Sonic Boom is an American-French-Japanese CGI-animated television series developed by Sega of America in collaboration with OuiDo! Productions.
Sonic Boom
It is based on the Sonic the Hedgehog video game franchise created by Sega. Sonic Boom is the fifth animated television series based on the Sonic franchise, the second developed by SEGA following Sonic X (plus the second series co-produced in France following Sonic Underground). It is the first television series in the franchise to be produced in computer-generated animation and in high definition. The series premiered on November 8, 2014 in the United States on Cartoon Network. The series is aimed at children, teenager, adults. The series centers around Sonic and his friends Tails, Amy, Knuckles and Sticks, and their never ending search for adventure and their battles with their arch nemesis Doctor Eggman. Other characters, both new and old, also join the ensemble. The series is a part of the Sonic Boom spin-off franchise, which also consists of three video games, Rise of Lyric, Shattered Crystal and Fire & Ice, a comic series by Archie Comics, and a toyline by Tomy.


Within the crevasses of a canyon, Sonic pursues his arch-nemesis Dr. Eggman, who is trying to escape in his Eggmobile. The pair enters a corkscrew-shaped mineshaft where Dr. Eggman summons Burnbot to destroy Sonic, but Sonic mocks the inconsistency of Burnbot's name, as its only weapons are a pair of pincer claws. As Sonic comes up with many different names for Burnbot including to have fire abilities, this makes Eggman angry and he yells for Burnbot to attack Sonic. Regardless, Sonic and Burnbot chase each other around the the mineshaft. Tails then arrives in the Tornado, where he contacts Sonic over his Communicator to set up their Speeding Swing Surprise. As Sonic and Burnbot are about to clash in the shaft, Tails flies in and helps Sonic by providing an Enerbeam for him to grasp, allowing Sonic to swing around and kick the robot into a wall. However, Burnbot gets up and clips the Tornado's wing, causing Tails to fall; Sonic pleads for Tails to eject, but faulty equipment leaves him stuck in the plane. Sonic rushes to help, but gets into another skirmish with Burnbot. With haste, he knocks a boulder onto it and exits the shaft, only to see Tails crash. As Sonic runs over to the wreckage, Eggman decides to retreat as well, taking Burnbot with him. Sonic finds Tails unconscious and in bad shape, but alive; as he carries him back home, Sonic vows to never put his friend in any more danger.

Back at Tails' House, Tails awakens to Sonic's joy. Tails is ready to get back in action, but Sonic instead tells him that he is entering early retirement from his job as sidekick. This explanation only leaves Tails confused, so Sonic tells him bluntly that he has been fired. Despite feeling guilty about his decision, Sonic begins advertising for his "sidekick try-outs," where all qualified candidates are welcome, so that Tails can stay in retirement. At Dr. Eggman's lair, Eggman, Orbot and Cubot learn about Sonic's try-outs. While Eggman finds this unbelievable (despite showing some interest in being Sonic's friend), it makes him hatch an evil scheme.

At Sonic's Shack, the sidekick try-outs are at full swing, with Sonic as the interviewer and several participants awaiting. The first participant shown is an eager Amy Rose, who attempts to impress Sonic by juggling and singing "When the Saints Go Marching In" but fails twice. The next candidate is Fastidious Beaver, who he admits that he is a coward. Finally, Knuckles the Echidna enters the try-outs, though he believes Sonic is qualified to be his sidekick instead.

At the end of the try-outs, a cloaked figure applies and Sonic is impressed by his answers to the questions. However, the figure then clumsily uncloaks himself and reveals himself to be Tails, who is attempting to reclaim his role. Sonic refuses, but Tails notes that the poster never excluded him from applying. Eggman then shows up to apply for the job too, but while Sonic is against it, Eggman uses the same argument as Tails. Despite his disapproval of the idea, Sonic begrudgingly lets them move on to the next round and additionally accepts the Fastidious Beaver as a third candidate and alternative.

To test his candidates, Sonic has them race on hoverboards to Mount Safety to capture a red flag there. While Eggman gives Fastidious an early start to shut him up, Tails and Eggman soon take the lead. Eggman then tries to use his board's weapons against Tails, but the latter manages to avoid them while accidentally knocking Fastidious out of the race. As Sonic watches on, Tails and Eggman move onto the next part of it and fly towards the flag in their Tornado and Eggmobile. As they fly towards the flag, Eggman reveals that his real reason for joining the try-outs was to get rid of both Tails and Sonic, and picks up Burnbot from the jungle.

Despite Tails' best efforts, Burnbot manages to clip the Tornado's wing again and he crashes in a frozen lake, now unable to leave the plane. However, Sonic comes to his aid and pulls him out just before the Tornado sinks. Then he apologizes to Tails by confessing to him that he fired him in order to protect him. Eggman and Burnbot then face the duo again, except this time the robot has been upgraded with fire weaponry, which is used to crack the ice around them. Sonic falls into the water, and since he cannot swim, Tails is forced to pull Sonic out. Sonic tries to get Tails to escape on his own when recovery proves to be too difficult, but Tails adamantly refuses, and both plummet underwater. Though Sonic resigns to his fate, Tails perseveres, and the duo manage to not only resurface, but go airborne. From there, Sonic lands a hard hit on Burnbot, causing it to break through the ice and sink. Sonic and Tails then fly back to solid ground while Eggman retreats, promising to return with a better robot.

As the sun sets, Sonic and Tails reconcile and Sonic re-hires Tails as his sidekick due to his earlier actions. Back at Sonic's Shack, Amy demands a callback when Knuckles passes by and notes that finding his own sidekick has been unsuccessful. Noticing an opportunity, Amy auditions for Knuckles on the spot, sparking his interest.

One stormy night in Tails' House, Sonic and Tails are sleeping until Sonic is awoken by a repeated knocking at the door. It turns out to be Dr. Eggman, who pleads for shelter for a few days, with the excuse of his fortress needing to be repaired after suffering damage from the storm. Sonic is at first skeptical, thinking that Eggman may attack them during his stay, but he drops the issue when Eggman considers stripping his clothes to prove that he is unarmed. Sonic reluctantly agrees, on the conditions that he only stays for a few days, and that it is only him. The doctor promises, only to instantly reveal that Orbot and Cubot are with him as well.

The next morning, a sleepy Sonic lets Amy, Knuckles, and Sticks into the house, where the three are shocked to see that Eggman is staying with them. Sonic explains the situation to them, before being interrupted by Eggman calling for his breakfast. Tails delivers it only for Eggman to harshly criticize it. Meanwhile, Sticks is suspicious over Eggman's stay, claiming that he will unleash a "50-foot Obliterator Bot". Amy, however, defends the doctor, explaining that if they do not show him sympathy, they will "be no better than he is." Amy then tries to explain Eggman's point-of-view to everyone else (only to end up annoying the doctor) while Tails also agrees to keep him around, claiming that he "might not be so bad after all".

As the day passes, Dr. Eggman proves to be a challenging roommate. His obnoxious actions range from randomly starting pillow fights, to snoring loudly and laughing maniacally in his sleep, to even putting all of the food in the fridge into padlocked containers. Finally, Sonic and Tails get tired of it and plot to kick Eggman out of the house. Amy defends Eggman yet again, claiming that they have a "communication problem" and that they should talk things out instead. Despite their protests, Sonic and Tails attend a "roommate meeting", where Amy tells everyone to say whatever they have to share with each other. Sonic is brutally honest towards Eggman, causing Eggman to burst into tears and attempt to guilt-trip them. Amy convinces Sonic to give Eggman a second chance, and he begrudgingly agrees, provided that he tries to improve.

As another day passes, Eggman makes repeated efforts to improve, until he forces Sonic and Tails to keep playing a board game and watch the Comedy Chimp Show with him despite the late hour, leaving them exhausted by morning. Sticks claims that their fatigue is another part of Eggman's evil schemes. While Amy defends Eggman once more, Eggman's evil laughter is heard outside, where he reveals that he had lied about his fortress being destroyed, and that he intentionally exhausted Sonic and Tails to the point where they could not defeat his Obliterator Bot, which he then summons. He then orders Obliterator Bot to destroy the group, though the robot misinterprets this as an order to destroy Eggman's lair and heads off, ignoring Team Sonic. A distraught Eggman begs Sonic to stop his creation, who only agrees to help so that Eggman can go home and not live with him anymore.

At the fortress, the team and Eggman arrive in Tails' Plane and the Eggmobile respectively. They agree for Sonic and Tails to press two kill-switches within the lair simultaneously to stop the robot while everyone else distracts it. Despite Sonic and Tails' drowsiness, they manage to follow through with this plan (with some help from Eggman) and destroy the mech, but by the time they do so, it has already turned the fortress into a smoking ruin, nullifying their efforts. A day later, while Team Sonic is lounging at the beach, Eggman arrives and requests their hospitality again while his fortress gets repaired (for real this time). However, Sonic hauls Eggman back to the ruins of his lair; Amy, who followed, tries to start a therapy session with Eggman, only for him to run off screaming.

As Sonic, Amy, Knuckles, and Sticks are having a nice, relaxing day at Sonic's Shack. Sonic and Amy are lounging on beach chairs, while Knuckles and Sticks are playing volleyball. Just then, Tails arrives with his "most brilliant invention yet," which he unveils to be a robot he calls "UT" (Universal Translator), capable of translating any language into their own. To demonstrate its capabilities to his friends, Tails activates UT and it translates the language of a bird in a nearby nest. Knuckles is impressed, until UT begins saying what he says as something completely different; Tails deduces that when UT receives speech that does not require translation, it will translate it into what the speaker really means instead, making UT a mind reader of sorts. UT then begins translating the subtexts of the group's conversations, such as Amy's disinterest in UT, Knuckles' low opinion about Sticks, and Sonic's notes about Knuckles' dimwittedness, which causes tension among them. Sticks, due to her paranoia, is violently hostile towards the invention. Amy then convinces Tails to shut down UT before it reveals anything "too sensitive" (just before it reveals from Amy's statement that she loves Sonic).

At Dr. Eggman's lair, Dr. Eggman, Orbot, and Cubot are observing Team Sonic's conversation through Fly Bot. Noticing the friction UT is creating between the team members, Eggman gets an idea: if he replaces UT with a duplicate of his own, he could have it say whatever he wants with the intent to ruin their friendships with one another; once the group is divided, it would be easier for Eggman to eliminate them. Later that night, Tails is in his home, ready to sleep with UT nearby; he is saddened by his invention's poor reception, but is optimistic that UT will impress his friends tomorrow. As Tails falls asleep, Orbot and Cubot sneak into his house, steal UT, and replace it with Eggman's duplicate.

The next morning, Tails meets up with his friends at the beach again with the UT duplicate, hoping to get another chance; Sonic, however, quickly suggests for Tails to turn UT off. The robot then "translates" Sonic's comment into insults about Amy, then turns Knuckles' replies into insults at himself and Sticks, causing them all to argue. It turns out that the translations were coming from Eggman through a microphone at his lair. Alongside him are Orbot, Cubot, and the real UT, which translates his monologue into praise about the doctor; flattered, Eggman opts to listen to UT instead, and leaves his microphone. When examining the UT duplicate for flaws, Tails discovers it is a fake, exclaims this to his friends, and attempts to rally them for a rescue of the real UT. To his disappointment, the others do not follow, as they believe UT is more trouble than it is worth. Tails therefore leaves on his own.

Tails infiltrates Eggman's lair, passing its Motobug defenses, and intrudes on the doctor, still being flattered by UT's translations of his own speech. As Tails is cornered by Eggman's robots, he offers a deal with Eggman; if he lets UT go free, Tails will become the doctor's assistant. Seeing the benefits of having Tails' expertise, Eggman accepts the offer and has Orbot draw up a contract. When Eggman voices his concern that Sonic will definitely retaliate, Tails reassures the doctor by having UT record a message where he says he is staying with Eggman under his own free will. UT later returns to Sonic, Knuckles, Amy and Sticks where it delivers the message, shocking them all; UT then translates the subtext of Tails' message into a call for help, prompting Sonic and the others to save him.

While Tails and Eggman are working in the lair's lab, Sonic and the others attack the outer defenses with UT, destroying the robotic sentries. Eggman arrives at the battle with Tails, where he insists Tails is staying with him since they had a contract. However, Orbot just arrives with the contract, unsigned, so Tails leaves to rejoin his friends. Eggman therefore calls forth the Mega, a robot that proves impervious to Team Sonic's attacks. However, when the Mega deploys its photon bombs, Sticks and Knuckles manage to knock one back at the robot, blowing it into the sea; irritated at yet another defeat, Eggman retreats back into his lair. Tails thanks his friends for the rescue, but they admit that UT deserves most of the credit, and they intend to have it assist them from now on. However, UT reveals that Sticks plans to destroy it, and she follows through with this by hurling it off a cliff, informing an angry Tails that it "had to be done."

In the village, the citizens are enjoying themselves until the Anti-fire Bot appears and shoots fire all over the place. With Team Sonic having arrived to stop the robot, Sonic knows Dr. Eggman is behind it, though Eggman, who sits causally on a nearby bench, innocently denies it. After Anti-fire Bot briefly faces Amy and Knuckles, it begins wreaking havoc by placing a baby in a fire which Sonic saves, and putting a kitten in a tree for no reason at all. Eventually, Sonic has had enough and ties up the Anti-Fire Bot with its own hose, causing it to explode. Eggman, having admitted earlier that he created the robot, runs away. Celebrating their victory, Sonic asks Sticks to get the kitten in the tree down. While she complies, she does so by violently shaking the tree, much to Sonic's disapproval.

Later at Amy's House, Sonic, Knuckles, Tails and Amy confront Sticks about the way she treats animals. Amy proposes Sticks to get a pet to learn how to love animals and she assigns Sonic (against his will) to go pet-shopping with Sticks. At the pet shop, though, Sticks rejects all the animals as they look too cute. However, Sticks soon after finds a small robo-dog that constantly leaks slime in a pile of trash. She quickly takes a liking to it and names it "Buster", but Sonic thinks the robot is disgusting. Later in Sticks' Burrow, Sticks' friends are not sure whether Buster is a good choice, mainly due to his slime, but Sticks is sure Buster is right for her.

Over the next week, Buster's affectionate and energetic nature, combined with his slime, begins annoying the other team members, such as ruining Amy's ice cream, messing up Sonic's running routine, interrupting Knuckles' weight training and disturbing Tails' tinkering. Later, Team Sonic is out trying to have a lunch at Meh Burger only to have it ruined by Buster's slime, but Sticks still loves her pet as much as ever. Suddenly, Orbot (who wears a Sonic mask), Cubot (who wears a Tails mask) and a horde of Bee Bots appear and rob the local DangerCo Deadly Equipment Warehouse. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy try to stop them, but they are kept at bay by the Bee Bots. They call for Sticks' help, but she does not want to participate in the fight because Buster could get hurt. Sonic tries to go after Orbot and Cubot himself, but Buster suddenly runs into his path, causing him to trip and allow the robots to get away with several robotic parts.

Meeting up at Tails' house, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy give Sticks an ultimatum: either Buster goes or they go, but Sticks refuses to give up her pet. Just then, Eggman arrives at Tails' doorstep with a gift for Buster, a mechanical bone, and reveals that Buster is one of his creations. As Sonic suspects Buster is another one of Eggman's evil robots, his suspicions are confirmed when Buster eats the bone, causing him to transform into a colossal monster with tentacles that Eggman sets loose on the heroes. This reveals why Eggman needed the parts his henchbots stole: for the purpose of transforming Buster. Team Sonic tries to attack Buster, except for Sticks who does not want to hurt her pet, but they all end up caught by the robot. Sticks tries to make Buster stop by reminding him of the good times they had together, but fails. However, as Eggman orders Buster to eat the heroes, Sticks starts scolding Buster, making him return to Sticks' side. After having him release her friends, Sticks then orders Buster to throw Eggman far away. Once the deed is done (with Eggman screaming he's never making another robot like Buster again as he flies off), Sticks has Buster regurgitate the mechanical bone, causing him to revert back to normal.

Knowing that Buster is inevitably an evil robot, Sticks shares a heartfelt goodbye with Buster on the beach with her friends and sends him off on his own so he can explore the world. Shortly after, Tails shows up with a giant octopus he found which he hopes can be his pet, but he quickly changes his mind after it almost eats him.

With a meteor shower raining down on a village, the residents begin to panic. On the scene, an awestruck Team Sonic observes the chaos unfold, and despite Amy's optimism, they are forced to take cover. There, Sticks reveals that she had been expecting such a situation and has therefore set up a meteor defense system (which also works as a defense system against wildfires, floods and mind readers). Activating the interface for her system, Sticks is able to deflect all the meteors remotely by having giant racquets placed all over town knock them away.

Later, back at Tails' house, Sticks arrives with a letter, having no idea what it is. Taking turns to read the letter, Sonic reads up that Sticks has been nominated for an Awardy Award in recognition of saving the village and that she and (conveniently) her four closest friends are invited to the Awardies as well (Comedy Chimp shows up to come with, but is sent away). Sonic also reads up that the Awardies will be held at the Mayor's Mansion with elegant food and guests, to which Sticks responds with made-up excuses explaining why she cannot attend it in spite of her friends' persuasion. Eventually, Amy makes her admit that she is afraid of embarrassing herself there with her primal behavior. Amy therefore offers to teach Sticks to be a proper lady, which she accepts, and nominates Sonic as Sticks' escort, which he begrudgingly accepts upon Sticks' pleads as long as he does not have to wear pants.

Sticks' training begins, and Amy starts teaching her about making proper compliments, but her response to that is by sniffing Amy for any perfume while giving a blunt response. Sticks then begins training with Sonic in being escorted, but Sticks starts picking a fight with a figurative guest during practice; Amy responds by saying a lady does not fight. Moving on, Amy tries to teach to Sticks to drink while lifting her pinkie, but while Sticks get the pinkie part right, she laps the tea with her tongue. She and Sonic then practice dancing with their friends' assistance in Sonic's Shack, but Sticks lets her paranoia over the music get the better of her. Tired, Sonic declares her ready.

At the evening of the gala, everyone has arrived at the mansion where Sticks makes a decent arrival with Sonic. Amy urges her to try and mingle with the other guests, but Sticks still has trouble containing her primal behavior, much to Amy's annoyance. As Sonic and Knuckles check out the food with limited interest, Knuckles makes friends with Admiral Beaverton and Professor Cluckins, who are impressed with his honesty over the food. Meanwhile, Sticks tries her best being formal, but with limited success, when Mayor Fink welcomes all and announces the Awardy Awards will begin soon.

At the dinner, Sticks has trouble with the cutlery when Dr. Eggman suddenly shows up and explains that he has been nominated for an Awardy Award as well (in truth, he used his Stuffer Bot to give himself extra votes). Remembering her training, though, Sticks shows the doctor courtesy. Eventually, Mayor Fink is ready to give out the Awardy Award and reveals the winner to be Leroy the Turtle. Furious over not getting the award, Eggman tries to obtain it by force using Stuffer Bot, but when that only succeeds in littering the room with ballots, he summons his Bee Bots. As the guests flee, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy get ready to fight, but Sticks remains behind because she grew into her lady-like training and thus refuses to join the battle. Eggman manages to trap Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy in force fields before going after Sticks, who struggles to maintain her lady-like composure. However, she eventually has enough, returns to her primal nature, and attacks Eggman, managing to free Knuckles and Tails. Knuckles is nearly shot by Stuffer Bot's lasers, but is saved by Admiral Beaverton. Sticks then succeeds in freeing Sonic and Amy, and Sonic manages to distract Stuffer Bot long enough for Sticks to damage it, forcing Eggman to retreat with his robots.

With the guests returning, Sticks and Leroy agree that she was the real hero, so Sticks forcefully takes the Awardy Award from a reluctant Leroy. Amy then thanks Sticks for saving them and admits it does not always pay off to be proper. She then asks Sticks if she could teach her to follow her own instincts like her, which Sticks agrees on and starts with by pulling Amy into a dumpster with her.

Inside his lair, Dr. Eggman checks out his mail. He shreds all of them with Cubot, until he comes upon a letter that fills him with delight: his lair is being considered to be featured in the "Island Fortress" issue of "Modern Lair Magazine". According to the letter, a photographer's assistant will come the next day to do a site inspection, so Eggman sends Orbot and Cubot out to clean up the place. Despite Eggman's high expectations and preparations though, the assistant, named Gunther, cancels the spread when he arrives, having deemed the lair too old-fashioned. Eggman pleads for another chance, so Gunther gives him a week to redecorate. Because his own skills are inadequate though, Eggman reasons he needs help from an expert.

At Sonic's Shack, Amy is preparing a lunch with her friends, with the table and setting being made according to her own personal design. However, Amy feels that her efforts are unappreciated when she sees that while Sticks is helping (by digging a trench around the table and filling it with broken glass to prevent anyone from leaving), Sonic is sleeping instead of making fruit drinks, Tails has boosted the music's volume from soothing to deafening, and Knuckles is using a pair of raw pheasants as puppets instead of grilling them. Just then, Eggman shows up unannounced and explains in the face of Team Sonic's hostility that he wants to hire Amy to redo his lair. Amy, thrilled at someone wanting her talents in this field, accepts the offer despite her friends' warnings against working with Eggman; upset with them for not appreciating her skills and not wanting her to go with someone that might actually feel the opposite, she firmly states to them that she can handle herself before the two depart.

At the lair, Eggman gives Amy complete creative freedom for the magazine. She immediately gets to work, setting up new pillows, painting the walls with Orbot and Cubot, setting up curtains, adding plaid wallpapering and curtains in several places (Orbot and Cubot included), putting up a unicorn painting, scattering rose petals, adding laser light shows and dressing up Orbot and Cubot like angels; meanwhile, Eggman is doubtful of her designs. Eventually, Gunther returns, and despite Eggman's concerns over his silence, he is impressed with the changes and states that he will return with the photographer Diane Aardvark tomorrow. On hearing this, Eggman intentionally discredits Amy for her work and claims it as his own. Furious with Eggman's actions, Amy attempts to leave only to be trapped in a cage by the doctor, forcing her to be his designer forever; in a petty attempt at consolation, Eggman reminds Amy that he, and not her actual friends, acknowledges her talent.

Back on the beach at a horrible meal, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Sticks admit things are not the same without Amy, so Sonic proposes they check up on her. When they get to Eggman's lair, however, Eggman claims that Amy has chosen to become his full-time decorator and wants nothing to do with her former friends before closing the door on them. While Knuckles is disappointed over this, Sonic does not believe Amy would abandon them permanently, so the four decide to investigate the lair for another way in. Later, still trapped inside the cage, Amy notices a bad smell before a hole is suddenly created in a nearby wall. It reveals the other members of Team Sonic, Sonic having created an entrance using Amy's piko hammer; they had snuck in through the sewer lines to find her, explaining the bad smell. They free her from the cage, with Sonic apologizing to her for their behaviour earlier (to the best of his ability) before handing her the piko hammer so she can lead the attack out of the lair.

In Dr. Eggman's office, Team Sonic come bursting through the door and face Eggman, with Amy officially announcing her resignation. The doctor summons his robots to handle them, but the heroes swiftly destroy them, tearing up the place in the process. At that moment, Gunther and Diane Aardvark from Modern Lair Magazine arrive and see the whole place destroyed. Diane fires Gunther for his selection and walks away while Eggman follows, begging her for a spot in the magazine. As Team Sonic takes their leave from the lair, Sonic cheers Amy up about how her designs did not get into a magazine by offering her to redecorate his shack, albeit under some restrictions, such as his coconut husk collection being off limits.

In the village, Sonic and Amy visit Meh Burger to have lunch. When they reach the register, however, Dr. Eggman cuts in front of them and claims their spot. Despite Sonic's disagreement, the cashier, Dave, agrees with Eggman, resulting in Sonic and Amy having their lunch served much later (and poorly), much to Eggman's gloating. Dave then approaches Eggman, who tells the doctor that he is a big fan of his. Eggman takes a liking to Dave and offers him to become his unpaid intern, which Dave considers a big honor.

Taking his eager intern to his lair, Eggman assigns Dave to cleaning the bathroom, which he gladly accepts. Orbot and Cubot, however, are worried that Dave's enthusiasm of the smallest tasks will make them look bad, not knowing that Dave is secretly listening to their complaints. Cubot soon goes missing, and after a thorough search by Orbot, he finds his partner-- in pieces. Meanwhile, Dave finds and becomes fascinated with the doctor's unfinished doomsday device, which Eggman tells him about; it is capable of undoing the planet's existence. Orbot then arrives with Cubot's pieces, but Eggman is not interested and sends them away while raising Dave's status from intern to protégée.

At Tails' Workshop, Sonic and Tails are testing the latter's newest invention, the Reverse Polarizer, a device capable of reversing any force. Orbot then shows up on their doorstep and asks them to reassemble Cubot. Back at Eggman's lair, Eggman is assigning Dave more cleaning duties, but Dave is ready for more evil experience. Eggman tells him that he would have to wait a few more weeks, which makes Dave snap from impatience. He seals himself in Eggman's lab where he finishes Eggman's doomsday device and activates it to prove himself an evil genius, much to Eggman's rage.

Meanwhile, in Tails' Workshop, Tails has finished repairing Cubot, who reveals Dave was behind his disassembly. At the same time, Eggman, not wanting to be outdone by Dave, builds another doomsday device. Once he activates its countdown, Tails' computer picks up the signals from both doomsday devices in Eggman's lair, making the heroes take action. Sonic quickly breaks into Eggman's lair to make Eggman's shut his doomsday device down, but when Eggman reveals they have no off-switches, Tails formulates a new plan. He tells Sonic that if they can make the doomsday devices vibrate at exact opposite frequencies by increasing their power, they would cancel each other out. Tails therefore sneaks in on Dave in his plane and convinces him to let him help him outdo Eggman while Sonic helps Eggman outdo Dave. While Tails and Dave work more seriously, however, Sonic is forced to gather power for Eggman by more ridiculous means while assisting him with his needs.

Eventually, both doomsday devices go off and the forces released by the two devices seem to cancel each other out at first. Instead, however, a black hole is formed above Eggman's lair that will erase all existence, which Tails deduces was created due to a small difference in power between the doomsday devices (which was because of a battery Sonic accidentally left out). To stop the black hole, Tails gives Sonic his Reverse Polarizer so he can reverse the black hole's gravitation pull and make it fall in upon itself. However, there is a catch: for it to work, Sonic has to get close enough to the black hole, and if he is too slow, he will be trapped within it and the world will end. Regardless, Sonic enters the black hole and despite some difficulties, he manages to destroy the black hole and get out in time. Furious at Dave's actions, Eggman fires him and reassigns Orbot and Cubot to their regular duties. Returning to Meh Burger, Dave resumes his old job while swearing revenge.

During a stormy night in the laboratory of his lair, Dr. Eggman is cooking up his perhaps most diabolical scheme yet. Orbot and Cubot stand by in terror and watch as Eggman picks out one of his mustache hairs and places it in a large machine which goes to work. With a loud "ping", Eggman's creation is done, which the doctor reveals to his minions is cookies. Orbot is dumbfounded over the fact that that is what Eggman was making, but Eggman assures him that they are "Evil Cookies": in truth, these cookies contain Eggman's DNA and anyone who eats them will become a clone of him, complete with personality patterns and intellect.

Soon after, Stuffer Bot places a basket of the doctor's cookies at Sonic's Shack. Sonic quickly finds the cookies (and is reminded of an awkward incident involving Knuckles popping out of a cake), but before he can eat one, he gets a message from Tails who needs his help stopping his own rampaging vacuum-robot. Sonic therefore leaves the cookies behind, much to the frustration of Eggman, who is monitoring the cookies from his lair.

While Sonic is away helping Tails stop his rogue robot in Tails' Workshop, Knuckles, Amy and Sticks come by Sonic's Shack one by one and fall under the effects of the cookies by eating one each, which only frustrates Eggman more. When Sonic returns to his shack with Tails, only one cookie is left. Sonic tries to eat it, but Tails convinces him to let him have it as he likes cookies with chocolate chunks, which annoys Eggman one last time. This saves Sonic from being affected by the cookie but it instead affects Tails.

Later, at Eggman's lair, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, and Sticks have gathered there (each having grown a mustache like Eggman's) where they now are evil geniuses and plot Sonic's destruction. Though this development was not planned for, Eggman is delighted as he now has four evil geniuses under his command (or three evil geniuses and, as Knuckles calls himself, "an evil mastermind of average intelligence"). Because they start arguing due to lack of experience, however, Eggman decides to give them a crash-course in villainy. Eggman then begins tutoring Tails, Knuckles, Amy, and Sticks in berating their underlings, surveillance of their subjects, proper mustache care, lesson numbering, and target practice with laser guns. Orbot and Cubot, though, cannot handle suffering under so many evil geniuses, so they find Sonic and tell him of what has transpired.

Inside his lair, Eggman is holding exams for his new allies where the topic is how to capture Sonic. Just then, Sonic breaks in and Eggman turns their written exam into a practical, ordering Tails, Knuckles, Amy, and Sticks to attack him. Sonic, however, does not want to fight back against his friends and tries to talk them out of it without success. As Sonic is cornered by his friends and robots alike, Eggman proclaims that he has finally captured Sonic. However, Amy, Tails, Sticks, and Knuckles quickly begin to argue over who deserves that honor which breaks down into an all-out brawl.

Sonic and Eggman take cover from the fighting and Sonic gets an idea after seeing Eggman's evil cookie-making machine. Blasting his way over to the machine, Sonic makes a cookie with his own DNA which he feeds to an involuntary Eggman. Now turned blue and endowed with Sonic's heroism and powers, Eggman helps Sonic fight the latter's evil friends and his own robots. Sonic then has Eggman hold them off while he runs back home to find hair from each of his friends that contain their original DNA (though he is grossed out by Sticks using her hair to create a doll), bringing the hairs back to the fortress where he and Eggman make evil cookies from them. Sonic then has his friends eat their cookies, turning each of them back to their normal selves. The good Eggman now thinks that they will be working together from now on, but Team Sonic is not happy about that idea, so Sticks feeds Eggman one of his own cookies, turning him back to normal too. Eggman then tells Team Sonic off and walks away to plot his next evil scheme.

On a peaceful day on Bygone Island, Sonic and Tails race each other through the jungle on the latter's Hoverboards. As they enter the treetops, Tails takes the lead due to his superior knowledge of the boards. Sonic pulls a stunt to reclaim first place, but fails to notice a low branch, which knocks him off his Hoverboard and down to the ground. Sonic finds his Hoverboard in some bushes where he and Tails then notice a trio of criminals, called the Weasel Bandits, ransacking and stealing from the Gogobas in Gogoba Village. The heroes approach the bandits and villagers, the latter who are at peace with the theft since they claim the bandits need their possessions the most. Upon being threatened by the leader of the bandits, Sonic promptly incapacitates the gang; he and Tails then tie them up before catapulting them away using a palm tree.

The Gogobas thank the heroes, though the Gogoba Chief notes that they scattered their belongings in the battle; Tails offers to pick up the scattered goods but is politely refused by one female Gogoba, who proceeds to collect them herself despite her acute back pains. In the meantime, the villagers throw Sonic and Tails a feast to honor them, though Sonic turns it down and is ready to leave. The Chief notes that the food would be left to decompose if the heroes do not eat it, thus guilt tripping them to stay. Unnerved by the hungry Gogobas watching them eat, the duo tries to leave again but the Chief guilts them into staying the night when he mentions the hospitality his people have already provided. Sonic and Tails are subjected to more royal treatment with the Gogobas giving them a large bed and the nursery's only blanket, much to their dismay.

At night, Sonic and Tails try to sneak away but are met by the Gogobas and their Chief, who have been awake to watch over them. While the Gogobas approve of their departure, they bring up that their village would probably be destroyed by bandits while the two are away. Sonic and Tails, desperate to return home, come up with a solution: build a defense system to protect the village in their absence. When Sonic and Tails show the defense system to the Gogobas however, the villagers get caught in it just as the duo walk away. Now forced to stay, Tails is at a loss as to how they can fight guilt, but Sonic gets the idea of using the Gogobas' tactic against them. Sonic and Tails therefore face the Chief, where they try guilting him into letting them go home in order to water their plants. Eventually, the Chief concedes and Sonic and Tails are allowed to leave.

At Sonic's Shack, Sonic and Tails are glad to be free, but to their shock the Gogobas have taken residence in the shack so that Sonic could keep protecting them. As the Gogobas show the tasks they have done for Sonic to instill even more guilt, he discovers on his answering machine that Dr. Eggman had been calling him. The doctor initially left a message threatening to destroy the dam, but admits he was actually preparing an ambush a few messages later, when Sonic did not show up.

As soon as the messages end, Eggman shows up at the shack with his robots to attack. However, Sonic and Tails are unable to fight properly because the Gogobas are everywhere, so they use their Hoverboards to take the fight to the air. After Sonic and Tails destroy the robots, Eggman and the Chief meet, and the heroes trick Eggman into taking the Gogobas, claiming that they were the key to their victory and that Eggman would be unstoppable if they joined him. Though the Chief wants to stay, Sonic guilts him into helping Eggman out of pity. After a brief negotiation, the Gogobas form an allegiance with Eggman and follow him back to his lair, to which Sonic and Tails celebrate. Eggman is later seen regretting his decision back home as he is subjected to the Gogobas' guilt tripping.

Inside Dr. Eggman's lair, Orbot and Cubot wake up lying on the floor, disoriented, and discover that their memory files of yesterday have been erased. They search for Dr. Eggman to get some answers, but the doctor is nowhere to be found. While Cubot relishes in their chance at freedom, Orbot insists that they should find Eggman by trying to figure out what happened yesterday.

Orbot and Cubot start by asking Sonic and Knuckles at Sonic's Shack if they battled with Eggman yesterday. Both Sonic and Knuckles confirm this, but Knuckles exaggerates that he single-handedly defeated Eggman with his "superpowers" while Sonic was a clumsy coward, thus earning him the affections of Amy and Sticks as well as the title of governor. Sonic attempts to correct Knuckles, then tells the robots that Eggman went to the marketplace afterwards. There, Orbot and Cubot meet Mike the Ox who tells them that he called the police when Eggman tried to return a broken umbrella he bought from him. They therefore decide to ask a police officer for the whereabouts of Eggman, who Orbot describes as a "loud, stoic fellow with an evil laugh and long facial features." The officer tells them that they caught such a person last night.

Seeing that they have to get Eggman out of jail, Orbot suggests they raise bail money. The duo first try earning money by performing as a musical street band in the village, but only get pity money from Tails. They then try tricking Amy into giving them a donation for an elderly robots' charity. While Amy gladly hands her savings over, she tells them how she initially planned to donate them to fund for baby penguin sweaters as a part of Operation: Toasty Beak. Ridden with guilt, Orbot and Cubot refuse to take the money, and additionally donate the money they received from Tails.

For their next attempt, Orbot and Cubot try selling the Eggmobile. They find a customer named T.W. Barker, who convinces them that if they let him take it out for a test drive, they could name the price. However, after waiting a full day for Barker to return, they realize they have been tricked. Losing patience, Cubot decides to simply break Eggman out of jail. The person found in jail, however, is a walrus who looks similar to Orbot's description of Eggman to the police. After escaping the police, the walrus, named Willy Walrus, thanks them for the jailbreak and tells them that he met Eggman yesterday and joined forces with him to break into the helium warehouse. However, shortly after they got into the warehouse, the police arrived and they got split up while Willy was arrested. Orbot and Cubot go to the warehouse to look for Eggman where they find his disintegrator ray and what appears to be his mustache, which make them deduce that Eggman must have dropped his ray in the panic and disintegrated himself.

Heartbroken over Eggman's death, Orbot and Cubot return home, where they find Eggman with his robots who surprise them with a party. While very overjoyed over Eggman being alive, Orbot and Cubot voice their confusion over where he had been this morning, to which Eggman explains that he went out for a breakfast burrito. Orbot also explains how they found that mustache they had, but Eggman reveals to them that it is a fake mustache for his "pin-the-mustache-on-the-Eggman" game for their party, which he had set up to improve their morale. Orbot is moved by Eggman's act, but Eggman admits that he had the pair do all the work and erased their memories of it afterwards so he could trick them. Eggman shows them how he erased their memory banks by pressing a button on each of them, causing both to shut down. Orbot and Cubot soon after wake up in the same manner as they did earlier, with no memory of their adventure and therefore could not recall the whereabouts of the stolen Eggmobile when asked by Eggman.

On Bygone Island, Sonic and Knuckles are playing a game of coconut hurl. Tails plays the role of commentator while Sticks and Amy watch, though Amy shows little interest. As Knuckles throws Sonic into a coconut tree, they beat their previous record by knocking four coconuts down. Suddenly though, Dr. Eggman arrives in the Eggmobile and introduces them to Cowbot; while Eggman considers it to be his most destructive creation, Team Sonic laugh at its non-threatening appearance. Eggman leaves Cowbot to destroy Team Sonic in order to check on his laundry, but not before telling them that Cowbot is filled with Mootonium, which will vaporize everything within a twenty-mile radius if Cowbot is destroyed.

As Cowbot starts firing cud missiles, Team Sonic come up with the plan to reach Cowbot's access panel so Tails can reprogram it. While Sonic distracts Cowbot, the rest of the team tip it, allowing Tails to get to work. However, when Tails finishes, Cowbot does not deactivate, its eyes turn red, and it slowly flies away. Tails explains that since he reversed Cowbot's programming to destroy Sonic, it is now going to destroy Eggman. Sonic is amused, but Amy insists that it is not right to let Cowbot kill Eggman. Begrudgingly, Sonic leaves to warn Eggman and takes Tails with him.

Arriving at Dr. Eggman's lair, Sonic sneaks ahead of Eggman's defenses, only for Eggman to tell him at the door that he used his defenses to build Cowbot. While Sonic warns him of Cowbot, Eggman convinces him and Tails stay and protect him while he is defenseless. However, even if the defenses were brought back online, they learn that Cowbot's stage two directive has been activated, which would render them useless. As such, the group's only option is to upgrade Eggman's defenses, with Sonic gathering the parts, and Tails and Eggman assembling the equipment. Together, the unlikely allies build a freeze ray and a force field to protect the lair.

As Cowbot appears in the horizon, Sonic, Tails and Eggman have a plan: when Cowbot gets in range, Eggman will lower the force field, allowing Sonic to immobilize with the freeze ray, thus enabling Tails to disarm it. However, Cowbot is taking a long time to get to the lair, so Eggman invites Sonic and Tails inside while they wait. In the lair, they have some cookies and hot chocolate (all with questionable seasoning in them), then watch a film. Upon returning outside to see Cowbot still very far away, the trio play a game of coconut hurl, though Sonic had to use a catapult to throw Eggman. As night falls, they spend their time roasting marshmallows over a campfire and seemingly bond over their conversations about things like Dave and Amy.

The next morning, Cowbot has finally arrived and the allies begin their plan, only for it to fall apart due to their defense systems shorting out from the marshmallow gunk on their fingers. However, this give Tails the idea of using marshmallows to gunk up Cowbot's machinery. Going with this plan, Eggman catapults Sonic up to Cowbot where he empties a bucket of marshmallows into it, which successfully disables the robot. Upon celebrating their victory though, Eggman reveals that his master plan was to trick Sonic and Tails into upgrading his security system, which he could now use against them. However, Sonic swiftly foils Eggman's plan by dumping marshmallows into his new defenses, causing them all to short-circuit. As Sonic and Tails take their leave, Orbot and Cubot come out of the lair and eat some of the marshmallows, causing the pair to suffer the same fate as Eggman's other machinery.

In a desert-like area, Knuckles, Amy and Sticks are on the run when Dr. Eggman bursts out of a nearby rock wall and ambushes them in his Octopus Bot. No sooner, Sonic appears and keeps Octopus Bot distracted while Amy and Sticks fight back. Tails then arrives in his plane to attack Octopus Bot with his untested laser-guided Unbolterizer, but misses and triggers a rockslide that proves a hindrance to his team. Meanwhile, Octopus Bot knocks Tails' plane off course, but Sonic sneaks up from behind the robot and tears up its wiring. With his robot disabled, Eggman flees in an escape pod.

Tails tries to explain what happened to his Unbolterizer, but Knuckles, Amy and Sticks point out how his weapon nearly killed them. As Sticks lets her paranoia run loose, Sonic tries to defend Tails, but Tails admits his friends are right (except for Sticks) and files away in his plane, determined to not return to them until he has fixed his Unbolterizer. Sonic tries to tell the others to go easy on Tails, but is interrupted by a road train nearly running them over. The driver, revealed to be T.W. Barker, apologizes and introduces himself and his circus, T.W. Barker's Circus of Wonders, which he owns, much to their amazement.

However, Barker tells that most of his performers, except his Stuntbears, have gotten sick from eating bad sushi, so he will not be able to put up a show, which will disappoint the children. Sympathetic, Amy volunteers her teammates to perform in his circus; Sonic refuses to participate, but instantly changes his mind when Barker implies that Sonic cannot handle the challenge of being a circus performer. Sonic tries contacting Tails with his communicator to have him join them, but Tails ignores it to keep working on his Unbolterizer in his workshop (and unintentionally ruining Eggman's TV remote in his lair).

At the circus, Barker is assigning Team Sonic their roles in the show: Sonic is given the 'Sphere of Fear', which he must spin along within at unparalleled speeds, Knuckles is made a human cannonball, Amy is made a sad clown (much to her dismay) and Sticks becomes an acrobat. Meanwhile, Tails figures out what was wrong with his Unbolterizer and successfuly tests it by destroying Eggman's TV remote (once again) at his lair. At the same time, the show at Barker's circus begins and Team Sonic puts on an amazing performance to the audience.

After the show, Team Sonic is proud of their performance, with Sonic willing to do another in the future. Barker obliges this thought by imprisoning Sonic in the Sphere of Fear and his friends in cages, revealing that this was all a trap to replace his previous group, who actually escaped. Sonic tries to break out, but Barker adds that he bought the sphere from Eggman Industries to ensure confinement, and summons Motobugs he also ordered to guard his captives.

Meanwhile, Tails contacts Sonic on his communicator as he could not find his friends at Sonic's Shack. Sonic informs Tails of what Barker has done, so Tails heads out to save them. He quickly finds the circus in his plane and tears off the tent where he, after dodging missile fire, uses his Unbolterizer to break the cages holding his friends and free the Sphere of Fear from its base, allowing Sonic to roll it. While the others take care of Barker's henchmen, Sonic pursues the Ringmaster and traps him in the Sphere of Fear as punishment. Tails is congratulated by his friends for his actions as they head home, leaving T.W Barker behind. Then Eggman finishes repairing his TV remote so he can shut off his TV.

On the beach near the peaks on Seaside Island, Sonic and Knuckles are playing a game of Gopher Ball against each other, with Tails acting as the official judge. To decide who goes first, the duo decides to flip a coin, which Knuckles has Tails do as he does not trust Sonic. As the coin is flipped, Knuckles calls head, only for it to be tails. Sonic is thus allowed to go first and gets a hole-in-one. When Knuckles attempts however, his ball is diverted from the hole by a falling leaf. Knuckles tries again, but his shot is blocked by some birds passing by (which Sonic noted is Gopher Ball 101). Knuckles keeps trying, but quickly gets sloppy with frustration. Sonic and Tails tease him by contributing his loss to his lack of skills, but Knuckles insists it is only bad luck, and snaps temperamentally after hitting the hole with his club after throwing a fit.

Later at Amy's House, Knuckles is moping around and fuming about his losing streak to Sonic this week in front of Amy and Sticks. Eventually, Amy is drawn into talking with Knuckles when she tries to tell him to stop killing her garden's grass with his stomping. Emotionally unstable, Knuckles keeps complaining about how lucky Sonic is, prompting Amy to talk to him about it, only for Knuckles to reject her. Hearing Knuckles' talk about about luck makes Sticks suspect there has been a shift in the luck balance of the universe and advises Knuckles to burn through his bad luck by bringing himself as much misfortune as possible as fast as he can. Though Amy is skeptical, Knuckles believes it and starts bringing harm to himself, such as dropping boulders on himself, jumping into canyons, and shooting himself out of a cannon and into a beehive. Through it all, Knuckles ignores the pain and talks about how he did not think about this before.

Back at his shack, Sonic is reading a book when a heavily-injured Knuckles appears for some trash-talking and to warn Sonic about his beat-down in their next Gopher Ball game. Sonic on the other hand, is worried that Knuckles is in no condition for anything. Knuckles, however, ignores Sonic and goes off gloating about having the luck balance of the universe tipped in his favor, only for a refrigerator to land on him.

At Dr. Eggman's lair, Dr. Eggman is practicing his reflexes in a game of laser tag with Orbot, Cubot and some Badniks using low-set Disintegrator Rays. After trying to cheat, Eggman falls and his raygun goes off and hits all of his opponents in one shot, winning Eggman the match. Orbot chalks it up to a shift in the luck balance of the universe, which gives Eggman an idea. Meanwhile, Knuckles resumes purging his bad luck by walking in the middle of a meteor shower in a large crater, trying to get hit. Watching the scene, Sonic, Tails and Amy are getting worried about Knuckles' survival, and Sonic is convinced by his friends to talk sense into Knuckles, but they only end up arguing over whether it is skills (Sonic) or luck (Knuckles) that contribute to Sonic's victories. Back at Eggman's lair, Eggman has decided that since the luck balance of the universe has shifted in his favor, he will use this opportunity to launch a full-force invasion of Seaside Island which cannot be foiled by Team Sonic.

Back on the island, Tails and Amy seeks out Sticks in her burrow to have her help them stop Knuckles' self-injuries. Despite speculating that terrible things could happen to Knuckles if he fails to shift the luck balance of the universe, Sticks is confident that he will succeed before he is killed. Back at the meteor shower, Sonic convinces Knuckles to stop by having a Gopher Ball rematch with him, which is spoiled by Eggman passing by in his Eggmobile and ruining Knuckles' shot.

In the Unnamed Village, Eggman, Orbot and Cubot's invasion is going well, during which Team Sonic shows up and corner Eggman. As Knuckles appears though, falling debris scatters Team Sonic, allowing Eggman to escape while bragging about his good luck. Sonic then criticizes Knuckles for being a jinx, and provokes him into joining Dr. Eggman; Amy attempts to call Knuckles back, but Sonic stops her, revealing that this is all a part of his plan. Back in the Village, Eggman brings forth the Mega to terrorize the Villagers when Knuckles arrives to join him. It is then the Mega destroys itself due to a malfunction triggered by Knuckles' bad luck, forcing Eggman and his lackeys to flee (though Eggman continues to take it all in stride). Knuckles is disheartened, but Sonic and Sticks arrive to convince him that he was on a secret mission, and by having his bad luck overpower Eggman's good luck, Knuckles saved the Village, thus ending his unlucky streak. As the team goes home, Knuckles wonders where his bad luck went, which turns out to have been passed onto Tails when debris falls on top of the fox.

On a starry night, Team Sonic is sitting at a campfire; Tails directs everyone's attention to a meteor shower, when one of the meteors crashes some distance away from the group. Curious, the team heads over to the landing site to investigate, where they meet Dr. Eggman, Orbot and Cubot. Eggman claims ownership of the meteor, but Sonic tells him he can only do so when touching it; the two then race each other to the meteor, where they grab it at the same time. The meteor releases a blinding light and knocks them both out.

When Sonic recovers, he finds himself in Dr. Eggman's lair and notices, to his horror, that he is in Eggman's body. As Orbot and Cubot enter and explain how they brought him back to the lair, Sonic tries to convince them that he and Eggman switched bodies, with no success. In an attempt to prove his identity, Sonic tries to utilize his speed, but quickly learns (to his surprise and exhaustion) that he has lost that as well; upon this discovery, Sonic decides to find Tails for help, who is currently studying the meteor, still inside the crater. Back at Sonic's Shack, Eggman (in Sonic's body) is being taken care of by Amy. As Amy departs, Eggman reviews his situation, surmising that his powerful mind combined with Sonic's speed and strength would make him unstoppable. After some practice, he gets the hang of Sonic's powers and plots to eradicate Team Sonic, but ends up postponing it several times in favor of enjoyable activities with Sonic's friends.

Using the Eggmobile, Sonic travels back home with Orbot and Cubot, who begin to believe him after he thanks them for their help (the two noting that Eggman never shows gratitude). Upon arrival, he encounters Eggman with Knuckles, Amy and Sticks; Sonic tries to tell his friends that he and Eggman switched bodies, but Eggman rebuffs his claims by making fun of himself on purpose. Needless, Knuckles, Amy and Sticks do not believe Sonic, and when Eggman fakes an assault on him by Sonic, he encourages Knuckles, Amy and Sticks to attack. In Eggman's body, Sonic does not stand a chance and is chased off by his friends, forcing Orbot and Cubot to haul him back to the lair.

At Eggman's lair, Sonic is at a loss of how he can defeat Eggman with their bodies switched, until Cubot reminds him that he has an army of robots at his disposal. Back at Sonic's Shack, Eggman is relishing in his victory with the team, but then Sonic returns with a horde of robots, including the Mega and Burnbot, which he orders to combat his friends and Eggman using non-lethal force (though the robots only comply after he threatens them, as per their programming). While his friends fight the robots, Sonic manages by luck to immobilize Eggman. At the same time, Tails discovers the meteor's ability to switch minds when a lizard and a fly touch it simultaneously. Tails brings the meteor to the battle site in his Tailsmobile, and explains what happened to Sonic and Eggman. Eggman snatches the meteor, but by doing so he blows his cover.

Tails tells everyone that for Sonic and Eggman to switch back, they have to touch the meteor again, but in response, Eggman drops the meteor and runs off. Despite Sonic telling him to, Eggman refuses to switch back, until Sonic starts threatening to clip off Eggman's mustache. After a tense stand-off, Eggman relents and touches the meteor with Sonic, allowing the two to return to their original bodies. While everything goes back to normal for Team Sonic, Eggman fumes over his defeat in his lair, while Orbot and Cubot laugh at him having played a prank on him by letting him get sunburned all over, with the exception of a Sonic-shaped mark on his forehead.

On Seaside Island, Eggman calls forth a new weapon after Team Sonic had just finished off his Scorpion-bot. However, Sonic destroys it before it can even do anything. Instead of getting angry, Eggman retreats in his Eggmobile, dispirited and having lost his confidence. Meanwhile, Team Sonic ponders on why Eggman has not been as challenging as he usually is.

Back at his lair, Eggman tries to watch some TV while moping when he sees a commercial from Soar the Eagle who is advertising his seminar as a motivational speaker and life coach, promising to help his clients "soar like an eagle" like they were born to. Relating to it, Eggman hires Soar to rebuild his confidence. Coming to Eggman's lair, Soar gets the doctor fired up about getting his life back on track with inspirational speeches and convinces Eggman to hire him as his personal guru. However, Soar soon sees he has a lot of work ahead of him after witnessing Eggman's low self-esteem.

To rebuild Eggman's confidence and convince himself of his maliciousness once more, Soar has him get some small evil victories under his belt, such as stealing a meal from Dave at Meh Burger and ruining children's ice cream. Finally, Soar has Eggman use explosives to create a statue of himself, which causes a rock slide that endangers a crowd beholding an enormous ball of twine. Fortunately, Sonic, who was watching the ball with his team, stops the rocks, and Amy notes that Eggman is getting back on track.

Later at his lair, Eggman has made a marvelous recovery from his low confidence. Soar insists that Eggman still requires more guidance, but Eggman becomes arrogant and fires Soar, something the eagle warns him will not bode well. Eggman tries to get back to his scheming with Orbot and Cubot, but it soon becomes clear that Eggman is no longer able to make decisions for his plans on his own. Later on the beach with his team, where they are playing in the sand with Tails' Plane, Sonic becomes suspicious of Eggman's activities since he has not heard from him in a while and leaves to check up on him. When he gets to Eggman's lair though, Sonic finds Eggman slouching on his couch in self-pity while Orbot practically confirms that Eggman has given up on himself.

With the threat of Eggman gone, Sonic tries to relax but soon grows bored and restless. He tries doing something with his friends, but in his hyperactiveness he only ends up scattering Tails' papers in his workshop, destroying Knuckles' new birdhouse and ruining Amy's new painting, all while growing more paranoid about Eggman. Quickly fed up with Sonic's interruptions, Tails, Knuckles, Amy and Sticks decide to remotivate Eggman just to make Sonic more productive. They attempt to pick a fight with Eggman, but when the doctor is indifferent towards their intrusion, they lure Sonic over and provoke him by pretending to be defeated; Sonic easily sees through his teammates' bad acting, though. Amy admits to deceiving him, but when Eggman notes how "stupid" her idea was, Sonic becomes defensive and confronts Eggman; their argument quickly evolves into animosity. Out of frustration, Eggman gets over his slump and summons his robots, which Sonic engages while the rest of the team watches, smiling over things being back to normal.

On an orchard on Seaside Island, Sticks is picking beige berries as ingredients to a pie she plans to bake for the upcoming pie festival. While Sticks walks around with her paranoid scruples, Tails drops by in his Tailsmobile and sees Sticks at work. Tails then heads for his workshop, where he builds a large berry-picking machine to help Sticks. As Tails gets Sonic to charge its energy source with a generator (with limited success), Tails is confident Sticks will like the device despite Sonic's doubts.

Once finished, Tails brings the machine to the orchard, but it quickly malfunctions and grinds up everything, much to Sticks' frustration, while Sonic, Knuckles and Amy then arrive to survey the destruction. A spy, disguised as a tree, flees the scene after observing it and brings the news of the destruction of the orchard to three cloaked figures, who get the impression that Tails is evil and that their organization could use a mind like his.

Back at the orchard, Tails misses the festival as he has been forced to replant the trees by Sticks. There, the hooded figures invite him into the Lightning Bolt Society. While Tails is willing to join them despite never hearing of them, he still has to replant the orchard, but one of the hooded figures uses a technological gun to plant the seeds for him. With his work done, Tails accepts their offer. Meanwhile in Doctor Eggman's Lair, Eggman, Orbot and Cubot get a status update from the Lightning Bolt Society in the form of a pop-up, announcing Tails' induction. While Eggman thinks little of this group since they scavenge his trash, he is unsettled by the thought of an alliance between them and Team Sonic and leaves to stop them.

At the orchard, Sonic, Knuckles, Amy and Sticks return from the pie festival which Sticks won, just as the planted seeds grow into mutant flowers. Amidst the chaos, the group find Tails' invitation to the Lightning Bolt Society. Sonic and Amy thus head out to find Tails while Knuckles and Sticks keeps the plants at bay. At the Lightning Bolt's clubhouse, Tails is enjoying the food and getting himself acquainted with the other members, some of which are revealed to be Dave the Intern, Willy Walrus and a Weasel Bandit. Meanwhile, on the outside, Sonic and Amy argue over the method of breaking into the club. Back inside, Willy welcomes Tails to the club and has him initiated as their new leader. However, when Tails hears their "evil" plan to take control of all fruit stands in the Village and beyond, he realizes they are crooks and admits he is not evil, shocking the members.

No sooner, Sonic, Amy and Eggman break into the club at the same time, the two parties thinking the other is here to team up with the Lightning Bolts. Once all is clear, Eggman begrudgingly commands the Lightning Bolts to attack Sonic, but due to their incompetence, they choose food as weapons, which is easily dodged and quickly depleted. Sonic and Eggman then get ready to fight, but the Lightning Bolt Society swarms Eggman, asking him for his autograph, so Sonic and his friends use the opportunity to escape. They then return to the orchard, where Tails takes out the mutant plants with his berry-picking machine; this causes Tails and Sticks to reconcile, though Sticks still wants him to replant the orchard. Meanwhile, Dave is back at Meh Burger, making a burger for himself with the Mutant Seed Gun.

In the middle of the night, Dr. Eggman attacks the Unnamed Village and its residents in his Moth Bot when Sonic arrives with his Swat-a-pult and pursues Moth Bot while Knuckles baits the robot into following him by holding up a giant glowing light bulb. Surveying the chase from above in Tails' Plane, Tails and Sticks drop moth balls on Moth Bot to stagger it, allowing Sonic to bring it down with his weapon. In the wreckage, Eggman claims his neck is broken and has Orbot and Cubot fly him away.

The next day, Sonic and Tails are having lunch in the Village Center when the two are approached by a Process Server, who reveals Eggman is suing Sonic for needlessly injuring him. Sonic is unconcerned, but soon learns the seriousness of the situation when Soar the Eagle interviews him on the coming "trial of the century," which will ruin the loser's life. At the courthouse, Sonic finds Eggman in a wheelchair with T.W. Barker as his lawyer and the local villagers as both the audience and the jury. Serving as Sonic's lawyer is Knuckles, which Sonic had allowed since he still thinks this trial is a joke. The Beaver Policeman then introduces the judge, Burnbot (under the alias of "Judge Bot"), who subtlety hints his loyalty to Eggman despite his impartialness.

Opening the case is Barker who reveals his intent to prove that Sonic injured Eggman permanently in maliciousness. Sticks is first called up as witness where she accidentally blurts out her prejudice against Eggman and his creations, as Barker states that Eggman was merely taking an evening drive in his Moth Bot when Sonic attacked him. Orbot is called up next, where he proclaims that Eggman is good-hearted and shows a (fake) film of Eggman playing compassionately with Orbot and Cubot as evidence, which moves the jury.

Tails takes his turn, whom Sonic considers to be the most reliable witness. With Barker interrogating him, Tails lists the things he admires about Sonic, which Barker turns around to make Sonic seem like an outlaw bent on destroying anyone who disagrees with him, namely Eggman. Despite losing his case, Sonic is confident that people will believe in his innocence (unaware that Comedy Chimp has made jokes on his show about him that enforces Barker's claim).

For the next part of the trial, Knuckles calls himself up to the defense. In a humorous display of Knuckles interrogating himself, Knuckles explains that Sonic is incapable of injuring Eggman, but on the grounds that he is too incompetent. Provoked by this, Sonic makes an outburst defending himself, but only ends up incriminating himself further. With Knuckles resting his case, the jury leaves to deliberate while the rest hold a dance party. When the jury returns however, the jurors (Fastidious Beaver in particular) delay their verdict. Impatient, Burnbot deems Sonic guilty, but before making it official, Amy, who has just come back from a week-long beekeeping seminar, bursts into the room and pounds the floor with her hammer in objection, shaking the whole building. Burnbot and Barker stumble, causing Eggman to turn his head around in confusion and revealing that he is not injured. With his plan now foiled, Eggman calls his robots to battle, which engages Team Sonic. As Soar is doing a news report on the trial outside the courthouse, Sonic and Eggman in his Eggmobile burst out from inside and do battle. Unfazed, Soar cuts over to Comedy Chimp's New Year's Eve event, which is rather dull.

Outside Tails' Workshop, Tails is working on his plane when his friends arrive, inviting him to join them for lunch at Meh Burger. He initially declines the offer, but is eventually convinced to come along when the others show concern over him spending too much time with his plane.

Team Sonic soon enters the Village, but are alarmed when they find Dr. Eggman giving out free samples of "Eggman's Tomato Sauce." Suspicious, Sonic knocks the samples out of the villagers' hands, and Amy accuses Eggman of lacing his sauce with poison. The doctor insists that his food is not poisonous, and when he fails to convince the crowd by personally taste-testing it, he goads Sonic into trying a sample; surprisingly, Sonic finds the tomato sauce to be delicious. Tails buys a few cans in order to analyze their contents at his workshop, but cannot find any readings of questionable ingredients, causing Amy to believe Eggman may have finally reformed himself.

Over the next weeks, Eggman gains popularity over his tomato sauce, even gaining a young admirer in Stratford, much to Sonic's annoyance. When he attempts to complain to Tails, however, his Communicator malfunctions, forcing him to visit Tails for repairs. At the workshop, Sonic finds Knuckles, Amy and Sticks waiting for Tails to fix their electronics as well, but Tails is preoccupied with his plane, also mysteriously unresponsive. Amy has the group break for lunch, with Sonic suggesting they go out to eat instead of having more of Eggman's Tomato Sauce. Upon Team Sonic's departure, the can of tomato sauce reveals a set of insectoid robot legs and scuttles to a piece of machinery, ominously tinkering with it.

Team Sonic are enjoying another meal at Meh Burger when the TV there activates, broadcasting Comedy Chimp having a live talk show with Dr. Eggman for his show at the latter's lair. Eggman explains his sudden change from villainy, though it quickly becomes insults directed at Sonic, who is forced to listen because he cannot turn the TV off. Eggman then shows his amusement of Team Sonic's earlier accusations, revealing that the real threat was not the sauce, but the cans, which were robotic minions who had secretly tampered with everyone's electronics on Seaside Island over the past weeks, turning them into robots. Upon the press of a switch, the cans and electronics become hostile robots and begin attacking the Village. Team Sonic quickly spring into action and destroy numerous electronics, but are soon pursued by Tails' Plane, much to his horror. Refusing to destroy it, Tails stays behind to reclaim his plane while his teammates confront Eggman.

At his lair, Eggman continues his interview (with Comedy Chimp now held hostage) until Team Sonic invades. In response, Eggman pits them against his newest robot: Scrapheap Bot, a compilation of various machinery that is supported by the robot cans. The team have little trouble during this fight, and Amy and Sonic easily damage Scrapheap Bot. Meanwhile, Tails successfully re-wires his plane before it crashes into a large hill and flies off to assist his friends. Things become more challenging for Team Sonic as there is no end to the robot cans, and despite Knuckles and Sticks' combined efforts, Scrapheap Bot repairs the damage it receives. Eggman hastily declares victory and raises his remote in the air, allowing Tails to swoop in, snatch it with his Enerbeam, and then deactivate all of the robots and return the villagers' appliances to normal. Undeterred, Eggman accidentally foils his plan by announcing his intent to repeat it with one of the camcorders broadcasting his evil intentions. Later that evening, Eggman is sulking in his living room, surrounded by boxes of unsold Eggman's Tomato Sauce as a result of his actions.

Within a canyon on Seaside Island, Tails demonstrates his Tailsmobile's new voice-activated controls to Sonic. While Sonic is initially impressed, the vehicle ends up leaving him drenched after he orders it a chocolate milkshake. Sonic runs back to Tails' Workshop to find a towel, but as he does, he creates a deafening tone that hurts all the bystanders he come across, including Tails, whose yelp prompts the Tailsmobile to move uncontrollably and ends up plummeting into a volcano; fortunately, Sonic returns just in time to knock Tails and the Tailsmobile back on solid ground as they plummet into the volcano. Sonic notes that screaming into a voice-controlled vehicle was not a good idea, but Tails blames Sonic and the noise he made for the predicament. However, Sonic is clueless about the noise he was generating, causing Tails to conclude that Sonic is simply moving too fast to hear it. Despite being certain the sound was not coming from him, Sonic quickly proves himself wrong with a short run when trying to disprove it.

At Tails' Workshop, Tails runs some tests on Sonic. After a hilarious montange however, Tails is still unable to figure out what is wrong and tells Sonic to avoid running until further notice. Despite thinking nothing of it, Sonic soon finds walking to be tedious. This is especially evident when his team tries to play volleyball at his shack and Sonic has to get the volleyball he forgot without running, leaving him bored out of his mind over long the ridiculously short trip took. When he returns though, they are ambushed by Crab Bots. As his team begins fighting, Sonic tries to join, but upon creating the horrible noise again, Amy tells him to sit this one out. Unsatisfied, Sonic begins to tell his teammates what to do, but only ends up distracting them, causing Sticks to tie him up to a coconut tree while they finish, leaving Sonic sour while his team cheers. There, Sonic meets Eggman resting in a beach chair, who tells him the attack was accidently triggered by Orbot and Cubot; since it worked fine without him, Eggman felt unneeded, which Sonic could now relate to as his friends won without him. Eggman offers to talk it over as a kindred spirit, but Sonic's friends warns him not to trust him. With no other options, though, Sonic confides in Eggman about his noise issue, who shows some familiarity with the problem and invites Sonic to his lair for further analysis.

At Eggman's lair, Eggman's tests determine that Sonic is experiencing "velocity-to-energy ratio incompatibility", triggered by age, so Eggman offers Sonic a pair of new shoes that have power-absorbing insoles capable of preventing the sound. Despite some doubts, Sonic puts the shoes on and, true enough, the noise is gone. Thanking Eggman for the help, Sonic returns to his friends to demonstrate his recuperation, though as Sonic thinks Eggman has actually helped him, the doctor and his Giant Robot show up, revealing it all to be a trap. Sonic runs in to attack the robot, but it successfully repels him and appears to steadily gaining more power. As the others join, Tails' scanning device shows that the Giant Robot possesses no internal power source, but soon realize the existance of an external source: Sonic's new shoes, which converts his speed into power for the robot, making it stronger the more he runs.

Sonic tries taking the shoes off, but Eggman designed the shoes to be unremovable; not only that, they also serve as batteries, allowing the Giant Robot to continue functioning even when Sonic stops running. Eggman admits he played a noise whenever Sonic ran to trick everyone, but upon attempting to explain, Amy refuses to listen and destroys his holographic presentation of his scheme. Meanwhile, Sonic fights the Giant Robot in vain, but as Eggman gloats, Sonic gets an idea and starts running around faster and faster, generating so much power that the Giant Robot overloads and explodes. With the day saved, Sonic, referring to himself in third person, leaves for a run, while his team and Eggman agree that it is creepy when Sonic speaks like that.


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Voice Cast

  • Junichi Kanemaru as Sonic the Hedgehog & Metal Sonic
  • Ryo Hirohashi as Miles "Tails" Prower
  • Nobutoshi Canna as Knuckles the Echidna
  • Taeko Kawata as Amy Rose
  • Aoi Yuki as Sticks the Badger
  • Kotaro Nakamura as Dr. Eggman
  • ??? as UT
  • ??? as Dave the Intern
  • ??? as Young Gogoba
  • ??? as Zooey
  • Roger Craig Smith as Sonic the Hedgehog, UT, Dave the Intern & Young Gogoba
  • Colleen O'Shaughnessey as Miles "Tails" Prower & Zooey
  • Travis Willingham as Knuckles the Echidna, Obliterator Bot, Soar the Eagle & Mr. Slate
  • Cindy Robinson as Amy Rose, Perci, Elderly Gogoba & Justin Beaver
  • Nika Futterman as Sticks the Badger & Diane Aardvark
  • Mike Pollock as Dr. Eggman, Fastidious Beaver & Mayor Fink
  • Kirk Thornton as Orbot, Wolfie, Shadow the Hedgehog, Leroy the Turtle, T.W. Barker, Tree Spy, Monkey Boy, Salty & Charlie
  • Wally Wingert as Cubot & Gogoba Chief
  • Bill Freiberger as Comedy Chimp, Lady Walrus, DangerCo Deadly Equipment Warehouse Worker & Process Server
  • Robbie Rist as Swifty the Shrew
  • ??? as Mike the Ox
  • ??? as Pepper
  • ??? as Metal Sonic
  • ??? as Bee Bots
  • ??? as Crab Bots
  • ??? as Motobugs
  • ??? as Gogobas
  • ??? as Weasel Bandits
  • ??? as Earl
  • Keith Silverstein as Vector the Crocodile


Sonic Boom (TV Series)
  • This is the first Sonic series that has the most episodes, compare to its predecessors.
  • This is the first Sonic the Hedgehog television series to have fully computer-generated (CG) animation.
  • This cartoon and Sonic Satam are the only Sonic cartoons not to have the Chaos Emeralds involved in the storyline.
  • The intro sequence for the show in the United States is actually a shortened version of the actual intro sequence. This full intro sequence is used in France. The intro shows all the main characters in order of appearance with Sonic being first, then Tails, Amy, Knuckles and finally Sticks.
  • Although it has been confirmed that OuiDO! is doing the production for the show, the first reveal of the show credited Genao Productions.
  • This is the third Sonic the Hedgehog animation to be produced by Sega; the first being Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie and the second being Sonic X.
  • Much similar to the canon of the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog television series, every episode will be a standalone. Despite this, past episodes are referenced in later episodes.
  • It is the longest time to wait for a new show in the series - eight years passed from the original airing of the last episode of Sonic X (2003-2006) to air the first episode of Sonic Boom.
  • According to Bill Freiberger, the developers do not ever use characters from non-Sonic Boom versions of Sonic, meaning no Archie Comics characters, no characters from the other TV series in any Sonic-related media and no characters from games outside the main series.
  • In several episodes where written text is showcased, the words and sentences either appear obscured or are written in gibberish. Bill Freiberger has explained that Sonic Boom does not show words because it is an international coproduction and thus needs to play in many different languages.
  • This is the first Sonic the Hedgehog television series to have Dr. Eggman as the only human present.

The fourth wall is broken multiple times in this series.

  • In "The Sidekick", when Burnbot damages the wing for the plane, Tails accidentally breaks off the ejector seat switch and looks at the viewer with a puzzled look on his face. In the same episode, while Eggman ponders his scheme in his lair, the camera suddenly pans down. Eggman then picks it up, saying to himself: "Lousy security camera!". When Knuckles tries to change Sonic's name to "Knuckles.Jr" for his sidekick, Sonic looks at the viewer with an annoyed look on his face. When Sonic is done explaining to Tails that he's having "Early Retirement", he looks at the viewer and asks: "Wait, what just happened?".
  • In "Double Doomsday", Sonic stares at the screen with a bored facial expression while he and Tails are reviewing their plan over their communicators.
  • In Dude, Where's My Eggman?, when Knuckles asks what rhymes with "governor", Sonic looks at the screen with an unamused look on his face.
  • In "Cowbot", during the various games of "Coconut Hurl" that are played throughout the episode, Tails constantly stares at the screen as he pretends to be the announcer for the event.
  • In "The Meteor", Eggman (inside Sonic's body) decides to test out his newfound speed, but crashes into the wall of Sonic's shack. He then looks at the screen and says: "Yeah, this might take some getting used to". In the same episode, after Eggman (still in Sonic's body) is done reviewing Sonic's schedule and realizes that he won't have time to destroy his friends, he closes the book and looks at the screen as he says: "Guess I'll have to destroy them tomorrow!".
  • In "How to Succeed in Evil Without Really Trying", while Tails is building his deforestation machine, he realizes that he forgot batteries. He then proceeds to look at the viewer and say: "Lotta trees means a lotta these!".
  • In "Sole Power", after Eggman reveals the power-source for the Giant Robot, he says: "Gee, I wish I thought of that", before looking at the camera and saying: "Oh right, I did!".
  • In "Battle of the Boy Bands", when Sonic, Tails and Knuckles inform Amy and Sticks about Justin's producer's evil scheme, Knuckles tells them how he "conveniently revealed the whole thing" in front of them. Then he adds: "Talk about lazy writing", and stares at the viewer, not amused.
  • In Tails' Crush, when the heart-shaped iris out effect surrounds Tails and Zooey, Eggman says: "I'm glad I sprang for the heart iris upgrade".
  • In Bro-Down Showdown, after Sonic is unwillingly paired up with Dr. Eggman, Knuckles frowns and says: "But I thought this was going to be a 'Sonic and Knuckles' episode!".
  • In "Late Night Wars", while launching an attack on the studio for the Comedy Chimp Show, Eggman shouts: "FIRE MISSILES!!!" before looking at the screen and saying: "Brought to you by Eggman Industries!" Later on, after busting a hole in the studio's wall, the doctor looks at the screen and says: "This hole in the wall was made possible by Eggman Industries!" Immediately after, Eggman creates an even larger hole in the wall. After entering it, he looks at the screen and says: "Need a wall shattered? Call Eggman Industries!" Later, when Knuckles is called off the set to help his friends in battle, he looks at the screen and says: "I'll be right back after this!" Finally, at the end of the episode, Comedy Chimp pulls a "Kiddie Fun Ball" out of its box, and realizes that it's a bomb. He then looks sheepishly at the screen and says: "This is not good".

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