Nobody Else But You is a song featured in A Goofy Movie. It is sung by Goofy Goof and Max Goof.


  • Max : There are times when you drive me, shall we say, bananas and your mind is missing, no offense, a screw.
  • Goofy (speaking) : None taken
  • Max : Still whatever mess I land in,Who was always understanding? Nobody else but you.
  • Goofy : Oh your moodyness is now and then bewildering and your values may be, so to speak, askew.
  • Max (speaking) : Gesundheit!
  • Goofy (speaking) :Thanks!
  • Goofy : Who deserves a hero's trophy as we face each cat-a-strophy? Nobody else but you.
  • Both: No-booooody else but you. It's just our luck, we're stuck together. No-booooody else but you is crazy enough to believe we'll come through.
  • Max : So your jokes are all, let's face it, prehistoric
  • Goofy: And your music sounds like monkeys in a zoo
  • Both: But when life becomes distressing. Who will I be S.O.S'n?
  • Max: If you're having trouble guessing, here's a clue! Though he seems intoxicated. He's just highly animated! And he's nobody else, but...
  • Both : No-boooooody else but you we've turned into, a true blue duo hard times, we've had a few.
  • Goofy: Like we're thrown in the drink
  • Max : Like we're tossed outta town
  • Both: But when I start to sink hey I'd rather go down With nobody else, but Y - O - U!


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A Goofy Movie - Nobody Else But You (Widescreen)

A Goofy Movie - Nobody Else But You (Widescreen)