Uryu Ishida (石田 雨竜) is a Gemischt Quincy residing in Karakura Town.
Bleach 191-080
He is a student at Karakura High School, where he is a classmate and friend of Ichigo Kurosaki. He is a member of the Wandenreich with the designation "A", one of Yhwach's Schutzstaffel (親衛隊 (シュッツシュタッフェル), and his future successor.


Uryu was born after Ryuken Ishida married Kanae Katagiri which happened after the infection of Masaki Kurosaki, to whom Ryuken's mother originally intended him to marry. Six years before he befriended Ichigo Kurosaki, his mother lost consciousness on the same day Masaki died, June 17th and died herself three months later as Yhwach performed his Auswahlen technique and took her powers.

As a child, Uryu mostly interacted and trained with his grandfather, Soken Ishida. His father was less than enthusiastic about being a Quincy, claiming that it was not a profitable occupation. They do not appear to be on very good terms as a result, given Uryu's casual use of his father's given name. Soken understands Ryuken's reasoning, since being a Quincy is more about justice than material rewards, and Ryuken has a family to support. Soken told Uryu that he would someday understand his father's motives, but thus far this is not the case.

At a fairly young age, Uryu's grandfather was killed by Hollows right in front of him, and Uryu was unable to do a thing to protect him. This is one of the reasons why he hates the Shinigami, who did not come to rescue Soken in time. It is later revealed that the current captain of the 12th Division, Mayuri Kurotsuchi, arranged the delay so that Soken's soul could be collected for study.


Uryu is generally quiet and solitary, but tries harder to act cool when other people are around. Uryu is a member of the handicrafts club at Karakura High School, and is highly skilled at sewing. While Uryu does not mind stitching things for his friends, his sense of design forces him to add unexpected designs. For example, when he makes new clothing for Chad and Orihime, he replaces the single red line of Chad's original shirt with a red cross, saying that it was better, and since he could not copy the three white dots on Orihime's shirt, he instead adds frilly lace and two flower-like buds at the bottom. Uryu has low blood pressure and hates procrastination. The other things he hates are quite odd: buttons (despite being an expert in sewing) and the word "haphazard." His favorite food is homemade mackerel miso stew. He likes Don Kanonji's television program "Bura-Rei" so much that he attends the live broadcast of the filming in Karakura Town.

He gets good grades just like his classmates, but outranks them all by being number 1.

He loves wearing a mantle, even though it serves no purpose other than to make him feel cooler, despite the fact that it hinders his movement, even keeping a spare with him. He has a tendency to say things melodramatically. Uryu has proven to be gullible at times. During an omake, he starts getting irritated at the fact that a weapon (a Zanpakuto in this case) has a will of own; Ichigo tricks him into thinking that Ginrei Kojaku has actually materialized, to which Uryu sheds a happy tear. Uryu operates on a moral ethic known as the "Pride of the Quincy" and has a strong sense of justice. He is very chivalrous, stating that he enacts justice on men who abuse or treat women badly, leading him to attempt to defend Rukia Kuchiki from Renji Abarai when he and Byakuya Kuchiki came to the Human World to arrest her, and protects Orihime Inoue during their time in Soul Society. Uryu has a tendency to not use lethal force in battle, especially if he can win without doing so. Instead, he will simply incapacitate his opponent. Like his grandfather, Uryu is left-handed, and he is also a great archer, capable of insane feats of archery.


Uryu Ishida is a bespectacled teenager of average height and slender build. He has straight, chin-length raven-colored hair framing both sides of his face, and is fair-skinned with blue eyes. In school, Uryu wears the respective school uniform along with a tie. When confronting Hollows, he typically dons white Quincy clothes, with blue stripes representing the Quincy cross, and a mantle.

Seventeen months after Aizen's defeat, Uryu's bangs hang mostly on the right-side of his face, and the rest hang behind his left ear, due to his glasses. After joining the Wandenreich, Uryu wears a white, double-breasted trench coat underneath a long white cape. The coat is fastened by three buttons emblazoned with the Quincy Zeichen on either side and a white belt with a silver buckle around the waist. Its shoulders are clasped to its neck, and the inside of the collar features a rectangular sigil on either side. Uryu also wears a pin shaped like a winged star circled by a halo on his right breast.


Master Archer

When a Quincy becomes more skilled using their Bow and Heilig Pfeil, they gain more power and precision with their arrows. This is similar to how a marksman gains skill and hits the target more frequently. Uryu Ishida has greatly increased his power and skill throughout his association with Ichigo Kurosaki, and is a prime example of this growth. He has great accuracy, able to instantly kill Hollows with one arrow.

During the Ryoka Invasion, he fights Jirobo Ikkanzaka, another projectile-type user, and easily defeats him. After defeating him, Uryu fires two arrows through his soul chain and soul sleep, preventing him from ever harming anyone again (he attempted to attack Orihime Inoue). This still does not compare to his father, Ryuken Ishida, who can fire two arrows at the same time in two separate directions, killing their targets instantly, one-handed.

Path Control

When Uryu fought Cirucci Sanderwicci in Las Noches, he was able to curve his arrows' path after firing them, putting stress on the former Espada. This effectively makes the Quincy's Heilig Pfeil similar to miniature heat-seeking missiles, but instead of locking on to heat, they target whatever enemy they have. It is unknown how long Uryu can control the arrow's path, or if there is a limit to how many can be under his control. So far, he has only fired 3 simultaneously using this method.

Negation of Attacks

Uryu can fire his arrows with pinpoint precision to the point where they negate another attack on impact. To do this, he charges the arrows with a sufficient amount of power and fires them to strike an incoming projectile. He has used his Heilig Pfeil in this way twice: once against Aisslinger Wernarr's Uña Tirotear attack, and a second time against Cirucci's Golondrina. It was especially useful against Aisslinger, since the Arrancar could only fire 108 projectiles at once, almost 1/12th the amount of arrows Uryū can fire.

Reishi Absorption

As a Quincy, Uryu primarily absorbs spiritual energy from the atmosphere, combining it with his own spiritual energy to form weapons. He has an easier time collecting this energy in environments with higher concentrations of spiritual particles, such as Soul Society or Hueco Mundo. To a sufficiently powerful Quincy, there is no difference between spiritual particles and spiritual energy as a source of power. He can manipulate spiritual energy for offensive purposes. Uryu commonly reshapes spiritual particles into various types of bow and arrows, but can also concentrate spiritual energy into the form of swords (Seele Schneider) or Ginto.

Hirenkyaku Expert

(飛廉脚; lit. "Flying Screen Step/God Step", English translation, "Flying Bamboo-Blind Leg"): Uryu is highly skilled in the use of the technique, keeping up with Captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi, who complimented his skill, stating it was a skill that was hard to master, especially at such a young age. Uryu has recently shown a new variation of the technique, which creates a platform of Reishi under the user's feet. Originally used while traveling to Hueco Mundo, he has found use for it outside of the Garganta, and can carry others with him on the platform.


(乱装天傀; lit. "Heavenly Wild Puppet Suit", English translation "Disheveled Paradise Puppet"): A high level technique which is quite rare among the Quincy. Uryu is well versed in the use of this ability, which was not possessed by a good majority of the former living Quincy. It allows the user to use spirit energy to manipulate their own body in the case of paralysis.

Ginto Expert

He is able to use the spiritual energy stored in the silver tubes to create similar effects to Kido; Uryu can even use his own energy rather than the energy stored in the silver tube. Ginto was his primary weapon of choice, albeit only, against an incomplete Arrancar during the Arrancar Invasion. He was only able to injure it before his father saved him, but this feat alone was great, as he could not use any of his Quincy abilities at the time.

Excellent Intellect & Athleticism

Aside from his Quincy powers, Uryu is well-trained in both body and mind, having substantial athletic abilities and a genius intellect. He uses his intelligence to find weak points in his opponents, even overcoming disadvantages he has through thinking on his feet. Due to keeping his physical abilities at their peak, Uryu can easily hold out against all but the most resilient opponents during a battle. He is able to deduce Ichigo's spiritual level, that Ichigo acquired his Shinigami powers in mid-May, and Rukia Kuchiki's real identity.


He possesses some knowledge of Spanish, as he understands the Spanish terms used by the Arrancar. Uryu told Yammy upon his defeat, "Mala Suerte," which means tough luck, before the latter fell through Las Noches. He is seen reading a German book.

Expert Swordsman

During his fight with Cirucci Sanderwicci, Uryu uses Seele Schneider as a sword expertly, and easily defeats her with it. Even though it is really an arrow, and his main prowess lies in archery and Quincy techniques, it is clear that Uryū has some ability with the sword. He also uses his Seele Schneider against Senbonzakura, and successfully holds his ground for a short time.

Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant

While preferring to fight at mid to long-range to make full use of his Quincy powers, Uryu is also a highly capable close-range and bare-handed fighter. When a street gang came to Karakura High School to cause trouble, Uryu calmly approached them, and showed his skill by easily subduing them (albeit with some assistance from Ichigo). Like his weapon style, Uryu's bare-handed style is more about precise strikes than brute force.

Spiritual Awareness

As a Quincy, Uryu can sense Hollows at a significant distance. He sensed a new Hollow in an area before either Rukia Kuchiki and Ichigo Kurosaki sensed its arrival. He also knew which direction it was in.

High Spiritual Power

Uryu has displayed a high amount of spiritual energy. He has obviously mastered the Quincy ability of Reiryoku absorption, taking in spirit particles and spirit energy alike. This, on top of his own energy reserves, lends him plenty of strength in combat. When his father restored his powers, Uryu's spiritual force proves so great that it took them a week or so to finish, and his father still needed to draw out a stronger arrow (as opposed to shooting him single-handedly) to restore his powers and exhaust him completely. His Reiatsu is light-blue.

Ginrei Kojaku

(銀嶺弧雀, Arc sparrow of the silver peak): After Uryu regains his powers with the aid of his father; he uses this new Quincy cross, this one resembling a pentacle, and a variant of his original bow. This bow is first used during his battle with the Arrancar Aisslinger Wernarr, and several of its special abilities were later shown in his fight against Cirucci Sanderwicci. Unlike his original bow, this bow is shaped like a spider's web.

Heilig Pfeil

(神聖滅矢 (ハイリッヒ・ブファイル), Hairihhi Bufairu; German for "Holy Arrow", Japanese for "Destroying Arrow of Sanctity"): Uryu can gather Reishi from his surroundings and shape it into arrows. With Ginrei Kojaku, Uryu can fire up to 1,200 shots consecutively. He can fire hundreds of arrows all at once, which Ichigo Kurosaki compares to "bug spray" after he uses it on a swarm of Hollows.

Arrow Ricochet

Uryu can ricochet individual shots off of walls to shoot around corners, make the direction of his attacks unpredictable, and change the direction of his shots while in flight.

Licht Regen

(光の雨 (リヒト・レーゲン), Rihito Rēgen; German/Dutch for "Light Rain", Japanese for "Rain of Light"): Uryu first used this technique in conjunction with his new spirit bow Ginrei Kojaku. A large amount of Reiryoku is gathered at Uryu's left shoulder, much like when he used the Quincy: Letzt Stil. He then fires a volley of arrows at a single target.

Reishi Shield

Though it is not meant to be used in this manner, Uryu is able to use Ginrei Kojaku as a temporary shield to block some attacks.

New Bow

17 months after the defeat of Aizen, Uryu has a new bow. It is smaller in size, resembling his father's. An arrow forms down the middle of each side of the bow, with a line that crosses it near the center.

Heilig Pfeil

Just like his previous bows, Uryu can gather Reishi from his surroundings and shape it into arrows. According to Quilge Opie, Uryū's Heilig Pfeil should not be weaker than his own.


(弧雀, Arc sparrow): Uryu's first bow, Kojaku's size is dependent on the amount of energy flowing through it. With this bow, Uryu is able to kill most Hollows in a single strike. As preparation for his travel to Soul Society, Uryu later masters the Sanrei Glove, greatly increasing his abilities. In this state, his Kojaku is solid, and is covered in an intricate pattern. It is attached to his glove by a series of thin struts. This new bow allows Uryu to fire several shots simultaneously. By removing the glove, Uryu attains the Quincy: Letzt Stil. This gives him a vast increase in power, enough to defeat a captain class Shinigami with Bankai in only one shot.

All the extra energy collects on his right shoulder, much like how a quiver is worn. As a result of removing the glove, however, the Quincy: Letzt Stil uses too much power for Uryu's body to handle, causing his body to block his Quincy powers completely after it wears off.

Uryu was shown using this transformation once at the cost of his powers. It greatly enhances his power, to the point where he easily overwhelms Mayuri Kurotsuchi, nearly killing him before his escape. Currently, he cannot use this technique again. In this form, his standard uniform completely changes. He now wears a white vest which is parted in the middle. Armor appears on his left shoulder, sporting a cross-like design, which spreads across his chest. He gains a white cloth, covered in several line designs, which covers his lower half. From his right shoulder, a wing made of Reiryoku forms. Uryu can gather Reishi for bow formation from this wing.

Spirit Weapon: Uryu can also form his Quincy bow while in this state, drawing on the Reishi from his spiritual energy wing to do so.

Enhanced Heilig Pfeil

In Letzt Stil, Uryu's spirit arrows are dramatically improved. They now pack enough power to cause large scale explosions, leave a Captain-class Shinigami without their arm, and destroy captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi's Bankai, Konjiki Ashisogi Jizō, while at the same time putting a large hole in the captain's body.

Enhanced Spiritual Power

In this form, Mayuri Kurotsuchi comments that his spiritual pressure has "inflated".

Enhanced Reishi Absorption

In this form, Uryū absorption of Reishi particles is such that he begins tobreak down the buildings in the Seireitei, adding to his own power. The Reishi he absorbs in this form goes directly to his spiritual energy wing. Upon witnessing this, Mayuri Kurotsuchi comments that Uryū has "dominance" over Reishi.

Bleach (Anime)

Agent of Shinigami arc

Uryu attends the live broadcast of Don Kanonji's TV program in Karakura Town. When Kanonji attempts to exorcise an earth-bound Plus by placing his staff inside the partially open hole in its chest, Uryu is about to intervene when Ichigo vaults over the barrier. Uryu is later seen walking down a street and staring at Ichigo Kurosaki in his Shinigami form. He saves a Plus from a Hollow, and goes to a location where he can see the Plus. He then spots Ichigo again as Ichigo performs a Soul Burial on the Plus.

Later in school, he is again seen near Ichigo, who is dragged off by Rukia Kuchiki to defeat a Hollow. However, Uryu defeats this Hollow before them, and when Rukia and Ichigo get there they begin arguing with each other. Uryu approaches them and states that a Hollow is here - just before Rukia gets a message signaling that a Hollow has arrived. After Ichigo asks Rukia which way the Hollow is, Uryu mocks him for not being able to sense something as simple as that, and tells him he should not even call himself a Shinigami. Uryu then uses his Quincy bow, Kojaku, and fires an arrow from it, killing the Hollow. Ichigo asks him what he is, and Uryu introduces himself, stating that he is a Quincy and that he hates Shinigami. Ichigo is confused by this statement, and Uryu tells him that he hates him for being a Shinigami.

Uryu is later seen in his classroom, and as he tries to leave, a girl named Michiru Ogawa hands him a ripped doll to fix. He then takes a sewing set out and easily (but with great drama) repairs the broken doll. As he heads home, he spots Ichigo following him. He mocks Ichigo for not being able to hide his spiritual pressure, and for his inability to sense others with high spiritual pressure. He tells Ichigo that since the day he entered school, he knew of his high spiritual pressure, when he became a Shinigami, and even Rukia's true identity. Uryu then draws out something called Reiraku, and states that it is something that compresses and visualizes the spiritual aura in the atmosphere. He again mocks Ichigo's ignorance, and, grabbing hold of Ichigo's Reiraku, points out that the Reiraku of Shinigami are colored red. He then tells him that he is a Quincy, and that he holds the power to kill Hollows. He asks Ichigo to fight him to show the difference in their strength. Ichigo tells him the idea of competing against him is stupid, as he has nothing to do with his grudge against the Shinigami. However, Uryu provokes him by stating that he is only a temporary Shinigami who cannot even do anything without Rukia around.

Ichigo tells him that he will give this competition a shot and enters his Shinigami form, with Kon going into his Human body. He asks Uryu for the rules of this fight. Uryu takes some Hollow bait out and states that he is going to bring Hollows into the town. He declares that whoever kills the most Hollows within twenty-four hours is the winner. However, Ichigo protests against this idea, as the people in town will be put in danger, but Uryu tells him that caring for others is unnecessary, and that he should be confident enough to save them all.

Hollows begin breaking into Karakura Town, and Uryū shoots the first one down. As he is doing this, Ichigo grabs him and tells him to bring the town back to normal. However, Uryu states that it is too late, and that instead of focusing on him, he should be focusing on the Hollows so he can save as many people as possible. He tells him that Hollows have a tendency to go after people with high spiritual pressure, and Ichigo realizes his family is in danger. He immediately runs off to save his family, missing what Uryu tries to tell him as he leaves. Uryu begins shooting Hollows from the high vantage point of a bridge, reaching up to eleven kills. After killing many Hollows, Uryu's shots begin to get weaker, and he realizes that the numbers should not be this high. He decides not to complain and remembers his mentor, telling him he has not made any mistakes and that he will avenge him.

Uryu then encounters Rukia and Kon after Kon rescues Rukia from a weak Hollow. Uryu comments on their current location being safe, which prompts Kon to question him, saying that it is because of Uryu starting the fight that the town is danger. Uryu addresses Kon, admitting that while he did start the fight, he will not allow anyone in the town to die, even if Ichigo dies. Suddenly, the weak Hollow returns to attack. Uryu prepares to shoot the Hollow, only for it to be swiftly killed by Ichigo as he arrives at the scene.

Ichigo starts arguing with Kon while Uryu looks on. Irritated that they will not stop arguing, Uryū fires an arrow at Ichigo, who blocks it. Ichigo then insists that it is a battle between him and Uryu, and that the amount of Hollows they beat is irrelevant. Before Uryu can respond, Kon points out a large crack forming in the sky, and Uryu notes that the Hollows are converging upon it. Uryu begins to fire arrows into the group of Hollows and charges towards it, shouting that the last Quincy will be their opponent.

Ichigo learns about the fall of the Quincy at the hands of the Shinigami. He runs after Uryu, and attacks several Hollows around him. Ichigo tells him that he does not know or care about whether the Shinigami or Quincy were right, and expresses his frustration at Uryu's methods, but is interrupted by him. Uryu tells him that he thought the Shinigami were correct, until his sensei was killed in front of him. Uryu tells Ichigo of his sensei's attempts to convince the Shinigami to work together with the remaining Quincy, but he died fighting a group of Huge Hollows without achieving that goal. Uryu says that he must prove the strength of the Quincy to the Shinigami. Ichigo points out that his sensei's wish was to work together, not to prove the Quincy's strength, and asks if he will do that now, saying that fighting back-to-back is the best way to deal with the situation.

As Uryu dismisses the idea as nonsense, Ichigo attacks a Hollow that had come up behind Uryu, who kills another Hollow. Uryū insists that he is not cooperating, but that he simply had to kill it, or else he would have been killed. Ichigo tells him that is good enough. Ichigo states his own reluctance to work with Uryu, and asks him if he will cooperate. Uryu kills another Hollow in reply. The pair agree to beat each other up after the Hollows have been dealt with, but as they are about to attack the horde of Hollows, a Menos Grande rips apart the sky. After they argue about how to deal with the Hollows and the Menos. Ururu, Tessai, Jinta and Kisuke arrive to fight the Hollows. Uryu's attention is turned to the emerging Menos Grande. Ichigo tells Uryu that there is no way they can figure out how to fight such a monster, and that they will have to simply cut it repeatedly until it succumbs to its injuries. He charges towards the Menos, calling for Uryu to accompany him, despite Uryu's request for him to wait. Uryu fires an arrow at the Menos' neck, but does little damage, confirming his thoughts on how he will not be able to do much damage. He then checks on Ichigo's status, and asks what was he thinking. In response to Uryu's questions, Ichigo tells him that he is alright, and that he thought he could cut its feet off and work his way up to the head, killing it that way. Uryu complains about his way of thinking and places his hand on Ichigo's Zanpakuto. Uryu notices that Ichigo's power is flowing into his bow. Thinking about the differences between the fighting styles of the Quincy and Shinigami, Uryu comes up with an idea to make use of Ichigo's large amount of power. Ichigo is shocked to see the increased size of Uryu's bow, and as he asks what happened to it, Uryu tells him his idea.

With Ichigo's Zanpakuto tied to his head, Uryu instructs a dubious Ichigo to increase his power to its maximum so Uryu can shoot an extremely large arrow at the Menos Grande. Ichigo points out that he never controls his energy output, and that if people say that his power is great, then it must be at its maximum all the time. When the Menos starts to charge a Cero, Uryu calls for Ichigo to connect his Zanpakuto to his body again, but is surprised to find Ichigo rushing towards the Menos. Ichigo blocks the Cero with his Zanpakuto, and Uryu notes Ichigo's power increasing as he resisted the Cero. Ichigo repels the attack, injuring the Menos in the process. As the Menos retreats from the Human World, Ichigo yells "Victory", and asks Uryu whether he is going to thank him for his help before collapsing. Uryu notices Ichigo's Zanpakuto beginning to lose its form. The energy released from Ichigo and his Zanpakuto causes Uryu's bow to grow again. Noting that it will explode, Uryu begins to fire arrows into the sky to release the excess power and stabilize Ichigo, injuring himself. Ichigo tells him not to overdo it, as he will lose his arm. Uryu tells him to make sure that he lives so that he can beat him later. Uryu realizes his mistake of misunderstanding his sensei and being so useless, asking to be forgiven for his mistake.

When Uryu returns to school the next day, his injuries attracts attention of his classmates. Later, Ichigo invites Uryu to join his group for lunch. He initially refuses, but changes his mind upon hearing that Keigo Asano will treat them. The atmosphere turns out to be very tense. Uryū asks why Ichigo invited him, questioning Ichigo's motives. The two then start bickering with each other. Later, Uryu intervenes when Rukia is confronted by Renji Abarai and Byakuya Kuchiki from Soul Society. Uryu is surprised by Renji, who asks who he is. Uryu decides to give his name so Renji can know who defeated him. Unfortunately, Uryu fails, and is badly injured by Renji. Renji then gives his name as he prepares to kill Uryu, only to be stopped by Ichigo. After they return to Soul Society with Rukia, Uryu is treated on the spot by Urahara. Before leaving, he expresses his concern for Ichigo, and asks Urahara to heal him. He realizes he is not as strong as he thought he was, and comes to believe that the only one who can save Rukia is Ichigo.

Soul Society arc

Wanting to go and save Rukia, Uryu trains to better equip himself for the next time he battles a Shinigami. He goes to a secluded spot by a waterfall to do so. However, he is found by Yasutora "Chad" Sado, Orihime Inoue, and Yoruichi Shihoin. He learns from Orihime that both she and Sado are going to take lessons to go to Soul Society, and asks him if he want to join them. He asks who their master would be. Uryu is utterly surprised to find that their master is a talking cat. He regains his composure, apologizing for his rudeness. Yoruichi accepts his apology, insulting Uryu for making a fuss over a talking cat. Orihime reinforces how a talking cat is not a big deal, and again encourages Uryu to take Yoruichi's lessons, believing he also wants to rescue Rukia. However, Uryu declines her offer. Orihime wonders why, pointing out that she and Sado were only able to find Uryu because of Yoruichi's ability to sense Reiatsu. Uryū explains that the issue is not that he does not have faith in Yoruichi's abilities, but that he has to train alone. He then lies, saying he had never thought of actually rescuing Rukia, but was only training because he could not forgive himself for losing to a Shinigami. Thinking that there is no point in dealing with someone with no desire to go to Soul Society, Yoruichi beckons both Sado and Orihime to leave, and the three of them take their leave. Uryu quietly mutters an apology to Orihime, stating that his training cannot be seen by anyone. He then opens the box he had brought, which contained the Sanrei Glove.

In a week's time, he masters the Sanrei Glove. He joins Ichigo and the rest of a rescue team in going to Soul Society. Hearing Sado's comment on how he thinks Uryu might not come, he retorts that he needed to train because of his defeat against the Shinigami, and will go anywhere to win. He also addresses Ichigo, telling him that he wants him to see how strong he has become. Ichigo, however, simply notes that he is astounded Uryu would come all the way in such a "weird" outfit, which Uryu takes offense to. Urahara brings them all in to explain how to get to Soul Society. After hearing Urahara's explanation, they follow Yoruichi, and rush through the Senkaimon. While in the Dangai, Uryu is almost dragged in by the Koryu before being saved by Sado, and everyone is almost caught by Kototsu. They are able to get through to Soul Society intact around the Rukongai, but with a rough landing. Uryu is disappointed at having to use his backup cape so soon. As they survey their surroundings, Ichigo foolishly rushes towards Seireitei. He is soon stopped by activation of the entrance's Sekkiseki walls and the arrival of Jidanbo Ikkanzaka.

Uryu questions who the large guardian is, which Yoruichi answers. He is surprised at just how powerful Jidanbo is when he swings his axe down and creates a wall from the ground, stopping both Sado and Orihime. He then begins arguing with Ichigo about Ichigo's decision to fight Jidanbō one-on-one.[45] Uryū watches Ichigo's fight against Jidanbo, and is surprised when the latter is defeated. Jidanbo grants Ichigo and his friends permission to pass through the gate. Uryu questions this, to which Jidanbo reassures him, telling him he will let them through because Uryu's "boss" defeated him. Uryu quickly gets agitated by Jidanbō's comment, pointing out that Ichigo is not his leader. Although Jidanbō opens the gate, Uryu and the others cannot advance, due to the arrival of Gin Ichimaru.[ They soon decide to try to get in another way. Yoruichi decides that they should go to Kukaku Shiba. The group encounters Ganju Shiba, who picks a fight with Ichigo. Their fight is inconclusive, as Ganju quickly leaves. Ichigo vents his frustration, and Uryu tells him to calm down, thinking that Ichigo shares his same surprise at Ganju's gang. The next day, Uryu contends with a stubborn Ichigo, who refuses to leave because he wants to wait and finish his fight with Ganju.

Upon arriving at Kukaku Shiba's home, both he and Ichigo are utterly shocked at how Kukaku's house stands out. He and the others are further surprised to learn that Kukaku is a woman. Kukaku reveals that she specializes in fireworks, and that the plan is to launch them into the Seireitei through a spirit cannon. When Uryu questions the safety of such a plan, Kukaku explains that with a special spiritual orb, they will create a Reiatsu shell around them, allowing them to break past the barrier and walls of Sekkiseki that protect the Seireitei, and sends them to the training room. Their training goes relatively well, with Uryu successfully forming an ellipsoid sphere.. Afterward, they prepare to launch themselves. They manage to break into Seireitei, but the group is separated as the cannonball disperses. Uryu is sent flying away with Orihime after Sado suddenly moves him to Orihime, before the influx sends Sado flying out. Orihime stops their fall using Santen Kesshun.

Uryu and Orihime decide to sneak around to avoid detection. As they are doing so, they see Kenpachi Zaraki, and watch as they hide on top of a building. When Zaraki moves on, they come out and discuss where to go next. As Orihime is pointing out their next possible destination, Jirobo Ikkanzaka of the 7th Division almost kills her; however, Uryu, noticing him, saves her. After a short battle, Uryu dispatches him fairly easily. Orihime gets the idea to steal a pair of Shinigami uniforms to blend in. When two possible candidates from the 12th Division show up, Uryu watches as Orihime takes them down single-handedly. Their disguises work fairly well, and they are able to avoid detection. As they search for Ichigo, they encounter Makizo Aramaki of the 11th Division. He interrogates them, asking them which division they belong to.

Uryu and Orihime answer that they are from the 11th Division, but Aramaki, unable to recognize them, checks Orihime's uniform. He becomes suspicious, asking them why they are wearing 12th Division uniforms and why they were walking without their Zanpakuto. Aramaki, however, is knocked out by members of the 12th Division, who claim that they have to protect those in the same divisions. As Orihime talks with them, Uryu realizes how strange it is for them to rescue the pair, as Aramaki's reasoning did make sense. He rushes to get Orihime away as the 12th Division members are blown up by Mayuri Kurotsuchi, who tries to capture Uryu and Orihime by using his own squad members as bombs.

Orihime is saddened the deaths for the 12th Division members, and Uryu tries to comfort her. He turns his sights on Mayuri, who is now interested in studying Orihime because of her shield. Uryu suddenly moves next to Mayuri, pointing a bow at him, but is noticed by him, who tells Uryu that he is pretty fast for a Quincy. Mayuri states that they are a rare breed, and that he has not seen one alive for many years, but he notes that he has no interest in the Quincy, as he finished studying their kind some time ago. When Uryu questions who he is, Mayuri is taken aback at the idea that Uryu and his friends would invade Soul Society without researching their enemy. Mayuri gives his name, rank, and position. Uryu, realizing what they are up against, tells Orihime to run for it as he takes on Mayuri. Orihime refuses, so Uryu forces Aramaki to get her out of harm's way. Not about to lose a test subject, Mayuri extends his arm to catch Orihime, but it is shot off by one of Uryu's spiritual arrows.

Mayuri uses his own lieutenant, Nemu Kurotsuchi, to disable Uryu long enough to land a hit on Uryu with his Shikai, which paralyzes Uryu's arm. Uryu is angered by Mayuri's callous disregard for his own lieutenant. Mayuri reveals that he created Nemu, and mocks his sympathy as part of the meaningless "Quincy pride" they speak about until their last breath. He recalls the last Quincy he researched, who kept on calling out the name of his student, and shows Uryu a photograph, which depicts his own grandfather. Uryu states that he is thankful Orihime is not there to witness their fight, and swears on his "Quincy pride" that he will kill Mayuri. Driven by anger at Mayuri, Uryu uses "Ransōtengai" to move his paralyzed body, and removes his Sanrei glove to invoke the "Quincy: Letzt Stil", greatly increasing his Quincy powers at the cost of losing them shortly thereafter. Though more than powerful enough to defeat Mayuri in this form, Uryu is ultimately unsuccessful. After Mayuri uses his Bankai to poison Uryu, earning an arrow through the chest in return, he escapes by reducing himself to a liquid state.

Uryu realizes that he is going to die due to Mayuri's poison. However, Nemu calls out for him. She tells him that behind her Lieutenant insignia, there is a hidden antidote. Kneeling down next to her, Uryu finds it and tells her to drink first. Nemu states that she is made in the same way as Mayuri, and is thus unaffected by the poison. Uryu questions her intentions, but she explains that he is already dying, and it is in gratitude for not shooting her father and creator in the head, which would have been fatal. Uryu says that he intended to kill him, claiming that he missed, and takes the antidote. Leaving Nemu, he finds his way up the stairs to the Shishinro. Feeling pain, Uryu realizes that he has truly lost his Quincy powers as his grandfather had warned him would happen. He is confronted by Kaname Tosen, who uses his Shikai to render Uryu unconscious.

Uryu is healed by the 4th Division and placed in a holding cell with Ganju Shiba and Chad. After a short argument with Ganju, Uryu decides it would be best to wait for either Ichigo or Orihime to free them. However, they are freed by Kenpachi Zaraki and reunited with Orihime. Kenpachi's lieutenant, Yachiru Kusajishi, leads the group to the execution stands,[68] where they wait as Ichigo and Byakuya fight After Byakuya is defeated, the group tends to Ichigo. They later learn of the elaborate conspiracy surrounding Rukia's execution, masterminded by Sosuke Aizen.

After Aizen escapes to Hueco Mundo, Uryu, Chad, Ichigo, and Orihime depart for the Human World. During this time, Uryu sews clothes for Chad, Orihime, and Rukia. When Uryu departs for his house, he reminds Ichigo that they are still enemies.

Bounts arc

Following the events in Soul Society, Uryu has lost his Quincy powers. He, Sado, and Ichigo witness Orihime being taken into a door resembling the Gates of Hell outside her own home. Using Uryu's lock-picking skills, they enter Orihime's apartment. They realize that somebody was with her when she was taken. Along with the others, he is led on a wild chase around town to answer phones, before showing up at Orihime's apartment again that night. He watches as Sado is taken as well when Kurodo impersonates Orihime. The friends get lost in the museum, but Uryu is able to decipher a way out of the illusion. They discover that their assailants are Mod-Souls. Orihime and Sado are returned to them, but Ririn informs them that a new game is beginning which will involve their school. They must discover which one of their friends is an impostor before noon, or their whole school will disappear. They find out it's Sado, but need to discover where the real one is. After a short battle, the true culprit is revealed to be Urahara, who was testing them. He reveals that Uryu has lost his abilities. Yoruichi appears, and reveals she has encountered a Bount.

At Urahara's table, Uryu asks what exactly a Bount is, and Urahara explains that they are specialized Humans that consume the souls of other Humans. He and his friends confront Ryo Utagawa as he is prepares to consume a second Human soul. During the ensuing struggle, Utagawa singles out Uryu, because he is powerless and is staying away from the fight. Utagawa forces Uryu to take the Human hostage's place, and Fried wraps herself around him. He falls, smashing his head off the pavement, allowing Utagawa to taste his blood. Utagawa is attacked with a fireball, and is forced to drop Uryu to block the attack. Yoshino Soma appears and rescues the Quincy, running off with him in the process. Uryu wakes up in Yoshino's presence and tells her of his powers. She informs him that the leader of the Bounts, Jin Kariya, is interested in him for some reason. She explains that he is the one behind the Bounts' changes in law regarding taking the souls of living Humans, as it grants the Bounts immeasurable power and will upset the balance of the world. Uryu passes out again and is brought to a hospital, where his friends visit him.

Uryu reveals that his father owns the hospital he is currently residing in. The group is attacked by two more Bounts while still in the hospital. Their Dolls allow them to manipulate water, which they use to try and capture Uryu over and over, almost drowning him several times, as he and his friends try to escape. The fight culminates in a warehouse nearby, where the Bounts are finally defeated, with the arrival of Ganju Shiba. Uryu slips away in the ensuing chaos. Yoshino finds him in the street, having collapsed in a puddle. She cares for him and explains her actions, crediting his lonesome eyes as the reason she helped him. The two of them bond as Yoshino shares the story of her past with him.

They are discovered by Go Koga, who attacks them with his Doll, Dalk. Uryu allows himself to be captured by getting in between Yoshino and the Doll in order to protect her. He is brought to the Bount Mansion, where he is taunted by Yoshi while being held captive by Dalk. He is confronted by Kariya, who compares the Quincy to the Bount because of the rejection both have suffered. However, Uryu denies that he should ever trust Kariya. After the meeting, Uryu is locked in a room on his own, separated from Yoshino. They are both saved when his friends show up and confront the Bounts, resulting in Utagawa's betrayal and subsequent execution at the hands of Maki Ichinose.

Back at Urahara's shop, Uryu and Yoshino discuss the current events and the fact that she still doesn't understand Kariya. Later, as Uryu sleeps, she gets up and leaves, kissing his forehead as she does so. Once he realizes Yoshino has gone, Uryu sneaks out of the Urahara Shop to go after her. Outside, he is confronted by Ririn in her plush form, and grabs her so she can tell him where Yoshino has gone. He arrives at the Bount Estate in time to witness Yoshino's battle with Kariya. When she is defeated, he holds her dying body as she assures him that she is alright dying in such a fashion. He watches as Kariya uses her spirit to give birth to a new type of Doll, the Bitto. Uryu takes her death very badly and blames his lack of powers, as he might have been able to save her. Remembering his grandfather's training, Uryu tries to fire an arrow, but fails to do so. He breaks down over his powerlessness and inability to save Yoshino.

Nemu suddenly shows up and introduces herself to Uryu. When he demands to know why she is there, she ignores the question and attacks him. Nemu explains that she had to determine if he had really lost his powers. She hands him a battle accessory her father had obtained years ago, and states that if he were a true Quincy, he could use his powers with it. Uryu uses his new powers, provided by the Quincy Bangle, to complete the Bounts' portal to the Soul Society, stating he'd rather battle them there where he is stronger. Yoruichi reminds him that the Bounts will be stronger too, causing Ichigo to punch him for his mistake. He and his friends decide to go to Soul Society to stop Kariya's plans for revenge.

With his friends, Uryu travels to Soul Society, and they search for the new place that Kukaku had moved the Shiba household to in order to use it as a base of operations during the Bount Invasion. They search for the Bounts with Ganju and his friends in the forests around Soul Society, and eventually get lost. Uryu soon slips away from Orihime and the others, moving towards the area where Ichigo and Byakuya Kuchiki are fighting Kariya. When he arrives, he meets Ran'Tao and is shocked by her resemblance to Yoshino. She takes him and Ichigo back to her home, where she explains the origins of the Bounts to them. Ran'Tao explains that in her quest for eternal life, the Bounts were created in an experimental accident, with Yoshino being a clone of herself. When Uryū questions whether she cared about the Bounts, Ran'Tao insists that she did, but her powers were sealed when she was exiled. Ran'Tao advises them that when Uryu's bangle eventually discharges, it will blow away everything within a certain radius, including the user. Uryu insists there is nothing he can do about that, as he has no choice but to use it to battle the Bounts.

Uryu senses Mayuri's battle with Sawatari through the use of his Quincy Bangle. He finds and confronts Yoshi after she attacks some Shinigami. He leads her away from the injured Shinigami to an isolated rooftop. She berates him for trying to get revenge, however, Uryū denies this, and asks what the goal of the Bounts really is. Uryu finds himself at a disadvantage against the offensive and defensive abilities of Yoshi's Doll, Nieder. He dodges her attacks until he works out how to maintain a powerful shot using the bangle. He is eventually hit by Yoshi, and is sent crashing into the ground. She wonders if he is dead and begins to walk away. Uryu suddenly gets up and attacks her from behind. Although the attack is blocked, Uryu begins to understand the bangle and Yoshi's fighting technique, realizing that she can't defend while attacking, and while changing she has to return to normal. Uryu uses this to his advantage, hitting her with a point-blank ranged attack just as she's attacking him, killing her in the end. Injured, Uryu walks through Seireitei, seeing visions of his grandfather until he's found by Sado and Ichigo, who insist he's healed.

Uryu is taken to Hitsugaya's office, where he insists he still wants to fight. His comrades refuse to let him do so, however, Orihime eventually arrives with Lieutenant Izuru Kira and agrees to heal him. He later stop Kariya from killing Ran'Tao in their battle, showing his mastery of the Quincy Bangle. He declares that he is going to end the pointless fighting, and manages to severely injure the Bount several times. However, the Bount is able to heal himself several times over. Eventually, Kariya gains the upper hand as Uryu's attacks begin to weaken. He is healed by Ran'Tao, who stabs Kariya to absorb some of the reiatsu of the Jokaisho so that Uryu can shoot and kill them both. Uryu does so, but does not kill them, having held back on his attack, and catches Ran'Tao as she falls to the ground. When Ran'Tao's reiatsu starts to go berserk, Uryu sacrifices his weapon to save her, leaving them at Kariya's mercy. Ichigo shows up just in time to save them. After getting Ran'Tao to safety, Uryū returns to the scene of the battle, and witnesses Ichigo finally defeat Kariya, ending the Bount Invasion. With his friends, a powerless Uryu leaves Soul Society to return to his life in Karakura Town, leaving Ran'Tao to live out the rest of her life with the last of the Bounts, Go Koga.

Arrangcar arc

Back in Karakura Town, Uryu is attacked by a Menos Grande. He attempts to use some Quincy equipment to defeat it, but is ultimately unsuccessful. It is not until the arrival of his father, that the Hollow is vanquished. Disappointed by Uryu's weakness, Ryuken offers to restore his Quincy powers, on the condition that Uryu never associate with Shinigami again. Uryu agrees, and trains with his father in Karakura Hospital's secret training ground whilst Arrancar continue to attack Karakura Town. Before the third Arrancar Invasion begins, Uryu regains his powers, ending his training.

Hueco Mundo arc

As Uryu is resting from his training, he is visited by Urahara, and learns that Orihime has been captured by the Arrancar. He then accepts Urahara's offer to help Ichigo rescue her. Before leaving the hospital, Uryu takes a few Seele Schneider from his father's storehouse. Later that day, he joins Ichigo and the others to organize a rescue team to save her. Because Soul Society has abandoned Orihime, Ichigo is technically not acting as a Shinigami, giving Uryu a loophole with which to accompany them. As Ichigo, Chad, and Uryu enter Hueco Mundo, they are immediately detected by Aizen and attacked by two Arrancar, Demoura Zodd and Aisslinger Wernarr. Ichigo is told to stay back, and simply watches as Chad and Ury uengage the two Arrancar by themselves. Once they are victorious, the room and passageway collapse around them, forcing the trio to race outside, where they see their destination, a castle in the middle of a barren desert.

They encounter a childlike Arrancar named Nel Tu accompanied by Dondochakka Birstanne, Pesche Guatiche, and their pet Bawabawa, who decide to join them. The group is then attacked by a sand-based Hollow, Runuganga. The Hollow is immune to their attacks, but the group is saved by Renji and Rukia, the latter of which freezes Runuganga in a circle of ice.

Once they manage to get inside the fortress, their group splits up, and Uryu is joined by Pesche Guatiche. As Uryu goes through Las Noches, he is attacked by Cirucci Sanderwicci. Seeing Uryu is in a bad situation, Pesche tries to help him, but quickly realizes he will be no match for Cirucci. Cirucci notices Pesche as she is about to launch a finishing blow at Uryu, and subsequently launches the attack against him. Though Pesche continues to annoy Uryu, he proves invaluable in defeating Cirucci with Uryu, who activates his Seele Schneider. The Privaron Espada is easily defeated, but Uryu decides to spare her.

As they continue on their way, they meet Renji Abarai as he is about to be killed by the eighth Espada, Szayelaporro Granz. Uryu intervenes, briefly driving Szayelaporro off with Renji's help using his Sprenger technique, but Szayelaporro soon returns completely unharmed. Eventually, they are defeated by the Espada's Voodoo doll technique, and after Pesche and Dondochakka's Cero Sincrético fails, the four are left at Szayelaporro's mercy.

Just as their last hope of winning fades, Mayuri arrives to fight Szayelaporro. He reveals that during their time at Soul Society, he planted bacteria upon Uryu's person to monitor his action, much to Uryu's chagrin. Uryu and Renji watch the battle between the two scientists and witness Mayuri's ultimate victory over Szayelaporro. He then asks Mayuri if he is okay, as his Zanpakuto was broken, to which Mayuri responds that it is a suitable punishment for defying its master.

When Mayuri opens Szayelaporro's specimen vault, a shocked Uryū sees two bodies hanging from the ceiling. Not long afterwards, Uryu strongly opposes Mayuri's method of healing him by injecting a green liquid into him (while being restrained by Nemu). Nemu silences him by lowering her breasts onto his face, causing him to pass out.

The New Captain Shunsuke Amagi arc

When Rurichiyo Kasumioji arrives in the world of the living, she meets Ichigo before her bodyguards Ryusei Kenzaki and Rusaburo Enkogawa retrieve her, leaving him to deal with Hollows that start attacking. Ichigo is helped by the timely intervention of Uryu and the rest of his friends. Uryu gets annoyed when Ichigo thanks him, comparing his abilities to "Bug Spray". However, Uryu states that he had arrived because of the strange Shinigami Reiatsu he felt in the area. Uryu realizes they had used bait to lure the Hollows into the area. They return to school, trying to figure out what they were up to. The next day, Ichigo informs them all about his new neighbors, before they are announced as having enrolled as new students at their school. This causes a stir in their classroom, as the students begin asking invasive questions. That night, following Ichigo's fight with an assassin sent to kill Rurichiyo, Uryu and the others come over so that Kenryu can explain the situation to them. Once alerted to the conspiracy going on against Rurichiyo, they agree to help keep her safe until the problem is solved.

Following Rurichiyo's near fatal trip back to Soul Society and her safe return to the Human World, Uryū sits with his friends in Urahara's shop, discussing the recent happenings and how they made it back without any surprise attacks. Judging from this, Uryu deduces that they will more than likely be attacked in Karakura Town, Urahara agreeing with him. When escorting Rurichiyo home, they notice the arrival of Hanza and other assassins in the Human World. Rukia and Orihime are instructed to watch over their charge as Uryu and the others split up and go investigate. At first, they are overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of assassins . However, they manage to overcome the odds, defeating all their opponents, as Yoruichi saves Ichigo from Hanza, who retreats.

Back at Rurichiyo's house, Kenryu states that they have erected a barrier that will render the house invisible, something Uryu feels is going overboard in doing so and will more than likely make the area appear more suspicious. They discuss the odd weapons their new enemies carry with them and how, whilst resembling Zanpakuto, they behave differently in that they drain their user's Reiatsu. Later, after Rurichiyo storms to bed due to the situation and being protected by so many people, a new group of assassins enter Karakura Town to attack. Whilst patrolling the street, Ury is confronted by Ryu Kuzu. He learns that the weapons their enemies carry are called Bakkoto. At first, he struggles against the Mugen Kairo of Kuzu's Shiragiri, which creates a dense mist that surrounds the area, putting Uryu at a disadvantage.

Shadows appear around Uryu, who cannot seem to land a hit on any of them and realizes they are mere illusions. From out of nowhere, a blade cuts his left arm and disappears when he moves away. This happens again before he pulls out a Seele Schneider to block a third incoming attack as soon as the blade appears. Despite this, Uryu delays in working out a strategy, allowing his thigh to be cut, greatly reducing his evasive capabilities. He begins to shoot Seele Schneider wherever the blade materializes. Eventually, he captures Kuzu in the middle of his Sprenger attack, revealing that he deliberately created the later openings to capture his opponent. Though he knows he'll be injured, Uryu decides to activate the destructive attack, falling to the ground unconscious at the end of the battle. Kuzu manages to survive the attack and make it back to Soul Society, where he is betrayed and killed on the orders of Gyōkaku Kumoi for losing the battle.

Uryu is later healed, along with Sado, by Orihime, as a distraught Rurichiyo looks on. The recent revelations and her guilt over their injuries result in the young noble deciding to return to her home and confront Kumoi, sacrificing herself to save her friends. Due to his injuries, Uryu stays behind as Ichigo and Rukia rush to Soul Society to save Rurichiyo and stop Kumoi for good.

Fake Karakura Town arc

Uryu arrives at the fifth tower, where Ichigo and Ulquiorra Cifer are fighting, just in time to protect Orihime from Yammy Llargo and knock him down with one of his arrows, though he notes that the arrow did not pierce him. When Yammy tries to retaliate, a landmine Uryu uses (which was developed by Mayuri, specifically designed for Arrancar) explodes, heavily injuring him. However, Yammy is not yet dead, and is barely hanging on to the crumbling floor. Uryu tells him it is too bad the Espada ran into him, as he could have fought a little longer. He then says "Mala Suerte" (bad luck) as he shoots an arrow into Yammy, making him fall through every floor of Las Noches since Uryu broke all the pillars on the way up. Uryu takes over protecting Orihime as Ichigo continues to fight against Ulquiorra. Elsewhere, Uryu saves Loly Aivirrne by shooting her onto the side of the tower.

Shortly after Ulquiorra attacks Ichigo with his Cero Oscuras, Orihime asks Uryu to take her above Las Noches' dome, which Uryū reluctantly agrees to do. He takes Orihime up to the top of the dome, using the same method of Hirenkyaku as he did while passing through the Garganta. He comments that the Reiatsu above the dome (Ulquiorra's) is so vast and dense it does not feel like normal Reiatsu at all, more like an ocean above the sky. They arrive just in time to see Ulquiorra send a point blank Cero Oscuras through Ichigo's chest, seemingly killing him. In order to buy Orihime time to heal Ichigo, Uryu faces off against Ulquiorra, using his Licht Regen technique, which has no effect. Ulquiorra remarks how he thought Uryū was the calmest of Ichigo's friends. Uryu states that he is fighting him because he is calm. During his fight with the Espada he suffers great injuries, losing his left hand in the process. However, Uryu had already applied anesthesia, and stops the bleeding from his injury. Telling Orihime to focus on Ichigo, Uryū draws out a Seele Schneider and continues to fight. Ulquiorra shoots him with a variation of Cero to knock him out, and Orihime panics. What they both fail to notice is that the seemingly dead Ichigo is moving, with his hair extending into a mane.

During their battle, Uryu, Orihime, and Ulquiorra notice Ichigo has risen and taken a new form. Ulquiorra turns his attention towards Ichigo and begins to fight him. When Ichigo goes to finish Ulquiorra off after surviving a close range Cero, Uryu stops him, saying that there is no need to carve up his corpse, having already won. Ichigo's inner Hollow stabs him in the abdomen with Zangetsu, revealing that he was willing to attack even his friend in this state. He prepares a Cero to attack Uryu. Ulquiorra appears, having slightly regenerated, and cuts off one of Ichigo's horns. A large explosion occurs over Ichigo's head, saving Uryū and restoring Ichigo to his normal state. When Ichigo comes to, he is horrified to see his sword lodged in Uryu's abdomen. Though Uryu is badly injured, he is clearly pleased to see his friend returned to normal, even smiling through his pain. Ulquiorra was mortally wounded in the fight, and fades away into dust. With the battle against Ulquiorra over, Ichigo goes off to help their friends, while Uryu stays behind with Orihime so she can heal his injuries.

Uryu is later seen with Chad, Rukia, Renji, and Orihime in Karakura Town, his left hand restored but in bandages. When Ichigo suddenly collapses, Uryu is seen running towards him with the rest of the group. Later, Uryu is in Ichigo's bedroom along with the rest of his friends as he wakes up. As Rukia explains Ichigo has been unconscious for a month and lost his spiritual powers, Uryu, along with Orihime and Chad, witnesses Rukia and Ichigo's farewell before she disappears from his sight.

Zanpakuto Unknown Tales arc

After Muramasa appears in Karakura Town, Uryū and Chad confront him after Orihime Inoue heals him. Uryu, not quite recognizing Muramasa's Reiatsu, asks him what he is. To that, Muramasa replies by asking who they are and whether they are allied with the Shinigami. Uryū and Yasutora Sado begin to battle Muramasa, and are almost able to successfully flank him, but Senbonzakura arrives to block the attack. As Uryu begins battling Senbonzakura, he launches several attacks that are consistently blocked by Senbonzakura. Uryū avoids Senbonzakura's attack, and is almost hit by an attack from Muramasa, which is blocked by Orihime's Santen Kesshun. Rukia Kuchiki arrives, having followed her brother's Reiatsu, and fills them in on who Muramasa is. Uryu asks why Muramasa was in the Real World and attempts to stop Muramasa from escaping, but is once again intercepted by Senbonzakura. Uryū takes note of the energy being released from Muramasa's spell. He is attacked by Senbonzakura, but blocks with Seele Schneider. The two have a brief sword duel, and as Senbonzakura attempts to finish Uryu off, he is surprised to see his Reishi being absorbed. Making use of the extra Reishi, Uryū successfully hits Senbonzakura. Uryū tries to go help Rukia, but Senbonzakura still stands in his way.

After the revived Koga Kuchiki rejects Muramasa, he loses control of his powers and turns into a Hollow. Uryu uses his powers to stop more Hollows from merging with Muramasa, and attempts to defeat Muramasa himself. Muramasa, however, proves too fast, easily evading Uryu's arrows. After Muramasa's second transformation starts attracting more Hollows, Uryu joins Sado in destroying them to prevent Muramasa's power from growing. Fortunately, several Shinigami and their recently restored Zanpakuto spirits arrive to help. Captain Suì-Feng initially goes after the dome-like Muramasa, but Uryu stops her with a small barrage of intentionally missed arrows, telling her that Ichigo is trapped inside. Later, the dome collapses. Uryu goes with his friends to investigate, and finds Ichigo and a dying Muramasa. After Muramasa apologizes for his actions and dies, Ichigo says that Muramasa kept his pride as a Zanpakuto.

Gotei 13 Invasion army arc

As Uryu is out with Sado and Orihime, Rukia and Ichigo pass overhead. Orihime asks if they need help, but they decline her offer. Uryu notes that Ichigo has not undergone any changes, and Sado states that because Rukia remained in Karakura Town, Ichigo has not had to expend more Reiatsu than necessary.

After Kon and Nozomi are subdued by Inaba, Uryu intervenes, berating him for leaving an innocent girl on the ground, telling him that he has a bad habit. Uryu dodges Inaba's Kidō, with the latter deducing he is a Quincy. Uryu explains that his motive for restricting their passage is to prevent trouble in the town, instructing Inaba to leave at once. Uryu states he has already determined Inaba to be an enemy, who tells his subordinates to stand down. Uryu fires a multitude of arrows at Inaba, all of which are unable to hit him due to his Shunpo. He fires another arrow at him, only for it to be deflected by his cane. Inaba then explains the secret behind Uryu's abilities, to which Uryu comments upon his deductive reasoning, comparing his attire to that of a despicable scientist. Inaba asks him whether he is referring to Kurotsuchi, causing Uryu to assume this is why he has knowledge of his Seele Schneider. Uryu affirms Inaba's statement, firing another barrage of arrows from above him. However, as Inaba uses Shunpo to dodge the attack, Uryu quickly appears behind him, sending an arrow hurtling through his chest, causing him to plummet to the ground.

As Inaba hits the ground, unmoving, Uryu explains that all he needed to do was to increase the speed of his Hirenkyaku. Uryu walks away, commenting that if he hadn't been their enemy, they would have gotten along well. However, Inaba's voice reverberates through the area, and Uryu turns back, noticing that his body has vanished. As Uryu looks upwards, Inaba appears on the side of a building, completely uninjured. Inaba then releases his Zanpakuto, Raikū, subduing Uryū almost instantly. As Uryu topples to the floor, he states that he never saw him coming. Inaba tries to kill Kon, but Uryu stands up once more, grievously injured, trying to figure out the secret behind Inaba's Shikai. Inaba apologizes for rendering his powers useless, stating that he'll end Uryu's suffering. He attempts to use Kidō on Uryu, but Orihime promptly intervenes with Santen Kesshun, promptly saving his life.

Later, Uryu sits in silence with Ichigo and Sado as Orihime assesses Nozomi's condition. As she wakes, Uryu informs her of their whereabouts, assuring her it is safe. As Ichigo joins the Gotei 13 in a meeting, Uryu helps set up a barbecue for Nozomi. When Kon eats some chili powder and goes berserk from the heat, Uryu pins him to a wall with his arrows. During this time, Nozomi escapes. Uryu and the others split up to save her. After finally rescuing Nozomi, Uryu enjoys the barbecue with all the others. While out walking, Uryu notices an explosion and heads to the scene. As Ikkaku and Yumichika are about to killed by their Reigai counterparts, Uryu fires a few arrows at the Reigai duo. The Reigai-Ikkaku prepares to fight him, but is stopped by Yumichika. The pair leave to resume their search for Nozomi Kujo. Later, Urahara retrieves information on the events happening in Soul Society. Uryu is surprised he is able to do so, but Urahara says it would be to their disadvantage not to be able to. As Ichigo asks to go to Soul Society, Kon begins saying that if he were to leave, they would have no one left to fight and repeatedly calls Uryu four eyes, noticeably perturbing him. As Nozomi heals Ichigo's Reiatsu, she grows tired; Uryu speculates that it a result of having not used her Shinigami powers in a while.

Kon tries to convince Ichigo to stay once more and asks if the others can help. Uryu says they could try, but it would do nothing, as he is too stubborn. Uryu sits down as Urahara gathers information on Soul Society. As he looks over at Nozomi, Kon yells at him and Uryū grabs him, taking him outside to talk. Uryu asks Kon if he noticed anything strange about Nozomi, because Inaba is after her. Uryū reflects on the conclusion the others came to that something is hidden within Nozomi, and wonders what could be hidden within her. He voices this to Kon, but he just imagines her naked and gets embarrassed. He asks Uryu why he asked, and Uryū says it is obvious Kon likes her. Kon tries to say he does not and leaves Uryu, heading inside. When Urahara informs everyone that Ichigo's Reiatsu has vanished, Uryu asks what he means, and Urahara says it is exactly as it sounds. After Nozomi worries about Ichigo, Kon says it will take more than that to kill Ichigo, and Uryu agrees.

As Urahara despondently replies that he still cannot sense Ichigo's Reiatsu, Uryu notes the strange circumstances of his disappearance. He wonders what Inaba's true power is, stating that they know too little about him. Uryū stares at Nozomi Kujo, wondering why Inaba needs her to further his plans. After Urahara picks up a signal of Ichigo's Reiatsu, he tells Uryū and the others to accompany him. After Ichigo wakes, Uryū and the others greet him. While Urahara explains the improbability of Ichigo's survival in the Dangai, Uryu listens intently. He explains the reason behind Inaba's Dangai research, prompting Uryu to ask Urahara how he knew this.

Uryū comes across Ichigo, in his Human form, trying to evade the attacks of a Hollow. He kills it, saying that it is lucky that he was passing by. Ichigo thanks him and invites him to dinner, saying that Kon lacks energy and needs to be cheered up. At dinner, a very energetic Kon, in Ichigo's body, irritates Uryu, who wishes he had a little less energy. Uryu participates in a meeting in Ichigo's room, where he listens to Nanao Ise reporting on the situation in Soul Society. Ichigo, Rukia, Uryu and Sado spar with Nozomi to help her to awaken her Zanpakutō. As Sado tries to strike her, there is a flash of light from her Zanpakutō, and Uryū asks if she had just sucked away Sado's Reiatsu. With their help, Nozomi succeeds in releasing her Shikai.

Following this, Uryu joins the fight against the Reigai, but it quickly turns out to be a losing battle. After accidentally firing on Nozomi, who quickly absorbs his attack, Uryū realizes that Nozomi's blade can absorb any kind of spiritual energy. He suggests that everyone focus all their energy on Nozomi, so she can use it for one final counterattack. They launch their attacks on Nozomi, who directs the accumulated energy at the Reigai, defeating all except for the Reigai-Byakuya, who counters with a blast of his own, knocking out everyone except for Ichigo and Nozomi. Yamamato arrives, and quickly defeats the last Reigai. Shortly afterwards, the Reigai of Kyoraku and Ukitake appear. As Uryu and Sado recover, they are told to take the unconscious Shinigami to Orihime so they can be healed.

After Inaba succeeds in capturing Nozomi and destroying the remainder of Ichigo's Reiatsu, Uryu and the others regroup at Urahara's Shop. While Ichigo puts up a tough facade about losing his power, Uryū can see how much it is hurting his pride. While discussing how to act next, Uryu brings up a question that has been plaguing him; why was Inaba so concerned by Ichigo's presence. Urahara deduces that Inaba is unable to produce a Reigai of a being with Hollow powers. Concerned about Ichigo, Inaba resorted to using the Kōtotsu to get rid of Ichigo. Uryu listens as Urahara theorizes that they may be able to restore Ichigo's Reiatsu by acquiring the Reishi swallowed by the Kōtotsu. After Ichigo collects the Reishi, Uryu and the others act as a diversion in the Dangai while Ichigo and Urahara sneak into Soul Society.

After returning to Urahara's Shop, Uryu and the others begin to get worried, as neither Kisuke or Ichigo have reported back. Ultimately, Uryū and the others decide to go to Soul Society, along with the now recovered Shinigami. Upon arriving in Soul Society, they discover that Ichigo has again turned into a Hollow, and has been subdued by a man who bears a resemblance to Inaba and Nozomi. Uryu, upon seeing the man, Yushima, uses what appears to be Raikū and intercepts his attack, having deduced the workings of its powers. Yushima compliments Uryu for having correctly figured that much out, and decides to fight seriously. While Uryū convinces the group to attack Yushima from different angles, the resurrected Yushima easily overwhelms them.

After the Hollowfied Ichigo surprisingly saves Rukia from Yushima's attack and returns to normal, albeit deprived of his Reiatsu again, Uryu joins his friends to protect Ichigo. Teaming up with Renji and his Bankai, Uryū finds an opening to strike Yushima with his "Seele Schneider". Yushima laughs at Uryu for deciding to face him in a battle of Reishi-absorption. Working with the others, Uryu is able to set up his "Sprenger". While successful, Yushima anticipates this, and absorbs the 5 blades respectively collected Reishi; however, Uryū anticipates Yushima's actions, and joins his friends in feeding their own Reishi to activate the attack. Yushima counters with a "Hajokuri" spell to dispel the attack. Afterwards, Kon appears, giveing Ichigo a Mod Soul pill with his Reishi, which restores Ichigo's powers.

As Ichigo fights evenly with Yushima, Kon convinces everyone to help Ichigo. Uryu and the others launch group attacks on Yushima. Their attacks are ultimately defeated, but they give Ichigo an opening to strike Yushima hard. After a final clash, Ichigo is able to defeat Yushima. Afterwards, Uryu and the others return home.

The Lost Soul Shinigami arc

Seventeen months later, Uryu takes the position of being the main protector of Karakura Town against Hollow incursions, due to Zennosuke Kurumadani's unreliability. One day in class, he runs out of the classroom. As a cover, he tells the teacher he is on the way to the nurse's office. When a gang from Miyakou searching for Ichigo blocks the gate to Karakura High School, Uryu tells them to stop what they are doing and leave. When one of them asks if he is Kurosaki, Uryu punches that person in anger, asking how he resembles Ichigo at all. He then says he will not allow them to leave anymore, believing not a single one of them will be able to. After the fight ceases, Ichigo is kidnapped. Uryu, trying to figure out what just happened, runs into Orihime. They talk about Ichigo, having felt strange energy around him. Uryu tells her not to worry as it is probably nothing, but in his mind he thinks Ichigo is emitting Reiatsu, something he has not done in almost a year and a half.

Later on that day, Uryu goes to Ichigo's house, where he notes that Orihime has arrived first and is trying to find out if Ichigo knows anything about the strange feeling surrounding him, just as he had planned to do. He decides to check if anything strange is happening in the town, but senses a presence above. He looks up and sees a man walking on the roof. Before he can ascertain who this stranger is, he disappears quickly. Uryu chases after him, noting that the stranger is fast and is using speed beyond that of a Human. Uryū also notes that he cannot sense any spirit particles around the stranger, so he cannot determine what technique the stranger is using to speed himself up. The stranger disappears instantly due to a strange light. Before he can react, the stranger closes in on Uryū, and he is wounded severely. Uryu is left lying on the street, with his right arm severely injured, bleeding profusely as the paramedics approach his location.

Uryu is taken to Karakura Hospital, where he is operated on by his father. After the surgery, Orihime arrives to see him. When Ichigo arrives sometime after her, very worried, Uryū scolds him rather harshly for coming, attempting to keep him from getting involved. Ryūken enters the room shortly after, commenting that Uryū talks too much. Uryu asks him if he is allowed to have visitors, as they might have a bad effect on his wounds. Ryūken reminds him that he himself did the surgery, and that his wounds will not worsen. He further comments that Uryu, who was cut down, should not be ordering around his doctor. Upon hearing Ryuken's words, Ichigo asks Uryu what had happened to him, and if he could not handle it himself, then he should have gotten help. Uryu says nothing in response, prompting Ryuken to state that sharing information is important, and he should not let his kindness go to waste. Uryu tells Ryuken to be quiet, and asks Orihime to go home. Orihime complies and leaves the room along with Ichigo and Ryuken.

Later, Uryu is visited in the hospital by Orihime. He apologizes for the sudden call and thanks her for coming. She asks if it is alright for him to be up, and he says it is fine for this. She offers to heal his wounds, saying he will be up in no time if she does. He replies that he knows, and that he was out of sorts when he initially refused. He wanted to get away if he was the true target, but the situation has changed, and he now wants her to heal him. Orihime asks what he means, and Uryu responds that Ichigo has come into contact with his attacker, which shocks Orihime. He says that there has been a shift in his Reiatsu, but it is definitely Ichigo, and asks Orihime if she has felt it too. Orihime confirms this, saying that Ichigo has chosen not to tell her anything so far. She states that whoever attacked Uryū and Ichigo is the same person who attacked her, shocking Uryu. Uryu tries to think about the nature of this, but comes up short. Orihime says that the attacker called his ability Fullbring, and asks Uryū if it was the same for him. Uryū says he did not have time to ask, and that he thought it was a Zanpakuto until she told him. After Uryu is fully recovered, he leaves the hospital.

Uryu eventually finds Ichigo and Kugo Ginjō fighting against Shukurō Tsukishima. He activates his Ginrei Kojaku and tells Ichigo to come over to him. Uryu tells him that he is on his side, but Ichigo is hesitant to trust him. Uryu tells him that the man that attacked him was the one standing behind him, Kūgo, surprising Ichigo. Uryu fires his arrows at Kugo, but he blocks them and cuts Ichigo down. Uryu tries to assist him, but Tsukishima attacks Uryū from behind, wounding him. As Uryu lays helplessly, he remembers the attack earlier.

As Tsukishima and Kugo are about to leave, the Shinigami arrive and use a Reishi-enhanced katana to restore Ichigo's Shinigami powers. They explain that they restored Ichigo's powers, not only as thanks for his past services, but also to deal with the original Substitute Shinigami turned traitor; Kūgo himself. As Ichigo prepares to face off against Kugo, Uryu reveals himself, saying that Rukia healed him. He says he needs to apologize to Ichigo, saying that when they returned from Soul Society and Ichigo received his substitute badge, he had assumed there were others before Ichigo. He thought that if the previous one was alive, they would have told him, and if he was dead, they would say why. Having not said either, he assumed that Soul Society did not know either. He says he should have told this to Ichigo sooner, but Ichigo simply kicks him. Ichigo says it doesn't matter, there was nothing they could have done, and he would have forgotten in a few days anyway. The two friends insult each other, before Uryu begins to think that the worst case would be if none of the scenarios he thought of were applicable. Ichigo tells him to clean his glasses, as he thinks of the possiblities, of it is unlikely, but it is something that Ichigo needs to know.

As Uryu and Ichigo fight Kugo, they begin hiding from him, with Uryu observing Kūgo and his abilities. Uryu realizes that Kugo took Ichigo's Reiatsu in addition to his Fullbring. Ichigo asks Uryu if he has a plan. Uryū replies that he was not planning anything, and tries to explain the situation to Ichigo. Growing impatient, Ichigo confronts Kugo, despite Uryū's objections. Ichigo begins to attack Kugo with a Getsuga Tensho. Uryu tries to stop him, realizing that Kugo is baiting him into using it, but Ichigo fires his Getsuga anyway. Kūgo cuts through Ichigo's attack, and attacks him with his own Getsuga Tensho. Uryu appears behind Kugo and attacks him with his arrows, but Kūgo avoids the attack. Uryu concludes that in addition to taking Ichigo's Fullbring and Reiatsu, Kugo copied Ichigo's abilities as well.

As Kugo questions why Ichigo is fighting him, Ichigo dismisses Kugo's words as an attempt to shake his resolve. Uryu agrees that he is mentally pressuring them, asking if Kugo hopes that Ichigo will join him. Kugo dismisses this, instructing Uryu to fire an arrow at him, and begins talking about Ichigo's Substitute Shinigami Badge. He states that the story about Substitute Shinigami who are acknowledged being awarded the badge is a lie; something Uryu had suspected. Kugo states that all Substitute Shinigami are given a badge regardless, which shocks Uryū. Kugo goes on to say that the badge's true purpose is to observe and restrict Ichigo as a Shinigami. Kugo says that this whole scheme was designed to control Substitute Shinigami, and that Jushiro Ukitake is responsible for it. As Kugo goes on to say that everyone in Soul Society is in on this, Uryu begins to worry about how Ichigo will handle this news. An enraged Ichigo tells him to shut up and activates his Bankai. Uryu listens as Ichigo tells him that he worries too much, and dismisses the notion that Ukitake was deceiving him.

The 10 Thousand Year Blood War arc

While Ichigo is fighting the Hollows that attacked Ryunosuke Yuki and Shino, Uryu arrives with Orihime and Sado, and they help him in the fight. Uryu comments that Ichigo's attack was dangerous. Two days later, they arrive at Ichigo's house, Uryu remarking that Ichigo has no etiquette. When Ichigo asks how he got in, he replies that Yuzu let him in, and asks him to get plates for the bread Orihime brought. He and Ichigo bicker over him ordering Ichigo around. Later, they begin to eat the bread Orihime brought, and he leaves the bread that he doesn't want for Ryunosuke. Uryu questions if Asguiaro Ebern is an Arrancar, since it looked like he had part of a Hollow mask on his face. After Akon informs Ryunosuke of Chojiro Sasakibe's death, he remarks that the Soul Society probably gave Ryunosuke that information to let Ichigo know what's happening.

Orihime, Sado, and Uryu return to Ichigo's house at his request to hear from Nel Tu and Pesche about the Wandenreich's conquest of Hueco Mundo and capture of various Arrancar, including Dondochakka. Uryu states that he cannot accompany them, prompting Ichigo to say that he knew that, but called him anyway to avoid him sulking.

Sometime later, Haschwalth brings Uryu to Yhwach, who welcomes him to his palace and proposes the two of them fight together. He is later welcomed by Yhwach, in front of the other Sternritter, who express shock that he is even on the same podium as Yhwach himself. Uryū is then declared Yhwach's successor, to the uproar of the Sternritter. After the announcement he is taken to Yhwach's chambers, who declares Uryu will soon awaken his powers and bestows upon him a Schrift, the same letter as that of Yhwach himself, "A". Commenting on the discord caused by Yhwach's decision to name him his successor, Uryu asks why the Wandenreich leader has done so. Replying that he was glad to hear his followers weren't so dependent that they'd follow his decisions blindly, Yhwach goes on to explain that it is because there must be a reason Uryu was still alive despite his Auswählen killing all of the Gemischt Quincy nine years prior. Surmising that it must be because Uryu possesses something which surpasses his own power, Yhwach states that he shouldn't over-analyze things and instead just follow his lead.

Shortly after the Seireitei vanishes, Uryu emerges on one of the new buildings beside Yhwach and Haschwalth. Yhwach then asks him if he is familiar with the song, "Kaiser Gesang", to which Uryu confirms by reciting it. The Wandenreich leader then reveals that the song has an additional verse, in which the king acquires the world after nine days.

Uryu and Yhwach, as they observe Cang Du and BG9 being defeated, discuss the turning of events. Uryu asks if Yhwach predicted the captains recovering their Bankai, which Yhwach confirms. Later, as Yhwach is sleeping, Uryu tries to go to Yhwach's room. However, he is interrupted by Haschwalth before he can enter. Uryu, being questioned by Haschwalth regarding his intentions, states that he doesn't need to tell him about what he's going to ask Yhwach. Uryu then proceeds to note that Haschwalth is different from how he was during the day, prompting the Sternritter Grandmaster to state that he and Yhwach are different sides of the same scale, and that when Yhwach becomes the father of the Quincy, Haschwalth is given the mask of the ruler.

After Haschwalth tells him that all Quincy are connected to Yhwach and explains Yhwach's unique power and the way he can carve an initial directly into a person's soul, Uryū questions how this is possible, leading Haschwalth to say that Yhwach has already carved an initial into Uryu's soul through having him drink the cup filled with his blood. A shocked Uryu is pinned to the wall by Haschwalth who states that there is no way out of this for Uryu, and that even though he only joined the Wandenreich to avenge his mother. He hasn't had any way out since the beginning. Uryu then listens to Haschwalth as he explains Yhwach's need for battle and death and that all Sternritter live and die for their emperor.

Later, when Ichigo arrives in the Seireitei, Yhwach notes his appearance and informs Haschwalth and Uryu that they will begin. As Uryu looks on as Haschwalth summons "the key", Yhwach says that they should be thankful to those who brought them to the light. When Ichigo approaches the tower, Uryu steps forward and fires a Heilig Pfeil at him, prompting Ichigo to deflect it before realizing who fired it. As Ichigo expresses shock at his appearance, Uryu tells him to go home and states Ichigo cannot defeat Yhwach. When Ichigo demands to know why he is here, Uryu unleashes Licht Regen upon him, but the barrage is blocked by Santen Kesshun as Orihime and Sado emerge from a Garganta. Yhwach informs Uryu that this goodbye will be permanent, prompting Uryu to state he knows this as he, Yhwach, and Haschwalth ascend into the air before vanishing in a flash of light.

Soon afterward, Yhwach, Haschwalth, and Uryu arrive at the Soul King Palace. After arriving, Uryu watches as Haschwalth summons several Soldat to invade, and is later engulfed by Tenjiro Kirinji's hot spring water. Soon afterward, while Yhwach is fighting Ichibe Hyosube, Uryu listens as Haschwalth explains Yhwach's The Almighty to him. Later, after Ichigo and his friends confront Yhwach, Uryu arrives and shoots Yoruichi in the shoulder, causing the barrier she had constructed to aid in the stabilization of the Soul King to shatter and sending the top half of the bifurcated Soul King flying toward Yhwach, who catches it. When Ichigo attempts to attack Yhwach, Uryu fires another Heilig Pfeil at him, distracting him long enough for Yhwach to rip Mimihagi off of the Soul King. Uryu tells Ichigo to not interfere with Yhwach as Ichigo demands to know what he is doing.

As the palace begins to crumble, Uryu moves between Yhwach and his friends, whom he tells to not move if they do not want to be shot. When Uryu reveals that he knows why Ichigo and his friends are here and what will happen if Yhwach kills the Soul King, Ichigo demands to know why he is on Yhwach's side if he knows this, only for Uryū to claim that being a Quincy is his reason before being interrupted by the arrival of the Schutzstaffel. Telling them that he doesn't need their help, Uryū destroys the ground beneath Ichigo's feet with numerous Heilig Pfeil, causing him to fall off the palace and fires another arrow after him. Uryu predicts that Lille Barro intends to lecture him about properly protecting Yhwach by killing the combatants before they fell, prompting Gerard Valkyrie to proclaim that he has their acknowledgment.

Later, the other Schutzstaffel sit on couches in the palace as Uryu stands nearby. Noticing Uryu looks worried, Gerard assures him that Yhwach is going to completely absorb the Soul King without being harmed, which Uryu acknowledges. After Yhwach completely absorbs the Soul King, Haschwalth informs Uryu and the others of this fact, to their surprise before bringing them to the Soul King's chambers, where they find Yhwach oozing darkness. When Yhwach turns around to reveal that he has gained several more eyes, Uryu and the others are shocked. As the top of the palace shatters due to Yhwach's immense power, Uryu watches as Haschwalth asks Yhwach to lead them.

Afterwards, Uryu is present alongside Haschwalth and the other Sternritter when Yhwach explains the name of his new palace, Wahrwelt, and how it will be the cornerstone of their new world. Later, a messenger informs Haschwalth that the Schutzstaffel have each gone to a different part of the city, and that Uryu who is among them is heading towards the Second Junction of the city.

Uryu later returns to Yhwach's palace, and is greeted by Haschwalth who says that he looks like he has a lot on his mind. Uryu reciprocates that, and Haschwalth reminds him that when Yhwach falls asleep, his powers switched with the emperor's. Haschwalth states that seeing Uryu's future worries him, and Uryu attempts to keep calm and convince him that nothing is happening, but Haschwalth will not say what he saw in the future. Haschwalth brings out little objects that Uryū scattered around Wahrwelt, which Uryu denies knowing about. However, Haschwalth says they reminded him of the Leiden Hant that was used by Soken Ishida, and asks Uryu what he was doing by spreading these around. Uryu says that he has the wrong idea, and Haschwalth decides to prove whether Uryu is a traitor or not as he attacks the Quincy. Uryu dodges the strike and tells Haschwalth to wait, when he is suddenly face to face with Ichigo.

Sado and Orihime also arrive as Uryu is told by Haschwalth to prove he is not a traitor by killing his three friends, though the Grandmaster already knows how he will respond. Uryu shoots two arrows at Ichigo, which the Shinigami dodges as he and Uryu clash head-on. Ichigo asks Uryu what he is trying to do as Uryu forces him flying back and shoots an arrow into the ground right in front of Ichigo, creating a large hole. Ichigo asks Uryu why he is siding with the Quincy, but Uryu says that telling him accomplishes nothing. Uryu tosses out his Sun Key and reveals that by using it one could teleport to different Sun Gates in Wahrwelt, as well as one Gate in the human world.

Uryu tells Ichigo to take his friends into the human world as he will stay behind and take down Wahrwelt himself, as once he activates the chips he had left throughout the citadel, the accumulated Reishi would be sure to destroy it. Ichigo shouts at Uryu that there was no need to do this and all they needed to do was destroy Yhwach, but Uryu replies that there is no way to defeat him and that this was something only he could do. The destruction chips were passed down to him from his master, meaning only his Reiatsu could activate them, and this would be their only way to win. Uryu tells Ichigo to move before Haschwalth notices, but Haschwalth steps forward, reminding Uryu that he knew what the Quincy was going to do.

As Haschwalth walks toward them, Uryu tells Ichigo to head for the Sun Gate. However, Haschwalth reveals that he destroyed the one leading to the human world due to knowing what Uryu was planning. He then declares that he will deal with them before Yhwach wakes up, leading Uryu to realize that as long as Haschwalth possesses The Almighty, Yhwach is no longer omniscient or omnipotent. He tells this to Ichigo, ordering him to go up to the top of the palace and confront Yhwach while he stays behind and deals with Haschwalth. Ichigo argues, but Uryu assures his friend that he will not die. As Ichigo, Orihime, and Sado run off, Uryu asks Haschwalth why he is not chasing them. Haschwalth replies that he knows they will perish, and Uryu says that fate could be changed. Haschwalth expresses his surprise at the change in Uryu's demeanor, and Uryu smugly remarks that Haschwalth failed to foresee this change and that he has yet to fully grasp The Almighty's power. Haschwalth then attacks Uryu as the two begin to clash.

Uryu is heavily injured by Haschwalth during their battle, and attempts to fire a Heilig Pfeil at him, which the Grandmaster deflects. As morning breaks, Uryu states that Haschwalth missed his chance to take him down before the sun rose, but Haschwalth is incredulous about that, comparing Uryū to a tamed animal. Uryu takes the comparison as a compliment, but Haschwalth says that his powers are more suited to combat as he fires a blast of energy at a shocked Uryu. Uryu later senses that Ichigo has confronted Yhwach up in the throne room.

Uryu is incapacitated by Haschwalth and lies bloodied on the floor as Haschwalth tells him about how his life is decided by scales, although he cannot tell what the scales have caused Uryu to become. Uryu gets to his knees and forms a new Heilig Bogen as he states that he himself will not know until all the Wandenreich has fallen. Assuming a battle stance, Uryu asks Haschwalth why he is concerned about what kind of person Uryu is and points out that he should be trying to kill him instead of asking him so many questions.

When Haschwalth reminds him that he has already seen a future where all of Uryu's allies die, Uryu states that this is subject to change as he proved earlier, prompting Haschwalth to admit that this is true before revealing that The Almighty possesses a far more terrifying ability than the power to see the future when used by Yhwach. As Uryu demands to know what he means, Haschwalth promises to tell him after they finish their battle before declaring that it is time for Uryu to place everything upon his broken scales as he attacks.

Haschwalth further injures Uryū before revealing that his Schrift is The Balance, which allows him to distribute misfortune to the fortunate and redirect all misfortune that would occur to him into his Freund Schild, a shield on his arm. As Haschwalth decides to finish Uryu off after observing that there is nothing left that he can do, Uryu asks Haschwalth if he wants to see his Schrift. Haschwalth reasons that Uryu would have used his Schrift by now if it were of any use in this battle, but Uryu names it as Antithesis as his wounds disappear and reappear on Haschwalth, who bleeds profusely while demanding to know what happened. Uryu explains that Antithesis allows him to reverse something that has already happened between two targets, such as damage inflicted, leading Haschwalth to note that it may be the only power capable of stopping Yhwach.

Shocked by this statement, Uryu demands to know if this has something to do with the true power of The Almighty, but Haschwalth merely claims that he was right to try and kill Uryu as soon as possible, prompting Uryū to attempt to leave the area. However, Haschwalth states that he will not let Uryū go so easily and uses The Balance to badly wound Uryu for having the good fortune of being able to injure Haschwalth himself. After explaining this, Haschwalth notes that the misfortune he suffers is absorbed into his Freund Schild and redirected to Uryu, who is further injured. As Haschwalth declares that he has no way of winning, Uryu attempts to crawl away, prompting Haschwalth to note his tenacity before preparing to impale him as he states that Uryu is simply a human who desperately clings to his own beliefs.

Uryu manages to dodge Haschwalth's stab at the last minute before noting Haschwalth's comparison of him to his friends. Admitting that he has tried to remain calm and weigh his actions on scales up until this point, Uryu states that he cannot help but follow Ichigo's lead because he will help someone without question, which he notes is also true for Orihime, Sado, Renji, and Rukia. When Uryu claims that he would feel great joy if he began to resemble any one of them, Haschwalth dismisses his emotions before explaining that he was referring to Uryu's growth, as the single moment where Yhwach granted him power gave him far more growth than all the years he spent with his friends, and that it is more logical for him to side with Yhwach because of this.

However, Uryu states that he chose to side with them not because it would benefit him, but because they were his friends. Angered by this, Haschwalth notes that Uryu never expected to give up anything in return for being taken in by Yhwach before declaring that Uryu will give Yhwach his life, only to be interrupted when an Auswählen beam envelops him, surprising both him and Uryu.

Haschwalth collapses and, upon seeing a concerned Uryū looking at him, claims that he does not feel betrayed by Yhwach because the latter chose to take his power over Uryū's, which means only he can be an asset to Yhwach. When Uryu begins to walk away, Haschwalth asks him to come back so he can transfer Uryu's wounds to himself, shocking Uryu. Noting that he will die regardless of how wounded he is, Haschwalth reminds Uryū of how he puts everything on his scales because he might come to regret everything if he merely follows others without considering the consequences of his actions before telling him to save his friends.

As Uryu ascends to the Soul King Palace, he suddenly notices a presence, and a Heilig Pfeil is shot in front of him. Ryuken Ishida and Isshin stand on a building above Uryu, who wonders what they are doing here. Ryuken tells Uryu to take the arrowhead that he shot in front of him, and Uryu notices something about the arrowhead. Ryuken reveals that this arrow is made from the silver that clots a Quincy's heart when Auswahlen is used on them, and tells Uryu that he is the one that should shoot this arrow.

Uryu then goes through Yhwach's portal from the Palace into the Seireitei and successfully shoots Yhwach from behind with the silver arrow. Uryu reflects on Ryuken telling him that he once heard Soken say that the silver formed in a victim's heart by the Auswahlen combined with the victim's blood will briefly stop Yhwach's powers. Uryu then tells Ichigo to go off and finish Yhwach, but gets crestfallen as Yhwach quickly recovers from the attack and regains his powers. However, Ichigo manages to cut Yhwach.

Ten years after Yhwach's defeat, Uryu, now a doctor, takes a long lunch break on the roof of his workplace. He watches Sado's boxing match on his phone in order to make up for not being able to see it with his friends.

Film Appearances

Bleach movie 1

Bleach movie 2

Bleach movie 4

Video Games

Uryu Ishida is a playable character in the all the following video games:

  • Bleach: Blade Battlers
  • Bleach: Blade Battlers 2nd
  • Bleach: Soul Carnival
  • Bleach: Soul Carnival 2
  • Bleach: The 3rd Phantom
  • Bleach: Flame Bringer
  • Bleach: Heat the Soul
  • Bleach: Heat the Soul 2
  • Bleach: Heat the Soul 3
  • Bleach: Heat the Soul 4
  • Bleach: Heat the Soul 5
  • Bleach: Heat the Soul 6
  • Bleach: Heat the Soul 7
  • Bleach: The Shattered Blade
  • Bleach: Soul Resurreccion
  • Bleach: The Blade of Fate
  • Bleach: Dark Souls
  • Bleach GC: Tasogare ni Mamieru Shinigami
  • Bleach: Versus Crusade
  • Bleach: Hanatareshi Yabou
  • Bleach Advance: Kurenai ni Somaru Soul Society
  • Bleach: Erabareshi Tamashii
  • Bleach: Brave Souls
  • Bleach: Paradise Lost


  • (To Jirobo Ikkanzaka) "You want an attack full of "killing intent"? Then come get me. My bow is full of it."
  • (To Soken Ishida) "Sensei, I want to get stronger. I'll become a very strong Quincy and then protect everyone from Hollows. Then father will definitely agree with the way of the Quincy."
  • (To Mayuri Kurotsuchi) "I swear on the pride of the Quincy, I will kill you."
  • (To Mayuri Kurotsuchi) "Apologize to everyone and never appear in front of me again, then I will spare your life. If you don't, I will shoot you again with three times as much power as the last shot."
  • (Thinking during the fight between Ichigo and Byakuya) "She knows that if she tries to help, she'll just be in the way. Plus, even if she is able to help Kurosaki wouldn't want her to. She knows all of this, but she is still clenching her whole body, as if trying to stop it from taking action. Inoue is waiting, praying that you will be safe, believing you will return. Don't lose Kurosaki. If you lose, I will never forgive you!"
  • (To Ichigo Kurosaki) "You're asking if this is a bow? Of course it is. You think I would use anything else?"
  • (To Aisslinger Wernarr) "I have not exterminated you so that you can relay a message to Aizen. Tell him the Quincy are here, and that in reality, it's not the Shinigami he should fear, but rather the Quincy!"
  • (To Pesche Guatiche about Cirucci Sanderwicci) "The right to choose life or death lies with the victor, and the victor of this battle is me. From her perspective, my leaving her alive here might seem like an insult, but I have no intention of doing things their way."
  • (To Ulquiorra Cifer regarding Uryu being clear-headed) "I am. That's why I'm ready to do battle with you!"


Ryuken Ishida

Soken Ishida

Kanae Ishida

Ichigo Kurosaki

Rukia Kuchiki

Renji Abarai

Orihime Inoue

Yasutora "Chad" Sado

Kenpachi Zaraki

Yachiru Kusajishi

Toshiro Hitsugaya

Rangiku Matsumoto

Momo Hinamori

Shinji Hirako

Yoruichi Shihoin

Kisuke Urahara


Ikkaku Madarame

Isshin Kurosaki

Karin Kurosaki

Yuzu Kurosaki

Knownable Relatives

  • Ryuken Ishida (Father)
  • Soken Ishida (Grandfather/dead)
  • Kanae Ishida (Mother/dead)


  • Uryu ranked 5th in the most recent character popularity poll. In previous polls, he placed highly: in the first he came 3rd, in the second, he came 8th, and in the third, 15th.
  • His weapons have ranked highly in the Zanpakuto poll, with his Ginrei Kojaku placed 11th, his Seele Schneider 21st and his Kojaku placing 22nd.
  • His theme song, as chosen by Tite Kubo, is "Idioteque" by Radiohead.
  • In the Bleach best bout poll, Uryu's fight with Mayuri came in eighth place.
  • His English voice actor, Derek Stephen Prince, found Uryu's character to be "the most complex" he ever made as he saw it as the "black sheep" from the series, noting that it is unknown from which side he tends to be. However, he mentions he sometimes has problems in distinguishing his vocal portrayal from that of the similar character of Aburame Shino from the Naruto' series. He also liked how Uryu's character manages to handle every situation "in a cool way", something that he would like to do.

Uryu has som similarities with Uchiha Sasuke from Naruto/Naruto Shippuuden.

Voice Actresses & Actors

  • Japanese : Noriaki Sugiyama (Teenager)
  • Japanese voice actress : Takako Honda (Child)
  • English : Derek Stephen Prince (Child & Teeanger)
Played by in (Live Action) : Ryo Yoshizawa (2018 Film)

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