(real name: Robert Zimmeruski) is one of Max's friends in A Goofy Movie, and its sequel An Extremely Goofy Movie


Bobby is a friend and classmate of Max's. He appears to have a surfer bum appearance, as he is usually seen in a T-shirt, shorts, sandals, and sunglasses. He also has an orange mohawk. It seems he uses his A/V connections to do favors for other students, as he mentions a required fee to help Max. Bobby is also known for his obsession with canned processed cheese, and he will eat it directly from the can.



Film Appearnce

A Goofy Movie

In A Goofy Movie, he is apparently one of the Audio/Visual students. In exchange for a fee, a can of Cheddar Whiz, he helps Max and P.J to hijack the auditorium stage during Principal Mazur's end of school speech. While Max performs, and P.J films, Bobby handles the technical aspects, which include getting rid of the Principal and lowering a giant screen, where the film plays. Later, Max trips over a cord, and ends up on stage. Max continues his performance, and Bobby uses a fire extinguisher to create a smoke effect. However, the boys are caught by Mazur, and are sent to his office. Bobby is the second of the boys to be called into the office, but it is unknown what punishment he was given.

At the end of the film, he is one of the guests at an end of school party hosted by Stacy, the student body president. There, Bobby watches Max and Goofy dance onstage with Powerline. At one point he gets into a Cheddar Whiz fight with Stacy, and when the two reach for the can, they suddenly notice each other, and it is hinted that they have fallen for each other.

An Extremely Goofy Movie

In the sequel, Bobby starts to attend college with Max and P.J. The three plan to compete in the upcoming college X-Games. The three are able to get past qualifying, but in the semi-finals, they lose P.J. to a stunt pulled by a competing team, the Gammas. Bobby and Max are almost disqualified for not having enough members, but Max convinces Goofy to join at the last minute. Bobby is taken out of competition when a Gamma sabotages his bike and makes him crash. In the end, Bobby's team wins thanks to Max, Goofy, and Tank. He is seen eating Pizza when Goofy graduates. He is last seen dancing in the end credits.


Knownable Relatives


  • He,along with P.J are the only characters to not appear on House of Mouse.

Voice Actors

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  • English : Pauly Shore

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