Stacey (often misspelled as Stacy)
is a character in the 1995 feature film A Goofy Movie.




Film Appearances

A Goofy Movie

She is Roxanne's best friend, and the student body president. She is also one of the many characters in the opening song After Today. She also is the host of a school party that features the Powerline concert live on Pay-Per-View. While at her party she and Roxanne get sprayed with cheese by Robert Zimmeruski, and as he drops his cheese. She goes to pick it up, with her and Robert's hands meet. They then fall in love.

An Extremely Goofy Movie

Just like Roxanne, she is not shown in the sequel. It can be assumed that she and Bobby broke up or go to different universities.


Knownable Relatives


  • She along P.J and Bobby don't appear in House Of Mouse.

Voice Actresses

  • Japanese :
  • English : Jenna von Oy

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