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Team Kakashi, aka Team 7, is a team led by Hatake Kakashi and was formed after the members became genin. The members were selected in order to balance out their talents: Uzumaki Naruto, the worst student in his graduating class, would benefit from Haruno Sakura's intelligence and Uchiha Sasuke's proficiency with ninjutsu. Sakura would similarly benefit from her more battle-capable team-mates, whereas Sasuke would benefit from being forced to work with others.


Uzumaki Naruto, Uchiha Sasuke, and Haruno Sakura are organized into a team following their graduation from the Academy in order to balance out their talents. Naruto, the worst student in his class would benefit from Sakura's intelligence and Sasuke's proficiency with ninjutsu. Sakura on the other hand would benefit from her more battle-capable team-mates, and Sasuke would benefit from being forced to work with others. Thus Hatake Kakashi is selected to lead them in order to keep an eye on Naruto, and in the anime to help Sasuke cope with life after the his clan's massacre. As with all the previous genin teams he was put in charge of, Kakashi gives them a bell test in order to determine if they give the proper importance to teamwork. Unlike all previous genin teams, Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura pass the test.

Team 7's early missions are all D-rank, which Naruto believes they are over-qualified for. He is able to pressure the Third Hokage into giving them a C-rank mission: escorting Tazuna to the Land of Waves. After starting the mission they discover that Tazuna lied about the mission details and that the mission is actually an A-rank, far above the skills of genin. Despite this, Team 7 sticks with the mission and is able to see it through to its completion. When they return to Konoha they resume their menial, D-rank assignments, but from their performance, Kakashi believes they are qualified to participate in the Chunin Exams.

Despite strong showings from all three, particularly Naruto and Sasuke, none succeed in becoming chunin. In the anime they go on a few additional missions, but events during and after the Chunin Exams lead Sasuke to believe that his membership in the team is preventing him from achieving his goal of killing his brother, Uchiha Itachi. He defects from Konoha, joining forces with Orochimaru. Sakura tries to convince him not to but fails, Naruto is unable to stop him himself, and by the time Kakashi learns of what Sasuke has done, it was already too late. In the aftermath, Naruto leaves the village to train with Jiraiya and Sakura becomes the disciple of Tsunade, in effect disbanding Team 7.

In the anime, during the two and a half year time skip. Sakura was force to take the chunin exams by herself with Team Asuma. Due to the fact that Naruto was still training with Jiraiya, and that Sasuke was a missing nin. Due to this Naruto officially missed his chance to become a Chunin again. In the aftermath, Saskura completed the exam with the team she was assigned with for this event, and she became a Chunin just as when Naruto was returning to the village.

When Naruto returns to the village after his two and a half years training. He, Sakura, and Kakashi form a "Reborn Team 7" (新生第七班). Kakashi gives them another bell test, but this time the only objective is to demonstrate how their skills have improved. And in the end, Naruto and Sakura outsmarted Kakashi by using his Make Out Tatics Book weakness against him, by successfully taking the bells from him by showing Teamwork. As the team's official first mission they are sent to Sunagakure to rescue Gaara, the Fifth Kazekage from Akatsuki, for which task they are reorganized into the Kazekage Rescue Team upon arrival in Suna. During the course of the mission they learn of an opportunity to reunite with Sasuke, but Kakashi overexerts himself and needs extended bed-rest when they return to Konoha. Because they have only a limited amount of time to make to use of the intel, an Anbu codenamed Yamato is assigned as Kakashi's replacement. To provide additional manpower to the team, Sai from the Root Anbu is added to the team as Sasuke's replacement.

Although the team is successful in infiltrating one of Orochimaru's hideouts and meeting with Sasuke, his growth over the last two years is more than any of them can compete with and they can do nothing but let him escape. From this mission however, Sai becomes a trusted and lasting member of the team and Yamato takes on a recurring role as leader and advisor to Team 7's members, especially as Kakashi increasingly commits himself to other tasks. When a Kakashi led Team 10 struggles in another confrontation with Akatsuki, Yamato leads Team 7 in providing backup. Shortly afterwards, when they come up with a plan to find Sasuke by first finding Itachi, a Yamato-led Team 7 combines with a Kakashi-led Team 8 into the Eight Man Squad.

The Eight Man Squad is unsuccessful in stopping Sasuke from falling into the clutches of Akatsuki. While following Pain's Invasion, news of Sasuke's criminal activity with Akatsuki reaches Konoha, Naruto tries to secure a pardon for him from the Five Kage. The Kage refuse and meanwhile, Sasuke's former classmates decide that they should be the ones to personally kill him for what he's done and to prevent the chaos his actions could bring. Sakura accepts the responsibility, yet plotted on doing it on her own, but ultimately can't bring herself to do so. Kakashi, after learning of her plans from Sai's ink clone, offers to do it himself as Sasuke's former teacher. Naruto intervenes before anybody is able to kill anyone else, in the process reuniting all of Team 7's original members for the first time in two years. Naruto and Sasuke briefly clash, but both accept they are too evenly matched and postpone a final resolution between them for another time.

However, Sasuke's final encounter with Itachi caused him to question his resolve. After reviving Orochimaru and meeting with a reincarnated Senju Hashirama and learning what it means to be a shinobi, Sasuke chooses to protect Konoha like his brother had as he rejoins his former team to aid in the fight against Uchiha Madara, Obito, and the Ten-Tails. The four original members of Team 7 were the only living humans to have escaped the light of Infinite Tsukuyomi, and so in turn became mankind's last hope. Ultimately after many obstacles and with help from Obito, even from beyond the grave, Team Kakashi managed to outsmart and seal Kaguya in a new moon. Thus saving the world and ending the war. After this however, Sasuke again left the team to realize his plans of revolution and domination, forcing Naruto to face him one last time.

After an intense battle, both Naruto and Sasuke lost their own respective dominant arms, Sasuke losing his left and Naruto losing his own right arm, and the blood from their amputated arms made a "seal of reconciliation". Through Sasuke's narrow defeat and relinquishing his inner darkness, the rift between the three, much to Kakashi's happiness, was lifted and back on good terms, even laughing together after so many years and trials.

Afterward, with Kakashi as the Sixth Hokage, Sasuke's involvement in dispelling the Infinite Tsukuyomi and as a favor to Naruto, the hero of the Fourth Shinobi War, Sasuke's crimes was pardoned. Though he sought to travel the world for redemption, but not before affectionately vowing to Sakura that he would return and receiving his old forehead protector from Naruto. While Kakashi had his Hokage duties to handle, including with Sasuke traveling the world. Naruto, Sai and Sakura become busy with their own personal matters, effectively dissolving Team 7 on good terms.

Years after the Fourth Shinobi War, Naruto married Hyuga Hinata while having with her a son name Uzumaki Boruto and a daughter name Uzumaki Himawari. Naruto eventually succeeds Kakashi as the Seventh Hokage. While Sasuke and Sakura get marry as well and start a family together by having a daughter named Uchiha Sarada. Sai also gets marry to Yamanaka Ino and they have a son name Yamanaka Inojin. However, Sasuke went on a mission to look for Kaguya's descendants which was only a mission that Naruto, Sakura and the other current Kage have known about. This mission have kept Sasuke away from his family for years.


Team 7 was assigned to find Tora, a lost cat owned by the Fire Daimyo's wife, Madam Shijimi.

Find the Lost Pet Tora
  • Rank: D-rank
  • Status: Success

Per to Naruto's request for a more challenging mission, Team 7 was assigned to escort Tazuna to the Land of Waves. Along the way, they discovered that Tazuna had assassins after him and needed protection while he finished building a bridge. Tazuna did not have enough money to pay for bodyguarding services, and so lied to Team 7 that he only needed escorts. Despite the difficulty of this assignment Team 7 stayed by Tazuna's side until the bridge was completed, successfully protecting him from Gato and his men.

Escort the Bridge Builder
  • Rank: C-rank (technically A-rank)
  • Status: Success

In the anime OVA special, Team 7 had to search for a villager from the Inaho Village, Genmai who was kidnapped by a group of missing-nin and their leader, Kajika. Kakashi gets trapped in a sealing technique with Genmai after finding him and Kajika and his group kidnap Sakura after a little scuffle with Naruto and Sasuke. Naruto and Sasuke defeat Kajika and his team-mates and Team 7 return Genmai to his son.

Escort Shibuki (and collect garbage) (OVA only)
  • Rank: C-rank
  • Status: Success

In the first OVA special, Team 7 was charged with escorting Shibuki back to Takigakure. Upon reaching their destination, Shibuki extended their mission to also include cleaning lake beneath the waterfall for garbage. This led them to have a prolonged visit, which enabled them to prevent Suien's invasion plans.

Find Genmai (OVA only)
  • Rank: D-rank (turned B-rank)
  • Status: Success

In the anime, Team 7 are assigned to take a runaway ostrich to his home despite a misadventure at a village.

Escorting Condor (Anime only)
  • Rank: Unknown
  • Status: Success

In the anime, Team 7 was assigned to retrieve a golden statue of a feudal princess that was taken by a band of thieves from a Feudal Princess. Though Naruto and Sasuke retrieve the statue, Sakura gets taken hostage as her team-mates got their hands stuck. Though Naruto and Sasuke defeat the bandits in their condition, dismay of being stuck together for a few more days, the mission success despite the statue being damaged.

Retrieve the Golden Statue (Anime only)
  • Rank: Unknown
  • Status: Success

When Team 7 returned from the Land of Waves, they were given a number of uneventful assignments. These included pulling weeds, picking up litter, and walking dogs. Kakashi noted that their team-work has deteriorated during these missions.

Miscellaneous D-Rank Missions
  • Rank: D-rank

During the Invasion of Konoha in Part I, Kakashi assigned Naruto, Sakura, Shikamaru, and Pakkun to find Sasuke and Gaara. This stated to be the first A rank mission since the Land of Waves.

Stop Gaara and Find Sasuke
  • Rank: A-rank
  • Status: Success

In the anime, Team 7 was assigned by Nekobaa to obtain Nekomata's paw print. This mission was meant for Sasuke Uchiha when Uchiha Itachi assigned Sasuke a small game to get all the ninja cat paw prints. However it was revealed that Itachi wanted Nekomata to test Sasuke when he's older to see if he's strong enough.

Complete Paw Encyclopaedia (Anime only)
  • Rank: D-rank
  • Status: Success

In the anime, Team 7 are sent on a mission with Gaara, having become a new person since his defeat by Naruto, to stop a group of bandits located between Konoha and Suna, resulting in the first time that two villages work together after the Invasion of Konoha.

Konoha/Suna Teamwork (Anime only)
  • Rank: Unknown
  • Status: Success

Naruto and Sakura are assigned to escort a relative of the Fire Daimyō named Naho to Shizume village. Though Naho wanted him to escort her, Sasuke went with Kakashi to investigate an international criminal named Sadai, who kidnapped Naho and defeated Naruto and Sakura. However, when Sasuke appears and takes his insults of being weak and of his clan personal, he beats Sadai to an inch of his life before Kakashi restrains him. Sasuke leaves for Konoha as Naruto and Sakura complete their mission.

Escorting Naho (Anime only)
  • Rank: Unknown
  • Status: Success

In the anime, Team 7 was hired to protect Idate Morino during his race. This was the final mission that Sasuke did with Naruto, and Sakura before he defects from Konoha. He doesn't reunite with them offically until The Fourth Shinobi War arc. Although he does a brief encounter them in the Sasuke and Sai arc, and once again during the Five Kage Summit arc.

Protect the Runner (Anime only)
  • Rank: B-rank (possibly A-rank as Tsunade stated)
  • Status: Success

In the movie, Team 7 was assigned to act as escorts for the Land of the Moon's princes, Michiru and his son Hikaru Tsuki, after the previous escorts resigned from being treated badly. Tsunade claimed that she would normally have gave this bodyguard mission to jōnin and assigned Rock Lee to replace Sasuke, who defected at the time. Upon reaching the kingdom, Team 7 had to protect the two princes from the throne's usurper, Minister Shabadaba, and the three Wandering Ninja Clan. Upon success, the team stayed in the kingdom for two weeks for Kakashi to recuperate from overusing the Sharingan.

Escort the Prince and his son (Movie only)
  • Rank: B-rank
  • Status: Success

At the start of Part II, Team Kakashi was sent to help Sunagakure rescue Gaara from Akatsuki. Sasori, one of the Akatsuki members, was killed during the course of the mission, and Gaara was saved.

Rescue the Kazekage
  • Rank: A-rank (S-rank in the anime)
  • Status: Success

Using information gained from Sasori, the new Team Kakashi (led by Yamato) went to Kusagakure to meet with a spy in Orochimaru's ranks. Although hoping it would give them a clue regarding Sasuke's location, Sai had a secret mission to assassinate Sasuke. Upon infiltrating the hideout to retrieve Sasuke, fight ensues and Sasuke leaves with Kabuto and Orochimaru.

Meet Sasori's Spy
  • Rank: A rank
  • Satus: Failure

In the anime, Team Kakashi and temporary member Sora were assigned to find and stop thieves robbing the tombs of former Twelve Guardian Ninja. They were unable to stop the grave robbers or reacquire the stolen bodies in time.

Protect the Twelve Guardian Ninja Tombs (Anime only)
  • Rank: B-rank
  • Status: Failure

Following Naruto's completion of the Wind Release: Rasenshuriken, Team Kakashi was sent to help Team 10 fight Akatsuki members Hidan and Kakuzu. Their combined efforts were enough to kill the latter.

Back-up Team 10
  • Rank: Unknown
  • Status: Success

As part of an Eight Man Squad, Team Kakashi started a mission to capture the missing-nin Uchiha Itachi. It called for the squad to split up and search the area for any sign of Itachi. However, upon seeing Deidara's suicide explosion, the team regrouped, with Kiba finding Sasuke's scent. With Sasuke so close, the squad's primary mission of finding Itachi was replaced with finding Sasuke instead. While being stalled by Akatsuki member Tobi, the team learned that Itachi had died in battle with Sasuke. They tried to reach Sasuke before Tobi could, but failed and were unable to rediscover Sasuke's trail.

Hunt for Itachi and Sasuke
  • Rank: Unknown
  • Status: Failure

In the anime, Team Kakashi is sent on a mission to assist the near-extinct Tsuchigumo clan protect its destructive and forbidden technique from bandits as per a peace agreement made between the clan and the Third Hokage.

Protect the Tsuchigumo clan Kinjutsu (Anime only)
  • Rank: Unknown
  • Status: Success

In the anime, Team Kakashi is sent on a mission to find out the reasons and guarantors behind the massacre of the Tonika Village. The culprit is very fast identified as Kabuto Yakushi using a forbidden reanimation technique. After the team sends out for reinforcement, the rest of the Konoha 11, as well as Might Guy and Kakashi come to their aid, leading the mission to a success since the culprits either flee or are killed during the confrontation.

Gather Information About the Massacre of Tonika Village (Anime only)
  • Rank: Unknown
  • Status: Success

After the entire world was caught in the Infinite Tsukuyomi, Team 7 was left to battle a revived Kaguya. Kakashi rallied his former students and gave them details on what would most likely be their last mission as a team. Their strategy in place, Team 7 proceeded to attack Kaguya. Working together with Kakashi and Sakura, Naruto and Sasuke finally makes contact with Kaguya in order to seal her, using the power they received from Otsutsuki Hagoromo.

Defeat Princess Kaguya and Save the World (Unofficial)
  • Rank: Unknown
  • Status: Success



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Team Minato's photo

  • In time while training them, sharing similar traits to the latter, Kakashi noted the rivalry between Naruto and Sasuke is similar to his and Uchiha Obito. Along with Jiraiya and Orochimaru.
  • In another similarity to Team Hiruzen and Team Minato, the sensei (Hiruzen/Minato/Kakashi) and one of their students (Tsunade/Kakashi/Naruto) would become Hokage.
  • Sakura, like Hiruzen, is one of two individuals to have been a student of two Hokage. Hiruzen was a member of Team Tobirama and a disciple of Hashirama Senju, the first Hokage. Whereas, Sakura was a member of Team Kakashi and a disciple of Tsunade, the Fifth Hokage.
  • Team 7 has deep ties to the office of the Hokage. Two of the four original members actually ascending to the position, Kakashi the sixth Hokage and Naruto the seventh Hokage. Furthermore, three of the four original members were students of a Hokage, Sakura was a student of the Fifth, Kakashi was a student of the Fourth, while Naruto was a student of the sixth.
  • Due to Sasuke's defection, all four original members of Team Kakashi have not been seen together for 308 chapters, from chapter 176 to chapter 484. Episode-wise, it is for 326 episodes, from episode 108 to Naruto Shippuuden episode 214.
  • Each of the members of original Team 7 were trained by one of the Sannin during the timeskip: Naruto was trained by Jiraiya, Sasuke was trained by Orochimaru, and Sakura was trained by Tsunade. As a result they can also summon their respective master's signature creature. Naruto can summon toads, Sakura can summon slugs, and Sasuke can summon snakes.
  • All of Team 7's original members has been in Kamui's Dimension at some point.
  • All members of Team Kakashi are proficient in Earth, Water and Yang Release, with the male members of the original Team Kakashi mastering all five basic nature transformations.
  • Sasuke and Sakura are the only members of the same team to marry and have a family.
  • It turns out that Kakashi was chosen specifically to be the leader of Team 7 for two reasons: Being the student of Naruto's late father and given the task of keeping Kurama at bay. While honoring the promise that Hiruzen and Uchiha Itachi made to keep Sasuke safe from harm, including to keep him from going down a dark path.
  • In Naruto Shippuuden movie 1, Team 7 was assigned to escort the priestess of the Land of Demons to the shrine located in the Land of Swamps so she can re-seal the demon Moryo. During this mission, Hyuga Neji replaces Kakashi as leader and Lee rejoins the team to fill in for Sasuke.

As Kakashi noted, the members of the original Team 7 share group similarities to that of himself and his team-mates when he was a member of Team Minato.

For Naruto and Obito
  • Naruto Shippuuden Extra-299
    Naruto and Obito both wished to become Hokage.
  • Naruto and Obito admired Kakashi and Minato but would wonder if he was stronger than the Fourth Hokage or the White Fang.
  • Both were raised by an elderly and was the dead last in the Ninja Academy.
  • Naruto and Obito would always ask about their late parent to the person that raised them. However Naruto would get vague answers from Hiruzen, whereas Obito's grandma would always tell him the truth.
  • Both believed that betraying their comrades is not right, and that Naruto and Obito would always pair up with Kakashi and Minato during a mission.
  • Including that both would act clueless and shy around Hinata and Rin.
  • Both rush into battles without thinking, and were always saved by their teacher.
  • Both were happy that they passed the bell test.
  • Both would try to act cool in front Sakura and Rin, but would fail in a comical fashion. However Sakura and Rin would always admire the fact that Naruto and Obito train hard to surpass Sasuke and Kakashi.
  • Both would fight their rival during the Ninja Academy.
  • Both knew about their rivals horrible past, and why their rival became cold.
  • Both always wonder how their life would have been if their comfort their rival on being an orphan just like them.
  • Both hated doing written tests.
  • Both fought during the Chunin Exam. However Naruto won his match, whereas Obito lose his match.
  • Both would become angry when their rival mocks them for their skills or for being the weakest.
  • Both would try to save Sakura and Rin by themselves without Sasuke and Kakashi's help.
  • Both Naruto and Obito awaken Sage Mode and the Sharingan while they were still genin. Naruto awoken Sage Mode at the age of 16, whereas Obito awoken the Sharingan at age 13.
  • Both saw Hinata and Rin got hurt which made Naruto and Obito go into darkness. Naruto thought he killed Hinata after going into the Six tailed form, but got out of hatred after learning that she was alive. Whereas Obito saw Rin get kill by Kakashi which made him grew into hatred, therefore he wanted his friends to still believe that he was dead.
  • Naruto and Obito fight against Sasuke and Obito during the Fourth Shinobi War. In which both Naruto and Kakashi wins the fight, and is able to make Sasuke and Obito get out of the Uchiha clans curse of hatred. Naruto gets Sasuke out of hatred after battling Kaguya, whereas Kakashi realizes that Obito got out of hatred before they battle Madara.
  • Both Naruto and Obito make amends with their rivals and spends the rest of their life with Hinata and Rin. Naruto spends the rest of his life with Hinata while they are alive. Whereas Obito spends the rest of his life with Rin while they are dead.
For Naruto and Kakashi
  • Both Naruto and Kakashi lost their parents at a very young age. Naruto lost Minato and Kushina when he was born, whereas Kakashi lost his mother from childbirth and lost Sakumo when he was 4 years old.
  • Kakashi and Naruto had a long-lasting rivalry with Obito and Sasuke as well.
  • Including that Naruto and Kakashi wished to fight Hiruzen and Minato because they were the Third and Fourth Hokage.
  • Naruto and Kakashi also did not know that Hinata and Rin had a huge crush on them.
  • But Naruto and Kakashi knew that Obito and Sakura had a huge crush on Sasuke and Rin.
  • Both would become the strongest of the team, and never became arrogant with their skills.
  • Both would mock about how their rival are in the Uchiha clan, and brag about how they are suppose to be great.
  • Both Naruto and Kakashi would train on their own while Sakura and Rin would always try to support Sasuke and Obito during their training.
  • Both Naruto and Kakashi admired their fathers since their childhood. However since their father's death, they start to admire someone else. Naruto starts to admire Iruka, whereas Kakashi starts to admire Maito Dai.
  • Both Naruto and Kakashi believe in the Will of Fire and tries not to go down a dark path. Therefore Naruto and Kakashi trie their hardest to protect Sakura and Rin on a dangerous mission, but this leads for them to be rescue by Kakshi and Minato.
  • After Jiraya and Obito's death, Naruto and Kakashi awaken Sage Mode and the Sharingan while they were still young. Naruto awoken Sage Mode at the age of 16, whereas Kakashi awoken the Sharingan at age 7.
  • Therefore Naruto and Kakashi try their hardest to keep Hinata and Rin alive since they made a promise to Neji and Obito. Naruto is able to keep his promise, whereas Kakashi fails to keep his promise.
  • After losing Neji and Rin, Naruto and Kakashi become guilt ridden until Hinata and Minato are able to bring them out of their guilt ridden state, this leads for them to become kind hearted but only to people that they trust.
  • Therefore this leads for Naruto and Kakashi to not only master their Rasengan and Lighten Cutter, but their Sage Mode and Sharingan as well. In the end they pass down the Rasengan and Lighten Cutter to Konohamaru and Sasuke.
  • Both Naruto and Kakashi get annoy by Lee and Guy's youthful personality, but gets along with them.
  • Both Naruto and Kakashi witness Neji and Obito get kill right in front of them, therefore they cherishes their memory by trying to act exavtly like them when they become adults.
  • Also Naruto and Kakashi would become famous when they become teenagers. Naruto would become famous for defeating Pain, whereas Kakashi would become famous for his Sharingan eye.
  • Both gained mean nicknames from their childhood, but would gain legendary nicknames when they become teenagers. Naruto would be known as the hero of Konoha, whereas Kakashi would be known as Kakashi of the Sharingan.
  • Both are able to make amends with their fathers, and starts to admire them again. However both decide to bring peace to the shinobi world by having each village cooperate instead of being enemies.
  • Both would become Hokage when they reach adulthood. Naruto would become the seventh whereas Kakashi would become the sixth.
For Sakura and Rin
  • Sakura and Rin would always take care of Sasuke and Obito's injuries the most.
  • Sakura and Rin would also take care of Naruto and Kakashi's injuries the less.
  • Sakura and Rin would always admire Sasuke and Kakashi for their skills, including that both girls would also try to get Sasuke and Kakashi's attention.
  • Sakura and Rin would always try to stop Naruto and Kakashi from arguing with Sasuke and Obito.
  • Both Sakura and Rin would also pair up with Sasuke and Kakashi during a mission.
  • Sakura and Rin would cheer for Sasuke and Obito during the Chunin Exams. However Sakura would cheer for Naruto during the exams as well, whereas Rin would silently cheer for Kakashi.
  • Both are skilled medical ninja, and would try to keep their team from drifting apart.
  • Both Sakura and Rin admired Naruto and Obito's dream to become Hokage, and gave them support.
  • Also both would cheer for Sasuke and Kakashi to win their sparing match, but would feel bad when Naruto and Obito were teased after losing against them in the Ninja Academy.
  • Both would speak to Naruto and Obito while sitting on a bench when they weren't with Kakashi and Sasuke. However it was Naruto and Rin who cheered up Sakura and Obito when they get depress about Sasuke and Kakashi. After hearing Naruto and Rin's speech this makes Sakura and Obito happy again.
  • Both would sometimes refer to their teacher as sensei.
  • Both would cheer up someone from the Uchiha clan. However Rin is more successful at this, whereas Sakura is not.
  • Both admire the fact that Naruto and Obito train hard to keep up with Kakashi and Sasuke.
  • Both were clueless that Naruto and Obito cared about them the most, in which they decide to remain friends with them.
  • Both Sakura and Rin were always saved by Naruto and Kakashi the most, which made Sasuke and Obito become jealous that their female teammate was paying more attention to their rival.
  • Both of them became heartbroken after losing Sasuke and Obito.
  • Both Sakura and Rin try to keep Naruto and Kakashi from having a heavy burden after they lost Sasuke and Obito.
  • Both Sakura and Rin were giving Lee and Guy as a replacement teammate after they lose Sasuke and Obito.
  • Both Sakura and Rin confess their love to their teammate. However Sakura confessed her love to Sasuke when he defected from Konoha, whereas Rin confess her love to Kakashi when she commit suicide by running into his Lighten Cutter.
  • Both Sakura and Rin made amends with Sasuke and Obito, which made them spend the rest of their life with them. Sakura spends the rest of her life with Sasuke while being alive. Whereas Rin spends the rest of her life with Obito while they are dead.
For Sasuke and Kakashi
  • Sasuke and Kakashi graduated from the Ninja Academy at the top of their class.
  • Both Sasuke and Kakashi always admired Itachi and Sakumo during their childhood. But changed after they became orphans.
  • Including that Sasuke and Kakashi use to always follow the rules instead of thinking about the lives of their comrades.
  • Both Sasuke and Kakashi acted cold to Naruto and Obito during their childhood while being in the Ninja Academy, but accepted the fact that Naruto and Obito wanted to hang out with them after they became an orphan.
  • Both Sasuke and Kakashi try not to be in Itachi and Sakumo's shadow.
  • Both Sasuke and Kakashi hated how they were always being compare to Itachi and Sakumo.
  • Both become angry whenever they heard Itachi and Sakumo's name be mention.
  • Both Sasuke and Kakashi had a hard time showing teamwork with their teammates but accepted it in the end.
  • Both admired their teacher by always referring to him as a great jonin elite ninja.
  • Both are skilled at Lightening release, and prefers smarts over non planning.
  • Both cared the mission and didn't care about keeping the enemy alive.
  • Both would try not to spend time with their rival while they are on a mission.
  • Both awoken the Sharingan at the same age.
  • Both Sasuke and Kakashi would have to protect Naruto and Rin whenever Minato and Kakashi weren't around.
  • Both Sasuke and Kakashi grew into darkness after losing Itachi and Rin.
  • However both Sasuke and Kakashi were free from the darkness thanks to Naruto and Minato.
  • Both Sasuke and Kakashi made amends with Itachi and Sakumo after learning the true reason why they died.
  • Both Sasuke and Kakashi felt bad about how they treated Sakura and Obito, in which they make amends with them after the Fourth Shinobi War ended.
  • Both Sasuke and Kakashi would get a job after the war ended. In which Kakashi would become Hokage, whereas Sasuke would protect the village from the shadows.

Even Team 7's photograph is nearly identical to Team Minato's photo. With Naruto and Kakashi on the right. Then with Sasuke and Obito on the left. Including Sakura and Rin in the middle. And lastly with Kakashi and Minato as adults in between the left and right.

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