Mr. Ping is one of the supporting characters in the Kung Fu Panda franchise. He is Po's adoptive father, and the owner of the most popular noodle shop in the Valley of Peace. Mr. Ping discovered Po when he was a young cub, and soon after adopted him. Coming from a line of noodle chefs, Mr. Ping considered his work deeply fulfilling and taught his son all about noodle-making, hoping that Po would take over the family business in time. However, he has since accepted the differing ambitions of his son, and is proud of his role as the Dragon Warrior.


Mr. Ping was born to his father, the noodle-maker and owner of the noodle shop. It is assumed that as Mr. Ping grew older, he eventually received the "Noodle Dream" and told his father about it, who then knew it was time to tell him the "secret ingredient" of the noodle soup and have him take over the shop. He did so, and as time passed, Mr. Ping eventually inherited the noodle shop from his father.

One day, while gathering the new shipment of vegetables he had ordered, Mr. Ping found a baby panda in one of the shipment's radish crates. Surprised, he looked around and waited for someone to come find the infant. When no one came, he turned to bring in the cabbages, but hearing the child cry, he decided to keep the child until someone came looking for him. Quickly finding out that the infant was too big and heavy to carry in, he led him inside with a trail of dumplings. He bathed him, fed him, nurtured him, and grew to love him until he came to realize that no one was coming for the child. He then made two life-altering decisions: he would never use radishes in his noodle soup, and he would raise the child as his own son. Mr. Ping then named the baby panda "Xiao Po" (小宝?).

Since then, Mr. Ping had raised Po in the noodle shop, teaching him all he knew as a noodle-maker and aspired that one day, his adopted son would take over the restaurant just as he did from his own father. It never bothered him when Po broke a plate or messed up an order, because to him, his son was a hero. Until the events in the second film, neither he nor Po ever brought up how different they were from each other, because despite their physical differences, both father and son share a deep mutual love and respect.

When Po is a teenager, Mr. Ping leaves Po to take care of the Noodle Shop while he's out getting more vegetables, though Po is very nervous. When Mr Ping gets back, he tells Po that someone poison Shifu and that Shifu is alright. As Mr Ping starts cooking, Po is seen writing on a scroll, thinking of all the things he could be due to his inability to cook. As Po suggested ideas, Mr Ping laughs at his ideas when he writes a cleaner, a comedian, a dancer, and a doctor though shortly gives up on the idea. But Mr Ping trys reasoning with Po on his dream goal and tells Po to throw the scroll away. As the villagers are preparing to evacuate because of the Boar, Po tells Mr. Ping that he was the one who poisoned Shifu. To his surprise Mr. Ping is delighted that Po could serve the palace people, and excitedly starts planning for his new restaurant at the new village. He then tells Po to get food items so he can start cooking, before Po can protest. But Poin the end, leaves by his father's orders to get more food items.




Kung Fu Panda

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Knownable Relatives

  • Mr. Ping's father
  • Mr. Ping's grandfather
  • Po (Adopted Son)
  • Yang (Presumed Brother)


Voice Actors

  • Japanese : Naoki Tatsuta
  • English : James Hong (all media)

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