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My Lullaby is a song from The Lion King 2 Simba's Pride. The song is performed by the late Suzanne Pleshette as Zira, Andy Dick as Nuka, and Crysta Macalush as Vitani. The song starts out as a lullaby to Kovu, who is being put to bed. It then switches to Zira's feelings over her exile. The rest of the song outlines Zira's dreams to have Kovu kill Simba and usurp the throne. The song's ending is similar to the end of "Be Prepare" with Zira towering over the Outlanders mirroring Scar towering over the hyenas at the end.


  • Zira : Sleep, my little Kovu. Let your dreams take wing. One day when you're big and strong. You will be a king.
  • Kovu : Good night...
  • Zira : Good night, my little prince. Tomorrow, your training intensifies. I've been exiled, persecuted. Left alone with no defense. When I think of what that brute did. I get a little tense. But I dream a dream so pretty. That I don't feel so depressed. 'Cause it soothes my inner kitty. And it helps me get some rest. The sound of Simba's dying gasp. His daughter squealing in my grasp. His lionesses' mournful cry. That's my lullaby. Now the past I've tried forgetting. And my foes I could forgive trouble is, I knows it's petty. But I hate to let them live.
  • Nuka : So you found yourself somebody who'd chase Simba up a tree
  • Zira : Oh, the battle may be bloody, but that kind of works for me. The melody of angry growls. A counterpoint of painful howl a symphony of death oh my! That's my lullaby. Scar is gone... but Zira's still around. To love this little lad. Till he learns to be a killer. With a lust for being bad!
  • Nuka: Sleep, ya little termite! Uh-- I mean, precious little thing!
  • Vitani : One day when you're big and strong
  • Zira : You will be a king! The pounding of the drums of war. The thrill of Kovu's mighty roar.
  • Nuka : The joy of vengeance
  • Vitani : Testify!
  • Zira : I can hear the cheering
  • Nuka and Vitani : Kovu Kovu! What a guy!
  • Zira : Payback time is nearing and then our flag will fly. Against a blood-red sky, that's my lullaby!


  • The song is similar to Be Prepare from the first film.
  • Her treatment of Nuka during the song resembles Scar's abuse to Shenzi,Banzai and Ed.

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The Lion King 2 - My Lullaby

The Lion King 2 - My Lullaby