Mrs. Wheeler is Joey and Serenity's mother.


She left Joey in the care of her divorced husband, when she split up with his father and the two didn't see each other for years. She exactly took Serenity to live with her, which anger Joey the most. Joey revealed to Tristan that she, and him don't get along at all.


She is a kind, and caring mothr. She cares about her children, and hopes that they will be alright in the future.


She has brown hair, brown eyes and light brown skin. She wears a yellow long sleeve coat and a pink shirt. She also wears yellow pants and brown shoes.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters (Anime)

Battle City arc

The night before Serenity's operation, she reveal to her that Joey was coming to see her. This shocked her the most, but unknown to either of them. That Joey was in a duel with the rare hunters, and lost his Red Eyes Black Dragon card to the rare hunter.

When Serenity's operation took place on the morning of the launch of Battle City touranment. She called Yugi Muto, and told him that Joey never came to the hopstial to see them. Yugi told her that he, and his friends are searching for him. When Tristan found Joey, he took him to the hopsital. Joey then told Serenity what happen last night, and Serenity decided to do the operation. She thanked her son for all his help, and was happy to see him again in so long.


Joey Wheeler

She cares about her son deeply, and usually asked for help, when her son was missing on the day of the Battle City touranment. Although she has not seen her son for years, there seems to be surprisingly little tension between the two.

Serenity Wheeler

She cares about her daughter, and is hopeful that eye operation can improve her eyesight.

Yugi Muto

She seems to trust Yugi, and is grateful that her son has a friend that truthly cares about him. She called him on the day of Serenity's eye operation, and say that her son is missing. Yugi and his friends found Joey in time before Serenity's eye operation started. In which Mr. Wheeler is really grateful that her son is ok, and still happy after all these years of seeing her.

Mr. Wheeler

She was angry that her husband started to drink Alcohol. She then stop getting along with him. Afterwards she file a divorce on him, and took her daughter to live with her. She and her daughter moved away, leaving Joey in the care of his alcoholed father.

Knownable Relatives


  • It is unknow who voiced her in the English version of the anime.
  • She, Yugi's mother, Rafael's parents, and Mako's father are the only parents that were shown in the anime.

Voice Actresses

  • Japanese : Chiaki Kosaka
  • English : Unknown
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