Uchiha Sarada (うちはサラダ) is a genin level kunoichi from Konohagakure's Uchiha clan.
Uchiha Sarada
Because she grew up without having her father, Uchiha Sasuke, around. Sarada initially struggles to understand who she is or what she's supposed to do in her life. After meeting Sasuke with the help of Uzumaki Naruto, Sarada learns that she is defined by the connections she has with others. As a member of Team Konohamaru, she seeks to become the Hokage.


Sarada is the only child of Uchiha Sasuke, and Haruno Sakura. Since Sakura refused to leave Sasuke's side during his journey, even while she was pregnant, she accompanied Sasuke while he was on a mission. Therefore Sarada was born in one of Orochimaru's hideouts with Karin's help as a midwife. Due to this, no records of her birth were available at the Konoha Hospital. After that, the Uchiha family returned to Konohagakure to raise Sarada. When she was a toddler, her father held her hand as he and her mother taught her how to walk. Soon after her father left on a top secret mission, which left her in the care of her mother. However Sasuke kept little to no contact with her for the next seven years. Sasuke's infrequent visits and his long absences made Sarada sad, and she grew up barely knowing anything about her father. In fact she didn't know what her father physically looked like as an adult. Sakura did her best to comfort her, by assuring Sarada that when Sasuke completed his important mission, he'd come home.

At some point, Sarada became very ill with a high fever and afterwards, began wearing glasses although she was not told that they were from Karin. Once Sarada is at the age of 6, Naruto becomes the Seventh Hokage. While at the ceremony, Sarada watched his inauguration with her mother. She also spoke to Akimichi Chocho, but Sarada got annoyed by seeing Chocho eating sweets. When Chocho asked her if she wanted to try one, Sarada refused. However Sarada admitted in her mind that she was full. Sarada also liked how the Hokage took his time, while she and the others were waiting for him. (In the English version of the ova, she say she doesn't care about the Hokage at all). As she watches Naruto wave to everyone, Sarada wonders what it means to be the Hokage. When she kept asking where her father was, Sarada would be assured that Sasuke loves her and would always be poked on her forehead by her mother, who promised to continue the conversation some other time. However, Sarada didn't know that this was Sasuke's usual sign of affection, and when she questioned her mother about it, Sakura smiled and replied that Sarada would understand once she met her father.

Sarada had a sheltered upbringing; she was kept within the village at all times by her mother and Naruto in order to protect her from Sasuke's enemies. She was also kept oblivious to the Uchiha clan's history and Sasuke's past crimes in order to protect her childhood innocence. As a child, Sarada not only dealt with loneliness stemming from her father's absence, but was deeply affected by it. Due to her father's absence, it also led Sarada to frequently wonder if her father cares about her, along with questioning her own identity. Soon after she starts to enroll at the Ninja Academy alongside Uzumaki Boruto.


Originally when first introduced, Sarada is portrayed to be like post massacre Sasuke; such as being unfriendly, sullen, seeing their rival as an annoying brat, looking at certain events from a far away distance, not even smiling whatsoever, and only spending time with one relative. Including that they didn't care about the Hokage. However this changes around the time of her Ninja Academy graduation.

According to Uzumaki Naruto, Sarada's personality takes after Sakura's, which he bases on the suspicion that Sarada is "scary" when she's angry. Sarada does indeed have somewhat of a temper, which flares up more often after she is assigned to Team Konohamaru. In these and other moments of particularly strong feeling, Sarada often exclaims "Shannaroyo!" (しゃーんなろーよ) when frustrated or excited. She has a close attachment to her parents, as she calls them "Mama" and "Papa". In the English version, she calls them "Mom" and "Dad". When putting anger aside, Sarada displays a normal range of emotions, from laughing to crying to blushing in appropriate situations, unlike Sasuke's typical stoic reaction to every circumstance. In most situations, Sarada is polite to others and considerate of her friends and family, wishing well for them and standing up for them when they need her. She doesn't mind saying what she's thinks, whether it's a question she wants the answer to, an opinion she holds firmly, or a frustration she can't let go of.

Like Sakura, Sarada's intellect and wisdom are greater than most of her peers. When Sakura told her Sasuke did have a habit of showing affect that was greater than kissing, she thought Sakura was referring to sexual intercourse, however she was actually referring to Sasuke's habit of poking her on the forehead. In the anime, Sarada seems to attempt to portray as "normal" and wanting to maintain a certain extent of normality as shown with her refusal of riding on top of a train or attempting to not sprint over buildings. Also like her mother, Sarada is quite well read with book smarts. Since she feels comfortable arguing the differences between a panda and a normal bear. Even to the point that, she is apparently the only participant in the Chunin Exams to have heard of the book series called Shinobi Strategist Detective Story. She even admits to her teammates that she read all four volumes.

Sasuke's prolonged absences upset Sarada, and she would periodically ask Sakura about him during her childhood. Sakura would do her best to field Sarada's questions about who Sasuke was, what he was doing, and how he felt about Sarada, yet at the same time she would speak cryptically, either giving vague answers or avoiding topics entirely. Although she put up with this for many years, Sarada starts to feel that Sakura is hiding something from her in the days just before her graduation from the Ninja Academy; she extends this assumed dishonesty to all medical-nin since Sakura is one. After getting into an argument about what Sakura may be hiding from her, Sarada comes to suspect that Sakura is not actually her mother, a suspicion that is briefly, if wrongly, confirmed to her. This at first causes her to angrily rebel against Sakura, feeling she owes nothing to a woman she isn't related to by blood. However Sarada reconsiders this after talking to Naruto, who reminds her that family is defined by how people feel for each other and not by their genes. Because Sarada loves Sakura and has had countless examples that Sakura loves her too, Sarada reconciles with her mother, thereafter restoring the good relationship of trust and honesty they'd otherwise had.

Sarada's temporary strain with Sakura occurs as a result of her attempt to cope with Sasuke's absence in her life; when she can no longer endure not having her father around, she blames her mother for her inability to see him or know about him. She decides to personally seek out Sasuke so that she can finally meet him and ask him directly all the things she's wanted to know, such as if he actually cares about her; the excitement of getting to be in the same room as him causes her Sharingan to awaken. Sarada is accordingly disappointed when, upon on seeing him, that he is cold and indifferent to her, providing her with none of the answers or comfort she craved. She therefore becomes angry with him, berating him for neglecting his own family. Just like with Sakura, Naruto also defends Sasuke, by telling Sarada that Sasuke is a great shinobi. From witnessing Sasuke's impressive abilities, Sarada concedes this is true. However, she also sees the emotionless shinobi exterior lifted in his brief moments of kindness to Sakura, and herself. Although he is never as forthcoming as she wants him to be, Sasuke is able to convince Sarada that he cares about her by reminding her that she singularly represents his bond with Sakura. He also makes a greater effort to spend time with her and console her when he must be away, which although it makes her sad, she understands. When she does get to see him, Sarada is happy according to Sakura even happier than herself.

Sarada is appreciative of Naruto for his help in mending her relationship with her parents. She develops a very positive impression of him during their time together, finding him to be kind and warm. She also becomes quite interested in his Will of Fire, whenever he tries to form bonds with everyone - particularly the villagers of Konoha - wherever he can. Because of Naruto, Sarada decides to make it her dream goal to become Hokage, preferring the kind of life Naruto has compare to the life of her father. In the anime, she even shows great appreciation for the Hokage Rock and fantasizes about having her own likeness carved into it. Sarada also tries to make sure that the Monument doesn't get graffiti on by his son. She calls him "Seventh" whenever he is in the Hokage office, but she also calls him "Uncle" when he was protecting her, Boruto, and Sasuke from Momoshiki's attack.

Although she finds him annoying, Sarada cares deeply for her childhood friend and team-mate, Uzumaki Boruto. Her curiosity of his actions often has her following him around the village and she feels sympathy for his strained relationship with Naruto, because it is similar to the one she shares with her own father. She even tries to make sure Boruto doesn't vandalize the Hokage Monument during the Five Kage Summit, she can't stand that Boruto has Naruto's Sexy Technique even though she doesn't know that Naruto created the said technique. Sarada and Boruto often quarrel with one another over the smallest things and consider each other as rivals, but they are actually good friends. She can get angry with him when he refused to take the Chunin Exams, and when she told him that he is getting in her way for her to achieve her dream goal. Nevertheless, Sarada goes as far as to do whatever she can to cheer Boruto up when he's not in a good mood, and defending his hard work to Sasuke when he mastered the Rasengan. However she was depressed when she learned that Boruto cheated during the Chunin Exams, but she decided to believe in him again when he went to rescue his father from Momoshiki. After Boruto rescue his father from Momoshiki, and no longer had a strained relationship with him. Sarada asks Boruto one last time if he wants to become the Hokage, but she was surprised when he told her that he doesn't intend to become the Hokage. She becomes amazed at his promise when he declares that he will protect her when she becomes the Hokage.

In the Boruto manga, she likes to keep things according to plan. She hates when Boruto rushes into a battle without thinking, and can't stand seeing him getting addicted to rare training cards. However she likes that he's taking full responsibility for his actions.


Sarada pre-teen

Sarada's shinobi outfit. This video game version of the character is voiced by Laura Bailey.

According to Naruto, even though Sarada's personality takes more after Sakura, her appearance takes more after Sasuke. She has black onyx eyes and hair, which she keeps shoulder-length by having it parted to the right, and tucks behind her ear. Sarada's hair is initially straight like Sakura's, but her hair ends are spikier like Sasuke's. Even though she inherited both Sasuke's hair color and eye color, Sarada inherited most of her facial traits from Sakura: having the wide, cat-like eye shape, the thick eyelashes, the big forehead and the face shape. Sarada's eyelids take more after Sasuke's. She wears a pair of red glasses, a gift that she got from Karin.

Early in her Ninja Academy career, Sarada wears a pink jacket, with a yellow jumper, while having it attach to a high collared white shirt with a red tie. She also wears a red skirt and black open-toed boots. As she comes nears her Ninja Academy graduation, she begins wearing a red sleeveless qipao shirt - similar to what Sakura wore in Part II - with the Uchiha crest on the back. She also wears a pair of light-colored shorts, purple thigh-length stockings, black shinobi sandals, and long purple arm warmers. Once she receives a forehead protector, she wears it around her forehead with her bangs hanging over it.

In Boruto manga, Sarada now wears a short sleeved qipao dress similar to Sakura's original outfit in Part I, except that it reaches her upper thighs. (But in the anime, the short sleeved qipao dress doesn't reach her upper thighs) It's held together with a white obi while underneath, is a white belt. She has replaced her arm warmers with black fingerless gloves, reaching up to her forearms. (But in the anime, Sarada's dress is held together with a white non stripe obi) She has since discarded her shorts and stockings and swapped her original sandals with high heeled ninja sandals. She also wears a neckerchief knot around her neck. (But in the anime, she doesn't wear high heel shoes)


Sarada is a highly gifted kunoichi, inheriting her father's prodigious talent and her mother's keen mind, leading Mitsuki to call her an elite genin. Accredited to her Uchiha lineage, her talents allowed her to rank third in her class and ultimately made her classmates expect her to easily pass the graduation exam. Likewise, she could single-handedly defeat dozens of Shin clones even before graduating. Upon gaining more practice with her Sharingan, she is able to defeat Kurosuki Buntan, one of the New Seven Ninja Swordsmen, and Ashimaru. As a kunoichi, she's regarded as an elite genin that excels in everything, being able to make it to the final round of the Chūnin Exams, and subduing her teammates into defeat with the aid of Scientific Ninja tools.


Like her mother, Sarada has excellent and precise chakra control even before she became a genin as seen when she was able to learn the chakra enhanced strength (something that took her mother a long period of arduous training to learn) in a matter of seconds impressing Sasuke. However, her reserves seem to be low as she nearly passed out from over-usage of her Sharingan during a sparring match against Chocho.


Sarada has high agility, able to easily avoid a Shin clone's weapons before she awakened her Sharingan. She also has quick reflexes, able to intercept a sneak-attack from Shin's creature before it could capture her. Thus, she can control and release it from a single point in her body with precise timing, resembling super strength. By doing so through her fists, she can release it as a tremendous force capable of upturning the area around her and sending opponents crashing and flying while leaving craters behind. She can also use Sasukes lion barrage combo with her other jutsus to preform the Sudden Shower Crusher technique.


Sarada's Sharingan

Sarada's Sharingan

Sarada manifested the Sharingan at age of 11, with the thoughts of meeting her father spurring it's awakening. Her Sharingan initially had only one tomoe in each eye until she eventually awakened a third tomoe in both her Sharingans. With the Sharingan's predictive ability, she displayed the ability to see through genjutsu with them. Also she is said to be quite powerful with her Sharingan abilities as stated by Uzumaki Naruto, and they make her the strongest ninja of her generation, as stated by Konohamaru. She can also perform genjutsu proficiently. In the anime, she is also able to copy a person's techniques she witnesses with her dōjutsu and effectively perform it herself. She quickly adjusted to it's heightened visual perception, being able to efficiently react to and avoid threats more easily and see Chakra Threads.

Sometime after participating in the Chunin Exams, she awakened a third tomoe in both Sharingan.


Like most Uchiha, Sarada's field of expertise is shurikenjutsu as it is on Jonin level. It was her skills in the Shurikenjutsu, that she had the highest marks in class. Therefore she is able to curve her shuriken easily with precision at complicated or moving targets. Including that she uses wires effectively to guide her shuriken or deflect them. Although the speed of her throwing shuriken is fast, it doesn't compare to her father's. She also has an affinity for ninja tools. Like her father, Sarada keeps a supply of shuriken sealed in her arm bracelets, so this way she can be prepared for battle. She has also shown similar aim while devoid of sight, as while practising with her eyes closed, she was able to perfectly hit the target mat six times in a row.

Medical Ninjutsu

Sarada also learned medical ninjutsu from her mother as seen in Boruto Episode 28 when she treated the fatally wounded Hachiya Tsurushi, and an injured Boruto. She can use her Medical Ninjutsu to focus her chakra to restart a person's cardiovascular system.

Nature Transformation

Sarada can utilize Fire, Lightning and Yin nature transformations, like her father. Being well-read, Sarada is also very knowledgeable in Ninjutsu. As a Uchiha, Sarada possesses the ability to use the Fire Release, having been taught to master it by her father. She can use her fire techniques in conjunction with her shurikenjutsu skills. After copying Buntan's abilities, Sarada could create orbs, streams, and even a protective armour out of lightning. She has also shown to be able to use the Uchiha clan's coming of age technique, the Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique.

Sasuke would also help her develop an affinity for Lightning Release. Due to training with both of her parents, Sarada is able to combine her nature transformations with taijutsu; her most prominent attack being the Uchiha Shuriken Formation: Spring Lightning. With this, she is able to produce a powerful barrage of fireballs at her opponents to strike them. Followed by injuring them with shurikenjutsu and delivering the final blow with her mother's Cherry Blossom Impact but infusing Lightning Release into her fist, similar to Sasuke's Chidori which independently is called the Lightening Drill. In addition to using Fire Release in conjunction with her weapons, she can also use Lightning Release with her weapons, as another one of her famous attacks is the Lightning Body Flicker. She can also perform the Lightning Flash technique by infusing lightening chakra into her Fuma Shuriken.

Copperation Ninjutsu

Sarada is able to work perfectly with Boruto as she used her infused lightening kunai with his vanishing Rasengan. She is also good at using Fuinjutsu as this made her be able to use both to restrict a person's movements, and increase the might of this alongside fellow users


From a young age, Sarada demonstrated hints of being extremely intelligent. She has a keen talent for observation and analysing situations, which she uses to come up with the most rational solutions. Like her father, Sarada has critical thinking habits, by showing a keen and analytical mind, which aids her in battle to better read an enemy's attack. Sarada even feels comfortable arguing the differences between a panda and a normal bear. Just like both of her parents, she is also known as a proficient researcher, as Boruto correctly assumed that Sarada read the novel series call Shinobi Strategist Detective Story that was part of the first test in the Chunin Exams while no one else had heard of it. Ironically she admits that she read all four volumes.


Boruto Naruto Next Generations (Anime)

During her Ninja Academy Entrance Ceremony, Sarada is shown about to listen to Naruto's speech. However she and everyone present at the event are annoyed when Boruto crashes a train on Naruto's stone face. Afterwards she starts to hang out with Chocho, but she starts to ignore Boruto by walking pass him.

Two weeks later, after Boruto's suspension ended and he finally joined the class, he continued to make a spectacle of himself. When Chocho noted that Sarada was especially close to Boruto due to their respective parents, Sarada voiced her dislike of being considered close friends simply because of their parents. Later, Boruto got into a confrontation with the class' top student Yuino Iwabee. As two students began arguing about what it means to be shinobi, they decided to skip class to settle things in fight. Sarada joined the rest of the class to watch the fight in a training arena. Ultimately, Boruto and Inojin's respective words resonated with Iwabee, ending the fight. Despite the pleasant ending, Sarada and the rest of the class were fiercely scolded later by their sensei Mitarashi Anko for skipping class.

During a class introducing students to the summoning technique, upon seeing Boruto's continued antics to show off, Sarada scolded him on his foolishness. This sparked an argument between all the boys and girls. Later during their lunch break, Sarada began to fight with Boruto over who would get the last yakisoba bun. Shino appeared, insisting that the boys and girls settle things with a race challenge for a flag. The challenge quickly got heated, with many of the boys being taken out of the contest until only Boruto, Shikidai, and Inojin were left on their team. Getting desperate, Boruto found a summoning scroll and miraculously summoned a snake-like creature. The creature went on a rampage, attacking the students and launched Chocho off the roof, to which Sarada helped Boruto in saving her. After the creature was subdued by the timely arrival of Konohamaru, the contest ended with the girls getting the flag. Despite their victory, the girls made peace with the boys.

Later, the class gained a new transfer student from named Mitsuki. While many of the girls found Mitsuki very handsome, Sarada sighed in distaste at them for judging someone purely on looks. The following day, by wanting the students to warm up to Mitsuki, Shino organized a welcoming party for the new student. When Shino's efforts for the party backfired with his insects, the class began to freak out, with Denki begging someone to make the insects go away, which Mitsuki did with his wind techniques, causing even more damage to the Academy. Suddenly, one of the repairmen went on a rampage, destroy the Academy. Sarada joined her friends in stopping him. While Sarada gave a distraction, Shikadai him. Despite the initially success, the man quickly recovered and continued his rampage. Ultimately, the combined effort of Boruto and Mitsuki ended the madness.

Later, Sumire realizes that she is being stalked. Eventually, Sarada and her friends discover that it is Magire, a shy student from a different class. The boy, having a crush on Sumire, asks her out, which Sumire turns down, leaving him distraught and running away in shame. The following day, various creepy messages are left for Sumire. While Sarda and the others decide to watch over her, they are systematically separated from Sumire. Eventually, the perpetrator is revealed to be a possessed Magire, who kidnaps Sumire. Chocho and the others soon find them, where Magire quickly attacked them with his concealment skills. Eventually, Chocho was able to reach Magire, noting that such an indecisive nature will never win anyone over. Accepting his poor methods of trying to make Sumire like him, the spectre was rejected from Magire. As Magire began to apologize for his actions he fainted, resulting from severe chakra drain caused from his possession. The group then quickly take him to the hospital.

Later, after returning from a night session of training, Sarada bumped into Boruto. As the two discussed how the famed movie star Kagemasa's career was brought into question, Boruto suddenly turned his attention on a mysterious stranger. He noticed the person had the a dark aura about him and decided to investigate. Sadara soon followed, saving Boruto from the stranger's attack. She was shocked to see that that it was Kagemasa, and even more surprised that the celebrity had become very fat. Frustrated on the fact that his movie series was going to be cancelled because of his increased weight and poor dieting, Kagemasa continued his assault on the students. As Boruto explained the situation, while she didn't fully believe the story, she did trust that Boruto wasn't lying. Following Boruto's plan, Sarada launched a shuriken assault on Kagemasa. Knowing that the movie star would dodge, Boruto disguised himself as one of the shuriken, letting him get close enough to knock out Kagemasa, purging the spectre.

Later, the class was assigned by Shino to split into groups of three and each tail a different workplace for a few days to better understand non-shinobi life. Chocho convinced Sarada to check out both the nail salon and the pastry factory. When learning that some of her friends were in an accident and sent to the hospital, Sarada went to check on them. After being relieved that they would be fine, Sarada decided to leave, dragging the loud Boruto out before he disturbed the patients.

Sarada is seen after running an obstacle course in groups of three. However Shino fails all students, because the few who complete the course did so by leaving their teammates behind. Konohamaru and Moegi tell the students they'll occasionally drop by for the purposes of seeing who fight be under their command, and encourage them to see which formations work better.

Several weeks later, Shino decided to change up the three-man teams of his class for an exercise to determine which pairing would prove optimum upon graduation. During the challenge between teams, Shino was called aside to discuss the still-absent Sumire. Shino left Sarada in charge of writing down the results of the matches. As everyone discussed the rumor that Sumire was being transferred to a new school, they were delighted to learn Sumire had indeed returned to their class.

Five years later, after Uzumaki Boruto asked his classmates to join him in pulling a prank, none of them joined him. Since the Five Kage Summit is taking place in Konoha. But Sarada did follow and observe him from afar, keeping herself hidden behind him. She watches as he tries to gain the attention of his father, Naruto. Later when she arrived home, she told Sakura that she thinks boys are stupid. But remarked that she and Boruto had some things in common, like their similar wishes towards their fathers when it comes to wanting to see them more.

Years later, upon hearing that she and the rest of the class will be going through graduation exams from the Ninja Academy in a week, Sarada questions the very meaning about becoming a shinobi and doesn't see why it was important. Soon, Sarada becomes depressed that everyone is training with, or spending time with their fathers. While she has never formally met her own father, who left when she was still an infant. When questioning the validity of her mother's marriage to her father, Sakura gets angry and accidentally destroys the house (apparently again), causing her to faint. Moving her mother to Shizune's place, Sarada returns to her home's ruins to retrieve their important belongings, only to discover that the picture of her mother and father together is a fake. This discovery leads Sarada to discover the existence of Karin who, like her, wears glasses and has an association with her father. Thus this discovery visually starts disturbing her.

She was later approached by Shizune, who was surprised by Sarada's doubts of her lineage. While Shizune insisted the young Uchiha's doubts were false, Sarada revealed she already knew there were no records of her birth at any hospital in Konoha. When she demanded Shizune tell her about it, Shizune simply stayed quiet with a regretful look like Sakura did, furthering Sarada's doubts. Later, after speaking with Mitsuki about the nature of identity crisis, and Chocho's offhanded suggestion of leaving the village for self-discovery, Sarada decided to do just that. When she went to approach the Seventh Hokage, Uzumaki Naruto, for his blessings to leave the village including an idea as to where Sasuke and Karin might be. She overheard to her shock that Naruto has been in contact with Sasuke all this time and was going to meet with him. Sarada decided to follow the Hokage in hopes of finally meeting and asking her father for the truth. To her surprise, she was followed by Chocho, who was blissfully unaware of Sarada's goals despite having similar ones.

After the Hokage left, Boruto soon arrived with Mitsuki since they came to deliver a lunch prepared by the Hokage's wife for his trip. After Nara Shikamaru told them that the Hokage already left, an annoyed Boruto decided to leave it at that, until Sarada offered to take it to Naruto. While Boruto found the idea pointless, Sarada spoke of how important it was since it was made by someone who loves the Hokage. Seeing the determination in her eyes, without asking why, Boruto agreed to let her take the lunch, to which Chocho joined Sarada. Soon afterwards, Chocho became exhausted from running. They were then intercepted by a young boy named Shin, who surprised Sarada with his Sharingan and status as an Uchiha. Sarada is confused by this as her mother told her that her father was the last Uchiha. Shin was determined to take Sarada captive, but Sarada and Chocho quickly battled the boy. The fight was soon interrupted by Naruto, who already knew the kunoichi were following him.

After a quick display of the Seventh Hokage's power, Shin was instructed by a small creature with the Sharingan as well to retreat, prompting him to teleport himself and the creature. With everything calming down, Naruto decided to let the two kunoichi join him and meet up with Sasuke. Wanting to know more about her father, she asked Naruto. He told her about how he was the best in his graduating class, handsome, and popular with the women which made her happy. But was also sad to hear how anti-social he was. Finally, she was very happy to hear from Naruto that she inherited both her father's and her mother's positive traits.

Later, as they finally approached the location where they were to finally meet her father, Sarada used the excuse of having to go to the bathroom so she can go on ahead of Naruto and Chocho (who wanted to rest). She became excited to finally see her father again after so long, by finally awakening her Sharingan in the process. Suddenly, she was approached by Sasuke himself. While initially tearfully happy to see him, Sarada became horrified as her estranged father, concerned it was the enemy and not realizing it was his own daughter, drew his sword at Sarada.

As Sasuke began his attack, a frightened Sarada called him "Papa", making Sasuke stop upon realizing who she is. Naruto and Chocho quickly arrived afterwards, to which Sasuke scolded Naruto for bringing children. Sarada however began asking many questions to her estranged father, only for Sasuke to simply tell her it didn't concern her. Heartbroken by her father's indifference towards her, Sarada ran out crying. Later Naruto went to console the distraught girl, insisting to Sarada that her father was a good man despite his attitude, which failed to cheer her up. Thus causing her to internally call out to her mother. Moments afterwards, Shin appeared again with his father. Sasuke quickly appeared to aid Naruto against this enemy.

As Sasuke quickly faced off against the mysterious man, Sarada watched in awe when Sasuke quickly won the first scuffle, to which Naruto assured her that her father wasn't fighting seriously yet. The man then introduced himself as Uchiha Shin, shocking Sarada that he had the same name as his son. Adult-Shin then used his dojutsu to manipulate Sasuke's sword into stabbing Naruto before he launched his blades at Sarada, forcing Sasuke to shield his daughter with his body. As adult-Shin went to strike again, Sakura appeared and quickly pummelled the man into submission. As Sakura began apologizing for not giving her an honest heart to heart conversation sooner, Sasuke insisted it wasn't her fault. Suddenly, the Sharingan creature appeared again, teleporting both Shin, his son and Sakura. Suspecting Orochimaru's involvement and learning that sarada is being targeted, Sasuke and Naruto decide to take her with them to meet with the Sannin.

Afterwards, they headed to Orochimaru's hideout. Sarada was surprised by Orochimaru's appearance, moreso when Chocho asked her which gender the Sannin likely was. As Orochimaru talked about creating Shin clones to uncover the truth of genetics, Sarada became disgusted and glared at him. Sarada asked Suigetsu to help her find out if Karin was her real mother. After running a DNA test from genetic samples retrieved from Karin's desk (which was Sarada's own umbilical cord) and Sarada's cheek, Suigetsu nonchalantly informed Sarada of her mother being Karin, much to Sarada's horror.

After scolding Suigetsu, Naruto reminded Sarada that they were leaving to save her mother, only for her to reply in a fit of rage that Sakura was not her mother and that she wanted nothing to do with her. Sarada accuses Naruto of being part of the conspiracy to lie to her and she condemned her father as a liar and a bad person. Concluding she has no family or reason to be a ninja, Sarada decides to leave Konoha. Naruto doesn't actually know what the truth is, but he objects to what she says about family. Since he, as Hokage, tells her that he regards every villager of Konoha, as part of his family and he wants to protect them even though they have no genetic ties. In the same way, even if Sarada and Sakura are not related by blood, they are family because of their history together and their feelings for each other.

After hearing this, Sarada remembered a time in her early childhood in which both of her parents were teaching her how to walk. She also recalls moments with her mother, even how she always tried to make Sarada happy when the latter was sad by her father's absence. Therefore she tearfully cried saying that she did want to save Sakura. But became afraid if things with her family will not remain the same, how Naruto Naruto assured her that wanting to save Sakura is the real thing.

They reunite with Sasuke, who asks them what took them so long. With Sasuke's abilities awakened, he found Shin's hideout and manifested his Susanoo to take them there. Observing her father's power, she concludes that while he may not be the best person, he was impressive. Upon arriving at their destination, Sarada began wondering how her father really felt about Sakura. Despite her concerns, Naruto gave her a comforting look, making her realize she only needed to focus on saving her mother first.

They ultimately found Sakura engaged in battle with Shin. Sasuke quickly subdued Shin with Susanoo. As Sasuke checked on his wife's injuries, Sarada smiled with delight to see that her parents' love for each other was genuine. Shin then ordered his clones to distract the enemies while he escaped. Everyone watched in surprise as the clones all attacked him, with one of the clones simply explaining that they outgrew their need of him. Thousands of Shin clones of different builds and sizes then appeared. As Naruto and Sasuke fought them off easily, Shin attempted to escape and use his creature to capture Sarada and Chocho. Sarada saw through this and quickly crushed the creature. She then joined the fight, amazing everyone by showcasing the same immense strength her mother learned to decimate the area and several Shin clones.

After the battle came to a close, Sarada was embraced by her mother who voiced her relief of Sarada being okay. Sakura explained that she was aware of Sarada's doubts and insisted that she was her mother. Sarada agreed, adding that the only thing that mattered was that their hearts were connected. Turning her attention to her father, she asked him if he truly believed that he was connected to her mother. Which he confirmed by saying that both he and Sakura have Sarada as a daughter, moving the young Uchiha to tears. After leaving the Shin clones at the Konoha Orphanage, they returned to the village where they met up with Akimichi Choji and Yamanaka Ino who had just returned from a mission. Sarada laughs at the fact that Chocho realizes that Choji is her father. But when Ino tried talking to Sasuke, Sarada interrupted her after mistakenly believing that the older kunoichi was attracted to her father, which amused Sakura.

That night, Sarada had her first family dinner with Sasuke. Even posing for an official family picture. After an unknown amount of time, Sarada and Sakura met with Sasuke at the village gates as Sasuke prepared to leave to continue his mission. When Sarada showed sadness at the prospect of her father leaving again, Sasuke surprised her by pulling her into a hug and affectionately poked her on the forehead saying that he would see her again soon, making Sarada smile. However Sarada would look confused, as her mother leaned in to receive a kiss from her father. She then waved goodbye to her father as he left. At the Ninja Academy, Sarada was approached by Boruto who thanked her for delivering the lunch to his father. Sarada replied however, that it was she who should be thanking him for giving her the opportunity that it was because of delivering the lunch to Naruto. That instead delivering lunches to all the villagers, she has realize that her dream is to become Hokage, which was a dream goal that Boruto scoffed at. When she returned home, Sarada smiled happily while looking at the new photo that she had taken with both of her parents.

Following this, Sarada began to regularly train in secrecy with Chocho and learning all she could about the Sharingan, hoping to master her new power before revealing it to anyone else.

In the anime, to improve relationships with other villages and symbolically show the warring era was over, the Seventh Hokage set up an official class trip for the Academy to go to Kirigakure. When a trip leader among the class was being debated between the students, Sarada volunteered Boruto, which the entire class swiftly agreed upon as no one else wanted to. Upon arriving, they were met with Karatachi Kagura, who was appointed to act as the class' tour guide. The class was later taken to meet Chojuro, the Sixth Mizukage, who welcomed the class to the village.

Later, Sarada found Hachiya Tsurushi, a known delinquent of Kirigakure, badly injured. After she treated him, he revealed that he foolishly was working for Hoshigaki Shizuma, a radical man who sought to return Kirigakure to the "Bloody Mist" era. Soon afterwards, they found a battered Boruto, who upon waking up, revealed that Shizuma had manipulated Kagura into join his personally made Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist in the goal of usurping the Mizukage. While Sarada wanted to report this to the adults, Boruto insisted they handle this themselves as to not create a commotion, while also saying that he had a plan.

She and Boruto found Mei and Chojuro, who were addressing the fact that Shizuma's group had stolen the Seven Mist Swordmen blades and added Kagura to their ranks. While the Sixth Mizukage was strongly considering killing them all for this treachery, Boruto insisted that Kagura was not truly a traitor, but being manipulated. Boruto also insisted to treat this as a children's fight so as to not make a public scene. Chojuro agreed to this on the condition that he join them in ending the revolt and if it was completed before curfew. After getting Denki to cover for her and Boruto, she and Boruto met up with Chojuro at the Kiri Memorial where Shizuma's team was about to destroy it, seeing it as an insult to Kirigakure's pride. As the fight ensured Sarada was knocked underground by the Shibuki's blast, while being forced to fight Kurosuki Buntan.

As Buntan began pressuring Sarada with her array of Lightning Release techniques augmented by the Kiba, Sarada managed to hold her own with her Sharingan. Buntan voiced both her excitement at facing the Sharingan and disdain at for it, seeing as not only an unfair linage trait, but also a shortcut to power. Sarada however retorted that Buntan stole the Kiba, but Buntan insisted that she earned them and proved to be her father's child by more than just lineage. As the two continued to clash, with Sarada continuously copying her opponent's attacks, the Konoha-nin realized that their constant lightning attacks was heating the water around them. Sarada took advantage of this by luring Buntan in with genjutsu and used the increased hydrogen to set off a large explosion with her paper bomb to defeat her foe, but soon collapsed in exhaustion from excessive usage of her Sharingan. After Shizuma and his team were defeated, Tsurushi treated her and helped her back to the hotel before curfew.

Later Sarada's class bid Kirigakure farewell, Sarada asks Boruto if he's going to punch Kagura if he shows up, and Boruto asks her we he would punch him. Boruto tells her he would like to thank Kagura for their school trip, but Sarada thinks Boruto is crazy. At the Ninja Academy, Boruto, Sarada, and Iwabee are called to Iruka's office. and are given detention for stopping a coup d etat. as for their punishment they have to repaint a classroom.

Mitsuki and Sarada finds Boruto after he's asked everyone about Kiri sweets, and Sarada tells him about the store Chocho showed her.

As ninja classes began preparing for the graduation exams, the various students were interviewed about their future goals alongside a parent, Sakura in Sarada's case. Later, she was interviewed by a man named "Sukea" who said he was writing an article about the ninja students. Sarada voiced strongly her desire to become Hokage. Later, when Suzumeno Namida and Izuno Wasabi began having a falling out because Wasabi wasn't going to continue being a ninja alongside Namida, Sarada was conflicted on how to help. Boruto discretely noted that the Hokage is suppose to help end all quarrels in the village to benefit all, motivating Sarada to help her friends. Sarada then learned that it was Wasabi's parents who made the decision. Convinced by Sarada, Wasabi spoke to her parents and made them allow her to rejoin Namida in becoming ninjas together, much to Namida's joy.

During the exams, taking up Shino's subtle offer to try stealing the test answers for the written test, Sarada and her friends were able to easily pass the test. Later, during the practical and final test, the class was brought to the training field. There, the entire class was set up to face Shino, Anko and Konohamaru for 24 hours. While the teachers would still evaluate the students' respective improvements, the students' true test was against Kakashi. The Sixth Hokage quickly explained that he would only pass the first student who is able to take the single bell attached to his hip. As the test began, Sumire and some of her friends faced off against Konohamaru. As the jonin easily dispatched several of the students, Sumire and Sarada chose to fend off Konohamaru while Mitsuki and Boruto went on, realizing that the true goal was not simply to get Kakashi's bell. Sarada tried to keep up with Konohamaru through her Sharingan, but the more experienced ninja easily overwhelmed her.

Sarada was soon captured by Konohamaru, along with several other students. Later that night, through Boruto's plan, Sarada and others were freed. Joining up on Boruto's next plan, he and Sarada were able to deceive Konohamaru, letting Sarada capture him in a genjutsu long enough to hit his marker, eliminating him from the test. Sarada and Boruto then joined up with the others to face Kakashi. Despite their group assault, Kakashi easily repelled all the students. This however proved to be a setup to get the Sixth Hokage in a group String Light Formation. Despite their effort, Kakashi was still able to hold them off. Ultimately, time ran out with no one getting the bell. However, Kakashi still chose to pass everyone as the succeeded in the test's true goal; team-work and loyalty.

When assigned to Team 3 with Boruto and Mitsuki, Sarada requested being put in another team, citing incompatibility with Boruto. While en route to make a personal request to the Hokage, Sarada had to cooperate with Boruto to get past Mirai. After Konohamaru pointed out the value of hard-earned cooperation, Sarada decided against changing teams, and instead requested their team to have the designation of Team 7.

For Team 7's first mission, they were assigned a D-rank to aid the Green Banks Village who were being attacked by bandits for their crops. Sarada was eager to begin her quest to become Hokage. As such, she sternly told Boruto not to act up in fear of it affecting her own performance record. Upon arriving, they learned that the only way for normal people to enter the village was by a great retracting bridge. They also learned that the previous village leader, who oversaw the bridge's construction, passed away recently, leaving his daughter Kiri to inherit the position. Kiri, while uncertain about trusting in such young ninja, revealed that she withheld the full nature of the mission when she requested it. As she revealed that the attackers were actually trained ninja, which made Konohamaru concerned as this would make the mission at least B-rank in danger.

While Konohamaru considered whether or not to continue the mission despite the deception, the village was attacked, prompting Boruto rushed off. Boruto was quickly pressured by the older ninja, but was saved by Konohamaru, as the foe quickly retreated after realising that he was a Konoha-nin. As Konohamaru realised that there was more being hidden, he confronted Kiri. She confessed that the enemy ninja were after the deed to the bridge, which was the main source of income for the village. Later that night, as another villager was attacked, Team 7 went into action, only to find that several of the villagers were being controlled by genjutsu. They managed to harmlessly subdue the villagers, but Kiri was abducted.

Afterwards, Team 7 met with the enemy shinobi to exchange the deed for Kiri. The enemies however intended to kill everyone. Konohamaru dealt with Hidari while Boruto and the others retreated with Kiri. They were quickly followed by Ashimaru. Together, the three genin were able to devise a team combo to defeat the enemy. With this and Konohamaru defeated the other enemy, the mission was completed.

After some uneventful missions, Sarada and her team-mates were later sent to deal with a bank robber, Haguruma. After they convinced the man to turn himself in, it was learned Hagurama was manipulated into doing this, as it was a diversion for the Byakuya Gang to steal jewels from a high-level vault. After learning that the thieves were somehow able to bypass the vault's temperature-sensitive alarm, Sarada noticed that flower outside the vault was frozen. She ultimately deduced that the thieves used the rare Ice Release to cover the theft. While Sarada insisted they send this intel to older ninja, Boruto insisted that the handle it as they were partly to blame for letting this happen. Instead, they went to Tono Katasuke for his technical knowledge. The scientist led them to a shady part of the village where they learned of secret means of making illegal transactions via graffiti. Realising where they thieves would be, the Team 7 Genin plotted to intercept the transaction and capture the thieves.

Their plan however failed as the masked thief saw through their deception. While retreating, the masked foe left several ice-footprints for them to follow. Ultimately, this led the genin to small village in the mountains. There, it was revealed that the Byakuya Gang stole the jewels to get enough money to repair the small village's water distributing system, which without the village would require grueling hours of travel to even to retrieve water, and even that would be insufficient amounts. The masked man stated firmly that his group are noble in intentions and that the rich only get to where they are by profiting off the poor. This left Team 7 to wonder who was really wrong here.

With the continued thefts performed by the Byakuya Gang throughout Konohagakure, Team 7 was assigned alongside the other genin teams to help stop the self-proclaimed noble thieves. However, the genin were not permitted to engage the Byakuya Gang without aid from a chunin or higher-ranked shinobi.

Later, the gang's act of distributing their stolen wealth to the poor began gaining much support from many of the villagers. Even more, swarms of protestors began emerging in the village against various legitimate companies, fueled by the Byakuga Gang's claims of the said companies being corrupt, one of which included the Kaminarimon Company.

Sarada and her team was then assigned to help pacify the protestors in an assigned location. During which, Boruto noticed Team 10 frantically leaving their post. Boruto quickly rushed to see why. Sarada was eager to stop Boruto, but Mitsuki insisted to let Boruto go as he usually has good instincts about this. Sarada reluctantly accepted Mitsuki's decision, saying she wouldn't be in charge of Boruto being in trouble. Later, as the riots began building up, it was soon determined that certain people were acting out more than others. Denki deduced that they were under the influence of a genjutsu, which was confirmed by Sarada's Sharingan. The Konoha-nin then worked to dispel the genjutsu, which along with Naruto's speech, ended the riot.

While she and her team are on a mission to save people. Sarada was surprised that they were given a mission to help someone. But hearing how Team Udon got a mission to do a documentary which made Boruto want to switch missions. Konohamaru scolds Boruto since they already have a mission. After the mission Sarada and her team watch the documentary at a restaurant. Sarada says the documentary was alright but vows to train harder.

Sarada argued with Boruto about how long their mission took. She tells Team Hanabi it would had been easy, and shorter if Boruto didn't took too long.

On the night of Boruto's birthday, Boruto celebrated it with Sarada, Sakura and Mitsuki. Sarada even says he didn't expect her and Sakura to come. But when Hinata got a phone call about Naruto. This makes Boruto angrily go to his room. When Sarada confronted him she reminds him that Naruto has duties as the Hokage. However Boruto tells her he knew this would happen and that he never got his hopes up of Naruto showing up anyway. A month later Sarada tells Boruto not to think to hard about how ninjas treat him different. As her team go on a mission she tells Boruto to stop being angry and grow up.

Team 7 was assigned to follow a trail of bandits who stole from the Thunder Train. When they arrived at the mines where they thieves were last seen, they learned that one of the thieves was arrested after he had come out completely traumatised, claiming that "the white one" killed his allies. This prompted Team 7 to investigate more carefully. Inside, they found the three other thieves brutally killed, and soon after met the culprit, a mutated White Zetsu. With a collective effort following Konohamaru's strategy, they were able to defeat the creature. From further investigating, they learned that the cave housed another nest to grow White Zetsu and that all of them and the God Tree bud were destroyed by Sasuke's Amaterasu. Afterwards, Team 7 reported to Konoha about their findings, leaving the genin out of any further intel.

Film Appearances

Boruto movie

After becoming a genin, Sarada is assigned to Team Konohamaru with Boruto and Mitsuki. During a mission to capture a giant panda, Sarada gets into an argument with Boruto over whether it is a normal panda or an aggressive bear that looks like a panda. When Boruto shows off his prodigious talent and gets in the way of Sarada's attack by using two shadow clones, Sarada gets annoy when he that it was a piece of cake. Once Mitsuki says that Boruto might become Hokage, Sarada says that she will be the one to become Hokage. After Konohamaru subdues the bear with the use of a Kote, he gives them a demonstration of the device's abilities and uses it to create a Rasengan and launch it through the air, leaving Sarada and her team-mates greatly impressed. However, the Rasengan actually veers off course and ends up destroying a farmer's house, angering the locals.

When they report to Naruto after the mission, she becomes worried about Boruto after the boy argues with his father for always working and warns him to not miss Himawari's birthday party. Afterwards, Sarada and Mitsuki meet with Boruto and inform him that the Chunin Exams will be starting soon. When Boruto declares that he doesn't care about the Exams, he and Sarada get into an argument which results in Sarada scolding him by saying that he is getting in the way of her achieving her dream to become Hokage. Boruto retorts that if he doesn't want to be Hokage, but Sarada says that the post is not inherited. But Boruto says if she wants to be Hokage, she should spend the rest of her life alone otherwise it will cause issues for those around her. Upon hearing this, Sarada realizes that Boruto is simply upset because of his father not being able to spend enough time with him. While walking in the village, she tries to cheer Boruto up by encouraging him to take the Exams with them so that they can show their amazing abilities to Naruto. Once Boruto agrees to do the exams, Sarada is happy.

When asked by Boruto if her father would watch her in the Chunin Exams, Sarada said she doubted it. She even says that she doesn't care because her father didn't become the Hokage. After briefly discussing Sasuke with her team-mates, Mitsuki says his parent told him that Sasuke was the only person who could fight evenly with Naruto, causing Sarada and Boruto to become curious about Mitsuki's parentage. However, just before Mitsuki can reveal to them who the parent is, Hinata and Himawari arrive to pick up Boruto for Himawari's birthday party.

Later as Boruto begins training with Konohamaru in order to learn the Rasengan, Sarada watches him from afar. After days of hard work, Sarada observes as Boruto shows Sasuke his new Rasengan, but when Sasuke comments on its small size, Boruto mistakes it as a sign of disappointment and runs off. Sarada confronts her father afterwards and explains to him that he doesn't know Boruto. She tells him that working hard is not something Boruto does often, and that it was a miracle he had even trained for as long as he did. However, Sasuke explains to Sarada that he was not disappointed in Boruto's Rasengan, and decided that he would take Boruto on as his student, much to Sarada's delight.

As Sarada prepared to head out to meet her teammates, she was seen off by Sakura. Sarada noted that her mother seemed to be happy now that her father had come home, causing Sakura to blush and become embarrassed. Sarada laughs and says that she can tell these things about her mother before running off. When she speaks to Boruto, she says that he won the bet with her father. When she asks him what will he do as her father's apprentice, Boruto tells her that he will learn Naruto's weaknesses. However Sarada tells him before they can challenge Naruto, they have to become Chunin. When Boruto tells her this is why he is training under Sasuke so he can show his abilities at the exams. But when he says that it's his abilities that will topple Naruto, she points her finger at him while telling him it's our power. However she is surprise when he shows her his application paper. Sarada then shows her paper to Boruto while saying that he's not that irratiting. The two smile at each other and when Mitsuki comes they all smile together.

On the day of the first test of the Chunin Exams, the first round of the Chunin Exams is a true or false quiz regarding a question about the fifth volume of a novel series. When asked about this by Boruto, Sarada said she read the four volumes but wasn't aware of a fifth. Sarada asks Boruto which answer he thinks her father would choose, he replies with false because he's not the conventional type. Sarada opts to pick the opposite answer because she wants to take a different path than him. When it is revealed that both answers are incorrect, each team is unexpectedly dropped into a pit with a lake of ink at the bottom. Sarada attaches wire to Boruto's jacket while Mitsuki grabs hold of her hand and extends his arm to keep them all from falling into the ink and points out that the ink spread across into the second pit as well and Sarada deduces the quiz was a sham all along, since there wasn't even a fifth volume and that anyone who falls into the ink is disqualified. As they pass the first round, Sarada is happy.

The second round had the genin teams fight each other, competing for flags. While Boruto stayed behind to protect their flag, Sarada and Mitsuki went on to obtain other teams' flags, and Sarada told him they were counting on him to help the team pass the round. However Sarada became concerned for Boruto when he was attacked by another genin and wanted to go back to help him, but was told by Mitsuki to keep going while he went back to assist Boruto. While at the location of the enemy team, she hears Boruto telling her to get the flag. However she responds that she was already getting it. While using her Sharingan, she was able to see through a genjutsu that another team had placed around their flag and was able to retrieve it, thus securing victory for her team. However when she over heard Mitsuki say that Boruto will be Hokage, Sarada yells through his ear piece saying that she will be Hokage, which scares her teammates. When they regrouped, Sarada high fives Mitsuki. But she scolds Boruto by saying that he should be happy about passing the second round, before commenting that his eyes were even bluer than Naruto's, making him blush. However when Mitsuki asks her, Sarada tells him to ask Naruto because he is nice and won't say no.

In the third round, she easily defeats her opponent, Tarui, and was embarrassed when Sakura proudly cheered for her from the audience. However Sarada was greatly impressed when Boruto defeated Nara Shikadai, but was saddened to find out that Boruto has been cheating throughout the exam and was disqualified. When Otsutsuki Momoshiki and Otsutsuki Kinshiki attack, Sarada and Mitsuki help evacuate children from the area. But when she is about to leave, she is saved by her father when she is nearly crushed by falling debris. Upon landing on the ground, Kinshiki attacks them soon after, however he was stopped by Nara Shikamaru's Shadow Sewing Technique, allowing for Sasuke and Sarada to join Naruto and Boruto in facing Momoshiki. Upon seeing Momoshiki's impressive strength, Sarada becomes fearful of the new enemy and falls to her knees. But Boruto uses a shadow clone to protect.

Momoshiki then throws the attack at them. However Naruto protects them with his Nine Tail Beast Mode, which shocks Sarada and Boruto. As Sasuke uses his Susanno as well, Naruto tells Sasuke to protect Sarada and Boruto. While seeing her father protect her and Boruto, Sarada becomes scare for Naruto and Boruto gets worry as they call out to him. However Naruto refuses to hear them, and sacrifices himself to protect Sarada, Sasuke and Boruto from Momoshiki's jutsu. After Momoshiki and Kinshiki left, Sarada watched over Boruto as he lay unconscious in the hospital and was relieved when he finally woke up. She also become concerned for Boruto when he discovered that his father had sacrificed himself to save them. When Sasuke, Boruto and the rest of the Kage prepared to travel to a different dimension to rescue Naruto, Sarada was present to see them off and smiles when he tells his mother that he is going to go. Before leaving with her father, Boruto asks her to look after the village.

After Momoshiki and Kinshiki were defeated, Sarada and her teammates are given a mission to capture the giant panda that was running loose through the village. When Sarada learns that Boruto used a shadow clone for an interview, she wonders if her teammate is the original. However Boruto assures her that he is not a clone. When Mitsuki says that Boruto was busy with Mitsuki, Sarada was still angry at Boruto for cheating despite his many apologies. When Konohamaru goes to be a decoy for the panda, Sarada asks Boruto if he now wishes to become Hokage, to which Boruto says that he doesn't. But he says when Sarada becomes Hokage, that he will be her right-hand man and he will protect her, which causes her to deeply blush. Boruto also says he is aiming to be a shinobi like her father, and he will follow his own ninja way, as she stares at him in amazement. As Konohamaru is being chased by the panda, Sarada, Boruto and Mitsuki then leap off of the Hokage Monument and into the air.

In the post credits, Sarada and Boruto captured the wild panda and fight again on whether it was a panda or a bear. However they stop when Mitsuki tells them that they get along, and should show his parent some respect. Boruto once again questions Mitsuki about who his parents were, to which the latter revealed he is the son of Orochimaru. Sarada was shocked about this, and asked if Orochimaru was his mother or father (due to his androgynous features), and Mitsuki replied that it didn't matter, much to her confusion.

Boruto Naruto Next Generations Manga

In the Anime after Naruto had been rescued, Sarada hugs her father and asks him to train her on her Fireball Jutsu.

In the anime, when the lead actors of a popular TV drama, Tomaru and Ashina received a death threat if they continued filming their show, Team 7 was assigned to protect the actors alongside Team 10. Sarada and her team were assigned to watch Ashina, who much to their chagrin was a prima donna who basically made the team act as her personal servants.

At the same time, Sarada grew concerned about Chōchō when her infatuation for Tomaru made her constantly use her Butterfly Mode, greatly reducing her performance, all for the sake of making him like her. She grew even more annoyed when the vain actor showed no respect to Chōchō in her real form.

Soon the threats appeared to be true as a masked Ame-nin began attacking the set. Later, the attacker kidnapped Tomaru and demanded a ransom for 20 million ryō. It was also demanded that Ashina be the one to deliver it, which she agreed to, but had to have the genin act as covers for. Later, during the exchange, as Konohamaru already captured the attack and was disguised as him, it was revealed that Ashina was responsible for hiring the masked ninja, all as a plan to renew her fame as an actor. In her final blind desperation to go out a star, Ashina tried to blow up the area to bury the truth, only for Konohamaru to stop her. Some of her explosive tags went off however, causing a landslide. As Chōchō finally let down her façade and fought in her natural form, she heroic rescue of Tomaru left him amazed. With the actor now having a genuine appreciation for people beyond their looks, he asked Chōchō to stay on as part of the series, which she politely declined as she didn't want to live a fake life, much to Sarada's to see her best friend herself again.

In the anime, during another Kage Summit in Konohagakure, Sarada and her team-mates met the legendary Ōnoki. After treating the ancient man to a tour around the village, Ōnoki gave the genin the answer to a riddle Naruto once asked on what is the hardest stone. Ōnoki revealed that it was a riddle he once gave to Naruto and that the answer is the core of one's being, that they must keep their core strong to endure all obstacles.

Later, all shinobi missions were suspended during an investigation of an attack on two gate guards. When Mitsuki failed to show up, Boruto and Sarada asked Konohamaru about it. As it became clear that he was hiding something, the two genin decided to spy on the Seventh Hokage's meeting. There, they learned Mitsuki not only left the village, but did so willingly with the attackers. After Naruto confessed to his advisors that Mitsuki was Orochimaru's son, much outrage followed from learning that Naruto would permit an offspring of the man who killed the Third Hokage live in Konohagakure, let alone keep it a secret. Ultimately, Mitsuki was deememd a traitor. While Sarada decided that they must follow orders and stay put, Boruto, who refused to believe his friend was a traitor, noted that Sarada's goal of becoming Hokage is meaningless if she has no loyalty to her friends. The following night, when Boruto found a white snake that recorded a message from Mitsuki, simply saying his actions were his own will, the two decided to go to Orochimaru for answers.

Upon arriving outside Orochimaru's base, to lure away the Konona-nin stationed to watch over the Sannin, Sarada took the form of Mitsuki. Her efforts succeeded in letting Boruto get in unseen, but she herself was captured. Luckily for her, Karin saved her on Orochimaru's orders. She then took Sarada's place as disguised Mitsuki so she could catch up with Boruto. Ultimately, the Sannin found no hidden message on the snake, but Orochimaru suggested they take it to the White Snake Sage. Along the way to Ryūchi Cave, the two genin were intercepted by Team 10.

As the two refused to come back peacefully, they created a distraction and attempted a decoy with Boruto's shadow clones. This succeeded in splitting up Team Moegi between the jōnin and her students. Sarada and Boruto were soon intercepted by their friends, who through Shikadai's strategy easily anticipated Sarada and Boruto's tactics to quickly subdue them. While ready to take them back, Shikadai noticed the snake. Once learning that a message was left on it from Mitsuki, Shikadai realised that the situation had too many inconsistencies to brand Mitsuki a traitor. Wanting to find answers, Shikadai convinced his team-mates to help Boruto and Sarada.

Eventually, they found themselves in a foggy canyon. As they began wondering about aimlessly, they found a large palace, assuming that it must be the Ryūchi Cave. Inside, they found to their surprise a very lavished setting and were greeted by a beautiful young woman. Saying the White Snake Sage was expecting them, the woman invited them to a large feast. As the others began to enjoy themselves, the woman insisted that after they eat, they could ask the sage about Mitsuki. Boruto realised the woman was deceiving them as he never mentioned Mitsuki by name. The woman revealed herself to be a snake creature and the palace and food were but illusions to test the guests. Applauding Boruto's fortitude, she explained that to see the sage, one must past a series of tests, if they fail, the snake servants may eat the guests. As only Boruto wished to speak with the sage, Sarada and the others were separated from him and knocked out. Ultimately, proving his resolve, Boruto passed the other tests.

Once Sarada and the others were reunited with Boruto they met with the White Snake Sage, surprised to see that she was a small and frail-looking reptilian woman. While surprised that someone would risk meeting with her for something other than learning senjutsu, the sage insisted that she couldn't help give answers beyond mastery of senjutsu. Boruto refused to give up, begging the sage to reconsider. Giving in to Boruto's stubbornness, the sage agreed to help analyse Mitsuki's snake only if they first brought to her the Reverse Scale of the giant snake Garaga, who was located in the most dangerous part of the cave. Boruto and the group accepted.

In their journey through the cave, they found several massive stone snake statue before ultimately being attacked by Garaga. The genin attempted to hold their ground but were quickly overpowered by the massive foe. As the rampaging snake attacked Sarada, another massive snake appeared to stop him. After the genin retreated to safety, the other snake appeared again, revealing himself as Aoda, Sasuke's personal summoning. As Aoda made his peaceful intentions known the group explained their goal of acquiring Garaga's Reverse Scale on the request of the White Snake Sage to get her help in finding Mitsuki. Aoda was reluctant as Garaga's savage nature made all other inhabitants of Ryūchi Cave stay clear of him, but nonetheless agreed to help Sarada. Following Shikadai's plan, they were initially able to pin down Garaga, until the rampaging foe used his spit to petrify ChoCho.

When Garaga was distracted long enough for Boruto to reach the Reverse Scale, Boruto connected with Garaga's mental plane, seeing into his sorrowful past of betrayal from his former summoner. As the two talked about the value of trust, Boruto insisted that Mitsuki was indeed his friend. Garaga scoffed at such a notion, wishing he could be there to watch Boruto's hopes crushed. Ultimately, Boruto chose not to take the scale. Instead he made deal; Garaga would enter a summoning contract with him to see Mitsuki himself and if Mitsuki did betray Boruto, the snake could eat Boruto. Intrigued by Boruto's determination, Garaga accepted the terms. After Chōchō was restored, they returned to the White Snake Sage. There, Boruto summoned Garaga before her, technically upholding his promise of bringing her the Reverse Scale. Accepting this, the sage revealed the secret thoughts inside Mitsuki's snake, revealing that Mitsuki feigned killing a guard to save his life. Still unclear why Mitsuki joined the attackers but knowing where he went headed off to the Land of Earth.

As the group began to approach the Land of Earth's border, Shikadai had Inojin and Chōchō to return to the village to report their findings. As the other genin continued their pursuit, they found the remains of a sand creature, which Boruto recognised as the same thing that attacked Mitsuki's snake. Their route soon found a group of Konoha jōnin who were defeated by one of the gate attackers, Kokuyō.

The man quickly revealed himself to be an artificial being with superhumanly augmented abilities. Proving his point, he showed remarkable raw might that left the Konoha-nin on the defensive. A timely arrival of Inojin and Chōchō gave the group time to collect themselves. The Ino-Shika-Chō trio decided to hold him off as Boruto and Sarada went on ahead. They were intercepted by another one of the gate attacks, Sekiei, who noted that Mitsuki was with them willingly. He initially held them off with his Explosive Clay, but his body suddenly gave out. While Boruto attempted to finish the foe, Mitsuki appeared to save Sekiei. He made his intention to join the artificial humans clear as he attacked Boruto with his Lightning Release before retreating with them. Soon afterwards, the Ino-Shika-Chō trio returned to help the injured Boruto.

While caring for Boruto, Inojin discovered a miniature and imperfect Akuta that became very found of him. After Boruto awoke, the group agreed to venture on to Iwagakure and retrieve Mitsuki, prompting Boruto to suggest receiving aid from Ōnoki. Upon arriving outside the village, it was decided that Inojin stay outside with the Akuta as to not draw any attention. Inside, they were soon spotted by Akatsuchi. He decided to help the genin as it may be related Kurotsuchi's sudden disappearance. They confronting Ōnoki, the elderly man was happy to see his friends again. Once they revealed their goal of finding Mitsuki however, Ōnoki's attitude turned dark and turned them away. The group was then surrounded by a bunch of Akuta, that were being controlled by Kū, the leader of the conspiracy in Iwagakure as well as Ōnoki's son and working alongside the retired Tsuchikage, much to everyone's horror.

As Ōnoki began explaining the nature of his plans and his genuine desire to protect people, realising that with his secret out in the open, he would have to accelerate his plans before the other Great Shinobi Countries learned. While Ōnoki told his son to gently takes the prisoners away, Boruto and the others chose to resist, and a fight ensured. As the battle escalated a massive column was knocked over towards Ōnoki. He was narrowly saved by Boruto, who then retreated while carrying the elderly man. While Shikadai was captured, Sarada and the others scattered to escape.

While caring for Boruto, Inojin discovered a miniature and imperfect Akuta that became very found of him. After Boruto awoke, the group discussed whether to return to Konohagakure with their findings, or push forward to find the truth about these new enemies that posed a threat to the peaceful times. Ultimately, it was agreed to go venture on to Iwagakure and retrieve Mitsuki. Boruto suggested that go seek the help of Ōnoki in the Earth Country's ninja village.

Upon arriving outside the village, it was decided that Inojin stay outside with the Akuta as to not draw any attention. Inside, they were soon spotted by Akatsuchi. He decided to help the genin as it may be related Kurotsuchi's sudden disappearance. They confronting Ōnoki, the elderly man was happy to see his friends again. Once they revealed their goal of finding Mitsuki however, Ōnoki's attitude turned dark and turned them away. The group was then surrounded by a bunch of Akuta, that were being controlled by Kū, the leader of the conspiracy in Iwagakure as well as Ōnoki's son and working alongside the retired Tsuchikage, much to everyone's horror.

As Ōnoki began explaining the nature of his plans and his genuine desire to protect people, realising that with his secret out in the open, he would have to accelerate his plans before the other Great Shinobi Countries learned. While Ōnoki told his son to gently takes the prisoners away, Boruto and the others chose to resist, and a fight ensured. As the battle escalated a massive column was knocked over towards Ōnoki. He was narrowly saved by Boruto, who then retreated while carrying the elderly man. While Shikadai was captured, Sarada and the others scattered to escape. She soon after regrouped at the cave with Inojin and Chōchō, surprised to learn that Boruto hadn't returned yet. They decided to wait and see how things played out.

Deciding that they waited long enough, the group decided to look for their friends. They instead found an injured Akatsuchi. They then noticed an explosion. Realising that it could be their friends, Inojin was chosen to take Akatsuchi back to the cave while Sarada and Chōchō went to investigate. The two kunoichi found Boruto battling Kakō, whose immense physical prowess and Dust Release was overwhelming Boruto. Chōchō and Sarada helped in the battle, desperate to avoid his Dust Release. Ultimately, Sarada found a time limit in the foes attacks and used it to counter. Kakō pushed his body past his limit to continue attacking, which ultimately overtaxed his body and died. Ōnoki, who was watching, was shocked to see how the artificial soldier attacked so recklessly and against his previous orders of not hurting the genin. Boruto insisted that despite the elderly man's belief, the Fabrications did indeed have free-will. Inojin arrived and subdued Boruto, as he was under Kirara's genjutsu. She then appeared with the Akuta and surrounded the Konoha-nin.

When returning to the village, Ōnoki was visibly horrified by the hostile takeover of the village. When approaching Kū, the second-in-command voiced his plan to transplant human hearts into the fabrications to sustain them. The elder however refused on the grounds that it went against the purpose of his goal for saving lives. Deciding that Ōnoki was too sentimental to see the bigger picture, Kū usurped the Third Tsuchikage. Before Kū could move forward with his plan, Shikadai appeared, using a diversion to help his friends escape.

As the Ino-Shika-Chō trio decided to face off against Kokuyō, Boruto and Sarada were forced to face Kirara, who voiced her desire to take Sarada's glasses on the grounds they would look prettier on her. Sarada tried to battle back Kirara's genjutsu with her Sharingan, but she was still just as quickly subdued as Boruto by the foe's power.

When Sarada attempted to use her Sharingan to override the genjutsu on Boruto, Kirara made him close his eyes. She had them fighting until she received word the transplant hearts were ready, and left them with a final command to fight to the death. Sarada however found an opening, using the sword's reflecting to cast a genjutsu on herself to break free and subsequently freed Boruto as well. They caught up with the fabrications as Mitsuki was about to deliver a transplant for Kū. Mitsuki's attack kept them at a distance and Kū's Earth Release immobilised them. They watched in shock as Mitsuki betrayed and attacked Kū from behind. Mitsuki told them of his actions deceiving the fabrications, revealing the heart as disguised snakes. Team 7 prepared to confront the remaining fabrications.

While Team Konohamaru is on a mission to capture the Mujina Bandits. Sarada punches some bandits, and she asks them where is their boss. After the mission, Sarada is annoyed that Boruto is playing with trading cards. A few days later, Sarada and her team were given their first B-rank. While intimidated at first as such missions were normally reserved for at least chūnin, Mitsuki noted that the Fifth Kazekage was known for doing B-rank missions back when he was a genin. Seeing a similarity in this fact to her desire of becoming Hokage, Sarada quickly became excited about it. Later that night, while practicing her marksmanship at home, Boruto arrived, saying that something important came up and he would not be able to join the mission. Realizing that Boruto truly felt he needed to do this, she told Boruto to handle his problem while she tells the team. After Boruto left, Sarada miles while admiring Boruto's newfound sense of responsibility.

On the day of the mission, while worried about her teammate. Sarada had Mitsuki track Boruto down to help. They arrived into time to save the paralysed Boruto from Shojoji, quickly subduing and defeating the bandit. With Sarada telling him that he can make it up to her by buying her coffee, which Tento gladly offers to pay for. Later, while applauded for saving Tento and capturing the Mujina Bandits, Konohamaru also said they would have to be punished for abandoning their official mission. As Boruto goes to the shop to buy a pack of the collectable cards, but doesn't get the one he wants. Sarada tries her luck and gets a super rare card Orochimaru which leads to the team finding out that Orochimaru is Mitsuki's father.

Weeks after Team Konohamaru captured Shojoji, Naruto joined his son in a sparring match in front of the Ninja Academy students and other spectators. As everyone was amazed at Naruto somehow able to nullify, Mitsuki noted to Sarada that the Hokage was actually absorbing the techniques. Ultimately, it was revealed the match was to test a new advanced ninja tool based off of Momoshiki's absorption power. To test it, Naruto's prosthetic hand was replaced with a mechanised one fitted with Katasuke's new tech. Afterwards once learning about the deception, Boruto was furious, feeling that his father was being a hypocrite for using such advanced tools in combat when previously scolding him for doing the same. Sasuke however calmed Boruto down, making him realize that this was necessary as the danger to their world was still very imminent.

Naruto also admitted to knowing about Boruto's mark on his right palm, which was another reason Naruto approved the development of this advanced weaponry. Katasuke then arrived to retrieve his prototype, to which Naruto assigned Team Konohamaru a C-rank mission to escort the lead scientist back to the lab in Ryuben City. While Boruto stormed off in a huff, Naruto asked his genin team-mates to watch over him should anything happen with his mark. After Boruto got over his moodiness, the mission soon after began. Once arriving on a train to their destination, they bumped into an old patient of Katasuke, a survivor of the Ten-Tails's attack from the Fourth Shinobi War. As Boruto continued to absentmindedly voice his disapproval of advanced weaponry, Ao set Boruto straight, noting that all tools can be good or evil, all depending on its usage. He proved his point by taking Katasuke screwdriver and feigning an attack on Boruto with it. The group soon after left Ao once arriving at their destination.

Upon arriving at the lab, Sarada and her team were surprised to see Sumire, who was working there. For the second part of their mission, Team Konohamaru aided in the testing of new technology. Soon afterwards, they receive a call from the Seventh Hokage, noting that Konohamaru and his partner Mugino went missing during a mission nearby. Naruto then reassigned Team Konohamaru to search for their Jonin sensei.

Before leaving, Katasuke decided to join them, wearing a new prototype battle armour. Akita also offered them her nin-ken, Chamaru, to aid in the search. Soon, they found Konohamaru's last known location, at the crash site of a blimp. There, they found a group of puppets lying about. Before they could do much investigating, they puppets attacked. It quickly became apparent that the puppets were self-moving robots based on new ninja tech. As they proved highly resilient, Katasuke used his armour to block the attacks long enough to make the robots overheat and shut down. Chamaru then found Konohamaru's scent and led them to a cave. Before they could talk about what happened with Konohamaru, they were confronted by Ao, who held a machine gun at them, questioning them on what they learned inside the blimp.

Ao then unleashed a barrage of Fire Release Bullets from his gun, making everyone realising that he a scientific ninja tool. Konohamaru, with help from Katsuke, was able to destroy Ao's gun. As Konohamaru asked if this had anything to do with the organisation Kara, Ao unleashed a hidden weapon from his prosthetic shoulder, blasting Konohamaru. He then attacked Katsuke and stole one of his technique-absorbing gauntlets. After testing it himself on Boruto's Rasengan, Ao concluded that now they had to die to keep the organisation a secret. Mugino then held Ao down long enough to collapse the cave on him and Ao to save his allies. His sacrifice however turned futile as Ao quickly clawed his way out of the rubble, prompting Sarada and her team to retreat. As they took shelter, Katsuke admitted to his shame that the enemies' access to advanced ninja tech was because they brainwashed him into giving up his research. As Konohamaru insisted that they had to return the data he found on the blimp to Konohagakure, Katasuke offered to act as a divergence to atone for his mistakes. Boruto however insisted they stop Ao before he continued to abuse the technology that Katasuke gave him.

As they begin discussing the situation, Ao confronted, prompting him to attack the group for the knowledge they've learned. Taking cover behind a rock from his Ninjutsu Bullets, Katasuke has one of his suits gauntlets taken, which Ao began using for himself. While contemplating to use the Smoke-Flash Bomb that Akita gave him against Ao in order for them to escape, Mugino sacrificed himself to cause the cave they were in to collapse on himself and Ao. Surviving the attack, Konohamaru has the shinobi retreat before Ao could free himself. Using a scientific tool to heal Konohamaru's injury, the group learn from Katasuke that the technology that was used against them were stolen from him. Afterwards, the team devised a plan to combat Ao.

Beginning a counter attack, Sarada repelled Ao with taijutsu after Konohamaru and Mitsuki distracted him. Using Fire Release to occupy Ao as he absorbed the group's elemental attacks, Boruto attacked Ao, leading to him be disarmed and fooling Ao into using the genin's Chakra Blade against him, resulting in Ao having a significant amount of his chakra drained. Having destroyed Ao's gauntlet, the team began dodging Ao's Mirror Drones attacks, during which Sarada carried an injured Konohamaru to safety. Going to assist Boruto against Ao, Mitsuki pulled her back to avoid being hit by the drone's attacks. After Ao is defeat by Boruto, Sarada looked on as a giant toad crushed Ao, before she questioned who the culprit was. The assailant introduced himself as Koji Kashin, and caught the team in fūinjutsu, during which Konohamaru freed himself and faced the opponent alone. Watching the fight, Koji managed to engulf Konohamaru in flames, which triggered Boruto's Kāma to activate. Absorbing Koji's techniques, the team was freed, leading to Sarada coming to Boruto's aid when he collapsed. Pressing Koji for information regarding Boruto's mark, Mitsuki intervened to stop her, during which Koji retreated.

Having departed back to Konoha, Sarada helped Boruto walk, during which the group discovered destroyed puppets in the vicinity of an unconscious boy. As they began to examine the boy, Kawaki, for injuries, they discovered that he had a matching seal to Boruto's on his left palm. As Boruto's seal began to hurt Kawaki, also felt the pain, making him abruptly wake up and destroy the area within his vicinity. Questioning who the team were, Konohamaru identified himself, and asked for information regarding the crash. Refusing to provide information and wanting to be left alone, Boruto revealed to the boy his mark, resulting in Kawaki believing they were pursuers from Kara. As they tried to correct him, Garo made his presence known, announcing his intentions of recovering Kawaki. Kawaki resisted, showing the ability to manipulate his body structure into weapons.

As Garo continued to dodge Kawaki's assault, the boy gradually exhausted himself until Garō finally attacked and pummelled him into submission. Suddenly, Boruto's Kāma activated again, causing Boruto agony. At the same time, Kawaki's own Kāma activated, giving him newfound energy and proceeded to kill Garō with a massive blast. As Boruto protected everyone from the blast through his mark's power of absorption, Kawaki turned his attention to the Konoha team, now surer than ever that they were with Kara. The boy then proceeded to faint as his mark deactivated. Katasuke took a quick look at the boy and determined that Kawaki was an unprecedented advancement in scientific ninja tools, as his entire being was remodelled, down to his blood vessels and nervous systems. From Katasuke's analysis, it was decided to bring this boy back to meet with the Seventh Hokage.

Later after completing her mission, Sarada went off to enjoy some pastries. She found to her shock that the boy was now being watched over and allowed to live with Naruto. Sarada decided to join the two on their errands. Soon, it became apparent that Kawaki both had little experience enjoying the simple pleasures of life and was still as on guard as ever his new peaceful environment. They then arrived at the Yamamaka Flower Shop where Kawaki was offered to pick out a new vase. There, Ino offered some free flowers as well, which sight of the dripping flower roots set off Kawaki into a panic attack. Afterwards, as Sarada parted ways, Sarada kindly offered for Kawaki to ask for any help if he needed.

Video Games

Uchiha Sarada is a playable character in the following video game:

  • Naruto Shinobi Collection
  • Naruto Shinobi Collection Shippu Ranbu
  • Naruto Shippuuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4
  • Naruto Shippuuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Road to Boruto
  • Naruto to Boruto Shinobi Striker
  • Naruto X Boruto Ninja Voltage



Haruno Sakura

Haruno Sakura is Sarada's mother. Sarada has a good relationship with her mother, as she had no problem sharing her feelings about boys and particularly about Boruto to her mother. Sakura raised Sarada on her own after Sasuke left the village for his mission when Sarada was a small child. Over the years, Sarada would ask Sakura when Sasuke was coming home, and Sakura often explained Sasuke was on an important mission and he would come back once it was over. When she asked her if she and Sasuke even kissed, she calls Sakura "dirty" for mentioning there was something (forehead poke) better than a kiss, and poked her on her forehead by telling her that they will continue the conversation some other time. Sarada initially believed her but as the years passed, and Sasuke still failed to return home. Sarada began to distrust her mother and didn't believe her explanation.

That doesn't mean Sakura doesn't get angry at her daughter, which is seen when she angrily punched the ground when Sarada questioned her parents' marriage. Sakura then apologized to Sarada for raising her voice at her and comforted the young girl that Sasuke cherished them both and their feelings were connected to him. But fainted upon learning that she destroyed their house again.

Due to Sakura being hesitant to explain the specifics of Sasuke's mission, Sarada suspected that her mother was keeping secrets from her and couldn't understand how Sakura could stay in love with Sasuke in the years he was absent. Sarada asked more questions about Sasuke's childhood, such as if he wore glasses. Sakura, trying to withhold the truth about Sasuke's past as a criminal, tried to answer her questions but her answers only heightened Sarada's suspicions. Upon discovering their family photo was fake and finding a hidden photo of Team Taka that included Karin with Sasuke, Sarada began to suspect Sakura wasn't her biological mother. Despite her questions and troubled by her family situation, Sarada still loved her mother and wanted Sakura to comfort her.

Sakura was annoyed, and amused to learn that Sarada ran away from the village to find her father, and to get her answers. So Sakura went after her, while being concerned for her. She went as far as to plummet Shin as he was trying to kill her husband and daughter, and then apologized to Sarada for not explaining their family situation. When a DNA test erroneously confirmed Karin as her mother, Sarada was overcome with anger towards her mother's words of their family being emotionally connected and wanted nothing to do with her mother for "lying" to her. Naruto was able to calm her down and helped her realize that, whether Sakura was her real mother or not, a family is based on love rather than blood. With Naruto's words, Sarada remembers how Sakura loved and raised her, leading her to conclude she still loves her mother and Sakura is her mother no matter what.

Despite being afraid of what will happen to her family, Sarada's anxiety was calmed down more when she witnessed moments between her parents that convinced her they loved each other. Sarada takes it upon herself to vow that she would be the one to protect her mother and demonstrated that she possessed the same superhuman strength as Sakura when she defeated several shin clones. Sakura then tells Sarada that she is her biological mother and Sasuke confirms this, and Sarada reacts calmly due to having concluded that the love between them is the most important. After she finally gets the forehead poke from her father, Sarada happily looks at her mother. However she gets confused when her father refused to show affection to her mother in public. After this, Sakura and Sarada's relationship significantly improves.

After becoming a genin, when Sarada goes to meet her team. Sakura tells her to do her best while they are inside the hospital. However Sarada enjoys teasing her mother again by pointing out how happy Sakura gets around Sasuke; such as mentioning that Sakura has been in high spirits since Sasuke came home. Sakura declines this but Sarada says she can see right though her. However Sakura admits that Sarada is the happiest after she left. Sakura loves her daughter dearly and has deep pride for her, although she embarrassed Sarada when she cheered for her during the third phase of the Chunin Exams. After Naruto was rescued Sakura secretly watches over her daughter's team from a far away distance.

Uchiha Sasuke

Uchiha Sasuke is Sarada's father. Because Sarada is the first Uchiha to be born since the clan's demise, and her birth fulfilled his life-long dream of restoring the clan, Sasuke loves his daughter more than anything. From the time she was born, Sasuke was very loving and attentive towards his daughter and the two had a close relationship. Since Sarada's birth, Sasuke has been adamant on keeping his past a secret from her to not only protect her but not make her hate him. During her first couple of years, Sasuke visited his family whenever he could while he continued investigating Kaguya. However, Sasuke left Konoha for a top secret mission when Sarada was a toddler and his mission kept him away from home for several years. As she was forced to grow up without her father, Sarada started asking her mother when was he coming home but Sakura's explanation only led Sarada to miss him more, and she began to wonder if her father even cared about her. But Sakura assured Sarada that the reason why Sasuke can't come home is because he loves them both dearly. Eventually, due to Sasuke's irregular visits and subsequent long absence, Sarada forgot her earliest memories of him to the point where she thought that they had never met since her birth.

Despite the estrangement, Sarada feels a deep attachment to her father and always wanted to learn more about him. As she grew older, this led her to think he didn't care about her, but never knew that he did something bad in the past that made him officially live in Konoha. During a conversation with Naruto, Sarada was happy to learn she looks just like Sasuke. Including that she would look like Sasuke even more if she awakened her Sharingan, and that she inherited some good characteristics from him. But she was disappointed to learn how stubborn, aloof and anti-social he was. Sarada's first impression of Sasuke was not a good one; firstly due to a misunderstanding in which Sasuke nearly attacked her and secondly due to his refusal to answer her questions. His seemingly indifference caused her to cry and she thought of him as a bad person.

Even when Naruto told her that, despite Sasuke's shortcomings as a person and father, he is one of the most powerful shinobi in the world. Despite this, Sarada still longed to have some kind of relationship with him and was impressed by his powers. When she began to think Karin was her mother, Sarada condemned her father as a liar and said she wished she didn't look like him. However, when she saw the lengths her father would go to protect her and her mother, Sarada concluded that her father really does love her. Sarada also says that although she thinks her father is a bad person, she finds him to be amazing because of how powerful he is.

Sarada asked Sasuke if he felt connected to Sakura and when she asked him how he can so easily confirm this, he replied that Sarada, as their daughter, is the proof of his bond with Sakura. Upon hearing this from her father, this moved Sarada to tears. Afterwards, their relationship significantly improves to the point where Sarada feels comfortable to tell her father everything on her mind. Sarada was deeply saddened when Sasuke had to return to his mission, due to her having enjoyed spending time with him. However Sasuke hugged his daughter and poked her on the forehead while promising to come home soon, which made Sarada smile with joy and she realized that the meaning of the forehead poke was Sasuke's way of expressing his affection to her. She even waves goodbye to him as he left to continue his mission.

Sasuke would keep his promise to his daughter when he returned to Konoha a few months later as Sarada was about to enter in the Chunin Exams. Although she accepted the reasons behind his absence, Sarada still felt dismay that Sasuke wouldn't be able to see her enter in the Exams. However when he came back, Sakura said Sarada was the happiest for him returning home. She even tells him that Boruto doesn't train because he is a prodigy, and was happy when her father became Boruto's teacher. Sarada loves her father very much but she decides to follow a different path than him by becoming Hokage, due to that his duty of protecting the village from the shadows keeps him away often. After Naruto was rescued, Sasuke is seen watching Sarada from a far away distance.

Uzumaki Naruto

Uzumaki Naruto is someone Sarada looks up to and greatly respects due to him being the Seventh Hokage. Naruto is the one who tells Sarada about her father's childhood and some of his personality but does not mention his dark past as an international criminal. Naruto is also the one who comforts Sarada in midst of her mental crisis over who her mother is and her father's seemingly indifference towards her. When Sarada believed Karin was her mother and she wanted to leave the village due to concluding she had no family or a reason to be a ninja, Naruto was unwilling to let her go out of fear that Sarada was walking down the same path her father once did. Including that he saw many similarities between her and himself as a child. Naruto lectured her that the most important thing about a family was the love between them rather than blood. When Sarada was unswayed by this, Naruto asked her to carefully think about her feelings for her parents. This leads Sarada to remember memories from her earliest childhood, in which Sasuke and Sakura showed her unconditional love, and she concluded that she was always loved by her parents. Due to her admiration for Naruto and his ideology of love bringing peace, Sarada decides to follow in his footsteps, by becoming the next Hokage one day. Including that she starts to refer to him as "Seventh" when she is in his office, and "Uncle" when he isn't in his office.

Hyuga Hinata

Sarada is fond of Hinata and refers to her as "Aunt Hinata".

Uzumaki Boruto

Uzumaki Boruto is Sarada's childhood friend, and rival. Because their parents were former teammates and have been close friends since they were younger, Sarada and Boruto have known each other for as long as they can remember. Sarada has always been interested in Boruto and his actions, and her curiosity often led her to secretly follow him around the village. Before they graduated from the Ninja Academy, Sarada thanked Boruto for helping her realize that she wanted to become the Hokage one day, which surprised him but then he scoffed the idea as weak. Sarada found Boruto's tendency to pull off pranks to get his father's attention annoying and tends to get angry with him when he initially disregarded working with her and Mitsuki after they were assigned to the same team. They argue frequently, with Sarada referring to Boruto as an idiot and Boruto getting irritated with Sarada's natural dominating attitude.

Despite their constant bickering, Sarada feels sympathy for Boruto's estranged relationship with his father due to that it is similar to the one she shares with her father. In fact, when she sees Boruto happily smile with his mother and sister, Sarada was amazed to see Boruto genuinely smiling and contributes it to his resentment towards his father's Hokage duties. Since she is worry for his relationship with Naruto. Sarada really likes seeing Boruto smiling and being happy, and she tries to cheer him up by encouraging him to try his best so he can make Naruto proud. Sarada hates it when Boruto acts indifferent to his ninja training and his refusal to enter in the Chunin Exams, since she says is keeping her from getting closer to her dream of becoming Hokage, and that Hokage title wasn't a heritage post while slamming her hands on the table (smashing the table upon saying this in the novel). She tries to get him to take his training seriously because she wanted him to realize what his dream was and she recognized that he had the potential to become a strong ninja, which she didn't want to go to waste.

While Boruto was undergoing training to learn the Rasengan, Sarada was watching him the whole time and expressed happiness for him when he finally mastered the technique. She even defended Boruto on his behalf in front of her father when Boruto thought he failed to impress Sasuke, who said he never failed Boruto and he was going to accept the boy as his apprentice and this made Sarada very happy. Boruto explains to Sarada he hopes to learn his father's weaknesses from her father so he can use "his" power to surpass Naruto, to which Sarada says it will be "our" power and reminds Boruto that they need to become chunins to go up against Naruto. When Boruto reaffirmed his decision to enter in the Exams, Sarada happily replied he wasn't as irritating.

In the first phase, when they had to answer a true or false question on the fifth volume a novel series, Boruto asked Sarada first, knowing she read the series and is the most intelligent member of their team, but she said she didn't know there was a fifth volume since she only read up to volume four. When their answer was in correct, Sarada save Boruto from falling into the black ink pit. Upon passing the first round, Sarada was happy while not seeing that Boruto was depress for not helping.

During the second phase of the Chunin Exams, Sarada was worried for Boruto's well being upon hearing him being attack through her head piece. However after passing the second round, she became angry when Mitsuki told Boruto that he is likely to become Hokage, in which she angry yell through her head piece that she will become Hokage. When she came back to his location, she was angry that Boruto wasn't happy for passing the second round. (In the novel, she hugged him too hard which made him unable to breath).

During the third phase of the Chuinin Exams, Sarada was impressed by Boruto's abilities, but when she learned he had used a Kote to cheat the whole time, Sarada was deeply saddened and felt betrayed because she always believed Boruto was using his true abilities. However, when Sarada was overcome with fear towards Momoshiki, Boruto instantly decided to protect her and she worried about Boruto after he learned Naruto was captured. When she saw Boruto wear her father's headband and hear his vow to bring his father back, Sarada smiled at him and decided to believe in him again. They later reconciled, although Sarada still felt angry at him for cheating despite his many apologies to her. Boruto then tells Sarada that he has decided to become a ninja like Sasuke, who supports the Hokage from the shadows and has also decided to be Sarada's right-hand man when she becomes Hokage. Along with vowing to protect her, which causes her to blush.

Due to Sarada's temper, Boruto can get afraid of her and is willing to appease her by hiding his true feelings or lying to her about certain things that would upset her. While being close friends, they are polar opposites; Sarada is friendly and polite whereas Boruto is energetic and inconsiderate. Despite their frequent bickering, Boruto and Sarada get along really well and care deeply for each other. Due to their desire to be closer to their fathers and becoming amazed by Boruto's vow to protect her. Sarada admits that what attracts her to Boruto the most is his blue eyes, therefore Sarada starts to fall in love with Boruto.

Uzumaki Himawari

Sarada is good friends with Himawari and they treat each other as sisters. She even calls her "Hima".


Mitsuki is Sarada's teammate. Sarada met Mitsuki after he immigrated to Konoha and enrolled in the Ninja Academy sometime prior to their graduation. However, she didn't know his name until a week before they graduated and she didn't know who his parents were until after they had been on the same squad for several months. Upon learning his father was Orochimaru, Sarada was shocked and asked if he was Mitsuki's mother or father, to which Mitsuki replied it didn't matter. Despite that their fathers were once student and teacher, as well as the fact that Orochimaru was the reason why Sasuke betrayed the village and Sasuke killed Orochimaru once, Sarada and Mitsuki get along really well.

Sarutobi Konohamaru

Sarutobi Konohamaru is Sarada's teacher after becoming a genin and being assigned to his squad. Sarada respects Konohamaru but she gets annoyed when he used a Kote during a mission that got them in trouble with Naruto. Konohamaru often praises Sarada and believes she is likely the strongest ninja of her generation, as stating that she is likely to win against Boruto, due to her being Sasuke and sakura's daughter, along with having the Sharingan and Chakra Enhanced Strength.

Metal Lee

Metal Lee is Sarada's childhood classmate. Similar to how his father was infatuated with her mother, Metal Lee has a crush on Sarada. However while considering him a comrade and friend, she rejects him and finds his attempts to gain her affection weird.

Aburame Shino

Aburame Shino is Sarada's teacher from the Ninja Academy and she seems to be one of the few students who didn't disrespect him, due to that she was the top student of her class.

Nara Shikamaru

Sarada respects Shikamaru due to him being the head of the Nara clan and being Naruto's advisor.


Due to there being no interaction between them, Sarada's relationship with Temari is unknown; although it seems Temari likes Sarada as she approves of Sarada being friends with her son.

Nara Shikadai

Nara Shikadai is Sarada's childhood classmate. They consider each other to be friends and good comrades.


Due to the fact that Gaara is the Kazekage, Sarada respects him and Gaara is pleased that Sarada is friends with his nephew.

Yamanaka Ino

Sarada is close to Ino, whom she refers to as "Aunt Ino" due to that her mother is friends with Ino. However, Sarada seems aware that Ino had a childhood crush on her father and is worried that Ino still harbors an attraction to him, despite her being married to Sai.

Yamanaka Inojin

Yamanaka Inojin is Sarada's childhood classmate. Despite their mothers being best friends. Sarada and Inojin are not close friends, and actually know very little about each other. In fact, while they see each other all the time and are tolerate of the other, Sarada tends to get mad at Inojin if he says anything to push her over. In turn, Inojin tends to be annoyed with Sarada for her dominating attitude, and interfering with his video game time with Boruto.


Despite that Karui once hated Sasuke and wanted to kill him, she likes Sarada and approves of the girl's friendship with her daughter.

Akimichi Choji

Sarada has nothing against her friends father, Akimichi Choji, due to that she is close friends with his daughter. But she tries her hardest not to laugh whenever she sees him in public holding a bag of potato chips.

Akimichi Chocho

Akimichi Chocho is Sarada's childhood classmate and one of her closest friends. She is one of the few people who is aware of Sarada's family situation and tries to offer her support. She also tends to get wary of Sarada when she gets emotional; she describes Sarada as being fierce and scary when she's mad, and feels uncomfortable when Sarada gets sad. As a result, she prefers to leave Sarada alone in those emotional moments and warns others to not push her over. Although Sarada sometimes gets embarrassed by her, they get along really well.

Hatake Kakashi

Sarada always respected and admired Hatake Kakashi, due to that he is her parents' former teacher and the Sixth Hokage. Kakashi cares deeply for Sarada and sees so much of Sasuke and Sakura in her, and treats her as a granddaughter. Sarada refers to him as "Grandpa Kakashi". True to being a surrogate grandfather, Kakashi attends the Chunin Exams to watch Sarada and her teammates.

Uchiha Itachi

Uchiha Itachi is Sarada's uncle. Sarada knows nothing about Itachi's involvement in the clan's massacre and with the Akatsuki. Sasuke often tells Sarada about Itachi being a truly good person who gave his life to protect the village. He also tells her that, Itachi would have been the best uncle in the world, and he would have loved Sarada dearly. During the battle with Shin, Sarada learns that her father killed his brother several years ago, but Sarada had almost no reaction to this revelation due to her being afraid to fight Shin at the time. Sarada respects her uncle's memory, but she doesn't know that Sasuke named her after him or that her parents' habit of poking her on the forehead originated from him doing it to Sasuke.

Haruno Mebuki

Mebuki is Sarada's maternal grandmother. As the first and only grandchild, Mebuki showers Sarada with nothing but love and tends to spoil her, despite her strictness.

Haruno Kizashi

Kizashi is Sarada's maternal grandfather. As the first and only grandchild, Kizashi showers Sarada with nothing but love and never resists in spoiling her like he did with Sakura.


Sarada has a close bond with Shizune, and thinks of her as an aunt, to the point where Sarada feels comfortable to confide in her feelings to Shizune. Shizune also cares greatly for Sarada and looks out for her in Sakura's place. Shizune is aware of the circumstances of Sarada's birth but, at Sasuke and Sakura's request to not reveal his mission to Sarada, she keeps quiet about them. This causes Sarada to call out to Shizune as a distrustful medical ninja and Shizune's sad expression convinces her further that Shizune is helping Sakura and Sasuke hide their secrets. When Sarada ran away, Shizune became concerned for her and immediately informed Sakura of her daughter running away to find Sasuke.


When she first met Orochimaru, Sarada was repulsed by his appearance and his use of experimenting with genetic material, and she knew he was once her father's Sannin teacher. Despite this, Orochimaru is aware that Sarada is Sasuke's daughter, although it is unknown if he is aware of the fact she was born in one of his hideouts. Due to his experiments on genetics to create the perfect body as a vessel, Sarada grew to despise Orochimaru and berated him for his actions. Orochimaru responded by asking her about her thoughts and called her "dear", causing Sarada to glare at him. In truth, Orochimaru has no ill will towards Sarada or any desire to bring her harm, and actually finds her to be adorable. Because of his own personal dislike towards him, and worrying he might try to go back to gaining the Sharingan by using Sarada. Sasuke forbids Orochimaru from having any contact with Sarada, and threatens to harm him if he ever tries to do anything suspicious to her.


Sarada was born in one of Orochimaru's hideouts with Karin acting as the midwife, and due to this Karin has a deep fondness for the young girl. Over the years Sarada had no contact with Karin, despite the fact that she received her glasses from her when she was a small child. Upon uncovering evidence of Karin's prior partnership with Sasuke, and noting that Karin wears glasses like her while neither of her parents wore any. Sarada suspected that she was Karin's daughter, and became desperate to meet her so she can get the answers to her questions. In the end, Sarada learns she is not related to Karin at all, and no longer wishes to meet her. It seems that Karin stays in contact with Sasuke and Sakura, along with keeping tabs on Sarada. Such as Karin sending Sarada a new pair of glasses upon learning the girl outgrew her other pair.


Sarada meets Suigetsu for the first time when Sasuke went to Orochimaru for answers on Shin. Although he pays little attention to her, Sarada catches his interest when she asks him to run a DNA test between her and Karin to uncover her parentage. Suigetsu was shocked by this because Sasuke always rejected Karin, but didn't dismiss the possibility due to Karin's obsession with him. Suigetsu made a critical mistake by using a umbilical cord that actually belonged to Sakura and Sarada, by thinking it was Karin's. Which caused a further strain between Sarada and her parents. Despite seeing Sarada's breakdown, Suigetsu tried to distant himself from the situation by blaming Sasuke for Sarada's problems, and didn't right away apologize to Sarada upon learning his mistake.


Jugo is aware that Sarada is Sasuke's daughter, and he holds deep care for her because she reminds him of Sasuke.

Tono Katasuke

Sarada personally dislikes Katasuke for insisting technology is better than training, and her dislike for him grows when she learns that he tricked Boruto into using a Kote for the Chunin Exams, which caused Boruto to get disqualified.

Otsutsuki Momoshiki

When Momoshiki and his partner attacked the Chunin Exam stadium. Sarada was confused on who they were, and where they came from due to that they were clearly not human. When Momoshiki prepared to attack everyone with the jutsu he collected, Sarada was overcome with fear.

Knownable Relatives


  • The name "Sarada" (サラダ) is the Japanese pronunciation of the Spanish & Portuguese word "salada". Her name is also derived from Saraswati, the Hindu goddess of knowledge. It is also the name of Sarada Devi; wife and spiritual counterpart of Ramakrishna. Therefore her name means Goddess Saraswati.
  • Sarada's name can also be a portmanteau of her parents' and uncle's names: "Sa" is for Sakura and Sasuke; "Ra" is for Sakura; "Da" is the dakuten from the katakana "Ta" from Itachi. Because of this, it is speculated that Sasuke chose the name Sarada for his daughter in honor of his late older brother.
  • Sarada is referred to as the Scarlet Spring, which is part of the title of the Naruto Gaiden manga.
  • Sarada is the first Uchiha to be born since the Uchiha Clan Massacre, which occurred when her father was 7 years old.
  • Sarada's friendship with Boruto closely mirrors the one between her parents and his father. Like their fathers, they are prone to call each other names and argue frequently. But unlike Naruto and Sasuke, Boruto and Sarada's rivalry never rises to the point of physical confrontations and they are able to quickly reconcile. Sarada's treatment towards Boruto is also similar to how her mother treats his father.
  • In the English version, Sarada inherited her mother's "Cha!" catchphrase.

According to the Databook(s):

  • Her birthday is March 31, & her bloodtype is.
  • Her hobby is reading history & mystery books.
  • Her favorite food is things that are based on (black) tea flavors. While her least favorite food is tomatoes, which coincidentally are one of Sasuke's favorite foods.
  • Her attributes are: 160 in strength and negotiation, 150 in chakra, 145 in intelligence, 140 in perception, and 130 in dexterity.
  • She has four stars in marksmanship, genjutsu, and ninjutsu knowledge.
  • She also has four stars in observation and espionage. Including 3 stars in manners and unarmed hand-to-hand fighting, mental resistance and scientific knowledge.
  • In a artwork for Boruto, Sarada is depicted with a dojutsu that resembles the Mangekyo Sharingan.
  • According to the movie's light novel adaption, Sarada has apparently been "very popular lately" with her male comrades of Konoha.
  • Masashi Kishimoto originally wanted to give Sarada long hair, but with short she felt more ninja-like. The purpose of glasses is to hide eyes which are way to similair to Sasuke`s (his glance, full of inner strengh). It completes her design.

There are four differences between her character in the manga version of The Day That Naruto Became Hokage, and in the OVA version of it:

  • In the manga, Sarada doesn't speak at all and she is in one picture of the story. However in the OVA, she speaks a lot more and plays a larger role.
  • In the manga, Sarada didn't interact with Chocho. However in the OVA, she does interact with Chocho. During her conversation with her, Sarada gets annoy by Chocho eating sweets.
  • In the Japanese version of the OVA, Sarada liked how Naruto took his time. But in the English version of the OVA, Sarada didn't care about the Hokage.
  • In the manga, when Naruto waves at everyone. Sarada stands next to Sakura and Iruka. However in the OVA, she is seen with Sakura, Iruka, Chocho, Choji and Ino.
  • In the manga, while Naruto smiles at everyone. Sarada didn't say anything in her mind. However in the OVA, she says she will become Hokage too in her mind as she looks at Naruto.

There is a running gag in the series in which Sarada teases her parents over the nature of their relationship:

  • In the Naruto Gaiden manga, Sarada has a flashback regarding a conversation with her mother about her father and she innocently asked Sakura if she and Sasuke ever kissed. Sakura's response about being reminded of something better than a kiss which made Sarada assume her mother was being "dirty".
  • In the Boruto movie, Sarada notes how happy Sakura has been since Sasuke came home and asks her mother about this, to which Sakura gets embarrassed and denies it, but Sarada says she can see these things through her.
  • In the Boruto movie light novel, Sarada notes how glossy her mother's skin has been since her father came home and how the two have been acting happy, implying that Sarada is aware that her parents have been intimate with each other since Sasuke returned.
  • When the new story arc about Sarada's family was announced for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, Kokoro Kikuchi said that she expected fans to "feel the strength and energy of the Uchiha family" throughout it, despite feeling nervous about voicing it. She also looked forward to the interactions between Sarada and Chocho, who have completely different personalities.
  • Cherami Leigh stated that she is honored and grateful to voice Sarada. She also said that, while it is exciting to do that, she feels a lot of pressure because of how "legendary" the series is.
  • Studio Pierrot's Settei sheets of Sarada show that she was 125cm at the time of Naruto's inauguration.

Sarada shares many similarities with Future Trunks from Dragon Ball Z.

  • Both are kind to their families, and friends.
  • Both reconcile their differences with their father in the end.
  • Both share a close relationship with their mothers.
  • Both were raised by their mother, and only hear stories about their father.
  • Both look like one of their parents, and acts like them. (For Sarada : she looks like her father but acts like her mother. Whereas for Future Trunks : he looks like his mother, but acts a little bit like his father)
  • Both are highly intelligent. (For Sarada : knowing a lot about bears, and a difficult book series. Whereas for Future Trunks : knowing about a time machine, and a lot about androids)
  • Both wear their family symbol on their clothes. (For Sarada : the back of her outfits. Whereas for Future Trunks : the front of his outfits)
  • Both have a storyline that is based off of them. (For Sarada : the Naruto Gaiden manga. Whereas for Future Trunks : the Future Trunks arc in Dragon Ball Super)
  • Both are descendants of a nearly extinct clan. (For Sarada : the Uchiha clan. Whereas for Future Trunks : the royal Saiyan family)
  • Both have an estranged relationship with their fathers. (For Sarada : this is due to Sasuke traveling for years. Whereas for Future Trunks : this is due to Vegeta being dead in his timeline, and the past Vegeta failing to accept him)
  • Both respect and admire someone that is not related to them. (For Sarada : Naruto. Whereas for Future Trunks : Goku)
  • Both are good at using tools. (For Sarada : wires and shuriken. Whereas for Future Trunks : a sword and time machine)
  • Both have feelings for someone. (For Sarada : Boruto. Whereas for Future Trunks : Mai)
  • Both have a enemy that they are afraid to face. (For Sarada : Momoshiki. Whereas for Future Trunks : Black Goku)

Sarada even has similarities with Videl from Dragon Ball Z too.

  • Both have black hair.
  • Both have fair skin color.
  • Both are beautiful.
  • Both have an overprotective relationship with their fathers.
  • Both looked exactly like their mothers.
  • Both are tough tomboyish girls.
  • Both are an only child.
  • Both were originally anti-social and mean.
  • Both are smart but their curious side always gets them in a thinking habit.
  • Both have short hair. (For Sarada : she has her father's black hair and her mother's short hairstyle. Whereas for Videl : she originally had low pigtails reaching her shoulder, then she cuts her hair into flat cropped bangs)
  • Both have different eye color. (For Sarada : she has black eyes. Whereas for Videl : she has blue eyes)
  • Both don't know to much about their mothers. The only difference is that Sarada was confused that her real mother is Saukra or Karin.. Whereas Videl knew that her mother died after an illness since she was baby, but she was raised by her father.
  • Both are the teammates and close friends of their love interests. (For Sarada : Boruto. Whereas for Videl : Gohan)
  • Both know that their love interests own father is famous. (For Sarada : she knows that Naruto became the Seventh Hokage after Kakashi. Whereas for Videl : she knew that Goku was the previous world tournament champion before her father)

Sarada also has some similarities with Pan from Dragon Ball GT.

  • Both closely resemble their mothers.
  • Both tend to be reckless.
  • Both are an only child.
  • Both are close to their parents.
  • Both don't want to follow in their father's footsteps.
  • Both don't want to be treated like a child.
  • Both are strong for their age.
  • Both have dark hair, and eyes like their fathers. (though Pan's mother had dark hair and blue eyes)
  • Both find one person to be annoying, but cares about him dearly. (For Sarada : Boruto. Whereas for Pan : Goku)
  • Both respect someone that has been with them for as long as they can remember. (For Sarada : Naruto. Whereas for Pan : Goku)

Sarada has many similarities with her father, Uchiha Sasuke.

  • Both have the traditional Uchiha clan's black hair and eyes.
  • Both specialize in shurikenjutsu, Fire and Lightning Release, along with having excellent taijutsu skills.
  • Both fold their hands together once they become Ninja Academy students.
  • Both are honor students from the Ninja Academy, and scored the highest results at the time of their respective graduation.
  • Both strive to get stronger to achieve their dreams.
  • Both are proud of their clan.
  • Both had the same personality. (Both : mean, sullen, unfriendly, curious, antisocial)
  • Both felt lonely during their childhood. (For Sarada : due to Sasuke not being in her life. Whereas for Sasuke : due to Itachi not spending time with him)
  • Both admire one of their relatives. (For Sarada : Sakura. Whereas for Sasuke : Itachi)
  • Both thought they wouldn't graduate from the Ninja Academy. (For Sarada : since she believes that she isn't special because of her clan. Whereas for Sasuke : since he was in Itachi's shadow and is expected to be like him)
  • Both were named after someone who their fathers admired. (For Sarada : she was named after her uncle Itachi, who Sasuke loved dearly. Whereas for Sasuke : he was named after the Third Hokage's father, who was known to be a splendid shinobi)
  • Both awakened the Sharingan in midst of an intense emotion at a young age. (For Sarada : at age 11 when she got excited at meeting her father for the first time since she was little. Whereas for Sasuke : at age 7 when he witnessed his brother kill their family but didn't realize he awakened it until he was 12)
  • Both tend to insult or get annoyed by the person who becomes their love interest. (For Sarada : Boruto. Whereas for Sasuke : Sakura)
  • Both often argue with their best friend/rival over the smallest things but are actually deeply connected. (For Sarada : Boruto. Whereas for Sasuke : Naruto)
  • Both see how their rival is treated in society. (For Sarada : she sees that Boruto gets punish by Naruto for pulling pranks. Whereas for Sasuke : he sees that the villagers punish Naruto for pulling pranks on their house)
  • Both crave for attention from their father. (For Sarada : Sasuke. Whereas for Sasuke : Fugaku)
  • Both shared a close relationship with their mothers. (For Sarada : Sakura. Whereas for Sasuke : Mikoto)
  • Both wonder if their father cared about them, in which their mother told them that their father does care them despite the fact that their father never stops thinking about them. (For Sarada : Sakura tells her that she is precious to her father because of his long term mission. Whereas for Sasuke : Mikoto tells him that he is the number one topic that his father talks about when she is with him)
  • Both desired for recognition from others. (For Sarada : Sasuke, since he was away for many years on a mission. Whereas for Sasuke : his father, who favored his older brother over him)
  • Both gain their fathers recognition after mastering a technique. (For Sarada : showing Sasuke her Chakra Enhanced Strength. Whereas for Sasuke : showing Fugaku the Great Fire Ball Technique)
  • Both spend with their father after being acknowledged by them. (For Sarada : having her first family dinner with her father. Whereas for Sasuke : having his last family breakfast with his father before his whole clan gets murder)
  • Both are known to be calm and stoic. (though to a lesser extent to Sarada)
  • Both are avid researchers. However both have extensive knowledge on certain animals (For Sarada : a bear, which causes her to argue with Boruto. Whereas for Sasuke : snakes, which earns him the nickname "Snake Expert" from Itachi)
  • Both are best friends with a member of the Uzumaki Clan (For Sarada : Boruto. Whereas for Sasuke : Naruto)
  • Both call their rivals names (For Sarada : she calls Boruto "Baka". Whereas for Sasuke : he calls Naruto "Dobe")
  • Both dream of becoming Hokage. (though Sasuke gave this dream up after realizing his idea of being Hokage was wrong and it was a duty not suited for him, though Naruto refers to him as the "other Hokage")
  • Both questioned the meaning of a shinobi while trying to determine their purpose in life. (For Sarada : she did this at age 11 and decides to become Hokage in order to form as many bonds as possible after seeing the different lifestyles her father and Naruto had. Whereas for Sasuke : he did this at age 17 and becomes a ninja working in the shadows to protect the village by following in his brother's footsteps after learning Konoha's history from the previous Hokage)

Sarada even has some similarities with her mother, Haruno Sakura.

  • Both excelled in their studies in the Ninja Academy.
  • Both possess a love for reading.
  • Both have a contempt for losing.
  • Both are shy, and tend to madly blush in front of the person they are in love with.
  • Both have a temper that scares others around them.
  • Both become popular with the males as they get older.
  • Both possess superhuman strength that destroys the area around them with one single punch.
  • Both wear similar red outfits.
  • Both are deeply caring, and devoted to their friends.
  • Both have book smarts, and never experience tragedy in their life.
  • Both have a similar catchphrase. (For Sarada : Shannaroyo. Whereas for Sakura : Shannaro)
  • Both knew the answers to the first phase of the Chunin Exams while the other participants didn't. (For Sarada : during a true or false question. Whereas for Sakura : during a writing test)
  • Both were born in March. (For Sarada : March 31. Whereas for Sakura : March 28)
  • Both have a love interest who they've known since childhood. (For Sarada : Boruto. Whereas for Sakura : Sasuke)
  • Both wore something during their childhood. (For Sakura : a red ribbon. Whereas for Sarada : red glasses)
  • Both have a female friend that they get along with. (For Sakura : Ino. Whereas for Sarada : Chocho)
  • Both tend to get emotional in confusing and sad situations. (For Sarada : her family situation with her parents. Whereas for Sakura : the guilt for relying on Naruto, and being worried about Sasuke's corruption)
  • Both are often protected by Naruto. (For Sarada : as a pre-teen. Whereas for Sakura : as a teenager)
  • Both have a habit of impulsively hitting someone who irritates them. (For Sarada : Boruto. Whereas for Sakura : Naruto)
  • Both were deemed outcasts for their appearances as children but became very beautiful when they got older. (For Sarada : her nerdy attire and serious demeanor. Whereas for Sakura : her large forehead)
  • Both were betrayed by the person they fell in love with but forgave that person in the end. (For Sarada : it was Boruto, when she found out he cheated in the Chunin Exams and she was devastated that he deceived her into thinking he was using his true abilities. However, when he resolved to save his father, she forgave him. Whereas for Sakura : it was Sasuke, because he abandoned the village and his friends to gain power from Orochimaru. Which had him join the Akatsuki and plotting to destroy Konoha, as well as his attempts to kill her. However, after he was redeemed and defeated by Naruto. He apologized to her, and she forgave him)

Sarada has many similarities with her idol, Uzumaki Naruto.

  • Both have a dream of becoming Hokage in order to be recognized.
  • Both are devoted to the village and their loved ones.
  • Both would become the strongest member of their respective team.
  • Both resemble their father in physical appearance.
  • Both describe a family as one made of love rather than blood.
  • Both were born outside the village. (For Sarada : she was born in one of Orochimaru's hideouts while her parents were on a mission. Whereas for Naruto : he was born in a hideout in case Kurama broke free from inside Kushina during his birth)
  • Both grew up feeling lonely for not knowing anything about their father. (For Sarada : it was due to her father being on a mission. Whereas for Naruto : it was due to his father being dead)
  • Both were raised by someone when they were an infant. (For Sarada : Sakura. Whereas for Naruto : Hiruzen)
  • Both wore something during their childhood. (For Sarada : glasses. Whereas for Naruto : goggles)
  • Both grew up being protected by the Hokage in order to keep them save from their fathers' enemies. (For Sarada : she was protected by Naruto, and confined into the village. Whereas for Naruto : he was protected by Hiruzen who gave him his mother's last name, and had him live in a apartment)
  • Both were bullied during their childhood. (For Sarada : having a father that was a criminal. Whereas for Naruto : it was due to him being an orphan)
  • Both had a strained relationship with someone, and hated how they kept keeping secrets from them. (For Sarada : she hated how Sasuke and Sakura never told why she had to wear glasses. Whereas for Naruto : he hated how Hiruzen and Iruka never told him who his parents were)
  • However their strained relationship with them disappears before they become genin. (For Sarada : she wondered if her mother was married to her father along with why she wasn't born in Konoha and if her father cared about her. Whereas for Naruto : he wondered if Hiruzen knew who his late parents were, along with the reason why he was an orphan and if Iruka cared about him)
  • Both wonder why the villagers never say anything to them in person when they make eye contact with them. (For Sarada : she wondered why the villagers never told her who the person was that help deliver her when she was born, and why none of her other relatives wear glasses. Whereas for Naruto : he wondered why the villagers never told him that he was Kurama's container, and why he doesn't have parents)
  • Both feel comfortable with their surrogate family. (For Sarada : Shizune and Kakashi, who she refers to as her surrogate aunt and grandfather. Whereas for Naruto : Iruka and Hiruzen, who he refers to as his surrogate father and grandfather)
  • Both tell their fears and problems to someone that they truly trust. (For Sarada : Naruto. Whereas for Naruto : Iruka)
  • Both knew a Hokage who they admire. (For Sarada : Naruto. Whereas for Naruto : Hiruzen)
  • Both have a best friend who they can sympathize with, and has a rivalry with them. (For Sarada : Boruto. Whereas for Naruto : Sasuke)
  • Both hate one thing about their rival. (For Sarada : she hates that Boruto has Naruto in his life. Whereas for Naruto : he hated that Sasuke is a prodigy)
  • Both admire one thing about their rival. (For Sarada : she admires that Boruto doesn't want a strained relationship with his father. Whereas for Naruto : he admires Sasuke as an older brother, and doesn't want their friendship to be strained)
  • Both call their rivals names whenever they are with them. (For Sarada : she calls Boruto "Baka". Whereas for Naruto : he calls Sasuke "Teme")
  • Both wanted to be acknowledge by someone, and wanted to spend time with them. (For Sarada : Sasuke. Whereas for Naruto : Iruka)
  • However they couldn't spend time with that one person they admire because of that person's job. (For Sarada : it was because of Sasuke's mission. Whereas for Naruto : it was because Iruka was a Ninja Academy teacher)
  • Both did something that puts them in huge danger. (For Sarada : she went to look for Sasuke, which led for her to be target by Shin. Whereas for Naruto : he stole the Scroll of Seals, which led for him to be target by Mizuki)
  • Both were protected from their #1 enemy. (For Sarada : being protect by Sasuke from Shin's attack. Whereas for Naruto : being protected by Iruka from Mizuki's attack)
  • Both show that one person a technique they completely mastered, and uses it to defeat their enemy. (For Sarada : Chakra Enhanced Strength to defeat Shin. Whereas for Naruto : the Multiple Shadow Clone Technique to defeat Mizuki)
  • Both were shock that their special someone had already acknowledged them from the start. (For Sarada : she was surprise when Sasuke told her that he and Sakura fell connected because they had her as their daughter. Whereas for Naruto : he was surprise when he learned by hearing Iruka confess that Naruto is his favorite student)
  • In the end both finally get that person's acknowledgement, and receives affection from them. (For Sarada : Sasuke hugs her and pokes her on the forehead. Whereas for Naruto : Iruka gives him his forehead protector and hugs him)
  • Both of them spend time with someone after they become genin. (For Sarada : she talks to her father before taking the Chunin Exams. Whereas for Naruto : he eats ramen with Iruka after the scroll of seals incident)
  • Both have a special eye ability. (For Sarada : the Sharingan. Whereas for Naruto : Sage Mode)
  • Both have a female friend that they met when they enroll at the Ninja Academy, who admire them and didn't dislike them at all. (For Sarada : Chocho. Whereas for Naruto : Hinata)
  • Both care about someone who they love. (For Sarada : Boruto. Whereas for Naruto : Hinata)
  • Both hated being compare to father. (For Sarada : she hates how everyone thinks that she doesn't have Sasuke's skills. Whereas for Naruto : he hates how everyone thinks that he doesn't have Minato's intelligence)
  • Both blamed their father for their horrible life, but forgives him. (For Sarada : she blames Sasuke for not being around, but forgives him after learning that he has her for a daughter. Whereas for Naruto : he blames Minato for making him a jinchuriki, but forgives him while saying that he is his son)
  • Both share a loving relationship with their mothers, ironically they act exactly like them by having their personality and a different catchphrase. (For Sarada : Shannaroyo. Whereas for Naruto : Dattebayo)
  • Both asked their mother how they got together with their father. (For Sarada : she asked her mother if she and Sasuke ever kissed each other. Whereas for Naruto : he asked his mother what it was like for her and Minato to have fallen in love with each other)
  • Both of their questions embarrassed their mother, and they both receive affection from them which surprised them. (For Sarada : she receives a forehead poke on the forehead, and the phrase "maybe next time". Whereas for Naruto : he receives the phrase "I love you" and a tap on the stomach)
  • Both became angry and cried upon learning something about their mother. (For Sarada : she thinks that her and Sakura's DNA belongs to Karin. Whereas for Naruto : he cries upon learning that his mother was a jinchuriki)
  • Both learn the true reason why their mother became like this. (For Sarada : she learns from Sakura that she is her child because she is reckless, and that she jumps to conclusions too much. Whereas for Naruto : he learns from Kushina that she became a jinchuriki because of her chakra, and was happy after becoming one)
  • Both of them smile at their mother and give them a heart warming message after learning what they went through to protect them. (For Sarada : she tells Sakura that as long as their feelings are connected then she is alright with being her daughter. Whereas for Naruto : he tells Kushina that he understands what parental love is like and is happy to be her son)
  • Both have a new goal after they reconcile with their mother. (For Sarada : she decides not to deliver lunch boxes to everyone in the village. Whereas for Naruto : he decides to become a stronger shinobi than his mom)

Sarada also has some similarities with her #1 rival, Uzumaki Boruto.

  • Both were born while Kakashi was still the sixth hokage.
  • Both enrolled into the Ninja Academy after Naruto became hokage.
  • Both look like their father.
  • Both felt like they lived in their fathers' shadow.
  • Both hate to lose.
  • Both spend more time with their mother, compare to the father.
  • Both are close to their mothers by talking to her face to face.
  • Both are considered to be elite ninjas at birth.
  • Both are rivals by arguing with each other. But unlike their fathers, they reconcile without doing physical confrontation.
  • Both grew up feeling neglected by their fathers (For Sarada : It was due to Sasuke being on a mission for many years. Whereas for Boruto : it was because of Naruto's Hokage duties)
  • Both asked their mother tough questions about their father which led for their mother to be upset with them. (For Sarada : she asks Sakura if her father wore glasses and if he is truly marry to her. This question leds for her mother to angrily smash the ground, but she tells her that their feelings are connected to her father. Whereas for Boruto : he asks Hinata why did his father had to be hokage, and that he is lucky to be an orphan. This question makes his mother sad, but she tells him that he is grateful to have a father)
  • However both of their mothers' answers don't convince them and they decide to do something about it. (For Sarada : she decides to look for him after finding his old group photo inside her mother's picture frame. Whereas for Boruto : he decides to throw out his father's old jacket after finding it in his study room)
  • Both feel guilty for how they saw their father protect them, and make amends with him after the battle. (For Sarada : she talks to him during her first dinner with him at her side. Whereas for Boruto : he fist bumps with his father before doing his mission)
  • Both also make up with their mother after they reconcile with their father. (For Sarada : she gets hugged by her mother after defeating the shin clones, but tells her that she understands emotions. Whereas for Boruto : he gets his jacket knitted by his mother, but tells her that he likes his jacket being torn)
  • Both use a different catchphrase from one of their parents. (For Sarada : Shannaroyo. Whereas for Boruto : Dattebasa)
  • Both get along with one member of Ino-Shika-Cho. (For Sarada : Chocho. Whereas for Boruto : Shikadai)
  • However both get annoy about what their friend does when they are with them. (For Sarada : she gets annoy when Chocho complains about her dad training her, but also gets angry when Chocho wants to take a break from running. Whereas for Boruto : he gets annoy that Shikadai doesn't went to pull pranks with him, but also gets annoy when Shikdai tells his father's shadow clone where he is hiding after he does a prank)
  • Both are the children of pupils of a Sannin. (For Sarada : her father was trained by Orochimaru and her mother was trained by Tsunade. Whereas for Boruto : his father was trained by Jiraiya)
  • Both are well-respected in the village for their clans' reputations, and both of their parents' actions during the war. (However for Sarada : she grew up knowing nothing about the Uchiha clan's dark past, but was bullied for her father being a traitor. Whereas for Boruto : he grew up enjoying the luxury of the Hyuga and Uzumaki clan while being constantly reminded of his father's heroic deeds)
  • Both are capable of shurikenjutsu and Lightning Release. (though Boruto says Sarada is better than him in this field due to her Uchiha lineage)
  • Both are members of one of the most powerful clans in Konoha. (For Sarada : the Uchiha clan, which co-founded the village. Whereas for Boruto : the Uzumaki clan, which is known for is specialty in Summoning jutsu, remarkable healing abilities, and possessing the Nine Tails. Along with the Hyuga clan, which is deemed the current most powerful clan in the village)
  • Both don't know anything about their extended family members, and have a large surrogate family consisting of their parents' friends and mentors. (For Sarada : the Uchiha clan was killed by her uncle Itachi who later died while fighting her father. Therefore she only spends time with Kakashi because he use to have the Sharingan. Whereas for Boruto : he spends no time with his other Hyuga family members because his uncle Neji die during the war. However he does visits his grandpa Hiashi and aunt Hanabi, but mostly spends time with Iruka because his father looks up to him)
  • Both learned a technique that is a specialty to their parents. (For Sarada : Fire Release from her father and Chakra Enhanced Strength from her mother. Whereas for Boruto : the Rasengan from his father and the Gentle Fist from his mother)
  • Both gained their clan's eye abilities. (For Sarada : the Sharingan from her father. Whereas for Boruto : the Byakugan from his mother, though he possesses it in his left eye)
  • Both are named after a relative who died before they were born. (For Sarada : her uncle Itachi. Whereas for Boruto : his uncle Neji)
  • Both don't know that their late uncle had a dark past. (For Sarada : she doesn't know that her uncle Itachi was a pacifist criminal. Whereas for Boruto : he doesn't know that his uncle Neji had the Cage Bird seal on his forehead)
  • Both are intelligent. (For Sarada : reading books. Whereas for Boruto : knowing the difference between a actual Panda and a bear)
  • Both call each other names whenever they are next to each other. (For Sarada : she calls Boruto "Baka". Whereas for Boruto : he calls Sarada "Megane")
  • Both can't stand one thing about their rival. (For Sarada : thinking that Boruto is special because he has Naruto in his life. Whereas for Boruto : thinking that Sarada is too smart and better at him in everything)
  • Both like one thing about each other. (For Boruto : he admires the fact that he wants to protect her. Whereas for Sarada : she admires Boruto's eyes)
  • Both want to be like their fathers' rival. (For Sarada : she wants to be like Naruto by having the dream goal to become Hokage. Whereas for Boruto : he wants to become a great ninja like Sasuke)
  • Both learn about Orochimaru. (For Sarada : she met him after she met her father. Whereas for Boruto : he finds out that the sannin is Mitsuki's father)

Sarada even has similarities with Bra from Dragon Ball GT as well.

  • Both have a close relationship with their parents.
  • Both hate being treated like a child.
  • Both spend much of their time with their mothers.
  • Both are doted on, and spoiled by their fathers.
  • Both wear red outfits, and a red headband.
  • Both are noted to be very strong.
  • Both don't know about their fathers' dark past.
  • Both have a hobby they are proud of. (For Sarada : reading books. Whereas for Bra : shopping)
  • Both have a female best friend. (For Sarada : Chocho. Whereas for Bra : Pan)
  • Both have the same personality. (Both : bossy, kind, easily angered, smart, but also caring to their loved ones)
  • Both resemble their mothers. (The only difference is that Sarada resembles Sakura in the terms of the face while she looks almost identical to Sasuke. Whereas Bra is completely identical to Bulma, and has no resemblance to Vegeta)
  • Both have someone who they admire. (For Sarada : Naruto. Whereas for Bra : her father)
  • Both have an enemy. (For Sarada : Shin clones, and the Otsutsuki clan. Whereas for Bra : Baby, and the Dark Star Dragons)

Sarada has some similarities with Paco from Jackie Chan Adventures.

  • Both are strong.
  • Both care about their friends.
  • Both are the same age as their friend.
  • Both have a ton of knowledge. (For Sarada : Books. Whereas for Paco : wrestling)
  • Both had admire someone. (For Sarada : Naruto. Whereas for Paco : El Toro)
  • Both cried after believing something that they saw was true. (For Sarada : believing her DNA belongs to Karin. Whereas for Paco : believing El Toro is not strong without his mask)
  • However both reconcile with their idol. (For Sarada : after Naruto tells her that family is bonded by love rather than blood. Whereas for Paco : after he sees El Toro and Jackie fight Tohru)
  • Both argue with someone. (For Sarada : Boruto. Whereas for Paco : Jade)
  • Both are on a team. (For Sarada : Team Konohamaru. Whereas for Paco : the J-Team)
  • Both are afraid of an enemy. (For Sarada : Shin clones, and Momoshiki. Whereas for Paco : Shadowkhan, and Chang)

Sarada has many similarities with Squirt from Finding Nemo & Finding Dory.

  • Both are an only child.
  • Both enjoy an adventure.
  • Both have a lot of friends.
  • Both look like one of their parents. (For Sarada : she has her mother's face, but looks like her father. Whereas for Squirt : he looks like his father)
  • Both have the same personality. (Both : sweet, kind, caring, worried and respectful)
  • Both live with one of their parents. (For Sarada : her mother. Whereas for Squirt : his father)
  • Both have a catchphrase. (For Sarada : Shannaroyo. Whereas for Squirt : dude)

Sarada also has similarities with Drew from Jackie Chan Adventures as well.

  • Both were glasses.
  • Both are taller than their friend.
  • Both have a rivalry with someone. (For Sarada : Boruto. Whereas for Drew : Jade)
  • Both believe that someone was weak, and not strong enough. (For Sarada : Sasuke. Whereas for Drew : Jackie)
  • Both believe that a story is untrue. (For Sarada : thinking that Sasuke should have been the Hokage. Whereas for Drew : believing that Jackie is not a great martial artists)

Sarada has many similarities with Max's girlfriend, Roxanne.

  • Both have a over protective father.
  • Both never experienced a tradegy in their life.
  • Both have a female friend that they hang out with. (For Sarada : Chocho. Whereas for Roxanne : Stacy)
  • Both are in love with someone. (For Sarada : Boruto. Whereas for Roxanne : Max)
  • Both live with one of their parents. (For Sarada : her mother. Whereas for Roxanne : her father)
  • Both have something that they are interested in. (For Sarada : Boruto's fighting abilities. Whereas for Roxanne : Max knowing Powerline in person)
  • Both hate being lie to but they forgive someone in the end. (For Sarada : seeing Boruto get disqualified after cheating in the exams. However she forgives Boruto when goes rescue his father. Whereas for Roxanne : finding out that Max doesn't know Powerline at all. However she forgives Max after she tells him that she likes him)
  • Both like one thing about their true love. (For Sarada : Boruto's blue eyes. Whereas for Roxanne : Max's hi yuck laugh)
  • Both met their true loves father. (For Sarada : she meets Naruto before she becomes a genin by helping him find Boruto. Whereas for Roxanne : she meets Goofy after his destroyed car makes him land on her houseroof)
  • Both have the same personality. (Both are sweet, kind, caring, happy and respectful)

Sarada has many similarities with Ichika Abarai from Bleach.

  • Both are an only child.
  • Both are their parents only daughter.
  • Both are at the top of their graduation class.
  • Both are surprised at someone else's ability.

Voice Actresses

  • Japanese : Kokoro Kikuchi (all media)
  • English : Laura Bailey (Video Games), Cherami Leigh (Films & Anime)

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