activates "Tricky Spell 4", allowing him to Tribute his "Tricky" in exchange for "Tricky Tokens" equal to the number of monsters that Yugi controls. Since Yugi controls 4 monsters, Yami Yugi can summon 4 Tokens.

Afterwards, Yami Yugi tributes 3 of his Trickys to summon "Obelisk the Tormentor" in Attack Position. "Obelisk" destroys Yugi's "Stronghold", and Yugi's Life Points decrease to 1400. Yugi sets 3 cards and summons his "Silent Swordsman". Yami Yugi responds by setting his own card, and plays "Card of Sanctity", allowing both players to draw until they each hold 6 cards. Then he sends "Obelisk" to attack "Silent Swordsman", but Yugi activates "Ground Erosion", which will drain "Obelisk" of 500 ATK for each turn that passes on the field. He also activates "Turn Jump", which advances the turn count by 3 for each player in the Duel. "Silent Swordsman" gains 500 ATK with every passing turn that it is on the field, so now, it and "Obelisk" stand tied at 2500 ATK apiece.

However, Yami Yugi activates his "Summoning Clock" Trap, tributing his final Tricky Token to summon 1 extra monster for each one of his turns that passed. Due to "Turn Jump's" effect, 3 turns have also passed for Atem, so he can summon 3 extra monsters. He chooses his "Queen's Knight" and "King's Knight", and since the latter was summoned while he controlled the former, Atem can also summon "Jack's Knight" from his Deck to join them. With one extra summon left, Atem summons "Slifer the Sky Dragon", whose ATK rises to 3000, since Atem currently holds 3 cards in his hand. Yugi activates "Ambush Shield", Tributing his "Red Gadget" to add its DEF to "Silent Swordsman's" ATK, bringing it to 4000. Yami Yugi attacks with his "Queen's Knight" and "King's Knight", destroying Yugi's "Green Gadget" and "Yellow Gadget". Then, to end his turn, he Tributes his "Jack's Knight", "Queen's Knight", and "King's Knight". When Marik and Ishizu Ishtar hear Atem recite the chant that can awaken "The Winged Dragon of Ra", they are amazed at how much the Pharaoh had learned while unlocking his lost memories. On this note, Atem summons "Ra", who appears and emerges from its Sphere, with an ATK of 5000. This completes Yami Yugi's strategy: all 3 Egyptian Gods have now been summoned, and all in no less than 2 turns. Atem plays "Pot of Greed" to draw 2 cards.

Meanwhile, Ishizu Ishtar relates the story of the Power of the Pharaoh, which, she says, was so strong that no one wanted to battle him because of the unmatched strength of his sword. Seto Kaiba then talks about the Egyptian God Cards, believing that since Atem holds the most feared cards in the entire game of Duel Monsters, no one can defeat him. He feels that this is why his name is written in history and hastily decides to leave, but he is momentarily stopped by Joey. Kaiba shuns Joey by asking him if he knew any way to defeat the cards, because no Duelist present here was able to. Ishizu says it is up to fate now: if Yugi and Yami Yugi are ready to separate, then Yugi will win. If not, Yami Yugi will remain for another 5000 years. Kaiba offers Yami Yugi a rematch, since it seems (to Kaiba, at least) he'll be sticking around for a while.

Yugi asks why Kaiba will leave if Yugi is losing, but Kaiba replies that he only wants to watch Yugi lose to him, so he reminds Kaiba about their bond (sparking a flashback when Yami Yugi gives the Millennium Puzzle to Priest Seto), and says Kaiba has to stay to watch. Yugi assures Kaiba that he has a plan to defeat the Egyptian Gods, and Kaiba stays, if only to step in and duel Atem once Yugi loses. On this note, fear enters Yugi's heart.

Tristan tries to encourage him but Marik stops him. He and Joey rekindle the fact that the fear in facing the Egyptian Gods is indescribable. Yugi ruminates that forever he has tried to follow in Yami Yugi's footsteps and yet when he thinks he is nearing, he is actually so far. Yami Yugi then encourages him by telling him to trust in the deck or he would not win, and that it takes heart in building the deck that one trusts. Yugi responds that he gained his strength from Yami Yugi, but reminds him that he himself has also taken pain that Atem was supposed to receive. Afterwards, Yugi is more confident and tells him that he built his deck so that Yami Yugi's spirit would rest, and Téa realizes that Yugi is about to build a strategy that can defeat the Egyptian Gods.

While "Silent Swordsman" grows to Level 4 with 3000 ATK, Yugi Tributes his Magnet Warriors—"Alpha", "Beta", and "Gamma"—from his hand to summon "Valkyrion the Magna Warrior" in Attack Position. This activates "Slifer's" special effect, as it now opens its second mouth to drain Yugi's "Valkyrion" of 2000 ATK, but Yugi activates "Mirage Spell", which negates "Slifer's" special effect and adds 2000 points to his Life Points, bringing him up to 3400 Life Points. Even Kaiba is impressed, but knows it will take more to beat the Egyptian Gods, while Yugi sets 2 cards and ends his turn. Joey and Marik question why Yugi wouldn't attack "Obelisk", since both of his monsters are strong enough to destroy it. Kaiba demands for Yugi to show his strategy, and Atem reflects that Yugi's monsters are still too weak to defeat either "Slifer" or "Ra". Atem then thinks that "Silent Swordsman"—now at Level 4—and "Valkyrion" are the best cards, but only pale in comparison to the God Cards. Then, he draws; now that he holds 4 cards, "Slifer's" ATK becomes 4000. Atem attacks "Silent Swordsman" with "Slifer", but Yugi activates a Trap, and Atem responds in turn with the reminder that "Slifer" is immune to Traps.

"Silent Swordsman" is destroyed, and Yugi is down to 2400 Life Points. Next, Yami Yugi attacks "Valkyrion" with "The Winged Dragon of Ra", destroying it and bringing Yugi's score down to 900. Finally, "Obelisk" attacks, but "Valkyrion" and "Silent Swordsman" suddenly reappear on the field, and Yugi's score returns to 3400. Yugi reveals that the Trap he activated was "Mirage Ruler", which, should all his monsters be destroyed in one turn, re-summons them to the field in the same battle position as when they were destroyed, and any damage he took from the attack restores his Life Points, although all this costs him 1000 Life Points, taking him down to 2400. On this note, Yami Yugi ends his turn. Everyone sighs in relief, including Grandpa (who thought he'd have a heart attack). Téa is also relieved, but is now confused about whose side she wants to be on.

However, Kaiba merely thinks Yugi is stalling until he can find a weakness in the Egyptian Gods. The only weakness Kaiba himself knows about the Egyptian God Cards is that each one require 3 Tributes to summon them, but Atem's strategy eliminated that weakness, so he thinks Atem is the true King of Games. But, Ishizu believes Yugi can still win, as she stated that the suffering that a soul bore after 3,000 years (5,000 years in the English version) has strengthened him, and only a strong body would be able to carry that soul whose own soul strengthened with the other. Because of that, the soul who owns the body could make miracles, Yugi could make miracles.

Yugi decides to start thinking like the Pharaoh, and realizes that Yami Yugi had not played his face-down card since he set it before activating "Card of Sanctity". After much thinking, he deduces that Yami Yugi's face-down card must be "Mirror Force". If he's right, he knows how to defeat the Egyptian Gods. He draws, and "Silent Swordsman's" ATK rises to 3500 points and upgrades to Level 5. Then, he activates "Valkyrion's" effect, de-fusing it into Alpha, Beta, and Gamma. However, "Slifer's" special effect activates again, blasting each of the 3 new monsters with a force strong enough to destroy them—but Yugi responds with his Trap Card, "Magnet Force" and redirects each blast toward each of the Gods, draining each of them of 2000 ATK. "Ra", "Slifer" and Obelisk now have 3000, 2000, and 500 ATK, respectively.

Yugi orders "Silent Swordsman" to attack, but Yami Yugi activates his face-down card. As Yugi anticipated, Atem's face-down card was indeed "Mirror Force", which destroys all of Yugi's Attack Position monsters. Yugi admits he wanted Atem to use "Mirror Force", and tells him the time has come to destroy the Egyptian Gods. Yugi plays "Magnet Reverse" to re-summon "Valkyrion", reactivating "Slifer's" special effect. However, "Magnet Force" redirects the blast to "Obelisk", destroying it. Finally, Yugi de-fuses "Valkyrion" again, and "Slifer's" effect activates yet again, but the 3 blasts are again reflected, 1 blast to "Slifer" and 2 to "Ra", destroying both of them.

Everyone is amazed: while Yami Yugi had summoned all 3 Egyptian Gods in 2 turns, Yugi was able to destroy them all in just one. Yugi reminds Yami Yugi of something he learned of in their battles together: sometimes to defeat someone with a strong power, you need to turn that power against them. Yami Yugi is impressed and notes that that is how a true duelist thinks.

Yami Yugi uses his next turn to activate "Polymerization", using it to fuse "Berfomet" and "Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts" from his hand to summon "Chimera the Flying Mythical Beast", who destroys Yugi's "Alpha The Magnet Warrior".Even though Yami Yugi is now leading in Life Points, Kaiba admits that Yugi is the true King of Games, due to his defeat of the Egyptian Gods—which surprises Joey.

On his next turn, Yugi tributes his 2 remaining Magnet Warriors, "Beta" and "Gamma", to summon his "Buster Blader", who attacks and destroys "Chimera", bringing Yami Yugi to 3500 Life Points. However, since "Chimera" was destroyed, Yami Yugi can use its effect to revive one of the monsters from his Graveyard, if it was used to summon "Chimera". He chooses "Berfomet", and on his next turn, he tributes it for "Beast of Gilfer", sets a card, and ends his turn.Yugi and Joey both realize that Yami Yugi wants Yugi to destroy "Gilfer", because, when that monster goes to the Graveyard, its effect will activate and weaken "Buster Blader".

Yugi sets 1 card and attacks, destroying "Gilfer" and, as he expected, his "Buster Blader" loses 500 ATK, leaving it with 2100. With that, Yugi ends his turn. Atem sets 1 card, and plays "Awakening from Beyond", letting Yugi draw 2 cards while allowing Yami Yugi to add 1 monster from his Graveyard to his hand. Yugi thinks that "The Tricky" can't be summoned unless Yami Yugi discards a card (which he currently cannot, since he has only one card in his hand), and the Egyptian Gods each require 3 tributes to be summoned. Nothing that Yugi can think of is strong enough to beat "Buster Blader", but Yami Yugi reveals that he has retrieved the monster he discarded to summon "The Tricky", during his first turn: "Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight" (which could be summoned without tributes at the time, since it was the only card in Yami Yugi's hand).

Yugi is amazed that Yami Yugi discarded "Gaia" at his first turn, and Yami Yugi admits he knew the duel would end up this way. When he'd chosen his cards and built his deck, he knew how this duel would go. He surprised everyone by saying that he'd known all along that Yugi would defeat the Egyptian Gods, and now that they're gone, the true duel can begin.

"Gaia" destroys "Buster Blader", bringing Yugi's Life Points down to 2200, but Yugi activates "Soul Rope". Paying 1000 Life Points, he summons "Witch of the Black Forest" from his Deck. (Note that this is illegal in real life since "Soul Rope" cannot be activated during the Damage Step.) Yugi draws and trades in his Witch for "Summoned Skull", using his Witch's effect to add "Marshmallon" from his Deck to his hand. "Summoned Skull" destroys "Gaia" and brings Yami Yugi's Life Points down to 3300. This is emotionally painful due to the fact that they had once defended each other.

Yami Yugi thinks he has to fight hard to win, and draws exactly what he needs, calling out the card's name before he draws it: he summons "Big Shield Gardna" in Defense Position. While Joey and Tristan think its luck, Marik tells them that the Pharaoh knew what he would draw. Ishizu agrees that Yami Yugi's will was so strong, he influenced fate to draw what he needed.

Yugi plays "Pot of Greed" to draw 2 cards. Since "Pot of Greed" added "Watapon" to Yugi's hand, he can Special Summon it to the field and still Normal Summon. Tributing his "Watapon", he summons "Curse of Dragon". Then, "Summoned Skull" attacks "Big Shield Gardna", but is too weak to defeat it, bringing Yugi to 1100 Life Points. However, "Big Shield Gardna's" effect activates on this note, because it was attacked by a weaker Attack-Position monster while in Defense Position. Now, it switches to Attack Position, and Yugi attacks with "Curse of Dragon", who destroys "Big Shield Gardna" and reduces Yami Yugi's Life Points to 1400. Téa says she can't watch anymore, and asks for the duel to stop, because she isn't ready to say goodbye to Yami Yugi.

Joey comforts her and tells her that every duel Yugi and Yami Yugi had ever fought has led up to this Duel, and reminds her that this a test to see how much both of them have grown, and if they're ready to move on. This duel is for the best, and Téa agrees. Meanwhile, Yami Yugi thinks to himself that he senses an old friend in his deck, and apologizes for keeping him waiting so long. Then he draws his next card.

Yami Yugi activates his "Dark Magic Curtain": Now, by paying half his Life Points, he can summon "Dark Magician" from his Deck, at the cost of not being able to summon any other monster this turn. Then Atem reveals his face-down card, "Book of Secret Arts", and equips it to "Dark Magician", giving it 300 extra ATK and DEF. "Dark Magician" destroys "Summoned Skull", bringing Yugi's Life Points down to 800. Then the Magician suddenly speaks, using Mahad's voice, and tells Yami Yugi that he has crossed time and space to assist him in this final battle.

Yugi now realizes that to defeat Yami Yugi, he must defeat his most trusted and favorite monster in this Duel. He Sets 1 monster in Defense, and switches Curse of Dragon to Defense Position. Yami Yugi thinks Yugi's set monster must be "Marshmallon", which, if attacked while set, will inflict 1000 points of damage to Yami Yugi when flipped face-up, and that would be enough for Yugi to win.

After Yami Yugi draws, he activates "Thousand Knives". With "Dark Magician" under his control, "Thousand Knives" can destroy 1 Defense Position monster his opponent controls. "Thousand Knives" destroys Yugi's Set "Marshmallon", thereby negating the monster's effect. Then, Dark Magician attacks and destroys Curse of Dragon. Yugi summons "Blockman" in Defense Position and Sets 1 card. Yami Yugi counters by equipping "Dark Spear" to his "Dark Magician", which, when equipped, gives his monster the piercing effect. "Dark Magician" attacks, but Yugi activates "Soul Shield", paying half his Life Points to negate the attack.

Yugi activates "Gold Sarcophagus", and removes from play 1 card in his Deck. If Yami Yugi plays the same card that was removed due to "Gold Sarcophagus", Yugi can negate its effect(s). While no one knows what card Yugi chooses, they all think it unlikely for Atem to play the same card. Téa realizes the "Gold Sarcophagus" looks like the box that contained the pieces of the Millennium Puzzle—and now, the same symbol that brought them together may now split them apart. In reality, the card that Yugi placed inside his Sarcophagus is a card that he knows he could have used for himself, but knows that Yami Yugi would also use it when and if "Dark Magician" would be defeated.

Yugi uses "Blockman's" effect: since it has been on the field for 2 of his turns, he can tribute it to Special Summon 2 Block Tokens. Then he sacrifices those tokens to summon "Gandora the Dragon of Destruction". Téa remembers that Yugi defeated Yami Bakura with that card, in order to prove he could duel on his own, so she thinks that it is the perfect card Yugi can use to end this Duel. Yugi uses Gandora's special effect, paying half his Life Points (leaving him with only 200) to destroy all the cards on the field and remove them from play. However, Atem activates his "Dark Illusion" Trap, protecting his "Dark Magician" from Gandora's effect, and allowing Yugi to draw 1 card.

Yugi sets 2 cards and ends his turn, and Gandora's secondary effect forces the monster to destroy itself, since it used its card-destruction effect. Yami Yugi draws and attacks Yugi directly with Dark Magician, but Yugi responds by activating "Magician's Circle". Since a Spellcaster declared an attack, both players may Special Summon a Spellcaster from their hand or Deck. Yugi summons his "Silent Magician", while Yami Yugi summons his "Dark Magician Girl" and continues his attack.

But then, Yugi activates his second facedown card, "Spell Textbook". Now, he must discard his entire hand to the Graveyard and draw 1 card. If he draws a Spell Card, he can activate it with no restrictions. Since Yugi has no cards in his hand, he declares, all he needs to do is draw. With "Spell Textbook's" effect, Yugi draws "Card of Sanctity", which allows both duelists to draw enough cards until each player holds 6. On this note, Silent Magician's special ability increases its ATK by 500 for each card Yami Yugi drew. Since Yami Yugi drew 5 new cards, Silent Magician's ATK rises by 2500, to 3500, and evolves to Level 5.

However, "Dark Magician" is still in the process of attacking, and with 2800 points, Atem will lose 700 Life Points, which is all he has left, but since he knew he would lose with this attack, Yami Yugi activates "Magicians Unite" to let "Dark Magician" and "Dark Magician Girl" attack as one and attack with a combined ATK of 3000 points. Both are destroyed, and Yami Yugi and Yugi stand tied with 200 Life Points apiece. Yami Yugi tells Yugi this is his last turn, and thanks Yugi for trying to set him free. But the duel will end with Yami Yugi's victory.

With the thought of winning, Yami Yugi plays "Monster Reborn" to revive "Slifer the Sky Dragon". Since he holds 4 cards in his hand, "Slifer's" ATK becomes 4000. However, Yugi reflects that, if he were in Yami Yugi's situation, he would have used the same strategy, and he was counting on Tami Yugi to do so himself. Within the next few seconds, Yugi's "Gold Sarcophagus" glows as it returns to the field, and as it opens, Yugi reveals that the card he removed from play with "Gold Sarcophagus" was the very same card Yami Yugi just played. Everyone protests that only one copy of "Slifer the Sky Dragon" was in existence, but to their surprise, Yugi revealed the card inside his "Gold Sarcophagus": "Monster Reborn".

Joey realizes that Yugi could have also benefited from that card, but he also reveals that, to ensure Yugi's victory, his friend needed to sacrifice that card. Ishizu recognized it as a message to Yami Yugi that a peaceful soul shouldn't return to life in order to experience suffering. Yami Yugi's "Monster Reborn" card is then negated by Yugi "Gold Sarcophagus", while "Slifer the Sky Dragon" dissolves and returns to the Graveyard. On this, Yami Yugi ends his turn and tells Yugi this has been the best duel of his life. Yugi stands motionless with his head bowed, and Tristan asks why Yugi is hesitating: he can win with his next attack. But Bakura explains that that's the problem: after Yugi attacks, he will win, and Atem will leave forever.One last tear falls from Yugi's eye as he commands his "Silent Magician" to launch a direct attack on Yami Yugi. Yugi has won the duel.

Yugi falls to his knees, cries and tells Yami Yugi that he (Yugi) is weak. Yami Yugi tells him that he would not cry if he were in his place. Yugi says that that is the point, he admits that he could not follow in the footsteps of Yami Yugi. Yami Yugi reminds him that he is not a coward and it was he who taught Yami Yugi about the principles needed to win. He also says that now he is leaving, there would be no one else for Yugi to follow and that there would only be one Yugi.

The Eye of Wdjat glows on the wall, and Ishizu says the spirit of the Pharaoh has been freed. Yami Yugi stands before the Eye and declares that he is Atem. The wall parts to reveal a glowing light, and Yami Yugi walks towards it. Téa, Joey and Tristan step forward, asking him if this is how it ends: Yami Yugi can't show up, change their lives, and leave.

Yugi says that they don't want to say goodbye, and Téa cries that while she know its for the best, it doesn't seem fair that Atem has to leave. They were just getting to know him, and Atem was just getting to know himself, but now he's leaving. She knows they should be happy for him, but its hard when they're losing their best friend and they don't understand why. Joey says there are some things they aren't supposed to understand: he goes through half his life like that. But he does know that while Yami Yugi's stay isn't as long as they'd like, they were lucky to know him at all. Yami Yugi silently thanks him, and Téa wishes him luck.

Joey shouts that Yami Yugi isn't going anywhere: the memories he gave each of them will remain in their hearts. Joey and Yugi give Yami Yugi a thumbs-up, and Yami Yugi returns the gesture as he walks forward. The Pharaoh's cloak and clothing appear around him as images of Adviser Siamun, Mana, Akhenamkhanen, and the six priests (Young Akhenaden, Mahado, Seto, Isis, Kalim and Shada) greet him. Atem vanishes into the light, the wall closing behind him.

The Wdjat temple then starts to crumble as the Millennium Stone shatters, scattering the Millennium Items in a bottomless pit. They all run away from the temple while Shadi's spirit watches the temple he protected crumble, his duty being fulfilled, the Pharaoh's spirit has gone to the Afterlife.

Yugi, Téa, Joey, Tristan, Duke, Grandpa, Kaiba, and Mokuba all leave Egypt and return to Japan. In the airport, they meet up with Rebecca and Serenity. Both Duke and Tristan fall for Serenity, but are pulled back by Joey. Rebecca hugs Yugi much to Téa's annoyance.

Weevil Underwood and Rex Raptor get into an argument again and decide to duel. Zigfried and Leon von Schroeder make a business proposition with Pegasus, which turns to their favor. Mako Tsunami sets sail from his fishing trip to be met up with Espa Roba at the harbor. Mai Valentine and Vivian Wong are facing a two-on-two duel against the Paradox Brothers atop the Great Wall of China.

The credits end with a cutscene where Grandpa is sweeping while Yugi comes out from the house to join Téa, Joey and Tristan to go to school. Yugi ends the show by saying that his story has not ended and that his story is not about a pharaoh who after three thousand years defeated the evil Zorc.

In fact, he says that his story is just beginning. This alludes to the famous phrase "This isn't the legend of a Pharaoh. Everybody has his own story....The story that completes in the light. My story has just started." FIN

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX (Anime)

Mokuba was shown during Jaden's flashback of one KaibaCorp card illustration project.

Film Appearances

Yu-Gi-Oh! movie 1

The events of Battle City have just concluded, and Yugi now owns all three Egyptian God cards. Seto Kaiba longs to finally defeat him, and he has a plan. He suspects that since Maximillion Pegasus created the Egyptian God cards, he would have also created a way to beat them, just in case something ever went wrong.

Kaiba heads off to Pegasus's castle and challenges him to a duel. The stakes are the following: if Pegasus wins, he gets Kaiba's three "Blue Eyes White Dragons"; if Kaiba wins, Pegasus hands over the card that can beat the Egyptian Gods. Kaiba wins, and Pegasus must fulfill his wager: he picks up two cards from Pegasus's decks. However, Pegasus only created one card to beat the Egyptian Gods, so where did the other card come from?

Meanwhile, Yugi Muto and Téa Gardner, seeking refuge from a mob of duelists wanting to face Yugi for the Egyptian Gods, stumble into Domino Museum, where they discover a new attraction on display called the Pyramid of Light, which looks a little like the Millennium Puzzle. Yugi's grandpa, Solomon Muto (who also happens to be visiting the museum), reads an inscription on the side of a sarcophagus (The eye that sees what's yet to come, its vision shall be fulfilled, unless blinded by events predetermined, thus light & shadows both be killed), triggering a strange vision in Yugi's mind concerning his Millennium Puzzle, the Pyramid of Light, Anubis, and Kaiba. After he wakes up, he finds the pyramid stolen, the sarcophagus now empty. Yugi also finds Mokuba standing outside. Mokuba says that Kaiba wants Yugi to bring his duel disk to the KaibaCorp Duel Dome immediately.

Yugi does so, transforming into Yami Yugi on the way, and finds Kaiba ready to duel. Seto asks Mokuba to seal all the exits, forcing Yugi to duel him, but not before Joey Wheeler and Tristan Taylor find their way in to watch.

The duel goes on for what seems like an eternity, and Yugi is starting to suspect that there are dark forces at work - especially when Kaiba activates a Trap Card called the "Pyramid of Light", which not only bears a striking resemblance to its namesake in the museum, but also prevents Yugi from using any of the Egyptian Gods! Before long, Kaiba has his "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon" on the field, but to Yugi's surprise, he sacrifices it to summon a monster known as the "Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon", which is even stronger!

The Pyramid of Light also pulls the souls of Yugi, Joey, and Tristan into Yugi's Millenium Puzzle, where they are chased by a group of mummies controlled by an unknown force...

Kaiba could win the duel there and then, but he wants to humiliate Yugi by wiping him out with his own Egyptian Gods! His "Pyramid of Light" removed the gods from play, and he wants to play "Return from the Different Dimension" to get them under his control. Of course, to do that, he needs to destroy his Pyramid of Light first, otherwise it would just destroy the gods again! Kaiba commands his "Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon" to use its "Shining Nova" effect, which allows it to sacrifice itself to destroy anything on the field - and he aims it at the Pyramid of Light. Suddenly, a ghostly voice calls out, "This I cannot allow!", and the Pyramid stays exactly where it is. Then, a man rises up from behind Kaiba, throws him aside, and takes over the duel himself.

It's Anubis, the Egyptian Lord of the Dead, whom the Pharaoh destroyed 5000 years ago. But now he's back with the Pyramid of Light around his neck and two of his most powerful monsters - "Andro Sphinx" and "Spinx Teleia! On top of this, Téa, Joey, Tristan and Yugi are all trapped inside the Millennium Puzzle, leaving the Pharaoh to duel all alone. Putting all his faith into the cards, Yugi draws the "Double Spell" card, which allows him to discard his other spell card to activate "Monster Reborn" from Seto's Graveyard. He uses it to revive "Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon", who then destroys the "Pyramid of Light" (after it was weakened by Yugi from inside the Millennium Puzzle), along with "Andro Sphinx" and "Sphinx Teleia". But Anubis's not done yet. With the Pyramid gone, he summons his last trick up his sleeve - "Theinen the Great Sphinx"! Yugi, however, activates "Reverse of Reverse" to activate Kaiba's "Return from the Different Dimension". The God Monsters return, destroy the Great Sphinx and Anubis is seemingly defeated. But a giant jackal - the ancient Egyptian representation of Anubis, the Lord of the Dead - rises from the remains of the Pyramid!

Kaiba and Yugi join forces, putting all their strength into the "Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon" card, and using Shining Nova to destroy Anubis once and for all. On top of it all, Pegasus, who had earlier arrived via helicopter to help them, gets them out of the explosion in time. After this, Yugi thanks kaiba for all he's help. But brushes the thanks a side, and departs promising to defeat Yugi. Mokuba then leaves as well asking his brother to slow down. Yugi thanks his friends for helping him, and lastly talks to Yami Yugi.

Yu-Gi-Oh! movie 2

Mokuba is first seen riding in a helicopter as he arrives in the Valley of the Kings. Later on he contacts his brother telling him that he has found a piece of the Millennium Puzzle. In the Valley of the Kings, Mokuba and Roland are waiting for Kaiba, who soon arrives in his Blue-Eyes White Dragon jet. The group entered the Shrine of the Underworld and Kaiba notes the location of the Ceremonial Battle. Mokuba and his brother walk towards the disassembled Millennium Puzzle, whose pieces are being scanned by a computer. Mokuba asks how Kaiba plans on reconstructing the puzzle, when it took Yugi eight years to do so and Kaiba makes a reply about Yugi being a child, when he did it.

Mokuba then watches his brother face Aigami in a duel. After Kaiba defeats Aigami in a duel, the computer finishes scanning the pieces of the Millennium Puzzle. Mokuba then hooks the case containing the puzzle to the KaibaCorp helicopter and flies away, taunting Aigami. However Aigami teleports up onto the case and with a glowing purple hand, reaches through the glass. Mokuba sees what Aigami is doing and headbutts him, knocking him off the case.

Later on after capturing Aigami, Mokuba looks at him on the other side of the glass. Kaiba monitors their interaction externally. Mokuba taunts Aigami, who affirms that Kaiba will never get both pieces. However Mokuba claims to already know where the other piece is and shows him pictures of Sera. After the ordeal with Aigami and Sera, Mokuba calls Seto through a computer screen. He warns him of something dangerous. While also saying that the item in question has not been fully tested and the safety precautions have not been ensured. Kaiba tells him not to worry and Mokuba begs him otherwise. While his brother gets into a pod, with the Quantum Cube next to him, Kaiba leaves KaibaCorp into Mokuba's hands.

Video Games

Mokuba Kaiba appears in the following video games:

  • Yu-Gi-Oh! Capsule Monsters Coliseum



Seto Kaiba

Yami Yugi

Mokuba has a good friendship relationship with Yami Yugi. At first Mokuba wanted to get revenage on Yugi for defeating his older brother in a duel. But then Yami Yugi try to explain to him what happen after the duel between them. But Mokuba wouldn't listen, and told Yugi that Pegasus was trying to took over KaibaCorp. Yami Yugi told Mokuba that after the duel with Kaiba, he wiped out the evil in Seto. Now Seto trying to start over to redeem himself. But Yami Yugi fail to notice that Mokuba left the dueling post that he was in. Mokuba instead grab Yugi's star chips, and started to run off. Yami Yugi told Mokuba to stop, and that what he is doing is wrong. Yami Yugi told Mokuba that they can help him rescue Seto, and defeat Pegasus together. Mokuba then asks Yami Yugi what can he do, and Yami Yugi tells him that he can start by trusting in him. He then tells Mokuba that he has to return the star chips to the kid that he stole them from,and agree. But they were to late to reach the boat, and Mokuba beg Kemo to bring the boat back so he can return the star chips to it's owner.

But Kemo slaped the star chips out of Mokuba's hand,and into the water. Kemo then grabbed Mokuba. Yami Yugi then yells at Kemo to release Mokuba. But Kemo says that in order for Mokuba to be free, Yami Yugi would have to face Kemo in a duel. Yami Yugi agrees to duel, but finds out that he is dueling the mimic of doom who looks like Kaiba. After he defeats the mimic of Doom, with Kaiba's help. Kemo then took Mokuba, and locks him in a deep dark dungeon.

When Yugi saw Kaiba about to duel Pegasus. Pegasus then brought out Mokuba's soul less body.which shocked everyone and Yugi. Yugi now knows that Mokuba is in the same situation as his grandfather. After Kaiba lost the duel to Pegasus, which would have free Mokuba. Yugi was so angry that Kaiba was trying to save someone that he truely cared about. Yugi turn into Yami Yugi, and yells out that he will see Pegasus at the finals.

Yugi the vows to rescue Mokuba, his grandfather, and Seto. Before he duel Pegasus, Yugi asksed if he wins the duel. That Pegasus will free Mokuba, Seto and his grandfather's souls as promise. Pegasus then read Yugi's mind, and found out the promise between Yugi and Mokuba.

After Yami Yugi defeated Pegasus in the shadow round duel. Yugi realizes that Pegasus went to his bedroom to free the souls of Mokuba, Seto and Solomon Muto as promise. Yugi thens watched Mokuba happily reunited with Seto, and as a reward for saving Mokuba from Pegasus. Kaiba gives Yugi and his friends a ride back home in his helicopter.

Mokuba then repaided Yugi with a dueling area in Kaibaland, so he can duel Rebecca. When Seto was trap in his vitural game, by the Big Five. Mokuba then went to ask Yugi and his friends for help. Yugi agree to help Mokuba in the vitural world game with Joey, to save Kaiba. After everyone saves Kaiba, and wins the game. Everyone returns to the real world. Mokuba then tells Kemo that Seto is looking for him. After Kemo leaves, Mokuba thanks Yugi for rescueing his brother again.

During the Battle City Touranment, Mokuba sess Yami Yugi in person while trying not to throw the Espa Roba brothers out the touranment for cheating. Mokuba then helps Tea and Solomon successfully find Yugi after his duel with Arkana. Mokuba then witnesses Yami Yugi's duel with Slifter the sky dragon. After the Duel, he gives Slifter to Yami Yugi. Mokuba even trys to call off the Duel between Joey and Yugi. He saw that if either of them lost the duel, one of them would get hurt. Mokuba even knows that if Joey, or Yugi drowned in the ocaen. Then Tea would get hurt as well. This shows that Mokuba cares about Yugi's well being.

During the battle city finals, after seeing Seto lose to Yami Yugi. Mokuba believes that what Yami Yugi and Joey say about his older brother is true. Mokuba begs Seto to stop trying to destroy the past, and instead try to help Yugi defeat Marik. After the Battle City tornament is over, Mokuba tells Yugi that he is going to help build Kaiba Land in America.

Mokuba then sees Yugi in the Doma Saga, and is shock that Yugi's soul got capture by Dartz. But Mokuba was confuse, and thought that Yami Yugi was the real Yugi. Mokuba then support Yami Yugi and Seto in their duel against Dartz. Mokuba was angry that Seto lose, but was knock unconsicious by Dartz. Mokuba did not see the rest of Yami Yugi's duel with Dartz. When Yami Yugi defeated Dartz, and the three legendary duelist's souls were return to their rightful body. Mokuba woke up, and was happy to see Seto and Yugi alive. Mokuba then try to go help Yami Yugi, Joey and Seto fight the great Leviathen. But Tea told him to stay with her, so he can be save from harm. After the Great Leviathen is gone for good,Mokuba reunites with Yugi on the beach.

During the Grand Championships Saga, Mokuba gave Yugi,Joey and Rebecca their invites to the touranment. Mokuba then helps out at the touranment to see who the stange hacker was. Mokuba also witnesses Yugi becoming Champion of the Touranment.

Mokuba then sees Yugi battle Yami Yugi in the ceremonial Battle. He also witness Yugi being the true King of Games, along with Yami Yugi. Mokuba, Seto, Yugi, and the rest of the gang flew back to Domino City after the Ceremonail battle ended.

Just like Tea Gardner, Mokuba also thought that Yugi and Yami Yugi would just one person. In the final episode of Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Mosters, Mokuba calls Yami Yugi "the taller Yugi".

Yugi Muto

Mokuba has a good friendship relationship with Yugi. At first Mokuba wanted to get revenage on Yugi for defeating his older brother in a duel. But then Yugi as Yami Yugi try to explain to him what happen after the duel between them. But Mokuba wouldn't listen, and told Yugi that Pegasus was trying to took over KaibaCorp. He told Mokuba that after the duel with Kaiba, he wiped out the evil in Seto. Now Seto trying to start over to redeem himself. But Yami Yugi fial to notice that Mokuba left the dueling post that he was in. Mokuba instead grab Yugi's star chips, and started to run off. Yami Yugi told Mokuba to stop, and that what he is doing is wrong. Yami Yugi told Mokuba that they can help him rescue Seto, and defeat Pegasus toghter. Mokuba then asks Yami Yugi what can he do, and Yami Yugi tells him that he can start by trusting in him. He then tells him that he has to return the star chips to the kid that he stole them from, and agree. But they were to late to reach the boat, and Mokuba beg Kemo to bring the boat back so he can return the star chips to it's owner.

But Kemo slaped out of Mokuba's hand,and into the water. Kemo then grabed Mokuba. Yami Yugi then yells at Kemo to release Mokuba. But Kemo says that in order for Mokuba to be free, Yami Yugi would have to face him in a duel. Yami Yugi agrees to duel, but finds out that he is dueling the mimic of doom who looks like Kaiba. After he defeats the mimic of Doom, with Kaiba's help. But Kemo took Mokuba, and locks him in a deep dark dungeon.

When Yugi saw Kaiba about to duel Pegasus. Pegasus then brought out Mokuba's soul les body.which shocked everyone and Yugi. Yugi now knows that Mokuba is in the same situation as his grandfather. After Kaiba lost the duel to Pegasus, which would have free Mokuba. Yugi was so angry that Kaiba was trying to save someone that he truely cared about. Yugi turn into Yami Yugi, and yells out in bloody murder that he will see Pegasus at the finals.

Yugi then vows to rescue Mokuba, his grandfather, and Seto. Before he duel Pegasus, Yugi asksed if he wins the duel. That Pegasus will free Mokuba, Seto and his grandfather's souls as promise. Pegasus then read Yugi's mind, and found out the promise between Yugi and Mokuba.

After Yami Yugi defeated Pegasus in the shadow round duel. Yugi realizes that Pegasus went to his bedroom to free the souls of Mokuba, Seto and Solomon Muto as promise. Yugi then watch Mokuba happily reunited with Seto, and as a reward for saving Mokuba from Pegasus. Kaiba gives Yugi and his friends a ride back home in his helicopter.

Mokuba then repaided Yugi with a dueling area in Kaibaland, so he can duel Rebecca. When Seto was trap in his vitural game, by the Big Five. Mokuba then went to ask Yugi and his friends for help. Yugi agree to help Mokuba in the vitural world game with Joey, to save Kaiba. After everyone saves Kaiba,a nd wins the game. Everyone returns to the real world. Mokuba then tells Kemo that Seto is looking for him. After Kemo leaves, Mokuba thanks Yugi for rescueing his brother again.

During the Battle City Touranment, Mokuba sess Yami Yugi in person while trying not to throw the Espa Roba brothers out the touranment for cheating. Mokuba then helps Tea and Solomon successfully find Yugi after his duel with Arkana. Mokuba then witnesses Yami Yugi's duel with Slifter the sky dragon. After the Duel, he gives Slifter to Yami Yugi. Mokuba even trys to call off the Duel between Joey and Yugi. He saw that if either one of them lost the duel, one of them would get hurt. Mokuba even knows that if Joey, or Yugi drowned in the ocaen. Then Tea would get hurt as well. This shows that Mokuba cares about Yugi's well being.

During the battle city finals, after seeing Seto lose to Yami Yugi. Mokuba believes that what Yugi and Joey say about his older brother is true. Mokuba begs Seto to stop trying to destroy the past, and instead try to help Yugi defeat Marik. After the Battle City tornament is over, Mokuba tells Yugi that he is going to help build Kaiba Land in America.

Mokuba then sees Yugi in the Doma Saga,and is shock that Yugi's soul got capture by Dartz. But Mokuba was confuse, and thought that Yami Yugi was the real Yugi. Mokuba then support Yami Yugi and Seto in their duel against Dartz. Mokuba was angry that Seto lose,but was knock unconsicious by Dartz. Mokuba did not see the rest of Yami Yugi's duel with Dartz. When Yami Yugi defeated Dartz, and the three legendary duelist's souls were return to their rightful body. Mokuba woke up, and was happy to see Seto and Yugi alive. Mokuba then try to go help Yami Yugi, Joey and Seto fight the great Leviathen. But Tea told him to stay with her, so he can be save from harm. After the Great Leviathen is gone for good, Mokuba reunites with Yugi on the beach.

During the Grand Championships Saga, Mokuba gave Yugi,Joey and Rebecca their invites to the touranment. Mokuba then helps out at the touranment to see who the stange hacker is. Mokuba also witnesses Yugi becoming Champion of the Tournament.

Mokuba then sees Yugi battle Yami Yugi in the ceremonial Battle. He also witness Yugi being the true King of Games, along with Yami Yugi. Mokuba, Seto, Yugi, and the rest of the gang flew back to Domino City after the Ceremonial battle ended.

Just like Tea, Mokuba thoght that Yugi and Yami Yugi would just one person.

Joey Wheeler

Tea Gardner

Tristan Taylor

Rebecca Hawkins

Solomon Muto


Ryo Bakura

Yami Bakura

Maxmillion Pegasus


Marik Ishtar

Ishizu Ishtar

Duke Devlin

Mai Valentine



Noah Kaiba

Gozaburo Kaiba

Knownable Relatives


  • His birthday is July 7, and his bloodtype is O.
  • His favorite food is a chocolate Parfit. While his least favorite food is Celery.
  • Mokuba does Naruto's arms behind head pose, after Yami Yugi wins his duel against the silent one.
  • Mokuba also does Naruto's famouse finger wipe nose pose, when he tells Noah that Seto might actually make him a new body.
  • When Mokuba does two of Naruto's famous poese. It is a tribute for Junko Takeuchi who voiced both Naruto, and Mokuba.
  • Just like Tea Gardner, Mokuba thought that Yugi and Yami Yugi would just one person.

Mokuba has a ton of similarities with Uzumaki Naruto from Naruto/Naruto Shippuuden.

Mokuba has some similarities with Son Goku Jr. from Dragonball GT.

  • Both are voiced by a girl in Japanese and English.
  • Both of them at a young age became cry babies.
  • Both dislike to used violence in fight.
  • Both want to protect their love ones.
  • Both were bullied in their childhood.
  • Both have a blood relative that looks after them.
  • Both don't want to get into fights a lot.
  • Both of them show that they are strong, and independent.
  • Both have one ally that they go to for advice. (For Mokuba : Yugi. Whereas for Goku Jr. : Puck)
  • Both have one thing that they are good at. (For Mokuba : Capsule Monsters. Whereas for Goku Jr. : being a Martial Arts fighter)

Voice Actresses

  • Japanese : Junko Takeuchi (all media), Katsue Miwa (Season 0), Junko Noda (Video Games)
  • English : Tara Sands (Ep. 1 – 183/Yu-Gi-Oh! movie 1 & 2), Caroline Lawson (Ep. 184 – 224/Funimation Uncut DVDs)

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