Mrs. Muto is Yugi Muto's mother. She appeared in both the anime and manga. She appears to have a different personality in both the manga, and anime.


She lives in the Kame Shop wit her son, and father in law. In the manga, she mentions that her husband is away on business trips. It's unknown how her husband looks like. It's possible that he looks like her father in law. Yugi seems to have inherit her pink hair color. Her pink hair color, is combine with Yugi's blackish blond hair.


In the manga, she's aggressive and goes as far as hitting Yugi with a ladle. She is more calm, sweet and caring in the anime.


She is a tall women. She has dark pinkish hair, and has blackish gray eyes. She weats a long sleeve yellow shirt, and a gray skirt. She seems to wear high hill shoes.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters (Anime)

Duelist Kingdom arc

She was seen in episode 41. She was seen next to Solomon when he was in his hospital bed. She was next seen right next to Solomon, when her son was going to happily hug him. 

Battle City arc

Her second anime appearance was in episode 50, where she confronts Yugi with her fears. Not knowing that Yugi was talking to Yami Yugi, she assumed that Yugi was talking to himself. After Yugi and Tea left for School. She asked Solomon, if he thinks that Yugi is weird. Solomon told her, that Yugi is always acting like himself. She then told him, that Yugi acting like his normal self is what she's afraid of the most. (Her screen time is remove in the English version)


Yugi Muto

Solomon Muto

Knownable Relatives


  • Her second appearance was removed from the English version. Because the 4kids TV staff felt that her screentime was too long.
  • This is probably why she is not voiced by any voice actress in the English version.
  • She is only seen in the Japanese version of the Anime.
  • Her voice is only heard in the Japanese version of the Anime.

Voice Actresses

  • Japanese : Masami Suzuki
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