Sohma Hinata is the younger sister of Hiro and the daughter of Satsuki. Her name means 'Towards the Sun' in Japanese.
She has few appearances in the manga. Her most important one being when Hiro picked her up and held her once he realized that his curse had finally been broken. She is under the age of one by the end of the series.




Being still a baby, she still has short hair and is shown wearing baby clothes only.

Fruits Basket Manga

Hiro got a call from his mother that she was pregnant. Shigure made a pervy quote: "Ahh, Satsuki san, so young...". This comment made Hiro very angry.

Hinata was born sometime after the Sohmas had their summer vacation. Hiro, unable to hug her like any other proud older brother, held Hinata's hands instead.

When Hiro's curse broke, he was in the same room as Hinata, playing with her. Hiro immediately hugged her and indeed, he did not transform, meaning his curse did break. His mother comes in and gets moved and hugs Hiro and Hinata together, happy that Hiro is now able to hug anyone he wishes to.


Her Mother

Hinata seems to love her mother alot.

Her older Brother

Hinata gets along with Hiro very well.

Knownable Relatives


  • She does not appear in the anime.
  • She is the only non-Zodiac sibling who knows about her brother's relation towards her.

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