Vanessa's Song is a song featured in The Little Mermaid (film). The song is sung by Ursula (Jodi Benson) while she uses Ariel's voice when she is disguised as the beautiful maiden Vanessa. In it, she sings about how she is going to control the ocean, and capture Ariel. It is the final song in the film that is not a reprise, though it does follow the melody of Poor Unfortunate Souls.


What a lovely little bride I'll make my dear. I'll look divine! Things are working out according to my ultimate design! Soon I'll have that little mermaid,and the ocean will be mine!


  • This song remains the one song in Little Mermaid to remain unreleased in any audio release of the film. This may be due to the song's short length.
  • During this song, an error can be seen when Vanessa stomps on a bottle on the vanity. In one shot, the bottle is seen as being blue, but in a close up, we see another bottle that is purple, which she steps on. After the shot pans out, both the blue bottle and purple one are gone.
  • In the comic book adaptation of the film Vanessa sings this song when the shell necklace isn't on her person, implying that she can still use Ariel's voice so long as the necklace is intact.
  • This song may have been the inspiration to the song This Day Aria from My Little Pony Friendship is Magic for both songs involve the villain singing into a mirror before they marry a hypnotized man.
  • This song is the only time that Vanessa voluntarily chooses to speak when she believes that she herself is alone.
  • This is the only song that Jodi Benson sings as a villain character.



Vanessa Sings Her Song (English)

Vanessa Sings Her Song (English)