Seto Kaiba or just commonly referred to as Kaiba. He is one of the main characters of the series.
He is the older brother of Mokuba. He is the majority shareholder and CEO of his own multi national gaming company, KaibaCorp. But also aims to become the world's greatest player of Duel Monsters. To accomplish this goal, he must defeat his arch rival, Yugi Muto. He is the modern-day reincarnation of Priest Seto himself, the original keeper of the mighty Blue-Eyes White Dragon.


At a young age, Seto and his younger brother's parents both died. Their relatives took everything from their will and sent Seto and Mokuba to the orphanage. (In the English version, it simply said that their parents died and there was no mention of their relatives).

On their first day at the orphanage, Seto comforted Mokuba, who was crying. He told him that he will be his father from there on and vowed to protect him no matter what. He advised Mokuba to always stay on his guard, as he will be finished if he shows any weakness.

Together at the orphanage, Seto and Mokuba would often play games, including chess, which Seto always won, but still encouraged Mokuba. When Mokuba was bullied by other kids, Seto would stick up for him and even jumped a kid to retrieve a toy he'd stolen from Mokuba.

One day they made a model theme park in the sandpit. Seto said that one day they would open real theme parks around the world, that everyone would want to visit, and orphans would be allowed in free of charge.

The former head of KaibaCorp, Gozaburo Kaiba, arrived at the orphanage to perform a publicity stunt. Seto, who was 10 at the time (12 in the English version), saw the chance to challenge him to a game of chess, with the stakes being that Gozaburo was to adopt Seto and Mokuba together, should Seto win. Gozaburo refused at first, but when Seto threatened to tell everyone he backed down from a challenge with a child, he submits. Seto won since he had already studied Gozaburo's chess methods. Gozaburo then reluctantly adopted both brothers.

When he adopted Seto, Gozaburo planned to only use his body as a shell for his son, Noah. Noah had been injured in an accident and had his mind uploaded into a virtual world, as he was unable to survive in his real body. Gozaburo also used Seto to motivate Noah to work harder. However, Seto proved to be more capable of running KaibaCorp than Noah. Gozaburo abandoned his idea to transfer Noah's mind into Seto's body and focused his energies in training Seto. Gozaburo forced Seto into a rigorously accelerated education program.

When Gozaburo asked Seto what he planned to do with KaibaCorp after he inherited it, he said that he planned to build a Kaiba Land theme park for underprivileged children. Gozaburo called this boring, but Seto protested that games purify the soul. Gozaburo was not interested as games cannot be used to rule and ordered Nobson to confiscate all of Seto and Mokuba's toys, refusing to let Seto touch toys until he knew how to rule. (In the English version, Seto couldn't keep up with the pace Gozaburo wanted him to study at. Gozaburo disallowed him from having weekends off. As Gozaburo said that discipline is the only way to crush your enemies, Seto protested that he has no enemies. Gozaburo insisted that he does and he must learn that he can't even trust Gozaburo. He ordered Hobson to confiscate all of Seto's toys, so that they won't distract him from his studies.)

Mokuba hid Seto's Duel Monsters Deck in a hollowed-out book, including a drawing of a Blue Eyes White Dragon. He also left a note saying that their new family couldn't take everything away from them. Kaiba stepped out onto a balcony and vowed to get a real "Blue-Eyes White Dragon", one day.

Gozaburo brought Seto and Mokuba to a party he threw. Seto had achieved a name for himself as a prodigy. A German man introduced his son as a prodigy too. His son, Zigfried von Schroeder, whispered to Seto asking if they should spice things up. Then the lights began to flicker on and off. Gozaburo was astonished as the system was protected by a fail safe system. Zigfried whispered to Kaiba that he dabbles in technology. He said that spending all your time alone causes you to tinker in your own projects and Seto must understand.

On Seto's birthday, he was given a 2% share of KaibaCorp (in the English version, 10 million dollars) and was told that although he could spend the money any way he wished, he must return one hundred times (in the English version, 10 times) the amount in one year. Seto returned all the money within a single day. He did this by buying 51% shares of a small company that cares for its employees, Seto then made the president buy it back, under threat of it being shut down and leaving the employees jobless.

Seto invented virtual software for playing video games. However, Gozaburo intended to use it for war. Seto confronted him over this, but Gozaburo scolded him again for wanting to play games. Seto was to inherit the company one day. Gozaburo said the company is about beating enemies, and rising to power. He to Seto that KaibaCorp company, is a company not to be making toys. Seto called him insane, and Gozaburo had his guards take Seto away. Seto called out "Father" as he was dragged away. That was the last time he called Gozaburo "Father".

Not wanting his virtual system to be used by Gozaburo to kill countless people, and make a fortune. Seto refused to let himself hand his system over to the evil man. He lost his respect for Gozaburo, and decided that he would take over KaibaCorp.

Seto made a deal with The Big Five, where they would try to overthrow Gozaburo. He told the Big Five that Gozaburo, didn't give them the respect they deserved. Seto told them that, he would treat them better once he becomes in charge.

Together they gained 49% of KaibaCorp leaving Gozaburo with 49%, and Mokuba with 2%. Seto made sure Gozaburo came to know of their plan, and accused Mokuba of snitching on them. Seto along with Mokuba were briefly turned against each other, and Mokuba was given comfort by Gozaburo. Aware of Seto's plan, Gozaburo planned to use his remaining 49% with Mokuba's 2% to overrule Seto. However Seto had planned a step ahead, knowing how Mokuba was very supportive of Seto's dream to turn KaibaCorp into a gaming company. Not wanting KaibaCorp to still be a weapons manufacturing plant. As expected, Mokuba switched back to his side last minute, giving Seto his 2%. With the 51%, Seto was able to take full control of the company. Unable to live with the defeat, Gozaburo committed suicide, but not before he uploaded his mind into Noah's virtual world.

After taking control of KaibaCorp, Seto shifted its economic interest from manufacturing weapons of mass destruction to game-oriented equipment.

Kaiba didn't give The Big Five the respect or power they had been expecting when they made the deal to overthrow Gozaburo. He refused to provide finance to Crump to build his dream penguin theme park. He told Nezbit to show his loyality by destroying the military factory on Alcatraz. Once that was done, Kaiba closed the military department, and proceeded to build the Duel Tower in its place. He demoted Nezbitt to dispatching material for building the tower.

Kaiba started building an amusement park for orphaned and underprivileged children. The theme park that Seto made was call Kaiba Land. At the start of the series, only one Kaiba Land had been built, in Domino (in the English version, none of the parks had been built,but only the KaibaCorp headquarters is seen).

Kaiba began work on creating holographic technology to heighten the experience of playing Duel Monsters.

Maxamillion Pegasus invited Kaiba as his special guest to the Intercontinental Duel Monsters Tournament in New York City. Kaiba witnesses Pegasus face Bandit Keith in the finals. At the Duel, Pegasus simply sat in front of Keith for a few seconds, then wrote down some instructions on a piece of paper. Pegasus gave the instructions to a beginner, Sam, from the audience to use against Keith. While Sam dueled Keith, Pegasus sat with Kaiba. He hoped Kaiba was "enjoying the tournament so far.Even though it must seem so crude to him, unlike the holographic dueling stations KaibaCorp is developing."

Kaiba met with Pegasus to demonstrate a miniature Dueling arena to a group of businessmen. Zigifried von Schroeder then entered the room disgusted. As he had developed something similar, and believed Kaiba's idea belonged to him.

Kaiba inferred that Pegasus must have read Keith's mind in the Duel. So later he began making Duel Disks to combat Pegasus' mind reading strategy. With Duel Disks, players would be able to stand further apart and avoid face-to-face contact, which he hoped would be enough to avoid having his mind read.


In the original Japanese version of Yu-Gi-Oh!, Kaiba omits honorifics and has a "rude" pattern of speech. Kaiba uses the word "ore" to mean "I" instead of the usual boku; ore is a boastful way to say "I" in Japanese. Kaiba usually calls Katsuya Jonouchi (Joey Wheeler) names, such as "bonkotsu" (mediocre), "make-inu" (pathetic dog, loser), "uma no hone" (a nobody), and "zako" (insignificant person, weakling). This name calling was carried over to the English version.

In the English version, Kaiba has a certain contempt for Yugi's group of friends; he refers to them constantly with derisive nicknames such as "the nerd herd", "the dweeb patrol", or "the geek squad". Plus, he is fairly condescending and scathing to everyone, with the exception of Mokuba, the only person he is consistently shown to treat with love and care.

However, Kaiba has compassion for children—especially orphans (as he himself was one and knew what it felt like). Kaiba also threw himself between Zorc and 2 Egyptian children and flew into a rage when Zorc killed those children instead of him first (this was edited out in the English version). He is also shown, deep down beneath his stony, ice-cold exterior, to be incredibly lonely, and wishes to be more open with people, but is unable to do so because of his belief that everyone is alone. This portrayed personality is also very likely because of the years of systematic emotional and psychological abuse of his adoptive father (although this is played down in the English version of the anime). At various points during the series, he opens up momentarily, performing kind acts, though always covering them up with sarcasm, and denying them if asked. These occurrences increase in frequency towards the later series—indeed at the end of the last arc, he is visibly hurt when Joey accuses him of having no friends.

Although Kaiba may seem very unkind toward his brother Mokuba, he has a brotherly love for him. When their adoptive brother Noah had hypnotized Mokuba into not remembering him and thinking Noah was his real brother, Kaiba revealed how much he cared about him to try to make him remember. Indeed, Kaiba even tells Yugi after Pegasus is defeated that Mokuba "means everything to me." This is shown when Kaiba risks his own life by standing on a ledge to win the duel against Yugi so that he can get to Pegasus to save Mokuba. And even when Kaiba preaches that no one gets away with trying to takeover his company, he risks KaibaCorp. when he is dueling Noah for Mokuba.

Like the Pharaoh, pride is Kaiba's strength and weakness, never backing down from a fight and giving everything in a Duel. This results in his sense of superiority and sense of arrogance, making it extremely difficult to earn his respect, and causes him to look down on and treat others as inferior until they do so. This gives him difficulty when forced to rely on others and work as a team. His pride in himself and his accomplishments is a prominent part of his character throughout the series, and he reacts harshly to those who threaten or infringe on it—though it is toned down slightly towards the end.

Also, Kaiba dislikes other people using his cards, namely his "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" (his favorite and signature card; notably, he uses its motif to decorate a large portion of his personal effects - e.g., Kaiba Land, his jet, and his clothing). This is shown in Yu-Gi-Oh! - Episode 001, when he rips up Solomon Muto's Blue-Eyes White Dragon after winning it so that it could never be used against him, and also in Yu-Gi-Oh! - Episode 136 when Kaiba becomes very angry when he finds out about Joey using his "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" in their Duel. Kaiba goes so far as to attack Joey's "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" with his own, destroying both in the process, to prevent Joey from using it for another turn. (He even says angrily, "I'm the only one with the skills necessary to wield a Blue-Eyes!" while doing so.)

He also despises Pegasus' "Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon", saying it strips the original of all its pride. According to Takahashi, Kaiba's obsession with the "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" stems from the feelings between Kisara (the girl whose Ka housed the Blue-Eyes) and his ancient Egyptian incarnate, Priest Seto. This may also be due to Kaiba's affinity for Dragon-Type monsters.

More likely than anything would be it having to do with wanting to have the strongest deck possible out of any duelist as part of his domination motif, as he went through great lengths to acquire the three copies he presently has.

One of Seto's recurring traits is his absolute refusal to believe in the powers of magic often used in the series. Later on, during sagas like Waking the Dragons, he openly admits to believing in all the supernatural events occurring around him, instead of just ignorantly saying they don't exist as he always does (or maybe he doesn't think that it's magic, but science and does not hesitate to do something about it). Also, in the Japanese version of the Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie: Pyramid of Light, Kaiba stated at the end that the only reason he tried to destroy the Pyramid of Light card during his duel with Yugi was because if the card really was magic, it would mean he didn't defeat Yugi using his own strength and he refused to win that way. However, the closest in the English version that Kaiba has come to this is "Maybe there is some truth to this junk" in the final episodes; however, when questioned by Joey, he quickly denies he ever said such a thing. Kaiba is much more accepting of the powers of magic in the Japanese version for instance, in his final turn before defeating Alister in Waking the Dragons, he told Alister he should show him the power of a "true duelist" and of the "Chosen One".

He also openly accepted the vision he and Yami Yugi had after their Egyptian Gods were destroyed and also accepted the fact that their battle was destined over the span of 3000 years. During the duel against Dartz, Kaiba destroyed the Mirror Knight Token after they had taken the form of Yugi, Pegasus, Joey, and Mai because of his belief if they were true duelists, they would be willing to allow themselves to be destroyed in order to save the world. In the English anime, Kaiba believed Dartz manipulated the holograms to resemble their friends in order to weaken their resolve. Although there are some instances where Kaiba is a believer in both the Japanese and English Anime. One such example would be during his final turn against Zigfried von Schroeder when he predicted he would draw exactly the spell cards he would need to defeat Zigfried, despite initially only have one hard in his hand.

In the Memory World arc Kaiba's past self, Priest Seto, is introduced. Priest Seto is depicted as being less antagonistic than modern-day Kaiba, and is portrayed as being very loyal with a strong sense of justice. However he maintains Kaiba's ego and intelligent mind.

Kaiba, although generally self-centered and egotistic, he does have some morals in that he is against stealing. He has a vast belief that hard work and determination is what should get you ahead in life, not stealing from others to advance your situation. As such, he is disgusted by Zigfried and Noah, calling them pathetic and not worth living up to his company because they were planning on stealing his works to take his company rather than earning it through the hard work and determination he went through.

Kaiba also seems to take great pride in the duel disks he developed as he would use them even when duel rings are nearby by plugging it into the duel ring's hologram projector so any card he plays on his duel disk is displayed on the duel ring instead of just using the duel ring.

During Battle City, Seto's main goal is defeating Yugi in a duel. However, when he lost, he decided on a new path, rather an old one, of building Kaiba Land all around the world. However, he vowed his battle with Yugi is far from over, even though they never had an on-screen duel after this.

Years later after the ceremonial battle, it's reveal that Kaiba's expressions are closer to sinister look he had when he was first introduced. He no longer wants to duel Yugi and now only wants to duel Atem. However he still respects Yugi as a duelist and only duels with him to see if Atem will return. Also whenever he goes away on a trip, he leaves Kaibacorpration into Mokuba's hands.

At some point, Kaiba wanted to help young duelists grow and built Duel Academy to accomplish this goal.


Kaiba's character design was overseen by Kazuki Takahashi. His usual outfit from the second series anime consists of a long white sleeveless KaibaCorp-designed coat featuring shoulder pads and a raised studded collar, with black sleeves from his shirt coming out from under. He has extra belts in pairs strapped around his upper arms and shins. He often wears a KaibaCorp Duel Disk on his left arm.

In the first series anime, Kaiba has green hair, while in the manga, Toei's Yu-Gi-Oh! movie, and the second series, Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters, Kaiba has brown hair. Kaiba's character design in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX anime is nearly identical to his original appearance, although his facial structure is changed subtly.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist Manga

Kaiba visited the Kame Game shop, where he met Yugi Muto and Joey Wheeler from his class. When Joey learned that he played Duel Monsters, he offered to let him join their group playing it at school. However Kaiba ridiculed the idea of them being in his league and tossed Joey's cards over his shoulder, calling them useless. He boasted about competing at national level and told Joey to come back after collecting at least ten thousand cards. Kaiba was surprised to see Solomon's "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" card on the counter. He had previously thought he would never see a copy of that card and now thought he could be invincible if he owned it. He offered to trade all the cards in his briefcase for it, but Solomon refused, due to the card's sentimental value and told Kaiba that if he cared for every card in the briefcase, he would learn the true strength of the game. Kaiba stormed off, vowing to get the card later.

The next day at school, Kaiba watched Yugi and Joey Dueling and thought that the elementary school students at the national tournament were even better than Jonouchi. He learned that Yugi had brought Solomon's "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" with him, so he pretended to have learned a lesson about loving the cards from Solomon, and asked Yugi if he could see the card. Yugi complied and Kaiba switched it with a counterfeit. Yugi noticed what he did, but did not want to mention it in front of the other students, so he confronted Kaiba after school. Kaiba tried acting innocent, but eventually got fed up with Yugi and hit him in the head with his briefcase. He confessed that he did not care about loving cards and asked Yugi to tell Solomon that it does not matter how you play the game, but whether you win or lose.

Yami Yugi then emerged and challenged Kaiba to a Shadow Game of Duel Monsters. Dark Yugi informed him that the rules would be a bit different in this Duel and Kaiba was surprised to see lifelike projections of the monsters from the cards appear as the were played them. As Kaiba was about to lose, he slipped the stolen "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" from his pocket to his hand and played it. He lied that it was not Solomon's card, but one he had gotten from someone else. Remaining loyal to Sugoroku's soul, "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" refused to attack and betrayed Kaiba, by destroying itself. Yami Yugi defeated Kaiba after reviving the "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" with "Monster Reborn".

Afterwards Yami Yugi inflicted the "Experience of Death" Penalty Game on Kaiba for losing. This caused Kaiba to fall under the illusion that he had become a Duel Monsters card. Inside the card, he resided in the world of Duel Monsters, where he repeatedly experienced death at the hands of other monsters. Yami Yugi hoped that by becoming a card, Kaiba would learn to understand the heart of the cards.

Kaiba awoke from the illusion eventually, however he continued to suffer nightmares about it. Kaiba began work on creating holographic technology to heighten the experience of playing Duel Monsters. He designed the Battle Boxes, which were arenas that players sat inside while playing Duel Monsters and would be surrounded by projections of the monsters they Summon.

Kaiba passed the Battle Box idea on to the creator of Duel Monsters, Maximillion Pegasus. Pegasus invited Kaiba as his special guest to witness his televised Duel against the Card Professor, Keith Howard. At the Duel, Pegasus simply sat in front of Keith for a few seconds, then wrote down some instructions on a piece of paper, which he gave to Tom, a beginner from the audience, to use against Keith. While Tom dueled Keith, Pegasus sat with Kaiba and accepted his proposal. Kaiba was stunned by Pegasus' actions during the Duel. When Tom won and it was confirmed that Pegasus had written down all of Keith's strategies on the paper, Kaiba inferred that Pegasus must have read Keith's mind.

Kaiba later visited the Duelist Kingdom island to attend a party celebrating the completion of the Battle Boxes. To combat Pegasus' Mind Scan, Kaiba began making Duel Disks. With them, Duel Monsters players would be able to stand further apart and avoid face-to-face contact, which he hoped would be enough to avoid having his mind read.

The four "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" cards were possessed by an American, a German, a Hong Konger, and Solomon Muto of Japan. Kaiba took the cards belonging to the former three by forcing one person into bankruptcy, by making deals with the mafia and forcing one person to commit suicide.

Kaiba worked on constructing a Kaiba Land theme park in Domino City and spent 10 billion yen on the Death-T park, which was set on simulating the Experience of Death, through Solid Vision, in order to get his revenge on Yugi. He hired people such as professional hitmen, torturer and a serial killer to work in stages of Death-T. Mokuba also offered to face Yugi in one of the stages. Kaiba tried talking him out of it, believing Mokuba to be no match for Yugi, but Mokuba insisted and took the role anyway in the hopes of winning Seto's respect. Kaiba and Mokuba bet on which stage of Death-T Yugi would die on, with Kaiba choosing the final stage, meaning he bet Mokuba would lose.

Kaiba invited Yugi and Joey to his mansion the night before the grand opening of the Kaiba Land and had SOlomon kidnapped which was unknown to them. He had planned on giving Yugi and Joey a personal welcome, but fell asleep after he had a long nonstop working schedule. He suffered the Experience of Death nightmare that night, which he found ironic the next day as he planned on never having that dream again after Death-T. Kaiba learned that Mokuba had tried to kill his guests in his absence, but laughed it off, saying "boys will be boys".

Kaiba brought Yugi and Joey to the opening as his special guests. This opening took place three days before the park was open to the public. Yugi, Joey and other children Kaiba had invited were given access, free of charge. This caused Yugi and Joey to think they may have misjudged Kaiba. However Kaiba was confronted by a former KaibaCorp employee, who accused him of driving his father to commit suicide. That man was quickly removed. After letting Yugi and Joey use a number of rides, he took them to a special show. There he revealed he had kidnapped Solomon, and then faced him in a game of Duel Monsters in his new Battle Box simulators. Solomon used "Blue-Eyes White Dragon", but lost as he was overwhelmed by the projections and Kaiba's three "Blue-Eyes White Dragons".

Kaiba tore up Solomon's "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" card, as Solomon's punishment for losing and the card's punishment for betraying him before. He also had Solomon subjected to an artificial Penalty Game, where he was attacked by holographic monsters. Kaiba got Yugi to swear to participate in Death-T in exchange for releasing his grandfather. Yugi accepted, but Joey would not let him do it alone. Their friend Tristan, who was in the audience with his nephew Johji also accompanied them. Kaiba agreed to let them help Yugi, thinking that it just meant he would bury them all in the same grave. Kaiba allowed the other children he had invited to Kaiba Land to watch Death-T from the stalls. They believed Yugi and his friends were special guests given access to another theme park, but were unaware that its intention was to kill Yugi. Kaiba himself, monitored the events from a control room.

In the first stage, Death T-1, Kaiba had arranged for Yugi and his friends face the hitmen, Johnny Gayle, Bob McGuire and "name unknown" in a shootout game. The objective was to eliminate enemy players by shooting a sensor on their vests. However Kaiba supplied ineffective guns for Yugi, Joey and Tristan, while the hitmen were given lethal guns. Before the game began, an attendant was to explain the rules to Yugi and his friends. However someone had hired Tea, for that role. Kaiba was annoyed on discovering this, as he knew she was a friend of Yugi. Just before the shootout began, Kaiba appeared on monitors on the floor. He warned Yugi that his opponents were mercenaries and told him to enjoy his "last game". Kaiba's promise of a ¥10,000 bounty to each hitman for each opponent they killed, made the hitmen less willing to work together. Joey's surprise attack, later followed by Tristan's discovery of the ineffective guns and use of Tea's working gun, allowed Yugi and his friends to win the shootout. Tea accompanied Yugi for the next few games.

In Death T-2, Kaiba had his butler, a former torturer, take Yugi and his friends to the Murderer's Mansion on the Electric Chair Ride. On the ride, the players were subjected to terrors and would be electrocuted to death if they screamed. His butler was killed in this stage, as Johji defecated on his lap, causing him to scream.

Inside the Murderer's Mansion, Kaiba appeared before the group via holographic projection. He compared Yugi's group to living chess pieces being brought closer to checkmate and warned them that the serial killer, the Chopman, was hidden in the mansion. He explained that in order to find the exit, they would need to put their hands through four holes in the wall and press the correct button at the opposite side. Once their hands were inside the holes, Kaiba had them cuffed in place and showed them the guillotine above, which would drop in five minutes or if an incorrect button was pushed. Before disappearing, he told them he had left a clue to finding the correct button, in the room. Yugi solved the bllood clue, revealing the exit awhich saved him and his friends.

Before Yugi's group left the mansion, the Chopman kidnapped Johji. Kaiba got Johji, who was a fan of his, to pretend he was alone in a room to lure Yugi and his friends in. He also gave him orders to attach a handcuff to whoever entered the room. The others would not believe Johji when he said he was alone, so Kaiba appeared on a monitor attached to the Chopman's torso. He said that one person had to enter the room to play a game with the Chopman, or he would give the Chopman the order to kill Johji. Joey stepped inside and Johji attached the cuff, which was strung through a pedestal and attached to the Chopman. Kaiba explained that when the game began, each player would pick a weapon and fight to the death. Joey managed to win by picking the handcuff lock with a candlestick holder and tricking the Chopman into ripping open the door and incinerating himself.

As Yugi, Joey, Tea, Tristan and Johji made their way to Death T-3, Kaiba realized that he underestimated some factors. He acknowledged that they were a good team and that their close friendship had been the key to beating the games, but he planned on breaking that union in the next stage. He thought to himself that friendship is just an illusion, evidenced by his theory that people in danger would be willing to betray their friends to save themselves. In this stage, blocks fell from the ceiling. The players had to avoid being flattened and climb the blocks to reach the exit. Kaiba assumed that their numbers would be a liability in this game and that they could not win without sacrificing a player. Everyone made it out, except Tristan, who became trapped. Kaiba then compared Yugi to the king chess piece, Joey to the knight and Tristan to the rook and stated that the rook had been captured, beginning the countdown to checkmate.

Before Death T-4 began, Mokuba reminded Kaiba of their bet and got mad at Kaiba for betting Yugi would beat him. However Kaiba stood by his decision. He accused Mokuba of trying to show him up by challenging Yugi to a game before and said he knew the outcome of that game. However Mokuba claimed he had done it in the hope that Kaiba would like him if he won. Kaiba yelled at him that there is no such thing as brotherly love in the gaming world and until Mokuba realizes that he would always be a loser. Mokuba stormed off, determined to show Kaiba that he could defeat Yugi and prove he was a gamer.

In Death T-4, Mokuba was defeated by Yami Yugi in a game of Capsule Monster Chess. Afterwards, Kaiba appeared on monitors over the Battle Box and gave Yami Yugi directions to Death T-5, where he said he was waiting. He spoke to Mokuba, stating how he had felt his "pathetic loser's gaze" staring at him for years. He reminded him of his repeatedly warning that if he played with fire he would get burned. He announced that only the winner could leave the Battle Box, while the loser must face a Penalty Game. To Mokuba's surprise, Kaiba subjected him to the Experience of Death. Yami Yugi, who was also shocked that Kaiba would do this to his own brother, reached into the Battle Box and pulled out Mokuba. This caused Mokuba to think about how Kaiba had changed since they were adopted and wondered if Yugi could return him to normal.

In Death T-5, Kaiba faced Yami Yugi in a game of Duel Monsters. He dominated the early stages of the game with "Saggi the Dark Clown" equipped with "Dark Energy", until it was defeated by Yami Yugi's "Gaia the Fierce Knight". He then began Summoning his "Blue-Eyes White Dragons". Dark Yugi managed to hold two of them off with "Swords of Revealing Light". When all three were eventually free to attack, Yami Yugi drew the last piece of "Exodia" and defeated Kaiba.

For Kaiba's Penalty Game, Yami Yugi inflicted the "Mind Crush" on him, destroying his evil side and leaving him in a coma. Mokuba disclosed his and Kaiba's history to Yami Yugi, Joey, Tea and Tristan, detailing how Kaiba had changed for the worst. Dark Yugi explained that Kaiba was now reassembling the shattered puzzle of his heart, one piece at a time, with his own strength, so he would not make any mistakes that time. Mokuba vowed to wait forever when Yami Yugi said that Kaiba would return once the puzzle was completed.

Kaiba remained in a coma for the next six months. In the hopes of helping Kaiba finish the puzzle, Mokuba constructed two lockets, using a torn photo of them from the orphanage and put it around Seto's neck, believing it to be the final piece of the puzzle. Yugi believed that Kaiba would change once he awoke from his coma. He sometimes visited him in the hospital and refrained from entering Duel Monsters tournaments, until he could fight Kaiba in a fair Duel in one. Kaiba was later taken back to his mansion, where he remained under twenty-four-hour care. Some of the best doctors in the world looked at him and thought he might spend the rest of his life in that state.

Kaiba's comatose state negatively impacted the management of KaibaCorp and caused stock to drop. His loss to Yami Yugi lowered the company's image, which had been dependent on Kaiba's status as the number one gamer in Japan. With the company in a poor state, Maximillion Pegasus took the opportunity to try and take over it, by making a deal with the company's leading shareholders, The Big Five. As part of the agreement, the Big Five needed to steal documents from Kaiba's safe, but then had to kidnap Mokuba, who swallowed the key to the safe. Before he was kidnapped, Mokuba left a report detailing what happened in Kaiba's absence, with their maid. One of Pegasus' spies implanted in KaibaCorp, Kemo, stole Kaiba's Deck while he remained in the coma.

During the Duelist Kingdom tournament, Yami Yugi Dueled Mimic of Doom, who used a puppet, which he claimed contained Kaiba's soul bent on revenge. He also used Kaiba's stolen Deck. During the Duel, Kaiba awoke from the coma. His willpower was channeled into one of the stolen "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" cards, causing it to destroy itself. At this point in the Duel, Mimic stopped using the Kaiba puppet. After the Duel, Yami Yugi inflicted the "Puppet Illusion" Penalty Game on Mimic for stealing Kaiba's cards and playing with his soul.

At Kaiba Manor, Kaiba scolded his bodyguards for allowing Mokuba to be kidnapped. Despite concerns about his health from his maid, he arranged to have a helicopter fly him to Duelist Kingdom, to confront Pegasus. As Kaiba swore not to rest until he destroyed Pegasus, his bodyguard reminded him that he had another enemy on the island, Yugi Mutou. While flying over the ocean, Kaiba noticed that position of the moon relative to the helicopter changed, indicating they were flying in circles. He deduced that his bodyguard and pilot had defected to Pegasus. The bodyguard realized that Kaiba had figured this out and held a gun to his head. As a last request, Kaiba asked that he move his cards to prevent blood getting on them. However, he used one of the cards, "Gyakutenno Megami", to jam the gun, which he then grabbed, snapping the guard's finger in the process. He scolded the guard for making him damage a rare card and then forced him and the pilot to jump into the ocean. After that he flew the helicopter to the island himself.

After 11:00 pm, Kaiba landed on the island, near where Yugi and his friends were sleeping. Yugi returned Kaiba's Deck which he had retrieved from Mimic of Doom. Kaiba thanked him, but not forgetting their previous encounter, insisted he would defeat Yugi in the future. He also vowed that he would be the one to defeat Pegasus and protect KaibaCorp with his own hands. Unwilling to forgive Kaiba for Death-T, Joey seized him by the collar. Kaiba smirked that he had almost forgotten Joey was there and ridiculed the level of the tournament upon seeing that Joey was a participant. Joey challenged him to a Duel, which Kaiba accepted and warned that he would damage Joey's ego.

Kaiba insisted that they use his Duel Disks for the Duel. His monsters easily overpowered Jonouchi's, until he Summoned "Red-Eyes Black Dragon", which Kaiba defeated with "Blue-Eyes White Dragon", winning the Duel. Kaiba called Joey a loser, whose confidence must be ruined and theorized that he would be too afraid to Duel again. Yugi was surprised to see that Kaiba had not changed, to which Kaiba replied that he was unwilling to forget the past and is still disgusted by their friendship. Before leaving, he told the group about the time he watched Pegasus Duel Keith Howard. Kaiba claimed that even Yugi's skills were not strong enough to beat Pegasus, while he himself stood a chance if he used his Duel Disks.

At 2:30 am, Kaiba arrived at Pegasus Castle. Here, he was greeted by Croquet, who acted pleased to see him. Croquet denied kidnapping Mokuba and said it was too late to speak with Pegasus. He offered to arrange a room for Kaiba to spend the night and allow him to speak with Pegasus the next day. However Kaiba seized Croquet by the collar, demanding that he see him immediately. Croquet then showed him to a gateway, sealed with a lock containing star-shaped holes. To see Pegasus, he must pass through this gate, Croquet told him, and in order to do that, Kaiba would have to get 10 Star Chips. Kaiba lost patience with Croquet and struck him with his briefcase. Kemo rushed in and pulled out a gun, but Kaiba quickly put his own gun to Croquet's head. Recognizing Kemo as a former KaibaCorp employee, Kaiba reminds him that it is due to KaibaCorp training that he knows how to hold a weapon. He asked if Kemo finished the course and volunteered to teach him how to fire a gun. Croquet panicked and ordered Kemo to stand down.

Kaiba took Croquet hostage in a guest room, threatening to snap his neck in a briefcase if Pegasus did not speak to him. Shortly afterwards, Pegasus appeared on a screen and permitted Kaiba to see him, if he could beat Yugi in a Duel. To ensure that Kaiba would comply, he showed him surveillance footage of Mokuba, locked up in the dungeon. Kemo gave Kaiba five Star Chips that Mokuba had stolen earlier and Pegasus instructed Kaiba to wager them in a Duel against Yugi.

Kaiba waited outside the castle, blocking Yami Yugi and his friends from entering. He claimed to have known that Yami Yugi would defeat any opponents he faced on the island and identified himself as the only person in the world who could defeat him. While Tristan and Bakura restrained Joey from attacking Kaiba, Kaiba noticed that Joey had earned ten Star Chips and said that he promoted him from a "loser" to a "deadbeat" (In the Japanese version, he promotes him to an uma no hone, which literally means "horse bone"). Thinking of Yugi's success in Death-T, Kaiba wondered if people can be stronger by carrying the weight of protecting someone. With saving Mokuba in mind, he though he would find the answer by winning a Duel. He challenged Yami Yugi to a Duel, leading Joey to suspect he was working for Pegasus, which Kaiba considered an insult. Despite his friends objecting that he already had enough Star Chips, Yami Yugi accepted.

Kaiba and Yugi used Duel Disks and unlike when he Dueled Joey, they used the Duel Monsters Expert Rules. With this rule set, the Solid Vision cards, hid players' faces and bodies. Kaiba hoped that element or the distance between players would be enough to block Pegasus' mind-reading powers.

Players' hands could only contain up to five cards at a time. The five were also considered to be on the field with one set as the main monster. Kaiba took advantage of this by attacking cards in Dark Yugi's hand and Yami Yugi took advantage of it by using "Shift" to force Kaiba to attack the "Dark Magician" he had not Summoned. Kaiba used "Mystic Lamp" to retreat "La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp" and reflect Yami Yugi's attacks. To stop Kaiba hiding the lamp, Yami Yugi exposed Kaiba's hand with "The Eye of Truth", which also revealed that Kaiba could be planning on fusing his "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" cards. Yami Yugi used "Mystic Box" to allow Dark Magician to destroy both "La Jinn" and the lamp. Kaiba used the virus "Crush Card", disallowing Yami Yugi from having any monsters with 1500 or more original ATK and soon afterwards, fused his "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" cards into "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon". Yami Yugi used "Multiply" to create a legion of "Kuribohs", which destroyed on impact, creating explosions to block the ultimate dragon's blasts. With "Living Arrow", Yami Yugi used "Polymerization" to fuse "Mammoth Graveyard" with "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon", creating an unstable fusion, which decayed each turn weakening it.

With five cards in play; three "Blue-Eyes White Dragon", "Polymerization" and "Negate Attack", Kaiba was unable to draw new cards, while the dragon weakened. Fearing he was going to lose, Kaiba suffered a hallucination of Mokuba being trapped inside the dragon's rotting body. While Kaiba stared helplessly, a younger version of himself tried to save Mokuba, but failed. Kaiba himself began to rot, while his younger self glared angrily at him.

Once the dragon was weak enough "Celtic Guardian" cut off one of its heads and Dark Yugi planned on winning by cutting off the second head. Kaiba said that game had just begun and started stepping backwards one tile for every 100 damage he took, putting him in danger of falling from the tower to his death if his Life Points reach 0. He stated that if their positions were reversed, he would kill Yugi without hesitation. He then used "Monster Reborn" to revive one of the dragon's heads in full health with 3000 ATK. Although hesitant at first, Yami Yugi decided to attack, but was stopped by Yugi. Kaiba proceeded to win by attacking "Celtic Guardian" with the revived head.

Kaiba said that Yugi showed weakness and that caring about the enemy's safety was foolish. Joey argued that the game is not about murder. Kaiba replied that games, including cards, chess and war mean conflict between enemies and God gave people a single chip called life to use in these games. Tea disagreed with his logic that people struggles are a game and said that he had truly lost to himself, by betting his chip as if it meant nothing and not having the courage to live with a loss. Joey told him not to forget it was Yugi who saved him and tossed the Duel Disk back to him.

As he entered the castle, Kaiba met Keith Howard, who questioned him about the "chip called life", asking every person's chip was worth the same. He replied that he thought that distinction was to be made by "prize hunting hyenas", such as Keith, while they hunted for their next feast.

A Duel Arena had been arranged for Kaiba and Pegasus' Duel, but Kaiba insisted that they use the Duel Disks or he would not fight at all. Pegasus thought it would be a bad idea to fight on his enemy's terms, so he claimed to not be physically active enough to wield the Duel Disk. He agreed to use the Duel Disk under the condition that a proxy held it for him. He then brought out Mokuba's soulless body and showed Kaiba the "Soul Prison" card, his soul was sealed in. Refusing to fight against Mokuba, Kaiba agreed to use the Duel Arena and the Duel Monsters Standard Rules. Yugi warned Kaiba that Pegasus had a "Dragon Capture Jar" in his Deck, which Kaiba kept in mind, but still opted to use his "Blue-Eyes White Dragons".

Pegasus toyed with Kaiba at first. However by reading his mind, Pegasus was able to take Kaiba's "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" with "Prophecy" and stop his "Crush Card" virus, by increasing the ATK of "Saggi the Dark Clown". He then used "Toon World" to turn his cards, including the "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" into Toons. Since Pegasus knew the contents of his hand, Kaiba opted to discard it and only use cards as he drew them. However Pegasus was still able to read Kaiba's subconscious memorization of his Deck. Refusing to let the "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" Pegasus took live as a "pathetic toon", Kaiba destroyed it with anther "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" and "Shadow Spell". Pegasus trapped the second "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" in "Dragon Capture Jar" and planned on using "Dragon Piper" to release it and convert it into another Toon. As Pegasus predicted, Kaiba tried to destroy the piper before this could happen, so he used "Doppleganger" to infect the piper with Kaiba's "Crush Card". Once the jar was destroyed, all of Kaiba's high-ATK monsters were killed. Kaiba was only able to spend his last move reviving "Saggi the Dark Clown". Before losing, he apologized to Mokuba and mentally bid farewell to Yugi.

Pegasus subjected Kaiba to the Mind Card Penalty Game, trapping his soul in another "Soul Prison". Seeing Kaiba risk his life to save Mokuba, Yugi concluded that Kaiba was just like him and Joey.

That evening Tristan asked Yami Yugi if he could save the two Kaiba brothers, as he owed Mokuba for saving his life in Death-T. Joey on the other hand, thought that they got what they deserved. Before Yami Yugi Dueled Pegasus', he requested that the soul of Seto and Mokuba be freed if he won. Pegasus thought it was odd that Yami Yugi wanted to save his enemy, but agreed. When Pegasus lost, he upheld his side of the bargain and released them.

Kaiba awoke in the dungeon and was let out by Kemo. He saw an apparition of his younger self, which led him to Mokuba. As the two hugged, the younger Kaiba finished the puzzle of his heart, while Yami Yugi commented that Mokuba must have been the final piece.

Kaiba thanked Yugi for saving Mokuba and asked him to tell Dark Yugi that their battle is not over yet. When they learned that there were no boats on the island, Mokuba talked Kaiba into flying Yugi and his friends home, despite the size of the helicopter.

Ishizu Ishtar invited Kaiba to a private exhibition at Domino Museum. Here she showed him a stone tablet, containing rectangular shapes, resembling Duel Monsters cards. She told him that ancient Egyptians had tamed evil spirits, named them and sealed them in slabs. Pegasus based Duel Monsters on these spirits after a trip to Egypt. Also on the tablet was a priest and a nameless pharaoh, who resembled Kaiba and Yugi. Above them were monsters resembling "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" and "Dark Magician".

Kaiba was skeptical over whether the stone was real or that Duel Monsters was created in Egypt. He prepared to leave, believing this to be a waste of time, but Ishizu called him back, telling him of legendary cards, the hidden Gods. These cards were too powerful and making them had been considered Pegasus' biggest mistake. Pegasus had tried to destroy them, but could not bring himself to do it, so he buried them in Egypt. However two of them were stolen by the Ghouls. Ishizu entrusted Kaiba with the third God card, "The God of the Obelisk" and asked him to start a tournament to find the holders of the other Gods and reclaim them.

Kaiba tested "Obelisk the Tormentor" and his new model Duel Disk against a Duel Machine, which used his Duelist Kingdom Deck. The computer Summoned "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon", but Kaiba defeated it using "The God of the Obelisk". Obelisk's power was too much for the computer system, causing it to explode.

Kaiba sent out invitations to the tournament in card magazines and online saying "come to the place where ancient duelists and their cards slumber in the stones", along with a date and time for the announcement of the tournament. Kaiba allowed duelists whom he rated level 5 or higher on a scale of eight to participate. He met the duelists who got the invite in Domino City, where he explained the rules of the Battle City tournament that would be held in two days time.

On the day the tournament began, Kaiba announced that he too would be taking part and that each of the 48 Duelists had been given 1 Puzzle Card which they must wage in Duels along with their rarest card. The finalists would be the eight duelists who collect six Puzzle Cards, which could be used to determine the location of the finals, which not even Kaiba knew.

Kaiba found Koji Nagumo insulting Mokuba, who called a foul after Koji tried to take a second rare card that was not part of the ante with a Duelist he just defeated. Kaiba tore up Koji's rare card "Hyozanryu", saying Koji was going to lose it anyway as he challenged him to a Duel. Kaiba anted a briefcase of rare cards and "Obelisk the Tormentor". He allowed Koji to use the cards from the briefcase in the Duel to compensate for "Hyozanryu", but said he would take them after he beat Koji. Kaiba easily won with "Obelisk" and took Koji's Puzzle Cards.

Kaiba received word of a God Card being played and took-off. He found Yugi in a Duel against Doll, who was possessed by Marik Ishtar and using the God card "Slifer the Sky Dragon". Seeing Yugi drops to his knees, doubting he can win, Kaiba called down to him, ordering him live up to his reputation and thinking he is the only one who should defeat Yugi.

After Yugi won, Kaiba congratulated him, but said it's a shame Yugi won't have "Slifer the Sky Dragon" for long and challenged him to a Duel. However Marik informed Yugi that his friends had been kidnapped. Yugi postponed the Duel as he must find his friends.

Kaiba caught-up when Yugi was challenged to a Duel by two Rare Hunters, who couldn't decide which of them should face Yugi first. Kaiba appeared and told them to both duel at once in a Tag Duel against him and Yugi. They agree and Kaiba easily defeated both of them at once using "The God of Obelisk". Kaiba took their Puzzle Cards and handed one to Yugi. He then offered to use KaibaCorp's satellite system to trace the location of Joey's Duel Disk.

As they searched for Yugi's friends, the guys were confronted by Light Mask. Yugi and Kaiba had to Tag Duel him and Dark Mask on top of a skyscraper. The Duel was setup such that when a player loses, the glass roof below them shatters sending them to their death. Kaiba's refusal to work as part of a team, initially hindered his and Yugi's performance, while The Masks' Decks had been built to work together and prevent the Summoning of the God cards. However Kaiba eventually accepted that they must work as a team. He sacrificed his "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" to prevent Yugi from losing and provoked The Masks turning them against each other. Yugi and Kaiba worked together to Summon "The God of Obelisk", which defeated The Dark Mask, who used a parachute to save himself. Marik took control of Light Mask's mind after he surrendered. Kaiba seized him demanding they release Mokuba. However Marik didn't keep his promise and left Light Mask fall unconscious.

Mokuba arrived with the helicopter, and Kaiba took Yugi to find his friends, having tracked the signal from Joey's Duel Disk.

They arrived at the Domino Pier and find Joey and Tea are possessed by Marik, with Joey prepared to duel Yugi. Seeing the Duel had been set-up to kill the loser, Kaiba tried to call it off, but Marik disregarded his authority. Once Tristan and Duke arrived at the Duel, Kaiba and Mokuba explained the situation to them. Towards the end of the Duel, Kaiba threw a card at one of the Rare Hunters monitoring the Duel. The card got lodged into his hand, causing him to drop the controls for a crane hovering a giant crate over Tea. With him temporarily unable to drop the crate, the KaibaCorp helicopter pulled it away from Tea. Once the Duel concluded with everyone alive, thanks to Kaiba saving Joey from drowning, Kaiba parted and told Yugi that he'll see him at the finals.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters (Anime)

Duelist Kingdom arc

Kaiba became the Duel Monsters World Champion and came into possession of 3 of the 4 "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" cards.

At school, Kaiba overheard Yugi Muto talking about a rare card his grandfather has. Suspecting it might be the 4th "Blue-Eyes". Kaiba visited the Kame Shop, and saw the card. He tried to trade for the card and buy it, but Solomon refused, since the card is of high sentimental value to him. Seto kidnapping Solomon Muto, and defeating him in a Duel order to acquire his rare four-of-a-kind card. On doing so he tears up the card so it can't be used against him. Yugi then duels Kaiba to get revenge. Not entirely conscious of the transformation, he switches to Yami Yugi for the Duel. Yugi learns that Kaiba possess the other three "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" cards as he Summons them. Yami starts to doubt he can win, but thinking of how his friends are supporting him in spirit, he manages to Summon the "Exodia", an instant win card combination. Yami Yugi then inflicts the Mind Crush Penalty Game on Kaiba, dispelling his evil side.

After his defeat, Kaiba dropped out of playing Duel Monsters.

Maximillion Pegasus formed an alliance with The Big Five to try to take-over KaibaCorp. They sent two men to Kaiba's office to capture him. Kaiba refused to cooperate, so the henchmen prepared to open fire. However, Kaiba knocked them back with a chair and deflected their gunshots with his briefcase. He jumped out the window of his office, leading them to believe he died. (In the English version, the guns are removed and Kaiba jumped out after refusing to cooperate.) However Kaiba clung onto the side of the cliff, and climbed to his safety. In the meantime his Deck was stolen, and Mokuba was kidnapped.

Later Kaiba snuck back into his mansion through a hidden passageway. He entered a hidden computer lab, where he got an update on what Pegasus had done to KaibaCorp. He learned that Mokuba was held prisoner on the Duelist Kingdom Island, and Pegasus will be given shares of KaibaCorp once Yugi is defeated in the Duelist Kingdom Tournament. Kaiba hacked into Pegasus' computer system and found Yugi was dueling an imposter Seto Kaiba, who even had the real Kaiba's Deck. Kaiba infected a "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" Summoned by the imposter with a virus, weakening it and consequently preventing Yugi from losing the Duel.

Kaiba flew to the Duelist Kingdom to confront Pegasus. He brought his Duel Disks with him to combat Pegasus' mind reading

As soon as he arrived on the island, he bumped into Yugi and his friends. Yugi returned Kaiba's Deck to him. Yugi suggested that they stick together as they are all going to Pegasus' castle, but Kaiba declined. Joey Wheeler, who was disgusted by Kaiba's attitude, confronted him. Kaiba and Joey wound-up dueling. Kaiba used the Duel as a chance to test his Duel Disks. Joey foolishly attacked Kaiba's monsters with a barrage of weaker ones, until he Summoned his Red Eyes Black Dragon, which Kaiba defeated with "Blue-Eyes White Dragon". Kaiba took out the remainder of Joey's Life Points. Kaiba cruelly mocked Joey, and called him a loser. Before leaving, he told the group about Pegasus' Duel with Keith, so Yugi and Joey know what they are up against.

The next day, Kemo found Kaiba on the island and pointed a gun to his head. However Kaiba jammed the gun with a Gyakutenno Megami card. Kaiba pulled the gun from Kemo, injuring his hand. (This scene is removed in the English version.) Kemo lunged at Kaiba, but Kaiba subdued him, and ordered him to take them to Mokuba. Kemo took Kaiba to Pegasus' dungeons, but triggered a security alarm, calling for backup. Pegasus, who had already known this would happen insisted they turn off the alarm, and goes to the dungeons to meet Kaiba himself.

Kaiba hid on one of the walls, and listened-in on a group of Pegasus' guards. The guards who had been unable to find him. The guards decided to go to Mokuba's cell, believing Kaiba will show up there soon. Kaiba leaped down, and followed them. Once they arrived at the cell, Kaiba sneaked-up on them, and knocked them out. Kaiba was briefly reunited with Mokuba. But was confronted by Pegasus before he could release him. Pegasus used the Millennium Eye to strip Mokuba of his soul, which he trapped in a Soul Prison card. Pegasus said that Kaiba must defeat him in a Duel if he wished to free Mokuba. Kaiba was willing to duel on the spot, but Pegasus refused telling Kaiba that he must defeat Yugi in a Duel, before he can do that.

Kaiba confronted Yugi outside the castle and imposed a Duel. Initially Yugi refuses, but he switched to Yami Yugi and accepted. During the Duel, Kaiba Summoned Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon, causing problems for Yami Yugi. Nut Yami fused it with Mammoth Graveyard, causing it to decay and lose ATK each turn. Kaiba sees Mokuba, begging Seto to help him. A younger version of Seto tries to run to Mokuba's aid but unfortunately, is to late. Kaiba refuses to lose his only chance at saving his brother. As Yami Yugi was about to win, Kaiba stood-up on the edge of the castle. If Yami Yugi made another attack, he would fall to his death. Although Yami Yugi tried to attack, Yugi took-over, and called it off. Kaiba won on the next turn, taking five of Yugi's Star Chips. Combined with the five Pegasus gave him earlier. Kaiba had enough to enter the castle, and face Pegasus.

Kaiba got ready to duel Pegasus. He insisted on using the Duel Disks, but Pegasus wasn't too keen. Pegasus accepted under the condition. The Condition was that Mokuba who is stripped of his soul, held the Duel Disk for him. Kaiba refused to face his brother in such a way, and agreed to duel without the Disks. Pegasus defeated Kaiba while using his Millennium Eye. Kaiba privately asked Mokuba to forgive him as Pegasus trapped his soul in another "Soul Prison" card.

When Yugi defeated Pegasus, as promised Pegasus freed the souls of Seto, and Mokuba Kaiba, along with Solomon Muto.

Kaiba thanked Yugi for saving Mokuba, and insisted that they should have a fair Duel someday to determine who is the better duelist. He gave Yugi and his friends a lift home from the island afterwards.

Legendary Heroes arc

Kaiba prepared to fire The Big Five for trying to take over KaibaCorp, as well as payment for the suffering through which they had forced him and Mokuba. But the Big Five plead with Kaiba, and gave him the complete virtual reality game as a peace offering. Eager to try out the virtual reality game, Kaiba refrained from immediately firing them, and decided to test the system. Mokuba advised against it, harboring doubt. Kaiba however assured him otherwise, and continued to experiment with the game.

Inside the game, Kaiba was confronted by a Two Headed King Rex, which he easily defeated by Summoning Blue Eyes White Dragon. However an Armed Ninja ambushed him. Taking him by surprise as he had no recollection of programming it. Kaiba attempted to attack it with Blue-Eyes, but a Dragon Capture Jar appeared. The Dragon Capture Jar trapped the dragon. The Armed Ninja threw a net on Kaiba, capturing him.

Kaiba was taken to the Castle of Dark Illusions, and chained to a pillar. He is held captive by the Witty Phantom. Witty Phantom told Kaiba that he is to be sacrificed to Summon the Mythic Dragon. In an attempt to escape, Kaiba tried to end the simulation, but learned that that function had been disabled.

Mokuba recruited Yugi and Joey to help him in his efforts to rescue Kaiba. Together they go to the castle, and Mokuba managed to free Kaiba. Kaiba Summoned a second "Blue-Eyes", which destroyed the phantom. He re-encounters Armed Ninja, and the Dragon Capture Jar. But destroyed the jar with Trap Master reclaiming his trapped "Blue-Eyes". The two "Blue-Eyes" easily defeated Armed Ninja.

Kaiba had "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" blast a hole in the floor. Allowing him and Mokuba to meet-up with Yugi, Joey, and Mai. The Big Five congratulated the players on making it to the final level, but Kaiba protested that they stopped the Mythic Dragon from being Summoned. So they have already beaten the game. However the Big Five had reprogrammed the game, making them have to face the Mythic Dragon.

The group were sent to a room, where only Dragon-Type monsters are of use. The group had their dragons attack the Mythic Dragon to no avail. The Mythic Dragon started to take out the players and their dragons one by one. Mokuba pushed Kaiba out of the way of one of its blasts. Saving Kaiba and Yami Yugi, but letting himself be taken out. With the loss of Mokuba taking a great toll on Kaiba. Yugi's persuasion finally got through to Kaiba, who fused his dragons into Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon. Yugi then fuses it with Black Luster Soldier to form Dragon Master Knight, which defeated the Mythic Dragon.

Kaiba and Yugi woke-up in the courtyard of the Edina's castle. The crowds cheered for them for defeating the Mythic Dragon. Edina turned into Mystical Elf, and revived Joey, Mai, Mokuba and Iru.

Kaiba and his rescuers returned to the real world, while the Big Five were left trapped in the virtual world.

Battle City arc

Ishizu Ishtar invited Kaiba to an Ancient Egypt exhibition. Here she used her Millennium Necklace to show him visions from the past, where a sorcerer, who looks like Kaiba, battled the Nameless Pharaoh, who looks like Yugi, using Duel Monster Spirits. She told him about their most powerful monsters, the Egyptian Gods, which Pegasus made Duel Monsters cards of, but was unable to control their power. She had come into possession of one of the Gods, "Obelisk the Tormentor", while the others were stolen by thieves. She gave Kaiba the card, in exchange for him starting a Duel Monsters tournament to attract the thieves so they may gather the three Gods. Kaiba laughed at the idea of him returning the "Obelisk" card, but Ishizu insisted that he will, as she has foreseen it. Kaiba agreed to host the tournament in the hopes of gathering the three God cards for himself through an ante rule[34] and so he can defeat Yugi, reclaiming his title as World Champion.

Kaiba tested "Obelisk the Tormentor", by dueling a Duel Computer, which was using his Duelist Kingdom Deck. The computer Summoned "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon", but Kaiba defeated it with "Obelisk the Tormentor", whose strength proved too much for the computer, causing it to catch fire.

Kaiba invited duelists he thought to be good enough to participate in the tournament. All players were given the newest version of his Duel Disks.[35] The Rare Hunters, who were not invited, hacked into his computer system to add themselves as participants. Mokuba suggested that they disqualify them, but Kaiba allowed for it. (In the English version, Kaiba had planned to have them hack in all along, so the holders of the Egyptian Gods would enter the tournament.)

The first Rare Hunter dueled Yugi. Kaiba found out the Rare Hunter was using fake cards, but still didn't disqualify him, as he needed to learn more about the Rare Hunters.

Kaiba took part in the tournament himself, leaving his employees monitor other Duels to find the Egyptian God cards. Kaiba found Koji Nagumo bullying a Duelist he just defeated into giving him a second card through the ante rule. Kaiba challenged Koji to a Duel and gave him rare cards to improve his Deck beforehand. Despite this, Kaiba quickly defeated him using "Obelisk the Tormentor".

He spent much of the preliminaries trying to find and defeat Yugi. He bumped into Joey Wheeler in his search, surprised to see him wearing a Duel Disk as he hadn't been invited. Joey challenged Kaiba to a Duel on the spot, but Kaiba received word of a God Card being played and took-off. He found Yugi in a Duel against Strings, who was possessed by Marik Ishtar and using the Egyptian God card "Slifer the Sky Dragon". Seeing Yugi drops to his knees, doubting he can win, Kaiba called down to him, ordering him live up to his reputation and thinking he is the only one who should defeat Yugi.

After Yugi won, Kaiba congratulated him, but said it's a shame Yugi won't have "Slifer the Sky Dragon" for long and challenged him to a Duel. However Marik informed Yugi that his friends had been kidnapped. Yugi postponed the Duel as he must find his friends.

Kaiba followed Yugi and caught-up when Yugi was challenged to a Duel by two Rare Hunters, who couldn't decide which of them should face Yugi first. Kaiba appeared and told them to both duel at once in a Tag Duel against him and Yugi. They agree and Kaiba easily defeated both of them at once using "Obelisk the Tormentor". Kaiba took their Locator Cards and handed one to Yugi. He then offered to use KaibaCorp's satellite system to trace the location of Joey's Duel Disk.

As they searched for Yugi's friends, the guys were confronted by Lumis, who showed them that they have kidnapped Mokuba. In order to get Mokuba back, Yugi and Kaiba had to Tag Duel him and Umbra on top of a skyscraper. The Duel was setup such that when a player loses, the glass roof below them shatters sending them to their death. (In the English version, there was a vortex to the Shadow Realm under the glass.)[42] Kaiba's refusal to work as part of a team, initially hindered his and Yugi's performance, while Umbra and Lumis' Decks had been built to work together and prevent the Summoning of the Egyptian Gods. However Kaiba eventually accepted that they must work as a team.[43] He sacrificed his "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" to prevent Yugi from losing and provoked Umbra and Lumis turning them against each other. Yugi and Kaiba worked together to Summon "Obelisk the Tormentor", which defeated Umbra, who used a parachute to save himself. Marik took control of Lumis' mind after he surrendered. Kaiba seized him demanding they release Mokuba. However Marik didn't keep his promise and left Lumis fall unconscious.[44] Kaiba took "Masked Beast Des Gardius"[45] and the locator cards from Lumis. He handed Yugi one of the Locator Cards, qualifying them both for the finals.

Despite Marik's refusal to keep his end of the bargain, Mokuba arrived on the top of the skyscraper in the KaibaCorp helicopter, having escaped captivity with Téa's help. To repay Yugi's friends for saving Mokuba, Kaiba took Yugi to find his friends, having tracked the signal from Joey's Duel Disk. On the helicopter, Yami Yugi told Kaiba that he is a separate personality from Yugi.

They arrived at the Domino Pier and find Joey and Téa are possessed by Marik, with Joey prepared to duel Yugi. Seeing the Duel had been set-up to kill the loser, Kaiba tried to call it off, but Marik disregarded his authority.[47] Once Tristan and Duke arrived at the Duel, Kaiba and Mokuba explained the situation to them.[48] Towards the end of the Duel, Kaiba threw a card at one of the Rare Hunters monitoring the Duel. The card got lodged into his hand, causing him to drop the controls for a crane hovering a giant crate over Téa. With him temporarily unable to drop the crate, the KaibaCorp helicopter pulled it away from Téa. Once the Duel concluded with everyone alive, Kaiba parted and told Yugi that he'll see him at the finals.

Kaiba took his helicopter to the KaibaCorp Stadium, where he waited for the other finalists. After six of the other seven finalists arrived, the true location of the finals, the Kaiba Craft 3 landed. Kaiba's men tried to prevent Yugi and Joey's friends from boarding as they were not finalists, but Kaiba nonchalantly allowed it. On board Kaiba insulted Joey about making it this far by luck and advised Yugi to start using his Egyptian God Card Slifer, the Sky Dragon.

Bakura was greatly injured after his Duel with Yugi. His friends tried talking Kaiba into making an emergency stop to take him to the hospital, but Kaiba refused until Serenity begged for him to show some compassion. He still tried to remain cold, but let Bakura have some medical attention anyway.

Kaiba saw Joey's quarter-final Duel against Odion, who they believed to be Marik, as a chance to find out the abilities of his Egyptian God, "The Winged Dragon of Ra".[52] During the Duel, both players were struck down by Ra's lightning. Kaiba declared that the first player to stand up will be the winner and if neither stand within five minutes they will both be disqualified. He learned that Marik was also a finalist under the disguise "Namu" and while Odion had a fake "The Winged Dragon of Ra", Marik held the real one. He refused to disqualify Marik as he won't be able to win his God Card in that case.

Mai's Duel against the real Marik was also used as a chance to learn more about "The Winged Dragon of Ra". When Mai tried Summoning Ra, which she managed to add to her own hand, hieratic text appeared on the card, which Mai needed to recite in order to Summon it. Kaiba had his satellites photograph the card, so he can have the text translated later, although Marik suggested that Kaiba is already able to read them. Once Mokuba began the translation, he found that some of Ra's effects are also printed there.

In the last of the quarter-finals Kaiba found out the eight finalist is Ishizu Ishtar, as the two of them dueled. In the meantime, Kaiba had Mokuba work on translating Ra's text. Ishizu had already predicted Kaiba's moves for the Duel using her Millennium Necklace and foresaw her own victory.[56] In the first few turns of the Duel, Kaiba had Ishizu send plenty of cards from her Deck to her Graveyard. Ishizu used "Exchange of the Spirit", causing both players to swap the contents of their Decks with their Graveyards, leaving Kaiba with very few cards. Almost finished the translation, Mokuba came out to support Seto in the Duel. Ishizu deliberately allowed Kaiba to Summon "Obelisk the Tormentor", so that she may win using "Blast Held by a Tribute", as predicted.

However Kaiba was affected by the Millennium Rod and felt "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" calling out to him, feeling it wanted him to Summon it. Kaiba saw a vision of the sorcerer holding Kisara's body up to a "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" tablet. Kaiba followed the instinct, claiming he makes his own future and tributed "Obelisk the Tormentor" to play "Blue-Eyes White Dragon", which he used to attack and defeat Ishizu.

Kaiba checked on the progress in translating "The Winged Dragon of Ra's" text. Mokuba told him that they're having trouble with the last few words, but Kaiba looked at the text in astonishment, finding that he's able to read it himself. Remembering what Marik said about only chosen people being able to read the text, what Ishizu said about him being connected to an ancient sorcerer and the instinct that told him to play "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" in the last Duel, Kaiba wondered what was happening to him.

Virtual World arc

While traveling to the finals, the Battle City blimp went out of control and was guided into a mechanical fortress in the sea by Noah. Kaiba, Mokuba, Yugi, Joey, Tristan, Téa, Serenity and Duke were greeted by a projection of the Big Five, who explained that they got trapped in the Virtual World after they failed to trap Kaiba there during the Legendary Heroes game. For that they hate Yugi and his friends for helping Kaiba. Having Kaiba as a common enemy, Noah uploaded their minds into his computer system. Using an altered form of Duel Monsters, they planned to face the gang in order to claim possession of their bodies, so that they may exist in the real world.

The group were then transported to a virtual jungle. Kaiba wasn't fooled into thinking the place was real and allowed himself to be struck by a dinosaur, whose claw simply passed through Kaiba, leaving him unharmed. A virtual copy of Kaiba appeared and duels a Total Defense Shogun in a demonstration of the Deck Master rules, used in this virtual world.[59] The Big Five separated the gang, by making holes appear under them.

Seto and Mokuba ended up together in a forest. The two of them came to a door, which transported them to a virtual reconstruction of the orphanage that they used to live in. Here, they were shown projections of their past, including when they got sent to the orphanage and when they got adopted. Mokuba ran away from Seto over to the door, telling Seto that he had liked things the way they were before they got adopted. At least back then, Mokuba said that Seto smiled once in a while. Seto reminded him that they can't change the past and assured him that it's just an illusion created by Noah. However Mokuba opened the door, causing him to slip over the side of a cliff. Seto reached in on time, catching Mokuba's arm before he fell any further. Seto pulled him up and the two found themselves on top of the cliff. The virtual world Seto designed had safeguards to prevent such harm befalling on people, but this place, they realized, is different. Seto told Mokuba that no matter what they see, he must realize that the past is over. He said that he is not proud of every decision he has made, but they were all made in favor of getting the two of them a better life.

Seto and Mokuba made their way to a log cabin in a forest. Inside they witnessed projections of when they started living with Gozaburo, including Seto being forced to study and having his toys confiscated. The projection faded away and Noah appeared before Seto and Mokuba. Seto asked Noah why he's making them watch this stuff. Noah replied that it's to refresh Seto's memory of how he forced Gozaburo to a dead end and one day Seto shall be punished.

Shortly afterwards, Noah sent them to another recreation of Seto's past, where he argued with Gozaburo over the use the virtual software that Seto had invented. Present day Seto accused Noah of using the virtual software that Gozaburo stole from him.

Seto and Mokuba were then sent to a beach, where they found a TV half-buried. In it they saw Joey's Duel with Johnson and Noah telling Johnson off for cheating.

Having lived in Seto's shadow, Noah needed to prove that he is more deserving of the position of president of KaibaCorp and cannot do that through cheating. Seto wondered why Noah is putting the two of them in competition. Seto suspected, but can't believe it's to do with Gozaburo, since he is dead. Kaiba started to wonder who Noah really is.

Kaiba and Mokuba traveled through a desert, where they saw the ruins of KaibaCorp's old military center.

The two finally made their way to a city. Here Nezbitt, inside Tristan's body, attacked them with a kendo stick. Kaiba tried throwing a card at Nezbitt, but he blocked. He then grabbed a pipe, which Nezbitt easily knocked out of his hand. The real Tristan, in the body of a robot monkey, jumped at the imposter, saving Kaiba. Yugi and his friends arrived and caught the action. Joey punched Nezbitt, smashing him through a warehouse door. However Nezbitt emerged on a motorbike and snatched Mokuba, before driving off. Kaiba grabbed another motorbike and took off after Nezbitt.

The chase led Kaiba to a bridge, where he was stopped by Leichter. Leichter had taken the form of Jinzo, but this was hidden by his trenchcoat. In order to get Mokuba back, Kaiba had to first defeat Leichter in a Duel. Kaiba was given access to Duel Monster cards, bar the Egyptian Gods to build his Deck. Kaiba choose "Lord of Dragons" as his Deck Master. He was initially unable to see Leichter's Deck Master, nor does he care, until one of his Trap Cards was destroyed, revealing Jinzo to be the Deck Master. During the Duel, Leichter taunted Kaiba about using the Big Five and Mokuba in order to overthrow Gozaburo. Leichter's Deck was weapon-themed and Kaiba had worked to remove such aspects from KaibaCorp. Refusing to lose his dream to a weapon of death, Kaiba Summoned "Blue-Eyes White Dragon", which took out Leichter's "Satellite Cannon", before it could launch an attack, winning the Duel for Kaiba.

After the Duel, Noah formed a tunnel and told Kaiba that he must come this way to find Mokuba. Inside he found Noah, disguised as Mokuba, who transported Kaiba to a living room, containing the real Mokuba. Noah insisted that it was Kaiba's former employee that kidnapped Mokuba and that he was the one who rescued him. Kaiba tried to leave with Mokuba. However Mokuba had been brainwashed against him by Noah.

Yugi and Téa arrived and showed Kaiba a picture of Noah with Gozaburo. Noah showed Seto a clip from is own past. There Gozaburo was shown speaking with Noah, he handed him a picture of Seto, saying that he planned to bring Seto here to challenge Noah academically and prove Noah had the intelligence to run KaibaCorp. Noah agreed and called Gozaburo father. Kaiba refused to believe Noah was Gozaburo's son and asked how come they never met before.

Before Noah could answer, an alarm sounded causing him to leave. Kaiba, Téa and Yugi wound up with the rest of Yugi's friends, while Noah took the Big Five away to tell them off for trying to steal bodies having not won their Duels. As Yugi's friends asked Kaiba about Noah and saving Mokuba, he told them to mind their own business and redirected their attention to The Big Five, who are now sharing Tristan's body.

While Yugi and his friends were distracted, Kaiba searched for Mokuba by himself. At the top of a hill, he started calling for Mokuba. Although Mokuba heard him, he refused to answer, accepting Noah as his only brother. The clouds in front of Kaiba disappeared, revealing a Kaiba Land. (In the English version that Kaiba Land had not been built, nor had Kaiba shown anyone its blueprints.)

Inside Kaiba Land, Seto was shown a video with footage of young Noah, spending time with Gozaburo and Noah's funeral, in which Gozaburo said that Noah can still be saved.

Kaiba took a train from Kaiba Land to a volcanic area, where he met Noah. Noah explained how he had his consciousness uploaded into the virtual world shortly after the accident, where he nearly died (in the English version, it is only referred to as an "accident", and Noah says "It is not important what happened to me"). By beating Seto in a Duel, Noah said that he will prove he is superior and return to the real world in Seto's body, where he will take over KaibaCorp. Seto laughs at the idea of Noah beating him and being able to run KaibaCorp. He accepted the challenge and selected "Kaiser Sea Horse" as his Deck Master.

Yugi and his friends arrived to watch the Duel. After a few turns, Seto got a chance to win, but Noah used Mokuba as human shield. Kaiba refused to attack Mokuba and ended his turn. Seto tried talking Mokuba into returning to his side. Yugi pointed out that he was in this situation before when Marik possessed Joey and urged Seto to keep fighting to awaken his bond with Mokuba. Kaiba managed to Summon "Blue-Eyes White Dragon". Mokuba recognized this as the the card he drew for Seto.

Mokuba imagined Seto and himself on the back of a "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" and broke free from Noah's influence. With "Blue-Eyes" out, Seto played "Last Turn" creating one final battle to determine the winner of the Duel. Kaiba choose "Blue-Eyes White Dragon", with 3000 ATK as his monster and Noah chooses his Deck Master, "Shinato's Ark", but revealed its true form "Shinato, King of a Higher Plane", with 3300 ATK. "Shinato" defeated "Blue-Eyes White Dragon", causing Seto to lose the Duel.

Having defeated Seto, Noah turned Seto and Mokuba into stone. However Yugi accused Noah of foul play, by causing Seto to give up his chance for winning over his brother's safety. Yugi then challenged Noah to continue the Duel with him. Should Yugi win everyone Noah trapped would be freed. Yugi combined his Deck with Seto's and continued the Duel from where Seto had left off.[68] When Yugi was on the brink of defeat, he imagined everyone Noah had turned to stone, including Seto, were with him. They each handed Yugi a card to draw with "Card of Sanctity". Using them Yugi defeated Noah, returning everyone who was turned to stone to the way they were before.

Gozaburo appeared in the sky before Noah and his prisoners, revealing that he had digitized his mind after losing KaibaCorp to Seto. Gozaburo revealed how he had used Seto to motivate Noah and previously planned to use his body to host Noah's mind. After Gozaburo uploaded his mind into the Virtual World, he planned to take Seto's body for himself. He no longer intended to do that as he has plans to digitize the entire world and rule it.

Noah led the prisoners, claiming to be taking them to an exit. Despite not trusting Noah, Kaiba went along. As he predicted, Noah betrayed them and split the gang up.[8] Kaiba headed to the virtual KaibaCorp headquarters to confront Gozaburo.

Gozaburo imposed a game of Duel Monsters for Seto to play for his freedom. Seto accepted and found himself struggling against Gozaburo's "Exodia Necross". However he found its weakness and removed the "Exodia" pieces from Gozaburo's Graveyard, stripping it of its abilities. Seto defeated "Exodia Necross" with "Blue-Eyes White Dragon", winning the Duel.

Gozaburo was unwilling to give up and transformed into a monster and proceeded to attack Seto. Yugi appeared and managed to save Seto in time. Noah had set the virtual world servers to self-destruct, but having had a change of heart, he helped Seto and Yugi escape. He told them to jump off the KaibaCorp building and opened a gateway to the real world, which they passed through before hitting the ground. Before leaving Kaiba exclaimed, "I won't be buried with you, Gozaburo".

Yugi, Kaiba and Mokuba ran to escape the fortress before the missiles struck. Joey and Tristan helped them get onto the moving blimp, as they left Noah's fortress, before it got destroyed.

Battle City Finals arc

Kaiba, his colleagues and guests arrived safely at Alcatraz for the Battle City finals.

Kaiba, Yugi, Joey and Marik partook in a Battle Royal to determine the matchups for the semi-finals. Each duelist selected a monster to exclude from their Deck to determine the order of play. Kaiba chose the "Masked Beast Des Gardius", which he had taken from Lumis. Since it had the highest ATK, Kaiba got to go first.[45] Since "The Winged Dragon of Ra" is the strongest of the Egyptian Gods, Kaiba planned to win "Slifer" off Yugi so he could have two Egyptian Gods when facing Marik and "Ra". Wanting to face Yugi in the semi-finals and too proud to purposely lose, Kaiba made sure he and Yugi were the last two standing in the Battle Royal, matching them up for the second semi-final.

Before Joey's Duel with Marik, Kaiba commented that Joey didn't stand a chance against "The Winged Dragon of Ra". Joey protested that he went up against "Ra" before, but Kaiba reminded him how it knocked him unconscious. Kaiba told Yugi that his computer had managed to translate "Ra's" effects. However, Yugi was unconvinced and believed Kaiba's connection with the past played a part in translating the text. Kaiba planned to use Joey as a guinea pig, so he can study Marik's strategy. Had it been Yugi that was facing Marik, Marik would win "Slifer the Sky Dragon" making it harder for Kaiba to defeat him in the finals. Yugi smirked that Kaiba's plan had a flaw; he has to get past him first.

Towards the end of the Duel, Marik had Joey hit hard by one of "Ra's" effects. Mokuba protests that Marik has gone too far, but Kaiba refused to stop the Duel as he must see "Ra's" abilities with his own eyes. Kaiba was stunned to see Joey still standing after taking the blast. Joey prepared to attack Marik directly with his "Gearfried the Iron Knight" to win, but collapsed. Kaiba gave Joey 30 seconds to rise. Unable to do so, Joey was disqualified. Kaiba was impressed with Joey's performance, thinking to himself "The way you die, at last I'll recognize you as a Duelist". (In the English version, Kaiba thought that Joey wasn't the third-rate amateur he thought he was.)

Kaiba faced Yugi in the second quarter-final. He created a holographic Colosseum of spectators around the top of the tower for the Duel.

Kaiba tried to Summon "Obelisk the Tormentor" at an early stage, but Yami Yugi manages to counter both his attempts. Kaiba stole "Slifer the Sky Dragon" from Yugi's Deck using "Lullaby of Obedience". However Yami took it back with "Exchange", which he had been planning to use on "Obelisk".[76] Yami and Kaiba each managed to Summon their respective Egyptian Gods. The two constantly altered the Gods' ATK or blocked each others attacks, preventing the other from destroying their God. Kaiba attempted to win using "Obelisk's" effect, tributing two monsters to inflict 4000 damage to Yami, but Yami Yugi discarded "Kuriboh" to protect himself. Eventually the two Gods attacked each other and after a number of alterations each ended up with 4000 ATK[78] and destroyed each other.

The battle of Gods caused Yami Yugi and Kaiba's consciousness to be transported to an ancient city. Here they saw "Obelisk" and "Slifer" turned to stone, while elsewhere, the Sorcerer Seto and Nameless Pharaoh battled. The Sorcerer told the Pharaoh that he's powerless in the face of the darkness and the land will soon meet the fate of its destruction. When questioned as to why he joined the forces of darkness, the sorcerer replied that he and his followers had allegiance to neither the Dark One nor the Pharaoh. The Sorcerer Summoned Blue-Eyes White Dragon from a tablet and the Pharaoh countered with Dark Magician. The two returned to present time. Kaiba asked if Yami had the same vision as he did. Yami Yugi claimed that their Duel is related to the one from 3000 years ago (5000 years in the English version), and Kaiba said their Duel is destined. (In the English version, Kaiba calls the vision an illusion.)

Kaiba and Yami continued the Duel. They quickly Summoned "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" and "Dark Magician" respectively.[79] Kaiba used "Lord of Dragons" and "The Flute of Summoning Dragon" to bring out his other two "Blue-Eyes White Dragons". Yugi used it to Summon Joey's "Red-Eyes Black Dragon" from his own hand. Yami blocked the attacks from two of the three dragons, destroying one of them and "Lord of Dragons" in the process. Kaiba used "Monster Reborn" and "Polymerization" to Summon "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon", but Yami played "Double Spell" copying Kaiba's last two Magic Cards, allowing him to Summon "Dark Paladin". Yami told Kaiba that if he stands at the top filled with hatred, he won't find real victory. He'll only have to find new hatred, and his future will be filled with endless hatred. Kaiba attacked "Dark Paladin" with "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon", but Yami Yugi used "De-Fusion", splitting the "Ultimate Dragon" into three "Blue-Eyes White Dragons". He used "Diffusion Wave-Motion", allowing "Dark Paladin" to attack all three of them, winning the Duel.

Kaiba thought Battle City was his tournament, the entire event was designed so that he would be victorious, he wanted to put the memory of his adoptive father behind him and be crowned the world's best duelist atop his Duel Tower. Despite coming so close, his victory slipped away from him. Yugi compliments Kaiba on the Duel, but Kaiba said he doesn't want his pity. Yugi admitted Kaiba is a strong duelist, but he was defeated by the monster in his heart called "hatred". Yugi pointed out how friendship helped him win, but Kaiba said that everyone is alone in this world and he doesn't want any pals to slow him down. Yugi called that sad, to which he just scoffs. Kaiba accepted his defeat and angrily gave Yugi his "Obelisk the Tormentor" card, as per the rules of the tournament.

As Kaiba left, Joey, who had awoken from his coma, challenged Kaiba to a third place play-off. Kaiba wasn't interested at first and considered dueling Joey to be waste of time. But Joey persisted and Kaiba eventually accepted. At the bottom of the Duel Tower, the two faced off. Kaiba played "Crush Card" at an early stage, eliminating Joey's stronger monsters.[82] Regardless Joey put up a good fight. He annoyed Kaiba by taking control of one of his "Blue-Eyes White Dragons".[83] Towards the end of the Duel, Joey attempted to win by using "Time Wizard" to age "Baby Dragon" into "Thousand Dragon" and weaken Kaiba's "Blue-Eyes White Dragon". Kaiba scolded Joey for thinking the Duel is fun. (In the English version, he mocked Joey for relying on luck to win his Duels.) Kaiba used "Interdimensional Matter Transporter" to save his dragon from "Time Wizard" and won on his next turn. Kaiba left thinking the Duel was a waste of time.

Initially Kaiba had no intention of watching the final Duel between Yugi and Marik, but was confronted by Ishizu, who told him Yugi is going to need his help to defeat Marik. Kaiba walked away, not caring if Yugi loses. Ishizu called him back and said "pret kreto", an Ancient Egyptian phrase, which to Kaiba's own surprise, he understood. She said that these words were prayers for the dead, from a friend that were engraved on a stone found in the Pharaoh's temple. (In the English version, Ishizu didn't speak Ancient Egyptian and told Kaiba that his own future is at stake.) Ishizu told Kaiba of his connection to the sorcerer, who was the Pharaoh's rival, but ultimately helped the Pharaoh save his people and now history is repeating itself. Kaiba was unconvinced and left to prepare for the detonation of the the Duel Tower. However, Mokuba started to cry that Yugi and Joey were right about Kaiba being filled with hate, dueling for all the wrong reasons and never having fun anymore either.

Kaiba reconsidered and decided to help Yugi, despite hosting the tournament to beat him. Kaiba estimated Yugi's chances of winning to be 3%, but he has a card that can beat "The Winged Dragon of Ra". If Yugi could figure out how to use it, it would give him a 20% chance of winning. (Kaiba made no such calculations in the English version.) As he made his way to the Duel, Kaiba remembered Yugi saying that the strength of his friends brought him victory and wondered if Yugi can create a miracle if he entrusts him with this card. (In the English version, Kaiba thought he'd enjoy watching Yugi fall at the hands of Marik, but it would be interesting to see if Yugi has what it takes to use this card.) Before the Duel, Kaiba gave Yugi the card, "Fiend's Sanctuary". Kaiba told Ishizu that he only helped Yugi to prove her wrong when he loses.

Kaiba watched the Duel and saw the card he gave Yugi, help out.[85] He congratulated Yugi after he won.

With the tournament over, Kaiba and Mokuba, initiated the self-destruction of the Duel Tower to destroy their memory of Gozaburo and his loss to Yugi.[86] While everyone else left in the helicopter, Kaiba and Mokuba leave in the Blue-Eyes White Dragon jet, as they planned to start work on Kaiba Land in America right away.

Waking the Dragons arc

When real Duel Monsters started appearing, KaibaCorp got plenty of phone calls from people, who believed they were created by Kaiba's Solid Vision. Kaiba, who was still in America working on Kaiba Land, made an announcement on TV. He said that they had shut down their system as a test and found the monsters still appeared, so something other than their system is causing the monsters to be created.

In his office, Kaiba thinks that someone is trying to make a fool out of him and wondered if the monster appearances were the doing of one of his rivals. He suspected Industrial Illusions and got Roland to contact them. Mokuba rushed into the office and tells Kaiba that someone has bought all of their stocks. Alister, pretending to be Pegasus calls Kaiba, claiming to be the one who bought the stocks, but he's not interested in Kaiba's company. He tells Kaiba that he must duel him in Duelist Kingdom, or else, he will sell all of his stocks, ruining the Kaiba Corporation, and therefore, destroy his goal of building Kaiba Land.

Kaiba and Mokuba took the Blue-Eyes White Dragon jet to Duelist Kingdom. They confronted Alister disguised as Pegasus in the castle. Kaiba accused him of being responsible for the monster appearances. Alister claimed that it's all Kaiba's responsibility. Kaiba demanded to know what he meant, and Alister said that he will tell him if Kaiba can beat him in a Duel. Alister used the Dueling Arena, while Kaiba choose to put his cards on his Duel Disk, as he did not trust Pegasus.

Alister used Pegasus' Toon strategy. Kaiba stopped this by destroying "Toon World" and accused Pegasus of using the same old strategy. After noting that Pegasus isn't predictable, he doubted he was facing the real Pegasus, so Alister revealed the disguise. Alister then played "The Seal of Orichalcos", so that the loser would lose their soul.[89] Alister accuses Kaiba of ruining his life, since his brother had been killed (went missing in the English version) in a war, where Gozaburo sold weapons to both sides. Since Alister had been studying Kaiba, he was able to predict that Kaiba would rely on "Crush Card", and prevented this with "Royal Decree". He took control of two of Kaiba's "Blue-Eyes White Dragons" to stage the perfect revenge. Kaiba realized that there wasn't a card in his Deck that could save him, but before drawing his next card, his consciousness was transported to a hall, where he sees two dragons trapped crystal. He removes a sword from one of the dragons, freeing it. To Kaiba's surprise, he somehow knows the dragon's name is Critias. (In the English version, Dark Magician Girl told him that he had been chosen to release Critius and instructed him to remove the sword.) Kaiba returned to reality and drew his next card, "The Fang of Critias", which was not in his Deck before. He combined it with "Crush Card", forming "Doom Virus Dragon". He used "Doom Virus Dragon" to destroy Alister's monsters and attack him, but Alister played "Contagion of Madness", making the Duel a Draw. Since it was a Draw, neither player lost their soul.

Afterwards Kaiba wondered about the card, "The Fang of Critias". After boarding his jet, he received an e-mail from HQ, saying that he needed to come back, but Kaiba opted to visit Industrial Illusions to ask about the card instead. Mokuba was unable to contact Pegasus on the way. Kaiba suspected that this would happen; whoever Alister is working for has already captures Pegasus and wants him next. Kaiba wondered how he could know the effect of the card; he doesn't believe in the supernatural, but the power of the card is very real. While on the jet, Kaiba noticed "The Fang of Critias" glowing while elsewhere Joey Wheeler acquired "The Claw of Hermos".

Kaiba arrived at Industrial Illusions American headquarters, where he encountered Yugi, Joey, Téa, Tristan and Duke. He asked about Pegasus and learned that Mai Valentine has been there earlier and taken his soul using "The Seal of Orichalcos". Kaiba briefed the others in on his encounter with the imposter Pegasus, who he believes is trying to take over his company. In search of answers, the group followed by Rex and Weevil go to a private room, which Yugi is able to open using a card Pegasus gave him. A hologram of Pegasus informed the party about Doma's involvement in historical events. Kaiba recalled Gozaburo saying something about a dark force behind the world economy, which he now believes could be Doma. (In the English version, Kaiba says that this is just a hoax by Pegasus.)[94] Kaiba learned that Yugi and Joey also have Legendary Dragon cards like "Critias" and Yami claimed it was their destiny to work together to defeat Doma. However Kaiba left them, claiming that he's the one who decides his fate.

After Kaiba returned to KaibaCorp headquarters, he received word of their stock plummeting and nearly half of the company being bought out by an unknown investor. Kaiba believed that it was Doma's doing and had his employees research what they could find about Doma. Mokuba was concerned about Kaiba facing Alister, again as he believed that Alister was simply fighting for his brother. However, Kaiba insisted that he must knock Doma down or there won't be any hope for KaibaCorp or Kaiba Land. (In the English version, Kaiba believed that Pegasus was behind the problems and Mokuba suggested that it could be Alister.)

Kaiba received a phone call from Joey, who asked him for a lift to Florida in exchange for information about Doma, but Joey got overexcited and told him that one of them defeated Yugi in a Duel and took his soul. Kaiba became outraged over Yugi throwing away his championship title to some "nobody" and not him. He called Yami Yugi a disgrace to the game and hung up the phone, thinking that this is just another excuse to hunt down those thugs.

On board a company plane, as Kaiba and Mokuba notice a bizarre light phenomenon outside the window, the pilot, who is Alister in disguise reports that there will be some turbulence.[97] The brothers get curious as to what is going on and find that the rest of the plane is empty. They finally found Alister, who demands a rematch and informs them that the other passengers had been evacuated before the flight, as he didn't want them to interfere with their Duel. (In the English version, he said that the other passengers had been an illusion.) Kaiba flipped a switch, which removed the furniture and cleared a space for dueling. Alister vowed to hang Kaiba's soul on Mikey's tombstone and the Duel began.

Once Alister played "The Seal of Orichalcos", its green light damaged the plane and switched off the autopilot. The sides of the plane appeared as if they disappeared and the seal rose Kaiba and Alister to the roof of the plane and formed a dome over itself.

During the Duel, Kaiba is sent to an illusion of a city that was made a battlefield by KaibaCorp, when Gozaburo was in power. Kaiba appeared in a hideout, where he met Aaron, who looks like Mokuba. Aaron, along with Tony and Dennis had collected weapons from the battlefield to give to people protecting the city. (The references to the weapons were removed in the English version.)

Outside, Aaron offered to play chess with Kaiba by etching the board in the soil and using empty weapon cartridges as pieces. This reminded Kaiba of how he used to play chess with Mokuba in the orphanage before they were adopted. (The game of chess was removed in the English version.) Kaiba and Aaron were interrupted when the hideout was bombed. Aaron tried to run over there to save Tony and Dennis, but Kaiba stopped him, insisting that it was too dangerous. When Aaron turns to Kaiba to plead, he turns into Mokuba pleading to Kaiba. A tank then appeared and shot at Kaiba and Aaron. The tank turned out to be one of Alister's cards and the Duel resumed in the city, while Aaron had disappeared. Alister explained what Kaiba had seen had really happened before; Aaron, Dennis and Tony were his friends growing up, that attack from the tank had killed Aaron and Alister's brother Mikey had been killed in the same way. (The mentions of death are removed in the English version.) The vision of the city faded shortly afterwards and the Duel continued on the airplane. Alister accused Kaiba of being like Gozaburo and expressed his wishes for a world free of war, which isn't possible with people like Gozaburo. To achieve such a world, he claimed to need Kaiba's soul.

After sending an SOS to Roland, Mokuba appeared to watch and begged Kaiba to stop the Duel or Alister would lose his soul. Kaiba claimed that he needed to defeat Alister for the sake of Kaiba Land. (In the English version, he said that he doesn't back down from a challenge.) Roland appeared with a team of helicopters to rescue the Kaiba brothers later in the Duel. Kaiba asks Alister if he would destroy the whole world if it meant hurting Mikey. Kaiba then goes to tell Alister that what happened to Mikey was Alister's fault, as it is an older brother's duty to protect the younger brother. Alister, outraged, used the "Seal of Orichalcos" to damage the plane further and send it plummeting and then refuses to end his turn, telling Kaiba that he can't protect his brother either. Mokuba calls to Alister to think what Mikey would think of Alister if he saw him acting like this, causing Alister to see Mikey in Mokuba. Kaiba tells Alister that no matter what he won't let anything happen to Mokuba and that he can win in one turn if Alister ends his turn.

Alister agrees to give Kaiba one chance, to see if Kaiba can really protect Mokuba and he ends his turn. Kaiba used "The Fang of Critias" to form "Tyrant Burst Dragon", whose effect powered up his "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" (In the English version, the combination was called "Blue-Eyes Tyrant Dragon"), and defeated Alister before the plane crashed. Mokuba mourns over Alister's soulless body while Kaiba runs to the cockpit. Kaiba asks Alister if he can hear him because he will land the plane and not let Mokuba get hurt. The three Legendary Dragons, Timaeus, Critias and Hermos then appeared and carried the plane to a safe landing.

At some point, Kaiba sent men to the museum in Florida to find clues regarding the undersea ruins.

Outside the plane, Kaiba and Mokuba met Joey, Téa, Tristan and Yami Yugi, who had followed the dragons. Roland landed his helicopter and informed them of KaibaCorp being bought out by Doma. Yami Yugi tried to convince Kaiba that they were brought together for a reason. Despite not believing in destiny, Kaiba said they might be useful and gave them a lift in one of the helicopters. Despite no longer working for Kaiba, Roland and Fuguta vowed to help him. Kaiba receives images of the ruins from the men he sent to the museum, who are attacked by ninjas immediately afterwards. Kaiba sent the data from the ruins to Rebecca's laptop. However the ruins were too worn for her and Arthur to decipher them. Kaiba ordered the pilot to take them to the United States KaibaCorp headquarters. Despite it being taken over by Doma, it had the necessary technology to clear-up the images.

The group met up with Duke, Arthur and Rebecca at the pier near the KaibaCorp building. Kaiba and Yami Yugi took an underground passage into the building. Once they got inside they were attacked, by Duel Monster Spirits. By playing cards on their Duel Disks, Yami Yugi and Kaiba were able to Summon monsters to fight them off. The monsters are eventually destroyed and the two are cornered. However Rebecca, who hacked into the security system manages to open and close doors to Kaiba and Yami Yugi's advantage safely guiding them to the central computer mainframe. Using the computer, Kaiba cleaned-up the images and sent them to Arthur, who translated them as a prophecy about a black serpent returning and Atlantis ruling again. Kaiba recognized an insignia on the ruins as that of Paradius.

The president of Paradius, Dartz, destroys the computers and appears before Kaiba and Yami Yugi standing on The Great Leviathan. Kaiba figured that Dartz is also in charge of Doma. Yami Yugi and Kaiba attempt to Duel him and Summon "The Eye of Timaeus" and "The Fang of Critias". However Dartz disappeared before they could attack him. The Duel Spirits then broke into the room, causing Kaiba and Yami Yugi to flee to the roof, where they boarded the Blue-Eyes White Dragon jet and crash landed.

Kaiba and Yami Yugi met up with the others and got the location of Paradius headquarters from Rebecca. However they were ambushed by Orichalcos Soldiers, who Yami Yugi and Kaiba managed to fight off by Summoning "Timaeus" and "Critias". Kaiba then left the group to find defeat Dartz himself and reminded them that they can use his satellite system to track Joey's location.

Kaiba and Mokuba stopped at a car shop and hopped into a sportscar. The salesman tried to stop them, but Kaiba handed him a check for $500,000 and sped off. They were stopped by a group of Orichalcos Soldiers one block from the headquarters. Kaiba fought them off using "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" and "The Fang of Critias" and continued to drive to the headquarters, but was stopped once again when he bumped into Téa and Tristan with Joey's now soulless body. They were forced to abandon the car as they got onto a fire escape to get away from a swarm of rats with glowing red eyes. The five of them then made their way to the Paradius headquarters, where they found Yami Yugi dueling Rafael.

After the Duel, the building started to collapse. Fortunately for the group, Roland arrived in the helicopter to rescue them. They witnessed the outside of the building crumble away, revealing an Atlantian building inside it. Yami Yugi handed Kaiba a chip, he received from Raphael, which Kaiba inserted into a device and found it contained a map to Dartz's lair. They prepared to fly towards it, but military helicopters appeared and gestured them to follow. They were guided through a swarm of locusts and onto the USS Courage. (The locusts were removed in the English version.)

The military asked for their help in defeating Doma. Doma had been controlling the country's politics preventing them from initiating an attack. (In the English version, Dartz had not been leaving enough evidence to allow them to attack.) The military then flew them to Dartz's temple.

Inside the temple, they found the souls of everyone taken by "The Seal of Orichalcos" sealed in slabs lining the walls. Dartz appeared before them and explained that he has spent ten millennia collecting the souls to revive The Great Leviathan. For the souls to be freed, Dartz said that the Nameless Pharaoh must defeat him first. Not wanting to face Dartz alone, Yami Yugi enlisted Kaiba for help and the two of them faced Dartz together.

During the Duel, the Orichalcos generated another vision of the past. This time they witnessed Atlantis ten millennia previous, as it became corrupted by the Orichalcos, resulting in the Battle of Atlantis, which caused the city to sink.

The two managed to work together as a team, but when Dartz's "Mirror Knight Tokens" bore the faces of Yugi, Joey, Mai and Pegasus, all of whom had been taken by "The Seal of Orichalcos", Kaiba was unable to talk Yami Yugi into attacking them. Kaiba learned that Dartz had been disguised as Gozaburo in order to manipulate Alister into hating the Kaiba family. Kaiba finally lost, but transferred the ATK of his "Mirror Force Dragon" to Yami's Life Points using "Wish of Final Effort", before losing his soul. Yami Yugi made use of the extra Life Points to win the Duel.

After he lost, Kaiba's soul was inside a bubble being sucked into The Great Leviathan, along with some of the other lost souls. Once Yami Yugi defeated Dartz, the Legendary Knights freed the chosen duelists; Yugi, Joey and Kaiba, from the Leviathan.

Outside, the group found that Atlantis has risen out of the sea. Kaiba, Yugi and Joey returned into temple to find Dartz. Yugi handed Kaiba and Joey back their Legendary Dragon cards and the trio entered a vortex transporting them to the heart of Atlantis. They found that Dartz had left his body and combined with The Great Leviathan, to compensate for not getting the souls of the chosen duelists.

Kaiba, Yami Yugi and Joey Summoned a barrage of monsters to battle the leviathan and are accompanied by an army Dark Magician Girl brought from the Spirit World. However the Leviathan shot tendrils at the three duelists and pulled them inside it. By absorbing the strength of the other souls within the leviathan, Yami Yugi managed to Summon the Egyptian Gods and free himself, Kaiba and Joey. Kaiba witnessed the Gods attacking the Leviathan, freeing the souls it had taken.

As Yami Yugi battled what was left of The Great Leviathan, Kaiba and Joey were forced to leave Atlantis as a tidal wave approached. They met up with the others and took off in the KaibaCorp helicopter. After The Great Leviathan was defeated and Atlantis sunk once more, Kaiba's "The Fang of Critias" card disappeared.

Grand Championship arc

Kaiba managed to reclaim the stock he lost to Doma, but KaibaCorp still lost a lot of reputation and the price of its stock went down. Mokuba suggested that they host a tournament at the grand opening of the USA Kaiba Land. Kaiba agreed and decided to call it the KaibaCorp Grand Championship. He sent invites to some of the greatest duelists in the world, but, because of his busy schedule, he was not able to take part himself. He arranged it as a sixteen player knockout with the winner facing Yugi.

At the opening of the Kaiba Land Zigfried von Schroeder hacked into the Kaiba Dome's computer system. By the time Kaiba arrived at the Dome, Yugi had defeated the CPU in a game of Duel Monsters, restoring control to normal. Unsure who did it, Kaiba tightened security and vowed to punish the hacker.

At the beginning of the tournament Kaiba jetpacked into the Kaiba Dome to introduce the tournament as the ultimate test of survival with Kaiba Land as its battlefield.

With the tournament running too smoothly, Kaiba suspected the hacker must be already be in Kaiba Land and got Roland to perform a background check on all the competitors in the tournament. Kaiba grew suspicious of Zigfried, who had entered the tournament under the name "Zigfried Lloyd", when he saw him announce to a surveillance camera that he has a special show in store for Kaiba, before dueling Rex and Weevil, who snuck in. Kaiba prepared for an attack on the computer system, such that he would be able to completely back-up the system should it get damaged.

During Joey's Duel with Zigfried, Zigfried thought Kaiba was too slow with figuring him out and gave Kaiba a clue by triggering a virus causing electronics around the park to go haywire. Kaiba then remembered his encounter with Zigfried at the party thrown by Gozaburo. Kaiba managed to stop the virus and ordered Roland to perform another background check on Zigfried Lloyd and find out if he's connected to the Schroeder family.

They found no personal or family information about Zigfried Lloyd, but plenty of tournament history and that he had entered these tournaments through the recommendation of politicians who were not available to comment. However Kaiba picked Bayern Governer Fravz from the list of politicians and insisted that they ask him again and mention that Kaiba still remembers "what happened". (In the English version, Kaiba told them to make him an offer he can't refuse.) After finishing the background check, Kaiba's suspicions were confirmed, as he found Zigfried's true identity.

Before the final Duel between Zigfried and Leon von Schroeder, who had entered under the fake name "Leon Wilson", Kaiba interrupted and exposed Zigfried as Zigfried von Schroeder from Schroeder Corp. He accused Zigfried of causing the machines to go haywire, and disqualified him for entering under a fake name. Zigfried accused Kaiba of being a coward, afraid that someone from Schroeder Corp might win the tournament and become the world champion. Kaiba disagreed, commenting that he was kicking Zigfried out because he didn't like him, not because he was scared of him. Kaiba then broke his promise of not dueling in the tournament in favor of embarrassing Zigfried on TV and challenged him to a Duel.[18]

As they dueled, Zigfried stated how KaibaCorp had always been one step ahead of Schroeder Corp in the gaming industry, including Kaiba making the contract with Pegasus to develop holographic technology for Duel Monsters, just before he could make a similar contract. (In the English version, he accused Kaiba of stealing his invention.) With KaibaCorp's stock low, Zigfried planned to defeat Kaiba and destroy KaibaCorp's reputation and cause Pegasus to give up on KaibaCorp and make a new partnership with Schroeder Corp. However Kaiba went on to win the Duel. Believing that Zigfried is no longer a threat, Kaiba didn't bother having him removed.

As Leon faced Yugi in the title Duel, Kaiba noticed Leon was acting strange. One of his employees performed another background check on Leon Wilson and found that he is part of the Schroeder family. Zigfried appeared on Kaiba's balcony and revealed that Leon winning the tournament had been his plan all along. Kaiba was unable to disqualify Leon as the tournament rules forbade him from interrupting Duels.

Leon played the card "Golden Castle of Stromberg", which should be Illegal, but Zigfried had hacked the system to allow it. Unknown to Leon, Zigfried had also re-written the data on the card, so that it would inflict a deadly virus into KaibaCorp's computer system when played. Kaiba tried to launch an anti-virus, but was too late. As Kaiba and his workers tried to stop the virus, Yugi managed to destroy "Golden Castle of Stromberg", stopping the virus from doing further damage.

Despite Leon losing the Duel, Zigfried believed the virus had done enough damage to destroy years worth of programming, but due to his earlier preparations, Kaiba was able to restore everything.

Dawn of the Duel arc

Yami Bakura appeared on Kaiba's computer screen to show him that he had kidnapped Mokuba and challenged Kaiba to a Shadow Game of Duel Monsters on the roof of the KaibaCorp building. To Kaiba's surprise purple mist surrounded them as they dueled, but Bakura told Kaiba not to be so shocked as he used to play this game 3000 years ago. (In the English version, he said that Kaiba's attitude hadn't changed in 5000 years.) When Kaiba Summoned "Blue-Eyes White Dragon", Bakura showed him a vision of Priest Seto holding Kisara up to the "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" tablet. Yami Bakura left before they could conclude the Duel and chucked Kaiba the Millennium Eye, telling him to bring it to Egypt if he wants to understand the nature of his bond with Blue-Eyes White Dragon.

Roland later informed Kaiba that Yugi and his friends had boarded a flight to Egypt. Wondering why they did that, Kaiba looked at the Millennium Eye and thought Bakura must have gotten to them. Kaiba initially had no interest, but after Diabound used "Blue-Eyes'" "White Lightning" attack in the Memory World, Kaiba looked at Eye again, swearing he just heard "Blue-Eyes White Dragon". As Kaiba thought about what was going on the Eye started to glow and he saw another vision of Priest Seto standing on a balcony with the Pharaoh. Somewhat convinced, Kaiba took his Blue-Eyes White Dragon jet and flew to Cairo.

At Egypt, Kaiba landed near a museum, where he was greeted by the Marik, Ishizu and Odion Ishtar, who mistakenly thought he was here to see the pharaoh's tablet and told him that it had been moved to its original resting place. However Kaiba told them about Bakura and showed them the Millennium Eye. Fearing Bakura was up to no good, they advised Kaiba to go to the tablet to find out the truth.

Kaiba arrived at the cavern where the tablet was. He found Bakura, Yugi, Joey, Téa and Tristan's bodies lying unconscious on the floor. The Millennium Eye then lit up and sent a beam at the tablet and showed him visions of Priest Seto and other Ancient Egyptians. At the Shadow RPG table, Yami Bakura sucked Kaiba through a vortex into the Ancient Egyptian Memory World in order to absorb some of his soul to revive Thief Bakura.

Kaiba woke up in an alley afterwards and found that other people were unable to see him and could pass through him as if he wasn't there. However he met Kisara, who was able to see him and mistook him for Priest Seto. After realizing that he wasn't, she informed that an evil force was threatening their land and they must act quickly or everything would be lost. She bade him farewell and ran off.

Kaiba followed Kisara and watched her warn Priest Seto of the danger. The two of them were then attacked by the Shadow Magus. Kaiba saw a battle between Kisara, Seto and later Pharaoh Atem against the Shadow Magus, which resulted in the deaths of Kisara and the Magus, as well as "Blue-Eyes White Dragon's" spirit being sealed in a tablet. Afterwards the Pharaoh, who Kaiba recognized as Yami Yugi spoke to him. He told him who Priest Seto is and that they are playing a Dark Game formed by the memories of 3000 years ago. He advised Kaiba to try and get out because Zorc was about to be revived. The two of them watched Seto cover Kisara's body. (In the English version, Yami Yugi asked if Kaiba believed him now. Kaiba said that for all he knows it could be a bad dream. Yami Yugi looked at Seto and asked Kaiba to tell him that. However Kaiba asked if he's supposed to feel bad because some guy who looks like him lost his girlfriend.) After Yami Yugi and Seto left, Kaiba took another look at Kisara's body before leaving.

Kaiba saw the Egyptian Gods battling Zorc and to his surprise saw the Gods defeated. He saw Seto Summon "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" to battle Zorc, but to his horror it also got destroyed. Kaiba went after Zorc as he attacked a city. He saw two boys running from Zorc and yelled at Zorc to stop. In response, Zorc blasted fire at him. Kaiba managed to dodge it, but was unable to get the boys to move before they were incinerated. (The fire and the boys being killed were removed from the English version.) A Duel Disk appeared on Kaiba's hand, which he used to Summon a "Blue-Eyes White Dragon". Zorc reminded him that Seto had already tried that. However, Kaiba fused it with his other two "Blue-Eyes White Dragons" to form "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon". As he did this, the souls of Kisara and Seto were drawn into the dragon. "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon" and Zorc battled for a while. The ultimate collision of light and shadow created a bridge between worlds and the real world became visible in the sky.

Elsewhere Atem saw the "Ultimate Dragon" and thought Kaiba is the only person he's known to ever be able to Summon that monster. Using the power of the Millennium Puzzle, Millennium Scale and his DiaDhank, Atem gained the armor of "Black Luster Soldier" and fused himself and Kaiba with the Dragon creating "Master of Dragon Soldier". They attack Zorc, causing a massive burst of energy. The attack was strong, but didn't destroy Zorc. "Master of Dragon Soldier" disappeared and Atem and Kaiba returned to normal.

As Yugi and his friends tried to make the Pharaoh's hieroglyphic name appear on the cartouche, Zorc launched an attack at them, but Kaiba blocked it using "Ring of Defense". Zorc then threw another fireball at the ring, destroying it and throwing Kaiba back. Yami Yugi finally learned his name from reading the cartouche. With knowledge of it, he was able to revive the Egyptian Gods and fuse them into The Creator God of Light, Horakhty, who destroyed Zorc.

After the battle, Kaiba, Yami Yugi, Yugi, Téa and Tristan flew into the gateway in the sky to return to their world.

The group woke up back in the cavern with the tablets. Kaiba threw the Millennium Eye to Yami Yugi, who was back residing in Yugi's body. Joey began to question Kaiba on how he got it, but stopped at the sight of Bakura appearing. But they quickly found out it was the "good" Bakura. As the others helped Bakura out, Kaiba stayed back with Yami Yugi and took a final look at the tablets.

Outside the cavern, the group met the Ishtars, who were ready to take Yami Yugi to the Shrine of the Millennium Stone where he can finally be laid to rest. The group drove to a dock, where Kaiba was reunited with Mokuba.

Ceremonial Battle arc

On board the ship, Joey asked Kaiba why he was coming. Although he didn't answer, Ishizhu said that since his fate was influenced by the gods, Kaiba should witness this event with his own eyes. (In the English version, she said that although Kaiba won't admit it, he is here to witness the Pharaoh's final rite of passage.) After learning that the pharaoh must lose a Duel as his final test, Joey and Kaiba both wanted to face him. However Yugi said that he will be the one to face the pharaoh.

Angrily Kaiba said that Yugi can't beat Atem. (In the English version, Kaiba said he didn't come this far to see Yugi lose his title to his imaginary friend.) Still unhappy, but accepting it, Kaiba told Yugi to at least build a real Deck if he's going to be dueling and offered him a briefcase of cards to use to construct a Deck. Yugi declined in favor of using his and Yami Yugi's cards.

The next day the group were led to the Shrine of the Millennium Stone. Kaiba watched from the sidelines and witnessed the Pharaoh separate from Yugi's body. He commented that they were about to find out who the true King of Games is. As Kaiba predicted, Yami Yugi used the Egyptian God cards, but to Kaiba's surprise he managed to get all three on the field at once.

Thinking it was obvious who would win, Kaiba prepared to leave. Joey, Téa and Tristan tried talking him out of it, but to no avail. Kaiba thought that if the Pharaoh wins, at least he can have a rematch with him. Yugi then called Kaiba to stay, saying that he owes it to the Pharaoh. (In the English version, he said that he thought Kaiba would like to see him beaten, but Kaiba replied that that was only if he was the one who got to beat him.) Yugi insisted that the Pharaoh and Kaiba have a history and Kaiba should be here to say goodbye when he loses. Kaiba was surprised to hear that Yugi still thought he could win. Since Yugi was so determined, Kaiba said that he would stay until the end. (In the English version, Kaiba said that once Yugi loses, he will show the pharaoh a real Duel.)

Kaiba was unable to find any weakness in the God Cards and thought Yugi will have to show him a Duel beyond his imagination to beat them. (In the English version, Kaiba thought that all this time the Pharaoh had been dueling for Yugi, while Yugi took the credit.) To Kaiba's astonishment, Yugi managed to destroy the three God Cards by repeatedly redirecting the "Lightning Blast" effect of "Slifer the Sky Dragon" back at them in the one turn. Having never seen anything like it before, Kaiba said that he now believes Yugi. (In the English version, he said that Yugi really is the true King of Games.) Joey was surprised to see Kaiba cheering for Yugi. Kaiba was once again surprised when the Pharaoh said that he knew Yugi would defeat the Gods and that was only the first stage of the Duel. When Yugi was forced to battle the "Dark Magician", Kaiba was glad that he stuck around.

After Yugi won, Kaiba watched Yami Yugi pass on into the afterlife. Once he was gone, the cavern started to collapse, and everyone ran outside. Kaiba and Mokuba left Egypt afterwards in the Blue-Eyes White Dragon jet.

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX (Anime)

Kaiba organized a card illustration project, where the winning entries would be put in a time capsule and sent into space. The cards would be produced once they received the wave aura from space.

In the English version, Kaiba set up Duel Academy, a school that trains people in Duel Monsters, and named the dormitories personally.

Kaiba was only shown Dueling during Gerard's flashback. He defeated him with "Blue-Eyes White Dragon".

The Duel Monster Spirit "Kaibaman", based on Kaiba's character. He Dueled against Jaden Yuki, using the same Deck as Kaiba, including three "Blue-Eyes White Dragons".

Kaiba made a bet on his ownership of the school with Slade and Jagger Princeton. He was bold and had full confidence that the duelist representing Duel Academy, Chazz Princeton, would win despite the unfair advantage in the Duel. Kaiba stated at the end that anyone who was a student at his academy should be able to win a Duel no matter what the situations are. (In the English version, he stated that Slade and Jagger needed to learn a little bit more about world domination).

While Lyman Banner was giving a history lesson, he mentions Yugi and Kaiba as the best duelists of their generation and shows drawings of them to the class. One of the girls in the class says that they are one of the best looking, and another girl calls them dream boats.

While Lyman Banner was giving a history lesson, he mentions Yugi and Kaiba as the best duelists of their generation and shows drawings of them to the class. One of the girls in the class says that they are one of the best looking, and another girl calls them dream boats.

Kaiba graciously allowed Sartorius the use of Kaiba Land during a Duel Academy field trip, having no interest how he plans to use it. (In the English version, Sartorius said that Kaiba hadn't aged in years. Kaiba then ordered his security men to keep an eye on Sartorius having suspicion on his scheme for using Kaiba Land.)

When Pegasus met Aster Phoenix at a party he listed Kaiba as one the best five duelists he has ever met. He considered Kaiba to be the second greatest after Yugi.

Kaiba was shown to be the last citizen of Domino City who survived Trueman's attack.

When Jaden is taken to the past to Duel against the High School Yugi, he picks up a flyer that has a picture of Yugi, Téa, Tristan, Joey and Kaiba.

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's (Anime)

His company Kaiba Corp is responsible for the creation of the Turbo Duels, a type of Duel which is only played by either using a "Duel Runner" or a "Duel Board".

When Crow was investigating the disappearance of Robert Pearson in the English version, he went to the security that Bolten owned. One of the security men joked that they were going to have lunch with Seto Kaiba later on that day after they heard Crow say that he needed to see Bolten.

Film Appearances

Yu-Gi-Oh! movie 1

The events of Battle City have just concluded, and Yugi now owns all three Egyptian God cards. Seto Kaiba longs to finally defeat him, and he has a plan. He suspects that since Maximillion Pegasus created the Egyptian God cards, he would have also created a way to beat them, just in case something ever went wrong.

Kaiba heads off to Pegasus's castle and challenges him to a duel. The stakes are the following: if Pegasus wins, he gets Kaiba's three "Blue Eyes White Dragons"; if Kaiba wins, Pegasus hands over the card that can beat the Egyptian Gods. Kaiba wins, and Pegasus must fulfill his wager: he picks up two cards from Pegasus's decks. However, Pegasus only created one card to beat the Egyptian Gods, so where did the other card come from?

Meanwhile, Yugi Muto and Téa Gardner, seeking refuge from a mob of duelists wanting to face Yugi for the Egyptian Gods, stumble into Domino Museum, where they discover a new attraction on display called the Pyramid of Light, which looks a little like the Millennium Puzzle. Yugi's grandpa, Solomon Muto (who also happens to be visiting the museum), reads an inscription on the side of a sarcophagus (The eye that sees what's yet to come, its vision shall be fulfilled, unless blinded by events predetermined, thus light & shadows both be killed), triggering a strange vision in Yugi's mind concerning his Millennium Puzzle, the Pyramid of Light, Anubis, and Kaiba. After he wakes up, he finds the pyramid stolen, the sarcophagus now empty. Yugi also finds Mokuba standing outside. Mokuba says that Kaiba wants Yugi to bring his duel disk to the KaibaCorp Duel Dome immediately.

Yugi does so, transforming into Yami Yugi on the way, and finds Kaiba ready to duel. Seto asks Mokuba to seal all the exits, forcing Yugi to duel him, but not before Joey Wheeler and Tristan Taylor find their way in to watch.

The duel goes on for what seems like an eternity, and Yugi is starting to suspect that there are dark forces at work - especially when Kaiba activates a Trap Card called the "Pyramid of Light", which not only bears a striking resemblance to its namesake in the museum, but also prevents Yugi from using any of the Egyptian Gods! Before long, Kaiba has his "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon" on the field, but to Yugi's surprise, he sacrifices it to summon a monster known as the "Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon", which is even stronger!

The Pyramid of Light also pulls the souls of Yugi, Joey, and Tristan into Yugi's Millenium Puzzle, where they are chased by a group of mummies controlled by an unknown force...

Kaiba could win the duel there and then, but he wants to humiliate Yugi by wiping him out with his own Egyptian Gods! His "Pyramid of Light" removed the gods from play, and he wants to play "Return from the Different Dimension" to get them under his control. Of course, to do that, he needs to destroy his Pyramid of Light first, otherwise it would just destroy the gods again! Kaiba commands his "Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon" to use its "Shining Nova" effect, which allows it to sacrifice itself to destroy anything on the field - and he aims it at the Pyramid of Light. Suddenly, a ghostly voice calls out, "This I cannot allow!", and the Pyramid stays exactly where it is. Then, a man rises up from behind Kaiba, throws him aside, and takes over the duel himself.

It's Anubis, the Egyptian Lord of the Dead, whom the Pharaoh destroyed 5000 years ago. But now he's back with the Pyramid of Light around his neck and two of his most powerful monsters - "Andro Sphinx" and "Spinx Teleia! On top of this, Téa, Joey, Tristan and Yugi are all trapped inside the Millennium Puzzle, leaving the Pharaoh to duel all alone. Putting all his faith into the cards, Yugi draws the "Double Spell" card, which allows him to discard his other spell card to activate "Monster Reborn" from Seto's Graveyard. He uses it to revive "Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon", who then destroys the "Pyramid of Light" (after it was weakened by Yugi from inside the Millennium Puzzle), along with "Andro Sphinx" and "Sphinx Teleia". But Anubis's not done yet. With the Pyramid gone, he summons his last trick up his sleeve - "Theinen the Great Sphinx"! Yugi, however, activates "Reverse of Reverse" to activate Kaiba's "Return from the Different Dimension". The God Monsters return, destroy the Great Sphinx and Anubis is seemingly defeated. But a giant jackal - the ancient Egyptian representation of Anubis, the Lord of the Dead - rises from the remains of the Pyramid!

Kaiba and Yugi join forces, putting all their strength into the "Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon" card, and using Shining Nova to destroy Anubis once and for all. On top of it all, Pegasus, who had earlier arrived via helicopter to help them, gets them out of the explosion in time. After this, Yugi thanks kaiba for all he's help. But brushes the thanks a side, and departs promising to defeat Yugi. Mokuba then leaves as well asking his brother to slow down. Yugi thanks his friends for helping him, and lastly talks to Yami Yugi.

Yu-Gi-Oh! movie 2

Kaiba is first seen at the KaibaCorp station observing a virtual reconstruction of the Millennium Puzzle. Later Kaiba faces Atem at a church-like setting. The two engage in a Duel, which ultimately ends in Kaiba's victory. While Kaiba is in his space station, one of Kaiba's scientists hands Kaiba a bottle of water and comments on how good the system is, but Kaiba is not happy. He deems the Duel imperfect, because he had not accurately recreated Atem, based on his memories. In frustration, he throws the bottle on to the ground. However Mokuba contacted the space station and informed Kaiba that they had found the pieces of the Millennium Puzzle at the excavation.

Kaiba soon arrives to the Valley of the Kings in his Blue-Eyes White Dragon jet. While being with Mokuba and Roland, the group entered the Shrine of the Underworld and Kaiba notes the location of the Ceremonial Battle. He and Mokuba walk towards the disassembled Millennium Puzzle, whose pieces are being scanned by a computer. Mokuba asks him how does he plan on reconstructing the puzzle, when it took Yugi eight years to do so and Kaiba makes a reply about Yugi being a child, when he did it.

He is informed that it takes 30 minutes to disable the security system for the Millennium Puzzle's lock. To pass the time Kaiba, says he shall have a Duel and is aware of Aigami's presence among the crowd, Kaiba calls him out, using the name, "Diva". Aigami questions how he knew his name and Kaiba asks how is in Egypt, having been in Domino City just minutes ago, while showing footage of him.

However one of the KaibaCorp men threatens Aigami with a gun. An act, which is mocked by Aigami, before using the Quantum Cube to make the man disappear. After witnessing this, group of workers run away, leaving just Kaiba, Mokuba, Aigami, Mani and some KaibaCorp employees.

Aigami attempts to use his cube on Kaiba, but Kaiba readies his Duel Disk, which counters the effect of the cube. Kaiba yells, asking if Aigami thinks he can defeat him with his own power. Aigami instead challenges Kaiba to a Duel, which he accepts and the cube transforms into a Duel Disk.

They Duel using a dimensioning ruleset. Kaiba is outperformed at first, but resolves that he cannot lose, since he must face "Yugi", before correcting himself and saying "Atem". Having used virtual cards up until this point, Kaiba slams his hand into the ground and pulls out a physical card, "Obelisk the Tormentor". He Summons it, which Aigami thought would be impossible, since "Obelisk" was one of the pharaoh's monsters. Kaiba sacrificed two of his monsters to use the effect of "Obelisk", raising its ATK to infinity, and then attacked and defeated Aigami.

Soon after the computer finishes scanning the pieces of the Millennium Puzzle. Kaiba concludes that he has what he needs and gets back into his jet to leave.

Soon after Kaiba enters an elevator, which takes him to the space station. He takes the Millennium Puzzle pieces to a small room and puts them on a floor, where a computer begins to put the pieces together. It provides a six-hour estimate for completion and Kaiba is thinking to himself "Wait for me... Yugi".

While at the space station, the computer has almost finished reassembling the Millennium Puzzle, but reports that two pieces are missing. At first, Kaiba says that this is impossible, but then realizes that Aigami must have taken them when he put his hand through the glass.

Soon after he sends his henchman after Aigami, along with telling them to bring Aigami to Kaibacorp. He is brought before Kaiba, who demands the pieces of the puzzle. After refusing to hand them over, he is taken to Kaiba Land. When Kaiba is on his helicopter, he confronts Yugi. Yugi asks him what he is doing there and Kaiba declares that Yugi is to take part in the exhibition Duel at Kaiba Land, and not to make no excuses. He shows Yugi the near-reassembled Millennium Puzzle and expresses his belief that Yugi and Aigami have the two missing pieces. Before leaving on his helicopter, he explains that his goal is to face "the other Yugi" and that Yugi alone is of little interest to him.

While Aigami is tied to a chair in a glass prison, with Mokuba on the other side of the glass. Kaiba monitors their interaction externally. Mokuba taunts Aigami, who affirms that Kaiba will never get both pieces. However Mokuba claims to already know where the other piece is and shows him pictures of Sera. At the Kaiba Land stadium, which boosts a high attendance, Kaiba Summons "Neo Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon" and has it attack Solid Vision fighter jets. He gives a speech to the audience about Dueling and his new Duel Disk. Soon after Yugi and Aigami are introduced and Kaiba announces that he will be Dueling each of them for their fragments of the Millennium Puzzle.

While Yugi gets annoyed and demands that he be the one to Duel Aigami. Since Aigami had hurt Yugi's friends and caused Bakura's disappearance, Yugi considers this to be his battle. Kaiba allows for it and throws Yugi a new Duel Disk. After Yugi defeats Aigami, Kaiba advances to the field to Duel Yugi for the two pieces. He states that his goal is to bring back "the other Yugi," whom he has unfinished business with. He does not expect the Duel to take long, as he is only Dueling the regular Yugi. Kaiba places the Millennium Puzzle in the center of the field, where it floats in a beam of light. Yugi tries to tell Kaiba that Atem is gone, but he pays no attention and they begin their Duel. A few turns in, Yugi insists that the Duel is pointless and demonstrates by inserting the last two pieces into the Millennium Puzzle. Nothing happens, much to Kaiba's surprise.

Yugi explains to Kaiba that nothing happened because Atem is no longer inside the Puzzle. Kaiba is furious and accuses Yugi of deceiving him. The two continue to Duel and Yugi eventually attacks Kaiba, who had 2500 Life Points, with "Dark Magician", which had 2500 ATK. Kaiba's Life Points decrease, but he smirks as the counter suddenly stops at 100. The power at the stadium is shut down, prematurely ending the Duel.

However Aigami shows up now influenced by the evil within the Millennium Ring, which is now fused into his chest, therefore Kaiba and Yugi team up to Duel him. The Duel is a Shadow Game, where players' bodies fade away as they lose Life Points. Aigami manages to defeat Kaiba, who hands Yugi the Millennium Puzzle, before disappearing and demands Yugi to "call him now". Once the battle is over, Kaiba Yugi's friends upon being interested in the fact that Joey and Yugi saw Atem. Therefore Kaiba acknowledges Yugi as a competent Duelist, and Yugi thanks him for believing in him. Kaiba gives him a smile and parts ways.

On the KaibaCorp space station, Kaiba is on a call with Mokuba, who is warning him of something dangerous. Mokuba says that the item in question has not been fully tested and the safety precautions have not been ensured. Kaiba says not to worry and despite Mokuba begging him otherwise, he gets into a pod, with the Quantum Cube next to him, he leaves KaibaCorp to Mokuba. He activates the cube, causing the space station to be covered in gold light, as he shoots down the elevator shaft that connects the station to Earth.

Kaiba soon appears in a desert and walks to the top of a hill, overlooking a city containing Atem's palace. Kaiba then advances to the throne room, where Atem is sitting, wearing the Millennium Puzzle. Atem stands up, faces Kaiba and smirks.

Video Games

Seto Kaiba appears in the following video games:

  • Yu-Gi-Oh! Capsule Monsters Coliseum
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links



Knownable Relatives


  • His birthday is October 25, and his bloodtype is A.
  • His favorite food is a beef fillet and Mignon with Foie Gras Sauce. While his least favorite food is Oden.

Seto Kaiba has some similarities with Uchiha Sasuke from Naruto/Naruto Shippuuden.

Voice Actress & Actors

  • Japanese voice actress: Kiyomi Yazaki (Child)
  • Japanese : Kenjiro Tsuda (Teenager), Hikaru Midorikawa (Season 0 & Yu-Gi-Oh! The movie)
  • English : Eric Stuart (all media)

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