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The Mummified Hedgehog is a blue hedgehog that resides in the Pyramid of Robotnikhotep which he built that is located in Mobigypt. His grandson is Masonic, who protects the pyramid that the former built. His personality and appearance is very similar to that of Sonic the Hedgehog. However his real name is never mentioned.


He was reveal to have build a pyramid that he and his enemy would have their graves placed in.


He is sweet and kind to his grandson. However he enjoys building pyramids while his grandson enjoys making brick walls. Ironically his long catchphrase (but shortened) was passed down to Sonic. Just like his grandson and descendant, the mummy Hedgehog can also get impatient, but only when he battles his arch enemy.


He bears a striking resembles to Sonic. However he wears white bandages all over his body. He also doesn't cover his eyes, however he wears a Chaos Emerald around his neck.


The Mummified Hedgehog wears a necklace with an emerald around his neck, which allows him to activate a blue shield that makes him immune to the powers of anyone wearing the Chaos Emerald of Immortality. He also made many traps inside a pyramid and runs really fast. He is also shown to easily lift his enemy in the air.

Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog

After having his tomb be activated. The mummified Hedgehog comes out and tells Robotnikhotep that he has been waiting 5,000 years to kick his butt. The Mummified Hedgehog spins, and jumps on Robotnikhotep's head. Robotnikhotep growls angrily as he tries to swat at the Mummified Hedgehog with both his hands, but the Mummified Hedgehog jumps away. The Mummified Hedgehog is now holding a red cape in both his hands. The mummy hedgehog says here mummy, mummy, mummy while moving the cape. Robotnikhotep charges at the red cape, but the Mummified Hedgehog pulls it away, and Robotnikhotep hits a wall. He gets his head stuck in it, and as the Mummified Hedgehog runs up to Sonic, Robotnikhotep pulls his head out. The Mummified Hedgehog walks up to Robotnikhotep. He grabs his mustache with both his hands and ties it together, then pulls it apart with his right hand. Robotnikhotep growls as this happens. He stares in shock, then the Mummified Hedgehog squeezes his nose with his right hand. The Mummified Hedgehog then picks Robotnikhotep up with both his hands and tosses him aside. Robotnikhotep growls as he flies through the air, and Robotnik, Scratch, and Grounder all stare in shock as he lands near them.

Soon after he watches Robotnik take the emerald. The mummified hedgehog then sees his enemy and Robotnik speak to each other as he taps his foot impatiently by standing next to them. The mummy hedgehog then sees his enemy turn to dust. After his enemy is gone, the mummy hedgehog runs from Robotnik. The mummified hedgehog watches Sonic battle Robotnik. As Sonic has trouble battling his enemy, the Mummified Hedgehog runs up to Sonic, who scratches his head with his right hand. He lets Sonic borrow the emerald so he can defeat Dr. Robotnik. He tells him that the emerald gives you a blue energy shield to protect your self against Robotnik's immortality. After Robotnik was beaten, Sonic returned the emerald to the mummy hedgehog, and Sonic thanks him. The Mummified Hedgehog tells him it was he's pleasure, and went back in his coffin by closing the door.


  • (To Robotnikhotep) "I've been waiting... 5000 years for this!"
  • (To Robotnikhotep) "Yeah! And I'm gonna kick your mummified buttnik!"
  • (To Robotnikhotep) "Hey, mummy, mummy!"
  • (About Robotnikhotep) "Jeez, what a slow-mo!"
  • (To Sonic) "Here, take this emerald! It will give you a blue energy shield to protect you against Robotnik's immortality!"
  • (To Sonic after he thanks him for helping out) "My pleasure!"




Sonic the Hedgehog

Miles "Tails" Prower


Dr. Eggman



Knownable Relatives

  • Masonic (Grandson)
  • Penelope (Granddaughter in law)


  • He is shown to easily taunt his enemy like his descendant.

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