The Morning Report is a song written for the Broadway musical adaptation of The Lion King.
It is sung by Zazu (Jeff Bennett), Mufasa (James Earl Jones) and young Simba (Evan Saucedo). The song is an extension of the scene in the original film where Zazu delivers a morning report to Mufasa, and later gets pounced on by Simba.


  • Zazu : Good morning, sire! 
  • Mufasa : Good morning Zazu!
  • Zazu : Checking in with the Morning Report.
  • Mufasa : Fire away!
  • Zazu : Chimps are going ape, giraffes remain above it all. Elephants remember, though just what I can't recall. Crocodiles are snapping up fresh offers from the banks. Showed interest in my nest egg but I quickly said, "No thanks!" We haven't paid the hornbills and the vultures have a hunch. Not everyone invited will be coming back from lunch. This is the morning report. Gives you the long and the short. Every grunt, roar and snort. Not a tale I distort on the morning report
  • Mufasa : What are you doing, son?
  • Simba: Pouncing.
  • Mufasa : Let an old pro show you how it's done....
  • Zazu : Oh the buffalo have got a beef about this season's grass...
  • Mufasa : Keep low to the ground.
  • Simba : Ok, stay low to the ground.
  • Mufasa : Shh! Not a sound...take one more step. Then pounce!
  • Zazu : ...are quite frankly in the dung. Aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrkkkkkkkk!!!
  • Mufasa : Ha Ha Ha!
  • Simba : This is the morning report gives you the long and the short. Every grunt, roar, and snort, not a tale I distort. (muffled) on the morning report.
  • Mufasa : Ha Ha Ha!


  • Jason Weaver's (young Simba's orginal singing voice actor) voice was to low for him reprise his role. So he was replace by Evan Saucdeo.

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The Morning Report (720p HQ HD) - Lion King (English) Lyrics Subtitle

The Morning Report (720p HQ HD) - Lion King (English) Lyrics Subtitle