Rococo Urupa (ロココ・ウルパ) is
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one of the supporting characters in Inazuma Eleven's third season/final season. He is the captain, goalkeeper and a temporary forward of Little Gigant.


At a young age, Rococo was bullied by others. One day, he was given a ticket by a friend, to see a match of which Levin Murdoch was going to play in; who Rococo was a great fan of. His ticket was stolen however by the bullies, and Rococo was devastated. The actual Levin Murdoch came to Rococo himself, and told him about how he was also bullied as a child. He then told Rococo that he had the look of a world-class player, and that he should train to be the best in the world.

After this, Rococo searched for an old man who knew 'all the secrets of soccer', so that he could train Rococo to become the best goalkeeper in the world.


He is generally a very happy-go-lucky person but, at times of adversity, he can get very serious. He is like a grandson to Endou Daisuke, and develops an emotional attachment to him. He is also shown to be quite jealous at times, as when he felt frustrated that Endou Daisuke planned to go back to Japan with Endou Mamoru, but later learnt to ease his feelings. He is also shown to be heroic at some points as he went back to resuce children when Team Garshield attacked the Cotarl area.


He has a tall body, dark bluish black hair, with two parts of his hair that curve into his face, and two above, that curve into each other, black eyes with a noticeable eyelash in each, and tanned skin. When Rococo was young, He was trained by Endou Daisuke and kept on persevering unlike the others and followed Endou Daisuke's orders. Daisuke taught Rococo some moves that he taught to Mamoru too.


Inazuma Eleven (Anime)

Season 3

His first appearance was in episode 68 when he asked his coach when will he be able to fight against 'him', to which his coach said, he will have a chance to play against him soon (at the top of the world). Afterwards he is seen in the truck which Daisuke was driving and after he saw Endou, he asked whether he is the person. Then, he reappeared again with his coach because Natsumi had something to say to Endou, while telling Endou how he, with the help of Daisuke, became stronger.

Then his team and the people of the Cotarl area got attacked by Team Garshield. Because most of his teammates were in bad shape including him, as he injured his left shoulder while saving a young boy from getting hurt, so they weren't able to fight Team Garshield. Instead, Inazuma Japan helped them, to which Inazuma Japan wins. He was glad to see that everyone was okay.

Before the match between Little Gigant and Inazuma Japan, he went to do the tire practice, where Endou used to practice on the beach and he told Endou about his past when he was trained by Daisuke. He then told Endou to see who will win the match, whether it is me, who is directly trained by Daisuke, or you, who read his book and trained yourself. Later he used God Hand together with Endou to stop a tire from hitting Natsumi when it got out of control and then Endou found out how strong Rococo is because though Endou used God Hand first, they caught the tire at the same time.

Then, after a day or so, Rococo had to face Inazuma Japan in the World Tournament. He used God Hand X and was able to block Gouenji's 真 Bakunetsu Screw, Someoka's Dragon Slayer V3 and Hiroto's Ryuusei Blade V3, but Hiroto's Tenkuu Otoshi made through his technique. In the second half he was switched to be a forward and he scored agoal using X Blast, breaking through Endou's mastered God Catch. Later he returned to be as a goalkeeper due to Cain Saito being injured. Then he used Tamashii The Hand which was much more powerful than God Hand X. But Tamashii The Hand G2 was broken by Jet Stream. In the end, his team lost. He is last seen at the departure airport with Fideo and Endou, the three of them saying their goodbyes.


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