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The baby bird is a character that appears in The Hunchback of Notre Dame (film). He dosen't appear in the sequel. He is the first animal that is not afraid of Quasimodo's deform face.




The Hunchback of Notre Dame (film)

He appears after the song The Bells of Notre Dame. Quasimodo tells him good morning as he wakes up, and asks him if he's ready to fly. He is unsure, and Quasimodo shows him the festival of fools. He starts to learn, and Quasimodo laughs happily for him. He successes in flying, and sees the other birds fly pass him. He is excited, and happy to go with the other birds. Quasimod tells him "Go on nobody wants to cooped up here forever". He says his farewell to Quasimodo, and flys away with the group of birds.



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Quasimodo is the first person who he wasn't afraid of. Quasimodo taught him how to fly, and he wasn't afraid of Quasimodo's deform face.


  • His voice actor is Frank Welker.
  • He dosen't appear in the sequel.
  • Oddly enough during the end credits of the first film, Frank Welker is only casted as the baby bird. Meaning that someone else must have voiced Djali.


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